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Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment

This article is not by me. I hope it is of interest to all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment

March 4, 2008


By Brian Simpson (pseudonym)

I’ve been a supply teacher for 20 years in every subject area, K-12,  in over 200 schools and in over 1000 classrooms in a large Canadian city. I can report that the education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against males despite pretenses of “tolerance” “non violence” and “inclusiveness.”

It’s moderately common to find girls wearing anti-male, hate clothing. Slogans on T-Shirts include: “Stupid Factory: Where Boys are Made;” “BOYS ARE STUPID, THROW ROCKS AT THEM!” and (prefixed by the profile view of a handgun) “He had it comin’”

Others include “WHO NEEDS BOYS WHEN YOU HAVE CREDIT CARDS?” and “I LIKE BOYS WHO ARE SENSITIVE AND CRY, WHEN I HIT THEM;” and “MENtal Anxiety MENtal Breakdown MENstrual Cramps MENopause Did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN.”

Can you imagine if these comments were addressed at girls?


Posted by Robert Reis on Friday, March 7, 2008 at 12:06 AM in Canadian Politics
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Canadian Action Party ... seems serious

I would be interested to know what our Canadian regulars make of Connie Fogal’s civil libertarian, anti-globalist Canadian Action Party.  I’ve just been perusing their website, which is very impressive ... not least for its journalism.

Here’s the front end of a two-part feature article titled: The Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by Our Own Government.  It is informed and detailed journalism of a calibre we do not see nearly often enough.

Of course, the Party is condemned to a narrow platform because it is operating within the existing liberal political milieu, so whether the radicalism can be summoned to really change things remains to be seen.

Part One: The North American Union


The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union. Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead the union is being created by stealth, is already well on its way to fruition, and is being imposed on us by our own elected representatives and government with no opposition.

The driving force is corporate. The Chief Executive Officers of the most powerful corporations operating in the three countries want this union and have been working for some time devising their strategies and goals. Their facilitators are first, unelected officials and bureaucrats who move easily between corporations and government; second, former elected officials like John Manley , former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; third, the heads of the three nations, Martin, Bush, and Fox; and finally, the governments and the rest of the elected members who apparently just rubber stamp what is put in front of them by the unelected officials- few questions, if any asked.

The ultimate enforcement mechanism for the North American Union is a police state.

The tools for the police state are “anti-terrorist” laws which, in themselves, are a ruse to strip the citizens of civil liberties in order to prevent dissent against the police state.

The Orwellian justification is “security”, “safety”.


Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, October 1, 2007 at 07:25 AM in Canadian Politics
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“I thought Canada was a friendly country, un amigo”

Mexicans are now upset at Canada for its allegedly rough and racist treatment of Mexican arrivals.

...[F]or Mexicans such as Armando Andria, a 25-year-old systems engineer who was detained and sent back to Mexico in April of last year after flying into Toronto on vacation, the experience changed his view of Canada.

“I thought Canada was a friendly country, un amigo,” he told The Globe and Mail. “I had no idea they treated people in this way.”

On arrival at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, he was immediately accused of wanting to live permanently in Toronto.

“They accused me of lying and said I had no plans to return home,” Mr. Andria said. “They went through my suitcase and said I had a lot of clothing for a 15-day trip. They even went through all my toiletries looking for drugs. Finally, two immigration detention officers arrived, handcuffed me and took me to a detention centre, just like I was a criminal.

“I asked to be permitted to make a call and they wouldn’t let me,” Mr. Andria continued. “In the morning, two officials came back, told me I wasn’t allowed to enter Canada and must return to Mexico. They handcuffed me, put me in a van and took me back to the airport. I left at 8 p.m. that night on a flight back to Mexico City.

“I lost my vacation time and my money. I would have expected this from the U.S. but never from Canada. It would almost be better if Canada had a visa requirement for Mexicans. At least then the rules would be clearer.”

Ms. Molina, the psychologist who was sent home when she tried to visit Vancouver, has since found another way of getting together with her Canadian boyfriend. He moved to Mexico City to work and be with her. But she still hesitates to try her luck with Canada again.

“If we go visit his family,” she said, “I’m afraid they’ll do the same to me again.”

Mexicans Find A Rough Welcome Mat In Canada

But this cannot be right. According to Canadian conservatives (ie. USA fifth columnists), National Review, and Mark Steyn, Canuckistan is a wimpy, PC, Euro/UN- loving, liberal country unlike the patriotic, virile, and tough USA - “the West’s last hope”. I’m so confused!

Posted by Matra on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 02:58 PM in Canadian Politics
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The gloriously incorrect municipal stance of Herouxville in Quebec has been widely applauded on the radical right.  We have paid it too little attention.  Here, then, is a bulletin - admittedly over a week old - from which touches on all the key aspects of the case.


The tumultuous entry (now broadcast around the world) of Herouxville, Quebec into Canada’s immigration debate demonstrates the great divide that exists in Canada on the immigration issue.

On one side are the majority of Canadians who instictively feel something is wrong with Canada’s mass immigration policy (currently about 250,000 per year, the highest per capita in the world). On the other side are Canada’s mass immigration industry and its supporters (often described as a fifth column) who tell Canadians that mass immigration is wonderful.

The national and international uproar that Herouxville has caused is wildly out of proportion to its size. The town has a population of 1300 and is located in rural Quebec, about 150 km. northeast of Montreal. Most Canadian towns and cities of all sizes have passively accepted the historically high immigration levels that Canada’s federal government set for the country in 1990, but which it has never justified. In doing so, Herouxville is literally like David taking on Goliath.

In fact, the little town’s virtual “Declaration of the Rights of Canadians”, which bravely contradicts official multicultural policies, sounds almost like a call to revolution.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 05:38 PM in Canadian Politics
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Those nice compliant Asian immigrants

Discriminating on the basis of ethnicity is “UnCanadian”. At least that’s what we are told day in day out. Some Koreans don’t appear to agree with that as they are planning to have an Asian only shopping plaza in British Columbia. This article from Immigration Watch Canada probably exaggerates by referring to a “major public furor” as there are few newspaper articles about it. But it needs to be read by those who say hard working Asian immigrants with their low crime rates are desirable.

A case of alleged blatant reverse racism has caused a major public furor in the Greater Vancouver area. Long-ignored by many in the media, but long-endured by many in Canada’s host population, reverse racism has struck lease-holders in a 12-business strip mall in Surrey, British Columbia.

The strip mall was purchased in late July by H-Mart, a Korean grocery business catering to Korean immigrant shoppers. Three long-term businesses, which have been in the mall from 10 to 25 years, have been told to move——allegedly to make way for Korean businesses .

John Pook of Peter Pook Insurance, which has been in business for 50 years and has operated in the mall for 25 years, was shocked when he was told he had to vacate within three months. The Province, a B.C. daily, quotes Mr Pook as saying: “I had a verbal agreement with the previous owner and I just expected we would be staying. They’re making this into an Asian shopping plaza and I guess we don’t fit the bill.”

Rose Farrell, owner of Colour Tech II Hair Studio, has also been forced to move. She has been in the mall for 10 years. Ms. Farrell had done extensive renovations to her shop, but the terms of her lease state that she must leave fixtures such as expensive sinks in the shop when she leaves.

Ms. Farrell learned today that the mall owners are trying to discredit her protests by saying that she was late in paying her last month’s rent. She fears that this tactic will lessen her chance to find a new location.

A third lease-holder, Ms. Lynn Wallace, owner of Frames West (a picture framing store), has said that in order to stay at her location, she offered to hire a Korean salesperson and to display Asian art work. Ms. Wallace has also said that she took the very unusual step of offering to pay the new mall owners $100,000 in advance rent (to 2009), but the owners refused.

Mr. Pook has said that he too would have been willing to pay more to remain in the location.

Both Mr. Pook and Ms. Farrell have said that the decision to evict them is not business-based, as the new owner is claiming, but race-based.

Ms. Wallace, who has been at the strip-mall location for 24 years, has characterized the treatment she has received from the new owner as “unfair”. Her greatest fear is that the new owners will put an Asian frame shop into her current location, that her present customers might not notice and that her old customers might transfer their business to the new Asian owners.

Ms. Wallace has found a new location, but will have to invest $25,000 to $30,000 to bring the new premises up to her current shop’s standards.

Mr. Pook has said he has found a new location around the corner, but Ms. Farrell has not yet found a new place for her business.

The termination of the leases are galling to all three lease-holders. Mr. Pook has heard that a Korean-owned insurance business will move into the space he vacates. Ms. Farrell has been told by an informed realtor that a Korean-owned hair stylist business has been recruited to replace her business in the mall and that the new tenant will inherit the equipment she is obligated to leave behind. Ms. Wallace has been told that a Korean framing business will move into her current location.

Several of the other eight lease-holders in the mall are Korean. The leases for the remaining non-Korean businesses in the mall have not come up for renewal. However, one of the evicted lease-holders has said that the leases of the non-Korean businesses will probaly not be renewed and that the owners’ plan is to make the strip mall all Korean.

Adam Frizell, the broker who oversaw the deal, has confirmed the speculation. He is quoted in The Province newspaper as saying that H-Mart “hopes to lease out some of the buildings to ‘complementary businesses of an Asian nature’ “. Ironically, Mr. Frizell told Ms. Farrell today that he had been fired and replaced by an Asian broker.

It is speculated that Mr. Frizell’s frank revelations to the press about the owners’ future intentions were the reason for his firing.

The only mainstream press story about this seems to be this from the Vancouver province. In it it is claimed that some Canadians are calling for boycotts of Asian stores - good luck finding a corner store not owned by Asians.


Posted by Matra on Friday, October 6, 2006 at 03:41 PM in Canadian Politics
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Jews and the Conservative Party of Canada

A week or so ago when John Ray was arguing that Jews vote against their EGI I made a few comments regarding Canadian Jews - starting here. Some prominent Canadian Jews - life-long Liberal Party supporters and fundraisers - have announced they’ll be switching to Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party due to the latter’s tough stand against Hamas and Hezbollah. Here are excerpts from a Toronto Star article with some comments.

David Gelberman has thought of himself as a Liberal his whole life, but that has changed, he declares, because of the Prime Minister. “Thank God for Stephen Harper,” says Gelberman, 57, his eyes fixed on the television news from Israel.

“It’s about time someone had some cojones. Most other politicians are wishy-washy.”

Actually Harper is wishy-washy when it comes to defending traditional values against feminists, homosexuals, ethnic minorities, and violent criminals but I doubt life-long Liberals like Gelberman care much about such matters.

There are enthusiastic nods from his customers, smoked meat sandwiches in hand, at Wolfie’s Deli, on Sheppard Ave., which Gelberman runs with his wife Gila and father-in-law Wolf Zimmerman. “I was always a Liberal,” says Gelberman, looking natty in a straw hat, black shirt and gold jewellery. “I was only a Liberal. Will this affect the way I vote? Absolutely. I will vote Tory from now on.”

More nods from the men at the table where he has joined in the conversation. Harper is not so scary, says a customer named Joseph (he declines to give his last name), who organizes trade shows. He too, has been a Liberal supporter. “But I’m going to change that.”

“Harper is not so scary” to Jews because he shows few signs of promoting the interests of traditional Anglo-Saxon Canadians.

Harper made his pro-Israel views known quickly, issuing a statement the day after Israel sent its forces into Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Liberals’ perspective remained unclear. Five days passed before interim Liberal leader Bill Graham said the government’s position was a “grave error,” one that threatened Canada’s reputation as a peace broker and mediator. Leadership candidates offered a range of opinions.

In the meantime, high-profile Jewish Liberals, including Onex Corp. President Gerry Schwartz, his wife, Indigo Books & Music CEO Heather Reisman, and film producer Robert Lantos, publicly expressed support for Harper’s stance and, in the case of the latter two, tore up their party membership cards, if not in fact, then in their minds.

At a July 26 rally in Toronto to support Israel, Lantos received a standing ovation when he thanked Harper for his government’s “principled support” and said he was tossing off his “lifelong federal Liberal hat.”

Still no sign of Jews caring about their EGI. smile


Posted by Matra on Monday, August 21, 2006 at 05:55 PM in Canadian Politics
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Canada rejects amnesty for illegals

The Toronto Star is reporting that Canada’s Immigration Minister Monte Solberg will not follow the likely path of the US and issue an amnesty for the estimated 200,000 illegal aliens in the country:

Solberg bluntly rejected the U.S. proposal as a solution for Canada, saying that letting illegal workers remain in this country would send the signal that it’s okay to slip in the back door.

“The ideal, of course, is for people to play by the rules and to get in line like everyone else is forced to do,” he said after a cabinet meeting.

“If we don’t emphasize that . . . you are sending the message that the way to get in here quickly is to come illegally. We don’t want to send that message,” he said. A U.S. Senate panel just this week approved sweeping election-year legislation that clears the way for 11 million illegal aliens to apply for citizenship without first having to return home.

“We’re not looking at the American model,” he said. “We have our own ideas on that.”

In recent days many illegal aliens, mostly Portuguese, have been deported causing concern, and a few demonstrations, in some ethnic communities.

Canada is, of course, renowned for its political correctness - the Conservative minority government is planning to speed up the immigration application processs and to cut the landing fee. But the rejection of an amnesty, the on-going deportations, not to mention the basic respect shown for the law are more than the supposedly hard line right wing US Republicans are likely to manage. Yet US conservatives never tire of making fun of multicultural “socialist” Canuckistan!


Posted by Matra on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 05:33 PM in Canadian Politics
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Election day in Canada

If the polls are right the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader, Stephen Harper, will be the next prime minister. As good as it would be to see the back of the corrupt Liberal Party Harper becoming PM is nothing to get excited about. Harper has jettisoned most of the conservative agenda of the old Reform Party, including it’s social conservatism and opposition to multiculturalism. 

Last year I pointed out here that it was virtually impossible for the CPC to get elected in areas with a sizeable ethnic minority vote as the Tories are seen as the party of white traditional Anglo Canada. Well, the party has certainly tried to change that! They’ve gone all out to court the minority vote with loads of ethnic candidates and lots of bragging about how it was the original Progressive Conservatives (an ancestor of the CPC) who made Canada officially multicultural in the 1980s.


Posted by Matra on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 07:48 PM in Canadian Politics
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The baffling violence of Toronto’s “youth”

The annual “Boxing Day Blowout” got a whole new meaning in Toronto on Monday when an innocent 15 year old girl was shot dead and six others wounded during a shootout between rival “youths”.  With shooting homocides nearly doubling this year it’s not that unusual to be shot dead in Toronto, however, this happened outside the city’s top tourist destination, the Eaton Centre - Toronto’s “Times Square” - on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  Everyone is shocked, disturbed, and, apparently, baffled by the rise in gun violence in “Toronto the Good”.

Fortunately, there are politicians, social workers, columnists, and various other experts happy to pitch in with their suggestions explaining why Canada’s largest city is changing.

David Miller, the city’s touchy feely mayor, claims that in addition to gun shop robberies the Americans are to blame. Perish the obviously racist thought that he’s referring to the expansion of the Bloods and Crips into Canada.


Posted by Matra on Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at 08:50 PM in Canadian Politics

1885 Chinese Head Tax an issue in Canadian elections

Some conservatives say the Chinese are immigrants we can live with. They work hard, are relatively law abiding, and they seek to conform and avoid confrontation with their hosts, right? Well, not so fast.

A $500 head tax imposed by the Canadian government on Chinese immigrants between 1885 and 1923 has become a major issue to many Chinese during the on-going general election campaign.  Given that the Chinese are the largest single “visible minority” group in Canada that means some politicians are ready to, uh, kowtow to them.


Posted by Matra on Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 04:20 PM in Canadian Politics
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Who need not apply?

On Saturday it was revealed that the Deputy Minister for Public Works in Canada, David Marshall, had placed a temporary ban on the hiring of able-bodied, white men.

The reason Mr Marshall gave for the employment ban on white men was to make sure that the public service was “representative” and inclusive of “disadvantaged groups” such as women, visible minorities, aboriginals and the disabled.

But the fact is that the representation of women, aboriginal people and the disabled in government employment is already greater than in the Canadian workforce as a whole. Only visible minorities are less well respresented in the public service, and only by a small margin (7.8% compared to 10.4%).


Posted by Guest Blogger on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 06:51 AM in Canadian Politics
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Segregation the big idea with Black Canadians

Yesterday, MR reader Ed Derbyshire sent me a Toronto Star article about a truly surreal response from leading black activists in Toronto to the wave of gun crime in the city.

“We know what we need. We live it. We attend the funerals. We deal with the drop-outs and the children expelled from school.  As it stands now, our communities are, in many ways, being destroyed.”

Gun deaths have ravaged Toronto’s black community more than ever this summer.  Out of more than 60 homicides this year, a record 41 have involved a firearm.  Black community leaders say “90 per cent” have involved blacks.

Wow, you’re thinking.  They’ve understood.  Finally.  What a tragedy it’s taken so many lost and broken lives to drive the point home.


, stone me, they’re even talking about segregation!

But no.  Not really.  Reading on we discover that:-


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, October 9, 2005 at 06:11 PM in Canadian Politics
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