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Hermeneutics Circles Back to The Passions of Captain Chaos

“You fucked my brother? Yeah, I did and”... scene from Raging Bull:

I must say in defense of my father that he was never physically violent (aside from knocking-over the occasional sofa or hamster cage). But in display of rage, anger and hatred, Raging Bull was mellow by comparison, no comparison to my father, in fact.

This post may not ingratiate me any further with our Nordicist camp, but honest auto/biographical facts may help achieve a fuller picture of what we are up against and how we might cope. Although understanding can sometimes create more conflict than it alleviates, it is not necessarily the case that this will create conflict with the native national interests of northern, or any, European countries - and it may facilitate coordination of our interests.

Captain Chaos said: “Daniel, before you wedge your head any further up your own keister with all this talk of “hermeneutics” you should pay heed to this quote from the philosopher Hume”:

“Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.”

Perhaps by “passion” CC was in fact suggesting something in line with what Ramzpaul was discussing with Stark  - that “you should follow and work on what you feel most strongly about, even if you can only manage it as a hobby… that way, even if you don’t make much money at it, you will still be spending your life in a way that you find meaningful and enjoyable.” GW’s ontology project might be concerned to note that “passions” are speaking from our authentic nature and therefore provide an essential impetus in guiding an authentic narrative that mere rationalism cannot.

However, since CC posed empiricism in contrast to hermeneutics, I thought I’d draw upon an extreme example of “passion” to illustrate not only how passions might, but probably should, be ameliorated, crafted and channeled better with hermeneutics.

There is no reason why hermeneutics cannot take heed of the passions, if not follow them - if I were being cute, I’d say that following them would be another narrative (say, like the story of “raging bull”), with its own logic of meaning and action, but particularly as we are talking Hume, I’d tend to look at this as an observation to take under consideration at the empirical end, a part of the “circular” process of inquiry.

It’s good feedback though and that is why CC has been missed here.


He must be right that rationalism can be exaggerated. Even so, passions will be mitigated and subject to some rational consideration by socialization. If proposed as an alternative narrative by which to guide one’s life, the passions unbridled by the rational cultivation of hermeneutic process and its testing by social concerns would emerge quite speculative; life would be short and/or brutish.


Having been a very temperamental person (still am, some times), and not having had recourse to much rational discourse - being surrounded by people who gave free reign to their passions (temper) and wish to be expediently done with annoyances - I used to use my anger (which was intense, often a rage bigger than I was) as maps to show the way to social critique. It did seem to work to uncover some mysteries, but eventually it was used against me by those who know how to manipulate emotionalism - (as Truck Roy explains that sociopaths skillfully do; they are not moved by empathy with emotional appeals) - especially where I was not in Italy and sociopaths could stereotype me, “other” me and vilify me as a “crazy Italian.”
I figure that my father’s FANTASTIC displays of temper - histrionics of rage that honestly made “raging bull” seem fairly rational - were an evolutionary product of the small Italian village. It wasn’t so much a matter of serious competition, though frightening it was - it was more a matter of entertainment and display to break-up boredom and monotony of a small village. That was apparent in his displays of fantastic rage over quite trivial matters: whereas raging bull had a clear rationale of jealousy, my father’s rage over trivia bespoke histrionics of a vague power that was not welcoming any challenges or questions; the only semi-practical aspect of which was to enliven and dramatize matters otherwise unnoticed. Where it was confusing and disorienting, which it was quite, everyone around in the village would be kindred enough so that someone was likely to have affinity and empathy enough to help pick up the pieces of a shattered cortex.


The problem with this evolutionary strategy for me was that I was in America, not an Italian village. Therefore, there was not a community of kindred people around who could be bothered to talk; in fact the rule of individuality, particularly for males, would tend to look upon any such request to talk as manipulative or weakly borrowing against sovereign individuality; thus, you were likely to get a very angry rebuke rather than finding one who could understand and help pick up the pieces in an efficient way. Taking for granted the level of emotionality as the Italian village did may have served in a common population, as Christianity may have served there as well, but not in the antagonistic heterogeneity of The U.S.

      “To be born is to be forced to choose to think” - Pascal

calabritto 1
My grandfather’s village, Calabritto - a Nordicist might see signs of gang collective in this, or even beginnings of eusociality; the more well-disposed might see optimal communitarianism; and the honest might experience a nightmarish gossip-mill.


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Now it’s taxi “racism”

by Alexander Baron

Two studies by the TV station WUSA9 have highlighted what it claims is racial discrimination by Washington taxi  drivers, but is this really the case?

A non-critical article about this so-called investigation has already been at Digital Journal.  On the face of it, the video clips make uncomfortable viewing, especially for sensitive liberals from the West coast, but does it paint a true picture, and if it does, is there an alternative explanation for this phenomenon?

The first question we should ask is, have the videos been edited? Obviously, the team from WUSA9 didn’t have time to show every single one,  but leaving aside the missing scientific controls, this appears to be an honest - though mistaken - report. In fact, this report and the previous one are so transparently honest, that it beggars belief the people who produced it don’t understand the real issues here.

To begin with, the taxis therein did not refuse solely black passengers, some refused white ones. And, this was not a case of white drivers refusing to take black passengers, many, indeed most of the drivers were non-white or even black themselves. So what is really going on here?


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Oy-limpics, prothink network under attack again

Miscellaneous news.

1. Crude commentary on the London Olympics opening ceremony, but it hits the bull’s eye. The games ought to be called Oy-lympics. You know who it is gloating over and showcasing what they’ve done to England.

2. Not even a month has passed and the prothink network is again being given the boot; Delaney explains it, ZCF comments and JP chimes in. Previously godaddy was made to have them leave. Under Bob Parsons, godaddy respected freedom of speech, but it was bought by venture capitalist firms KKR & Co. L.P. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) and Silver Lake Partners, undoubtedly motivated in part to do something about the free speech problem. The prothink network switched to 1&1 hosting, a branch of a publicly-traded corporation, which by its nature is controlled by financial corporations, and the second booting happened following this bad choice.

If they’re into game, prothink folks should switch to companies that host one of several prominent websites that are clear or suspected phony opposition, spreading out their websites over these companies instead of bringing them all under the same company. This is a win-win situation, gaming better than the oylimpics on Talmud-Vision. If they get booted while the fake opposition remains, the suspicions are confirmed. If they’re allowed to remain to protect the fake opposition, they get to keep swelling the ranks of the awakened while the owners or overseers of the web-hosting companies grumble in private.

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Will someone arrest, and prosecute, this fine lady?

Apropos of the arrest and prosecution of Emma West (#1, #2, #3) and Brendon O’Connell (3 years imprisonment), will someone mete out “justice” in this case?

Interesting tidbits:
@ 0:03 “you’re like a disease” [berating the bus driver].
@ 0:13 To the driver: “What do you want GOY [i.e. non-jew]? What’dya want GOY?” … a passenger says “he’s the driver” … she says “He’s a GOY!”
@ 0:39 To a passenger: “your grin is gonna turn to blood. May your grin turn to blood [repeats this several times]”
@ 1:01 – 1:14 She: “I’m calling the Mashiach [Hebrew Messiah] to kill you. Serve the Jews or die. I’m part of the Rebbe’s campaign and I don’t ever want the Messiah coming for you ever. I want you to be completely abandoned and I want you to turn into a slave.”
@ 1:16 onward she says, “I’m a Jewess, every mikvah I kill you retarded Nazis” (followed by some chant or curse in Hebrew) “every mikvah I do kills you Nazis… Every Nazi I kill is all for the Jewish people.”
@ 1:44 she says to a female passenger (out of view), “now shut your nasty mouth or suck a cock. How much cock have you sucked you gnarly girl? You suck that cock? Put it in your throat girl you gotta get that cum everywhere, you little ho, you little Nazi girl, you’re naughty, you’re naughty..”

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The compassion of the court

From the Daily Mail.  Comments off.

‘Woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars ‘for her own protection’ after court views video of alleged racist rant

A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in custody for her own safety.

Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

There were outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’ as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

Miss West, a 34-year-old mother from New Addington, appeared before JPs charged with a racially aggravated public order offence in connection with a video that was heavily circulated on YouTube.

The former dental assistant bowed her head and sobbed as three magistrates watched the footage, which has now been seen more than 11 million times online.

When Miss West was arrested her partner told police that had been a number of death threats made against her, Eka Ike, prosecuting, told the court.

Magistrates chairman Ian McNeal said during the hearing: ‘We are told that your address has been widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter and there has been numerous death threats.

‘This case has attracted a high degree of public interest as evidence today. For these reasons we are remanding you in custody for your own protection.’

Miss West’s supporters shouted ‘treason’ and ‘we love you Emma, be strong’ as she was led to the cells.

Earlier, after the foul-mouthed video was played to the packed court, the court clerk asked West how she wanted to plead.

‘Not guilty,’ she said.

Wearing a blue blouse and a black cardigan, she wiped tears from her face during the hearing.

For most of the time the video was played, around two minutes and 20 seconds, she was doubled over, out of sight from the public gallery.

Friends and family gathered to give her support.

The hearing had been adjourned until 2pm to give time for West to prepare reasons for her not guilty plea.

When she returned to the court room, her earlier plea of not guilty was rescinded due to an administrative error. Court records were amended to show she has not yet indicated a plea.

West was arrested on Monday last week for her own safety after the footage was posted on YouTube on Sunday by LadyK89 and viewed more than 10,000 times.

She had been remanded in custody after he first appearance at Croydon Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday.

Miss West has elected to have her case dealt with at the crown court. She will next appear at the same court on January 3 via a video link.

So, we now know that Emma has had some mental issues, and that her disinhibition may have been linked to that.  Instead of being given police protection she is imprisoned awaiting trial.  Her two children have been taken into care.  She has been broken by the system which will pass judgement upon her.

That system, meanwhile, demonstrated the nature of its compassion in this judgement, again reported in the Mail:


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Well, yes.

A Pee-Cee news report, with comments switched off, is here.

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Occupying a turning economic world

We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed and underemployed.  We are all races, sexes and creeds.  We are the majority.  We are the 99 percent.  And we will no longer be silent.

This is a claim on the OccupyWallStreet website.  Here’s another:

Our nation, our species and our world are in crisis. The US has an important role to play in the solution, but we can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies if our nation.

We, the people of the United States of America, considering the crisis at hand, now reassert our sovereign control of our land.

For now, the Occupy focus is on activist organisation.  A cynic would expect that the end of the road is approaching for the anti-capitalists and anarchists who have got it this far.  Already, the unions are moving in.  As a breed, so to speak, progressive but still mostly mainstream journalists are waiting to pronounce the defining words.  But it is too early to say how the ideological platform will develop and around what it will coalesce, besides opposition to economic oligarchy.

If as a movement Occupy retains its radicalism, and is not drawn into the system, and does not decline into a constructive engagement with the Democratic party as the Tea Party movement has through its engagement with the GOP, then there is an historic possibility open to it.  It could, through the agency of its more radical intellectuals, formulate and evangelise a revolutionary alternative to neoliberalism in a post-market age.


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Oh ultimorum temporum, oh mores mortis

News from the MultiCult:

NYPD very blue: Police officers filmed bumping and grinding with dancers at West Indian Day Parade

The New York Police Department has had to review a video in which two of their officers were filmed bumping and grinding provocatively with dancers at the West Indian Day Parade.

The men in uniform, dressed as NYPD officers, are filmed gyrating their hips behind several women bending down in front of them at the parade in Brooklyn.

Court hears details of life for men kept as ‘slaves’

Four men arrested after a raid on a traveller’s site were remanded in custody yesterday after appearing in court on charges of enslavement.

Three brothers – James “Jimmy” Connors, 23, Tommy Connors, 27 and Patrick Connors, 19 – appeared at Luton Magistrates’ Court along with their brother-in-law James “Big Jim” Connors, 33.

The court heard that many of the alleged victims were required to undertake labour such as ground work, block paving, resurfacing and retiling for little or no pay.

They are currently said to be in varying conditions both mentally and physically, and it was reported last night that a doctor specialising in the care of torture victims has been employed to treat them.

The charges against the defendants relate to alleged victims who were removed from the Greenacres travellers’ site in Bedfordshire after a police raid on Sunday.

The four men face a variety of charges, all of which were allegedly committed between April last year and August this year.

The arrests followed an investigation into alleged offences against the victims by Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police’s Major Crime Unit.

The defendants live with their families at the site, in Great Billington, Leighton Buzzard.


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The Burley girl, Big Jim, and evil whitey

Kay Burley is a long-serving news reporter with Sky News.  She has her own three-hour slot each afternoon, and has reported on many major news stories.  She is not a novice, not someone who would be unaware of what is required.  And what is required is very apparent here, in this video of a plainly spiked interview she conducted with a shopkeeper who experienced the London riots.

Kay Burley: What happened?

Big Jim: About ten o-clock I got texts saying that one of my other stores was being raided. I came down. By eleven o’clock there was at least a hundred ... two hundred black youths with hoodies and stuff just rampaging every shop.

Kay Burley: You’re not being stereotypical there?  You’re not sure ... are you sure ...

Big Jim: I was there with a hoodie.

Kay Burley: Are you sure that they were black?

Big Jim: I was ... I was there with my hood ...

Kay Burley: I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they? (inaudible)

Big Jim: OK, then. Let me then to say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.

Kay Burley:  Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.

Big Jim: I didn’t see any.

Kay Burley: When we’ve run the pictures they’ll be ...

Hat tip to Road Hog posting at the BNP section of British Democracy Forum

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Signs of life

These appear to be locals, not the EDL (though they are certainly trying to get involved).

If this catches on, the Establishment will have a heart attack.  Watch for senior Met brass warning against vigilantism.

Hat-tip to PM.

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The sanctuary

by Grimoire

I moved to Canada six or seven months ago for the mountains and the ocean. It’s a nice place, free of the racial and social tensions prevalent below the 49th parallel. The people are good-natured in their way. Yet I cannot stomach them and much prefer the company of Americans.

The other day I bought a locally made bicycle - a real work of Canadian craftsmanship, the construction and materials are superb. As good or better really than anything in this class in Europe or the States. Super light and fast, yet still tough. A semi street/trail bike, no shocks or extras ... hyper-lightweight as I wanted it.

I saw on a map a large wetlands bird sanctuary about 35 km away. So I threw a collapsible fishing pole and a few things in the panniers and ripped the 35 km in about an hour or so. The majority of the trip was off road on trails, and I passed 4 or 5 beautiful waterfalls. The largest waterfall was multi-level, each step with beautiful pools filled with shopping-carts and stolen bicycles. It was inhabited by homeless hippies smoking dope and crackheads throwing around garbage, all white. At another waterfall I saw otters fishing for salmon fry, and a large Barred Owl sat on the ground in the middle of the trail, I stopped for it and it seemed to smile . You have to be very careful with Owls, they have no fear whatsoever and will attack a human if they consider them fools.

When I got to the sanctuary a sign said “no pets, riding bicycles, etc, etc”. So I got off and walked my bike. The wetlands sanctuary was an Eden, I have seen little like it. Birds of every description; Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Hawks, Owls, Herons, Cardinals, Redwing Blackbirds, Bluejays, Northern Flickers, Woodpeckers, Geese, ducks of all types, hundreds of varieties of songbird. Beavers swam by and slapped their tails as you walked along. Turtles sat on logs, Deer everywhere. Along one 2 hectare line a stand of mature English Oaks had died many years before from flooding. The bark had completely fallen off, and the trees still stood intact, white and smooth as ivory sculpture, an incredible vision.


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A few beautiful words

A small disagreement has arisen over the casting for the creakingly long-running ITV crime series, Midsomer Murders.  The essence of it that the series, which is set in a rural idyll of middle-class gentility “somewhere in England”, naturally enough employs an all-white cast.  The lead actor is being changed, and the series sexed up.  But the skin colour of the actors remains all too white.

Well, the executive producer Brian True-May, 65, was interviewed by Radio Times and duly challenged.  “We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work ... I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.”

The result has been a minor media frenzy, and the production company, All3Media, has rushed to distance itself from criticism by suspending True-May.  The Daily Mail readership is probably closer to the viewer profile for Midsomer Murders than any other English rag, and its reader-vote on whether True-May should have been suspended records a 91% “No”.  But it was one reader comment posted at 1.00 am tonight on the thread to Cristina Odone’s piece at the Telegraph that really caught my eye.  It is by “Henbane”, and here it is:

I grew up in inner city Manchester (where I was the only white girl in my class), and have lived in West Yorkshire and more recently Leicester. A couple of years ago I moved to a small market town in East Anglia. Before this I had thought myself a multi culturalist, I was so used to being surrounded by people of many ethnicities, and often being the minority myself.

But having moved to an area with practically no ethnic minorities (one Indian family and one Chinese family run restaurants here) I have changed my mind. I feel far more relaxed here. Apart from the low crime rate and well behaved children there is such a feeling of community and belonging here.

Although I am an incomer to the area, I feel I belong here far more than any of the multi ethnic places I have lived in previously. It feels like one integrated community, not a town with many different communities. I have no plans to ever leave, it feels like home.

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Who were the winners and losers of 2010?

Apologies for the Anglo-centric slant.  As ever.

So, then, in no particular order ...


Geert Wilders
... whose PVV increased its number of seats in the Dutch House of Representatives from nine in 2006 to twenty-two this year, taking third place, actively participating in the subsequent negotiations - and therefore policy considerations - for a government to be put in place.

The anarchist left
Out of nowhere, the left has demonstrated yet again that it can demonstrate.  And hack.

Right-wing talk radio
Hunter will explain, I feel sure.

Margaret Hodge and the Barking Labour Party
They may be baddies of the little screen but they are heroes to the left.

Nick Griffin
... who, by surviving (though, of course, losing in) the EHRC’s legal attack, has won the battle for political nationalism in Britain, and put himself quite beyond challenge.

Never mind that a judge has proved that democracy does not exist in America.  The will of the people was heard.

Goldman Sachs
Parasites.  Rich parasites, though, and getting richer by the second.

Thilo Sarrazin
So, a German Establishment figure writes a best-seller about the nature of the modern age, and it changes the debate.  The power of words does not work only for those who work against us.

Swiss democracy
So, a European people is actually asked if they want minarets.  Naturally, they say no.  Jews attack.  S’all good. 

The Taliban
Notwithstanding the many unlovely aspects of these characters, there is something encouraging in the sight of a popular and, let’s face it, truly courageous refusal to submit to Western political and industrial hegemony.

English Defence League
Credit where credit is due.  They are demonised.  They are kettled.  They are growing.


All the momentum of 2009 has been thrown away.  The movement has been split.  It’s a disaster.

Merkel has said it.  Cameron has said it.  The idea that multiculturalism has been an unmitigated disaster for the elites who promulgated it is now “out there”.  Can they replace it with integrationism, that’s the question.  They will try.

Because there are consequences, economic and fiscal, to race-replacing a white population with a Mexican one - consequences that the political class and the interests they serve never thought or cared about.

The Pres
One term.  Sweet.

The Euro
Germany holds the key because it will not agree to a fiscal union.  So while the present crisis may be surmountable, the next one won’t be.  And there will be a next one.

The Miliband who won

The climate change lobby
Warmist n. {warm-ist} supporter of wealth transfer tax to banking dynasties; liar, with ref to man-made global warming.

White South Africans
Will continue to lose until there is a Volkstaat or a resettlement in the mother continent, or both.

The taxpayer
Well, the taxpayer is a loser by definition.  But now the consequences of fiat money, big government and socialised banking losses have hit home, and it’s all on a different scale.

The Tiger is not simply an endangered species, it’s a dead one until Ireland leaves the Euro club and rejoins Sterling.  Except the Irish would rather live a PIIGS life than come back into the folds of mother’s skirts.

Who did I miss?

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Modernity’s gift to “them”

Now and again even left-of-centre commenters make useful observations.  Like this one in the Independent on Sunday:

So, how does the average British citizen regard the state? The first problem lies in the existence of that shadowy entity known to social historians as “them”. In their myriad guises, “they” can be positively protean, taking in everything from the tax authorities to park-keepers. To my father “they” were a malign and anti-meritocratic force at work to obstruct his and his family’s path through life.

... But if you get rid of “them”, what do you put in their place? Here you face another problem; the almost complete lack of civic awareness and communal spirit shown by a good 80 per cent of the population. Orwell himself once proposed that most of the patriotic flag-waving that takes place in this country was carried out by small minorities. The same is true of collective action. It is not even that we are all sturdy individualists, for whom collaboration is a kind of selling out, merely that, rather than having any deeply held opinions about how our relationship to the state might be better managed, we simply want to be left alone while, paradoxically, enjoying all the benefits that the state has to offer.

For “civic awareness and communal spirit” read “a sense of peoplehood and belonging”.  Then the second paragraph reads absolutely, depressingly true.  And truer than the general run of nationalist excuses as to why we have acquiesced while the political class has imposed its genocidal will on us.  The “them” of the Talmudic (or, anyway, millenarian) Jew, anyone?  The “them” of the greed-driven banker and the CEO of a mega-corporation?  Or of the eponymous guilt-ridden left-liberal of the cultural Establishment?  And then, somehow, in its turn MacDonald’s meta-thesis of innate individualism never quite convinces.  Out-group nepotism likewise.  But this idea of limited intellect and limited horizons, of an all-too-easy immersion in the mundane preoccupations of modern life, of mounting debt, of mounting material expectations, of fear of unemployment ... this hits home.  This is how life is for most people.  It used to be physically exhausting, dangerous, disease-ridden, destitute.  Somewhere in modernity’s struggle to do away with all that the relation between citizen and state was mislaid, and into the void slithered the Jewish niche-fillers and the greedy bankers and so on.  They are not where we, as dissidents and lovers of our people, have to take aim politically.  Rather, we have to find incentives for re-engagement that touch real lives.  And that’s not easy.

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Game is beta

by PF

For the cogniscenti of Citizen Renegade.

I personally think that Game is beta, here’s why:

1. Loss of life

What behavior is more submissive and slavish than spending a fair portion of your life analyzing women’s behaviors with a view to having sex with them?

One fundamental sociobiological constant is this: the day has 24 hours. I field-tested the bonkers out of that last part so don’t even question it.

People who don’t practice Game might be mislead into not realizing how time-consuming it is. What is time-consuming? Talking to tons of random girls; getting their numbers; phoning them back; arranging stupid dates with them so you can proceed along some imaginary time-line towards sex, which will justify the entire enterprise and turn it into a fount of wisdom to be disclosed to other guys on the internet.

Game is a very imperfect model of social dynamics which might give something like a 20% explanation of the things it purports to explain. This means it will always be extremely hit-and-miss. Where true believers might grow disaffected with this reality model is when you realize that you have success without it, and ruin lots of things with it. But the point is that Game is always/often expounded as a system that reliably produces results, but the guys who test it are testing it against the null hypothesis of either never going out, not being sociable, or not being ‘romantically engaging’ to women at all. Game triumphs because the opposite of it is nothing. It fills the void where before there was no social attempts, only Call of Duty raids and other video-game triumphs. Or Game triumphs because it discloses this profound truth: “You have to risk rejection and ask for a phone number.”

All subsequent elaboration and systemic analysis is piggy-backing off of this fundamental success of Game. It allows people who have determined to make a life-style out of trying to bed women - and as I said above, the amount of time investment required makes Game more of a lifestyle than even a hobby - it turns these people into paragons of wisdom who are leading groups of male followers to the holy grail of ‘abundance with women’. Something our evolved sociobiology really exists to prevent: one man accumulating massive hordes of a precious resource.

So the first realization is that there is a loss of life - you must actually forgo doing stuff. This means if its more than a phase you have to look back on some chunk of your life that was eaten by Game.


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“With all our souls”

Forgive me for sharing a bit of old news but I recently came upon a video of a Russian police officer by the name of Alexey Dymovsky speaking openly about the problem of corruption amongst his fellow officers.  I don’t understand a lick of Russian but I do understand the gulp in his throat once he started addressing Prime Minister Putin.

[Note: If you can’t see any English subtitles you can click on the embedded video and watch it over at YouTube]

“There must be some moral, some justice?”

Apparently, this man lost his job and had to hire a bodyguard shortly after making this video only to be arrested on charges of fraud several weeks later, wherever he is now his wiki page does not say.  I am sure he knew this was coming and that is what makes this video of his an act of courage.

Western men will never be able to reclaim their countries and heritage without also demonstrating such courage.

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Alternate Rights, T-Parties, 3rd Positions and about 700 million Third Worlders in a barrio near you

by The Narrator

This is an assessment (aka, a rant) of where America currently is, circa 2010, and where it is headed, save an asteroid strike.  Europe, you’re only a step or two behind.

The first thing to mention, of course, is that America has a black president by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Let that sink in for a second.

That, in and of itself, is beyond any possible conception of reality most Americans could have imagined in their most grim of nightmares just twenty years ago. Twenty years! That’s 1990!

But then, just twenty years ago (1990!), America was still in the neighborhood of 70 to 75% White. Again, just twenty years ago.

Equally inconceivable to Americans back then, is the notion that everything from customer service over the phone to the directions on a can of soup would be in Spanish as well as English.

Of course some will point out that people were seeing such things in places like Los Angeles or New York and warning of the coming storm. And that’s true. But at that time the clouds on the horizon were not yet in range of 99% of Americans view (America is a big place). By the time they were, the proverbial rains we’re already pounding down.

Besides that, the fact that some were warning of the coming storm twenty years ago (and even earlier) and, well, here we are never the less.  It should give us all pause in our feverish excitement about some politician “voicing concern” or some new book explaining the direness of our plight.

On demographics, it’s truly difficult to ascertain the real situation. Officially, America is still over 60% “white” (“white” being those of European, middle-eastern and north African heritage, as per the Census definition).  Unofficially the percentages don’t match up with what you see with your own eyes. I’ve gone into this before here, so I’ll only add now that it would be perfectly understandable for a tourist to come to the conclusion that America is about 42% White and 58% non-White.  And that’s keeping in mind that in 1965 America was around 90% White, and that all of this has happened without any opposition whatsoever. Not one single leader came forward to oppose the most destructive agenda in human history. Not one!


Posted by Guest Blogger on Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 04:36 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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Déjà vu in loyalist Belfast

In loyalist Belfast there are signs of a different kind of fight against the drive for a multiracial utopia.  You will remember the Roma physically forced out a year ago.  Well, the attacks on immigrants are, it seems, continuing.  From a Guardian article by a self-described black, self-confessed IRA terrorist turned journalist, who served a seven year sentence for possession of weapons:

The latest race attacks in Northern Ireland are as depressing as they are predictable. Isolated families in loyalist areas having their homes ransacked, their belongings destroyed and their lives threatened is a phenomenon now occurring with sickening regularity.

In the latest incidents, a mob attacked two homes in the loyalist Village area of south Belfast and in Whiteabbey, cars belonging to Filipino and Indian families were burned. The attacks come a year after a hundred Roma people were forced to flee Northern Ireland after racist petrol bombings, also in south Belfast.

... Northern Ireland is changing, slowly. Two major factors have been responsible: the first was the IRA ceasefire in 1994, and the second was the influx of EU citizens, especially from the accession states such as Poland. Foreign nationals from the Philippines, west Africa and elsewhere also arrived here in numbers for work or to study.

The rate of change has been alarming for some people and some communities including, in particular, the working-class loyalist communities in greater Belfast. The middle-class and economically active Protestants have fled to the satellite towns around the city, vacating houses in the process. Migrants, especially Poles, have filled these homes, leaving an ill-equipped, under-resourced Protestant community feeling abandoned.

It was only a matter of time before someone lashed out and, as ever, ethnic minorities make easy scapegoats. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed. The BNP has been recruiting disaffected young loyalists who, in previous years, might have joined the UDA or UVF to attack nationalists. Many suspect that loyalists either orchestrate or acquiesce in many of the attacks.

Education and political leadership are needed to address the racists. In a recent TV interview, the presenter asked me if Irish people needed to show a little more “tolerance” to migrants and blacks in their midst. My response was unapologetic: “I’m not here to be tolerated.”

So the recogniseable elements are all here.  “Some” among Belfast’s working class loyalists (whom, naturally, no one has had the political courage or integrity to consult) are “alarmed” at the “rate of change”.  The immigrants, meanwhile, “make easy scapegoats” for “the racists”.  And what a neat transition into blame mode that is!  That it’s wrong to coerce Belfast folk into accomodating foreigners never enters the writer’s ethnic head.  We are told that education and leadership will “address the racists”.  Well, there are some very hard, very uncompromising, very organised groups in loyalist Belfast.  They stood their ground against the IRA not for years but for decades, and were in no wise less lethal or remorseless.  The question is: are some of them standing again now?  The answer probably depends on whether they possess a political understanding of the war against European existence as nuanced as the one they acquired of The Troubles.  Simple xenophobia wouldn’t have the legs to fuel a long war against the MultiCult.

This is one story to keep an eye on.

Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 07:24 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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Death Panels: gateway to freedom and equality

by The Narrator

Everyone I know is fuming over the “unconstitutional” health-care bill that was “un-democratically” shoved down our throats. I have to keep explaining to such people that compared to legislation passed in the 1960’s Obamacare is a minor triviality.

It’s amazing (yet sadly not unexpected) that so many seem to gloss over the rather draconian and spirit-crushing bits of legislation commonly refereed to as “civil rights”. Many seem to prefer to ignore or forget that among the “civil rights” accomplishments have been: legalizing abortion, promoting homosexuality, exalting feminism, attacking and attempting to destroy the family, de-constructing communities, rewriting history, and other equally civilization-crushing acts.

And these were done under the notion of “equality”. And to bring about “equality” our society had to destroy, in theory and in fact, freedom of association.

Since the “civil rights” legislation went into effect, Americans have been told (under threat of government force) who they must live among, who they can do business with, who they can vacation with, who their children must attend school with, and in what company they can congregate. All done to criminalize discrimination. Yet the most fundamental freedom that can be had (either collectively or individually) is the right to discriminate. Take away that right and freedom is instantly dead.

And the critical aspect of this is that prejudices and the discriminations they encourage are generally based on collective historical experience. They are an expression of a society’s hard fought for wisdom, enduring and solidifying down through countless ages of toil and struggle. They are not mere attitudes, but rather moral and social guidelines that define and defend a people.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Friday, April 9, 2010 at 06:43 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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Was It Real For You?

by The Narrator

“Own a flat screen television? If not you’re missing out. In high definition everything is so clear and real looking …”

A trendy comment today on movies or TV shows is “realistic”. Over and over I hear this adjective applied to various bits of entertainment as an endorsement of it. The special effects are “realistic” or the fight scenes are “realistic” and so on.

I have to wonder, what exactly does it mean to say a movie is realistic? If there are writers, actors, directors, editors, pre-production, post production, sound and visual effects companies involved over the course of generally a year and half, what exactly does “real” mean in regards to packaged entertainment?

One example I’ve heard pointed out is the ubiquitous ‘blue screen’ or back-projections employed in films since the 1920’s, if not before. These were most commonly used in scenes where an actor or actress appears to be driving. Now they are quite obviously in a mock-up of a car in front of a projection of scenery going by. But does this matter?

I’ve read that the reason special effects have improved is that audiences today are more sophisticated than those in past times. However, is the need to be convinced that a space-ship is realistically rendered in CGI as it dog fights with aliens from Beta reticuli on the planet Zorbom really demonstrative of a sophisticated mindset?

It may seem an insignificant question but it gets to the heart of the current mentality of many a citizen of The West and their relationship with media.

And it isn’t just in the realm of goofy sci-fi films. A few years back I was encouraged to see a new James Bond film because, and I quote, “it’s not like the old ones. This one is more grounded and realistic.” I’ve never been much of a James Bond fan but I gave it a shot. And within the first twenty minutes I witnessed a superhuman comic book character running mile after mile without breaking a sweat, men free-climbing buildings like Spiderman, people jumping to the ground from two stories up (from atop cranes) –tuck-roll- then hop up and start running some more. This was capped off by the hero single-handedly defeating an army of heavily armed soldiers and slipping away during a massive explosion that, though wreaking tremendous damage and knocking everyone to the ground (save the hero), did not appear to harm a hair on anyone’s head. Apparently this was “realistic”.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 08:09 AM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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The Me People and the end of the world

by The Narrator

Reading Tom Wolfe’s The Me Decade and the Third Great Awakening circa 2010 doesn’t’ evoke nostalgia because it isn’t really dated. From asinine New Age psychotherapy to asinine New Age psychobabble, little has changed over the past 30 plus years. (The part about “communication” in that article is particularly contemporary, as well as spot-on.)

Of course that’s not surprising. Thirty years isn’t really that long ago and the twenty-something post-hippie, seeking “crystal healing”, adults of thirty years ago are now the middle-aged scholars and politicians informing much of social thought in America today. Still, there is a certain unexpectedness in how far we haven’t come in general attitudes and experience since then.

That can extend back even further though. Reading Charles Dickens or G K Chesterton describing America in their respective times is, in many ways, no different than reading a modern “stuck up” European article on America today. America then, as now, is painted as a country full of potential and problems, seemingly to perpetually reside on the precipice of calamity and comedy even as she continues to survive and thrive.

It is from that that I suspect the philosophical Me People are born. Which is to say, it is not consumerism that creates the philosophical Me People (as opposed to the materialist ‘Average Joe’ Me People), it is the discovery that the universe does not revolve around you and the age in which you live. It is not that they believe themselves to be the center of the universe. No, they simply believe they have found the perch from which the universe can be objectively observed in all its silly innateness. And from there they observe all the little human ants marching this way and that, foolishly believing that their little lives have meaning or individual purpose within the “greater scope of history”.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 07:43 AM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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In a black cab, episode two

Central London early this morning.  Clear skies, cold air.  No crowds of the aimless and the atomised.  Not all that many cars.  Most of the city is still observing the leisurely ritual of awakening to the weekend.  But a few people are out running or just wandering in Hyde Park, all whites bar the only two blacks that seem to have got themselves out of bed without being paid to do so.  The rest of central London, meanwhile, is strangely bereft of Africa’s giftless gifts to civilisation.

Asia has stirred, however, and is shuffling along the pavements, coldly gazing ahead, nothing to do with me.  But if it could just stay like this, one finds oneself thinking, it wouldn’t be too bad.  One could almost mistake my old city for being really quite white.  Almost.  The illusion won’t survive too long in to the day, of course.

First the Marylebone Road, then Kensington.  An hour’s meeting with an Italian client finishes at 11.00am and I am done.  I take my leave by the huge glass revolving door of the hotel and step out into the still cold air to find a cab.  It is now mid-morning.  But the city is quiet and two cabs, black and maroon, wait to my right.  The driver of the first one, the black one, sees me approach and lowers his side window.  First impression, Nick Griffin’s bad-boy bouncer.  Shaved head, strong features, but a bright and intelligent eye.  Good man to have on your side if trouble comes calling.

“Victoria,” I say, and we are on our way.


Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 08:04 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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The Fort Hood shootings

So Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, a Middle-Eastern Moslem born and raised in Virginia, trained as an army psychologist, but “devout” and deeply opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, goes on a shooting rampage at America’s biggest military basis.  Thirteen people are dead, thirty wounded.  And what do we get to hear?  Why, that Maj Hasan (i) had been battling racial harassment because of his “Middle Eastern ethnicity”, (ii) had been “affected” by the stories of soldiers returning from theatre with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and (iii) was “concerned” about his own forthcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

Here’s the real story:

a) America is/was the aggressor in both wars.  The Iraq War was an illegal war that has claimed the lives of maybe a million Iraqis.  All told, four thousand Americans have died in these two adventures for no purpose beyond the security of Israel, the politics and profits of oil, and tax-theft by the military-industrial complex.  Yesterday another thirteen died.

b) Multiracialism doesn’t work anywhere in the West, even in an authoritarian structure like the US Army, and amounts to no more than a vast crime against Europeans.  Or whites if you prefer.

c) The mainstream media is always ready to (i) blame “racist whites”, (ii) offer “explanations” for mass murder if the perp is non-white.  Do you think that either of these poisonous little memes would be dripped into the public’s ear if Nidal Malik Hasan had been born Nigel Malcolm Hayes?

Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 06:03 AM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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“My Fellow Gods, Lend Me Your Ears!”

by The Narrator

It is a trying time for we residents of modern Olympus, the White Gods.  The mortals cry out to us in their trials yet curse us in their comfort.

Some claim our time is past. Others claim we never existed to begin with.  There is much talk of change ...

It is interesting to hear the insistence of the lords of liberaldom that Whites everywhere must accept racial equality and view all others as our equals, regardless that it betrays our inner thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Whites (peoples indigenous to Europe) make up no more than 12 or 13 percent of the world’s population, yet 100% of the direction the tolerance industry pushes is against the natural instincts and interests of Whites.  It is we who must see non-Whites as equal, not the other way around.

Just look at immigration.

To throw open the borders of Western Civilization to the third-world in the name of humanitarian concern is to rather loudly and unapologetically assert that, on their own, third world peoples (non-Whites) are incapable of building, managing or sustaining a society capable of the most basic of organizational functions.  In the 18th and 19th Century the idea was to bring Civilization to the savages.  That didn’t work out, so the 20th and 21st Century approach has been to bring the savages to Civilization.

However you turn it, White elites of the most liberal of stripes, operate on and encourage a national policy view that non-Whites are inferior to Whites.

And this manifests in other ways as well.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 06:17 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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A toast to Gina

I want to use this brief post to express my thanks to MR reader Gina.  Here’s why.

She mailed me a few days ago to let me know that she had discovered during a visit to Manchester that MR is blocked by the web-filtering software used on one or other local authority network.  Internet filtering is something we’ve known about for quite a while.  It’s three and a half years since Johan Van Vlaams warned us about its coming.  At the time, the software was still being explored by the purchasing bodies (who are mostly central and local government bodies).  It was immediately apparent that this blog might be bracketed with the more stereotypical nationalist and dissident sites.  And, indeed, it was not very long before the first case of MR-blocking reached our ears through the auspices of erstwhile commenter Effra (WJ Phillips) who reported that we were blocked from the PCs in his local library.

Frankly, blocking the public’s access to any political site that doesn’t encourage law-breaking or otherwise break the law itself is a vexing issue - and not just for the website operators.  The censors, too, are exposed to the possibility of making errors of judgement.  Inevitably, it is not straightforward to identify a consistent and defensible basis on which sites can be blocked.  Official dislike is obviously not enough, though it’s the danger, of course.  An opportunity always exists for the ban to be challenged and overturned, and I am pleased to report that, in one Manchester local authority’s area at least, that is what has happened with us.

When Gina mailed me on 11th July, I asked her where the PC was located.  She did not immediately respond, but set about contacting the person in Manchester responsible for the decision to list MR among the sites deemed unsuitable for public viewing.  Today I received another mail from her with a message appended from the relevant Systems & Technology Manager.  It read:

Thank you for your enquiry about the web site

After looking at the site we have agreed that the site should be unblocked. This should happen within 5 working days.

This is a very small victory.  But it is also gratifying and instructive.  We should not accept the dispensations of a hostile bureaucracy.  We do not merit the labels our opponents apply to us.  Ask why “antiracist/nonracist” thought so ill of us, or why Robert Lindsay considers Prozium and every White Nationalist “a maggot”, and you will receive no coherent reply.  Defending prejudice, as the social constructionists so love to tell us, is an impossible task.

Thanks Gina for doing a little bit to defeat the prejudice under which we labour.  You’ve set a good example for the rest of us.

Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, July 20, 2009 at 07:07 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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