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Texas Arcane:  Kwanstainia, UKandia, Kanookistan, and the OZealands We’ve got Somalians getting million dollar educations to teach them how to operate a doorknob with white kids who get perfect scores on their SATs living out of a station wagon\. Our society is a train wreck\. Multiculturalism is just a fancy word for “divide and conquer\.” Break up the… Robert Reis 03/26/14 6 04/02/14
Texas Arcane: Insights, Apothegms, and Speculations- The Neanderthals \=\=\=\= Anyone Who Appears To Be Able To Reason Is Expressing Some Neanderthal Genes   Once again, Vault-Co will tell you many years before it becomes mainstream\. Anyone who demonstrates a genuine ability to think is absolutely, positively expressing some Neanderthal genes in their makeup\. Without exception\. It could be… Robert Reis 03/23/14 4 06/01/14
The Medical-Pharmacological-Money-Making-Machine Kills Robert Reis 12/18/12 15 12/30/12
Covington’s Manifesto The objective is to make the disputed territory ungovernable and turn it into a massive rat hole down which the occupying power bleeds money, manpower, and resources until it can’t stand the hemorrhage any longer and cuts its losses\. “In a colonial war, it’s never the generals who surrender\. It’s… Robert Reis 06/08/12 22 07/14/12
Hitler’s Unforgivable Crime Some people still insist that the France and Great Britain were honoring their obligation to Poland\. That this is nonsense is easy to prove\. Neither country made a strenuous effort to help the Poles defend themselves against the Germans\. Neither country declared war on the Soviet Union when Stalin invaded… Robert Reis 02/11/12 60 07/07/12
The Females of the Species Robert Reis 01/29/12 0
Ireland Worshipping at the Holocaust Shrine Bewley was the ‘Irish Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary’ in Berlin from 1933 to 1939\. His reports to Dublin during the 1930s give “the impression that German Jews were not threatened; that they were involved in pornography, abortion and “the international white slave traffic”… He explained the Nuremberg Laws ‘As… Robert Reis 01/26/12 14 02/19/15
Curbing the Appetites of Women Curbing the Appetites of Women\: A Summary of The Garbage Generationby Daniel Amneus By Robert Reis Chapter I The Pathology of the Female-headed Family \{L\]ike hemophilia, crime is manifested in males but carried and transmitted by females—or rather by single females\. Most criminals come from female-headed families\. Most gang members… Robert Reis 09/05/11 55 03/10/12
Civil War and Reconstruction: An Essay by Justin The military governors of the region ruled directly by fiat military order, and indirectly through the creation of client governments\. The white population was disenfranchised while the former slave population was given the vote, resulting in client governments that were composed almost entirely of blacks\. Additionally, the white population was… Robert Reis 02/02/11 56 02/10/11
Jerusalem: Lost and Found According to the Old Testament the first known Hebrew was the patriarch Abraham, who is believed to have lived around 2000 B\.C\.E\. Abraham was given divine assurance that he would father nations, that he would enter a Promised Land, and that his descendants would inherit the earth Abraham is supposed… Robert Reis 06/19/10 7 08/13/10
Misology in America Part 2.1 Misology in America Part 2\.1 By Robert E\. Reis Why do most people believe that smoking is dangerous\? Studies which in any other area of science would be rejected as second-rate and inferior but which support antismoking are accepted as first-rate\. Studies which are conducted according to orthodox and rigorous… Robert Reis 04/04/10 29 12/24/13
Hitler and a Historian What does Professor Browning mean by the “Final Solution”\? He tells us in his Preface that “the Nazi regime called this attempt to murder every Jew in Europe the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question’” \( p\. ix\. \) Naturally this statement would lead one to believe that Professor Browning… Robert Reis 09/06/09 18 10/21/09
The Wailing Wall Hoax Over half the wall, including its 17 courses located below street level, dates from the end of the Second Temple period, being constructed around 19 BCE by Herod the Great\. The remaining layers were added from the 7th century onwards\. It generally, but erroneously believed that this wall is part… Robert Reis 08/27/09 9 08/28/09
Thomas Chittum’s Holocaust Most people are waking up to the horrid fact that a second depression is upon us – that their “retirement cookie jars have been systematically looted\.” Chittum arns that this “meltdown will hasten our descent into an internal civil war that will depopulate the entire North American continent, wiping out… Robert Reis 05/15/09 97 01/03/13
Possibly Jewish Scientist Eric Pianka Calls For Death of all Humanity SCIENCE\: Scientist calls for death to humanity by John Ballantyne A Texas scientist advocates killing nine-tenths of the world’s population by an airborne Ebola virus, writes John Ballantyne\. An award-winning Texas scientist was given a standing ovation after he advocated the extermination of 90 per cent of the Earth’s population… Robert Reis 04/29/09 49 12/03/10
The Accusation of Racism A “racist” is defined as a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others\. A prejudice is a preconceived adverse opinion, leaning or judgment formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge has been accumulated and dispassionately evaluated\. An adverse opinion, leaning or judgment formed with… Robert Reis 03/05/09 31 08/10/13
The Fundamental Flaws of the Holocaust Cult We believe the Holocaust Cult is the sole official religion of the West\. You can publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and of Jesus in most European countries, but prison cells await people who doubt the Holocaust Cult in many of these countries\. Recently a Catholic bishop who publicly doubted… Robert Reis 03/01/09 151 07/31/09
An Open Letter to “guywhite” You identify yourself as a White Nationalist\. I hope that you will agree that whiteness has a genetic component and a cultural component\. To qualify genetically I suggest that a person ought to be a member of the European genetic clustering of the Caucasian genetic clustering\. To qualify culturally I… Robert Reis 02/11/09 90 02/17/09
“A Conspiracy of Silence” “In 1,551 U\.S\. cities, according to the FBI tally for 1956, Negroes, making up 10% of the U\.S\. population, accounted for about 30% of all arrests, and 60% of the arrests for crimes involving violence or threat of bodily harm—murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault\.” Time Magazine suggested… Robert Reis 02/10/09 3 02/11/09
What do I admire about Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman? In order to enter and to work in any of these countries the governments have set up stringent systems to prevent the inundation of their countries by immigrants or expatriate workers who would not contribute to the economic prosperity of the countries or who would threaten the safety of their… Robert Reis 12/19/08 43 11/01/10
How Many Jews Died at the World Trade Center on 911? In order to determine how many Jewish victims appeared on the list of 1,800, I used the following search terms\: Jew, Jewish, Temple, Synagogue, Israel and Mitzvah\. I then examined the resulting list of names and removed individuals who had been identified as Jewish in error\. I then search the… Robert Reis 09/05/08 213 09/28/10
Night and the Holocaust Elie Wiesel dedicated Night to the memory of his parents and his little sister\. Mr\. Wiesel introduces us to the horrors of what will later be called the Holocaust with the story of Moché the Beadle\. In 1942 this man is said to have been deported from Hungary along with… Robert Reis 08/20/08 10 05/04/10
The Smoking Gun Barry Jennings discussed explosions inside WTC 7 before either of the twin towers had collapsed and having to step over dead bodies of victims as he attempted to vacate the building\. On the morning of 9/11 in his capacity as Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority,… Robert Reis 07/14/08 23 09/18/08
Life in the Kwa One of them, silver bangles jangling, is showing a souvenir purchase to the other\. It’s a garden gnome, complete with a red cap and a Walt Disney tunic stretched taut over a rotund belly\. The face, though, is less jovial than one expects on a gnome\. An etched inscription on… Robert Reis 07/11/08 133 09/10/08
Do you know any heroes around here? Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle \(June 15, 1906 – April 1, 1994\) was a Belgian politician from the French-speaking part of Belgium\.  He founded the Christus Rex political party in 1935 and received financial support for Mussolini and Hitler\. He volunteered for the Waffen-SS and fought on the Eastern Front\.… Robert Reis 07/04/08 13 08/17/08
Faussette’s Genesis He asserts that the entire evolutionary group strategy of the Jewish genetic clustering of the Middle Eastern genetic clustering of the non - European genetic clustering of the Caucasian genetic clustering “was collapsed into this single book hidden beneath the allegories but in plain sight once you had the proper… Robert Reis 06/28/08 24 07/02/08
Iraq and Heartland of the Coalition When I was born the heartland of the coalition currently waging was in the Middle East was almost ninety percent White and almost one hundred percent Christian\. Although we lived in one the largest cities in the United States, I was not given a key to out home until 1960\.… Robert Reis 04/25/08 13 05/25/08
What is an American? I replied, “Visitors\.” Robert Reis 04/08/08 58 04/26/08
Are Jews White? Many years ago, Senator Joseph McCarthy was asked how he identified a communist\. He responded that if something looked like a duck, waddled like a duck, quacked like a duck and hung around with a lot of other ducks, he had found a duck\. Science has advanced a lot since… Robert Reis 03/23/08 142 04/08/15
Misology in America Part 4 - Gender The late Australian philosopher David Stove believed that the intellectual capacity of women was on the whole inferior to that of men\. By “on the whole” he did not mean just “on the average”; though he did mean that much\. He believed, “if you take any degree of intellectual capacity… Robert Reis 03/21/08 14 05/22/08
When Ordinary Americans Were a Great People He selected actors for the American roles who would not detract attention from the events by their “star” quality\.  The heroes, villains, and fools reveal themselves; the audience cannot anticipate these roles by knowing the names of the actors\. What one sees on the screen is the accurate replication of… Robert Reis 03/13/08 14 03/25/08
The Hooda Problem The other female Muslim teachers were wearing multicolored dresses and simple hijabs to modestly cover their hair\. None of them were making it impossible to see any of their facial features\. The female non-Muslim teachers were not required to wear abayas, shelas or veils\. The female students at the university… Robert Reis 03/11/08 10 03/19/08
Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment I’ve been in staff rooms where I have read pamphlets issued by the Canadian Federation of Teachers about Afghanistan\. Exclusive concern was shown for women, girls and female babies and none for males despite the fact that boys had the double-whammy-plus of being forced to carry a gun, kill and… Robert Reis 03/07/08 24 07/17/11
Misology in America Part 3:Scientific Fraud - Homosexuality Homosexuality is erotic activity with another of the same sex\. A homosexual is a person who directs sexual desire towards another of the same sex\. Queerly enough, homosexuality was not part of the English language before 1892\. Before 1973 the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychology Association, and the National… Robert Reis 02/07/08 22 01/27/12
Misology in America Part 2 I am not going to suggest that smoking tobacco products will make smokers more successful marathon runners, but I do suggest that relying upon the misologists currently in power for accurate advice on any issue is imprudent\. If the “official” truth that smoking tobacco is a horrifying health hazard is… Robert Reis 12/20/07 10 12/28/07
Misology in America Part 1 There is a scientific field with a century of scrupulously amassed objective knowledge that is directly related to the optimum design of important social policies\. This scientific field is reviled in the media, the universities, the schools, and by the elected politicians and the clergy\. Psychologists who have been studying… Robert Reis 12/04/07 11 12/11/07
The Quality of Mercy For the LORD your God is a merciful God; he will not abandon or destroy you or forget the covenant with your forefathers, which he confirmed to them by oath\.- Deuteronomy 4\:31 But in your great mercy you did not put an end to them or abandon them, for you… Robert Reis 12/03/07 1 12/07/07
Hatred Hate by Robert E\. Reis Hatred is the feeling of intense hostility and aversion united with dislike and antipathy towards some person, thing or idea\. When hatred is aimed at another person it frequently coincides with malice\. Malice is the desire to cause pain, injury or distress\. Synonyms of malice… Robert Reis 10/14/07 20 12/29/12
Fjordman’s Nazi Problem He tells us\: “The Nazis believed that whites, and blondes in particular, had the right to colonize or eradicate others\.” The use of the definite article entails that all Nazis believed this\. Far be it from me to suggest that no Nazis held the beliefs in question, but I have… Robert Reis 10/11/07 23 10/26/08
IQ Matters The European genetic clustering wherever it lives has a median IQ of 99\. There are however studies that show that some European peoples have somewhat lower median IQ’s\. Portugal, Ireland, and Lithuania have median IQ’s in the low 90s\. The median IQ’s in Southeast Europe are also lower\: Romania 94,… Robert Reis 10/11/07 42 04/08/14
Blackhawking Down into the Dustbin of History General Garrison, three stars, wants to capture General Mohammed Farah Adid, the designated villain\. He learns that two of General Adid’s top lieutenants will be at a meeting with a dozen or so others\. He decides to capture them\. How this mission will help to carry out his primary mission… Robert Reis 10/05/07 9 10/08/07
Just the Facts David’s document may be persuasive\. Readers of his Hitler’s War know that he was never shy about reporting German atrocities for which he had uncovered documentary proof\. Hitler’s personal involvement in the murder of the Polish nobility is one instance\. Mass shootings of Jews during the Russian campaign in another\.… Robert Reis 10/02/07 16 07/10/11
No Diabetes Pride Parade Homosexuality has a disastrous effect on reproductive success\. Genetic diseases that are severely fitness-impairing like achondroplastic dwarfism\) have roughly the same odds as the background mutation rate \(about one in 50,000 to one in 100,000\. One rarely encounters large parades of dwarves celebrating their dwarfism\. Homosexual men have only 20… Robert Reis 10/02/07 14 10/16/07
Let’s not make Hitler’s Mistake Their mass media are a monopoly of that genetic clustering of the Middle Eastern genetic clustering of the non-European genetic clustering of the Caucasian genetic clustering about which I have written before\. They do lack a healthy traditional distrust of governments\. But the flow of difficult to assimilate immigrant ethnicities… Robert Reis 09/29/07 25 10/12/07
The Ethics of Genocide Every year every Orthodox synagogue reminds members of the Jewish genetic clustering of the Middle Eastern genetic clustering of God’s command to exterminate the Amalekites\. God ordered Saul to kill every living Amalekite — man, woman and child, and even the sheep and cattle\. But who are we to argue… Robert Reis 09/25/07 5 04/29/08
Kaddush ha-Shem Kaddush ha-Shem By Robert E\. Reis Once upon a time when Christianity was a living religion and words were used with discrimination, the word ‘martyr’ was used in its proper sense\. As a verb, martyr means to put a person to death for adhering to a belief, faith or publicly… Robert Reis 09/22/07 2 09/24/07
The Last Norwegian Patriots The Last Norwegian Patriots By Robert E\. Reis As we all know, the disempowerment and disappearance of the white population is the objective of the European Union and the United States government and the Canadian government and the Australian government\. There is a slight glint of hope\. Fjordman has written… Robert Reis 09/22/07 89 07/31/11
An Imaginary Interview “If he were totally pagan or totally Christian, the white man could easily resist the colored hordes\. But the post-Christian has taken parts of paganism and parts of Christianity and welded them into a faithless faith inferior to paganism and infinitely inferior to Christianity\.” What made the Europeans different until… Robert Reis 09/21/07 27 12/28/07
Cats are more intelligent than Catholics The story of St\. Simon of Trent went like this\. Some Jews celebrated the Passover of 1475 by kidnapping a two-year old Catholic boy in the Italian town of Trentino\. They drained his blood and crucified him head down\. The killers were arrested, confessed and convicted\.  Italian Jews protested the… Robert Reis 09/18/07 7 03/20/14
Don’t Rob a Bank When the Police are Watching He remembers a school assembly where a Jewish medical doctor addressed an audience that contained non-Jews\. The doctor talked about the Talmudic dictum that it is moral to save the life of a Jew on the Sabbath, but that it is immoral to save the life of a non-Jew on… Robert Reis 09/15/07 5 09/16/07

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