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Motivation to Fight: Humanitarian - Higher National Ideals - Booty

Jez Turner is under no illusions as to the powers-that-be: capitalist-marxist-liberal, they are heads of the same beast and not going to grant us our autonomy without a fight.

However, they are experts, of course, in exploiting our weaknesses, providing diversions, disempowering and demoralizing our people. Consequently, motivating our people to fight as a group, in our group interests, is problematic.

Bearing in mind that what is meant by “fight” in this post is not necessarily literal combat but all aspects of fighting for our interests..

On the topic of organizing the motivation* of our fighters then, we might refer to war historian, Prof., Sir Hew Strachan’s thoughts on the matter.

He observes that some motivations of fighters are not recognized because they are out of fashion and not cool to tell the public.

Of course a state sanctioned excuse for exercising blood-lust and revenge among the particularly violent is just a mask and direction of already existing motivation - which requires to be directed appropriately therefore. To gain cooperation from a balance of the population requires a normalizing if not ennobling of incentive/motivation.

Humanitarian concern - higher national ideals - booty.

Humanitarian concern is considered a legitimate public reason nowadays. And it can be one reason why fighters are legitimately motivated.

Higher national ideals can be and have been traditionally a reason why people fight - they still are, but it is not so cool to state as a motivation nowadays (largely as a result of vast over-compensations in that regard in the World Wars).

Booty is even more stigmatic nowadays to cite as your motivation. Yet, Strachan observes, this has been the primary reason for most fighting though the ages. He notes that this motivation initially became problematic and remains problematic as wars have emerged more often a liability than a profit - hence, no profit to be shared.

But particularly when the matter is taking back resources that are our co-evolutionary birthright, there might be reward to motivate and allocate to our peoples for fighting. Humanitarian concern would work there as well, as there are clear matters of inhumaneness to our peoples, injustice - justice to be had. While we work on the meta-national** narratives that GW advises as necessary inspiration..

The question becomes the formulation, the proportion and the content:

Humanitarianism, Nationalist Ideals and Booty

* Kant would call these “incentives” as they are appeals to external reward as opposed to “motives”, which are internally driven.

** GW would probably not approve of the word “meta” in this context but I used it deliberately, to make a point that meta-communication is neither wholly nor necessarily disconnected from the essential.
Paul Craig Roberts on the Wolfowitz Doctrine, Glass-Steagall repeal and other neo-con implications for America’s future.



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French Re-Revolution, C’est la Guerre!

Don’t Joke with Islam… or Jewish Interests, International Banksters, Neoliberals, Christian idiots, right-wing idiots, Negroes, mudsharks, La Razza…

“Unlike its predecessor Hara Kiri, Charlie Hebdo, the liberal-libertarian newspaper, has become one of the organs of the dominant ideology. They can recognize their own.
                                                - Alain de Benoist

They recognize their own..
                                              Free speech for who?

As such, Tanstaafl’s account is even more descriptively accurate of those behind the policies of Charlie Hebdo - they’re an organ of “neoconservatism” (a Jewish platform):

And they recognize their own under attack..


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Pensions and Basic Services Denied to People of Eastern Ukraine

War is a harvest for the chosen – i.e., not you, or anyone else halfway normal.

Making official what has been de facto for months, Ukrainian President Poroshenko has announced suspension of public services and funds to people of the Eastern Provinces.

Kiev stopped funding for pensions, educational and medical facilities in eastern Ukraine.


For those rebel controlled areas, Poroshenko instructed the Kiev government to cease all activities of state-owned enterprises, institutions and organizations. This cuts-off pensioners, who are on their own, and applies also to the administration of schools, hospitals and ambulance services.

The war has also destroyed infrastructure and homes, leaving many desperate for shelter. With the winter coming on, this is a death sentence to many. Those in jeopardy are afraid to speak-out, terrorized with the threat of death or imprisonment. In the meantime, there is a shocking uncaring among the populace of the unaffected areas. From Poroshenko on down, the attitude is one that this is the choice of the peoples in the Eastern provinces and they are getting what they deserve.

In fact, Poroshenko may well be building a case against himself, a portfolio replete with a litany of war crimes. The people of Ukraine, consuming the “Western” propaganda fed them, have all too often become as callous as the YKW who abide of common folk blamed and killed for crimes of The Soviet era and more accurately, for internecine animus stirred-up by Israel’s proxies.

It would perhaps not be so surprising for youth to succumb to crass material appeals of the West, nor for that matter, for the callous uncaring of those “Jew-wise” National-Socialists Banderas to be animated by ultra nationalism as a result of Western bribes, propaganda and instigation to war, but even older folks have turned their backs on people they could be looking in the mirror at – turned their backs, ensconced in the expert propaganda, psychological conditioning and bribes from the YKW and their bottomless funds.


Yes, so cynical and ruthless they are in their aims that they would even use “Nazis” to fuel war and fund their harvest. Note who Victoria Nuland met with and promoted in her nation building efforts. These “Nazis” of course, report right back, hands out for another bribe to join The EU. A lot of good that is for European nationalists, yes?

While the people of the East, enculturated to not trust the West (with good reason) resist Westernization, they are caught in a no man’s land. They are not in Russia and not under its jurisdiction. Putin’s Russia, having a commitment to being a “non-racist” proposition nation is not perfectly innocent of course, from a WN standpoint, but quite reasonably does not want Nato and The EU (or literal Nazis) at its border any more than The US would want Soviet missiles in Cuba or Red Army troops in Mexico.

Putin has been harangued for not helping these people who have been cut-off from the Ukrainian state. However, it is not a part of Russia, it is a part of Ukraine, and Russian lorries carrying food and aid are not always being allowed to get through to the people in need. Where are Victoria Nuland’s 5 billion going?

Fuck the EU indeed.

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JFK murder 50th anniversary: Part 6

Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.

—President John F. Kennedy at the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 1961.

Let’s start with acknowledged instances of the use of nuclear weapons and some officially unacknowledged ones.


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JFK murder 50th anniversary: Part 5

According to Salvador Astucia, the singlemost important reason behind the assassination of JFK was JFK’s attempt to establish détente with the Soviet Union. Let’s see why this was a big issue.


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Clamoring for war against Syria: Part 4

Another atrocity that didn’t take place in Syria, but in Burma, being passed off as the work of the Assad regime. The page, featured at an Egyptian website, had a million likes. You know who’s behind this.

Burmese atrocity falsely claimed as Syrian atrocity

Much more on the warmongers and their lies:

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Clamoring for war against Syria: Part 3

Much has been written on the deterioration of public school education and television programming over the last few decades. These amount to an attempt to dumb down the population.

The necessity for the attempted dumbing down of the population was clarified again in March 2012 when, led by the, Western mainstream media (MSM) gave extensive publicity to leaked emails from Bashar Al-Assad and his wife, Asma Al-Akhras, using the emails .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), respectively.

The MSM would have the public believe that a Head of State was using an ordinary email service provider, based in the U.S. [New York], to discuss personal matters and matters associated with the State. The MSM would also have the public believe that this Head of State used this email service even though he knew that the U.S. administration is hostile to Syria and there’s a nuclear-armed hostile neighbor, Israel, that would love to get its hands on the President’s emails, which the Mossad surprisingly didn’t hack much earlier. The MSM would also like the public to believe that this Head of State, fluent in three languages, highly educated and a promoter of internet services in Syria, did all this in spite of having “a degree of awareness of web security”:

Deleting emails as soon as they arrive shows a degree of awareness of web security. So too did the fact that Assad never attached his name or initials to any of the emails he sent. However, many of the emails that arrived in his inbox are addressed to him as president and contain intimate details of events and discussions that were not known outside of the inner sanctum and would have been very difficult to manipulate. (source)

Only a dumbed-down people could be sold such a tale. The contents of the emails unsurprisingly make the case Israel wants to make.

The President’s wife apparently spent tens of thousands on chandeliers and candlesticks. Now where have we heard this before? Marie Antoinette was accused of “indulgence” when Moses Mendelssohn, Jew, commissioned a London jeweler to create a 250,000-livres diamond necklace, which was delivered to her. This was quickly followed by accusations of adultery. One thing led to another, the masses started disliking the royalty, and the French revolution was on. When France burned, Marie Antoinette was said to have stated that if the people don’t have bread to eat, let them eat cake. Jewish liars are doing the same thing today that they did during 1788-1799 in France: Asma al-Assad is living a high life, oblivious to her country burning around her!

In the leaked emails, Assad is said to have received advice from Hezbollah and the Iranian government, a nexus that Israel has been making the case for. Assad even describes his promised reforms as “rubbish laws of parties, elections, media....”!

One of the emails shows President Assad corresponding with Luna Al-Chebel, a Syrian anchor who resigned from Al-Jazeera, a TV network operating under the auspices of Jews, having had her fill of their lies and not wanting to be a participant in promoting these lies, which she later talked about in public. Luna Al-Chebel used her hotmail account, and President Assad had no issues sending correspondence to a hotmail account! Native Arabic speakers quickly determined that the people who fabricated this correspondence aren’t native Arabic speakers.

A background investigation by some Arabs, kept out of the MSM, checked the emails against facebook accounts. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) was associated with“Alia Shapiro” [Jew]. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) was associated with an anti-Assad user named “The victory is too soon from Allah.”

And how did the leaks come to light? The Guardian tell us that initially the Syrian opposition had gotten hold of the emails and were monitoring them, but the hacker group Anonymous hacked into the Syrian ministry of public affairs’ website and trawled through more than 80 email addresses stored on the ministry’s server, and “Somehow, someone searching through the ministry’s emails was able to establish that the Sam email belonged to the president.”

The affair is a kosher fabrication, and Anonymous, being the Jewish-funded entity it is, won’t renounce the “credit” where credit isn’t due.

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Clamoring for war against Syria: Part 2

On the right is a Syrian “protester” carrying a poster of a dead child, captioned “Bashar Al-Assad’s Reforms.”  At left is the source of the picture, a Yemeni news report on Muhammad Abdullah Yousuf Al-Saedi, a child from Yemen murdered in Yemen.

dead yemeni child used for anti-Assad propaganda

The warmongers must surely wish that they’d achieved regime change in Syria before the internet revolution.

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Clamoring for war against Syria: Part 1

The usual suspects have been itching to attack Syria and replace the Assad regime with one compliant with their goals. Why is this our problem? Because they’ll use our military apparatus and our people to do the dirty job, for which they’ll make us borrow money to pay for the military equipment and armed forces, and they’ll create this money out of thin air and demand we pay it back with interest, and after war there will be a refugee problem for us, and we’ll be left with fewer allies against these scum who create havoc in our nations and the rest of the globe... it goes on and on.

Because of the seriousness of the matter, it’s high time MR had a series on the phony “evidence” these Godforsaken creatures have been inundating us with to build the case for attacking Syria. Here’s something for starters.

The had this feature on “Syria’s steroid-mad ‘Ghost’ killers who keep Assad in power by slaughtering women and children,” as in the 108 people they allegedly massacred in Houla. 

The evidence offered comprises of piss-poor, pathetic, worse-than-amateur attempts at digitally edited/photoshopped images that wouldn’t pass cursory examination by anyone having superficial familiarity with image editing and human anatomy: notice the blurring where the editing has taken place; remarkable development of the biceps brachii without corresponding development of its synergist, the brachialis, and at stark odds with the relatively poor development of the deltoids; the curious instance of steroids bulking the triceps brachii such that professional male bodybuilders are put to shame but having a weak effect on the torso; etc. Unsurprisingly, isn’t accepting comments on the article.

photoshop fake related to Syria

photoshop fake related to Syria

The creature shown is conveniently named Areen Al Assad. These evil liars need to be exposed and driven out of our nations.

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Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Many should know that wikileaks is a 100% kosher undertaking.  The leaks comprise of data that are easily falsified in part.  The leaks embarrass America or Arabs, not Israel.  The leaks are about relatively trivial matters but never serious issues such as central banks being private banks, not government banks.  The “whistleblowers” don’t just maintain official versions of major events such as 9/11 but ridicule dissent as nonsense that detracts from the “serious work” they’re doing with their exposes!  The U.S. ICE (Israeli Content Enforcement) agency of the Department of Homeland Security, which seizes domains willy nilly for copyright infringement, hasn’t bothered with wikileaks.  And so on… 

Some crucial leaks were said to have been provided by Private Bradley Manning to Julian Assange.  Both men look effeminate, and one would think they’re homos, which makes for bad PR.  So they put on a show where Assange was accused of raping two Swedish women, making him appear a macho man, and used the ruckus to attract attention to wiki leaks.  All this would be amusing if it weren’t for the plight of Bradley Manning, who’s been imprisoned in solitary confinement, cut off from friends and family.  Long-term incarceration in such circumstances is designed to break people down and make them confess to anything you want them to.

Manning’s trial is currently under way by Americans even though he is British, and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent him from being convicted of bogus charges, but you can help expose the sham to others and make it embarrassing for those working for the Israelis behind the wikileaks scam to be who they are. 

Useful links:

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Anti-racism and the Victoria Cross of Johnson Beharry

Simon Darby has posted yesterday’s Sky News interview with Nick Griffin.  The interview was part of the media adoption of the anti-BNP campaign by the Conservative Party’s proxy, Nothing British.  Not that there is anything British about Nothing British:

Nothing British is an anti-racism campaign seeking to promote gentle British values of tolerance, fair-play and respect for one another.

The centrepiece of its campaign has been a set battle between two retired British Army Chiefs of Staff, General Sir Mike Jackson and General Sir Richard Dannatt, and Griffin’s little band of irregulars.  Jackson, we are told, was moved to speak out by “racist insults made by the BNP against Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry, the black Victoria Cross holder”:

“I heard complaints that the BNP were being extremely offensive about Johnson Beharry, I looked into it, and found out that was indeed the case.  I thought it was pretty appalling that a brave man like that should be insulted in this way.

Jackson and Dannatt, along with others, put their names to this almost unbelievable nonsense:

“The values of these extremists - many of whom are essentially racist - are fundamentally at odds with the values of the modern British military, such as tolerance and fairness.”

In the same vein, in Nick Griffin’s Channel 4 interview yesterday, “the Fifth Lord Bethell ... a Tory toff” leading the Nothing British campaign delivered himself of the novel opinion that:

Nick Griffin claims to be sharing values with British military armed services. That’s just not true. The armed services stand for courage, fairness and decency …

Once there was a time when the British military cleaved to the function of executing successful operations as ordered, and nothing else.  Now, if we are to take these Tory proxies at their word, it is a willing social engineer in the greater battle for anti-racism.  Are they right?

Well, let’s look at how this truly manic perversion might have translated to the battlefield, in the form of the award of that VC to Johnson Beharry.  Were his actions in the early hours of Mayday in 2004 consonant with the very highest standards of military virtue for which the VC was inaugurated in 1856? Or has the Establishment merely built up Beharry as yet another peerless negro?  Well, you be the judge.  Here’s the rather over-long citation:


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The deeds of our film-makers


“Everything was perfectly quiet at Rorke’s Drift after the column had left, and every officer and man was going about his business as usual. Not a soul suspected that only a dozen miles away the very men that we had said ‘Goodbye’, and ‘Good luck’ to were either dead or standing back-to-back in a last fierce fight with the Zulus. Our garrison consisted of B Company of the 2/24th under Lieutenant Bromhead, and details which brought the total number of us up to 139. Besides these, we had about 300 men of the Natal Native Contingent; but they didn’t count, as they bolted in a body when the fight began. We were all knocking about, and I was making tea for the sick, as I was hospital cook at the time.”

So begins the account by Private Henry Hook VC of the Defence of Rorke’s Drift, 22-23 January, 1879.  It is the greatest single action of British arms, a not inconsiderable place in history to occupy.

This morning, forty-four years after the release of Cy Endfield’s 1964 film Zulu, the Telegraph reported:-

Battle to restore ‘Zulu‘ hero Henry Hook‘s reputation

A campaign is underway to restore the reputation of Henry Hook, the soldier portrayed as a drunken shirker in the film Zulu.

In the 1964 film, Private Hook, played by James Booth, was shown becoming a reluctant hero by saving the lives of eight patients stranded at an Army hospital during the Zulu war in 1879.

That much was true - but far from being a cowardly, drink-soaked malingerer, Private Hook’s posthumous supporters are insisting, he was a teetotal lay preacher and was given a bonus for good conduct shortly before his heroics.

Major Tim Whedon, from the Royal Regiment of Wales, which incorporated Private Hook’s old regiment, said: “Henry Hook is an example of how a character was distorted to attract the film-goers when the story was captivating enough.”

… With Private John Williams, Private Hook, then aged 28, fought off fighters to bring eight patients to safety. However he was described onscreen as “a thief, a coward, and an insubordinate barrack-room lawyer,” only in the hospital because he was shirking duty.

Despite the distortion, Zulu was an honourable enough attempt to make a film in an already cynical, post-colonial age about a brief moment of extraordinary Victorian valour.  The script accorded the 4,000 Zulu attackers sufficient respect that Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi saw fit to appear as the Zulu war-chief Cetehwayo.  The writers were comfortable with that.  But they were obviously not comfortable with the real-life soldierly virtue of all the defenders.  One wonders how they would like to be remembered themselves.  Presumeably not as traducers.

However, that said, restoration of a reputation besmirched by film people may be a hot ticket in the next few months.  Here’s the Telegraph again:-


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When Ordinary Americans Were a Great People

When Ordinary Americans Were a Great People
Robert E. Reis

Twentieth Century Fox released the film “Tora, Tora, Tora” on 23 September 1970.

This magnificent film tells the story of the Japanese attack on the American military base at Pearl Harbor sixty-six years ago.

It is unusual for two reasons. 20th Century Fox organized two production crews to make this movie: a Japanese crew in Japan and an American crew in the United States. The film approaches the events like an unbiased documentary. Nothing is dramatized on the screen that the director Richard Fleischer believed was not factual.


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Blackhawking Down into the Dustbin of History

Blackhawking Down into the Dustbin of History
Robert E. Reis

I have learned a lot from the movie and the book Black Hawk Down.

The movie omits some facts that make the disaster in Mogadishu even more foolish than it is portrayed.

The Somali militias had already shot down a Blackhawk helicopters weeks before the day portrayed in the film.

The American forces already had unleashed a murderous air attack on a meeting of the clan leadership of our designated villain so thousands of Somalis wanted revenge.

Let’s stick to the movie version.


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Postmodernism and new generation urban warfare

I am indebted to Troy Southgate’s New Right Forum where a member has posted a fascinating commentary on the IDF’s new methods of urban warfare.  The Israelis have applied a postmodernist archetectural analysis to the problem of combatting an urban guerilla force.  The result, complete with all the familiar postmodern linguistics, is the (literally) devastating concept of fighting under and through a dense architectural battlefield.

It is an astounding and disturbing commentary on semitic analysis, and on the - one imagines - extraordinary Ashkenazic capacity to invent new modes of attack.

The Art of War

The Israeli Defence Forces have been heavily influenced by contemporary philosophy, highlighting the fact that there is considerable overlap among theoretical texts deemed essential by military academies and architectural schools by Eyal Weizman
The attack conducted by units of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on the city of Nablus in April 2002 was described by its commander, Brigadier-General Aviv Kokhavi, as ‘inverse geometry’, which he explained as ‘the reorganization of the urban syntax by means of a series of micro-tactical actions’.1 During the battle soldiers moved within the city across hundreds of metres of ‘overground tunnels’ carved out through a dense and contiguous urban structure. Although several thousand soldiers and Palestinian guerrillas were manoeuvring simultaneously in the city, they were so ‘saturated’ into the urban fabric that very few would have been visible from the air. Furthermore, they used none of the city’s streets, roads, alleys or courtyards, or any of the external doors, internal stairwells and windows, but moved horizontally through walls and vertically through holes blasted in ceilings and floors. This form of movement, described by the military as ‘infestation’, seeks to redefine inside as outside, and domestic interiors as thoroughfares. The IDF’s strategy of ‘walking through walls’ involves a conception of the city as not just the site but also the very medium of warfare – a flexible, almost liquid medium that is forever contingent and in flux.


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The sons of Martha

Imagine a group of young men, many still in their teens. They are far, far from home. They are fighting a war the purpose of which they -and indeed their betters- cannot understand. Their old friends, safe back home, are only too likely to regard them with distaste, just as American soldiers in Vietnam were once regarded. What they obviously need is to be told how wonderful their alleged enemies are:

Iraq troops to get ethics training. US soldiers in Iraq to undergo ‘values’ training in wake of massacre claims.

A MEMBER of the US Marines unit accused of murdering 24 unarmed Iraqis said yesterday that his colleagues “were blinded by hate” and lost control before the massacre.

Interesting. I wonder when and if the leaders of the Iraqi Muslim communities will conduct an investigation into the atrocities perpetrated on Coalition soldiers -or indeed the torture inflicted on Western Aid workers. I’m not holding my breath.

I agree that the Coalition’s conduct in invading and destabilising a non-aggressing country is appalling. But surely, it’s the politicians who ordered this who should be reviled as haters and racists, not the ordinary soldiers on the ground, many of whom only joined because other career were denied to them by the flight of American jobs. After all, we blame the filthy rich pimp, not the impoverished prostitute.

Truly, it’s a thankless task to be a son of Martha -as Kipling once wrote.

In entirely unrelated news, one soldier claims that his service in the American army has made him unable to bear legal responsibility for rape. In other words, he has regressed to the level of a child. Poor lad.

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Performance IQ

Steve Sailer has a post up linking to a very interesting Slate piece about IQ and its correlation with performance:

What’s interesting to me is that it shows - in no uncertain terms - the link between the two, in mission-critical terms.


Kevin Drum sallied forth:


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Brits won’t fight

The [British]  Army has stopped actively recruiting Commonwealth and foreign soldiers because the numbers joining up have risen by nearly 3,000 per cent in seven years. Imposing a cap on the number of Commonwealth and foreign soldiers allowed to serve in each infantry regiment has been discussed by army chiefs.  “It is after all supposed to be the British Army, not the Commonwealth Army,” one defence source said.


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Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Question 1: What tier of the multiethnic American Empire do you think you’ve been assigned to?

Question 2: Do you personally think your assigned tier is rising or sinking in legal rights and economic opportunity?

Question 3: When being an American no longer means anything at all, what will you then consider your nationality to be?


Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America

Download here.

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Ruin is the Price of Indiscipline: A Study of Violence

If by conditioning we are reduced to savages then our fate is sealed. It is true we too can loot, rape, and club, though observation and data suggest the Negro and Mestizo are uniquely selected by nature for such savagery and by comparison we seem lacking. Incredibly many of our kind see the mayhem in New Orleans or witness Mestizo gang violence and are simply unable to register the threat, most can hardly comprehend such naked brutality.

As America sinks into the mud we, our kind, can expect more anarchic violence, and if we fail to organize as a people or if we conform to the enlarging paradigm of savagery we shall be erased from this continent. Though it is not the Brown mass we ought to fear the most.

Close Encounters of the Third World Kind

Discipline, training, organization, and intelligence can easily overcome the advantages the savage holds. We can learn from 500 years of history, for example Spain’s Cortez conquered all of Montezuma’s Mexico, with only 13 horses, fighting dogs, unwieldy harquebusiers and 500 men; similarly we could review the frontier wars on the American continent. But the most illustrative example is of the British Army in the South of Africa.


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A Million Mutinees Now!

The real war is being fought in hearts and minds; it is a war of printed ambuscades and verbal counter punches, and searing images. We have a sling and stone and they have an empire of media and government schools. Still the objective is always: what mind can be reached and what heart can I persuaded:  can a video be lent to a neighbor? Can someone be registered at FAIR or NumbersUSA - it sure helps when if you mention 3 million illegals invade each year, and many bring drugs and tuberculosis.


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I ask you - dear Gentile reader - to fight with me!

I fight for something greater than the flag, for she now belongs in a museum and not a battlefield. Instead I war for my history, ancestors, and people. And I confess to all: if the flag doesn’t stand for a people, well, burn it; if the army isn’t defending the soil, why have it?; and if my taxes pay to school Somalis, then close the schools.

Even though I’m 40 years of age, fat, with two kids, and stifled by a career I want to live, to fight, to defeat the foe, don’t you too?  So, I filled out the form and petitioned for membership in the Minuteman Project.


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3 ½ Generation Warfare

4th Generation Warfare (4GW) is a horrifying prospect; it means having your daughters strap on explosives to kill the enemy, the enemy often being a civilian population.  4GW is more than just suicide bombings; immigration is the supreme weapon for achieving total victory – a truly final solution.  For a more comprehensive introduction to 4GW Scott Horton has a fine interview with William S. Lind (MP3, 50 Min), others may be interested in reading Martin Van Creveld’s

The Transformation of War


Perhaps some European populations may resort to 4GW as their governments are democratically usurped by Mexican and Muslim demagogues. Though, we might simply surrender, resigning ourselves to depredation and extinction, perhaps this is what T.S. Eliot meant when he wrote: This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper.

I’ve yet to reach 4GW, but I’ve arrived at 3.5GW: a constant needling of the status-quo, upsetting the apple cart, fraying nerves, and attacking the complacent. Let me share a few of my war stories, timid though they may be.


Posted by leslie on Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 01:42 PM in Military Matters
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Military training popular in schools

The writer of the article below is frantically anti-military (probably a misfit) but cannot evade the simple fact that kids like a military environment in many ways

Tarsha Moore stands as tall as her 4-foot 8-inch frame will allow. Staring straight ahead, she yells out an order to a squad of peers lined up in three perfect columns next to her. Having been in the military program for six years, Tarsha has earned the rank of captain and is in charge of the 28 boys and girls in her squad. This is Lavizzo Elementary School. Tarsha is 14.

The Middle School Cadet Corps (MSCC) program at the K-8 school is part of a growing trend to militarize middle schools. Students at Lavizzo are among the more than 850 Chicago students who have enlisted in one of the city’s 26 MSCC programs. At Madero Middle School, the MSCC has evolved into a full-time military academy for kids 11 to 14 years old.


Posted by jonjayray on Sunday, June 12, 2005 at 05:50 PM in Military Matters
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Army addresses spate of recruiting misconduct

It appears that they cannot find enough people to fight for democracy. Is conscription next in America?

Posted by Phil Peterson on Friday, May 20, 2005 at 07:40 PM in Military Matters
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