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Jane Turner finds out “White trash” is officially racist Alex Zeka 12/08/10 23 12/19/10
The country can have as much opposition as it is willing to pay for Alex Zeka 12/06/10 4 12/11/10
“Can’t have a law on the presumption that one particular ethnic group is more violent than another” Alex Zeka 08/12/10 7 08/14/10
Taliban sex fanaticism - in Afghanistan and in Birmingham alike Alex Zeka 08/10/10 9 08/27/10
The UK Film Council and its paper tigerhood Alex Zeka 07/28/10 3 07/30/10
Snappy refutation of race denial Alex Zeka 07/20/10 26 01/17/11
Jack Donovan: ‘manly’ suicidal faggot to the right This extraordinary article includes the following even more extraordinary quote\: But it truly is a grave error to discourage stoicism in men, simply because it forces some of them to shut down and eventually kill themselves\. The alternative—a nation of weepy, hyper-sensitive, impotent men who share far too much—has much… Alex Zeka 07/18/10 353 08/27/10
Muslim rioters: the problem with them is *not* that they ain’t got that old time religion So, why the youths be rollin’ like dis\? I don’t think either Laban or any other religious conservative will object to me saying that they think the problem isn’t what the youths are \(low IQ, impulsive, violent; and also genetically wired - as everyone is - to hostility towards the… Alex Zeka 07/18/10 25 07/26/10
South Africa: They can *even* organise a WC Alex Zeka 07/17/10 2 07/17/10
Spiked libertarians on “religious” hatred Alex Zeka 07/14/10 4 07/15/10
An open letter to lewrockwell on behalf of America Alex Zeka 12/17/07 42 12/31/07
Oh honey, I love the way you beep Alex Zeka 10/18/07 4 10/20/07
Lenin, Stalin, and Hitlerio Anyone who still believes in the myth—assiduously propagated by the Soviet Union and its admirers—of the “good Lenin” will find the book uncomfortable reading\. The author outlines with exemplary clarity Lenin’s cruelty, his illegal and brutal seizure of power, his glee in ordering executions, the institution of mass terror as… Alex Zeka 08/14/07 18 12/16/07
No Blacks please, we’re Jewish \.\.\.reports the Daily Telegraph rather coyly on its inside pages \(and half way down its news webpage\)\. Can you imagine the story being given similarly short thrift if it was about Britian or the USA, or indeed anywhere else, attempting to pick its immigrants on an ethnic basis\? Alex Zeka 08/03/07 14 07/23/11
Homosexual tries to offend Mohammedans PS\: When not engaged in expressing his peculiar desires, whether pederastic or the far less deviant pyromaniac variety, or nicking rare antique volumes from his much and variedly suffering \(ex\?-\)wife, he apparently likes to defraud the taxpayer enrich the public further by claiming funding for such masterpieces as these\:  … Alex Zeka 07/28/07 23 08/05/07
Boldly going where no detective has gone before Alex Zeka 07/20/07 7 07/22/07
The QCA are humble men, with a lot to be humble about Alex Zeka 07/15/07 22 07/22/07
Containment of Islam or its annihilation? asks Muslim apostate Alex Zeka 07/11/07 28 08/11/07
Shame on you, xenophile traitors Why do you think she did it\? I’ll give you three clues\. One\: she represents Barking\. Two\: her constituency used to be very white and now it’s very mixed\. And three\: the BNP gained 11 seats on the local council last year\. So there you have it, the simple moral… Alex Zeka 05/22/07 24 05/28/07
Duke legal scandal gets MSM attention Alex Zeka 04/17/07 3 04/18/07
Honour thy father Alex Zeka 04/04/07 4 04/05/07
The still beating heart of England What then for those of us who, hopelessly mired in the liberal zeitgeist though we might be, just aren’t quite ready to be melted down like so much rusted metal\? Should we meekly accept this fate, and hope for the sake of the next generation, or perhaps the one several… Alex Zeka 03/28/07 16 04/02/07
Two once conservative, now respectable, writers Alex Zeka 02/27/07 10 03/02/07
Of rough riders and Roughback Mountains Even more obviously, at least for those of us who choose to use this new found cyber freedom to swim in decidedly unconventional political waters, commercial propaganda isn’t the only sort bedevilling us at every turn of our MSM watching, reading and listening to lives\. Brokeback Mountain\*, Save The Last… Alex Zeka 01/03/07 3 01/04/07
Thirteen crucial milestones on the road to democracy in Iraq Alex Zeka 12/31/06 18 01/04/07
We must have open borders…because of the war in Iraq Coming to a town centre near you, courtesy of the Conservative Daily Telegraph\. Alex Zeka 12/28/06 3 01/03/07
No peace on Earth, No goodwill to neocons As to those WMDs which were supposedly primed and ready to strike at the heart of the West in 45 minutes, not even the Whitehouse dares trot out that canard anymore\. The stash of botox found in some desert bunker – which is the extent of threatening substances found -… Alex Zeka 12/27/06 21 05/04/07
Ground Hog day Alex Zeka 12/18/06 3 12/19/06
The Duke no-rape Lynching Alex Zeka 12/14/06 2 12/17/06
Rest in Peace, Pinochet The Chilean people surprised our own ineffectual do-gooders\. In particular, one Roman Catholic soldier, Pinochet, did\. As his nation descended into the economic chaos which ever follows the Communists in their tracks, he took advantage of his control of the army and ousted Allende on 11th September 1973\. This was… Alex Zeka 12/12/06 16 12/14/06
Home Office on target to reduce ‘fear of crime’ Alex Zeka 12/08/06 2 12/09/06
Nasty, Racist, Islamophobic, Militaristic video game set to be Christmas bestseller Alex Zeka 12/05/06 19 12/09/06
What about bloody normal life in the West? That first paragraph is especially poignant\. Yes, the Christian West did too once, indeed not long ago, have an enforceable moral code which ensured that procreation took place\. It doesn’t anymore, which can be seen only too clearly in de-Francoised Spain\. At the current rates, once febrile Spain will have… Alex Zeka 12/03/06 14 12/10/06
I hate to over Sobranise you… Alex Zeka 11/29/06 13 12/02/06
Sobran on the latest ostrich outrage Alex Zeka 11/08/06 8 11/09/06
Race replacement…dat’s sooch ay difficoolt phrayse Alex Zeka 09/30/06 13 11/18/06
A tale of two panics Is such a wave of what are essentially hysterical panics at all surprising\? I would say not\. It is only to be expected that those whose livelihoods depend on there being a constant flow of panics will do everything in their power to manufacture such a flow\. The situation is… Alex Zeka 09/30/06 2 10/01/06
War on Terror on film Alex Zeka 09/27/06 11 09/29/06
School sports not quite dead yet Alex Zeka 09/08/06 3 09/08/06
The Swiss know the answer; but Ms. Khan still doesn’t get it Alex Zeka 09/04/06 25 09/06/06
Loony Livingstone: Trevor Phillips to join BNP Together at last\. Alex Zeka 09/04/06 3 09/05/06
Neither liberals nor Muslims understand ‘age of consent’ Alex Zeka 09/02/06 7 09/03/06
Now he tells us He’s black\. Gosh, I sure am glad we’re letting patriots like him in\. \(Via VFR\)\. Alex Zeka 09/02/06 4 09/03/06
Is the free market inimical to conservatism? I have already said that the state is more efficient when it comes to providing public goods, such as defence and social order, because the benefits are always spread out onto the whole populace no matter who pays for it\. As such, the state, whilst inefficient, is the only way… Alex Zeka 08/30/06 44 01/08/09
Holodomor noticed Alex Zeka 08/28/06 19 09/01/06
Anarcho-tyranny in the Unhinged Kingdom ‘Blood on their hands’ What then of the police, those who are supposed to defend us in lieu of us being allowed to defend ourselves\? Mrs\. Woodham might have an answer\: Peter Woodham, a 22-year-old father of one, died outside his home in Canning Town, east London, on Monday\. Mr… Alex Zeka 08/24/06 1 03/26/09
Official: Tom and Jerry can give you lung cancer Alex Zeka 08/22/06 2 04/11/08
Giving up (our) liberty for (Islamic) security This might seem an extreme and bizarre statement, not dissimilar to the ravings of some half-crazed Randian convinced that the government cannot accomplish anything\. You might well believe that these security measures are essential to keep ourselves safe from the scourge of terrorism\. But just consider for a second who… Alex Zeka 08/10/06 17 02/21/12
Stop anti-onion prejudice Unlamented tragedy You might well think that such inhumane treatment of our fellow living creature could not happen in a ‘civilized’ society \(I of course wouldn’t as I don’t believe in ‘civilization’\)\. However, far from feeling pity for the poor, abused onion, the majority of American society reacts with contempt… Alex Zeka 08/02/06 6 08/04/06
An honest defence of Israel Alex Zeka 08/02/06 95 08/18/06

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