The Norwegian massacre whodunit

Version: September 5, 2011; comments here.

The July 22, 2011 massacre in Norway—69 shot dead, 8 bombed to death—was allegedly carried out by a lone Norwegian Christian conservative, Anders Behring Breivik, following nine years of preparation.  The alleged motive was outrage over the cultural Marxists destroying his nation by welcoming Muslim immigrants.  This is a ludicrous conspiracy whose proponents have the chutzpah to describe skeptics as conspiracy theorists!

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() Logistics

The usual suspects quickly shifted the debate to implications.  What about the tale’s credibility?

The final version of what caused the bombing blames a Volkswagen Crafter van carrying 900kg of aluminum-enriched ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel mixture + 50kg of aluminum-enriched ammonium nitrate and nitromethane mixture.  What kind of damage could this cause?  Sam Gronning, a licensed, professional blaster in Casper, Wyoming with 30 years experience in explosives explained to David Hoffman, “I set off a 5,000-pound ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (diesel fuel) mixture) charge.  I was standing 1,000 feet from it, and all it did was muss my hair, take out the mud in the creek that we were trying to get rid of, and it shattered a few leaves off the trees around it.  It didn’t cause any collateral damage to any of the deeply set trees that were within 20 feet of it.”  Note that the addition of aluminum enhances an ANFO blast by only 15-30%.

But buildings were damaged across multiple blocks, a number extensively, in some cases the concrete being stripped from steel-reinforcing bars without the alleged explosive being in direct contact.  Notice where the windows are blown out in this building.  Notice more damage on top than in the middle. The impact shouldn’t be assessed from the number dead as it was a holiday.

Here’s a picture of the aftermath of a car bomb and here’s a clip of a car bomb in action.  Now here’s the picture of a crater allegedly left below the van bomb.  Notice the shape of the crater.  How did the van bomb cause it?  Contrast this crater with the craters allegedly left by Muslims detonating car/truck bombs in Iraq and other Middle Eastern/Muslim localities.  Those curious about how car/truck bombs manage to leave the kind of craters in the Middle East should watch this.

Most of those injured by the bombing(s) were hit by glass shards, twisted metal and other projectiles ejected from the buildings,  and multiple explosions were initially reported (1, 2, 3), but the van bomb allegedly detonated in the open; documents and stationery from inside the offices were thrown out on the streets.

Those in the vicinity of the bombing(s) reported smelling sulfur fumes and burning tires (related to sulfur) instead of the burning eyes, heavy dust and choking lungs they should’ve mentioned as telltale signs of the nitric acid produced by a fertilizer bomb.
Massacre on Utøya Island
Marcel Gleffe allegedly rescued some 30 people from Utøya Island.  He reported seeing smoke grenades and then heard bursts of gunfire (1, 2).  Why were smoke grenades used during the massacre... to disguise the number of shooters and their locations?  The bullets used were designed to disintegrate inside the body, making it very difficult to estimate the number of shooters, and maximize damage.

Emilie Bersaas, 19, a survivor from the Island reported that the shooting was coming from all directions, consistent with multiple shooters; Marius Helander Røset concurred.

Utøya Island’s overview suggests that multiple shooters are more consistent with the number of victims; many survivors don’t believe in a single shooter; the police inferred the calls from the Island to indicate 2 to 5 shooters armed with various weapons and explosives.

Many on the island (there were hundreds) had cell phones and took pictures or videos… when do we get to observe their contents?  Breivik can’t be made out in the picture allegedly showing him shooting his victims, and notice it was taken from above... who took it? 
Oddities regarding Anders Behring Breivik
Two individuals were arrested shortly after the massacre.  One was blamed; news about the other was quickly buried.

Breivik allegedly wrote a manifesto,‭ in English,‭ using the pseudonym Andrew Berwick, though parts of the manifesto spell Breivik.‭  Why would someone outraged by what’s happening to his nation write a manifesto in a foreign language‭?  ‬Considering that much of the contents are reprints of articles authored by others in English,‭ ‬why didn’t he translate them and add his own synthesis in Norwegian,‭ appending an English version to it—according to the manifesto, he took three-plus years to work on it?

Breivik’s alleged manifesto mentions‭ 7,000‭ Facebook friends,‭ whereas his Facebook profile was set up a few days before the massacre and listed no friends.  This profile was captured before being deleted.‭  ‬One copy lists him as a Christian conservative,‭ whereas Google’s cache (July‭ 22, ‬2011, ‬23:52:36 ‬GMT‭) ‬doesn’t mention him listing his philosophy as Christian conservatism—the notion that the difference results from being logged in vs.‭ ‬not doesn’t fly.

A Twitter account has also been attributed to Breivik, ‬with one tweet,‭ in English!

So what’s the point of discussing the implications of “what Breivik did” when the tale’s incredible?  On the other hand, the entity behind the massacre left its motives in the form of a manifesto, which will reveal its identity.

() Review of 2083: A European Declaration of Independence

Bracketed numbers refer to the manifesto’s pages (pdf).

() Introduction

The manifesto (book, video summary) is massive, mainly because it includes numerous articles by others.  Not summarizing the gist of these articles is one of several signs—not editing typos, flow issues, different font sizes in the main body, not hard-coding page numbers, leaving some parts incomplete—that it was put together hastily, inconsistent with the alleged three-plus years that went into its preparation.

The entity (individual or group) that wrote and compiled the manifesto appears to possess native English-speaking skills since the errors in the original writing are usually typing errors made by such individuals.

The inclusion of straight and curly quotes in the same passages that should’ve been written toward the final stages of the manifesto suggest the use of different word processors or different computers.  Likely, an initial draft was edited by someone else.

The materials assembled reveal that this entity possesses high intelligence and therefore the corresponding desire to dig deep and understand the problem.

The entity claims to despise cultural Marxism.  It traces its origin to the 1920s Frankfurt School of thought, which took upon the task of translating Marxist economics to cultural terms.  But there’s no discussion of why this translation was attempted nor what the circumstances behind Marxist economics—Communist Manifesto (1848), Das Kapital (1867–1894) by Karl Marx [also Friedrich Engels]—were in the first place, at odds with the entity’s intelligence.  These circumstances are crucial to understanding the entity’s motives.

() The circumstances behind Marxist economics:

1800s... the money changers (international bankers) wanted to establish a central bank in Russia (to control her finances), but the royalty wouldn’t let them because through usury of the worst kind (fractional reserve banking), they impoverished nations and effected wars to acquire people’s assets, evident in the status of England, France and other nations under their control.  Fractional reserve banking is modern economics jargon for creating money out of nothing, though the practice is a thousand years old; when someone asks for a loan, the bank conjures it out of thin air, thus creating money as debt, a simple act of counterfeiting.

The bankers made two complementary efforts to tackle the Russian problem: war and communism (encouraging the masses to revolt against their rich, “oppressing” masters).  The prolonged war effort culminated in the Crimean War (1853-1856), where the money changer-controlled major European powers united against Russia.  Russia suffered heavy losses, forcing Tsar Alexander II to make concessions to get out of the war.  Marxist economics, in short, was an adjunct to the war effort made by the bankers to acquire control of Russia’s finances, drawing upon the French revolution they had caused.  We’ll return to Alexander II after looking at a parallel problem for bankers in the form of America.

In the 1700s, the British colonies in America had experimented with debt-free paper money issued by the government, after being impoverished by the taxes they had to pay to the British government so that the British government could pay the interests on what they owed to the bankers.  This debt-free money, colonial script, was a great success; the colonies prospered, and the infuriated bankers forced a gold standard, again impoverishing the colonies.  The colonies rebelled; the bankers waged war and a new nation was born.  The founding fathers of America thus knew the nature of the bankers and were their sworn enemies.  The bankers made numerous attempts to establish a central bank under their control in America.  None lasted long, and in the 1830s, Andrew Jackson handed a powerful defeat to the bankers, who unsuccessfully tried to assassinate him.

The bankers saw an opportunity in America around the mid-1800s, when rivalry developed between the north and south.  They had northern industrialists use protective tariffs to prevent southern states from buying cheaper European goods.  Europe retaliated by stopping cotton imports from the South.  The southerners were thus forced to pay more for necessities while their income from cotton exports plummeted.  The bankers exploited the situation to the point of civil war.  If America remained a single, large nation that attained economic and financial independence from the bankers, then European nations might look into this success and relate it to the absence of control by the bankers.  America thus had to be split and weakened.

As soon as the civil war started, the bankers loaned 210 million Francs to Napoleon III of France to seize Mexico and station its troops along the southern American border; they hoped that a weakened America would agree to have the European nations under banker control recolonize and dominate central and south America, which America’s 1823 Monroe doctrine had forbidden.  They also had Britain send her troops to Canada, position them along the American border and ready her fleet for attacking America.

At this point Abraham Lincoln desperately needed money to maintain the Union.  The bankers offered Lincoln a loan at exorbitant rates, which he declined.  Lincoln printed his own, debt-free money, greenbacks, to pay for the war, which worked, and Lincoln finally understood the nature of money and thus who really was pulling the strings.  The bankers responded by forbidding the use of greenbacks to pay import duties and the national debt, slapping a 185% surcharge on greenbacks, which undermined Americans’ confidence in them.  This, combined with the looming decisive battle of the civil war in 1963, for which a lot of money was needed, forced Lincoln to make concessions to the bankers and agree to the passage of the National Banking Act of 1863.

Now we return to Tsar Alexander II of Russia.  He knew what the bankers were going to do to America if they acquired control over her finances, and he knew that a divided America would be split among Britain and France, whose combined forces would again be used by the bankers to attack Russia to acquire control of her finances.  So to help Lincoln maintain the American Union, in 1863, he sent parts of his fleet to San Francisco and New York, in a show of support, warning Britain and France that if they intervened in the civil war, it’d be a declaration of war against Russia, infuriating the bankers further.

Lincoln saved the Union, but didn’t live long.  He had learned the nature of money and was assassinated by the bankers in 1865, before he could repeal the National Banking Act of 1863 (amended 1864; allowed multiple national banks under bankers’ control).  The bankers were left with their efforts to incite the Russian masses against the royalty.

Just about all the important bankers happened to be Jews.  By the late 1800s, with success in Russia still deluding the bankers, some Russians aware of the nature of Jews, and backlash against the Jews for killing Tsar Alexander II (1881), the leaders of the Jewish community to which the bankers belonged were ready to abandon the notion of Russia as their base of operations, and thus they invented Zionism, a movement to return to a mythical homeland in the Middle East to which they had no claim.

Aside from Tsar Alexander II, important Russian murders included Grand Duke Sergius and Premier V. von Plehve (1905), and Premier Peter A. Stolypin (1911).  Related significant murders included the Empress of Austria (1893), King Humbert of Italy (1900), U.S. President  McKinley (1901), King Carlos and the Crown Prince of Portugal (1908), and Archduke Ferdinand and the Duchess of Austria (1914).  Thus the bankers effected World War I.  In Russia, Lenin (Jew) and Trotsky (Jew) set out to massacre millions of unarmed middle-class (Bourgeois) Christians and Muslims, wiping out the white cultural stratum.   Lenin (Jew) and Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov (Jew) personally ordered the killing of the Russian royalty and their extended family (1918), including the women and children.  They didn’t even spare Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and the Rhine, who after dissociating from the royalty, had donated her wealth and become a nun.  Their bloodlust wouldn’t be satisfied until they had eliminated the bloodline of the accursed royals.

The Bolshevist communist revolution had thus been successfully funded by the capitalist bankers.  There’s no irony here once we understand what the bankers are about.

() The circumstances behind cultural Marxism:

If the Jews can incite the masses to revolt against the rich non-Jewish ruling elite so that the Jews end up acquiring the finances of this elite and controlling the nation, why stop at economics?  A similar reasoning can be applied to prevailing ideas, lifestyles, ways of living and philosophies that are in the way of Jews acquiring greater domination over non-Jews.  This is cultural Marxism in a nutshell... weaken the non-Jew; kill the best gentiles.  The academic aspects of cultural Marxism are more recent but the underlying aims are centuries old—consider the history of expulsions of Jews, typically for usury, treason, treachery, subversion, prostitution, ritual sacrifices and the lot.

Whereas the manifesto doesn’t go into the details, the process of translating Marxist economics to cultural terms met with certain challenges, such as accounting for agency within a social conditioning framework, which was addressed by developing the concept of social structures and applied to a variety of sociological approaches falling under the rubric of post-structuralism or postmodernism.  The manifesto uses cultural Marxism to refer to both the early attempts by the Frankfurt School and the full emergence of postmodernist sociology; this usage is retained in this review. 

This is the short history of the origin of cultural Marxism, starting from the Frankfurt School, a fully kosher institution; from its immediate precursor to its establishment, the personalities coming together remind one of a mitzvah:

Karl Kotzenberg (sponsor of a new sociology, businessman), Franz Oppenheimer (leading figure from the founding circle of historical sociology).

Planners of the Institute of Social Research, known as the Frankfurt School, modeled after the Marx-Engel Institute in Russia (Felix Weil (economist, financial provider; doctorate in socialization), Kurt Albert Gerlach (economist, intended first director of the Institute of Social Research), Friedrich Pollock, Henryk Grossman (Marxist economist, revolutionary)).

Carl Grünberg (first director of the Institute of Social Research), Antonio Gramsci (Italy, revolutionary Marxist), György Lukács (Hungary; son of a prominent banker; Kremlin agent of the Communist International; effector of sexual revolution), Erich Fromm (pioneering synthesizer of the works of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, both Jews; influenced by Rabbi Nehemiah Nobel, Rabbi Salman Rabinkow, Frieda Reichmann (Jew)), Max Horkheimer (Director of the Institute of Social Research), Wilhelm Reich (mass psychology of fascism, sexual revolution), Herbert Marcuse (social revolutionary, helped bring the Frankfurt School into the colleges and universities of America), Theodor Adorno (revolutionary Marxist; concocted the “authoritarian personality”), Walter Benjamin, Otto Kirchheimer (jurist, political theory), Leo Löwenthal, Franz Leopold Neumann (critic of National Socialism).

These Jews used the euphemism “critical theory” to sell a modification of Marxist ideas to others, under the guise of liberating humans.

When the Frankfurt School appeared, the Jews knew how difficult Marxist victory had been in Russia and given their struggles in Germany and elsewhere, it was obvious that the cultural and religious foundations of Western nations had to be undermined, which this School would attempt.  Some gems from this School of thought:

The forbidden action [of killing one’s father out of Oedipal jealousy] which is converted into aggression is generally homosexual in nature.  Through fear of castration, obedience to the father is taken to the extreme of an anticipation of castration in conscious emotional approximation to the nature of a small girl, and actual hatred to the father is suppressed” (Dialectic of Enlightenment, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, p. 192).

With regard to authoritarianism, masochism manifested itself in the surrender to authority, and sadism was evident in the acceptance of social hierarchy.  In the developmental and sexual sense, the authoritarian character had suffered a regression from genital sexuality to infantile sexuality.  Accompanying this regression of libidinal energy, Fromm also expected a shift from heterosexual to homosexual behavior among authoritarian personalities (from The Frankfurt School in Exile, by Thomas Wheatland, p. 68; summary of Studien über Authorität und Familie by Erich Fromm (1936)).

Oedipal ambivalence toward the father and anal-sadistic relations in early childhood are the anti-Semite’s irrevocable inheritance. [see MacDonald for review]

Describing such arguments as nonsense is a gross understatement; it’s more like the vomit of the mentally unhinged Frank-farters that have consumed their own urine and feces, except that they weren’t deranged for the most part, just malicious, cloaking their poisons in arcane pseudo-scholarship, just as the bankers cloak their swindling by using “fractional reserve banking” in lieu of counterfeiting, “speculation” for gambling using others’ money, “the business cycle” for controlled manipulation and wrecking of economies, etc.

Jewish goals are evident in the tenets of cultural Marxism:

Minority shortcomings or failures must be understood in terms of the non-Jewish ruling elite employing social conditioning or social structures to oppress minorities.  Note that minority here doesn’t refer to numbers: for non-Jews, minorities are those that lack power; Jews are always minorities.  The identity that nation-states [except Jews and Israel] build to defend themselves against the stranger is pathological.  Concern about deracination, demographic decline and loss of culture [except by Jews] is irrational and unhealthy.  Objection [except by Jews] to displacement is hateful and malicious.  And so on.

Why does the entity that wrote the 2083 manifesto not tell us the why behind the cultural Marxism that it rails against?  The intelligence of this entity, and the corresponding drive for understanding that must accompany such intelligence, rules out ignorance, and it acknowledges that “everything—[WW2, Cold War, Frankfurt School, political correctness]—is connected,” which took years of research to understand (761).  The omission’s deliberate:

Good examples of mainstream academic criticism of cultural Marxism are:

Paul Gross, Norman Levitt. Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science. The Johns Hopkins University Press (1994).

Paul Gross, Norman Levitt, Martin Lewis (Editors). The Flight from Science and Reason (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences). New York Academy of Sciences (May 8, 1997).

Looking at the list of contributors, it’s mostly a mitzvah: Gross, Levitt, Goodstein, Goldstein, Kleppner, Weissmann, Lefkowitz, Roth, Sommers, Cantor, Bornstein, Kurtz... to mention the more obvious ones, which isn’t a coincidence; they’re there to keep the discussion focused on the presumptions and approaches of cultural Marxism and how well they explain real world phenomena; they won’t allow a discussion of the money- and corresponding Jewish-related issues that prompted the development of the school of thought in the first place. 

Similarly, the entity’s hiding something.  Whereas one could argue that the entity avoids pointing out Jews because many people will a priori dismiss a Jew-this-Jew-that argument, most people dislike bankers.  So why not relate the problem to the bankers?

Note that when the entity addresses money, it hopes, and aims, for total economic collapse... arguing its necessity to trigger a revolution, not against the bankers but against Muslims (668-669)!

() The blame game

The entity blames the cultural Marxists for Europe’s Muslim immigration problem, without telling us that cultural Marxism’s a Jewish creation.  It also doesn’t explain how the cultural Marxists got to be so powerful that they changed European demographics drastically.  Consider the following (left column vs. right):

If people were sampled randomly, few would be very short and few very tall; most would be in the neighborhood of average.  The mean height would be average.

A pro-immigrant minority in a largely ethnically homogenous population would be numerically matched by nationalists, racists and xenophobes and made irrelevant by the masses who wish to maintain the ethnic status quo, not because they’re prejudiced but because they’re comfortable within their own culture and among their own people.  The net effect would be minimal immigration of cultural/racial aliens.

Among professional basketball teams, the average height of the players is very tall.  Extreme height is selected for.

Among those influencing immigration policy or those in charge of the liberal arts programs at Universities, the cultural Marxists predominate.  Who or what’s responsible for setting up the rules or requirements that cause the selection of this extreme?

The entity understands the issue presented in the table:

Let’s be realistic.  Less than 10% of a country’s population are extreme Marxists and less than 10% are extreme cultural conservatives.  The great bulk of our people are moderate people who just want the right of self determination and the opportunity to live a happy and meaningful life (1306).

Money explains the placement of the cultural Marxist extreme.  Bankers have used their massive monetary resources to shape immigration policies in Western nations: misinforming the public via the mainstream media they’ve bought, infiltrating academia, attacking disciplines such as behavior genetics and sociobiology, placing their agents in the government, bribing government officials, blackmailing, demonizing the opposition, infiltrating nationalist organizations, establishing controlled opposition, employing kosher Nazis, orchestrating false flag operations, and murder.

The entity wouldn’t have credibility if it didn’t criticize some Jews, and there’s token criticism of Jews supporting multiculturalism, but the Zionists are supposedly our brothers!  The entity estimates that 75% of European Jews and 50% of Israeli Jews are supporters of multiculturalism (1163).  Who cares about the proportions?  Multicultural and Zionist Jews are different sides of the same coin... ever heard of controlled opposition, of playing both/all sides, of Hegelian dialectics as adapted by Marx and Engels (provide the thesis, the anti-thesis and the synthesis)?

The entity claims that 90% of cultural Marxists in Norway are European Christians (1164).  The proportion of non-Jewish cultural Marxists in Norway could conceivably be this high or higher given few Jews in Norway, but the actual value is unimportant.  The real issues are:

Where does at least 90% of the money that has foisted cultural Marxism on Norway come from?
It comes from the big international bankers, over 90% of whom are Jews serving 100% Jewish agenda, utilizing intellectual movements of 100% Jewish origin, such as cultural Marxism.
What proportion of non-Jewish cultural Marxists is malicious?
To a greater or lesser extent people have a sense of justice and fairness.  Some people aren’t comfortable with notions of intrinsic differences in intelligence, aptitude, ability, or inclination toward criminality and other negative behaviors since these suggest an unfairness in the deck of cards people or populations have been dealt with.  People are also biased in favor of information consistent with their inclinations and against dissonant beliefs.  Some people could therefore be mislead into espousing many of the tenets of cultural Marxism.  

Is a proponent of cultural Marxism malicious or merely ignorant but well-meaning?  Is she motivated by the bankers’ agenda or by a strong sense of [misguided] justice and thus acting to prevent discrimination?  Is he acting like Stephen J. Gould and falsifying data to promote his agenda or is he merely promoting the work of Gould, which he admires as the work of an honest scientist, to combat “scientific racism”?  Is she a sadomasochist who derives pleasure from both the suffering of self and others or is she merely a good-intentioned useful idiot?  Is she a weakling that must go with the flow or has she taken upon herself to create the flow?  Is he a scumbag who’d readily prostitute his own mother for money or does he wish to prostitute others’ mothers but not his own?  It’s not difficult to find out.

All indications are that non-Jewish cultural Marxists mostly comprise of ignorant but good-intentioned people, weaklings that must side with the zeitgeist, or scum who only care about status, prestige, power or money [such scum would just as well help non-Jews if they could acquire more of these in the process].  What harm could they do?  Not much on their own.

To those who’d argue that northern Europeans are unique in producing a large number of self-flagellating or masochistic or genetically defective individuals that’d welcome their own demise, where’s the evidence?  Starting from the 1880s, the influx of eastern and southern Europeans in America so alarmed the northern Europeans that in the 1920s they clamped down on immigration of these incompatibles and reduced racially more distant immigrants to a trickle.  And let’s not forget the extensive history of fighting among northern Europeans.  Northern Europeans in America didn’t suddenly do an about face in the 1960s when the immigration flood gates were opened to non-whites; they lost to Jewry’s funding, deception and lies.

The entity deliberately misleads in directing the blame toward non-Jewish cultural Marxists. 

() Prominence vs. working behind the scenes

If the Jews prominently placed themselves in leadership positions, it’d be apparent to the casual observer that the culprits are Jews.  Accordingly, Jews often place token non-Jews in leadership positions, which these fake leaders couldn’t have achieved on their own, but the important decisions are made behind the scenes and the real power held by those who, wisely, prefer to avoid the limelight.  Jews tend to organize themselves into a fifth column.  Jews often use non-Jewish names and go to great lengths to hide their Jewishness—e.g., American actor Charlie Sheen was fired from the sitcom Two and a half men after repeatedly publicly addressing his boss, “Chuck Lorre,” using his real name, Heim Levine, in spite of Sheen being Jewish. 

The entity cites social anthropology Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen as an exemplar of the cultural Marxist agenda.  But if Eriksen lived in a Norway free of Jewish influence, he’d be harmless and generally pitied like the “lost souls” who run street ministries, warning passerby to repent or face hellfire and brimstone.  The entity concurs:

The problem in our societies isn’t primarily that individuals like Eriksen exists (and believe me, every country has their share of these highly influential anti-nationalist intellectuals) but rather that they are allowed unrestricted access to broadcasting networks, state channels, the mainstream media in general to spread their hate-speech.  They are allowed this access because 80% of politicians and 98% of journalists (category A and B traitors) are aiding and abetting them in the ongoing genocide (734).

But the entity doesn’t tell us that the mainstream media are under Jewish control, that the journalists write within a framework established by their Jewish bosses and that the politicians ultimately take their orders from the hand that feeds them, the bankers’ network.

Ethnic Norwegians voluntarily and knowingly complicit in the cultural and racial destruction of Norway, few as they are, couldn’t significantly harm Norway without the Jewish money coming their way; they’re tools employed by the international Jewish network.

() Muslims

The entity talks about the Muslim problem facing Europe extensively, documenting the atrocities committed by Muslims against non-Muslims, particularly Europeans, at great length.  Some of these atrocities are fabrications.  An example is the Armenian genocide (millions dead) around the beginning of the twentieth century.  Some readers may recall that this genocide was not officially recognized by the United States for a long time, and the last time the issue flared up, the ADL got involved.  Why would the ADL get involved?  When a genocide is recognized, people ask what caused it, and some digging reveals that the Armenian genocide was caused by Jews pretending to be Muslims.

Some Muslim atrocities are surely exaggerated, such as the extent to which they massacred Hindus.

Some Muslim atrocities are wrongly attributed to their religion, Islam.  An atrocity perpetrated by Muslims often comes up in recorded history: the practice of splitting the belly of a pregnant captive, tearing the fetus out, dashing the fetus against rocks or dismembering it and savoring the horror of the screaming and dying mother.  I believe there’ve been far fewer instances of European Christians behaving in this manner.  Some atrocities perpetrated by Muslims are therefore appropriately attributed to the more racially savage nature of the Middle Eastern/Hebrew people rather than Islam.

The entity blames the cultural Marxists for Europe’s Muslim immigration problem, which’s misleading.  Cultural Marxism, a Jewish creation, is partly to blame to the extent that immigrants galore means that Muslims, being a substantial minority of the global population, will comprise a large proportion of the immigrants.  But this isn’t the sole factor.  Some European nations brought Muslims over as laborers to rebuild their nations after World War II.  The factors leading to World War II are thus partly to blame: 

In the 1930s, Germany, devastated by World War I, the Versailles treaty and the Great depression, took back control of money, forcing the bankers to effect an international boycott against her, yet Germany prospered as any self-sufficient Western nation would if she had control over her money.  Imagine if it caught on.  The second nation to prosper was Japan, following banking reform modeled after Germany.  The bankers struck back.  They slaughtered ethnic Germans in the Danzig corridor in Poland.  German pleas to the League of nations went unheeded, forcing Germany to invade Poland to protect the Germans living in the territory that it was forced to give up by the Versailles treaty.  On the other hand, the bankers had America strangle the Japanese economically, forcing them to attack Pearl Harbor.  This is the short history of what led to World War II.

Centuries ago, Jews encouraged, invited and helped Muslims invade Spain and capture Cordova, Malaga, Granada, Seville and Toledo, thereby using the Muslims to acquire control of these regions (Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge, p. 531; Dr. Cecil Roth, in Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 612), creating hundreds of years of Muslim trouble for the Spanish in the process.  Writing in this era, the entity would’ve surely welcomed Muslim invaders, but now it complains because the Muslims in Europe number too many for the Jews’ comfort and too many Europeans are sympathizing with the Palestinians.

Reflecting the Jewish mindset, the entity even talks about an alliance with Muslim jihadists!  The terms will be: Muslims are deported from Europe and the jihadists get to rule the Muslim nations without interference from “Christian conservatives” if the jihadists supply “Christian conservative” warriors with chemical or biological WMDs that these warriors will use to commit terrorist acts against cultural Marxists, without being obliged by the jihadists to target Jews or cultural conservatives (958-959).   

() Christianity

Whereas there’s “thou shall not kill” in Christianity, it’s also clear that some behaviors are deserving of death, and these commandments are reconciled by allowing for the execution of the damned by a State deriving its authority from God.  As an illustration, whereas Church authorities employed torture to extract confessions during the Inquisition, the condemned were handed to the State authorities for execution.

Now what if the State refuses to follow God’s laws?  Consider Christians opposed to abortion in America, equating it to murder; they number in the tens of millions.  If a small minority of them were inclined toward violence, military facilities would be the only places for abortions, which is where abortion service providers would permanently reside.  But violence toward abortion service providers is very rare in America, falling into two camps: a physician who performs abortions being shot, conceivably by a fanatical Christian; a bomb randomly targeting those entering an abortion clinic, a false flag operation set up by Jews to demonize the opposition and maintain their lucrative abortion business.

The odds of the Norwegian massacre being perpetrated by a Christian, as claimed by the mainstream media, are therefore extremely low.

Lo and behold, the entity explicitly denies that it’s Christian (1307, 1344), expresses its opposition to a Christian fundamentalist theocracy (1361), talks about recreating the Church into a secular institution that allows thought systems such as Odinism (1361), talks of renting two high class model prostitutes before the massacre (1434), talks of recruiting “Christian atheists” and “Christian agnostics” as Justiciar Knights (1360), doesn’t pray and isn’t sure whether there’s a God (1345)!  The entity uses the idiosyncratic label “cultural Christian” to describe itself, saying that Christianity is the only cultural platform that can unite Europeans (1361).

The entity isn’t Christian in any sense of the word, but one may still insist that the entity’s a superficial or nominal Christian, which raises two problems.  How does a nominally religious individual, and in the entity’s case a “cultural Christian,” acquire mass-murdering religious[cultural?] fervor?  And whereas Scandinavia is the place to look for nominal Christianity, the entity couldn’t possibly be interested in the pro-Palestinian Lutheran Church of Norway, which it actually wants abolished (1130-1136, 1243, 1308).  Neither could it be interested in the present Catholic Church as it’s looking into having a dialog with Muslims.  The entity must therefore look to the past for its vision of Christianity , which predates the Protestant Reformation (1136-1138, 1403). 

Since the entity describes itself as a Justiciar Templar Knight, perhaps the cultural Christianity it idolizes dates to the Crusades, but the Church around this period went through phases.  At first it used Christian Military Orders to fight Muslims.  At one point, when the Muslims weren’t an issue, one of these Orders, the Knights Templar, rivaled the Church’s power.  Feeling threatened, the Church had the King of France arrest and torture the leadership of the Knights Templar into confessing to blasphemy and a wide variety of abominations for which they were executed; the Order was disbanded.  The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, whom the entity admires, was brutally tortured and burned alive.  The entity must then be interested in the [earlier] Christianity prevailing when the Muslims were being attacked (1324-1334). 

The Church employed a Christian Military Order known as the Teutonic Knights to force [religious] Christianity upon pagan Europeans, an Order the entity isn’t interested in and mentions in passing (45, 1815).

Fighting Muslims alone can’t suffice to define cultural Christianity.  Since the entity’s clearly a fundamentalist member of the Church of the Holy Hoax (1162-1164, 1366), a non-Christian institution, it’s additionally clear that it uses “cultural Christianity” in an idiosyncratic manner, throwing in the term “Christianity” because it can’t think of any other thing to unite Europeans with and persuade them to preserve, having ruled out uniting Europeans on the basis of broad [white] racial/continental grouping.

() Nordic phenotype preservation

The entity is anti-Nazi (1357) and describes National Socialism as one of the most dangerous hate ideologies (1237).  It says that to understand “the evil and suicidal European Marxism of today,” one must understand National Socialism, which it explains by including an excerpt on Nordicism, to which multiculturalism is allegedly a reaction (1152):

Nordicism (also referred to as the “Nordic theory”) is the ideology of racial superiority which claims that the Nordic race (the Germanic peoples/tribes), would constitute a master race because of an innate capacity for initiative, long term planning and leadership...

This can’t even be called a caricature of National Socialism.  National Socialism can be summed up in 25 points, Nordicism not being one of them—it’d be remarkable if Nordicism were part of these 25 points as the majority of Germans weren’t racially Nordic and the majority of the NSDAP leadership didn’t look Nordic.

The excerpt on Nordicism is a distortion of the Herrenrasse: a non-existent ideal, enhanced man, something to aim for, something that’s approached but never achieved because it’s human to be imperfect.  Most of the enhancement concerned health, mental and spiritual characteristics; the physical enhancement was in the direction of the Nordic physical type and an improvement of it.  The Herrenrasse idealists weren’t racial conservatives as they had no interest in preservation; they desired enhancement.

If National Socialism—which the entity despises—was especially about Nordicism, then it’s interesting that it laments the threat to the Nordic physical type that immigration poses, and comments on the ironic behavior of the Nordic celebrities who’ve miscegenated but who wouldn’t have acquired their celebrity had they not looked Nordic, thus depriving their children of the very factor that brought them success (1158-1162).

But the entity includes passages describing immigration in Europe as considerably worse than in America because the majority of immigrants in America are Christian (642; the inclusion isn’t an oversight)!  The United States is around 60% white, with white babies already a minority, a substantial number of whom aren’t even of the Nordic type.  No northern European nation has such dismal statistics, yet America is supposedly markedly better off because the non-Nordic whites and a large proportion of the non-whites are Christian!

The entity clarifies that the manifesto promotes cultural conservatism, which isn’t racial conservatism, and is non-racist (649-672).

The entity also has no problems with shedding European blood to “liberate” [from Muslims] Christians in the Middle East (1316-1320).

The inevitable conclusion is that the entity isn’t serious about Nordic preservation but has included the element (1152-1153, 1188-1192) as a token gesture to appease northern European racial conservatives and hopefully get them to facilitate the plan in the manifesto.  Indeed, the entity talks about the necessity of using common grounds to bring racial conservatives into the fold (1242-1243), and estimates that only 20-30% of racial conservatives incorrigibly dislike Jews, these being the ones who must be kept out (1355).

The entity’s approach has met with some success.  Even Kevin MacDonald has mistaken the entity to be a Nordicist, undoubtedly due to a superficial reading.

The entity proposes that South Africa should be split into a European nation and an African nation (1210-1214), and supports splitting America into a Multicultural States of America for non-whites and a Confederate States of America for whites (1221-1225).  Again, these proposals should be seen as an attempt to bring as many racial conservatives into the fold as possible rather than earnest endorsements.  The entity aims for a big tent; much as it claims to despise the cultural Marxists, it says:

Knowing that so many Marxists are anti-globalists, it should be our goal to contribute to create a scenario where many “Internationalist Marxists” are indirectly ideologically pacified or even join our forces, by manipulating them into changing their mentality from “internationalist” to “National Bolshevik” thought (1481). 

And, it’s also interested in maintaining a “servant class” in Europe, comprising of people from impoverished nations, working as cleaners, construction workers, gardeners, taxi drivers, farmers and harvesters (1196-1198).  Whereas each of them would be in Europe/the West as a temporary worker, a significant “servant class” will be present at any given time.

The doubters can indulge in the following thought experiment.  Suppose we transport the entity—a “Jew-loving Christian Nordic preservationist”—to the beginning of the Thirty Years’ war (1618-1648).  The context:

1478 A.D.... the Church in Spain is sick and tired of Jews infiltrating the clergy to destroy it from within.  They decide to do something about it: the [who’s the Jew-lose the Jew] Inquisition.  Fed up with the Church’s weak, ineffective efforts, the Spanish monarchy decides to expel the Jews in 1492 A.D.  Jews ramp up the encouragement and funding of potentially influential holy men dissatisfied with the Church, up north particularly as Spain’s expelled Jews are well received in Rome.  One of them, the Great Reformer Martin Luther, wants nothing to do with numerous Catholic stances.  Initially friendly toward Jews, Luther eventually realizes their lying, treacherous nature, but there’s no going back to Catholicism.  Rome doesn’t want to cut the north loose.  The Jews don’t want a Europe religiously united against them.  It’s time for war and Germany will bear the brunt of it.

Now, would the entity try to prevent war to save the Nordic remnants in Germany and other Nordics who’ll join the war, such as the great Swedish king and Aryan exemplar Gustav II Adolf who’s about to be killed in the battlefield, or would it encourage war to weaken religious unity across Europe and improve the prospects of the Jews?

() The battleplan

The entity meticulously details the plan to vanquish the cultural Marxists and deport Muslims (816-1507).  This includes extensive instructions in cooperating with non-Muslim European criminal networks such as the Russian mafia (910-916), murderous attack strategies (941-977), making explosives (978-1012), and using hollow-point bullets laced with deadly biological or chemical agents (1012-1022).  The entity acknowledges the difficulty in obtaining nuclear weapons (1022-1024), but comes up with the next best alternatives: how to blow up nuclear power stations (1025-1057) and how to combine radioactive materials with conventional explosives (1058-1063).  The entity also discusses the nuances of communications and logistics involved in running terror [“freedom fighter”] networks (1064-1129).

The first thing that comes to mind is why have the mainstream media so extensively publicized a manifesto with such dangerous information?  Obviously because it isn’t dangerous to those controlling the mainstream media.  Let’s see why.

() Pulling an Oklahoma

1995 Oklahoma bombing false flag
The Oklahoma: what remained of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma, United States, following a bombing in 1995, allegedly by Timothy McVeigh.

The entity would have us believe that a patriot could pull an Oklahoma by utilizing a fertilizer bomb (967).  This is physically impossible as four truckloads of the fertilizer bomb that allegedly inflicted this damage couldn’t even come close.  One must use military-grade explosives, in contact with the structural support of the building, to inflict this damage.

The 1980s recession, the Savings and Loans crisis, had prompted a burgeoning militia movement.  The bankers responded by using their assets—the SPLC and ADL—to establish/infiltrate patriotic groups with kosher Nazis to orchestrate a series of false flag operations culminating in the Oklahoma bombing, which was covered up by their assets in the FBI and served the basis for destroying the militia movement.

Skeptics can verify the physics of fertilizer bombs easily.  Start with 1:32- or 1:64-scale model cars or trucks.  Because of the small scale, the raw materials could be purchased without arousing suspicions or spending too much.  Then construct 1:32- or 1:64-scale buildings, as the case may be, made of concrete.  Real-life buildings will have steel reinforcement or a steel core; you don’t have to bother.  You could add windows to your buildings, or erect glass structures on one side of the truck bomb and concrete structures on the other.  You could get carried away and build a downtown replica.  Then blow the bomb and see if you pulled an Oklahoma.

The information on fertilizer bombs in the manifesto is deception that’ll come in handy when Jews blow up public facilities with military-grade explosives and blame it on a patsy who parked and blew a fertilizer bomb-laden car or truck in the vicinity.

Similarly, when the Jews blow up a nuclear power plant—obviously nowhere near New York City or any place where they’re especially concentrated—they’d have patsies for an excuse and a well-publicized manifesto that “prophetically” predicted that “cultural conservative” knights will bring forth such calamities.

() A Mossad recipe

The entity has sketched a three-phase battle plan.  During the second phase in particular, 2030-2070, Muslims will be targeted in an interesting manner.  A frequent incident will involve Justiciar Knights massacring a few dozen Muslims, focusing on women, preferably in the neighborhood of Mosques and especially during Ramadan (holy month) or on Eid-ul-Fitr (their holiest day).  This will make some Muslim men go berserk and they’ll wage jihad against innocent Europeans, which in turn will radicalize white youth, increase the number of Justiciar Knights and eventually create an opportune moment for a coup (922, 1254, 1293).

In this manner, the Jews get others to kill Muslims for them, let these others take the heat from the Muslims for the most part, and use the chaos as cover to eliminate the individuals that are dangerous for the Jews (racial conservatives who dislike Jews).

Jews have employed a variant of this idea for many years in Iraq.  They blow up Muslims in or around Mosques, especially during Ramadan or Eid.  Sometimes they blow up those attending a marriage ceremony and later blow up the mourners at the mass funeral.  Then they tell the world that these Muslims are so full of hate that some of them don’t mind committing suicide in the process of blowing up women and children of rival factions, which is why the coalition forces need to remain in Iraq to “maintain law and order.”

() Categories of traitors

The entity classifies traitors into categories A, B, C,...  in decreasing order of severity (930-932).  Category A comprises of prominent/public figures that are often non-Jewish useful idiots or puppets of the Jewish personalities who call the shots by working behind the scenes.  Directing the most wrath toward such “traitors” will usually make non-Jews the targets of Justiciar Knights.  There’ll still be the problem of high-profile Jewish targets that some Justiciar Knights may aim for, but this can be lessened considerably, as shown below.

() The problem of racial conservatives who dislike Jews

Racial conservatives who dislike Jews, deemed Nazis, could possibly use the dangerous information in the manifesto to target Jews.  But they won’t be able to do it as part of the cells of the Knights because these groups will be monitored [by the [usually crypto] Jews] (1073; note who gets to be the Grand Master Overseer); those expressing negative opinions of Jews will be removed or eliminated.  The entity notes that such problematic individuals have been removed from the EDL (English Defense League) already (1240).

This leaves Jew-disliking lone-wolf racial conservatives that may act on the dangerous information, but those intelligent enough to figure out the deception may not be inclined toward violence, some collateral damage is inevitable, and during the chaotic episodes in phases 2 and 3, Jews could eliminate some of them, blaming their murders on Muslims.

In short, using the mainstream media to publicize the dangerous information on bombs and other weapons or strategies in the manifesto has more pluses than minuses for Jewry.

() Analysis

If it isn’t obvious who wrote the manifesto, some questions should suffice.

Who would condemn cultural Marxism while encouraging the adoption of some recipes from the cultural Marxist cookbook (656-660, 1480-1491)?  Does the entity really dislike cultural Marxism or what it really cares about is that too many Muslims have been let in, that too many Europeans have been cozying up to the Palestinians?

Who writes a tome full of references to

Almost all of the manifesto’s endorsed sources have problems with Muslims, some have problems with immigration, none have problems with fractional reserve banking... they’re all kosher.

Who complains about the Frankfurt School of thought (kosher) and wishes to replace it with the Vienna School of thought (anti-Jihad/Islam, pro-Israel, anti-cultural-Marxist, with no clear model of how to turn the economy—kosher) (1233-1236)?

Who rails against Norwegian media promoting the cultural Marxist agenda, without mentioning that they’re owned by Jews, and then lists two alternative publications—,—providing the antidote, both also owned by Jews (384)?

Who wants Muslims deported, not just from Europe but also from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, northeast Egypt, the West bank, Gaza strip and Jerusalem (1316-1320)?

The entity wrote:

It is obvious that Nordic entertainment super-stars like Scarlett Johansson (60-70% Nordic purity), Gwyneth Paltrow (70-80%) Pamela Anderson (90-95%), Paris Hilton (70-80%), Taylor Swift (80-90%) would have never been where they are today hadn’t it been for their distinct Nordic physical characteristics (1158).

Would a Nordic man write that Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow or Paris Hilton look Nordic or use them as examples of racially Nordic stars? 

Who does the entity emulate when it urges the adoption of deception in its peculiar manner of urban guerilla warfare (917-921) against its targets (921-923), after leaving the following on page 666?  Moussa or Mossad?

As Muhammad once said: War is Deceit (al-Taqiyya).  Many Muslims are masters of deceit, and it’s time we start adapting to these realities as well.

Cultural Communism is one of the most deceitful ideologies out there (next to Islam).  It’s a deceitful, racist, fascist, hate ideology bent on the eradication of Christianity and Western Culture.

Someone compiling a 1,518-page manifesto will probably err on some counts, but there are differences between ignorance, tactical omissions and lies.  The manifesto’s so full of lies that properly addressing all of them will make this review manifesto-sized.  Who lies so much?  Hint: Martin Luther warned us.

The manifesto’s 100% kosher, certified K+ by all kosher-certifying agencies, which leaves no doubts as to the identity of the authors.

This conclusion is reinforced by the kind of people who’ve most extensively promoted, within nationalist circles, the Breivik-as-lone-wolf conspiracy, satisfied with or gloating over a) the non-Jewish future cultural Marxist leaders killed on Utøya Island, b) the message sent to cultural Marxists, c) the first archeofuturist victory, d) just deserts, and others along these lines.  They’ve left a written trail revealing themselves as crypto-Jews or working for the Jews in some capacity.

() What triggered the massacre?

Norway was on the verge of pulling out of Libya, had expressed its intent to recognize a Palestinian state, had signed an agreement to recognize a Palestinian Ambassador 4 days before the massacre, wanted to involve Hamas in the peace process, had mainstream politicians openly talking about bombing Israel if it attacked Hamas, had blocked Israeli shipping for 2 weeks following the Freedom Flotilla attack, had [the Trondheim Municipality] funded a trip to New York for students taking part in the “Gaza Monologues” play (deals with the suffering of children in Gaza as a result of Israel), had the Foreign Ministry promote the documentary “Tears of Gaza,” had the Foreign Minister highly recommended a book, which went on to become a bestseller, written by two Norwegian doctors in Gaza, talking about IDF soldiers deliberately killing women and children, had sold its stocks in Wal-Mart for ethical reasons, wasn’t playing ball with the EU and bailouts—e.g., withholding its $42 million contribution to Greece’s bailout—and it wasn’t just ordinary citizens or small business groups divesting from Israeli/Israel-related stocks but the highest levels of the government.  Norway was getting out of hand.  Unchecked, this could spread to the rest of the Scandinavian nations and you never know where else.

The day before the massacre, a pro-Palestinian and boycott-Israel rally took place on Utøya Island, organized by youth, many of whom were the children of the ruling Labor Party government officials.  It was time to strike, to warn the political leaders of Norway.   

() Jewish motives

The Jews had at least three reasons to orchestrate the Norwegian massacre.

Sow fear and loathing of Muslims into the Norwegian psyche
Jews attempted to incite passions against Muslims by publishing a Muhammad cartoon last year in Dagbladet, depicting him as a pig, hoping that the Muslims go berserk, but it wasn’t very productive.

Following the massacre, Jews quickly blamed Al-Qaeda/Muslims:

The SUN blamed it on Al-Qaeda/Muslims.
The New York times initially blamed it on Muslims.
The New York times adjusted the same page after it became harder to maintain the Muslim role. [CNN interviewed “expert” who blamed Muslims].

These aren’t examples of sloppy journalism.  We’re looking at publications that have a reputation to maintain, i.e., check facts prior to reporting, especially when the matter’s serious.  A script was being followed.

Successfully blaming Muslims could potentially prevent a Norwegian pullout from the Libya bombing campaign and reverse increasing Norwegian sympathy for Palestinians, but this would be a gamble.  The Madrid bombings of 2004 are an example.  Spaniards were fed up with Spanish involvement in the Iraq war and wanted their troops pulled.  Israel attempted to convince Spaniards of the danger of Muslims by blowing up some of their trains in Madrid, right before the election that Jose Aznar was about to lose.  Now, Muslims would’ve let nature take its course and let the Spaniards vote their troops out of Iraq, and hence the critical thinkers would’ve immediately suspected that the bombings weren’t the work of Muslims.  But the Jews had misunderstood the mentality of the Spaniard majority, who even after being told that Muslims did the bombings, voted out Aznar’s government and brought their troops back home.  Something similar could happen with Norway, but what choice did Jews have?  Doing nothing wouldn’t help.
Warning the military intelligence
If the general public could be sold the tale of a Muslim attack, the military intelligence of Norway would quickly determine that Muslims had nothing to do with it and that it was an Israeli false flag operation, but given infiltration in their ranks and Jewish control of the mainstream media, for an intelligence officer to go public would very well mean career suicide and the endangerment of his family.  But the ruthlessness of the massacre may persuade the intelligence personnel to encourage others to minimize the extent to which Norway panders to the Muslims or else…
Jews must confront the sword of Damocles inching toward their necks
What if an outraged people decide to take the matter in their own hands?  This is why the Jews must disarm the public, and gun massacres assist this goal.  Whereas one could cite many examples, consider the Port Arthur gun massacre in Australia (April 28, 1996):

56 people were shot, of whom 35 died.  At the first location, 12 were killed and 10 more wounded, all in the span of 15 seconds.  At the second location, 29 rounds were fired within 90–120 seconds, killing 20 people.  Shootings and killings took place at three other locations.  Prior to the shootings, the local police had been distracted by a fake emergency call.  All this was blamed on a tall 28-year-old, Martin Bryant, who had an IQ of 66 and no military or combat training whatsoever!  The mainstream media declared him “guilty” before the trial.  No motive was mentioned.  Bryant was sentenced to thousands of years in prison, in isolation; his lawyer was forbidden from discussing motives, and journalists were barred from interacting with Bryant. 

In the aftermath, various firearms were banned; heavy restrictions were placed on the legal ownership of self-loading rifles, self-loading shotguns and pump-action shotguns; and around 650,000 guns in the public’s possession were destroyed by the government.

It didn’t go as planned.  Anders Breivik could’ve been recruited, or perhaps blackmailed, to assist and could’ve been shot by the other shooters and stripped (many of the youth were in their undies) so that the police uniform was gone and then he’d be another casualty.  Perhaps the smoke grenades, the size of the Island and time pressure (they probably were focusing on killing as many youth as possible) saved Breivik, and he was arrested.

So it’s plan B.  They’ve warned the military intelligence as planned—the intelligence knows that Anders Breivik is a scapegoat or patsy—and have extended a variant of this warning to the general public: control the cultural Marxists to the extent they’ve been catering to Muslims or face more attacks by “right-wing” knights among your own.

An alternative’s that there was a struggle among Jewish factions over whom to blame.  One group may have favored blaming white converts to Islam if the patsies got caught whereas another favored the version that has prevailed. 

() Peder Jensen (Fjordman), Hans Rustad, Isak Nygren and Breivik

The Norwegian police were looking for Fjordman, whose writings the manifesto’s full of.  An article titled “A European Declaration of Independence,” by Fjordman, including the synopsis of the manifesto’s goals, appeared in the Brussels Journal (03/16/2007), in Front Page Magazine (03/22/2007), and additional Jewish-propaganda publications such as Jihad watch; it’s reproduced in the manifesto (717-723).  Fjordman turned himself in, acknowledging that Breivik contacted him.  Here’s Fjordman with his father.

Fjordman and his father are Khazar Jews.
Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen (Fjordman) and his father Steinar Nøstvold Jensen... Khazar Jews up to what?  Based on the lies in his writings alone, people were already convinced that Fjordman is a crypto-Jew.

Fjordman has a masters degree from the University of Oslo in culture and technology, which sounds like one of the cultural Marxist fields of study.  Fjordman also studied Arabic at the University of Bergen and the American University in Cairo, surely not for love of Muslim culture or to better understand Islam as he can find all he needs in English or Norwegian.  So what did he study Arabic for?  He worked in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an observer in Hebron, in the West Bank (early 2002 to mid-2003) and hence could’ve only been up to one of two things, chances are both: sabotage the Norwegian peacekeeping mission; establish rapport with local Muslims and recruit gullible Muslims for jihad, which he’d condemn as Fjordman.

Another personality that promoted Breivik’s alleged writings, at, is Hans Rustad, the website’s owner, a Jew.

Hans Rustad; who is the Jew?
Two men named Hans Rustad.  Guess who’s the Jew.

Isak Nygren is apparently one of Breivik’s handlers.

Isak Nygren
Isak Nygren, agent provocateur among the Sweden Democrats and Khazar runt, quietly moved to an Israeli kibbutz shortly before the massacre.  The Swedish police want to question him.  When will he head back?  Nygren went chicken when asked by journalists to send them the header of the email in which Breivik allegedly sent him the manifesto, about 1.5 hours before the bombings.  By the way, if you see a creature like this in a Nordic nationalist organization, for the love of God, get rid of it immediately.    

Dig deep and it’s a mitzvah, yet again.

() Warfare in the 21st century

The Norwegian massacre’s toll’s 77, not much, but the enemy’s attempt at damage overwhelmingly involves the spin they’ve put on it using the mainstream media and controlled opposition.  In the 21st century, where dangerous weapons abound, collateral damage can be very costly.  Over 90% of warfare in the Western hemisphere will, accordingly, involve disinformation.  Critical thinking is therefore a more powerful tool for most people in the West than guns in their possession.  The Jews, in the manifesto, concur:

Keep in mind that only a small fraction (in phase 1 [2010-2030]) of resistance related work involves military objectives (less than 1%).  More than 99% of resistance related work revolves around the 7 other non-violent fronts (everything from anti-Sharia blogging, essay writing to working for patriotic political parties or NGOs) (1263-1264, also see fourth generation warfare (1478-1480)).

Fire those brain cells and arm yourselves.

If there’s a terror attack, suspect Jews.  When Muslims riot, demand proof that things other than Jews are the instigators.  When your cities burn and you’re forced to take the law into your hands, prioritize targeting Jews.

() Physical intervention

For victory, physical action’s necessary, too.  This will need to come from patriots in the military who stage a coup and take out the criminals.  Just as NATO attacked Libya in 2011, at Jewry’s behest, without authorization, it’s theoretically possibly for patriots in the military to take out or arrest enough of the big Jewish criminal personalities to destroy their crime network.

But what’s the individual to do in terms of action?  Certainly not detonate fertilizer bombs against government or other targets that the manifesto misleads toward.

Consider the task of demolishing a skyscraper while minimizing collateral damage to surrounding buildings.  It’s accomplished by a small amount of strategically placed explosives.  Controlled demolition targets the support structure of the skyscraper: destroy critical junctions and the building comes down easily, falling into its footprint.

Motivated individuals could easily take out some members of the international Jewish crime network: a local bank manager of one of the top five banks in the country, an economics professor who wrote against calls to audit the Federal Reserve, a high-ranking Ashkenazi employee of the publisher of a top-ranked peer-reviewed Economics journal, a fake end-the-Fed activist, a Jewish women’s studies professor, a prominent Jewish Men’s Rights Activist or MGTOW personality, a kosher Nazi, a phony truther (truth seeker), a “Holocaust denier” that has sabotaged and rendered useless the Institute for Historical Review, a khazar “heading” an anti-immigration group, a marrano “campaigning against” ritual circumcision of boys,... you get the idea.

Don’t construe this as a call to violence, but it’s necessary to contrast it with the uselessness of ordinary individuals aiming for high-profile targets that have nothing to do with our predicament, such as attempting to assassinate the President of the United States, a near-impossible task for ordinary individuals, with nothing being more ineffective even if it succeeded.  If asked to lick the anus of a Rabbi, United States President Barack Obama wouldn’t just drop on his knees and do it pronto, he’d beg the Rabbi to defecate on him and savor the Rabbi’s feces like a starving dog lapping up steak.  This is how the Jews have Obama by the balls.  If Obama exercised independence and antagonized the Jews, they’d have him impeached and imprisoned before the week’s over.  Again, Jewish criminal personalities know that it’s better to avoid the limelight and the attendant scrutiny it invites, which’s the reason why they place useful idiots or puppets instead of themselves in various seemingly important positions.

Anyone inclined toward physical action as an individual must do background research, exercise critical thinking, figure out who are the true criminal personalities of the support structure maintaining the crime network as opposed to useful idiots and the blackmailed, aim for the fifth column, and remember that skyscrapers are most efficiently brought down by igniting a small amount of explosives around select support structures rather than via a barrage of missiles or blowing up a truck full of explosives outside it.

() Europe’s Muslim problem

With Jewry vanquished, Europe’s Muslim-related problems will wither and effectively disappear in most parts, via the implementation of policies that don’t even single out Muslims.

European nations could drastically cut down on immigration, citing the need to integrate recent immigrants and minimize ethnic conflict.  There’d be no need to take in immigrants so that taxes from the enlarged workforce support the retired and other dependents since governments will be using their own, debt-free, money.  Governments won’t have to tax the people to pay the interests on their debts to the bankers so that they can continue to borrow from the bankers, money that the bankers create out of nothing, to pay for taking care of the elderly, the sick and the dependents.

Immigration laws could easily be modified in favor of talent and ability rather than family unification.

No would-be immigrant will be offered permanent residency or citizenship without demonstrating basic proficiency in the native language of the adopted country and without acknowledging support, under penalty of perjury, for secular fundamental values such as freedom of speech.

During the mid-twentieth century, there were a number of Muslim nations where many women could be observed on the streets in Western attire.  In some cases, government forces targeted the fundamentalists by using bayonets to rip the chador/burqa/veil off of Muslim women.  But the religious fanatics acquired considerable influence since Israel’s creation, thanks to Jewry’s tactics of radicalizing Muslims with deception, infiltration, targeted funding, economic devastation, massacre and false flag operations.  With Jews unable to continue in this manner, misery and internecine conflict among Muslims will drastically diminish, considerably reducing the number of Muslim asylum seekers knocking on Europe’s doors.  Ditto for asylum seekers from other regions that’ve long been mired in warfare, courtesy of Jewry’s machinations.

With debt-free money, money will simply be a tool for the exchange of goods and services, and thus wealth will be possessed by the people, in the form of their resources and what they have to offer to society.  This will translate to a low level of joblessness.  Welfare laws are then easily modified to assist the physically and mentally deficient only, not the lazy or the leeches, thereby cutting down on would-be immigrants attracted to freebies.

Able-bodied and non-mentally ill people who insist on having children but are unable to provide for them will be asked to either turn the child over to the state for placement in an adoption program and work to support themselves, or have the state provide assistance to both the parent(s) and child in exchange for vasectomy or tubal ligation, as the case may be.

With nations issuing their own, debt-free, money, economies will improve worldwide, including the Middle East.  This will diminish economic immigrants, illegal immigration and phony asylum seekers.  Some Muslim and other immigrants will voluntarily return to their countries of origin because the only reason they tolerate living in the West is the money or the safety situation, which they can now have, for the foreseeable future, where they came from.

Immigration laws will penalize recent immigrants convicted of crimes with deportation.

Monetary incentives could be offered to existing immigrants to relinquish their residency permits or citizenship and return to their countries of origin.  There’d be no penalties for not taking these offers.

Communities naturally segregate along ethnic/racial lines.  Since no forces will implement forced integration, many indigenous residents, who so desire, could live in areas with few or no immigrants, minimizing contact with more crime-prone communities, that’ll increasingly be concentrated within their ethnic ghettos.  Ghetto dwellers will be deterred from mob-related criminal activities via the adoption of policies such as you-loot-we-shoot.

The penalties for crimes penalized with a slap on the wrist, thus neither having deterrent value nor being rehabilitative, will be modified.

Many drug-related crimes will be easily prevented.  People caught with illegal drugs will choose between a penalty or none if they point out who they bought the drugs from.  When the drug seller is apprehended, he’ll be offered the same option.  This way the police work to the top and destroy much of the illegal drugs trade.

...and so on... it’s obvious such policies can’t be implemented with Jews in charge.

() The badge of the Justiciar Knights

Badge of justiciar Knights Beat the whites with the red wedge
The first picture shows the badge of the Justiciar Knights. The second painting’s titled “Beat the whites with the red wedge,” a Bolshevist propaganda poster from 1919, by Lazar Markovich Lissitzky (Jew).  What does the comparison tell us about the extent to which the Jews actually dislike Marxism?

What does the badge represent?  Jews have left some scars on the white man, three of which are shown: the Muslim onslaught, the Bolshevist/communist terror, and the National Socialists.  They initially invited Muslims to Spain, and starting from the mid-twentieth century, again opened Europe’s borders to Muslims [which they somewhat acknowledge in the manifesto (1372)].  They slaughtered millions in eastern Europe as part of the communist revolution.  They devastated Germany following World War I, initially funded the National Socialist government, then later destroyed them, killing millions in the process.  But these are scars.  They haven‘t completely devastated the white man yet; whereas the process involves lots of deaths, especially of the best, it’s really about servitude and spiritual death.

Now they wish to facilitate servitude via a mockery of Christianity—the blood-stained modified cross—which they hope will be the final solution.  The Christianity the manifesto talks about has almost nothing to do with “religious Christianity”—what’s actually Christian—whereas a number of aspects of “cultural Christianity,” such as Christmas and Easter, aren’t of Christian origin.

It’s no surprise why the manifesto promotes “cultural Christianity.”  What if enough “religious Christians” learn what the Talmud’s about, especially what it says about Christians and Christianity?  And when the “religious Christians” learn that “Judaism” is the alternative label the Khazars gave to Talmudism, a religion that didn’t exist at the time of Jesus and evolved from the beliefs of the Pharisees, Canaanite-Edomites whom Jesus condemned and took action against by throwing the money changers out of the temple, for which he was crucified, “Christian Zionism” goes poof.

Jesus called the Pharisees the sons of the devil who’ll lie and murder like the devil (John 8:44); serpents, generation of vipers, devourers of widows’ houses, extortionists, full of dead men’s bones, unclean, concerned with gold and baubles but not law, judgment, mercy, or faith (Matthew 23:14-33); and satanic blasphemers lying that they’re Judahites (Revelation 2:9, 3:9; in modern texts, these passages usually substitute Judahite with the mistranslation “Jew”).

() The promise of Norway, Iceland

A nation that doesn’t prostrate before Jewry can expect any of the following.

Economic devastation
The bankers will start recalling loans and loan less, bringing the nation to its knees.  But Iceland has the ethnic homogeneity for its masses to stand together and force the government to create its own debt-free money for the exchange of goods and services.  Norway isn’t too far behind.  Iceland has geothermal energy.  Norway has oil.  Both have Nordics aplenty.
Race riots/civil war
Shlomo and Shmuel will encourage the Spics, Spooks, Sands, Slants, Swamis, Salernos and Svenssons to engage in fraternal intercourse.  But it wouldn’t work in Iceland and in most parts of Norway.
Al Qaeda attacks
The marketplaces and other public locations may experience Muslim “suicide bombings” all of a sudden.  But the problem’s that even if the Jews plastered Muhammad cartoons all over their newspapers in Iceland and Norway, there are so many pluses regarding Icelandic and Norwegian attitudes toward Muslims that Al Qaida attacks would be very difficult to explain.
Fireworks from up above, courtesy of NATO
Gaddafi announced that he wanted Libya and the rest of Africa to adopt their own currency, the final straw in a long list of indiscretions against the bankers.  Jews had NATO attack Libya under the guise of liberating the Libyans from a dictator’s malevolent rule.  NATO didn’t even have to bother with obtaining official authorization.  But how would they justify raining bombs on Iceland or Norway?
Having the neighboring country declare war
It’s won’t be easy getting Sweden, Denmark, Britain or the Netherlands to attack Iceland or Norway.
A major “accident” or “natural disaster” may strike
If all else fails, a nuclear power plant may “accidentally” blow up or the Jews may effect some “natural catastrophe,” to sting the people or destroy them in the hope that they’re not emulated by others.  This is a serious issue for Iceland and Norway, but the military intelligence can exercise vigilance, clandestinely obtain tissue samples [hair, semen (from prostitutes employed to seduce)] from suspicious individuals [facial features, behavior] with access to sensitive locations or entering the country with passports from New Zealand or other countries that Mossad agents fake, analyze these samples for Jewish ancestry, and make those of Jewish descent victims of “accidents.”    

This means that Icelanders and Norwegians can lead the effort to vanquish Jewry definitively by taking control of the money supply of Iceland and Norway, respectively, as the Jews couldn’t pull enough Breiviks; Iceland is already headed in this direction.  Their example can inspire the rest of Scandinavia and it’ll spread from there.

Control of the money supply is the key.  A push in this direction can be made without mentioning the Jew, thereby avoiding all sorts of problems that accompany bogus accusations of “anti-Semitism,” especially the deflection of the debate from fractional reserve banking, which’s indefensible, to Jew hatred.

The Jews, in the manifesto, ridicule us:

So basically, the NS [National Socialist] ideology suggests that 950 Jews are controlling the Norwegian government, a government which is known to be the most anti-Zionist of all European countries...!?  Let’s not forget, 1000 Jews are controlling Ireland etc.  These NS claims are absolutely ridiculous and counter-productive.  Being a Norwegian myself, I know that these claims are completely false (1369).

The Jews are nevertheless forced to acknowledge:

It’s no secret that 7 out of 8 Russian Oligarchs are Jews.  It’s an obvious and unfortunate case of Jewish camaraderie in which criticism is warranted without calling the critics anti-Semitic.  Measures have and should continue to be taken to understand and solve those cases.  It’s likely that those individuals received financial backing from Jews in their society and possibly other countries which made the takeover of state companies possible.  All Jews should be at the forefront in criticising networks like that as it fuels anti-Semitism (1371).

But this’s faux acknowledgment as they quickly lie:

There are some alleged claims of Jewish camaraderie in the US and EU but I haven’t been able to locate reports which back this up.

So to sum it up; I haven’t found any revealing reports which shows any proof of
significant Jewish networks with the intention of undermining non-Jewish capital or ownership (1371).

Thomas Jefferson wrote [emphasis added]:

And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale. [Letter, May 28, 1816, to political philosopher and senator John Taylor]

Bank-paper must be suppressed, and the circulating medium must be restored to the nation to whom it belongs. [Addressing John Wayles Eppes, 24 June 1813]

In other words, it’s not the numbers but the power wielded that matters, and the basis of this power is the control of the money supply.  The lying Jews explain “spectacular Jewish success” in terms of “the varieties in the indoctrination during their upbringing” (1370)!

With their money power gone, for good, Jewry’s vanquished, and one could argue at length, though it’s beyond the scope of this presentation, that even with the Jews continuing to live among us, humanity will be immune to the wares they’ve peddled through the ages.

And what a victory it’ll be—the Aryan leading others to light.  There’s nothing that Jews envy, despise and fear more than Nordic man.  A king’s palace, a continent’s ownership and all the gold in the world couldn’t prevent the Jew from being reminded of what kind of creature he is when he faces an Aryan.

And if it won’t be victory for the Aryan, it won’t be victory for the Jew either.  Nordic man doesn’t shy from Ragnarök, and won’t live in servitude.