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Ferguson Burns


Revealed here (below, press Continued) by this whining rant, Dutchsinse, and those like him, are beginning to get their own ‘just deserts’ for past weak-kneed acceptance of liberal k***j*w equalitarian multi-culturalism. Others fought it for decades, too often to be confronted by such a**holes as this, who now too late ‘see the light’.

                    - Bob in D.C.



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Don’t Send A Boy To Do A Man’s Job: Hitler Worshippers Versus TT

On Hitler and those who worship this betrayer of Strasser, etc.

1934 words

Subtitled: don’t send a boy or other fools to do a man’s job.

TT, Terrible Tommy Metzger:

“Well lets go back several years, quite a while back before all these people got killed in World War II, back where I think, in fact where I know, National Socialism got off the track. And this is Gregor Strasser speaking:

‘We are socialists. Enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system. With its exploitation of the economically weak. With its injustice in wages. With its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth. And money instead of responsibility and achievement. We are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system. And with my inclination to practical action it seems to me that we have to put in place a better, more just, more moral system in place – one which as it were has arms and legs, and better arms and legs than the present one.’

- Gregor Strasser, Thoughts About The Tasks of The Future

Well that sounds a lot different than invading Poland and advancing mechanized warfare. Sounds to me like cleaning-up your own situation in your own country. And replacing the capitalist system with a functional system that includes the working class. You don’t have to call it socialist, you could call it many (things) but..because there are definitely some bad socialists out there too, but what happened to Gregor Strasser?

Murdered, during the night of the long knives, along with about 1,700 faithful party members. And that was the deal that Hitler made with the economic elite in Germany – the industrialists. That he could keep his SS but he had to get rid of the Brown Shirts and anybody else who went along with that. I wonder how many of you people would really want to have allegiance to somebody that would know, you work your ass off and suffered and (your compatriots) died in the streets to bring them to the pinnacle of power and then they kill you?

I know one guy that’s just a-moral enough in this movement to do that. If he ever got the chance. But I’m not going to talk about him because he’s pretty much out of the picture except in his own mind.

Anyhow, you should read more about what the Strasser brothers were talking about. And ask yourself, would you really want to worship a leader that goes in the middle of the night and kills his most trusted people? And not just a few that he might claim are this and that, homosexual or whatever, including women.

..and then we got into the Jew harvest, right? Mechanized war, vast warfare. You always know you’ve lost when you start wars. When you start a war you’ve lost. You’ve lost before you’ve even started.

So until you get that into your head and know that if war is coming around the bad guys are in control. Because Germany didn’t need to have a war. They could have solved their problems peacefully. Internally. And if anybody were to have attacked Germany from the outside most of the Western world would have sided with Germany at that time.

So anyhow, think about it. Because we have the same, well not the same but similar circumstances now with these dirty, filthy capitalists under cover of Republican politics or politics in general doing the same things to us (Americans) that they’ve done to Europe. Think about it. Think about what Gregor Strasser said.”

Now back to the subtitle, don’t send a boy or other fools to do a man’s job.

Lets compare and contrast what the man, Metzger, is saying, not only to what Carolyn or Rodney Martin might say, but to the kids at Renegade:

In this episode, Kyle Hunt interviews a young Russian American woman living in Sweden and working for Red Ice Radio:

For some background, what always struck me as curious about Kyle Hunt was how cool he thought Hitler and the Third Reich were (he’s now re-running Goebbels propaganda with “The Greatest Story Never Told”; and isn’t it good to incite inter-European war on the basis of a disingenuous claim to be concerned for truth?); with him in charge over there, so too would be the sentiments of anyone he would allow to have prominent voice at Renegade. At first I thought he might be dissuaded without too much difficulty and I tried. I realized that I was wasting my time when he treated the pro Hitler zealot, Marcus, as if he was way cool, level headed and spot on accurate in what he was saying. With that, I lost a great deal of respect for Hunt. It is not that he cannot change, but it may take a while, i.e., he is pretty young - a boy trying to do a man’s job.

Here’s the problem with these Hitler-heads over at Renegade. They’re young and don’t have the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge to provide sage guidance.

Where these sorts get their view and confidence seems often to have the common denominator of William Pierce (or the like) – smart man, no doubt, but with a philosophical and historical view that was insufficient to the task.

Nevertheless, Pierce provides cookie-cutter confidence to these kids, or chews their cud, for another analogy. Without a lot of experience, these kids can just move right into a world view that organizes things in a coherent way, just follow its pre-cut forms and drink its cud – easy, no doubt, “Hitler was right. Simple as that.” We just have to get past all this Jewish propaganda.

Indeed, a Jewish marshaled modernist world is a confusing and decadent world - it calls for a return to moral coherence. But is Nazism the right “moral” coherence? Of course not. Don’t send a boy or a fool to do a man’s job. That is a lesson that I have learned the hard way, but I did learn, after trying to enlist people too young or ill-suited to participate on a fairly level basis.

Now you’ve got The Renegade youths, as we might call them, appealing to young girls with Hitlerism - “It’s OK, so long as you don’t wave swastikas around, because the Jews have stigmatized this great Aryan symbol, have effectively but merely defamed NS Germany, while also corrupting our pre-Christian paganism…that older generation that didn’t see all this like we do, they gotta die.”

..Odimism, very smart religion, go to die in battle…just because, or rather because you are a coward and won’t get a maiden in valhalla if you don’t go and die in battle..even though Odin knows and you know that you are going to lose and die, just because, not because your people need defending (brilliant religion, Islam, its race mixing universalism, dysgenesis on behalf of virgins in heaven, is duly challenged).

The old generation gotta die, those cowards ain’t gettin’ no poontang in valhalla.

Well, not until you get old enough to be worthy, which you ain’t.

They’ve got young girls over there believing that Hitler was darn ok all over again, one getting pregnant by a heroin addict - who is now set to ask for money – but that’s ok, you can even be a heroin addict and ask for money, get a fair “Aryan” maiden pregnant, so long as you are cool with Hitler, don’t believe in something like the holocaust or other Nazi wrong-doings.

You don’t even have to be fully European, you can be a one quarter Syran heroin addict, so long as you are committed to Hitler. Overcompensating for not being perfectly European, with that anti-Jewish perspective, you can promote Africans as really OK (wouldn’t want to be distracted and lose sight of the J.Q.), you can promote the most cataclysmic killing of Europeans by Europeans just because you are committed to Hitler and because you are an anti-Jew – after all, some of those Jew broads are prettier than some White women, while black women…not too much of a threat. ..Slavic women? Hmm, yeah, that’s a threat, competition too, Hitler must have been right.

I guess maybe even a Russian woman can see the “logic” in that.

What does a woman want? Confidence!

Aha. What a revelation.

...Not to the average White American male: Who also sees that there is nothing more confident than a young Negro male (it may be argued that the Negro’s confidence is helped-along by his having nothing to lose and everything to gain).

Aren’t we so glad and inspired that women just love CONFIDENCE! Above all, above race, confidence uber alles! It’s Nature’s way! And we know that nature unmediated by culture corresponds perfectly with E.G.I.  ...doesn’t it?

In fact, in a multi-cultural hell-hole orchestrated by Jewish and corrupt capitalist/ objectivist interests, to be sheerly confident is about as ignorant as it gets. Women (females, I should say) getting-off on confidence in that context is about as stupid and corrupt as it gets.

And it gets to the heart of one of our most serious problems, in how Jews pander and corrupt some base instincts in our co-evolutionary females: incitement to genetic competition, appeal to narrow (ignorant), anti-social, alpha male confidence, etc.

The proper and authentic White response in this situation is not perfect confidence at all, but a sufficient measure of its counter-measure - taking a wary, analytical step back and taking into account the necessary factors of our long term interests - i.e. sufficient intellectual assessment. If that does not turn the girls on, well too bad, but their instincts pandered to and uncritiqued have shown what they lead to - puerile girls walking around with primates – oooh, so confident! And to correct the effect of these primates on society? Where they might not leave enough cute guys around, we’ll have a night of the long knives – ooh so confident! Let’s get rid of those guys who aren’t cute enough anyway…the one’s capable of confidence’s counterpart - empathy. Yeah! A world of sociopaths!, isn’t that what we have?

Speaking of the irony of that, Rodney Martin has actually called for a night of the long knives. Can you imagine? This fool is chomping at the bit for a resurrection of the Third Reich and its agenda verbatim. Rodney is another coming-up through the William Pierce school of “history”. But in Rodney’s case, a pet peeve of his is being enraged because Germany lost Breslau after World War II. Even though they had it even according to The Versailles Treaty prior to World War II, and would have kept it if not for Hitler’s war- mongering (but Rodney will blame everyone else, not Hitler). You know, Breslau, now Polish Wroclaw, started-out as a Bohemian city, then after going back and forth between Bohemian and Polish control a few times, a Mongol invasion wiped-out the Poles there. Rodney says his family is from there. Maybe it is not a coincidence that he looks the way he does – kind of puts some truth to the World War I stereotype of “the Hun.”

Rodney doesn’t have much good to say about Poland, but follows William Pierce’s cookie cutter (the Nazis were really being good to Poland). In fact, the first Rodney addressed me was to smear me as to how bad I was for challenging Marcus’ crap heap of anti- Polish propaganda - including saying that Germany was entitled to the western third of Poland and that World War II had never ended. Kyle Hunt continued to speak with the Nazi Marcus after that episode as if he is just the coolest, most reasonable guy.

Now where was that “White man March” again? When? How???

Its so well organized. But? Why? Because the “organizer” believes in Hitler.



Rather, don’t send a boy or a fool to do a man’s job.



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A note to James and Graham

I have been pondering for some time how to respond to James’s complaint about his contest with Graham Lister, and his subsequent withdrawal from the blog.  I do not want to explore Graham’s stinging criticism of theories which he sees as irredeemably liberalistic, yet worse, religious in kind, and of terminologies incorrectly applied from the biological sciences.  If he is right (and I think, broadly, he is) Graham is also caustically dismissive and that is unhelpful to his own argument and not in the peer spirit which intelligent researchers of the questions which preoccupy us owe one another.

For his part, James is understandably protective of his own intellectual project, the component parts of which – the contractualism, the commentary on ecology and eusociality, the commentary on Jewish dominance and virulence, the reification of the duel, the search for foundation in mathematics, etc – look more sign than sein to me at this point. But these are early days and rather than fall to non-mortal combat over whether these constitute an incomplete collection of parts because they are the wrong parts, let us return to reflection on the problem we are all trying to solve.  And I do mean all of us – all who come here, whether they are politically nationalist, conservative, traditionalist, or communitarian.

I once read long ago in a memoir by some misguided Russian fatalist that none of us ever really rests from trying to solve the great, glowering problem of mortality.  We may think we are pleasantly immersed in the flow of life’s petty concerns, but somewhere in our mental processes we keep returning to this problem.  Even in our moments of greatest happiness and triumph, or on the rare occasions we are sucked into some big, adrenalin-charging, Sein-zum-Tode event – perhaps a pairwise duel - the diversion is fleeting and we quickly return to trying to decipher the silence and unknowableness of death’s void.  We sense it all around us, in the great rush of our children to grow up, in our wry regret for our own advancing age, in our tenderness for the object of our love, in the way that the fairy-gold of sex slips through the fingers of memory, in memories themselves, in long friendships, in loss, in faith, in hope, in the very processes which stubbornly maintain our bodily existence.


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Oy-limpics, prothink network under attack again

Miscellaneous news.

1. Crude commentary on the London Olympics opening ceremony, but it hits the bull’s eye. The games ought to be called Oy-lympics. You know who it is gloating over and showcasing what they’ve done to England.

2. Not even a month has passed and the prothink network is again being given the boot; Delaney explains it, ZCF comments and JP chimes in. Previously godaddy was made to have them leave. Under Bob Parsons, godaddy respected freedom of speech, but it was bought by venture capitalist firms KKR & Co. L.P. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) and Silver Lake Partners, undoubtedly motivated in part to do something about the free speech problem. The prothink network switched to 1&1 hosting, a branch of a publicly-traded corporation, which by its nature is controlled by financial corporations, and the second booting happened following this bad choice.

If they’re into game, prothink folks should switch to companies that host one of several prominent websites that are clear or suspected phony opposition, spreading out their websites over these companies instead of bringing them all under the same company. This is a win-win situation, gaming better than the oylimpics on Talmud-Vision. If they get booted while the fake opposition remains, the suspicions are confirmed. If they’re allowed to remain to protect the fake opposition, they get to keep swelling the ranks of the awakened while the owners or overseers of the web-hosting companies grumble in private.

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Support for the prothink network (,, etc.)

I wouldn’t be normally posting here at this time, but something needing the immediate attention of sincere patriots, activists, nationalists, etc. has come up, and it’s an excellent documentation of who the enemy really is.

The prothink network comprises of a group of websites dedicated to documenting the activities of, opposing and fighting our common enemy, a 4-letter word beginning with J. The people behind the prothink network are mostly young and passionate individuals, not necessarily correct on all counts, but sincere and activist, which is what matters as their heart’s in the right place and they’re doing something constructive.

The J-enemy has targeted goddady, their registrar and web host, which caved in and has given them 2 days to find another domain registrar and host [#1, #2]. Now, these individuals are advised to separate their domain registrars from web hosts, and it’s plural so that they spread out their domains and websites across different service providers.

The prothink network comprises of websites such as,,,,, etc. That their work is noteworthy can be ascertained from receiving accolades from ADL’s honcho, Abe, and zioncrimefactory having had blog after blog deleted by google and wordpress. Michael Delaney, the mastermind behind, has tirelessly campaigned, on the streets and online, to educate Americans about who really orchestrated 9/11.

Extend these fine individuals your support, which can be in the form of donations, moral support, mirroring their content, giving their case studies publicity on your blogs, offering them hosting space in the event you own a server, etc. Be advised that I have no affiliation with the prothink network.

In the event that the prothink network is down, which it most probably will be for some time, you may contact some of the key individuals [remove brackets]:

[prothink] [@] []

[zioncrimefactory] [@] []

The address to which paypal donations should be sent:

[mikedelaney6575] [@] []

Had the prothink network targeted Arabs, Nazis, Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, liberals, conservatives, feminists, or other assorted groups aside from the J-enemy, rest assured they’d not only be left unmolested, but encouraged. If the prothink network used superficial criticism of the J-enemy as cover for J-excusing and disinformation, like the typical website in the nationalist genre, they’d be left alone. But they’re the real deal. Accordingly, it isn’t difficult to determine who the enemy really is. Act against this enemy by supporting those fighting them.

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Free speech and open discussion issues

It’s been said that the halls of academia echo with the chorus of freedom of speech, but the most vociferous members of this chorus often do everything within their power to suppress it! I know of no better example than this of the uselessness of explicitly endorsing support for free speech; behavior, not what one superficially endorses, matters.

Assuming one’s inclined toward respecting freedom of speech, how does one accommodate those hostile to free speech? Suppressing the hostiles is a form of suppression of free speech, but one must suppress the hostiles in order to freely discuss the things the hostiles want suppressed. An open discussion can’t be productive if the hostiles barge in with obfuscation, lies, distortions, noise, nonsense, straw men, trolling, guilt-by-association arguments, discrediting the opponent by making assumptions and then critiquing the assumptions, exposing false information by fellow-hostiles, false dichotomies, deflecting attention from the perpetrators, directing animosity toward the victims and other foul techniques.

Getting rid of the hostiles is an easy matter if the discussion is taking place among a non-proselytising group. The hostiles can complain all they want about suppression of free speech, but the group can keep them out without explanation and without apology.

But the solution to having a productive discussion with hostiles lurking about isn’t easy when the discussion group seeks to bring naive individuals and fence sitters into the fold. Let’s look at a specific issue, the discussion of who did 9/11.


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Re: The New American Divide, by Charles Murray

[submission by Genotype]

Murray’s thesis is higher cognitive abilities lead to greater economic productivity and thus higher salaries. This is merely an update to Ayn Rand‘s update to Horatio Alger’s “rags to riches” legends.

Murray and his jewish employers at AEI have two transparent goals:

1.Describe what anyone with an IQ > 90 can see has happened and continues to happen economically.

2.Gain control of the discourse by eliminating all references to “The Other” from the universe of permitted explanations for #1.

Re: What the Top 1% of Earners Majored In

The undergrad degree data don’t support Murray’s proposed explanation for the Great Divide. Undergrad science and engineering majors that might lead to advanced science degrees are grossly underrepresented in the 1% group. They are so underrepresented that this data alone falsifies Murray’s primary explanation.

“Biology” obviously serves as a proxy for “pre-med.” Humanities majors of the kind that comprise “pre-law” curriculums are heavily over-represented. History, “economics,” and political science are obvious pre-law programs. What to make of zoology and physiology, except failure to make the cut for “pre-med”? Note that mathematics and physics are on the bottom.  Computer science and mechanical/electrical/civil engineering didn’t make the list.

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Vdare and counter-currents donations pitch

Ran into Vdare begging for donations… bizarre excuses offered.  The main one’s that the writers have families to feed and are being ostracized.  Don’t use their names!  A successful publication, The Economist, does this.  The software Vdare uses allows for custom fields, sophisticated tagging and running boolean operators on tags, facilitating arbitrary categorization and custom display of taxonomy and fields.  There’s no need for author names. 

Peter Brimelow argues for VDare’s credentials by noting that the SPLC labels it a hate group, failing to add that the credentials are of uselessness at best, controlled opposition at worst!  The SPLC pretends MR doesn’t exist.  Why?  Because many of our articles make them pee pee and poo poo… the Hell they’ll give publicity to the real deal!

Brimelow says they don’t endorse candidates, in the midst of a tacit endorsement of Ron Paul, long revealed as controlled opposition.

In a nutshell, the donations request has to be a scam.  A good way of understanding this is to look at the recent fundraising marathon at  Greg Johnson claimed a need for $25,000, for what?  The web hosting should be less than $150/yr.  Apparently he’s trying to make a living off of it.  He got this much, which makes no sense given the Alexa ranking [traffic], age [set-up mid-2010] and quality of articles unless the bulk of it came from Juden, the only logical candidate as Johnson’s doing a great job of pleasing them.  Vdare’s not to be outdone, and should have no logical reasons to beg for money, but the Juden derive perverse pleasure in milking moolah from the people they’re scamming [witness wikipedia begging for donations].  Beware of the scamsters.

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It is happening again

At Occidental Dissent.  The time before last it happened - again at Occidental Dissent - I offered Prozium (or was it Scimitar) a guest-slot at MR because he was producing some very good conservative-going-on-WN material.  Someone I respect explained privately that this had all happened before (as Fade the Butcher), and to become involved in any way with this guy would be a mistake.  But it didn’t matter because Scimitar (or was it Prozium) started Odessa Syndicate.  When it happened again at Odessa Syndicate in 2008 I expressed the hope that Scimitar-Prozium would now understand his limitations, tragic as they are, and not attempt to operate in a lead role anywhere in the future.  But he started Occidental Dissent again.  Hunter Wallace’s newly muscled, Imm-friendly, Tea Party-friendly, lets-do-politics Occidental Dissent.

I wish Hunter well, but I also wish he would respect his situation and his readers, and not put himself and them through yet another cycle of destruction.  He surely will, though.  He says he’s fine.

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Susie Green (VDARE) tells us why an Anglo-Saxon homeland or white nationalism is doomed. Is it?

Some comments on an essay by Susie Green at


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Jack Donovan: ‘manly’ suicidal faggot to the right

Do you know who Jack Donovan is?

He is a frequent contributor at “Alternative Right”, a sort of mainstream radical right site. He is also according to his on-site bio:

a poor, blue-collar man made out of muscle and blood who moonlights as an advocate for the resurgence of patriarchal, paleo-masculine values among the Men of the West. He is a contributor to The Spearhead, as well as the author of Androphilia and co-author of Blood Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance. Mr. Donovan lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

What’s this book “Androphilia”? I am not sure how to put this politely so I won’t bother to, it is a tome which suggests that masculine men should embrace homosexuality. Not that this snazzly named Androphilia is precisely the same thing of course. Here’s how a highly sympathetic interviewer characterized it:

Across the desk is a man of mien. Could be an executive, a cop, a sergeant, a professor, a tradesman, or a union boss. But let’s suppose he is a lawyer. This man is not your father. You profess to hate this man, this boss, this authority. Perhaps just as you hate your father, for the usual specific reasons. But there is work to be done, and you are confronted, or seduced, by his command presence. A spell. The man looks you in the eye, outlines the task at hand, and your role. And it is understood, somehow, even as you are bewildered by your deference. You will rise to this occasion . . .  because.

Huge difference there - gays are of course all pederasts, and Jack Donovan apparently likes mature men. ‘Cos he’s manly, you know. And butch. And…stuff like that.

When this fails, and he can’t convince masculine un-pc men to turn gay, he has another suggestion for them: suicide.



Posted by Alex Zeka on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 04:34 PM in Blogs & Blogging

Apologies for the down-time

MR was knocked off-line all day yesterday.  All I can say in our defence is that the crash was not pilot error.  The rippling effects of a new security regime put in place by our hoster were the cause.  But here we are again, and I hope we’ve seen the back of the problem.  My thanks to James for devoting so much time to it, and my apologies to all our readers for presenting them with twenty-four hours of fayre no more interesting than an error message.

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Political lies, lived lies, all that is not real

One day last week I received a mail from GT which contained a criticism of his which we know well.  “There is no merit,” he said, “in bringing the “life” approach to narcissistic, urban Internet “warriors” of paleoconservative/libertarian bent.”  Now, I have a lot of respect for GT, combative as he is, so I’ve replied in a considered form and in the context of the week’s big news in the long war for the Globality and against European Man ...

There it stands, the Big Lie of the moment: global warming is caused by our carbon emissions.  Sworn by the high priests of a new “science”, received by an owned political class, brought into the public consciousness as an article of faith insulated as far as possible from rational examination ... it is everything that interested parties need to deliver Europe’s benighted children from comfort and prosperity unto a life of need and, through need, subordination.

Interested parties?  Well, I will leave you to google “Lord Monckton” for a spotlight on the UN.  But here (pdf) is an essay titled ” Trading Emissions – Full Global Potential” and written by Simon Linnett, Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild, calling for a new legislative system to regulate emissions trading (aka “cap and trade”) and a global body, the World Environment Agency, to oversee it.  It was published by the Social Market Foundation in January 2008.

Governments must establish this legislative system, it says:

... on a “Triple L” programme – “Long, Loud and Legal”:

• Long: it is going to be around for a long time;

• Loud: it will be the dominant mechanism for sponsoring changes in behaviour and we are going to make this perfectly clear to the world’s people; and

• Legal: we will enforce it through law.

... As emissions trading expands so will its message. It could be envisaged that, across the world, each individual will come to know, when the bill comes in, exactly what the cost of turning on the gas or a light was to the environment. Perhaps individuals will gain a new appreciation of their burden on the broader world.

As mentioned in 4.1, this system whose size of allocations are based on population could act as a serious restraint on population growth, although a “release valve” might be required to allow targets to be adjusted to take account of population migration. More significant however, is the prospect that these allowances become the reserve currency of the world, taking over that role held for most of the 20th century by gold.

So emissions trading could establish a new world order for a sustainable planet.

Those three little words, which one would think people like Linnett, who move in Rothschild circles, would know better than to use in public, first appear in the Introduction to the essay:

it might be regarded to as having wider benefits than merely “saving the planet” – perhaps it might be the basis for a new world order, one that is not based on trade and/or conflict resolution – and, even:

Perhaps one can see a way to achieve this goal, through leadership, vision and some marginal and manageable renunciation of national sovereignty, how the world might just get there.

And they appear for the third and final time at the end of the section “How to get there”:


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Five more years

It is five weeks since Hunter Wallace asked a question on our 5th birthday thread that deserves a proper response.  It was this:

Any thoughts on the next five years? What direction would you like to take?

For one reason or another I let HW’s question slip down the list of things to do at MR.  But I’m going to answer it now.  It will take only a little time.

Let’s start with the admission that it takes someone very special - a lot more gifted than me - to plan and to be entirely consequent.  Generally speaking, Man just proposes, you know.  And that’s what I did back in the summer of 2004 when, with Phil Peterson as sounding board, I cooked up a blog that would not simply be another guy sounding off about this wicked old world but would model the broad right - radical, hard and traditional - and contain all its ideological tensions.

Phil and I did not - could not - know how it would be received, let alone whether any synthesis might emerge.  Neither, since it was, anyway, designed for a larger purpose than anything one might achieve through blogging, could we know what direction it would take or how long it would hold together.  It had to be free to run its course.

As most of us no doubt recall, it did not hold together.  The principle reason was that Phil and I had decided to airbrush out the JQ to allow a better chance of success, but the “harder” right would not have that!  To be precise my most respected friends wintermute and ben tillman almost immediately drove a big, fast coach and horses straight through it.  We were left with the choice, which was no choice at all, of pretending to be Larry’s pals or challenging the “soft wing” to recognise that all those awful and impolitic things WNists say about the JQ have the benefit of being fundamentally true.  Some could not deal with that.


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House Rule no 2764

DanielJ has made a very sensible observation about the tendency for outbreaks of strife on this and, as far as I can see, every other free board in our political micro-world.  In consequence, we are changing mod rules initially for a trial period of one month to see if we can eliminate the more abusive commentary which sometimes deforms MR threads.

Criticism, constructive or otherwise, remains fine - and personal criticism too.  But serious and inflammatory abuse is out.

This has always been the case here, of course.  But now the MR team, which comprises four old hands as well as myself, will remove not only the abusive comment but every entry by the miscreant on that thread.

If the word sinks in and the standard of commentary improves as expected we will relax the policy in some form - I like good and interesting but free speech.

This is the first time comment policy has been modified in MR’s history.  It does not represent a trend.  We will never go to full moderation or no comments, as some folks have suggested in the past.  Latitude and inclusiveness remain core values of this blog.

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Five years of MR

14th October marks five years since hit the net.  I guess that it has been the most interesting and stimulating five years of my life - if I overlook the bits that have pretty women and rolling cars in them.  I’ve learned a truly immense amount about the greatest issues of our, or any other, European age.  I’ve learned more here about the world around me than ever I thought I might, and at times find myself standing at the very cutting edge – Søren’s bleeding edge, in fact – of thought about our collective future.  And all this I owe to my association here with an extraordinary group of independent and creative minds, not just those who wrote the main entries but the many extraordinary people who bring their perspectives to the comment threads.  It’s been a privilege for which I am truly grateful.

I began thinking about this post months ago, and had intended it as a reprise of my favourite posts.  But in the end I found it was the people, not the words, that I wanted to commemorate.  Some, like James and JWH, are ridiculously talented.  Many more of us have to work much harder at it.  But everyone has contributed, and I think it’s important to feature a good selection of them – which I thought I would do as a timeline.  I have deliberately weighted the selection in our earlier years so there is a good range of posts with which readers will now be pretty unfamiliar.

They are by no means all seminal moments.  Some are as memorable for the threads as for the original entries.  Some just bring back good memories, like when Alex Zeka led the charge at Perry de Hapless’s nest of viporous uber-libertarians and Svi introduced us to Mr Ziv, or when Johan provided the basis for a Sunday Times Magazine investigation of the Boer Genocide.  All bring me pleasure, many pride.

Here they are:


November 14th: Johan Van Vlaams, Not just Flemish interest


February 4th: Geoff Beck, The Pace Boys

February 22nd: Matt Nuenke, Animal Rights, Humanism, and Universal Altruism

April 21st: JW Holliday (91 contributions from JWH, but I chose the least of them and the most haunting) Since history repeats …

April 23rd: Matt Nuenke, Immigration, nationalism, and our fellow travelers.

May 5th: J Richards (legendary comment-magnate – here is his second post) The self-esteem of some non-white populations

June 26th: Johan Van Vlaams The Boer Genocide

October 10th: Geoff Beck, Immigration and Taxation Voting Patterns by Race


March 7th: Alex Zeka, Samidioting

August 23rd: Svyatoslav Igorevich (with a JR addition) Oh for G-d’s sake: insane miscegenation propaganda

April 28th: Steve Edwards, Neo-nazis as government agents

November 28th: Matra The Quebecois are a nation


March 7th: James Bowery, MajorityRadio interview, Drew Fraser Part 2

March 29th: James Bowery, Genetic structure and Outbreeding Depression


January 15th:  Søren Renner, J’AIME LE NUIF

July 2nd: Alex, Crimes that our grandchildren will see


March 1st: Robert Reis, The Fundamental Flaws of the Holocaust Cult

March 14th: The Narrator, Going Home Again

March 30th: PF, What is always with us?

August 4th: Dasein, Sowing the Seeds: Powder Keg on the Baltic

September 23rd: Dan Dare, The Immigration Industry tacks into the wind

To all those not featured on the list, I had to stop somewhere!  And you’re in good company.  The most influential of JWH’s pieces on genetic interests, the most comment-inducing of JR’s work on beauty are not here.  James’ series on Ocean Frontier Fertility is not here.  Svi’s encyclopaedic cataloguing of the Duke Lacrosse flap is not here.  Søren’s classical Saturdays ...

But maybe the commentariat will rectify that.

For me, it’s time to look ahead to the next five years in which we must do more for our cause, for we have not yet done nearly enough.

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 08:16 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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Alexa Traffic Comparisons

Not that high traffic is the goal of MR, but I thought it worthwhile to extract some of the stats from Alexa, as unreliable a measure as that site is, that Wild Bill the subliminalist says evidenced my having driven readership away from MR.  Here are some other Alexa stats you may find interesting:

Posted by James Bowery on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 02:50 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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Apologies for the “no show”

We’ve been off-line with a server issue which our hosting company now seems to have put right.  There have been short outages caused by similar technical issues in the past, but this one was unusual since it produced a completely blank page - a “no show” - and lasted for something like eleven hours.  Anyhow, I can assure you that there was nothing suspicious about it, and I hope we can return to normal uninterrupted service.

My apologies for the break.

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 10:02 AM in Blogs & Blogging
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From a conversation with J Richards

As an addendum to the episode of JR’s “Scroob” post, which is now gone from the page, I am publishing the last two emails between JR and myself on the subject, plus JR’s response to criticisms he received in the thread.

First, a reply to me from JR.

Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 1:07 AM

Leaving it is better than taking it down.

Reader’s support is not the main issue.  MR attracts over 2000 readers a day.  Few of these leave comments.  Who’s telling you to take it down?  Crypto members of the tribe, those fearing that it may lead to nordic nationalist philosophy and some who haven’t understood what the hypothetical thought experiment is about.

And it’s not just about one person.  The situation is fairly generic; there are many scroob’s commenting at MR.  If there weren’t implications for the big picture, I wouldn’t bother posting on a single commentator.

The most dangerous part of it, for members of the tribe, is the list of their serious crimes that need to be exposed.  You bet members of the tribe will try to do something to not be seeing such an expose.

And the post isn’t about tribal exclusion.  It’s a thought experiment.  Let me clarify the thought experiment in a comment and see if they still have things to object to and offer rational objections.

I will shortly be preparing a response for the entry.  Trust me, it’s for the long-term good, and the path won’t be smooth.  There will be plenty of bumps along the way.

And here is my response to that.

Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 9:21 AM


Since we started this conversation yesterday I’ve had mails from other MR writers, reacting exactly as I did when I saw the post, and asking whether we are coming apart at the seams.  Some “thought experiment”!

It should be very obvious that the blog isn’t a place where hypothetical thought experiments like this can be conducted on the readership, as if it was a lab rat bred for vivisection.  I can’t stand around and watch this rat cut up and thrown away, JR.

MR exists to examine all the issues pertaining to the fate of our people - not just one.  Those issues flow as four great dynamics, like four wheels on the tumbril taking us to the Place de la Révolution.  On each wheelhub is painted a word: “Globality”, “Profit”, “Equality”, “Final Solution”.  The motives of every individual labouring in the machine of our destruction is contained in those four words.

In its very small way, MR has contributed to the understanding of that from every angle: the political, the philosophical, the scientific, and the angle of the JQ.  There is far more here than the narrow and absolutist reading of the last of those, about which you have become so passionate.  Such committment always contains a seed of destruction because it does not respect limit.  You, for example, have reached the stage of “intellectual hygeine” now, throwing to the winds people who you charge with secret attachments and agendas - not only Fred, who is my friend as you are, but others we know and countless more we don’t.

Our people will not ... can not unite behind such a view.  The inevitable effect (on intellectuals, particularly) is that they will be splintered into groups competing for attention and going nowhere.  In other words you act, honourably enough, out of a fear that our progress will be frustrated by Jewish agents.  But your zeal does the agents’ work for them!

MR is an organ of synthesis, the requisite condition for which is equilibrium.  That is the only basis for our intellectual momentum, and for attracting the able to contribute their very valuable and welcome thoughts here.  That’s what we have to maintain, even above our committment to free speech.

Since you won’t act on my requests, which was my preference rather than taking the post down myself, I will have to do it this morning.  In its place I will publish these two mails plus your comment from the thread.  It will be interesting to see what productive thoughts the thread engenders.

Kind regards,



Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 04:24 AM in Blogs & Blogging

Goldman Sachs goes after The Facts

From a real one-issue blog that I hadn’t heard of until today:-

The UK Telegraph is the only main stream media to run something about Goldman Sachs’ threat to file a lawsuit against me. That’s pretty standard for the U.S. press and media to ignore the stinky and powerful Oger in the room. In fact, the U.S. main stream media, with a few exceptions, only runs stories about Goldman Sachs that seem either written by or approved by the Goldman Sachs Public Relations Department.

Why have none of the major papers or news programs not dared to ruffle a feather at Goldman Sachs, when this company is ripe for reporting. A simple look at who comes out of Goldman and where they go is enough to make for a full length movie. In any event, here is the U.K. Telegraph article ...

And here’s the meat of the Telegraph story:-

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices. The bank has instructed Wall Street law firm Chadbourne & Parke to pursue blogger Mike Morgan, warning him in a recent cease-and-desist letter that he may face legal action if he does not close down his website.

Florida-based Mr Morgan began a blog entitled “Facts about Goldman Sachs” – the web address for which is – just a few weeks ago. In that time Mr Morgan, a registered investment adviser, has added a number of posts to the site, including one entitled “Does Goldman Sachs run the world?”. However, many of the posts relate to other Wall Street firms and issues.

According to Chadbourne & Parke’s letter, dated April 8, the bank is rattled because the site “violates several of Goldman Sachs’ intellectual property rights” and also “implies a relationship” with the bank itself.

GS is the supplier of bankers for senior federal government positions.  But it also sits at the heart of the web of global financial power.  As Mike Morgan says, “Yes, I am short Goldman Sachs stock. I believe this company is evil and should not exist. We need to begin to break up companies that have as much control over world finances as Goldman Sachs.”

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 05:13 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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A letter about Larry

I received a mail today from MR reader Bruce Graeme.  Here it is.

Lawrence Auster defines “the unprincipled exception” as:-

The unprincipled exception is a non-liberal value or assertion, not explicitly identified as non-liberal, that liberals use to escape the suicidal consequences of their own liberalism without questioning liberalism itself.

Alternatively, the unprincipled exception is a non-liberal value or assertion, not explicitly identified as non-liberal, that conservatives use to slow the advance of liberalism or to challenge some aspect of liberalism without challenging liberalism itself.

However, recently, in his post On the difficult issue of how to talk about race, Auster himself applied the liberal “unprincipled exception” in full force to challenge some aspect of racism without challenging racism itself.

He claims that “in order to defend the white race and Western civilization, we don’t need to make it sound as though race in itself is the highest value.” ... “we simply need to recognize that whiteness is an indispensable facet of what white people and Western society are and have been.”

Then he continues saying that “through all of American history until the mid 20th century, the leaders of our society frankly believed in the white race, they took it for granted that America was a white man’s country and should remain so.”

Further applying this principle he concludes: “To make the case for the preservation of the white race and white civilization plausible, it must be justified within a moral framework. When race is treated as a value in itself, it inevitably declines into cruder forms of racialism that are wrong and that will be automatically rejected.”

The problem, however, is that due to this liberal “unprincipled exception” the very definition of ‘whiteness’, has changed so much over time, that the racial quality it stands for has declined.

In the early 20th century most immigrants were not considered white (Italians, Irish, Greeks, Jews, and many others). The Immigration Act of 1924 was aimed at limiting the Southern and Eastern Europeans who were immigrating in large numbers (setting quotas on immigrants from certain European countries), as well as prohibiting the immigration of East Asia.

Whiteness implicated that one was of Northern European descent! But by applying the “unprincipled exception”, ‘whiteness’ nowadays can almost be won legally and may well result in the absorption of the “white” race by “colored” races which would actually mean a corruption of society.

By applying the “unprincipled exception”, the concept “white race” has extended so much and has become so empty of content, that - following Auster’s footsteps - it has no value any longer as a guiding factor of civilization and even implies that, ultimately, the world can be seen as only being composed of simply black and white races.

Bruce Graeme

And here is my reply:-


Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 01:44 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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A bit more work for Ian Jobling’s busy moderator - UPDATED 26.10.08

Ian Jobling put up a post two days ago at The Inverted World attacking Kevin MacDonald once again.  I thought it was about time someone put a friendly hand on Ian’s shoulder and asked him what the hell he thinks he’s up to, so I visited the thread and posted the comment below.  Because of the likelihood that it will never make the page, like one or two others on the JQ I’ve offered, I am posting it here.


What, exactly, do you think you achieve by attacking MacDonald and boosting this crude hatchet job by Lieberman?  I, along with an awful lot of others, do not understand you.  We want to.  We try.  Some of us wonder whether you have a Jewish wife and Jewish children.  Otherwise, you simply do not make sense.

Your “message” requires that the many Jewish socio-political products that are so singularly damaging to the organic life of European peoples have absolutely no ethnic dimension.  It’s all just a big accident, and nothing to do with what Nathan Abrams described in his famed JC porno article as “the tradition of subversion”.  Not only are we supposed to believe that the said socio-political products, for example:-

Classical Marxism
Revolutionary internationalism
Critical Theory
Second-wave Feminism
Second-Wave Libertarianism
Gay Rights/LBGT Rights
American Civil Rights
Human Rights
White Privilege/White Abolitionism
Agitation for open borders and mass immigration
Academic race-denial
Encouragement for white race-mixing
Exploitation of the official holocaust narrative
Israel Lobby
Internet pornography
Negative imagery of whites on film and TV
Anti-white bias in media reporting

... have no genesis in Jewish ethnic interests, but Jews have no group interests at all beyond the interests of all humanity!  Is that it, Ian?  Is that all you have been able to construe from the last century or so of European-Jewry relations?

Not good enough.  Jewish competitive ethnocentrism has to be identified or it cannot be restrained.  For, it does not moderate itself in the absence of external restraint.  In fact, the blood libel that is the exploitation of the holocaust, together with the promiscuous usage of the “anti-semite” trope, exists in large measure precisely to vitiate restraint, and to grant Jewish ethnocentrism free rein.

If you can’t acknowledge that, you are right back on Square One, chained to the spot. You are not a free-thinking man at all.  You are what Richard Dawkins described as an “extended phenotype”.  You have allowed yourself to become a vehicle for weakening and confusing the work of saving our people from dispossession and decline.  (Lieberman, by the way, denies any such exigency.)

Now, Ian, before you rush to apply to me the usual semitic soubriquet, it happens that I don’t hold the view that there is a Single Jewish Cause for our people’s woes.  I’m the goddamned moderate that you claim to be.  But I’m no Jewish extended phenotype.  It’s plain to me that we cannot free our people from their suicidal torpor if we give in to fear on this Question and tell them lies.  We cannot lie one minute to those we claim to love the next.  That isn’t how it works.

Make up your mind who and what you are, Ian.  You are needed.  You are talented.  Go to your duty.  Jewish ethnocentrism will get on fine without you.


And Ian gives his response:-


Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 06:43 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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GNXP, GNP and the golden future of elitism

Apparently, you and I are criminals.  Or possible animals.  I never got to find out which.

Yesterday at midnight in multicultural Greenwich - the Observational one, not the beatified Mr Ginsberg’s - erstwhile MR luminary JWH alerted me to a rather Sub-Condescending thread at GNXP.  Ever the sharp-eye, he had already posted on it at Western Biopolitics (which, if it isn’t already a staple read for you guys, darn well should be).  He thought I should get up to speed.

So here’s the gist.

Godless Capitalist, co-founder of GNXP and the attack-dog of South Asian cognitive elitism in the Kwa, took it upon himself to contribute to a GNXP thread on Steve Sailer’s self-promoting VDare review of Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam’s book, Grand New Party.  THE political book of 2008, apparently.  Anyway, I will return to it shortly.  First, let’s deal with gc.

Now, both Douthat and Salam - a “Bangladeshi-American” like Razib Khan - are editors at  Douthat had put up a couple of posts on Sailer’s review, the threads to both of which degenerated into the usual, pointless argument with difference-deniers and the kind of mental dross which manages to make every third word “racist”.

On July 10th Razib - he, we must presume, of the vindictive inter-racial porn link - posted a short entry headed Sailer on Grand New Party.  The thread to this post also got a bit stuck on sticking it to the racially-aware white American - but in that special GNXP way, since the Sub-Con cognitive elitist’s promulgation of human difference is what makes him cognitively elite.  In this spirit Razib unburdened himself of the under-capitalised observation that:-

i don’t think ethnic nationalism is malevolent as such. but it has been pathologized among white americans to such an extent that a disproportionate number attracted to white (as opposed to irish or scottish or whatever) identity tend to have bizarre and unattractive personalities.

Now, a dispassionate, socially scientific mind encountering this unpleasant point of view for the first time might, having established that black racial consciousness and Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism are flourishing all over, ask itself whether “ethnic nationalism” has really been pathologized, or just white racial consciousness.  And if it is the latter, why?  And by whom?

Well, by Razib and gc, for one.  Er, two.  Here’s the latter’s response to his pal:-


Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 08:04 AM in Blogs & Blogging
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Apologies for our down-time

Incompatibility is an issue somewhat at the heart of the analysis on these pages.  But incompatibility came back to haunt us on Thursday when an argument developed between an automatically updated software component and the basic system we run.  The updated component won and took us off-line.

My apologies for that, and the inordinate amount of time wasted while I looked for a solution in all the wrong places - not, I hope, a characteristic of anything else that goes on here.  Anyhow JR resolved the problem within three hours of getting involved, and here we are again.

Thanks for keeping faith with the blog.

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 05:24 AM in Blogs & Blogging
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Yours sincerely, Richard Barnbrook

Three days ago the Guardian ran some knocking copy on the Telegraph’s failure to take down London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook’s blog, which is tucked away in a distant corner of the paper’s website:-

Richard Barnbrook, the British National party’s London Assembly member, has used a blog on the Daily Telegraph’s website to blame immigrants and their sons for knife and gun crime among young people in the capital after a spate of murders.

Under the headline “Blame the immigrants”, the posting on My Telegraph, a platform which allows readers to publish their own articles, Barnbrook claims the perpetrators are protected by a government eager to secure the “Ethnic Block-Vote” and says immigrants “will not be allowed to terrorise our kids any longer”.

“I have had enough of political correctness,” he writes. “I have had enough of people being afraid to actually say what they really want to say. Yes ... it is the immigrants.” He continues: “The real crime is on the streets, and it is the young people who are being attacked every day now by knives and guns. Most of it is being done by immigrants or by the sons of immigrants who have been protected by a despicable government desperate for the Ethnic Block-Vote.”

The Telegraph defended itself by attacking the Guardian mods itchy trigger fingers.  The battle raged back and forth, effectively making it impossible for the Telegraph to take down Mr Barnbrook’s blog unless he goes completely mad.

So, what’s the quality of the material he’s posting?  Well, as yet there are only three offerings on the page.  The first, Tombstone Politics (these MyTelegraph links are very slow to load - please be patient), is a tad self-referential going on reverential.  But if refreshingly sincere is what you want, that’s what you get with this guy:-

Only the dead make the news but there are hundred who are stabbed but only just live.  Their lives are wrecked though in many cases.  This is liberalism…...these are the great values of the left…......they smoke drugs and your children get slaughtered in the streets.  It makes me sick.  It drags me down into tombstone politics when I would rather be building a better society.  It has become so normalised that people think they have to accept it.  Well I am going to change it….I am going to clean up the streets, because our society has had enough of their dirty values, their dirty ideas, and their dirty politics.

I will bring this up in the London Assembly but I doubt those Members will care.  They can’t even bring themselves to call me Richard.  Everyone is on 1st name terms except me.  For me it is Mr Barnbrook like they are talking to their Bank Manger or the man in charge….and thats just it….I am the man in charge….because I get out into the street and meet real people.  I know how awful their lives are.  I know they worry that their kids might get hacked to death for a mobile phone…..I know who people are


Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 06:50 PM in Blogs & Blogging
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