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MajorityRadio: AltRight’s Colin Liddell talks with GW and DanielS Guessedworker 06/22/15 9 06/29/15
Colin Liddell of AltRight talks to GW and DanielS British journalist Colin Liddell, one of the two editors of Alternative Right, mulls over a wide range of news stories and current concerns with GW and Daniel\. 70\.6 MB; 77min 19sec\. Guessedworker 06/22/15 0
Picking up the British electoral pieces This quiet acceptance of a native identitarian dimension that is not simple racism, and cannot be stifled with the usual hysterical shouting, is new\.  Of course, it’s not a damascene moment of ideological clarity\.  If it proceeds from a new electoral humility, as yet it lacks intellectual humility\.  Its roots… Guessedworker 05/09/15 36 05/30/15
MR Radio: Prof. MacDonald in conversation with GW and DanielS Guessedworker 04/28/15 38 05/24/15
Prof Kevin MacDonald in conversation with GW and DanielS Prof Kevin MacDonald talks with GW and DanielS about European individualism, implicit whiteness, the psychology of Jews, and the problem of nationalism dwelling in the past\. 1hr 30min; 82\.2 MB\. Guessedworker 04/28/15 0
The problem of the Establishment mentality – Part 4 The third element was the new elites of the northern and midland industrial regions – often self-made men who, though as wealthy as the others, possessed no collective instrument of power\.  Many, though, exercised individual patronage of the Whigs, which might only have been the usual story of new money… Guessedworker 04/22/15 30 05/22/15
The problem of the Establishment mentality – Part 3 Of course, duty to the Führer and the Fatherland would be done\.  The order from Berlin was to fight to the last man\.  Conducting successful operations as ordered is what every army exists to do, even when the army consists of young boys and old men, as it may easily… Guessedworker 04/08/15 48 04/23/15
The problem of the Establishment mentality – Part 2 Let us remind ourselves of the nature of the Rotherham Syndrome\.  Wherever possible, over a period of two or more decades, every police officer, social worker, doctor, local and national politician \(save Ann Cryer\), local and national journalist \(save, eventually, Andrew Norfolk\) … everybody in any position of responsibility whatsoever… Guessedworker 03/28/15 8 04/08/15
The problem of the Establishment mentality – Part 1 The other thing is the nature of the crimes and the weakness and vulnerability of the victims\.  At least one girl was murdered \(Charlene Downes in Blackpool, just 14, her body never found, her flesh, it was alleged by police, rendered for burgers\)\.  There was a suicide in Rotherham\.  We… Guessedworker 03/18/15 21 04/13/15
Majority Radio: Dr Christian Lindtner speaks to DanielS and GW         In this amazing book, Dr\. Lindtner shows that our true European reverence for rationale and logic has been buried in magical thinking from the east, superimposed for the masses\.       A Revelation as to the source of Simon Petros, and thereby, Christianity\.    … Guessedworker 03/06/15 133 07/04/15
MR Radio: Dr Tomislav Sunic returns to talk to GW and DanielS Criticizing, therefore, the myth of modern democracy may be often interpreted as a sign of pathological behavior\. Given this modern liberal dispensation, how does one dare use such locutions as “the myth of modern democracy,” or “the myth of contemporary historiography,” or “the myth of progress” without being punished\? Ancient… Guessedworker 02/24/15 24 05/27/15
Dr Tomislav Sunic talk with GW and DanielS Tom Sunic talks to GW and Daniel about the state of political nationalism in Europe and the problem of negative identity, and about the progress of thinking nationalism\. 1hr 4min; 59\.0 MB\. Guessedworker 02/24/15 0
MR Radio: Greg Johnson talks to GW and Daniel Guessedworker 02/09/15 67 06/15/15
Greg Johnson talks to GW and DanielS Greg Johnson, editor of Counter-Currents Publishing, talk to GW and Daniel about Heidegger and a new politics of identity in a liberal age\. 1hr 16min; 69\.5MB\. Guessedworker 02/09/15 0
MajorityRadio: Susan Lindauer talks with Daniel and GW Guessedworker 01/22/15 28 06/13/15
Susan Lindauer speaks to DanielS and GW Peace activist, 9/11 activist, former CIA asset, and patriot talks to DanielS and GW about power and politics, corruption, immigration, and the future of America and the West 59min 15sec\. 54\.1MB\. Guessedworker 01/22/15 0
Golden Dawn fighting at the ballot box This is one of the rare instances where a representative of Golden Dawn appears on a television station\. There should be no disabuse, this is occurring due to legislation that requires it and not due to democratic sensitivities\. This rare opportunity, it should be noted, has a scandalous duration of… Guessedworker 01/21/15 12 02/13/15
MajorityRadio: Jez Turner talks to GW and DanielS Guessedworker 01/19/15 32 04/22/15
Jez Turner talks to GW and DanielS Jez Turner, organiser of the London New Right Forum, speaks to GW and Daniel about the forum, of course, plus the liberal hypocrisy that runs through the Charlie Hebdo issue, awakening our people, and the state of movement\. 1hr 7min\. 64 MB\. Guessedworker 01/19/15 0
MajorityRadio: Paul Weston of LibertyGB talks to GW and DanielS   Guessedworker 12/22/14 16 04/16/15
Paul Weston talks to GW and DanielS Paul Weston, leader of the British political party Liberty GB, and the man who was arrested in May of this year for reading from Winston Churchill's The River War in public, discusses a wide range of political, strategic and ideological matters\. 1 hour 6min, 60\.1 MB\. Guessedworker 12/22/14 0
(What would have been) questions for Dr Frank Salter Many thinking nationalists who have studied your work have sought to introduce EGI in to public debates\.  What advice would you offer those making this effort\?  How can the strictly reproductive but rather abstract focus which you observe, say, in your glossary to On Genetic Interests be communicated in cogent… Guessedworker 12/01/14 25 04/17/15
MR Radio: Frosty Wooldridge talks to DanielS and GW \.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\. A hit piece written by The ADL impugning Frosty was posted here to illustrate the absurd obstruction he was up against in trying to get his message across -  a message that is more than benign, in fact life-saving for all\. However… Frosty was concerned that the ADL hit… Guessedworker 11/27/14 10 01/25/15
Frosty Wooldridge talks to DanielS and GW In the first of two interviews Frosty Wooldridge, the passionate and articulate campaigner against overpopulation and advocate for the environment, sustainability, and the European life speaks to Daniel and GW about his background, his travels, and his work\. 1 hour 11 min\. 64\.9 MB\. Guessedworker 11/27/14 1 01/25/15
Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment Guessedworker 11/24/14 3 01/11/15
MR Radio: Jan the White Uniter of United White                                                                                                    … Guessedworker 11/18/14 19 04/14/15
Jan the White Uniter of United White talks to DanielS and GW United White is a new organisation with an international focus and two objectives\: to encourage a positive white identity and to encourage the generation or regeneration of white ethnostates\. Its director Jan talks to DanielS and GW and his background, awakening, intellectual influences, and his project\. 59\.8 MB, 1hr 5min\. Guessedworker 11/18/14 0
A Labour of ... well, not hate exactly, but certainly scorn Your problems include\: Rotherham, where Labour Party members, councillors, social workers, and police actually colluded to ignore young white girls forced into sexual slavery and prostitution\. That was an act of complicity\. Why is no one in the council or the police before the courts\? A few reluctant resignations is… Guessedworker 10/11/14 9 10/24/14
MR Radio: Stan Hess, DanielS and GW discuss the seventies and activism today Guessedworker 09/30/14 12 10/31/14
Stan Hess and DanielS, and GW - the seventies, sport and the 12-step program Stan Hess, formerly of Voice of Reason Radio, DanielS and GW discuss the hippies and activism today, with some dropping out \(but not that dropping out\)\. 43\.6 megabytes, 47 min 45 sec\. Guessedworker 09/30/14 0
It’s no.  It’s Devo-Max.  Plus a sop to the English? Guessedworker 09/18/14 24 10/01/14
What it means to be human, Part 3 Yet nationalism’s struggle is not confined to the getting of power and the re-making of the polity, a bit like re-making a bed\.  It is more revolutionary and totalistic than that, requiring a change at an extra-political level that completely sweeps away the liberal order in the West, bed and… Guessedworker 09/02/14 10 09/06/14
Nick Griffin gives way for Adam Walker Guessedworker 07/22/14 24 08/01/14
Anthony Migchels on MajorityRadio The money cabal The individual dissenter sighting overthrow Anthony Migchels slaughters the usury cash cow     http\://realcurrencies\.wordpress\.com/2013/10/11/the-difference-between-debt-free-money-and-interest-free-credit/ http\://realcurrencies\.wordpress\.com/2014/02/25/positive-money-and-the-chicago-plan/     Guessedworker 06/20/14 24 10/11/14
Anthony Migchels - Part 2 The second half-hour of our discussion with Anthony Migchels, the money activist\. Guessedworker 06/20/14 0
Anthony Migchels on the Money Power Anthony Migchels is a money activist campaigning for freedom from usury\. Some of his excellent writings are at Real Currencies\. This is the first half-hour of his discussion with Daniels and Guessedworker\. The second will be posted above\. Guessedworker 06/20/14 0
The DT’s enlightenment Guessedworker 06/13/14 15 06/29/14
2014 European Parliament election in Britain – what to look out for The turn-out The daily workings of the EU are an arcane matter for the European public\.  They elicit little interest or understanding at the best of times\.  The European Parliament, of which UKIP Nigel Farage is a star turn for his merciless ragging of the Commission elite, has no power… Guessedworker 05/22/14 82 06/08/14
Diversity is ... missing from academic opinion in WWU recently visited Western Washington University where the president, staff and student body are notoriously anti-White\. They have an annual “Diversity is …\.” rally in which students make and march with signs expressing what diversity means to them\. I’d been working on a design created by Linux Lewis for about six… Guessedworker 05/01/14 12 05/14/14
MR Radio - Tom Metzger, Jimmy Marr, Daniel ... and me                                                 Terrible Tommy The Audio of G\.W\., TT, DanielS and Jimmy Marr - https\://docs\.google\.com/file/d/0B8oaBXD8l-58Z01FZ3RKb3drbzQ/edit\?usp\=drive_web 59\.5 MB, 1\:05\:04\. Guessedworker 04/27/14 31 05/16/15
Forty-five years of thought-free liberal-left emotionalism on race and immigration Guessedworker 04/19/14 80 05/13/14
A Journey to The Hague – Chapter Two The truth was that as a reporter Ricky had demonstrated a regular unfamiliarity with deadlines\.  He seemed to prefer saying nothing today if, with a bit more digging, more might be said tomorrow\.  The kind interpretation was that he was a detail man, and a terrier when he had a… Guessedworker 04/10/14 11 04/19/14
Golden Dawn - the latest Kasidiaris\: To begin with when I came out \[of remand\], can you tell me how Samaras took it\? Baltakos\: He was in America then\. Kasidiaris\: Yes, he was in America, but I heard he nearly had a stroke\. Baltakos\: It was mad\! It was crazy, fucking hell \.\.\. he didn’t… Guessedworker 04/03/14 2 04/07/14
Establishment-speak and the servility of the media class This time YouGov declared an overwhelming victory for Farage with a pile-driving sixty-eight per cent endorsing his performance to just twenty-seven per cent who thought Clegg had won\.  Even 57% of Labour voters preferred Farage\.  Even 33% of Clegg’s own party preferred Farage\! An ICM poll for the Guardian, with… Guessedworker 04/03/14 19 03/06/15
Belles Lettres Guessedworker 03/23/14 25 04/21/15
To Wyoming, an American journey A Skirmish a chapter from TO WYOMING The university district\. She’s a law professor, he’s a journalist\. Curtis at odd jobs agency has fixed it for me\. Shelves in the garage\. It started the last week, today’s a payday\. The Kimbells wrote a check and said dinner was about ready,… Guessedworker 03/17/14 4 03/18/14
Pravy Sektor, from out of Ukraine ... Guessedworker 02/23/14 11 03/27/14
Pravy Sektor, Ukraine’s soldiers of the revolution From RT\: But who are these grim-faced people in helmets and camouflage at the streets of Kiev, armed with stones and batons, very determined and hardly controlled by anyone\? Meet the new breed of Ukrainian revolutionaries – ‘Pravy Sektor’ \(Right Sector\) radical movement, which has recently announced it is breaking… Guessedworker 02/19/14 23 08/19/14
The unfolding hostility at the DT Guessedworker 02/13/14 100 04/04/14
Sunic on Tragedy & Myth in Ancient Europe & Modern Politics Guessedworker 02/05/14 1 02/13/14

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