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Golden Dawn - the latest

George at Golden Dawn New York has issued a statement (by podcast) on the Baltakos Affair, which I will come to in a moment.  First, the background.

Baltakos was a close aide of Antonis Samaras, who appointed him to the post of government general secretary in June 2012.  He is identified with the right-wing of New Democracy, and is said to have led opposition within the party to the crackdown on Golden Dawn, at least up to the December 2013 murder of the “anti-racist rapper” Pavlos Fyssas (which the Greek government used as a pretext to attack GD).

Six months ago Baltakos initiated a series of conversations with Golden Dawn - he says now, to gain their trust and extract information from them.  But the information flow appears to have been in the opposite direction.  A video has been posted by the impressive Ilias Kasidiaris, the GD member of parliament and Athens mayoral candidate,  showing Baltakos explaining to him, Kasidiaris, how, why and by whom the decision to crackdown on GD was taken.  It is a seismic political confession.  Baltakos has been forced to resign.  He now says he expects other “damaging” releases from GD to follow.

A translation by EnetEnglish of the Baltakos confession follows:


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The True and Necessary Post-Modern Turn for White Nationalism - In Response to Dugin

If he could see his birthplace of Rotterdam today


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Genocidal criminals, their deceptive arguments behind EU immigration policy called to account


Nick Griffin addresses EU Parliament, calling to account criminals behind EU immigration policy and their deceptive terms:


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Pravy Sektor, from out of Ukraine ...

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Pravy Sektor, Ukraine’s soldiers of the revolution

Reports of the grave escalation of violence in Kiev’s iconic Independence Square, the Maidan, have contained references to “hard-line” and “neo-nazi” nationalists manning the barricades against assault by the riot police, and acting as the military wing of the protest.  These guys are operating under an umbrella group named Pravy Sektor (Right Sector).  Nationalists in the West have become accustomed to viewing Putin’s Russia both as a bulwark against the expansionism of the European Union and a proponent of traditional Russian values against the bromides of Western liberty and decadence.  But Ukraine has its folk memories of the decades of Soviet rule ... of the Holodomir ... of the young men conscripted into the Red Army to be cannon fodder for the Wehrmacht ... of the arrests and deportations and disappearances into the gulag system ... of Chernobyl.  The nationalist movement wants neither a Ukrainian future in the arms of Russia nor the European Union, and it is supplying men to fight for that right now in the Maidan at the cost of their liberty and, for some, their lives.

In no particular order here are a few passages from press articles that have appeared over the last few weeks about these “hard-liners” and “neo-nazis”.  Their thinking seems clear and their instincts pretty good to me.

From The Guardian:

Pravy Sektor, a murky grouping of nationalist and far-right groups, has said it is co-ordinating the violence, and the coalition represents very different ideals from the initial protest goal of closer links with the European Union.

Andriy Tarasenko, one of Pravy Sektor’s co-ordinators, agreed to meet the Guardian in a cafe in central Kiev. Wearing a rollneck jumper and with a quiet voice, he seemed a far cry from the warriors on the street, but his message was clear.

“For us, Europe is not an issue, in fact joining with Europe would be the death of Ukraine. Europe means the death of the nation state and the death of Christianity. We want a Ukraine for Ukrainians, run by Ukrainians, and not serving the interests of others.”

Tarasenko said the goal of the group was a “national revolution” that would result in a “national democracy” with none of the trappings of the “totalitarian liberalism” that the EU represents for him.

...  it is clear that the popularity of Pravy Sektor is growing and that many of those lobbing molotov cocktails and preparing for all-out battle are influenced by their ideas.

Tarasenko said it was hard to say how many active members of Pravy Sektor there were, but noted that its page on the social network Vkontakte had more than 50,000 members. On the barricades, “hundreds are quickly turning into thousands”, he claimed.

... Pravy Sektor says that if Yanukovych does not resign, he should be forced out.

“We would give him and his family 24 hours to leave the country, or there would be a revolutionary tribunal,” said Tarasenko. Asked what he thought the most likely medium-term outcome of the clashes would be, he said: “Prolonged guerrilla warfare.”


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The sound of Golden Dawn’s support

Golden Dawn New York’s website has a post of video interviews with Greeks at a Golden Dawn food distribution in Athens (before Christmas, by the sound of it).  It is humbling to hear their righteous anger and expressions of faith in the only party that is fighting for them.

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You and I in Identity and Agency Creation


For those who might be put-off, initially or even ultimately, by the subject matter discussed here, I would refer to that old adage, that “if all you know well is one thing, then you really don’t even know that very well.”

Part 3 of the analysis of

John Shotter’s “Social Accountability and the Social Construction of ‘You”


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Negotiating Problems of Conventional and Non-Standard Grammar of European Identity

The most fundamental questions of who we are and how we might organize in our defense has a cogent, preliminary answer outlined by the Euro-DNA Nation 

We organize our identity as advocates of our people, who are of indigenous European descent, for the maintenance of our distinct genus on the whole and in the maintenance of our distinct species as well.

The very act of participating in the Euro-DNA Nation establishes a degree of merit to individuals as worthy members from the onset: This person is willing to undertake a minimal act in essential distinction of themselves and their group in flight or fight for the defense of European types.

There are additional qualities that need to be drawn-out by means of criteria other than genetics, of course. For example, Bowery might seek demonstrations of particular skills to confirm the type that he is looking for in his particular community. Lister would be correct to look for additional criteria beyond genetics and so on. These particular qualitative concerns are provided for in the Euro-DNA Nation as well.

We may hypothesize and verify that we do have a definition of White/European Nationalisms which can move easily in consensus, neither yielding to slobs or snobs.

Although there is some confusion over what constitutes White/European Nationalism by way of slobs and snobs, there is a de facto consensus that all people of indigenous European parentage, including Russians, are valid members. With that, there is a normal provision that the various kinds of Europeans ought to be able to maintain their distinct demographics and not have them blended away, not even with other European types. This normal provision protects against the slobs, those who cannot see the depth and importance of European differences from one another and in some of their slovenly cases, not even seeing difference from non-Europeans. It also protects against snobbish definitions of White, which would deny the overwhelming Europeanness or the value of some European kinds; in this case again, they are not seeing or acknowledging a difference that makes a difference from non-Europeans. Their concerns that some patterns among those others which are unlike theirs and not distinctly European might damage their kind if integrated, are alleviated by the human ecological accountability of the particular national and subnational bounds.

Thus, by maintaining national, regional and communal differences and values we may handle concerns of the snobs and the slobs. The snobs, those who do not really care for certain native Europeans, not recognizing them as a part of “us”, may be placated by the fact that borders with these groups that they do not particularly care for are maintained. They have the means to stem limitless blending away. Therefore, they do not need to throw these people overboard along with the non-Europeans. On the other hand, the slobs, people who have a tendency to be lax in recognizing the differences between Europeans or even worse, from non-Europeans, are, by the means of these national, regional and communal accountabilities, also prevented from going too far.

This framework allows for more and less pure alike, it maintains both genus and species of Europeans and thus provides a crucial basis that in theory might serve organizational grounds for our identity, its defense and expanse, even, into new territories.



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True Belarusian nationalism and its history have been opaque to westerners. The process of its true nationalism becoming opaque along with its struggle for revival may be instructive - and particularly if successful, useful for purposes of WN cooperation.

Still, “Western values” may creep-in through lack of bounds South and East as well..



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Griffin in Russia

I thought Nick Griffin did a good job, indeed quite a brave and provocative one, in this fifteen minute speech to a Moscow audience last week.  It isn’t often that even nationalist politicians will speak up for the disgracefully and cruelly persecuted historical revisionists such as Zundel and Mahler.  Pity he didn’t do quite so well when he was ambushed by the Jewish youth on BBC Question Time in October 2009.

Anyhow, here is Griffin’s speech in the Slavinskaja Hall, Moscow.  With him on the dais were:

... former Italian MEP Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova (seated second to Mr Griffin’s left). Also speaking are Golden Dawn MP Artemios Matthaioploulos (centre), and the Russian lawyer and long-standing nationalist and Christian rights activist Mikhail Kuznetsov (standing, with medals).

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Ethnocracy, Sortocracy and the Euro-DNA Nation

The Euro-DNA Nation confronts the Wall Street Wolf

Coordinating three profound concerns of European peoples.


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Murder in Athens

Here is the official statement by George of Golden Dawn’s New York division about the murders of two GD members outside the party’s Athens offices yesterday evening.

From the Guardian article:

Crisis-plagued Greece was thrown into further turmoil on Friday after two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party were shot dead in what police called a “terrorist attack” outside one of the organisation’s offices in Athens.

Two men, described as a 20 and 23-year-old, died instantly in the drive-by shooting, according to a statement released by the extremist group.

“Two helmeted terrorists on a motorbike stopped in front of Golden Dawn’s offices in [the northern Athens suburb of] Neo Iraklio while the office was open and a lot of people were [gathered around] its entrance,” said the party.

“The co-rider got off [the bike] and in cold blood executed two young men at a distance of about half a metre. Before leaving the terrorists fired again … they literally emptied their weapons [of bullets] on top of them.”

A third Golden Dawn member, identified as a 29-year-old father of one, was fighting for his life in an Athens hospital after being severely injured in the hail of gunfire.

“His situation is very critical,” the country’s health minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV.

Police said the attack, conducted with an MB5 machine gun, bore all the hallmarks of a well-organised terrorist operation although government officials insisted they were not ruling out any scenario.

And the singing of the the Greek national anthem on the evening of 2nd November at the memorial to the fallen,Giorgos Foudoulis and Manos Kapeloni :

I shall always recognize you
by the dreadful sword you hold
as the Earth with searching vision
you survey with spirit bold

From the Greeks of old whose dying
brought to life and spirit free
now with ancient valour rising
let us hail you, oh Liberty!

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Nazism As Overstated Premise of White Nationalism and False Either/Or

Border changes after World War II

It is a particularly important preliminary note that there is virtually nobody here who had anything to do with events of World War II. That fact is most relevant. Under that rubric, let us begin:

Hitler and Nazism as an overstated premise in representation of White/European nationalism; and Hitler and Nazism or the international Jew as false either/or.


Working hypotheses will be advanced

as to why these logical fallacies are being adopted despite their apparent obviousness;

how they are mistaken;

and remedies will be proposed in cooperative nationalism.

Statements will be set out as hypotheses to allow for efficient positioning of historical viewpoints as they emerge practical in argumentative service of cooperative European nationalism. In addition to the practical efficiency of hypotheses for unburdening detail, the modesty of unfinished claims is meant to facilitate participation from the commentariat to elaborate, correct and amend the hypotheses - i.e., to make optimal use of Majority Rights discussion format.

* Note: in comment number 2, I erred in grammatical present tense when discussing Brelsau (Wroclaw). Which, according to the Treaty of Versailles and through World War II, remained German. There would have been no good argument to that point in time for its not being German.



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Et maintenant, les bonnes nouvelles

While ethnic nationalism is so weak in Britain, and many nationalists are weighing up whether UKIP is a cause for strategic support, in France prospects are bright - particularly for the European Parliament elections which will be held in May 2014.

From the DT today:

France’s far-Right FN party tops polls ahead of EU elections
A new opinion poll says that France’s National Front party could be set for a major electoral breakthrough in next May´s elections to the European Parliament

After winning 6.4 million votes in last year’s French presidential vote, the far right National Front (FN) party could be set for another major step towards the political mainstream in next May´s elections to the European Parliament, a new opinion poll said.

One in four of the 1,893 voters questioned for the Ifop survey said they will vote for the anti-Muslim party led by Marine Le Pen that wants to radically curb immigration, pull France out of the euro and reinstate border controls.

The conservative UMP, the party of ex-president Nicolas Sarzoky, scored 22 percent against the FN’s 24 percent, while President Francois Hollande’s ruling Socialists came third with 19 percent, according to the poll published in the Nouvel Observateur magazine.

Ifop said it was the first time in French political history that the FN has been in the lead in a poll on voting intentions for a national vote.

“The French are showing a wish to take their destiny into their hands and give back their country its sovereignty,” said FN secretary general Steeve Briois, whose party took just 6.34 percent of the vote at the last European-wide elections in 2009.

The original article in Nouvelle Observateur is here.  It makes it plain that of the major parties only FN is growing support at this time.  It is coming from the elderly, the working-class, and the failing support of Hollande’s Socialists.  The other parties are protecting themselves for the moment by forming blocs of the left and right, holding around a third of the vote a piece.  But the poll company predicts that FN will not be held back.  It will emerge not as a force generating mere political disturbance, as in the past, but as one breaking the mold of a tired and failing system.

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From the English-language website of Golden Dawn

For those with concerns about the survival of Golden Dawn, a comment which appeared today on the party’s American website might offer some considerable encouragement.  The opinion piece to which it was appended concerned an independent poll of 43,000 Greeks in which GD attracted 18.9% support and ran all but Syriza into the dust:

Syriza 29.7%
Golden Dawn 18.9%
New Democracy 18%
PASOK 8.7%
KKE 6.6%
Independent Greeks 5%
Democratic Left 3%

But one commenter named Sebastian offered an uplifting and more detailed appraisal which I thought deserved a wider audience:

This is even more meaningful than the numbers themselves. Do not forget Golden Dawn is under a systematic barrage of anti-propaganda, lies and misinformation both nationally and internationaly. Their leader is in jail and there’s a quango “judicial process” on the books against the party. A lot of Greeks, and even more non-Greeks are only getting distorted, lying info about GD.

Yet, YET! Despite all of this, factors that would seem like unsurmountable odds for any political force, GD is coming down on 2nd place.

Imagine for one moment…if Golden Dawn was allowed to compete on the public political arena on equal terms, under a just, fair and unbiased media intent just on reporting facts as they are, rather than being tools of the current system.

Does *anyone* here doubt Golden Dawn would be number 1? And by how many vantage points?

Please realize the true importance of this, and what it means for other European nations that do not yet have a visible nationalistic movement. We in the West live in the most well-organized, well-funded, technological advanced form of soft Orwellian tyranny the planet has ever seen. Every great tyrant and oppressor in human history would foam at the mouth.

Yet, a group of Greek nationalists, faced with these behemoths, are making them quiver in fear and winning against them, even when the rules of the game are changed to stack the play-board against them.

The desperation of the system, both the Greek one and the European Superstate is so obvious, so visible and palpable you can’t help but smile upon seeing it.

I think we are witnessing the Crossing of the Rubicon. As of now there is no turning back, GD is here to stay and is growing. The system can not destroy the party with destroying the tattered illusion of legitimacy it still clings to. Even if the enemy was to hunt all GD member and supporter and vaporize them, the ideals would remain. But “democracy” would have eaten itself and the backlash could be even a civil war. The mask of “liberal democracv”, long rotten and cracked, is falling away as we speak and showing the BEAST that lurks underneath. Even some acolytes of the system, not the evil malicious ones but the duped, useful idiot stooges that have been indoctrinated to believe deeply in the lies, are coming out in condemnation of their Lords & Masters shoving aside their holy “democratic” ideals for expediency and for holding on to power like hungry leeches.

We live in a political paradox that can not last forever and will not last that much longer. “Tyrannos” now rule a system of “Dēmokratia”, the forces inherent in the system pull each other apart, the center cannot hold, the whole edifice is beginning to collapse. According to the current brainwashing propaganda, repeated and crammed into our Western heads for the earliest age, the foundational stone of the “great” system we call “Democracy” is that when the Dēmos decides the rulers have to concede their Krateō to someone else, it will be so. The leader needs permission to rule and rules only by consent.

But our “leaders” are just stooges to moneyed interests and outside aliens. They are simply puppets addicted to money, to power, to prestige, to their own egos and to the ability of telling others what to do (and to sex and drugs too more often than not).

These creatures, if they had enough humanity to be considered human, could concede gracefully and step down from their positions when it is clear their subjects do not want them. In their own manner they fought the good fight, they lorded it over for many decades but now their time has run its course. Just like the God-Kings of old, the medieval Feudal Lords and the post-renaissance Absolute Monarchs they are now obsolete. They are no longer needed. They are no longer wanted. They stand now only as a flimsy dam against the marching tide of history.

They know it.

We know it.

But they will not concede. They will not give up gracefully. They will not accept Fate.

They will cling, by hook and crook, to their power and money. They will latch on to the corridors and seats of political power even if it leads to their nations being ripped apart and their people suffering. They will fluster and buster and spout and foam with faux righteous indignation at their adversaries and at what is coming and is right, fair, just and needed. They will break each and every rule, law and ideal they pretended to hold dear. They will order their hounds, who by then will be reduced in number, to be unleashed to crack down on the populace to force them into obedience when all arguments fail (because there was never nothing to argument about in the first place) and only brute force remains.

King Louis XIV of France had the words “Ultima Ratio Regum” (last argument of kings) inscribed upon the canons of his army. Political power is force, it is directed violence and the threat of aggression against those that do not follow the rules.

They all know it.

We all know it.

And Gold Dawn knows it.

And *that* is why the kings of our current age will begin to fall. Because despite all their efforts, all their propaganda, and their cultural marxism, all their post-modern, anti-human and anti-Folk ideas they have foisted upon the brains of several generations of European children the Man of the West is still here, and my oh my he is really pissed off! He follows rules and laws, but demands they are fair, legitimate, just and sensible; He is honorable but he is not naive; He respects rightful authority but he is not and will never be a slave; He detests senseless violence and destruction but he is not afraid to fight if called upon; He is gifted with deep patience, almost self-mortification even, but when a certain line is crossed his full fury begins to be unleashed; and when that happens the consequences make the world quiver and drain the blood from the faces of the enemy. Like a mountainous giant he is ponderous to rise, and ignores or accepts many minor bards and darts…but beware! For when He is fully risen and strides the lands, the Earth trembles.

To put it succinctly, the system had deluded itself into to thinking the Man of the West had no fight left in him. Now as he rises his fist in righteous anger, knowing his enemy and driven by relentless purpose; they *fear* him.

Oh…how they do fear him. And what joy it is to witness their dread!

Thus this supported in Iberia, says from the depths of his heart:

Νίκη για την Χρυσή Αυγή!

Victory to Golden Dawn!

May they be the inspiration for other Europeans to follow!


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Génération Identitaire Occupies Socialist Party Headquarters Paris

It put a smile on my face, anyway.

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We are Génération Identitaire

Something is stirring in France, and its name is Génération Identitaire:


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Breivik and the future

From the moment the bereaved families challenged the psychological diagnosis of Anders Breivik as a paranoid schizophrenic with active psychosis, there was never really any doubt that he would be found criminally accountable (ie, sane in our parlance) for his deeds in Oslo and on the island of Utøya on 22nd July 2011.

The court’s order to re-assess Breivik, with the result that he was diagnosed as suffering “only” from narcissistic anti-social personality disorder, satisfied the Establishment, the families, the Norwegian public, and Breivik himself.  The latter’s greatest fear was to be committed to a mental institution and have his actions put down to psychosis and his stated causes and goals written off as the logic of a madman.

But the court’s declaration of Breivik’s sanity put an end to that and re-focussed proceedings on his politics, and that, of course, does a grave disservice to the cause of the Norwegian life.  The judge herself said, “Breivik’s views are not a sign of madness but consistent with extreme political views,” as if the natural, normal, healthy, moral desire that Norway’s people must not be colonised and replaced by racial aliens is “extreme”.

It seems likely, however, that, far from making a shock wave that will loose an avalanche of “nationalist” violence, Breivik will simply disappear into his secure prison cell, and be lost to view.  The memory of his sad, stubborn little salutes and his blushes at the mention of “Knights Templar” and “justiciar knights” will occasion only contempt and loathing, and Norway will move on.  That is certainly what Norwegians hope, nationalists among them.

Meanwhile, membership of the Labour Party youth wing, which was the organiser of the Utøya summer camp attacked by Breivik, increased during the last year from 9,600 to 14,000.

Most of that increase was likely driven by the Rose Marches that followed the attacks, and the feeling of national unity that was generated by them.  But that has ebbed away and the realities of division and discontent that were there before 22nd July 2011 are exposed once again.  Norway’s population increased by 1.3% in 2011, one of the highest rates in Europe.  Net immigration accounted for 71% of growth, but this figure is deceptive because Norway’s oil-rich economy has sucked in as many European-descended professionals and skilled workers as it has racial aliens.  The proportion of the population that is racially alien is very likely not less than 7.5%.  Grønland, east of the Akerselva river which runs through Oslo, is already as good as lost.

Politically, Norway has the small-c conservative Progress Party, to which Breivik belonged before his radicalisation.  It is sceptical about multiculturalism but not opposed to immigration.  It is a dog in the nationalist manger, like all such respectably culturist and assimilationist mainstream parties.  In the immediate aftermath of the attacks even a party with such a weak-tea platform suffered a loss of membership.  But it has clawed it back since, and appears to be advancing further.

An authentic Norwegian nationalism is impossible to advance, of course, crushed as it is between the Progress Party and Breivik’s murderousness.

As for the rest of us, well, nationalism found some respite from association with Breivik in his original diagnosis, as well as in the scarcely nationalist Christian Zionist anti-jihadism he espoused.  As someone who spends a fair amount of time on newspaper threads arguing the case for the European life, I encountered few references to the Utøya massacre beyond the immediate aftermath.  Now the court has tied Breivik to the motives of every nationalist, there will likely be a longer tail to the damage he has done.

But that, too, will pass. The horror of Breivik is receding, and just as Norwegians cannot hide from the realities of the world their politicians are creating, neither can any of us.  Nationalists remain the only political actors with a true heart and a true analysis.

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First anniversary of the Norway commemoration of the King David Hotel bombing

On 22 July, 2011, Israel commemorated the 65th anniversary of the King David Hotel’s bombing in Palestine, by exploding bombs in Oslo, killing 8, and shooting dead 69 on Utøya Island. Israelis picked Norway for the celebrations because she had increasingly become sympathetic toward Muslims and in favor of a Palestinian State. Professor Ola Tunander concurred that only a State-level entity equivalent has the capability of pulling off such an operation, and this wouldn’t be the Norwegian administration slaughtering relatives on Utøya Island. Tunander knows Israel did it, but to avoid the heat, hinted at it, saying that some have suggested it was Israel’s handiwork. Given Tunander’s academic credentials, the mainstream media decided to keep Tunander’s analysis and the Israeli condemnation of it out of the Anglosphere.

At first it wasn’t clear whether the mysterious individual blamed for the attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, was a scapegoat or patsy. But the cues were there though overlooked by many. One clue was Anders Breivik’s amazing beard, capable of changing within seconds.

Anders Breivik beard
Source of these pictures. You know it’s not lighting. Breivik was all smiles for the cameras, in sharp contrast to his being camera shy on 22 July, 2011, when he evaded being filmed on CCTV all the way through his hours-long drive to the seat of the government and then to Utøya Island, and he also managed to avoid being captured on any of the hundreds of cell phones on Utøya Island.


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Just before the Golden Dawn: Two American White Nationalists on holiday in Greece - Part 3

by Karl LaForce

Laundry, Intimidation, and Divine Retribution. Wednesday 28 March 2012

My extensive travelling experience has taught me that when it comes to hotel laundry service there are only two types of hotels; those that let you do your laundry yourself, and those which charge too much for laundry service. Our hotel was the latter. As my travelling partner and I are both working-class people, we stuffed our clothes into a laundry bag, got the address of a few laundry mats off the Internet, and took off in search of clean clothes.

Our car had a GPS with an English-accent female voice (“whom” we had taken to calling Penny).  Penny led us to a packed street market with no car traffic and many vendors selling vegetables, fish, small grocery items and flowers. We parked our car at the closest spot we could find, about 500 meters from our destination. As we walked through the crowded street market, our education continued.

Here we found an immigrant stronghold. Immigrant-run tables were two to one for every Greek-run table. The press of the crowd led us to cross the street, walking on the sidewalk or the street as required. My travelling partner had often come to this market as a child. Walking on the pavement, we squeezed between a small refrigerated truck and what looked like an Indian run barber shop, my travelling partner had no more breathed the thought “how did these people get here”, when one explanation, at least, presented itself.


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Marine’s six million

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Marine Le Pen’s healthy third place in today’s first round of the French presidential election.  It was good enough for the Telegraph website to run the main page headline One in five vote for Marine Le Pen.  The exact percentage was a little less, in fact:

Hollande: 9,172,959 votes (28.4%)
Sarkozy:  8,658,811 votes (26.8%)
Le Pen:  6,041,235 votes (18.7%)
Melenchon: 3,590,359 votes (11.1%)
Bayrou:  2,932,274 votes (9.1%%)
Joly:      709,644 votes (2.2%)
Dupont-Aignan: 594,364 votes (1.8%)
Poutou:  383,635 votes (1/2%)

... but it is clear that the economic difficulties that France faces within the Euro - weak growth, vast debts, and unemployment at over 10% - chiefly benefited the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande.  Marine had a clear anti-EU, anti-globalist policy.  But it was not what the majority of voters wanted to hear.  They are still willing to give the usual suspects the benefit of a no-doubt growing doubt.  And this despite the racial disaster that nobody now can dismiss with an insouciant, Gallic shrug.

The “worse is better” school of nationalist optimism is being tested to destruction in France, as in the southern Eurozone, and while Marine’s vote was better than some predicted, it does demonstrate that national crises alone are insufficient to impel nationalist parties very far electorally.  Not even the redoubtable Marine, a class act by any political standard, could break the mould with one blow (not that she ever said she would, of course).

There is always a “where next” in electoral politics.  FN activists will likely split their support more or less evenly in the second round vote between Hollande and Sarkozy.  Not that there is any love for the socialist, but there is a powerful desire to smash Sarkozy’s UMP.  Expect Hollande to triumph, and Sarkozy’s failure to present an inviting opportunity for a re-alignment of right-of-centre politics in France.

Beyond the presidential election FN will look for a spring-board effect from Marine’s six million votes in the legislative elections to be held on 10th and 17th June.  They are probably more important to the FN’s prospects of real, sustainable growth than the presidential election is.

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 06:45 PM in European Nationalism
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Just before the Golden Dawn: Two American White Nationalists on holiday in Greece - Part 2

by Karl LaForce

25th March 2012, Greek Independence Day.

The activities for day having been canceled, we met George at our hotel and walked to the base of the Acropolis for coffees and conversation. The neighborhood between the hotel and the Acropolis is noticeably rundown. George told us, “In this neighborhood there are only immigrants, homosexuals, and junkies”. No sooner was that said and two hand-holding homosexuals exited the door of a building directly in front of us and turn toward the Acropolis, like some unholy and cursed prophecy had just come true right before our eyes.

The name of that area of Athens is called Thesion, and was formerly an upscale area of the city, before the government’s refusal to protect the borders of Greece and Europe from the flood of “human refuse of the Third World kind”.

We came to a street that is blocked with concrete barriers at each end.  George said, “This is a synagogue and an Israeli consulate. No Greek institution in Athens is allowed to block a street like this, only Jews are permitted to do it.”

“It will make a good public restroom after GD takes control of parliament”, I replied.

As we walked, the number of non-white faces (we encountered) was disturbingly high. Afghans, Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Turks, Arabs, Gypsies and more, all the Third World seemed to have washed up here. The favoured immigrant status was the “asylum seeker”.  But it would be far more appropriate to call them invaders.  As far as we could see, they were involved in all manner of low-grade economic activity, including begging and selling second hand-clothing, some of which was quite probably acquired from home invasions and street robberies.  They were standing around arguing, shouting, and generally degrading the area by their presence.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 07:27 PM in European Nationalism
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Just before the Golden Dawn: Two American White Nationalists on holiday in Greece - Part 1

by Karl LaForce

My intrepid traveling companion and I touched down at Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens on the day before the Independence Day holiday, which is March 25th of every year. It was a bright warm day, typical of the entire week we were there, but change is in the air, like a cleansing storm on the horizon that will bring a new day.

We took a 35 Euro taxi ride to our hotel just a few blocks from the Acropolis. After a brief rest we were met by our contact with ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ (known in English as Golden Dawn, hereafter GD for short).  George, which was his name, took us straight to the GD headquarters in Athens.

At this location GD occupies two floors of a mixed residential and commercial building. It is one of many around the country. Some of GD’s Women’s Front members, about six in all, were busily cleaning the offices in anticipation of the weekly Saturday meeting. I later learned that some of the women cleaning had college degrees and were employed in professional positions, and that they demanded that the GD Women’s Front be responsible for the work of cleaning the offices.

The 2nd floor has a type of coffee bar/hang-out lounge, so we got ourselves two iced Greek style frappes and sat down to speak in greater detail with George. He told us of the protests in January 2012 in Athens in which as many as 20,000 Athenians had marched in opposition to the government monetary and immigration policy. He told us that Greece currently consisted of 10 million Greeks and 3 million immigrants. He told us of poverty levels that had not been seen since WWII. Yet, as he spoke, I detected an underlining optimism.  He felt that the enemies of Greece and Hellenism had pushed too far, and that Greece was on the verge of an epic change.

“The public is ready to embrace nationalism by electing GD parliament candidates”, he told us.  GD will have 118 candidates on the ballot in May. “The immigrants, the crime, the Euro, the never-ending austerity measures, the inability of the current government to protect the treasures of Greek antiquities either from immigrant vandals [referring to the February 2012 looting of the museum treasures in ancient Olympia] or from German banks ... all have played a part”.

As the time for the regular Saturday meeting neared, the number of people swelled to over a hundred. The energy was palpable, even over-flowing. Because of very real safety threats the security was heavy; in 2010 the GD Athens offices were bombed and, in a separate incident, there was also an attack against the Chairman at his home.

We met an organization lawyer, the official spokesman, and several of the brothers who were running for parliament.  The chairman arrived about an hour before the meeting, preceded by bodyguards.  One of them announced his arrival with a command that everyone stand.  Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos entered the room to a volley of Roman salutes; it was a thrilling moment!  Though he had never met my traveling companion or me, he walked straight up to us and offered us a warm welcome.  He said that after he had attended some pressing business we would be invited into his office for an informal chat.  After a few minutes, as promised, his bodyguards came for us.  I offered to leave my large folding pocket knife with them, but they allowed me to carry it in.  They understood that I had not come to harm their chairman, and they understood that their chairman was well protected by several big guys stationed inside the office.

After the few minutes in the Chairman’s office the regular meeting was ready to start. The party official spokesman gave a quick talk, and introduced the other speakers.  One of the speakers was a historian, dressed in 1821 period military garb.  He gave a speech on one of the fiercest battles during the war for independence from the Ottoman Empire.

At the end of the meeting a GD party official announced that contrary to previous plans, GD would not participate in any Independence Day parades the following day, due to the expectation of excessive police misconduct toward members.  The government had brought about 5000 riot policemen from around the country to guard the politicians, and there were even sharp shooters positioned on top of government buildings, for fear of insurrection.  This was somewhat of a disappointment for my traveling companion and I, as we had chosen our travel dates to coincide with the now canceled parade, however we were confident that the GD leadership had good reason to cancel the parade.

After the meeting there was a gathering at a local bar owned by a GD member. We were impressed by the closeness and camaraderie.  We saw tables at the bar where young love was at bloom, and we saw tables where young lions were plotting their next victories.  We would have stayed longer, but the travel weariness and jet lag dictated otherwise.  For a first day in a country new to me, the number and quality of new experiences had been overwhelming!  The good fortune of meeting Nationalist brothers and sisters, combined with being in the presence of the most impressive of all the ancient monuments built by our race - the majestic Acropolis – and to be walking the streets that had been walked by so many great men, had all made for something of a life changing experience.  It was one that would be deepened and expanded in the following days.

Posted by Guest Blogger on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 07:25 PM in European Nationalism
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The Ghosts of the Past

by Graham Lister

“Nationalism has no special relationship to political justice; but neither does it have a particular relationship to injustice. The most obvious thing about it is, after all, that it exists…and there are no objective criteria of what is a nation – but its subjective power is compelling. A nation, therefore, said Renan, is a great solidarity founded on a consciousness of sacrifice made in the past and on willingness to make further ones in the future”.

Bernard Crick from In Defence of Politics.

Nationalism has a rancid stench. It has been thought pivotal to some of the worse horrors of recent human history, yet it will not go away. If, as a character from Joyce’s Ulysses suggests, “History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake” then one of the most persistent phantoms haunting our nightly terrors is nationalism, particularly in the conditions of our freshly constructed ‘global’ village, built primarily through the medium of neoliberalism (the most successful ideology in history).

In the UK thinkers as wildly different as the ‘deep-blue’ conservative Roger Scruton and the Marxian theorist of nationalism (and Scottish nationalist) Tom Nairn both write with perceptive insights into the phenomena of nations and nationalism. Like any other ism, nationalism has its own internal spectrum. And due to its overall plasticity nationalism is hard to place within any conventional political axiality. It can take almost any political form and find support from anywhere in the ideological firmament – witness the radical-chic associated with various decolonization struggles – or indeed the burbling of the blessed Saint Michel (of Foucault) over the exciting new ‘political spirituality’ unleashed by the Iranian revolutionaries. However, some forms of nationalism are generally considered to have been radio-actively toxic.

Approximately eighty years ago, events occurred, which were obscure at the time, from whose dire consequences the world has not yet totally recovered. The location was Munich, capital of the historic Kingdom of Bavaria and second city of the recently formed all-German Reich. The time was five years after the end of World War I, when this new would-be imperial state had been defeated, and then both punished harshly and utterly humbled by the victors. What was to become the most extreme currency inflation in history had begun. By that autumn the Reichsbank would be issuing 100-trillion-mark notes; it took a pocketful of them to buy a US dollar.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM in BooksEuropean NationalismPolitical Philosophy
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From an Interview with Gianluca Iannone

Robert Steuckers circulated me today with his Euro-Synergies URL to a short interview for Alternative Right with Gianluca Iannone of the Italian culturist organisation CasaPound.  The interviewer is the Tokyo-based Colin Liddell.  The two longest and most interesting answers given by Iannone are repeated here.

Founded in 2003, CasaPound is doing successfully what some in British nationalism consider to be essential at this time of nationalist disintegration.  Iannone explains:

CPI works on everything that concerns the life of our nation: from sport to solidarity, culture and of course politics. For sports, we have a soccer teams and academy, we do hockey, rugby, skydiving, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, scuba diving, hiking groups, caving, climbing. For solidarity, we have first aid teams, we do fundraising activities for the Karen people, and we provide help to orphans and single-mums. A phone line called “Dillo to CasaPound” (tell it to CasaPound) is active 24/7 to give free advises on legal and tax issues. On the cultural ground, we host authors and organize book presentations; we have an artist club, a theater school, free guitar, bass guitar and drum lessons, we created an artistic trend called Turbodinamismo, we have a publishing company, dozens of bookshops and websites. Politically we propose various laws like the Mutuo sociale (social mortgage), Tempo di essere Madri (Time to be a mother) or against water privatisation and so many more. Speaking about CPI is never easy because all these things are CASAPOUND. All of these represent our challenges and projects for now and the millennium.

Obviously, Casapound Italia is a formula specific to the current evolution of race-loyal, anti-liberal politics in Italy.  It demonstrates, however, that in principle there are viable alternatives to party politics.  For his part, Iannone evidently regards politics as a wrong turn.

The important thing is to generate counter information and to occupy the territory. It is fundamental to create a web of supporters other than focusing on elections. For election, you are in competition with heavily financed groups and with only one or two persons elected, you can’t change anything. Politics for us is a community. It is a challenge, it is an affirmation. For us, politics is to try to be better every day. That is why we say that if we don’t see you, it is because you are not there. That is why we are in the streets, on computers, in bookshops, in schools, in universities, in gymnasium, at the top of mountains or in the newsstands. That is why we are in culture, social work and sport. That is a constant work.

All that said, there is a caveat.  At best, Culturism is utilitarian.  It is not a revolutionary programme but a smoothing of the way for serious anti-liberal, anti-globalist activism.  It necessarily operates within the existing terms of public discourse.  It has no spine of its own.  It has to reach out.  It has to look and sound like its constituency.  Therefore, those who make their contribution through it must guard assiduously against accommodationism and the resultant loss of racial focus.

In a massively propagandised macro-environment like ours, Culturism only makes sense if there is a separate but complementary effort to redefine - and racialise - the terms of debate.  Then it has something to feed off, something to propagandise in return.

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 06:21 PM in European Nationalism
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