The politics of culture - Part 2

by Neil Vodavzny

Let’s talk lesbian, one of my favourite sexes. Why that should be I don’t know, but suspect is to do with strength, the Wonder Woman syndrome. Their strength endears them to me and, since I tend to like women more than men as a sex, that might be it. Whatever, it’s far from Freud, just being honest: sexuality is a type of honesty, like race, which is what I like about this website.

My approach to the two is virtually the same: being allowed to speak our minds does not imply a racially-charged atmosphere. Let me quote something from Damian Thompson quoting Peter Whittle of NCF (with approval) in The Telegraph:

“We must replace multiculturalism with integration.. Britain must be totally colour-blind but reject any subtle ambivalence about national pride” (huh?)

So, to be Right and acceptable you have to lie, according to Thompson. Unacceptable. Race is not something to be sneezed at, but an integral part of what makes being human interesting.

This is mainly about Lesbos, so let’s start with Tanita Tikaram, of Twist In My Sobriety. All the guys cited here have a type of flamboyance which is pretty obviously a facet of their sexuality. The lyrics to Good Tradition (from debut album “Ancient Heart”) have a folk-ish flavour – love/hate, fire/rain:


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A Journey to The Hague – Chapter Two

The second instalment of my latest never-to-be-pursued novel, for anyone who remembers the first.


Ricky Kellogg was a man on a mission.  At twenty-five, he was the youngest sub working on The Guardian on-line edition.  He wasn’t proud of the fact.  Coining google-friendly headlines and standfirsts and saving ungrateful colleagues from their own laziness and illiteracy was not exactly how he had imagined spending his working day at this point in his glittering career.

In fact, he had only been in the role for three months.  Career-wise, it might as well have been a retirement home.  What he wanted, what he never tired of telling his editor-in-chief Miles Waldron, or anyone else who would listen, was a move back to investigative journalism on the print edition. 

That had always been the plan.  That was why, as a sixteen year old fresh out of school, he had worked so hard to find a job – any job, just to get into the industry.  It was why he had done the same to get himself on the staff of a national.  But here he was, a fully-fledged, London-based pro with a good nose and some hardcore contacts in the right places.  When they finally started chasing internships, the middle-class boys and girls who had drifted through their gap year and a degree in Journalism or Politics & Economics, followed by an MA, were miffed to find that clever Ricky had been in paid employment all along and was burning up the word-strip ahead of them.  Or would be if he hadn’t been diverted into subbing.

“Look, Ricky,”  Waldron would explain with his customary patience and kindness, “you have to see this job as an opportunity, not a punishment.  It will give you the disciplined, methodical approach you need, and real insight into the digital and professional challenges of the job.  It will make you a better journalist.  Knuckle down for a year or so.  Make the most of what it has to offer.  Then we can talk about where you go from there.”


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Competition’s Ontological Adjustment:

Competition’s authentic value as opposed to its having been the most overvalued, misinterpreted biological fact of European Peoples’ interests (thank you Mr. and Ms. Dumb Bastard, Right-Winger).


This will not be a rigorous piece, rather it is meant to shed some light on a few important considerations by moving them through the terministic screens of a personal history. The issues taken into consideration are the over-valuation of competition - which corresponds closely with boiling everything down to equality/inequality being the problem, that is, the stupid right-wing position of being against “egalitarianism” - to the detriment of other methodological concerns in evaluation of qualitative identity.

Objectivism results in a susceptibility in Europeans to having their enemies shift close genetic identity into objectivist individualism and liberalism, leading to their adopting an array of absurdly affected, non-European identities. While there can be many such diversionary sub-identities, such as student/teacher of a particular non-European study at university, universalism, eastern mysticism, religion, of course, even foreign cuisine, any full treatment of diversionary identity must address sub-identities in music and sports – these will be a predominant theme here as I am familiar with them as identities, strongly held, yet come to recognize where they were more or less diversionary from European identity, quasi identities and competitions to be set aside in favor of more authentic identity.

It should not be too hard to provide facts and numbers as to the impact of these competitions and identities on European people, nor that these can significantly diminish our resource of European identity. Nevertheless, while youth in particular may be susceptible to such diversionary competition and identity, these activities also model means of identity, social participation and evaluation in determination of authenticity which do not necessarily entail violent conflict, immediately lethal, zero sum results – which we should be particularly concerned to keep to a minimum within European genus and species.


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The politics of culture – Part 1

by Neil Vodavzny

Having arrived at H+ (Transhumanism), a few observations may be in order: things in the multiverse have to be either instantaneous or very fast. There seems to be no time for pace, tempo, stillness or even serenity. Probably that’s because they don’t exist in the multiverse! Why should that be, since in most other respects everything’s hunky dory?

Einstein famously stated “Time is an illusion”, though he wasn’t playing the piano at the time.  And the general consensus seems to be that we experience time as a way of making sense of space-time, which in reality is continuous (like Dr Manhattan, or the Starchild). It’s easy for scientists to accept this since the nature of time is still unknown.  Philosophically, this is highly improbable since such statements as “ actions have consequences” would lose their meanings.

What you can equally do is turn this round to its opposite and say, time is real while the multiverse is fake. Of course, what scientists will say is, we can observe such and such an event – so that is true. Quite, but what they’re observing is the world of pure reason, a Cartesian world. However far they peer they’re not going to detect the works of Shakespeare.


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White Post Modernity


Monoculturalism meets Rockefeller (and eats him)



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National Revolution - turn on, tune in, take over!

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Golden Dawn - the latest

George at Golden Dawn New York has issued a statement (by podcast) on the Baltakos Affair, which I will come to in a moment.  First, the background.

Baltakos was a close aide of Antonis Samaras, who appointed him to the post of government general secretary in June 2012.  He is identified with the right-wing of New Democracy, and is said to have led opposition within the party to the crackdown on Golden Dawn, at least up to the December 2013 murder of the “anti-racist rapper” Pavlos Fyssas (which the Greek government used as a pretext to attack GD).

Six months ago Baltakos initiated a series of conversations with Golden Dawn - he says now, to gain their trust and extract information from them.  But the information flow appears to have been in the opposite direction.  A video has been posted by the impressive Ilias Kasidiaris, the GD member of parliament and Athens mayoral candidate,  showing Baltakos explaining to him, Kasidiaris, how, why and by whom the decision to crackdown on GD was taken.  It is a seismic political confession.  Baltakos has been forced to resign.  He now says he expects other “damaging” releases from GD to follow.

A translation by EnetEnglish of the Baltakos confession follows:


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Establishment-speak and the servility of the media class

In the immediate aftermath of last week’s initial debate between the Deputy Prime Minister and LibDem leader Nick Clegg and UKIP’s Nigel Farage, an easy victory for the former was swiftly declared by the entire media Establishment – only for a snap poll by YouGov, conducted for The Sun, to prove them painfully wrong.  57% of the thousand-strong panel thought Farage won.  Only 36% thought Clegg had emerged victorious.

There followed a lot of very rough changing of journalistic gears, along with several admissions of Westminster village behaviour.  The underlying inference, though, remained that Farage’s views were “populist”, ie, not the sort of thing that interests the cogniscenti (they being far above the infirmity and fickle affections of the public Mind.  Naturally.)

Anthony Wells at YouGov – a left-leaning polling company if ever there was one - made the point that just finding a thousand people who would listen to the LBC Radio broadcast was a challenge in itself; and took months to achieve.  He seemed not to have great confidence in the sample at all.

Everything, then, hung on the second of the debates last night - an hour-long joust between Clegg and Farage on the benefit or otherwise of EU membership, to be broadcast live on BBC2:


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The Maze - Part 3

by Neil Vodavzny

Re-animating nature is another way of thinking of Whitehead’s conception of more or less “letting it be”. The ancient Greeks may well have thought of nature in a more animated sense than we do. Materials such as limestone and wood have an organic origin, and the sense of inherent dynamism may have come naturally (Greek temples evolved from wooden ones, retaining the organic sense). The Bible alludes to Man being moulded from clay, clay being the raw material for the potter’s wheel.

If nature wasn’t animate, even the greatest artist would be unable to let it be, so that’s probably a traditionalist view of art, ie, studying nature, life-drawing, landscape etc. Since the Renaissance, what seems to have happened is that nature has been corralled by science, so it is no longer the preserve of artists. Modern art is correspondingly thanatopsic, with no understanding of materials or craft, deathlike in its nihilism. Almost all traditionalist contemporary art is popular and commercial, where studying the essentials is a prerequisite. Art as a wordling or narrative form of myth-making is alive and well - in pop-culture.

A near-perfect instance of someone presenting a personal mythology through a mastery of various techniques and intricate craftwork, allied to subconscious or intuitive powers, is Patrick Woodroffe’s Mythopoeikon.  Just how far you can go with an etching is shown in Mickey’s New Home, a self-produced children’s book); depth and stop-out (to bleed the sky), then aquatint applied in graduated tone (creeping bite) mythopoeikon2. You know what they say about etchings, and this plate shows why. As you see from the illo, he’s essentially self-taught. What that means is he learnt a trade, the practical skills and techniques needed to become an artist who uses the subconscious, instinct and feeling. In fact, this applies to others in the field who work “in the school” of .. (comic artist/creator Rob Liefeld is routinely scorned for his naïve style but at least he possesses adequate skills, and the work has a sort of rough honesty).

Known primarily for sci-fi book jackets, here’s a typical multi-media effort, Neq The Sword (Piers Anthony, Transworld) mythopoeikon3.


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Texas Arcane:  Kwanstainia, UKandia, Kanookistan, and the OZealands

Texas Arcane:  Kwanstainia, UKandia, Kanookistan, and the OZealands

By Robert Reis

I was led to Texas Arcane by a link at .

What follows are excerpts from Texas Arcane’s ruminations at his since 2007.

He has enlightened me and caused me to think about the world in new ways.

Extensive quotations are place between parallel lines, e.g. ===.


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The Maze – Part 2

Neil Vodavzny

Having conscientiously done preliminary research for this part of The Maze on craftwork, I have to say that both Derek Whitehead and David Hamilton have a tendency to abstraction. Doubtless this goes with the territory, but it isn’t easy to sell such things except to the converted, it can be admitted. Some practical examples help to it make palatable, so I’ll attempt to weave those into the discussion.

Whitehead delves into the interrelation in Greek art of techne, praxis (production), and poiesis (world-founding). The work of art brings into being through a type of facility of production something imbued with the tension of spontaneity

Both the artist’s vision and the activity of production combine in the world-founding. It might not be recognized so much nowadays, but the aim of art is not expression. Up to the late Renaissance, it was more to do with apprenticeship, learning a trade then, after long years of strenuous graft, finally practising the craft and discipline of art-making.


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Belles Lettres

My friend Tadeusz Korzeniewski has suggested that we engage in an exchange of letters, by way of exploration of one another’s views.  I have no idea what will come out of that, if anything.  But it is too interesting a prospect to be neglected.  So here is my opener, on the subject suggested by Tadeusz.  Replies will be added to the page, not to the comment thread - that is for readers with their own thoughts on the matter at hand.

Dear Tadeusz,

Your suggestion is that we choose as our subject the appearance of a Polish diaspora in Britain.  A brave choice.  I certainly don’t have a great number of positive things to say about it.  I don’t think you will find many patriotic Englishmen who do.  But there are those among the bien pensant classes and, of course, the shrinking band of Europhiles and outright devotees of libertarianism and economism, as well as the usual haul of thoughtless little sleepers who parrot any media mantra, who will tell you that east European immigration (because, obviously, all east Europeans are Poles) is “not a problem” and even “a benefit”.

Well yes, east Europeans are, at least, white and Christian (nominally, anyway).  They seem refreshingly, unusually like us.  And some of the girls can be very appealing.  They drink and swear and dance, and then they can be laid.  To the English ethnic sensibility, this is an understandable species in a way.  They can “assimilate”, in a way. 

Obviously, as a matter of ethno-nationalist principle, it’s very different.  All our peoples must live sovereign and free, and that means alone, on their own ancestral soil.  Europe’s peoples must grant one another this most essential collective freedom, because sovereign possession of territory is, and has always been, the guarantor of life itself.  We have no business in each other’s lands.  Is not Polish history a long and painful testament to that?

The present-day story itself is lacking in Polish tragedy, but it has its victims.  The million-fold young Poles and eastern Europeans generally who, since 1st May 2004, have come to Britain, and travelled in even greater numbers to Germany, have deserted their own needy economies and treated ours like some low-rent, mud-free Klondyke.  They have created enormous resentment in East Anglian towns such as Peterborough and Boston.  They frequently live in gang-houses provided for them by migrant-worker agencies.  Rumours abound that they sleep several to a room, and know nothing of the always rising costs of owning an English house and raising an English family.  English workers simply cannot compete on the subsistence earnings the incomers are so willing to accept.

It is said that local employers recruit directly in Poland, the jobs never being advertised to prospective English workers; and that whole workforces are recruited and actually paid in Poland, the employers exploiting loopholes in EU law to avoid employment taxes in Britain.  The whole deal is topped off with constant praise for how “polite”, “hard-working” and “skilled” the incomers are, while the English men and women they have replaced are routinely dismissed as “lazy” and “uneducated”, and are left to rot on state benefits.

The underlying narrative is that life in the old Soviet bloc countries of eastern Europe has remained economically harsh, and workers still understand what it means to do an honest day’s work for what, by Western European standards, is a pittance.  They are only too grateful, we are told, to take up “the jobs British workers will not do”.  British society, on the other hand, is written off as having become decadent and uncompetitive in the global economy.  Our people have come to expect the good things in life without having to work for them.  Europhile politicians and financial journalists, whose own jobs are not at risk in the new neoliberal universe, regularly reinforce this message.  Some have the gall to lecture the English unemployed to the effect that if they don’t like it, they are always free to go and find work for slave-labour wages elsewhere in Europe, as if to be decanted from home and family into the life of a characterless economic cypher is an acceptable station for any human being.

It is true, of course, that the eastern European workers are an economically productive cohort.  Migration is a filter for IQ, and the quality of first-generation migrants is higher in all sorts of ways than the average for their country of origin.  Higher, in this case, than the average for the natives too.  But by the same measure the eastern Europeans have come with rather more than the average loading of competent criminal gangs.  The least of it involves metal theft: stealing manhole covers, stripping lead from church roofs and power-cabling from railway lines.  Multiple accident insurance fraud is another little game.  Armed robberies of soft targets like petrol stations and jewellers are also a favoured pick and, naturally, the drug trade has benefited substantially from “skilled eastern European labour”.  The very worst of it has been the smuggling and prostitution - sexual enslavement, actually - of innocent and brutally used eastern European girls hidden away in inner-city whore-houses.  Undoubtedly the most novel and multicultural felony has been the provision of rather more willing eastern European “brides” for the purpose of a passport scam, usually involving Asian fixers and African “husbands” willing to part with a few hundred quid for a quick I do.  Not the hardest work a hard-working eastern European girl could find to do in opportunity-laden Britain.

The whole “hard-working” narrative took a bit of a knock from about the middle of the recession - well, perhaps not the “hard” part.  We began to hear about penniless, unemployed eastern Europeans living rough in parks and public spaces, “skipping” supermarket bins and hunting the edible wild-life to extinction.  The sight of regal swans gracing the urban river landscape has become a thing of the past on some East Anglian rivers.  In contrast, alcoholism, at which eastern Europe has always excelled, has become a rather more commonplace feature of town-centres.

Now we are told the recession is over.  But nine out of every ten new jobs is being taken by immigrants of one hue or another.  Our kids struggle to enter the workforce at all.  Only half of graduates find non-menial work.  Of the others many are serving internships - generally without pay, just to have a chance of a permanent job at some point in the future.  It is, of course, an utter betrayal of the young, to add to the long, long list of betrayals we have suffered in the grand cause of maximum corporate freedom.  The politicians, together with the businessmen who have wallowed in its profits and the liberal Establishment which has found it so convenient and personally inexpensive, can never make amends for what they have done.  Tumbrils and old maids with knitting needles will not make amends.  Only mass repatriation, ruthless and complete, will make amends.

As for the eastern Europeans, they do not escape without a cost to their humanity.  Like all new migrants, they have brought upon themselves and their children a ceasura they do not yet understand.  The subtle rewards of peoplehood, of life among kind, of natural belonging and warmth and understanding have been replaced in them by becoming a stranger in another man’s land, and by the coldness and disinterest he feels for them.  This is the true wage that the neoliberal system pays its migrant workers.  Its materialism has become theirs, and its power to commodify human lives has commodified them.  Until they go home they are merely labour, another commodity to place alongside goods, services, and damned capital.



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Texas Arcane: Insights, Apothegms, and Speculations- The Neanderthals

Texas Arcane: Insights, Apothegms, and Speculations- The Neanderthals

By Robert Reis

I was led to Texas Arcane by a link at .

What follows are excerpts from Texas Arcane’s ruminations at his since 2007.

He has enlightened me and caused me to think about the world in new ways.

Extensive quotations are place between parallel lines, e.g. ===.


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The maze – Part 1

by Neil Vodavzny

I don’t know for sure, but BWS may have intended his print of Icarus:

Icarus, Barry Windsor-Smith, 1981 (Goblimey Galleries)

… in a literal sense. Unlike Psyche – see previous post – and other pre-Raphaelite influenced prints, it employs late-Renaissance techniques. The figure half-disappears into a stream, giving the opportunity for optical effects – reflection, refraction (light bending under water). Lilies float suspended over reflections of tree-trunks giving an odd illusory, photographic quality. In classic or proto-Greek figure-art, there’s no illusion, and a simplicity redolent of art-deco ornament. The pre-Raphaelites strove for the presence of a figure in a landscape to be almost frieze-like. They wanted the power of symbolism, not the illusion of reality.

BWS is known to carry this into his work, being fond of sundials – in The Ram And The Peacock:

The Ram and the Peacock, Barry Windsor-Smith, 1974 (Windsor-Smith Studio)

… where it is used as a symbol of civilized refinement. If you contrast Icarus, there is actually a type of illusion in the fact that it’s more “real”. This is a perennial problem of which the pre-Raphaelites were acutely aware. They wanted the “psycho-culture” of medieval Europe, not the pin-hole captured realism of later Renaissance figures, Caravaggio being the outstanding exponent.


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To Wyoming, an American journey

I can say with some authority that one of the strongest positives of running a dissident blog in our blighted age is coming into contact with so many truly exceptional people.  One of these, for me, is Polish-born writer Tadeusz Korzeniewski, who has kindly tendered substantial assistance to me for some of the work I have done here down the years.  Now I have the opportunity to repay him a little by mentioning his book To Wyoming, now available on Kindle.  In 1991-1998 Tadeusz traveled across North America. In 2013 he published a book in Poland, Do Wyoming, addressed to ethnic Poles. The English version of the book is made for ethnic Europeans.

I asked Tadeusz to expand the official blurb, which he has done; and which I reproduce here.  Below the fold is a sample chapter to whet your reader’s appetite.

In 1977 porn developer Larry Flynt had a Christian/Pagan vision while flying on his jet in the company of president Jimmy Carter’s evangelical sister. He described it in his autobiography An Unseemly Man.God, the apostle Paul, and the late comedian Lenny Bruce appeared to him. The vision knocked him to his knees and he became a practicing Christian afterwards. Then money and celebrity status took better of him. He has even de-emphasized the fact that in his vision he saw himself in a wheelchair, which “scared the wits out of” him. Several months after the hallucination, the wheelchair became reality for the rest of his life when he was shot. He likes it gold.
After a seven-year travel across the northern America, the author Tadeusz Korzeniewski concludes his road-diary To Wyoming: Look closer at what happened to your famed porn developer on that pinky jet. The subject of that epiphanic pop-up claims today that it had occurred due to chemical imbalance in his brain and prolonged stress. Fine, it even brings the thing closer to the real world . . .
Larry Flynt fell into his mental turbulence because he was messing too much with the forces of Life. And when biology clocked him at thirty-five, when a man needs to finally straighten out and get his job done, they had gotten unnerved. Sure, the evangelical sister of the evangelical president of the United States flying beside him on his labia-pink jet put some gasoline to the fire, and influenced the vision casting. But what really brought about such an unusual eruption of greater forces, was that the sister and the porn developer were both conjoined to the mightiest energies of the country. The political one in the case of the president’s sister, and the pop-cultural one in the case of the porn developer. That’s what that enormous confluence of submerged energies came from. That’s why it is worth paying a national attention to that hallucination. It can be perceived just like the great poets’ insights have been. In 1977 over the Rockies heights the great ethnic Euro-American subliminal forces had a sit-down. Let’s try to understand what they were saying…
Larry Flynt was shot by one Joseph Paul Franklin over interracial porn. So is still there or isn’t a nationally - and what is a nation, hm? - viable link, an umbilical cord, if you will,  between John Wilkes Booth punishing Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Paul Franklin taking to the woodshed Larry Flynt? They were disturbed individuals in the extreme, Franklin and Booth, they even bordered on insane, we’d agree on that. But within their possessed state, can’t there be traced also sane undercurrents of a courageous man’s idealism? Of the common folks’ sensibility? However crude the executioners’ overall mental processes were?
Leon Czolgosz, sending in 1901 a signal to the corporate vultures of the era – and weren’t they? – by taking out their cigar room pal president William MacKinley. Shortly before his high voltage get-together, Czolgosz would lightly confess: “I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people – the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime.”
Even Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s extractor in 1980, can be looked at as transmitting the reality’s irritation at the teeming masses prostrating before their barely-betters. In the days of Haydn, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, what would John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and thousands of other upper-crust three-chorders be but the village fiddle-and-yodel virtuosos? Thirty-two years after the Dakota shooting, on his seventh parole hearing and knowing well the outcome, Mark David Chapman would unrestrainedly point to the reason for the crime: “Attention, bottom line.” “Attention,” decreasing the unnatural awe-gap between the common guy and a hallowed village yodeler.
Gavrilo Princip, caring for the right of his ethnic kin to live and have a ball on their own, and taking out in 1914 the Archduke Ferdinand of the multicultural Austro-Hungarian blob. That then-powers that be would go total European bananas afterwards wasn’t the executor’s principal liability, was it? And where are they today anyway, and where are the Serbs.
So yes, they were – and there will be – the unwholesome yet actual agents enforcing reality. For if you go back to their time and compare with ours, you’d see that in most instances, when it was a little guy willing to give up his life for taking out a big guy, his intended objective has come to pass; and that which hasn’t passed yet, it likely will. The United States of America, the original European Union, is going south. Blood borders will be established in it in time. Ethnic Communists will be run out of town. America, Americans, still don’t buy – such a trader nation! – how handy in halting the sinking in Ethnic Communism’s quagmire could be to soberly look at their prominent porn developer’s mind pop-up over the Rockies heights. They need probably more comeuppance. They’ll sure get it.


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The True and Necessary Post-Modern Turn for White Nationalism - In Response to Dugin

If he could see his birthplace of Rotterdam today


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Alexander Dugin: The War on Russia in its Ideological Dimension

We need to consciously counter any provocation to frame Russia as a pre-liberal power. We need to refuse to allow the liberals to save themselves from their fast-approaching end. Rather than helping them to delay it, we need to accelerate it. In order to do this, we need to present Russia not as a pre-liberal entity but as a post-liberal revolutionary force that struggles for an alternative future for all the peoples of the planet. The Russian war will be not only be for Russian national interests, but will be in the cause of a just multipolar world, for real dignity and for real, positive freedom – not (nihilistic) freedom from but (creative) freedom for. In this war, Russia will set an example as the defender of Tradition, conservative organic values, and will represent real liberation from the open society and its beneficiaries – the global financial oligarchy. This war is not against Ukrainians or even against part of the Ukrainian populace. Nor is it against Europe. It is against the liberal world (dis)order. We are not going to save liberalism, per their designs. We are going to kill it once and for all. Modernity was always essentially wrong, and we are now at the terminal point of modernity. For those who rendered modernity and their own destiny synonymous, or who let that occur unconsciously, this will mean the end. But for those who are on the side of eternal truth and of Tradition, of faith, and of the spiritual and immortal human essence, it will be a new beginning, ABSOLUTE BEGINNING.

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Genocidal criminals, their deceptive arguments behind EU immigration policy called to account


Nick Griffin addresses EU Parliament, calling to account criminals behind EU immigration policy and their deceptive terms:


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Savage Future – Part 3

by Neil Vodavzny

As you may gather from previous instalments, any alternative to a trillion dollar social-gadget-heavy future is likely to be more of a retro-futurism. The future as seen through the eyes and techniques of the recent past isn’t blindly led by the pied piper of virtual technology. Instead, it’s an artistic vision which, for reasons previously discussed, is truthful to our subconscious drives and what you might call “prejudices”.

There are some who call Zuckerberg a superman (or zuperman) for the times, but the will to succeed should never be confused with the will to power. An underlying problem is that humans tend to become too “attached”. I happened to get a box-set of the first series of The Outer Limits (1963) and the first instalment, The Galaxy Being, features a being from Andromeda composed of light-waves who is attracted by a frequency of radio-static emanating from an inventor’s shed. By some means he is materialized, but has to return to face the music (a transgression of Galactic protocol). “End of transmission” he intones, and blinks out.  Replace the static with a time-machine peering into our future, and the same phrase might apply to switched-on Facebook drones.

The Twilight Zone (1959) and The Outer Limits came out of EC comics’ line of horror/weird sci-fi titles that were so influential, a commission on morals in the comics industry , led by the ludicrous Werther, found them pernicious. Hence we get the comics code authority and superhero explosion. The EC formula was faithfully followed by TZ and OL, with dark but truthful morality – no Hollywood endings. In The Man Who Was Never Born, the future may become “A dark and empty road” unless love conquers … and loses. The Bellero Shield is stylized and suggestive psycho-drama, seemingly written by a fan of Ibsen. A laser invention acts as a signal to another world. “I called it our Bifrost, our bridge to another world – and it is!” Ambitions are invariably thwarted by “The Human Factor”.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 07:47 PM in Myth and modernity
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Savage Future - Part 2 (of 3)

by Neil Vodavzny

I see steam-punk and pulp-fantasy as alternative futures to the bland tech-visions of silicon-valley. There seems to be some inherent dehumanising effect to a cyber-verse. I was looking at 2001, A Space Odyssey (1968) the other day, and realized all the space-ships were models and Bowman’s psychedelic trip through the Jupiter “stargate” was done by photographic effects. Checking with youtube confirmed it was an archaic slit-scan technique whereby a camera dollies towards a slit beyond which are slowly tracking matt jel-patterns. As the commentator says, it’s a spatial/temporal illusion that fits the journey.

This real, visceral quality is sorely lacking in CGI, which always looks like a very good fake. I’d go so far as to say the best sci-fi is retro-futurism , not where we seem headed for, but the future as seen through the eyes and techniques of the past. The awesomeness of 2001 is almost all visceral – the 18th century drawing room where Bowman’s pod alights, the geometrical floor seemingly suspended in space, the monolith you can almost touch.. You almost get religion.

The closest filmic approximation might be Watchmen, also a retro-futurism set in the cold war era, where Dr Manhattan becomes a simultaneous space-time entity, as apparently does Bowman (Starchild). Snyder’s film version’s OK, but doesn’t have the Moore/Gibbons comic’s fantastic sense of hyper-realism. It seems to me, old-fashioned craftwork always has the edge owing to the artist’s ability to physically render and manipulate materials – it’s real, basically. Comic books are perhaps best served by CGI if only because it literally transcribes what’s on the page, so for a fan it’s a fair deal. But the original creative impulse comes from the traditional craftwork – the new X-Men mega-buster Days Of Future Past is born of a mere several issue series by Claremont/Byrne that caught the imagination.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 06:54 PM in Myth and modernity
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+ + + PRESS RELEASE + + +

Stop the NATO warmongers!
NPD is positioning itself as a party of peace / An end to the interference in Eastern Europe!

Against the background of the escalating situation in Ukraine and the growing threat of a military confrontation on the eastern flank of NATO, the NPD [National Democratic Party of Germany] calls responsibility of the Union and Western influence organizations in memory. Considering a more than twenty years of subversion of the West in Ukraine and a a multi-billion dollar support for pro-Western and anti-Russian groups, the Western warnings of further escalation are pure hypocrisy.

While the mass media and established parties in unison exacerbate the line against Russia and threaten with sanctions, the NPD as the only real opposition party in the Federal Republic calls for an immediate stop of Western meddling in Ukraine and further provocations to the address of Russia.

NPD´s vice-chairman Karl Richter declared: „Against the background of another Syrian-type crisis provoked by the West, the NPD calls on all responsible citizens of our country to raise their voice now against NATO´s blatant and unconstitutional war policy, which Germany, too, directly exposes the danger of a military threat. With this, the NPD is positioning itself once again as the only credible peace party in the Federal Republic. As German patriots we say ´No´ to Intervention and destabilization of NATO in Eastern Europe! The reminders of the West to the address of Russia are hypocritical and mendacious – since the end of the Cold War, it is primarily the U.S. and its vassals who regularly kick about the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.

The fact, that the German Federal government is following the war course of the U.S. uncritically and makes Germany knowingly the deploy area of Western forces shows the world once again that the Federal Republic is occupied territory without national freedom of action. We demand the withdrawal of all Western forces from German soil and an immediate halt to any Western intervention in Eastern Europe!“

Karl Richter
Vice-chairman of the National-Democratic Party of Germany (NPD)
Councilman in Munich, Bavaria

Munich, 4 March, 2014

Posted by Søren Renner on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 10:16 AM in
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Savage future – Part 1

Pretty odd title for any utopia, no doubt, seeing as utopias are seemingly perfect. Luckily this is no utopia, more of an alternate vision to the one dreamt-up by silicon-valley. There is a school of thought that the perfection sought by Apple’s philosophy is doomed to failure because not only does life’s interest lie in its imperfection, but its essence. Without the Dionysian urge, the creative spirit is dulled and the body languishes in ennui.

Such an ethos is often most apparent in pulp fantasy (of the 30s on). Men and women truly thrive in the maelstrom of epic struggle, roaming through quaint kingdoms and fantastic islands. Whilst reality can’t hope to compete with such exotic vistas, there is a sense in which the worlds of romantic dreamers have far more in common with history and prehistory than our own. The societies of heroic sci-fi/fantasy are real in the sense they pit people against people, ethos against ethos, in fully-imagined landscapes of group-oriented settings, whether it’s Heinlein’s hippy-ethos (Stranger in a Strange Land), le Guin’s pastoral Earthsea, Howard’s Hyboria.

Essentially, any society is group-oriented, neither wholly individual nor wholly egalitarian. This never is a conflict-free zone, since obviously that would be dullsville. More to the point, in order to have any group dynamic worthy of the name, instead of just individuals in a melange, societies have some autonomy. That’s obviously why heroic fantasies imagine city-states, unique tech-design, rural resources. Imaginary societies are very well put-together whereas real-life present-tense ones aren’t.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 07:35 PM in Myth and modernity
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Anti-Racism is Not Innocent, it is Prejudiced, it is Hurting and it is Killing People

Anti-Racism is not innocent, far from innocent, it is prejudiced, it is hurting and it is killing people. It is an impossible, pure Cartesian ideal, prohibiting necessary social perceptual grouping and accountable discrimination accordingly.




Posted by DanielS on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 03:02 AM in ActivismAnti-racism and white genocideGenetics & Human Bio-DiversityLinguisticsMarxism & Culture WarSocial Conservatism
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Gay drama.

I thought it would be fun to highlight this liberal media shambles:

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson And Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw In Twitter War Of Words

Nick Grimshaw is a BBC Radio One DJ.  Radio One is the the BBC music station aimed at the teenage demographic. He took over the premier slot on the station, the breakfast show in 2012 and the BBC have relentlessly pushed him as a ‘star’ to a degree I’ve never seen before with R1. However the net audience has crumbled during his tenure:

Nick Grimshaw loses one million Breakfast Show listeners in a year

Radio 1 tasked Grimshaw with increasing the proportion of 15-24 year-olds listening to the station, even if this was achieved at the expense of Moyles’s loyal listeners aged 35 and older. Radio 1 as a whole lost 370,000 listeners over the past year, attracting 10.83 million.

One obvious problem, which the BBC cannot address, is that he is openly gay. The primary target of the station is teenagers/young adults. And teenage boys really don’t like to be seen endorsing that sort of thing. So that’s a major portion of the audience alienated right there. In effect they’ve thrown away any serious audience among normal teenage boys below the age of about 18. Thus Grimshaw could never succeed in his mission.

Not content with this Grimshaw has now entered a Twitter war with a member of boy band du jour One Direction and by extension their fans - overwhelmingly teenage girls. (See first link) And they represent the other major slice of his intended audience. Grimshaw (and the BBC?) seem to think this spat with hormonal teenage girls can be won by whining about ‘homophobia’. Well done Nick and well done BBC!

It’s always amusing for us to watch the main liberal players in these events twisting and turning, caught on the hook of reality.

Posted by Lurker on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 11:36 PM in
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Steam Punk – Part 3

by Neil Vodavzny

In these post-Enlightenment days the signs are ominous, regardless of facts A to Z. Nowhere is this more apparent than with theory-mongers of Anthropogenic Global Warming. I intend to bypass all that rigmarole and cut to the chase.

In order to make sense of the weather, we know it’s divided into 4 seasons. We also know there are 2 equinoxes (day and night of equal length with sun crossing the equator) and solstices (sun furthest from equator). We know there are longer cycles that precipitate glaciations.

These are vast and overarching astronomic cycles of largely unknown dimension. The evolution of Earth’s tilt in its spin takes 47,000 years; a “wobble” of equinox precession takes 23,000 years; cold summers beckon Frost Giants since winter snow doesn’t melt. Man’s efforts are puny compared to these age-old mythical-cycles. Not forgetting Maunder’s cycles of solar activity, idle sunspots and little ice-ages. That’s certainly a lot to play with, but no obviously rational way round the maze of information. It does seem possible a Maunder Minimum could act as a counter to AGW. I get the impression sceptics are clustering around this notion, clucking knowingly to themselves like novice initiates to the Masons.

I jest; the odd thing is each side thinks they’re right for the reason they’re so clever at sorting through all the noise to get to the “real” information that tells them sunspots, AGW, capitalist conspiracy ... are to blame.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 03:07 AM in Myth and modernity
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Holocaust survivor's love story exposed as a fraud

Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book

Nature on the ECHR's verdict on the surveillance society

Nature on the failure of the US military's embed programme for sociologists in warzones. Yes, sociologists.

Ottawa fundraiser drops cystic fibrosis charity because disease only affects white males

Scottish Government to fund school Auschwitz visits

More Jews than ever sent to Washington

Israeli Rahm Emanuel is Obama's chief of staff

One of last remaining white-owned farms in Zimbabwe seized

Spanish Queen speaks for her people on gay pride and gay marriage

Interesting article on the Indian diaspora

Blacks and Hispanics who suffer weight discrimination may perceive it as racial

Horst Mahler goes on trial for Holocaust denial

Roman invasion beach found in Kent

Russian supreme court rules that Nicholas II and family must be recognised as victims

Frattini's Blue Card progresses

EJP reports assault on French Jews, mentions number but not race of attackers. Why might that be?

Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

Sex industry "in every corner of London"

Ron Paul's 'counter-convention'

America's southern neighbour is succumbing to bloody anarchy

Stonehenge was hidden by a 2-mile timber screen

100,000 young men missing from Australia

Skull of mystery European woman who died in NZ a quarter of a century before James Cooke arrived

Alpine melt reveals Neolithic life

White victims don't always get a reliable physical picture of non-white perps

Multiculturalism sank the Mary Rose

Zut alors! Modesty back in fashion on the French Riviera

14th Century "newfangleness" stays in Britain

Independent media activists fight back against Big Telecom's two-speed plan

Young Muslims living in Britain turning to extremism

Ratings of Bush, Cheney, Rice and Congress Sink to Worst Levels Ever

Sweden's legislators push on with internet snooping bill

British warship HMS Ontario found intact in Great Lake

Tridentine Mass to return to England and Wales

French to block porn, terror, hate web sites

UCL prof claims working classes lack intelligence to be doctors

White farming couple beaten and kicked off land in Zim

State therapy for Islamists

Nejad tells UN conference "powerful international capitalists" drive up crude prices to further "geopolitical aims"

Brigitte Bardot fined for inciting racial hatred

Swiss don't feel threatened enough to vote for their own salvation

Hundreds of North African "Belgians" fight with Anderlecht football supporters, then turn on the police

Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments

Israel 'committing memorycide'

Outrage as evopsyche prof points out that elite universities select middle-class students cuz da bros ain't got wot it takes, yeah.

The day finally arrives when Africa boasts more billionaires than the rest of the world together

Nationalists vs. internationalists in Serb election

Jewish Chronicle lists top 100 Jewish power wielders in UK

Germany bans two incorrect groups

Irish Viking trade centre unearthed

Italian fascism on the rise again. Supposedly.

"Waltzing Matilda" just a love song, not a socialist anthem

Historian wants to resurrect the manly man

Le Pen flogs his wheels to help indebted FN

30 girls contract TB in a Birmingham, UK Muslim school

Zionists prove appeasement doesn't work

Anecdotal evidence of impotence among teenage potheads

Imported cheerleaders cause consternation in Indian cricket

"Too moody" David Irving loses in court again - to his landlady

Lupine ADL demand for curbs on free expression on-line

US Senate blocks genetic discrimination

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

Al-Zawahri says Shiite Iran spread the conspiracy theory that Israel was behind Sept. 11 attacks

Poland tries to lure back UK emigrants

A guy called Cohen is keen on white American guilt

UKIP, Britain's anti-EU party, acquires a Member of Parliament

Honda satnav warns when you drive in to high crime neighbourhood

Calzaghe pays back Hopkins: "What's it like to get your arse kicked by a white guy?"

Australia's new PM ingratiates himself with the intellectual and media elites

Muslims want GMT replaced by Mecca time

Britons fear race violence (BBC/Ipsos MORI poll)

Zim's exiled white farmers working again - in Nigeria

French government wants illegals out. Business and unions do not.

TiVo tells the ad industry exactly how it's ignored, given the chance

Darwin's first drafts of theory of evolution go online

State security robots a decade away?

Politicheskaya Pravil'nost reappears in not-Putin's Russia

Bardot on trial for fifth time for inciting racial hatred against Muslim invaders

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No Eastern European crime wave according to police race and diversity head

Hate speech forum discusses Kevin MacDonald, anti-illegal immigration sentiments and white supremacist “lone wolves”

Naked body of Italian artist, who was hitch-hiking to demonstrate the kindness of local people, found in bushes in northern Turkey.

Capitol Hill to hear a whole lot more about Israel

Italy returns Berlusconi with the support of Northern League

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Huaynaputina - the volcano that changed the world

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Richard Dawkins: Jews monopolize American policy (go man!)

Sex trade of white women booming in Israel

Jews have turned Bobruisk into a pigsty

The abortion business

Degenerate art in Sweden

Lebanese TV on Jews

Man of the day (How a man with balls looks like)

Negro creativity

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

The SPLC admits it: Hal Turner an FBI agent (wise whites figured it out before)

Lawmen under siege along Mexico border

Yellow Bellied Coward Paramours

Israelis among least likely to donate organs

Science News

Two critical questions that remain unanswered:

1) How does one come to identify with a group?

2) What are the environmental triggers of oxytocin?

Science 11 June 2010:
Vol. 328. no. 5984, pp. 1408 - 1411
DOI: 10.1126/science.1189047
Prev | Table of Contents | Next
The Neuropeptide Oxytocin Regulates Parochial Altruism in Intergroup Conflict Among Humans
Carsten K. W. De Dreu,1,* Lindred L. Greer,1 Michel J. J. Handgraaf,1 Shaul Shalvi,1 Gerben A. Van Kleef,1 Matthijs Baas,1 Femke S. Ten Velden,1 Eric Van Dijk,2 Sander W. W. Feith3
Humans regulate intergroup conflict through parochial altruism; they self-sacrifice to contribute to in-group welfare and to aggress against competing out-groups. Parochial altruism has distinct survival functions, and the brain may have evolved to sustain and promote in-group cohesion and effectiveness and to ward off threatening out-groups. Here, we have linked oxytocin, a neuropeptide produced in the hypothalamus, to the regulation of intergroup conflict. In three experiments using double-blind placebo-controlled designs, male participants self-administered oxytocin or placebo and made decisions with financial consequences to themselves, their in-group, and a competing out-group. Results showed that oxytocin drives a “tend and defend” response in that it promoted in-group trust and cooperation, and defensive, but not offensive, aggression toward competing out-groups.
1 Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Roetersstraat 15, 1018 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2 Department of Psychology, Leiden University, Postbox 9555, 2300 RB, Netherlands.
3 Stichting AllesKits, Cypruslaan 410, 3059 XA Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Milgram replicated: perfectly ordinary people can all-too-easily become torturers

Same genes may govern intelligence and sperm quality

Remains of Copernicus' identified

Neural pathways spectacularly imaged by MRI

Women walk swinging their hips all month to disguise ovulation and promote monogamy. So is hip-swinging more of a European thing?

Prehistoric cave paintings took up to 20,000 years to complete

Tidy conservatives, messy liberals?

First dig for 44 years dates Stonehenge at 2300 BC

The face of Neanderthal woman revealed

Brains and the taxi driver - or, maybe, why so many Jews used to drive London's black cabs

Why we are evolved to be superstitious

Study suggests AIDS-resistant gene less common where Romans ruled

Women and property are the cause of male aggression

Facial roundness in the male correlates with aggression.

Whadd'ya know, I'm not a Neaderthal after all

The Pill may change women's choice in men

The Neanderthal murder mystery

Male lust really is blind

German villagers share DNA with cavemen

US researcher discovers link between voting booth location and voting preference

Sexual orientation nature, not nurture

Cannabis may shrink brain

Gene evidence supports "Out of Africa" 200,000 years ago

Conservatives Happier Than Liberals

Women's voices more attractive during ovulation

Human line split in Africa long before migrations north

Japanese researchers find evidence that the need to belong is "biologically coded"

Analytical technique shows how metabolism varies between populations

James Watson's genome sequenced , and “It was so profound, how little we were actually able to say"

Nationally representative American study finds no difference in testosterone levels between black and white men. The latest on racial differences in testosterone.

Racial differences in eye anatomy

Sex differences in sex drive, sociosexuality, and height across 53 nations

Penis review: smaller in Asians but no clear differences among other races

Self-pleasing behavior in Britain vs. China

National IQs predict differences in scholastic achievement in 67 countries.

650,000 genetic markers and inferred population structure.

Inferred population structure from 525,910 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) plus 396 copy-number-variable loci.

Ethnocentrism increases during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Important research on the nature of prejudice.

Swedish men more masculine than Greenland Inuit.

“Ethnic identity” predicts experimental pain sensitivity. Make that racial differences.

Childhood IQ predicts changes in IQ in later life.

A Dutch IQ study and the latest on the relation between the Flynn effect and g (general intelligence factor).

Development trends in the intellectual similarity of virtual twin pairs: additional proof that the shared family environment has increasingly less impact with time throughout childhood.

Among prepubertal children, boys with average inteliigence have higher testosterone than mentally challenged and intellectually gifted boys; no relation in girls.

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