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Toward a Policy of Race Futurism Now then, what are the Right political forces that would most likely fight on behalf of the Eurosiberian Imperative\? In Western Europe the political forces assembled around the IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA would naturally come to the defense of Eurosiberia\. Of course, those in Guillaume Faye’s own immediate circle would… Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/25/12 147 06/12/12
Kai Murros: Moscow Speech 2010 The death of Europe is the fashion of the day, our demise a sign of progress, the disintegration of the traditional Europe a way forward, the predatory invasions against Europe only the latest trend, self-hatred, a sure sign of intellectual thinking\. We are called to celebrate the physical, intellectual, cultural… Constantin von Hoffmeister 02/19/12 93 02/22/12
Interview with Constantin von Hoffmeister in Moscow Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/23/11 79 11/28/11
WHITE RACE & CATS IN PRISON II\. Blue snow surrounds the cat prison\. It is blueberry winter weather\. The cats are in prison because they insulted the dog king\. The cats are trying to escape, full of adventure and danger and escaping through manholes into the lower depths of the complex world of dog eat dog… Constantin von Hoffmeister 10/05/11 43 10/30/11
London Queer Constantin von Hoffmeister 08/11/11 13 12/29/11
Empire of the End Resources\: another reason to start colonizing and terraforming other planets\. We need one Eurasia, many Eurasias, a global Eurasia, a cosmic Eurasia\! Creative Destruction\: Globalization and Its Discontents\: The Spread of Capitalist Democracy and the Destruction of So-Called “Traditional Societies”\: A Necessary Prerequisite for the Establishment of the Kingdom of… Constantin von Hoffmeister 07/20/11 17 03/05/14
The Sun and The Race Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/23/11 24 07/01/11
Kai Murros on the European Revolution! Nationalists must always emphasize that they know more than the outsiders—after all they   understand the process of how and why western civilization will collapse and thus prepare conditions for the nationalist takeover\. People are often very curious about groups/societies/cults/sects etc\. that seem to have information that is not openly… Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/15/11 222 07/27/15
My THOR Review Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/01/11 6 05/20/11
Vladimir Avdeyev’s RACIOLOGY Essentially, Avdeyev presents the Nordic peoples \(including thereby the Slavs and Caucasoid Russians\) as the racial group responsible for the bulk of culture, science and lawful governance in the world\. He writes \(p\. 156\)\: “In the very heart of Europe — at the time of the formation of the first… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/29/11 38 10/19/13
NEW EUROPEAN FASHION and fashion for war war in peace style in war style in peace ready for war battalions buttoned up lines leading straight \(loose for losers\) form-fitting finalizes freedom Johnny Rotten marries Gabriele d’Annunzio\: the complete synthesis of complete freedom and utter disregard for the values of the herd and the… Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/15/10 110 12/10/10
Speech in Finland Constantin von Hoffmeister 10/30/10 11 10/19/11
Ice Age Whites in America Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/28/10 56 07/07/10
Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness Constantin von Hoffmeister 04/21/10 34 04/25/10
MOSCOW METRO TERROR AND EMPIRE One way of dealing with the constant insurgency problem is resorting to indirect rule\. Like in Chechnya where a local gangster was made a president hoping that he and the thugs of his clan would destroy the guerillas\. At first this does seem to be a perfect solution—the problem, however,… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/30/10 22 04/14/11
Europe’s Future: Is this what “they” want? Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/10/10 42 03/21/10
The Revolution of Kai Murros Is he being serious\?       He says that he wrote the book in earnest, with a post-modern twinkle in his eye\. He sought to analyse society, to find aesthetics in words and thoughts\.       The idea for a modern day revolutionary guide came from his notebook,… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/08/10 24 03/12/10
American Friends of the NPD Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/23/09 17 08/02/11
Clash of the Titans! Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/11/09 66 11/18/09
Russia is the future of Europe ! “We do not share the concerns that the current reconfiguration in the world will unavoidably lead to “chaos and anarchy\.” There goes the natural process of the formation of a new international architecture – political as well as financial-economic – which would correspond to the new realities\.” “Russia conceives itself… Constantin von Hoffmeister 10/03/09 91 10/07/09
AQUILON AND THE NEW EUROPEAN NATIONALISM These events got me to realize that if I get stuck in the narrow world of petty Finnish chauvinism I keep myself apart from my European family\. It is clear that if I value the poetry of Shakespeare, the music of Bach, Händel Mozart, the art of Rodin etc\. I… Constantin von Hoffmeister 09/24/09 67 10/04/09
INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS REVIEW Part II the SS man speaks many languages the basterd makes a typical italian hand movement but the SS man speaks fluent italian that is an embarassment\! the token negro smokes and kisses the blond french woman black on white tarantino’s nigga obsession the nigga a french man the white… Constantin von Hoffmeister 08/25/09 38 08/30/09
Europe’s Future Challenges The population of Europe had been steadily growing ever since the massive collapse caused by the Black Death in the 14th century\. Due to various reasons there was a considerable decline in the mortality during the 18th century, which then was followed by massive population growth—the growth rate in Europe… Constantin von Hoffmeister 08/04/09 19 08/07/09
Norman Lowell Book Launch Unlike the Economic EU\: that colossus, that quasi-communist-soviet-union, our vision of Imperium Europa uniting all Europids together - this Vision, uniting the four cousin sub-nations\: the Anglo-Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins\: this IDEA could only originate in Malta\. Now why is this\? Well it’s all in the… Constantin von Hoffmeister 07/22/09 50 07/29/09
REAL NATIONALISM Part III The race that preceded the race is the race\. King David had red hair\. He was not a witch\. A witch is a witch is a witch\. We must watch out or the shoppers will get us before the consumers get us\. To consume is to free oneself… Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/25/09 40 07/04/09
MODIFIED GERTRUDE STEIN Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/18/09 6 06/19/09
IMPERIVM EVROPA Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/15/09 4 07/03/09
EMANCIPATORY RACISM Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/27/09 19 06/11/09
OMEGA CITY Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/18/09 8 05/20/09
RACE AND CAPITALISM Part II Liberal capitalism promotes abandonment of racial awareness\. With racial awareness abandoned, individuals of the same race can pretend without shame that they are MERE individuals with no bond and no commitment\. They can buy the latest game console and feel happy about it for about two days\. In… Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/01/09 13 05/27/09
NATIONALIST RENAISSANCE One works for one’s nation as one’s nation provides for one’s needs\. One puts in and one takes out\. Outsiders do not put in and their ancestors have not put anything in, hence they do not have the divine right to take anything out\. They are relegated to the status… Constantin von Hoffmeister 04/14/09 112 03/27/15
THE WHITE POWER CYCLE IMPERIVM ANTAGONISTE fearless men in black with diamond hearts and individualist pursuits the active, destructive side takes the form of hatred racing downhill the race of intellectuals from the city \(clad in black, glad to never come back\) supreme struggle for the soul of the city \(boiled and cut and… Constantin von Hoffmeister 04/05/09 35 04/27/09
OUR MOTHERLAND: IMPERIUM EUROPA Our true motherland is the Imperium Europa\! We must forge a new identity\! We must create the new European man\! Nations are concepts that betray the imperial destiny of the worker as the creator of a new cosmos\. The economy, as well as society at large, must be centralized\. This… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/22/09 138 10/08/14
VERSI PERVERSI! PEARLS\! So pure, pendulous, perfect\. Enticing\: a perfect avenue\. She flaunts them, moves them, alluringly\. His gaze plunges in-between\. Those pearls\! LIVING\! We the living\! Us as against them\! We, the majestic Free Spirited\. We\: alive, beautiful, creative\. Living\! ANGELIC DIVE\! Cooing, cuddles, caresses\. Breathing, sighing, groaning\. Quivering, clasping, adhering\.… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/20/09 23 03/24/09
DEATH AND LOVE IN THE KINGDOM “Ah, that feels better, my parched throat desired this golden nectar, and my soul desireth knowledge beyond worldly matters\. Your words intrigue me greatly, pretty wench,” said Jonathan, “please tell me more\.” “I can tell you all I know for a fair price,” said the harlot\. “I shall not hide… Constantin von Hoffmeister 02/23/09 10 02/25/09
FINNS AND RUSSIANS We are lucky since we have the experience of 200 years of revolutions and upheavals available\. We know how the idelogies and political movements have competed and shaped the European civilization and the entire planet\. Now we have to find a way to fit the experience of the past with… Constantin von Hoffmeister 02/20/09 61 03/19/09
WAFFEN-SS DEPEDESTALED The knights of National Socialism, Berlin as Camelot, Hitler as King Arthur\: elements of a fairy tale without a happy ending\. Is this fairy tale a tragic one\? No, it is not\. The unhappy ending was a happy one for the people, once destined for extermination, that were liberated by… Constantin von Hoffmeister 02/03/09 183 10/29/09
PIPE-DREAMS OF THE “REICH”: Romanticizing Nationalism in Germany Matthew Levinger argues in “Enlightened Nationalism” that “numerous historians have observed that bourgeois popular nationalism in nineteenth-century Germany strongly emphasized the importance of collective solidarity within the nation” \(100\)\. This quote sums up the quite ludicrous notion that such an abstract concept as “collective solidarity” even existed in a group… Constantin von Hoffmeister 01/27/09 85 02/11/09
THE LUCIFERIAN RACE: IMAGES OF SPACE Tanks trump trinkets and armies of doom will crush and create, a new world on the ruins of the old, a new city on the ashes of the old, a megalopolis for a village\!, a spaceport for a museum\!, the will to burst forth from a cocoon that has been… Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/28/08 6 12/04/08
Norman Lowell Appeal Verdict Press Conference ———————————————————————————————————————— Related news\: Norman Lowell censored by PBS - http\://www\.youtube\.com/watch\?v\=3HnBKhfsQ2c Norman Lowell’s Safi Meeting - http\://www\.maltafly\.com/modules\.php\?name\=News&file\=article&sid\=642 Gol’s Chutzpah - http\://www\.maltafly\.com/modules\.php\?name\=News&file\=article&sid\=40&mode\=flat&order\=1&thold\=0 Norman Lowell II anniversary Speech at Fra Ben - http\://www\.vivamalta\.org/main/index\.php\?option\=com_content&task\=view&id\=70&Itemid\=31 Latest news\: Norman Lowell speaks about the Environment - http\://www\.vivamalta\.org/main/podcasts/5_Ambjent\.mp3 General Elections 2008\: Norman Lowell general elections 2008 public meeting… Constantin von Hoffmeister 10/13/08 18 10/24/08
RESULT OF PERSPECTIVES (1930) On top of the old castles of the Grand Moghuls antennas clap; destruction of space\: on the slopes of the Himalayas, on the edge of Tibet, in view of the Mount Everest stands the eight-tube-apparatus and here Grimsby and Koenigswusterhausen dictate\. First the pirates, then the military, now the scientists\.… Constantin von Hoffmeister 08/20/08 3 08/24/08
THE JEWISH SPIRIT AND THE CUBE OF EONS And hurricanes and tornadoes and floods ravaged the sinful cities and the lecherous countryside\. And the way was paved for total destruction by the breath of G-d\. And the cripples limped along the wasted lands, frozen and covered in ash and debris and burnt paper\. All books had been burned… Constantin von Hoffmeister 08/17/08 57 08/24/08
DO ANTI-RACISTS SUFFER FROM STOCKHOLM SYNDROME? A visionary stops having visions when the well of dreams dries up\. Does the road to Kingston lead through the ashtray of manipulated appearances in plastic surgeries all across Hollywood\? Is unreality the price of deconstructing traditional mannerisms\? The flower of youth wilts away and fertilizes the soil of “understanding,”… Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/20/08 46 12/02/08
Being British Secondly, not all of Britain’s exclusive communities can subscribe to this liberal framework, in particular devout Muslims\. Any law devised by man, as opposed to Allah, is quite literally anathema to these fundamentalists\. Thirdly, and perhaps most devastatingly, such ideas as “liberty”, “democracy” and “tolerance” are not so much values… Constantin von Hoffmeister 06/20/08 1 06/21/08
FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND WHITE RACE RULE The New Jacobin rule unites\. Disunity spells death\. Disloyalty is treason\. Punks in red in columns roam\. The filth will hide\. The filth will be found\. Mercy will be sent to the gulag\. Passion forced to work for unity\. Unity will vanquish the coming slaves\. How does one intend to… Constantin von Hoffmeister 05/08/08 41 05/19/08
The Soviet Union: Aegis of Europe as we know it “But, but, but… Russia was COMMUNIST,” the idiotic nationalist \(in fact an anti-European agent funded from Beijing, I reckon\) whines, “COMM-U-NIST\!” And he shrieks and he yells and, as he usually does, throws a tantrum\. But could it be that Soviet Communism in fact SAVED Europe\? Because of Communism, Russia… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/21/08 53 04/07/08
ICE AGE COLUMBUS Kennewick Man is only 10,000 years old\. Recent findings of European-style flints on the American continent date back 17,000 years\. The fact that White Europeans were the first people to settle on the American continent is now irrefutable\. March 16, 2008 ——- NORDIC SCREAM – Introduction to AmeriKa hagen von… Constantin von Hoffmeister 03/19/08 18 10/20/11
Vladimir Avdeyev: Race Scientist In the Anglo-Saxon world\? Not impossible, but highly unlikely\. It is quite true that the English-speaking countries enjoy much greater freedom of thought and speech than the German-speaking ones or France\. In the USA, the First Amendment to the Constitution would certainly protect the author of such a book from… Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/30/07 14 12/10/07
Psychological Aspects of the European Revolution We will learn to understand how it affects us that we are an integral part of our land, that our body is the creation of our soil and that this bond is both mentally and physically absolutely vital\. We will learn to understand how our landscape - trees, sea shores,… Constantin von Hoffmeister 11/20/07 11 12/03/07

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