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Queers Assuming The Position

I am one who tends to think that concern regarding homosexuality is exaggerated beyond its true importance in WN circles.

Perhaps because I was at one time confronted directly and from a complexity of different angles with the implication to myself, but having no doubt that I wasn’t, and wanting to be unburdened of any accusation’s tedium, I was forced to make efficient intellectual work of putting aside any such accusation, to master the ways in which the issue could be deftly set aside as it is - largely irrelevant.

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Is liberalism in my European head?

Is liberalism in my European head?

...or in interaction with social influences such as media?

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“There is no psychological immune deficiency.  MacDonald made a mistake.  He is a psychologist, not a philosopher.  He looked in the structure of the mind for what exists in its thought.  Those who have internalised it and speak from it are not to blame for their suggestibility.  But nothing useful can come of a mistaken beginning.”

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“Incidentally, how does this crazed universalism of the European Mind square with the evidence for implicit racism?”


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The True and Necessary Post-Modern Turn for White Nationalism - In Response to Dugin

If he could see his birthplace of Rotterdam today


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Curbing the Appetites of Women

Curbing the Appetites of Women:
A Summary of The Garbage Generation by Daniel Amneus
By Robert Reis

{L]ike hemophilia, crime is manifested in males but carried and transmitted by females—or rather by single females.
Most criminals come from female-headed families. Most gang members come from female-headed families. Most addicts come from female-headed families. Most rapists come from female-headed families. Most educational failures come from female-headed families. Every presidential assassin before Hinckley came from a female-headed family or one in which he had an impossibly bad relationship with his father. Most illegitimate births occur to females who themselves grew up in female-headed families.
What is happening to our society is that it is discarding patriarchal sexual regulation and reverting to the primeval mammalian pattern of a reproductive unit consisting of the mother and her offspring, the male putting in an appearance to perform his minuscule sexual function and then disappearing or being hauled away to the sausage factory or being reduced to the role of stud who can be discarded when his female tires of him.
“Men and women,” rejoices feminist-anthropologist Helen Fisher, “are moving toward the kind of roles they had on the grasslands of Africa millions of years ago..”
It was the creation of [the role of the father]—only a few thousand years ago—which made patriarchal civilization possible. Prior to that, mankind had to muddle through the million years of the Stone Age with the female-headed reproductive arrangements of the ghetto, the barnyard and the rain forest.


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Fay Weldon’s sociobiological journey

In the eighth decade of her life Fay Weldon, one time high-profile feminist author and playwright, the child of divorcees, mother of an illegitimate child, briefly a prostitute, twice-divorced herself, has arrived at this view of her sisters:-

The novelist and commentator told an audience at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival that women were no longer as romantic as they were a generation ago, to the detriment of their happiness.

Weldon, 75, argued that having been liberated by the Pill in the 1960s women were paying the price of trying to behave like men. “Our generation fell in love all the time,” she said. “We sacrificed everything.  Now women are much more practical and hard-headed.  However, in the pursuit of professional, social and domestic fulfilment many women are failing to accept that, hormonally and physiologically, they are programmed to experience life differently from men,” she said.

“I think we need to make the most of being women as women, not aspirational men.  The assumptions we all make now as to what comprises a good relationship are upside down.  The differences between men and females are what we should be celebrating.”


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Chivalry in a chivalry-less world

It must be hard being a feminist. You preach about the equality of the sexes (sorry, genders). You give lectures explaining in great depth the oppressive nature of marriage and courtship. You heckle happily married neighbours into admitting that they’re “socially unfulfilled”. You take part in group readings of Virginia Woolf. And at the end of it all, some bloke with a belt comes along and upsets the whole (progressive, gender-free) applecart:

A man caught on camera trying to throttle a teenage train passenger has claimed he was defending a woman who was being taunted by a gang.

CCTV footage captured Greg Kirby, 26, looping a belt around the 17-year-old as the boy’s horrified friends looked on.

Kirby, an IT worker who has had no previous convictions, spoke out after he admitted affray and assault causing actual bodly harm at Portsmouth Crown Court yesterday.



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Nature meets nurture in a nightclub loo

Libby Brooks wants more for the teachers in Britain’s schools to do.  She wants gender education for our children.

She has, you see, noticed that the sexualisation of society has become white-hot of late - boringly so, in fact.  The aspect of this which she worries about is commercial ... raunchy billboards, company expense accounts at the lap-club, etc.  She worries that the nett effect of this is that our daughters are being enculturated by people interested only in money into giving themselves away meaninglessly in back alleys and nightclub toilets.  The “sexual saturation of modern western culture”, she call it.  A good phrase.

She has half a point here, and if she was more a critic and less a creature of modernity she might have a whole point.  For example, she seems to have realised that sexual liberation has been a liberation for men.  Yet she is no social conservative.  Sex for Libby should be seen as an exercise of the female will rather than, say, a submission to Prospero’s “fire i’ the blood”.

Me, I’m a “fire i’ the blood” man whose thoughts turn every six seconds, or whatever it is, to how to open the tinder box, and whose evil designs thereon need to be met firmly in the negative or all female honour will be stolen.  That makes me a believer in sex as Nature.

Libby - a feminist, of course, as well as a liberal - drags her politics into it and is, therefore, a believer in sex as consumption.  But not, of course, consumerism.  Her lodestar is that fully-human, liberated woman again.  In case you haven’t met this mythical creature yet, she’s the one who is mysteriously capable of:-

celebrating the human freedom that sex embodies

... and who knows:-

how desire can take us to the heart of our greatest potential: that in a moment we might be anybody or anything.


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Female liberation is a myth, delegates are told at the British Psychological Society conference

Another failure of feminism.  Women remain different in their attitudes

Women may well have come a long way since the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies, but research suggests that the enormous strides that they have made in the workplace have not been matched in the bedroom.  The portrayal of complete female sexual liberation in television shows such as Sex and the City could be a myth, according to research suggesting that many women regard one-night stands and casual sex as wrong.


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Feminism backfires

The excerpt below is from an article that made my day.  It notes that feminist-inclined admissions officers at elite colleges now feel obliged to discriminate AGAINST women!  Read on:

The fat acceptance envelope is simply more elusive for today’s accomplished young women.  I know this well.  At my own college these days, we have three applicants for every one we can admit.  Just three years ago, it was two to one.  Though Kenyon was a men’s college until 1969, more than 55 percent of our applicants are female, a proportion that is steadily increasing. My staff and I carefully read these young women’s essays about their passion for poetry, their desire to discover vaccines and their conviction that they can make the world a better place ...

Rest assured that admissions officers are not cavalier in making their decisions. Last week, the 10 officers at my college sat around a table, 12 hours every day, deliberating the applications of hundreds of talented young men and women ...  The reality is that because young men are rarer, they’re more valued applicants.  Today, two-thirds of colleges and universities report that they get more female than male applicants, and more than 56 percent of undergraduates nationwide are women.  Demographers predict that by 2009, only 42 percent of all baccalaureate degrees awarded in the United States will be given to men.  We have told today’s young women that the world is their oyster; the problem is, so many of them believed us that the standards for admission to today’s most selective colleges are stiffer for women than men. How’s that for an unintended consequence of the women’s liberation movement?

The elephant that looms large in the middle of the room is the importance of gender balance.  Should it trump the qualifications of talented young female applicants? At those colleges that have reached what the experts call a “tipping point,” where 60 percent or more of their enrolled students are female, you’ll hear a hint of desperation in the voices of admissions officers.  Beyond the availability of dance partners for the winter formal, gender balance matters in ways both large and small on a residential college campus.

Once you become decidedly female in enrollment, fewer males and, as it turns out, fewer females find your campus attractive.

I would have replaced “as it turns out” above with “because of that”

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Gillard vs Gillard

Less than a year ago, Julia Gillard was interviewed by the Melbourne Sunday Age on the issue of feminism. What Julia has to say on the issue is important, as she is a leading member of the Labor Party and considered to be prime ministerial material.

Her views were clear and very much in line with feminist orthodoxy. Girls, she opined, should have choices, except that the choice to be a traditional stay-at-home mum was no longer an option. In her own words:

If one suggested to a girl in school today that her future life would consist of marriage, raising children and tending the family home, she would no doubt look at you as if you had just arrived from Mars ...

... while she may not know what course she wants to chart out in her life yet, she knows work will play a role in it – and an important one. Whether for the thrill of career, the social integration of work, the pay packet or for a mix of all of them, she’ll work. (The Sunday Age 8th May 2005)

So in May 2004 Gillard’s attitude was that women who wanted to be mothers would do so by mixing their careers with motherhood. To suggest anything else was out of this world.


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Girls vs politicians

A British survey of 5000 teenage girls has found that most support traditional gender roles in which the husband is the provider.

The most interesting result was that nearly all the girls (97%) disagreed with the statement that ‘It doesn’t matter who is the main earner, as long as we are happy’. There is a whole generation of girls, it seems, who very definitely want their future husbands to be the main earners.

Britain’s politicians, though, do not want them to achieve this wish. Both major parties are determined to engineer society so that men do not earn more than women (even though men generally earn more by fair means, such as accepting positions which are well-paid and stable, but less creative and glamorous, or by working in dangerous or remote workplaces, or by accepting promotions involving more onerous responsibilities or longer working hours).

The hapless Conservative Party has announced that it will try to narrow the earnings gap between men and women by “combating traditional views of a mother’s role”. They are doing this as “part of an attempt to rid the Tories of their image as an old-fashioned party.”

So at a time when 97% of teenage girls want (eventually) to find a husband who earns more than them, the Tories think they are being up to date in their electoral appeal by seeking to provide these girls with men who earn the same or less.


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Are we entering a feminist down phase?

Some years ago I was browsing through a pile of American magazines from the late 1940s in a second hand bookshop. The most interesting article I found was written by a female columnist (the magazine was from around 1946 or 1947). She argued that women had had enough of the hardships brought about by feminism (loneliness, childlessness etc) and that it would be a relief to return to more traditional values.

Which is what women did in the 1950s, thereby ending the first great wave of feminism which had begun (roughly speaking) in the 1860s (there had been individual feminists before then, but it seems to have been in the 1860s that feminism was first taken up as government policy in Great Britain).

I wonder if we are now poised on the brink of another feminist down phase. There seems to be a similar weariness amongst women - an unwillingness to continue shouldering the burden of overwork and poor family outcomes which are associated with modern feminism.

This wearing down of feminism from within is especially marked in a recent article in the Daily Mail by Amanda Platell (The Silent Conspiracy, 28th January 2006). The entire article is worth reading as evidence of a change in attitude, but let me cite some of the most revealing passages.

Here is Amanda Platell explaining that despite her glamorous career and lifestyle she wishes to question the feminist legacy:


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Getting it straight

If you’ve noticed inconsistencies in feminist politics there’s a reason. It’s not that feminists are irrational or hypocritical or unintelligent. There is a deeper problem: the first principles on which feminism is based generate contradictory aims.

Poor feminists! They are locked into a belief system which can never pass the test of consistency because the starting point of their theory calls for opposing outcomes.

Homeward Bound

A good way to illustrate the tensions within feminist theory is to look at the article Homeward Bound. This was published late last year and was written by feminist Linda Hirshman, a retired professor of women’s studies.

Homeward Bound begins with the question of why women are not entering executive positions in larger numbers. Some feminists blame the “glass ceiling”: they believe that women are held back in their careers by male employers or by unfriendly work practices.

Linda Hirshman disagrees. In 2003 she undertook some interesting research. She contacted the women who had announced their weddings in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times in 1996. These were women who belonged to a well-educated elite and who had prestigious jobs.


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Life in the smorgasboardroom

Thanks to Michael R for the link to this example of wonderfully wayward feminist politics in Norway.

The new coalition government in Oslo said it was considering introducing a law which would require 40% of boardroom posts to be filled by women.  Norway’s previous government drew up the law, which it threatened to apply if companies failed voluntarily to meet minimum quotas by 1 July this year.  Only a fifth of Norway’s 590 publicly listed firms comply with the quotas.

“It’s not going fast enough,” said Karita Bekkemellem, Norway’s minister for family and children.  “I don’t want to wait 20 or 30 years until sufficiently intelligent men finally appoint women to the boardrooms.”  She added: “I wish to establish, from January 1 2006, a system of sanctions which makes it possible to break up companies.”

... a spokeswoman for Ms Bekkemellem said introducing the law could be the only way to of ensuring equality in the boardroom.  “It is a question of power,” the spokeswoman said, insisting that several surveys had found that companies where both sexes were strongly represented on the board were more profitable.  “For a woman to get in a man must get out.  It is not difficult to find qualified women.”



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Will that be one wife or two?

Alastair Nicholson was until recently the chief justice of Australia’s Family Court. Soon after he retired, he wrote a newspaper article supporting homosexual marriage. His argument was that traditional marriage, defined as an exclusive union between a man and a woman, was already defunct.

Not only was marriage no longer limited to heterosexuals, in Nicholson’s view it was no longer limited to couples either. “It is difficult to argue that a modern marriage necessarily excludes all others”, he concluded.


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The politeness of Mark Richardson

Below is a recent post from Mark’s site

A Current Affair ran as a feature story tonight another one of those surveys on “What women want”.

I found the results heartening. In first place, women wanted love. Second most important thing for women was motherhood. Only 13% of women nominated career and at the very bottom of the list was power.


Posted by jonjayray on Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 05:57 AM in Feminism
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“Inclusive” language

This is another shot at feminist nonsense.  I can’t let Mark have that field all to himself!

What could be more illiterate and uneducated than the feminist claim that the word “man” is sexist, paternalistic or male chauvinist?  Thus “women” is said to be sexist and in need of replacement by “womyn” and “chairman” becomes “chair”, “chairperson” or whatnot.  I would readily believe that such proposals were a joke of some sort but they are in fact quite serious.  Such feminist linguistic pronouncements quite simply show profound ignorance of normal English usage.  Many words have more than one meaning and it has long been conventional in English that “man” has both a generic and a specific meaning—translatable to “men and women” or “mankind” in its generic sense and “human adult male” in its specific sense.  This is nothing more than a quirk of English.  Other languages have two words for the two meanings.  Thus Latin has “vir” and “homo” and German has “Mann” and “Mensch”.  So does that make Germans and ancient Romans less sexist and paternalistic than the English?  If you believe that you would believe anything!  The plain truth that any educated English-speaking person would once have been able to tell you is that usages containing the word “man” in English are ALREADY inclusive.  They already refer to both men and women.  Neologisms (fancy new words) are simply not needed.


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Men!  Leave those dishes.  You will earn more lolly if the wife washes them.

The “longitudinal data researchers” at Essex University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research have claimed (PDF) that married men earn more than bachelors so long as their wives stay at home doing the housework.

These extraordinary and, if you are a lazy buzzard around the house like me, extraordinarily welcome findings are reported by Reuters like this:-

Academics Elena Bardasi and Mark Taylor found that a married man whose wife does not go out to work but is primarily responsible for the cooking and cleaning earns about 3 percent more than comparably employed single men.

But that wage premium disappears if wives go out to work themselves or don’t do most of the housework.

“It has been fairly well documented that married men earn more than single men,” Taylor, a labour economist, told Reuters.

“However, our research established the wage premium is related to the wife doing the chores,” said the academic who teaches at the University of Essex.

He said analysis suggests there could be two explanations for the results:

A marriage might allow a husband and wife to focus their activities on tasks to which they are most suited. Traditionally, this would result in the man concentrating on paid work enabling him to increase productivity and in consequence his wages.

Taylor said another explanation could be that marriage may increase the amount of time a man has to hone work-related skills which could trigger higher wages.

Taylor and Bardasi analysed the hourly wages of 3,500 men who have been interviewed annually since 1991 as part of the British Household Panel Survey.

“We looked at all types of jobs from unskilled up to managers and professionals,” Taylor said.

Bliss.  Best excuse I’ve come across in damned nearly thirty years of married life.

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Follow the Aka men?

The Melbourne Herald Sun this morning carried a large article headed “Dads urged to get maternal”.

They weren’t kidding when they wrote the heading. The article begins by urging men to suckle their babies (for soothing rather than feeding purposes). Why? Because an anthropologist has found a small tribe of African pygmies in which this male suckling happens.

These pygmy men have been declared “World’s Best Dads” by FatherWorld magazine because they’re near their children 47% of the time.

Now, before men rush out to buy their maternity bras a few words of warning. First of all, liberals routinely misuse these kinds of anthropological findings.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 07:55 AM in Feminism
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The feminism which ends in tears

Virginia Haussegger is becoming well-known in Australia as a feminist critic of feminism.

She already had a public profile as a TV journalist when she wrote an explosive newspaper article in 2002, “The sins of our feminist mothers”.

In this article she describes how her generation of women was brought up to believe “We could be and do whatever we pleased”. This is the basic principle of liberalism: that we should be “free” to create who we are and what we do through our own individual choices.

At first things seemed to go well. She writes of a generation of women who “crashed through barriers and carved out good, successful and even some brilliant careers.”

But the story ends unhappily. The feminist mothers forgot “to warn us that we would need to stop, take time out and learn to nurture our partnerships and relationships.”

Virginia Haussegger describes very well the incompetent attitude to relationships of women brought up in a culture of liberal individualism:


Posted by Guest Blogger on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 08:32 AM in Feminism
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The feminist answer to the poor educational performance of boys

A few excerpts from a submission (PDF) to an official Australian government report on behalf of “The association of women educators”.  The hormonal messes concerned think that the only problem is that boys are not de-masculinized enough.  The submission just drips hatred of males and masculinity generally.

While school performance can be measured and influences such as social class can be factored into the results, it is undisputed that some boys dominate the statistics in issues such as: High incidence of punishment in school; Dangerous and destructive behaviour; Abuse and assault of females and other males; Homophobia; Drug Abuse; Suicide; Road deaths; Dominance of teachers’ time; Dominance of linguistic and physical space in the classroom and playground; Dominance in the use of sports facilities and resources; Dominance in the use of computers and technology; and School suspension and expulsion.  These examples reflect the worst aspects of hegemonic or dominant masculinity and provide the reason that schools need to take action in order to provide alternatives to the currently held narrow view of what it is to be masculine and the restrictions associated with that view in terms of educational opportunities, life chances and quality of life.


Posted by jonjayray on Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 10:03 AM in Feminism
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Andrea Dworkin II

I do not wish to usurp the subject matter. JW Holliday’s excellent post on the subject will have been read by all of us. Nevertheless, I could not resist reproducing this obituary of Andrea Dworkin from the Daily Telegraph.


Posted by Phil Peterson on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 05:00 PM in Feminism
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Andrea Dworkin, hyper-feminist, has died

... the death at the age of 58 of “the most maligned feminist on the planet” has deprived feminism of its last truly challenging voice.

Katharine Viner writing in the Guardian today.

The title of Viner’s article is “She never hated men”.  Does anyone here believe that is accurate?  What do you think?  Opinions?

The idea of a woman-only state is of interest.  How would they reproduce?  Would they instead recruit from the general population?  Would lesbianism have been the established erotic content of this society?  Would the heterosexual desires of the inhabitants been discouraged?

Would Dworkin have endorsed the idea of ethnostates for those of both genders who feel “abused and dominated” by the current multicultural regime?

Is her long-time male friend John Stoltenberg a co-ethnic?  Anyone know?

Given that Dworkin’s philosophy would seem to any reasonable person as having the effect of increasing male-female animus, and, in some ways (at least for those who “misunderstood” her), pathologizing heterosexual intercourse (and hence, reproduction), I think that a MacDonaldesque analysis can a have a field day here.

Posted by JW Holliday on Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 03:21 PM in Feminism
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Ladies against feminism

An excerpt from their website:

“As a woman, I do not understand how you can form a website based on such a disgraceful idea. Everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion, but your opinion lacks intelligence and is solely based on ignorance. Feminism is not about shunning the idea of being a housewife, etc. In fact it has nothing to do with that. It is simply a choice. For whoever wrote the article I was reading, how can you say that feminists basically look down on women who are housewives? I have never in my research, schooling, etc. heard such a ridiculous comment and criticism of feminism. I suggest that your website educate itself more on what feminism is all about before you contain ignorant articles on your website”.

The quote above comes from one of many “Scorching Rhetoric” notes we’ve received here at LAF. One complaint we often hear is that we know nothing about feminism and that what we claim feminism stands for (or has stood for in the past) is not true. As will be obvious to anyone who takes the time to carefully read this site (particularly our Theme Articles), we do not seek to lump all those who call themselves feminists into the same category. Even feminists disagree about what feminism means (see “What Is Feminism?”). You can no more stereotype feminists than you can stereotype all women. Just as there is no consensus within the Church about what constitutes a homemaker (sadly enough), there is no consensus within the feminist movement about what constitutes a true feminist. This can make it extremely difficult to nail down just what feminism is about and where the movement desires to take women and society in the future. But we can learn about the various objectives it has promoted and claimed as its own down through the decades.



Posted by jonjayray on Friday, March 18, 2005 at 09:45 PM in Feminism
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Guns trump women in political correctness

Isn’t it odd that really successful women —Margaret Thatcher comes to mind—are NOT acclaimed by feminists if they are conservative?  It shows that the real agenda of feminists is only incidentally pro-women.  It is really just another flavour of Leftism.  It uses women.  It does not champion them.

The pistol-packing grandma about to be inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame is the most controversial appointment since its inception 22 years ago.  Why?  Because Marion Hammer, a squat senior citizen with a soft Southern twang, was the first — and only — female president of the National Rifle Association.


Posted by jonjayray on Monday, March 14, 2005 at 04:00 AM in Feminism
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