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Its Lister or Bowery James Bowery 09/07/13 46 09/30/13
Interview With Craig Cobb Midst the Media Frenzy James Bowery 08/28/13 12 10/17/13
“much further advanced than anything we’ve seen” Craig Cobb just called me up to tell me he was fired Thursday from his North Dakota job that he got as part of the oil boom up there\.  He basically wanted get white nationalists to move to a town with population of 19 and got a number of “names”… James Bowery 08/25/13 41 09/07/13
Boomer Epitaph James Bowery 08/24/13 21 10/25/13
Cyprus:  Not Quite a Citizen’s Dividend… James Bowery 08/06/13 24 08/16/13
Watch Live at 9AM CDT 2013/07/23 the Hyperion Demo It looks like tomorrow morning may make history\. The University of Missouri is hosting the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion\. In conjunction, at 9am CDT a live demonstration of a commercial device called the “Hyperion” is scheduled to start in Milan, Italy broadcast in English\. There was a preview… James Bowery 07/23/13 6 08/11/13
The Necessity of Independence On July 4, the US holiday celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being formally adopted by the Continental Congress to create the United States, the philosophy of independence is often overlooked\. On the subject of independence, I quote Socrates\* in first-person narration \(according to Plato as translated by… James Bowery 07/04/13 136 08/18/13
Localized Monetary System and Governance Property rights of a scale required for civil society are necessarily contractual\.  Consensual laws beyond the commandment “Thou shalt not steal\.” are necessary so as to, in all cases, assign entitlement to the substance of that commandment\.  Once assigned, group force, entailed by civil law, is meaningfully applied to enforce… James Bowery 06/30/13 3 08/28/13
They’re Coming To Sortocracy The Dragon Viper The United States government has become a Dragon Viper in the ontology of individual integrity\: Dragon\:  A militant gang\. \(as in “George the dragon slayer\.”\) Viper\: A conspiratorial gang\. \(As in “Ye generation of vipers\.”\) As Viper, the Dragon Viper has not enforced US immigration laws for… James Bowery 06/21/13 42 07/01/13
Independent Academic Validation of Industrially Useful Cold Fusion Device James Bowery 05/20/13 9 05/28/13
Neolithic mitochondrial haplogroup H genomes and the genetic origins of Europeans It has long been the case that ancient DNA studies have focused attention on mtDNA and then gone on to make sweeping claims about the rest of the DNA\. Since mtDNA is among the least correlated with consanguinity of human DNA and Y-Chromosome the most, this is, at best, a… James Bowery 05/15/13 1 05/24/13
Parts Wholes and Quantum Mechanics James Bowery 04/02/13 7 04/04/13
Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Immigration Analysis Failure James Bowery 03/17/13 7 04/02/13
You have 3 years to move to a place that has put your political theories to the test James Bowery 03/16/13 13 04/04/13
Christianity As Expression of Authentic European Culture James Bowery 03/14/13 257 04/30/13
Waiting for Godot’s Son Or Someone Like Him James Bowery 03/06/13 32 05/01/13
MR Interview of Kenneth Humphreys by James Bowery Concerning the Syncretic Origin of Christianity James Bowery 02/14/13 18 06/15/15
Mobility, Immigration, The Big Sort and Political Polarization Yields Sortocracy James Bowery 02/06/13 30 02/13/13
Wholesight and the Ontology of Frederick Parker-Rhodes As a theme of mythology the quest goes back to remote antiquity\. The great treasure guarded by fearsome monsters in a far country makes a good story line, as well as being an apt simile for the hidden wisdom of Wholesight\. But there is also the theme of the Precious… James Bowery 02/04/13 15 02/05/13
Money As a Shining Beacon of Nihilism James Bowery 02/01/13 16 02/03/13
Iowa As a Shining Beacon of Nihilism W\. D\. Hamilton in “Innate Social Aptitudes of Man”\: The incursions of barbaric pastoralists seem to do civilizations less harm in the long run than one might expect\. Indeed, two dark ages and renaissances in Europe suggest a recurring pattern in which a renaissance follows an incursion by about 800… James Bowery 01/29/13 16 06/09/15
The Genius of West Point Military Academy Fighting Far Right Domestic Terrorism the strong correlation between the level of violence and state population size \(α\=\.888\*\*\) This correlation is drawn from the following table\: The statistics 101 student will notice that the list is rank ordered by a number that is not divided by the population\.  In other words, it provides no information… James Bowery 01/18/13 39 02/01/13
If the GOP Had Appealed to the White vs “Minority” Vote For this graphical demonstration I’m relying on CNN’s Racial Voting Bloc Calculator\. First, we see an approximation of the actual electoral college split\: Now, let’s have Romney get progressively tougher on things like immigration so that in each of the following graphs, he gains one percentage more of whites and… James Bowery 01/18/13 27 01/26/13
US Gun Control Hysteria As Diversionary Tactic For Immigration Treason James Bowery 01/16/13 53 02/01/13
Selentag and The Twelfth Night Originally published in 1970 as “ James Bowery 01/07/13 3 02/08/13
Christmas is Racist Redeaux James Bowery 12/25/12 16 01/02/13
Chinese Scientists Link Obesity to Gut Bacteria James Bowery 12/19/12 12 12/21/12
Introduction to Phenomenology James Bowery 12/13/12 10 12/23/12
The Folie of Existence:  Hilbert, Husserl, Heidegger, Syntax and Semantics In pursuit of a rigorous philosophical method that purges the folie of existence from ontology, I’d like to present a few thoughts that, to mix metaphors, may draw from my Rosetta Stone a sword that cuts through the semantic underbrush\: The syntactical development of the predicate calculus by the Hilbert… James Bowery 12/12/12 3 12/13/12
Analysis of Secession Talk Gets It All Wrong The reaction of the Republican elite \(as well as Rand Paul—the only hope for a Republican revitalization\) to their loss to Obama is to try to not just double down on the 1986 Reagan amnesty\.  To see why merely doubling down won’t do that job one need only look at… James Bowery 11/29/12 22 12/11/12
Civilization Takedown: Crabtree’s IQ Realism vs Harpending and Cochran’s Happy Talk James Bowery 11/16/12 54 12/07/12
My Letter to Congressman-Elect Latham James Bowery 11/10/12 44 11/25/12
Time For Obama’s Gangsta Sh*t James Bowery 11/07/12 137 11/12/12
Vote for Mitt Romney James Bowery 11/06/12 16 11/07/12
Hacking the Race’s DNA James Bowery 10/29/12 14 11/06/12
Ocean Frontier Fertility:  Globalist Hysteria Breaks Out Over Iron Fertilization James Bowery 10/21/12 121 11/01/12
Hate James Bowery 10/14/12 16 10/24/12
An Open Letter to Nikolaos Michaloliakos James Bowery 09/29/12 43 06/20/13
New at Majority Radio:  The Pagan Bible James Bowery 09/24/12 1 09/27/12
White Mating White mating must, first and foremost, respect a woman’s natural sovereignty in choosing the sire of her children\. The first thing that must be done by white men is obtain the assent of women—women still carrying the genetic character being bread out of whites by the dysgenic culture\.  The vast… James Bowery 09/22/12 73 11/24/12
September 11:  A Testament James Bowery 09/11/12 3 10/30/12
E-Cat Conference 9/8/12 - 9/9/12 James Bowery 09/08/12 33 11/11/12
A Little Light Humor:  RNC and DNC Both Cash In Their Chips To Quell Slave Revolt James Bowery 09/06/12 14 10/08/12
Government Of, By and For Ben Ginsberg’s Teleprompter James Bowery 09/01/12 0
Beyond Leo Strauss and Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum James Bowery 08/20/12 72 11/26/12
Civilization Takedown: Obsoleting the Campsite My nemesis, as some may have come to recognize from my recent emphasis on his book, “The Social Conquest of Earth” is E\. O\. Wilson\.  This is not because he is, in these the last years of his life, doing an about-face and attacking kin selection and inclusive fitness—a major… James Bowery 08/08/12 97 05/31/13
Lewontin’s Fallacy and the Faux “Diversity” of Panmixia James Bowery 07/24/12 16 09/10/12
GL’s “Extremely Important” Questions Here is Graham’s comment\. OK people a number of conceptual questions issues arise from this discussion\. Let’s try to be as cool-headed and scholarly as possible\. Firstly and most importantly what would count as evidence against the monocausal conjecture\? More broadly what is the falsification criterion employed in such a… James Bowery 07/21/12 74 07/28/12
Obama’s Layers of Grossly Incompetent Deception? James Bowery 07/18/12 26 07/25/12
Putting Nowak, et al, In Perspective With “The Extended Phenotype” James Bowery 07/10/12 30 01/21/13

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