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Who caused the 2008 housing bubble to burst in the U.S.? 002—Fannie and Freddie weren’t the only entities in Washington pushing for looser lending requirements\. Government agencies of various kinds were pressuring lenders into making riskier loans in the name of “racial equality\.” Not wanting to be on the wrong end of lawsuits demanding hundreds of millions in damages, these lenders… Matt Nuenke 11/01/11 40 11/06/11
From Egalitarianism to Runaway Inequality. Unfortunately, even though medical practitioners are gathering the tools to match different genes to differing disease treatments—pharmacogenomics—is not as yet being widely utilized\. It will take the profit motive to move it to television advertisement like current drugs, with patients then requesting that doctors perform the recommended genetic testing\. And… Matt Nuenke 02/28/11 2 03/04/11
The Unfabricated History of Eugenics Matt Nuenke 01/11/11 11 01/20/11
How Obama Thinks Matt Nuenke 09/10/10 2 09/12/10
Do-gooder Bill Gates tries to solve the education dilemma. There are actually two agendas at work\. The first, prior to massive immigration from Mexico and other third-world countries, was to close the achievement gap between Blacks and Whites\. Note that it is rarely stated that the goal is to bring Blacks up to Whites in education—the egalitarian agenda would… Matt Nuenke 08/24/10 5 08/26/10
Dawkins sides with the race realists. Most of The Greatest Show on Earth deals with scientific facts such as discussing how fossils are dated using different methods, and the different meanings of what a “theory” is versus a scientific fact \(evolution is a fact—some aspects of the mechanisms are still being debated as various theories\)\. He… Matt Nuenke 07/17/10 51 04/02/14
The History of White People In the Introduction she states, “Today, however, biologists and geneticists \(not to mention literary critics\) no longer believe in the physical existence of races—though they recognize the continuing power of racism \(the belief that races exist, and that some are better than others\)\. It took some two centuries to reach… Matt Nuenke 04/05/10 18 09/22/10
The Language of Life For example, lactase expression that allows adults to digest milk is found in both the African Maasai tribe and in Europeans, and came about independently by “convergent evolution”\: the gene responsible for lactose tolerance is different in each case, and represents a separate mutation event\. Likewise it would be expected… Matt Nuenke 03/26/10 3 03/26/10
Absurd assumptions about life’s advantages This argument rests on two assertions\: first that Whites win in the game of life because they somehow “stack the deck” or “cheat” in ways that others refrain from ever doing; and two, if they were only aware of the great magnitude of their cheating ways, they would want to… Matt Nuenke 02/28/10 9 03/04/11
The Mormons and the Danite Order. The Church had always had a problem with Polygamy first, and later on with its reluctance to accept Blacks as full members of the church \(see Wikipedia\.org for an overview\)\. It seems even yet, though the Church has officially given up polygamy, there are numerous LDS affiliated groups trying to… Matt Nuenke 01/21/10 33 07/27/12
A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind The Curtain. \[Philip Zimbardo\] That’s a good point\. You said it right\. Our life is organized around a bunch of heuristics to say “Under ordinary circumstances, when the majority of people see something a certain way, it’s probably the way to see it\.”   \[Frans De Waal\] The interesting thing about my… Matt Nuenke 12/28/09 1 12/28/09
Strange Fruit: Race, Identity Politics, & Ethnic Genetic Interests. “There are certainly real genetic differences between human populations and the scientific study of these differences can help unravel the roots of disease, develop new medicines, unpick the details of deep human history; perhaps eventually even tell us something about the nature of intelligence\.” Malik admits—but, “Such genetic differences are,… Matt Nuenke 12/28/09 5 12/29/09
Barack Obama, Racism 2.0, & “Enlightened Exceptionalism.” Now that Whites have accepted a Black president, Wise needs to explain how Whites continue to be racist\. He claims that Whites accept Barack Obama as an exception \(enlightened exceptionalism\), while still believing that most Blacks are pathological, lazy, have low intelligence, etc\. But if Whites are maintaining a system… Matt Nuenke 12/01/09 10 01/16/10
Intelligence and the Art of Propaganda. He begins, “But the results of recent research in psychology, genetics, and neuroscience, along with current studies on the effectiveness of educational interventions, have overturned the strong hereditarian position on intelligence\. It is now clear that intelligence is highly modifiable by the environment\.” Nisbett rests his case based on several… Matt Nuenke 10/31/09 31 11/11/09
Is it time to be open about Whites versus Jews? Matt Nuenke 09/10/09 124 10/06/09
The Case Against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering. It could be equally argued that life is devoid of giftedness or meaning since it evolved without purpose\. Humans just happened to have evolved to a level where they can—if they wish—take some control over their own evolution in order to improve their lives, experiment with what can be, or… Matt Nuenke 08/06/09 16 08/11/09
Revisiting Race in a Genomic Age This book tries to address three primary ideas that do not sit well with the contributors\: First, \[Race\] reflects a marriage of the social and the biological, rather than something obviously given in the nature of things\. This is typical postmodern nonsense\. Second, they reiterate the hackneyed observation that the… Matt Nuenke 07/16/09 144 07/28/09
Rapidly Changing Human Evolution. For example, “Dog breeds vary greatly in learning speed and capacity\. The number of repetitions required to learn a new command can vary by factors of ten or more from one breed to another\. The typical Border collie can learn a new command after 5 repetitions and respond correctly 95… Matt Nuenke 06/29/09 174 03/08/11
An Affirmative Action President? How about Barack Obama\? What evidence is there that he—like so many other Blacks—is not just a product of affirmative action rather than a deserved outcome of someone with great talents\? It is virtually impossible for any Black admitted to Harvard under affirmative action not to succeed with the guiding… Matt Nuenke 10/10/08 36 11/19/10
Silent Racism: How Well-Meaning People Perpetuate the Racial Divide, by Barbara Trepagnier, 2006. She goes on later to contradict the “racism leads to behavior” connection, and she never defines what a well-meaning person is other than some abstract do-gooder that puts other races ahead of their own\. There is also no proof that people who for the most part do not hate other… Matt Nuenke 08/20/08 15 01/25/12
The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide by Richard Lynn, 2008. Matt Nuenke 08/04/08 50 07/06/11
Sorting out the patterns of human intelligence between the races. Europeans at this time were experiencing recurring glaciation events that kept driving the population south where evolution and genetic drift would be accelerated due to the few members that survived, followed by population expansions after the glaciers receded\. These cycles only occurred in the northern hemisphere so evolution was outpacing… Matt Nuenke 07/12/08 7 03/04/09
American Murder Mystery. “Wrecking balls began hitting the Chicago high-rises in the mid-1990s\.” My wife and I started seeing the impact it had on our neighborhood several years ago as the streets got darker and more dangerous and the ghettos got safer\. In short what has happened is Blacks have moved out to… Matt Nuenke 07/02/08 12 07/14/08
An Honest Conversation About Race. She also discusses Obama, and takes him to task for blaming society for Black failure in an earlier discussion of race, then last Sunday he gave a sermon similar to Bill Cosby’s on Black male’s irresponsibility towards the family\. He seems to have numerous excuses in the ready depending on… Matt Nuenke 06/21/08 9 08/05/08
Jews shutting down debate. Second, the paper published last year by Harpending, et al\., discussed how Jews became so smart, and some of the recessive genes that correlate with Jewish intelligence\. That paper did not seem to generate the hysteria that MacDonald’s publications have, but it does vindicate what MacDonald has asserted\. They make… Matt Nuenke 05/17/08 140 04/19/10
Ben Stein’s Documentary “Expelled” He talks with Richard Dawkins about his belief in God\. At one point Dawkins points out that the intelligent designers could be very intelligent aliens from another planet that “seeded” life on earth\. It seems an easy way out for educators, who may be forced to teach intelligent design, to… Matt Nuenke 04/22/08 41 06/05/08
Sperm and egg donor registries. As the technology advances, and as more and more people get their genes tested, the quality of designer children should increase rapidly\. To date, the science is a bit too sloppy still\. For instance, “This month, Oprah Winfrey’s magazine is running a feature on several families who used the same… Matt Nuenke 04/03/08 2 01/08/09
Eugenics in a most unlikely place. Hashiloni-Dolev states, “These data simply shocked and amazed me, as it demonstrated not only that Israeli geneticists were shown to be extremely enthusiastic about the personal and social uses of reproductive genetics, but also that German geneticists were found to be extremely cautious concerning the same medical technology, its uses… Matt Nuenke 03/01/08 14 08/09/13
Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner, 2007 Of course, there is always the obligatory assumption, without any evidence, that eugenics is a pseudoscience\. Gardner claims that ability in synthesizing is helpful\: “Take, for example, a high school course on Nazism\. Secondary-school students cannot be expected to be scientific or historical disciplinarians\. Neither the disciplinary knowledge nor the… Matt Nuenke 02/21/08 19 11/03/10
Obama for president? Obama’s Kenyan ancestors, the Luos tribe, are now engaged in civil war with several other Kenyan tribes over a dishonest election, and the machetes have been taken out for street warfare\. So what makes up Obama\? He comes from a part of Africa where there is a mixture of Blacks,… Matt Nuenke 02/04/08 107 06/06/08
The Myth of the Rational Voter Caplan claims that this is changing\: “This book presents robust empirical evidence that—at minimum—beliefs about economics are riddled with severe systematic errors\. I strongly suspect that the same holds for beliefs about many other subjects\. But as far as economics is concerned, the jury is in\. People do not understand… Matt Nuenke 01/20/08 11 02/02/08
Some thoughts on genetic similarity. Natural selection then is much slower than social/sexual selection\. An abbreviated explanation of intense social selection from FR follows\: competition can have especially strong effects on differential reproduction; traits can evolve in seemingly extreme and bizarre directions before they begin to be detrimental with regards to selection for ecological balance… Matt Nuenke 12/18/07 4 12/19/07
Pseudoscience of Intelligent Design is similar to the assumption of racial equality. Shermer notes that the Creationist debate is entirely cultural, without any scientific merit or interest by mainstream scientists\. And it is primarily an American phenomenon, with some pockets of interest in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom\. \(I remember about a year ago when the neoconservatives increasingly promoted organized… Matt Nuenke 12/10/07 56 12/29/07
Neocons and Islamofascism. “In the summer of 2001, the new Bush administration received a variety of information of more imminent danger, including the now-famous August 6, 2001, President Daily Briefing entitled ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U\.S\.’ President Bush later said, ‘Had I known there was going to be an attack on… Matt Nuenke 10/29/07 19 11/01/07
World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism He also stresses that negotiations are out of the question because all of the crazy leaders in the Middle East are demented, don’t care about human life, and they will surely use any WMDs if they have them and they can—and they will give them away to terrorists to use… Matt Nuenke 09/24/07 5 09/26/07
War in Human Civilization. Unlike most species, early humans primarily killed within the tribe and between tribes by stealth, “…although women and children were often killed, it was mainly the men fighters themselves who suffered most of the casualties\. With humans, too, deadly fighting was asymmetrical, in the sense that it was conducted under… Matt Nuenke 09/04/07 2 09/05/07
Diversity leads to a loss of social capital. Before addressing the very thorough work he has undertaken with regards to diversity, let me comment on his ruse to provide for a defense against the charge of racism\. He does this in several simplistic ways\. First, he claims that immigrants into the United States throughout Europe assimilated eventually into… Matt Nuenke 08/20/07 51 09/03/07
Obama’s Letter on Nomination of David Palmer to the EEOC Dear Chairman Kennedy and Ranking Member Enzi\: I am writing to express my serious concerns about the nomination of David Palmer to become a Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission \(EEOC\)\. Mr\. Palmer’s record as Chief of the Employment Litigation Section of the Department of Justice raises serious questions… Matt Nuenke 08/15/07 13 01/24/10
How does Bush think he will finally win the war on terror? The report discusses several of these terrorist religious groups, but I will look only at al-Qaida\. Al-Qaida, like Bush, likewise divides the world simplistically into “them” or “us\.” In Bush’s terms, you are either with us or you are a terrorist\. Both divide the world rigidly into just two factions—American… Matt Nuenke 08/09/07 11 08/11/07
Global warming—some speculations. This pattern has been present for tens of thousands of years\. Humans have systematically hunted and exploited lands into extinction and were forced to move on or perish\. One reason it has occurred so regularly in the cultural evolution of our species is due to the fact that the destruction… Matt Nuenke 07/04/07 31 12/02/07
Postmodernism and the New Right. Sunic explains the difference between early European and American eugenics\: “In view of this, European racialists and eugenicists differ considerably from American racialists as the former tend to emphasize more the role of historical community by underlining the importance of the cultural-political arena in human interaction\. By contrast, liberalism and… Matt Nuenke 06/25/07 21 05/27/15
Psychology and White Ethnocentrism. The bottom line, then, is that as children get older they become increasingly aware of the official explicit racial ideology, and they conform to it\. Their prefrontal centers of inhibitory control are becoming stronger, so that they are better able to inhibit their relatively positive attitudes about their own group\.… Matt Nuenke 06/16/07 3 09/20/10
Not in our Genes? This is of course absurd, as science has had little policy impact with regards to race realism, or maintaining the status quo\. The general public, ignorant of the impact say of genes on intelligence, were for the most part only willing to support socialist agendas up to a point before… Matt Nuenke 05/23/07 21 01/14/13
A quick review of The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America For example, even though Chicago is 40% White, 87% of the public school enrollment is Black or Hispanic\. In the 1960s and 1970s, desegregation of schools in New York “‘produced lackluster academic results\.’” Intelligence is not something that just rubs off one person to another because of proximity\. Integration of… Matt Nuenke 05/11/07 10 05/14/07
The first round of eugenics was not so wrong after all. Prior to about 1950, few people went to college—and then the college boom took off\. At the start of this period, testing was instituted to select the best candidates to enter higher education, however advanced education is now dumbed down to allow more and more minorities to get in and… Matt Nuenke 04/07/07 5 04/07/07
Racial equality can no longer be defended. The other contributors to the book write as if they did not read Schaffner’s writings—they are committed to an egalitarian stance, dancing around the nature/nurture debate\. In Genes and Behavior\: Nature–Nurture Interplay Explained by Michael Rutter, 2006, the subject of behavior genetics or gene/environment interaction is handled in a purely… Matt Nuenke 03/08/07 4 03/14/07
Strange Alliance: Christian/Jewish Zionists. Cohan-Sherbok notes, “Similarly, President Jimmy Carter acknowledged his pro-Zionist beliefs, as did Ronald Reagan\. By 1981, he had read Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth and other books about Armageddon\. As governor of California, he discussed these convictions with a colleague, James Mills\. Based on Ezekiel 38, he insisted… Matt Nuenke 02/17/07 13 02/18/07
Mexicans versus Blacks. Now that united front is starting to fall apart\: Latino gangs fighting Black gangs over drug turfs, Blacks being displaced in the workforce by Hispanics, Hispanics expanding their presence in the media, in academic agendas, etc\. A similar conflict has been ongoing between Jews and Blacks\. But Jews are much… Matt Nuenke 01/16/07 109 03/28/15
“Bioethics: Evolution as a Principle of Nature” by Herbert F. Matare, Malibu, California, Today, religious and political differences continue to rise to the surface, making life deplorable for many in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, and ignorance fettered by religious fundamentalism shows that a large part of the world’s population is still unfit to participate in a science-based world…\. \[J\. Monad\]… Matt Nuenke 12/18/06 18 05/27/12
Blind Faith in the Equality of Races Then Sloan takes his first stab at defending Gould against Jensen\: “In the language of science, the years of residence in the U\.S\. is called a confounder\. The purported relationship between ethnicity and IQ was confounded by time spent in the country\. What was seen as ethnic differences in IQ… Matt Nuenke 12/10/06 8 02/14/07

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