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An Exhortation From Stanistan

Remember This when you hear an official story from the kosher Media:

We are the Media .. I call it Wedia .. their media is the enemy…

Sooo…. we do our own research and we are not graduates of Brandeis, Harvard, U.C Berkeley, London School of Economics, or University of Chicago.

We have street experience , common sense , and advocate for our own people.. the people referred to as goy , gringo , honky , white boy , and shiksa.

If you disagree with us you are anti white.. and we walk away.. no arguments from our side .. we do not debate we agitate for our folk..

We are now the wandering Eury.. we are all over the world now .. we are growing powerful and we will prosper..

We created the internet .. that is our infrastructure.. no matter where we are .. yes they have made us revolutionaries for our folk..

Northern.. Southern.. Eastern.. Western European ..We are family.. We are strong..

We will create new institutions.. large families.. sustainable habitats ..

We will disconnect from Talmud Vision.. we will stay home away from college and professional sports.. we will stay out of casinos ( unless it is to encourage blacks , browns , and reds to get drunk and play poker )

We white men will stop watching sports, spend time with our families, and have more time and money to have large families. { no more fantasy football.. btw what a disgusting term}

We will create beautiful music again with inspiring lyrics.. such as this song..

Sons of Somerled.. only 4 seconds of an ad…....

White Lives Matter ..Will Not Remain Silent

Love each other and no white on white violence..

- Stanistan (Stan Hess)

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Implications of Executive Amnesty

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Are there explicit liberals with implicit sympathy up that path?


While defending our ghetto square and the merits of strengthening our grass roots community by preaching there to its choir, deepening our understanding and resolve, it seems that at this point Majority Rights could also do well with forays to visit those down some side streets - to pursue interviews not only with those who are most aligned with our views, but also to follow a path of those who might be slightly off - i.e. slightly antagonistic to our views in a somewhat liberal direction, at least explicitly, while having some implicit sympathy through connection to our square, our cause; such that MR’s platform might bring-out that connection with their underlying fairness in concern for our people and our kinds. The more public, known or respectable the person, perhaps the better. They might come to us with an intent to criticize us or save face in cover inasmuch – fine. Perhaps we can stand corrected. That’s not so much the problem as coming-up with good candidates for this kind of discussion/debate, those who may be lurking in what are the shadowy side-streets for us. Therefore the reason for this post is to ask for suggestions as to fairly prominent/respectable liberals, etc. Those fairly askance of our views, but not so antagonistic as to be futile to hope to engage. Rather to pursue those who might be ripe to debate GW or another MR representative, to at least hear-us-out. We might see where the dimly lit path takes us…


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“Attorney of the damned”, author of “Defensive Racism” dies imprisoned by ZOG


Get the story out folks” - Stan Hess

From: Cyndi Steele, Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2014 8:35 PM
Subject: News about Ed that I prayed I would never have to deliver!

                                                    Cyndi Steele

“The past 4 years Ed and my family have been living in a nightmare. Today, my greatest fear has come to life or maybe I should say death. Please read the message below that is being posted on the Free Edgar Steele website and sent to all of his supporters as I type this. It is with great heartbreak and devastation that I send you this news.”


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Our football coaches weren’t Marxists imposing black integration

Our football coaches were not Marxists imposing integration with blacks.
Rather, they were objectivists imposing integration with blacks.
Consider “the great football coach”, Vince Lombardi, and his indignation with regard to “racism.” Vince Lombardi was not a “cultural Marxist.”

Vince Lombardi’s Unprejudiced nature

In 1960, on at least one team, a color barrier still existed in the NFL. But Jack Vainisi, the Scouting Director for the Packers, and Lombardi were determined “to ignore the prejudices then prevalent in most NFL front offices in their search for the most talented players.” Lombardi explained his views by saying that he “... viewed his players as neither black nor white, but Packer green”. Among professional football head coaches, Lombardi’s view on discrimination was not de rigueur in the midst of the American civil rights movement.

  An interracial relationship between one of the Packer rookies and a young woman was brought to the attention of Lombardi by Packer veterans in his first training camp in Green Bay. The next day at training camp, Lombardi, who had a zero tolerance policy towards racism, responded by warning his team that if any player exhibited prejudice, in any manner, then that player would be thrown off the team. Lombardi, who was vehemently opposed to Jim Crow discrimination, let it be known to all Green Bay establishments that if they did not accommodate his black players equally as well as his white players, then that business would be off-limits to the entire team. Before the start of the 1960 season, he instituted a policy that the Packers would only lodge in places that accepted all of his players.


Forward 1986:                  “Hall of famer,” James Lofton

.. woman claims Lofton forced her into the stairwell next to the elevator at ground level and forced her to perform a sex act - L.A. Times

The same objectivist paradigm that flouts “equality” may insist on integration of “the best” on objective grounds.

Perhaps because I was never immersed in Marxist/Leftist literature, but rather was repulsed by radicals, their advocacy of non-Whites in particular, repulsed enough to be averse to embracing even their better critiques, I never saw “equality” as an issue one way or another.

But even though it may have had something to do with not circulating among Marxists or immersing in their literature, I never really heard many “leftists” or anybody, for that matter, talking about wanting “equality.”

It has been rightists who have been overusing opposition of this term, adopting this paradigm and its blueprint for disaster - setting matters into false comparison and necessary conflict/dominance-subordination, whereas our concern for separatism is to be negotiated* in qualitative terms of differences that make a difference (qualitative non-sameness, paradigmatic incommensurability as opposed to inequality).

*“Negotiation” more in the sense of ‘negotiating an obstacle’ than in trying to reason with people, though we will do that too where our interests are yet to be violated.

Coming back to “the point of the day”, objectivism and its most pointed corollary of turning issues into quantitative comparisons - equality/inequality - is what our football coaches were going by - not cultural Marxism - when they considered it unthinkable that blacks should be kept off the football team and eventually, that the cheerleaders should not cheer them on…and couple with them:

                  Interracial marriage proposal flaunted at 2012 Super Bowl half-time

Runaway objectivism, its “rational” blindness flouting “equality,” is a load of race mixing poison that our right wing brings to the equation. This part of the blame derives of our ranks, not from Jews.


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African-Americans go shopping in Ferguson, Missouri

Something’s very fishy when the mainstream’s exposing TNB in this manner.


Posted by R-news on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:58 AM in JournalismLaw & OrderMediaRace realismU.S. PoliticsWorld Affairs
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Police display new level of force - militarized police deployed in Ferguson riots

What does this implicate for separatists from centralized government?


Some White Nationalists note training programs for US Police conducted in Israel.


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Fratricidal Tendency

Fratricidal tendency, boding against race as a practical organizational concept, issues one of the most significant challenges to advocates of people of native European descent.

3,566 words

Subtitle: Graham’s shirked paternal responsibility in that regard.

To intervene and ameliorate fraternal relations, perhaps, or to argue more thoroughly as to why race is not the proper group membership concern.

Needless to say, betrayal by those close to us is among the hardest challenges to cope with in life, and the most de-motivating of defending E.G.I.

It is prima facie an acute issue to deal with and one that would require some of our top guns to handle properly - the likes of Dr. Lister and Frank Salter. Their help and more, of course, is needed in addressing this matter which we have all felt too closely to handle rationally by ourselves. What I mean by “fratricidal tendencies” is something quite general - antagonism of those closely related, ranging from irresponsible negligence to literal fratricide and war between our closely kindred people.

As we are so invested and investing in these people, the pursuit of remedy to these conflicts has created our most painful and destructive moments, where we did and gave our best to people who betrayed us - we became enemies to ourselves.



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The Reality Of




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White Post Modernity


Monoculturalism meets Rockefeller (and eats him)



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Yes, The White Race IS ..A Social Construct (Contrary To Jewish And Right-Wing Denial)

Along with White Leftism, The White Class and other useful theoretical tools that Jews abuse and obfuscate as they direct White identity into the foibles of the Right.

This discussion will have a fringe benefit of provoking and flushing-out those who are not truly concerned with our people.

Social Constructionism is a European, anti-Cartesian discipline: When conducted properly, Not Jewish

This essay is to be something of a summing-up and clarification:

“You alone are uncontingent my friend. I would counsel epistemic humility” 

Say what?

Thus, in background to this essay:


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Using Science on Behalf of Whites (As Opposed to Being Used By It)


Lawrence, on November 12: “The test (attributing 14% Sub-Saharan DNA to Craig Cobb) may be bullshit but an independent test would confirm that if it is indeed the case.”

DanielS: It could be, but it isn’t ultimately necessary. There is another aspect to this.

It shows the perils of scientism: being used by scientific concepts rather than using them. With that, how our enemies can use scientism against us.


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Demography challenge

The number of whites stands at 500 million.  White women on average give birth to 1.4 children each.  Not all of these children are white, and the number of white children born per white woman on average is 1.2.  Very pessimistic assumptions, aren’t they?

Under the following assumptions, how long will it take to reduce the white population to 50 million, 10 million, 5 million and 1 million?  If the extinction point is reached at 500 white people, how many years will this take?  What can be inferred from this exercise?

At start, the age distributions are as follows, the birth and death rates remain constant throughout, only women between the ages of 20-40 give birth, and men and women are matched in numbers.

Age-Range | Percent | Death rate per 100k
0-20      |  20     |  300
20-40     |  40     |  150
40-60     |  25     |  500
60-plus   |  15     |  5000

Most answers in this excel sheet (if you can’t open it, install the free and open source open office or libre office suite).

Posted by R-news on Friday, December 30, 2011 at 08:07 AM in DemographicsPsychologyRace realismWhite Nationalism
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The colour of patriotism

There was a public celebration in London today.  You can study the crowd who made it to the gates of Buckingham Palace here (click on the redirect).  They are only a small part of the million or more patriots in total, including many (equally white) tourists, who crowded central London.  The capital’s racial minorities appear to be somewhat under-represented.

Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 03:39 PM in Race realism
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Pastor Manning again

In this recently posted video Pastor Manning speaks about the nature of the African as no one outside of WN will.  At times his frankness and his frustration are almost unbearable.  One cannot help but feel sympathy for the man.  His solution to the serial destructiveness of his own people, unsurprisingly, is to class it as an Original Sin from which only faith in the Almighty can deliver them.  But sociobiology is not Original Sin.  The conjunction of male assertiveness, impulsivity, poor moral apprehension, and a poor capacity to calculate the consequences of personal choices must have been producers of fitness in the Sub-Saharan evolutionary context.  They were producers of human suffering too, of course.  But Nature contains no aversion to suffering, human or otherwise.  So in diaspore, in the context of other peoples existence, these characteristics remain producers of human suffering, and that suffering is not exclusively African.

One or two of the commenters in the thread to the video have picked up on the fact that:

... the 1% he leaves out is vital. It isn’t the “police” or “military” that keeps the negro from tearing this country apart; it’s White society as a whole.

As Europeans it isn’t our responsibility to exemplify the civilised for Africans to imitate or to suppress African nature in perpetuity and minimise thereby the costs to us in lost lives, lost genetic interests, and in hard cash.  It is our responsibility to protect our own.

Thanks to Hugh for mailing me the link.

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 06:07 PM in Race realism
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Sarrazin does it again

Thilo Sarrazin has spoken out against German race-replacement again, this time in paperback:

Anger as ex-finance minister warns Muslims “making Germany stupid”

A LEADING German Social Democrat has written a book with an apocalyptic vision of his country sliding into poverty, stupidity and Muslim domination.

Thilo Sarrazin, 65, a former Berlin finance minister and current Bundesbank board member, is already under investigation by a public prosecutor for allegedly inciting racial hatred by blaming immigrants for making Germany “dumber” and calling Muslim children “underclass citizens.”

Now his book, Germany is destroying itself: How we are gambling with our country, threatens the strained social fabric of the “multi-culti” Fatherland once more at a time of rising racial tensions and the radicalisation of Islamic youth.

“I don’t want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to become, in large part, Muslim, that over wide areas Turkish and Arabic are spoken, where the women wear headscarves and the daily rhythms of life are dictated by the call of the Muezzin,” he writes.

“Demographically, the enormous fertility of the Muslim migrants poses a threat for the cultural and civilization equilibrium in aging Europe.”

Mr Sarrazin’s book, published next week, began serialisation in the best-selling tabloid Bild yesterday and paints a “bleak portrayal of a country suffering the consequences of a low birth rate, immigration and poverty. Are we gambling with our well-being, social freedom and the stability of our society?”

He claims national identity will be lost in a few short decades.

In his book, he adds: “The social consequences of uncontrolled migration were always taboo, and one was not allowed to talk about the fact people are different - intellectually more or less talented, lazy or industrious, with more or less morality, and that education and equal chances have not changed that ...

In carrying the story the Scotsman has done what none of the mainstream newspapers in England has so far been willing to do.  It would be interesting to know how big a deal this is in Germany.  The response from the Establishment is predictable.  But what do ordinary Germans say about it?

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 05:26 PM in Race realism
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Dawkins sides with the race realists.

Richard Dawkins is one of the most prolific writers and defenders of evolution and rational thinking. Still, I assumed from his books, speeches and articles that I am familiar with that he would fall into political correctness when it came to the issue of race realism. For anyone not familiar with Dawkins work, a quick overview at Wikipedia should convince all that he is a major contributor to the biological sciences.

I read his book in defense of evolution and his rebuttal of intelligent design: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, (Richard Dawkins, 2009) and was pleasantly surprised that he seems to accept eugenics and race realism. Virtually every book I read that deals with the biological sciences, at some point, makes a short statement that dismisses any credibility in the notion that race is real or that there can be any heritable group differences between races in intelligence, behavior, criminal tendencies, etc. And Dawkins discusses how he once made a statement that the “intelligent design” crowd was able to use against him, so he is very aware of what he writes and “how” he writes about it. He is very aware of carelessly worded positions taken about sensitive issues.


Posted by Matt Nuenke on Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 05:45 PM in Race realism
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The meaning of the word “great” in a “black” context

by Alexander Baron

Recently, while doing some totally non-controversial research into contemporary music, I happened upon a website called 100GreatBlackBritons; I was led there by the name Phil Lynott. I was surprised to find his name on this site, because although I knew he was born in Britain, I have never regarded him as great in that context. I have been a Thin Lizzy fan since I first heard Whiskey In The Jar way back in the early 1970s, and have studied no less than three biographies of the man.

Phil Lynott was one of a kind, along with Rory Gallagher he is unarguably the most influential figure in Irish rock music. Thin Lizzy hailed from Dublin, and Lynott himself often claimed to be Irish born and bred. In March 1973, articles in Melody Maker and New Musical Express said he was born at Dublin and in the Irish Republic respectively; the former gave his date of birth as August 20 1951. In fact, Philip Parris Lynott was born in the Hallam Hospital, West Bromwich, the illegitimate son of an Irish Catholic teenager and a Negro civil servant. Although black, or technically half-black, he was totally assimilated, paying only lip service to his Negroid roots by writing a mere handful of songs with racial themes, mostly early on in his career. In his personal as well as his musical life he was surrounded by white people, and was totally accepted by them as he grew up between Manchester and Dublin. It is doubtful if he ever experienced racism, even if such an entity existed.

Although renouncing his British identity, Lynott was not in any way ashamed of it; he identified with Ireland for mystical reasons, primarily his fascination with Irish history and legend, which is reflected in many of his songs. This romanticising flowed over into his personal life; he liked to claim his father was a Brazilian seaman, but in January 1976, after rising star Phil and his band were featured in the popular weekly Titbits, Cecil Parris materialised. Rather than a character from an Errol Flynn film, he appears to have been more like Del Boy out of Only Fools And Horses. They did not meet again.

Phil Lynott was the archetypal rock star – live fast, die young. He succumbed to septicemia and multiple organ failure in January 1986, the result of his addiction to heroin. Although not the greatest bass player in the world, he was a competent rock musician, but his true strength was as a writer/composer. A lot of his songs, even the more commercially oriented, have deeper meanings, and to call him the High Poet of Irish Rock is no exaggeration. But was he a great man?


Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 12:07 PM in Race realism
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The History of White People

A new book has hit the bestseller list and is being promoted in every liberal nook and cranny imaginable. If one did a search on this book, and read the reviews, you would come away thinking that it was remarkable, insightful, and of intellectual merit. When I actually read it, however,  it was incredible rubbish; not because I disagree with the conclusions, but because the author, Nell Irvin Painter, is simply an unintelligent Black woman. But the Left unashamedly promotes her book as if it had even a scintilla of redeeming value.

I saw Ms. Painter being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, where he mercilessly made fun of her while maintaining his liberal comedic bias—it was quite entertaining. But Painter, author of The History of White People, has been interviewed and reviewed by the more serious side of the anti-White establishment. Acclaimed for spending ten years researching and writing the book, she makes a mockery of Black scholarship—if that is not an oxymoron. In fact one only has to read the very beginning of the book and the very end, to realize that she contradicts herself repeatedly. The book makes no sense. It also struck me that she probably had read Noel Ignatiev’s How the Irish Became White and followed the same line of argument with slightly different material. The book was published in 2010, but it is apparent that she finished the book in 2005, just ten years after publication of Ignatiev’s anti-White screed.


Posted by Matt Nuenke on Monday, April 5, 2010 at 09:44 AM in Race realism
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A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind The Curtain.

In my review of the book Strange Fruit, I said I would expand on the question about whether any moral/ethical system can be justified, with reference to the book A Very Bad Wizard by Tamler Sommers, 2009. Sommers interviews nine scholars on the subject of morality and ethics. Following are excerpts showing how evolutionary psychology undermines any justification for a universal moral doctrine.


Posted by Matt Nuenke on Monday, December 28, 2009 at 12:01 PM in Race realism
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Then and now, and the short distance between

by The Narrator

The following text was written by Thomas Jefferson two centuries ago. The subject: blacks. His observations and conclusions look surprisingly fresh and modern in both the good and bad sense.

For example the first president of the Banana Republic of North America comes to mind when Jefferson states:

They astonish you with strokes of the most sublime oratory….But never yet could I find that a black had uttered a thought above the level of plain narration….He is often happy in the turn of his compliments, and his style is easy and familiar, except when he affects a Shandean fabrication of words. But his imagination is wild and extravagant, escapes incessantly from every restraint of reason and taste, and, in the course of its vagaries, leaves a tract of thought as incoherent and eccentric, as is the course of a meteor through the sky. His subjects should often have led him to a process of sober reasoning: yet we find him always substituting sentiment for demonstration.

The existence of rap and hip-hop seems quite natural, as centuries ago it is observed that blacks:

In music…are more generally gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time, and they have been found capable of imagining a small catch. Whether they will be equal to the composition of a more extensive run of melody, or of complicated harmony, is yet to be proved.

Indeed the verdict is still out.

His most profound observation on them, though, is at the heart of why any kind of social/political/religious agreement or mutual understanding with them is impossible. He writes of them:

They are more ardent after their female: but love seems with them to be more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation. Their griefs are transient. Those numberless afflictions, which render it doubtful whether heaven has given life to us in mercy or in wrath, are less felt, and sooner forgotten with them. In general, their existence appears to participate more of sensation than reflection.

Most interesting of all though is Jefferson’s seeming moments of slipping into sentimental leftism that seems a habit of some Whites. For example, of black crime he writes (the very modern looking apologetic):

That disposition to theft with which they have been branded, must be ascribed to their situation, and not to any depravity of the moral sense.

Of course, as their situation has changed much over the past two hundred years while their proclivity towards crime remained unabated, we can see the faulty conclusion of Jefferson’s appraisal. It’s his motivation for writing such that is of interest, though.

In his concluding sentence we can see the all too familiar appeal to religion and a murky notion of “social justice” as Jefferson writes:

The spirit of the master is abating, that of the slave rising from the dust, his condition mollifying, the way I hope preparing, under the auspices of heaven, for a total emancipation, and that this is disposed, in the order of events, to be with the consent of the masters, rather than by their extirpation.

Naturally that can also be read as a warning. Still it’s interesting to see Jefferson do what so many in our own time do in coming to a natural conclusion on the obvious differences in the races, yet flirting with the idea that he wishes it were not so and that it will one day, miraculously, go away.

Like so many Whites of modern North America, Thomas Jefferson makes reasonable deductions based on an abundance of study and observations on the undeniable and profound fact of the multitude of differences in the races, yet still wishes to imagine that it will all resolve itself in some egalitarian utopia at some unspecified future date under some mysterious bit of magical circumstance.

The text is interesting not in so much as it represents a mirror image of our thoughts as modern White Americans, but as more of an old home movie of how those thoughts used to look.

Here it is in full.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 09:45 AM in Race realism
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Physiognomy and Liking: My Experience

by Happy Cracker

Why is it that the glimpse of a related physiognomy opens so innocently the floodgates of affection? Why is so much of our ‘liking’ dependent on the face of the person we interact with?

I had a chance to ponder this last month, as I filled a temporary position working for a catering company, and interacting with several thousand party guests - each of whom I had to greet, make small talk with, answer their questions and hand them off to be seated. I myself was determined - regardless of the type of person I was interacting with - to be a non-stop fountain of charm. I did my best to smile as wide, and think as warmly of the other person as possible. This is a technique I’ve learned to convey the most positive image to the other person: think about them as warmly as possible. And although I am committed to the 14 words and the existence of my people, I don’t think giving lukewarm receptions to wogs is going to advance the white cause. So I did everything possible to beam charm at everything that came before my eyes. I looked into thousands of faces, always the same eye contact, and performed the same motions thousands of times.

What I discovered is that physiognomy reigns over us - pre-determining the trajectory of our interactions far more than we would like. There are secret stores of human affection whose access is restricted based on physiognomy - and these secret stores don’t represent gifts which one is conscious of, and thus eager to distribute fairly, but primordial feelings of liking, which spring up innocently from within us and are beyond conscious control. They are thus hard to quantify - it is even hard for people to recognize the subtle influence these feelings have on their dealings with others, in the case of people with limited introspection.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 04:25 AM in Race realism
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The Accusation of Racism

The Accusation of Racism

By Robert Reis

“Race” has been part of the English vocabulary since 1580. 

It applies to a division of mankind possessing traits that are transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinct human type.

“Racism” became part of the English vocabulary in 1936.

The 2007 edition of the WordWeb Dictionary defines “racism” as “the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.”


Posted by Robert Reis on Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 08:18 AM in Race realism
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“A Conspiracy of Silence”

“A Conspiracy of Silence”
Robert E. Reis

On April 21, 1958, Time Magazine published the last known article to appear in America’s mainstream media stressing the extraordinary high rate of crime in America’s Negro community. [“THE NEGRO CRIME RATE: A FAILURE IN INTEGRATION”  [,9171,810262,00.html]
What did Time Magazine report fifty years ago?


Posted by Robert Reis on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 12:42 AM in Race realism
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An Affirmative Action President?

The intelligence of presidential candidates and presidents is the topic of discussion during and after elections. And, it seems that the Left is more enamored with this question than the Right—the same people who deny that intelligence has any real meaning and that if we just got to know people they would all show the same cognitive abilities, but in diverse ways. “We are all equally smart” they will submit.

Along comes Sarah Palin, a nobody, according to the Left, but a popular governor in the eyes of Alaskans. They declare that she is “stupid” because she has not travelled outside of North America, she could not name Supreme Court decisions, and many of her interview questions seemed rehearsed, etc. Are these adequate criteria to formulate how intelligent a person is? I for one read a lot of books where court discussions are discussed, and I will remember the results while forgetting the name of the court decision. Not all intelligent people like travelling, especially those perhaps who enjoy outdoor sports. And of course she has had to be coached; her focus over the last two years has been on Alaskan issues, far away from the Washington scene. But as I suspect she is in fact quite intelligent, at least intelligent enough to be president where ideology is more important than raw intelligence. After all, she would be surrounded by advisors and experts, and her learning curve would be steep.


Posted by Matt Nuenke on Friday, October 10, 2008 at 07:39 PM in Race realism
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Asylum seekers in Italy surge commented in entry '30 euros a day, accommodation, food, and cigarette voucher' on 03/29/15, 11:48 PM. (go) (view)

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