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Pensions and Basic Services Denied to People of Eastern Ukraine

War is a harvest for the chosen – i.e., not you, or anyone else halfway normal.

Making official what has been de facto for months, Ukrainian President Poroshenko has announced suspension of public services and funds to people of the Eastern Provinces.

Kiev stopped funding for pensions, educational and medical facilities in eastern Ukraine.


For those rebel controlled areas, Poroshenko instructed the Kiev government to cease all activities of state-owned enterprises, institutions and organizations. This cuts-off pensioners, who are on their own, and applies also to the administration of schools, hospitals and ambulance services.

The war has also destroyed infrastructure and homes, leaving many desperate for shelter. With the winter coming on, this is a death sentence to many. Those in jeopardy are afraid to speak-out, terrorized with the threat of death or imprisonment. In the meantime, there is a shocking uncaring among the populace of the unaffected areas. From Poroshenko on down, the attitude is one that this is the choice of the peoples in the Eastern provinces and they are getting what they deserve.

In fact, Poroshenko may well be building a case against himself, a portfolio replete with a litany of war crimes. The people of Ukraine, consuming the “Western” propaganda fed them, have all too often become as callous as the YKW who abide of common folk blamed and killed for crimes of The Soviet era and more accurately, for internecine animus stirred-up by Israel’s proxies.

It would perhaps not be so surprising for youth to succumb to crass material appeals of the West, nor for that matter, for the callous uncaring of those “Jew-wise” National-Socialists Banderas to be animated by ultra nationalism as a result of Western bribes, propaganda and instigation to war, but even older folks have turned their backs on people they could be looking in the mirror at – turned their backs, ensconced in the expert propaganda, psychological conditioning and bribes from the YKW and their bottomless funds.


Yes, so cynical and ruthless they are in their aims that they would even use “Nazis” to fuel war and fund their harvest. Note who Victoria Nuland met with and promoted in her nation building efforts. These “Nazis” of course, report right back, hands out for another bribe to join The EU. A lot of good that is for European nationalists, yes?

While the people of the East, enculturated to not trust the West (with good reason) resist Westernization, they are caught in a no man’s land. They are not in Russia and not under its jurisdiction. Putin’s Russia, having a commitment to being a “non-racist” proposition nation is not perfectly innocent of course, from a WN standpoint, but quite reasonably does not want Nato and The EU (or literal Nazis) at its border any more than The US would want Soviet missiles in Cuba or Red Army troops in Mexico.

Putin has been harangued for not helping these people who have been cut-off from the Ukrainian state. However, it is not a part of Russia, it is a part of Ukraine, and Russian lorries carrying food and aid are not always being allowed to get through to the people in need. Where are Victoria Nuland’s 5 billion going?

Fuck the EU indeed.

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Black Lies in White Nationalism: Hitler didn’t instigate war, modestly sought appropriated territory

Black Lies are being circulated in White Nationalism -

“Hitler did not instigate the war”

“He only modestly sought territory ‘wrongly’ appropriated”

Those claims are demonstrably false from the beginning of Mein Kampf:

“People of the same blood should be in the same Reich. The German people will have no right to engage in a colonial policy until they shall have brought all their children together in one state. When the territory of the Reich embraces all the Germans and finds itself unable to assure them a livelihood, only then can the moral right arise from the need of the people to acquire foreign territory. The plow is then the sword and the tears of war shall produce the daily bread for the generations to come.

                                                                                            - Hitler

Does this statement from the very start of Mein Kampf, from the second paragraph in fact, indicate that Hitler was for peace and the head of a Reich merely, passively victimized? Obviously not. It is clear pseudo-justification typical of the inter-European war-mongering that underpinned his world view. Indeed, this statement makes it clear that Hitler was no pacifist nationalist, but an imperialist; and of course this is just one among many examples in which he makes that plain. What is far more exasperating than alarming is that even where present day White Nationalists are altercast their clear innocence, Hitler advocates disingenuously try to bury, justify and even assimilate the facts of Hitler’s intent of inter-European war rather than work to coordinate present- day European efforts to our mutual interests: coordination of nations places an emphasis on mutual non-interference of national sovereignties with one another, but alignment of objectives at the same time. That is very different from what Hitler sought and from what his present day apologists implicate.


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Jewish Control of the British Empire, Divide and Conquer, Comandeering European War efforts

Germans in Slavic Lands, Poles and Other Eastern Europeans in Western Europe

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

When grappling with the extent and length of entanglement of Jewish interests in European affairs, perhaps one can come to appreciate GW’s fastidious concern to separate what is authentic native/nationalist European - and what is not - through his ontology project.


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“Right-Wing Extremists like The Order”

The nobly inclined, missteps, the ill-advised and the misnamed.

MR’s commentariat survey European/White Nationalist exponents.


JamesUK has raised the topic for discussion - heretofore leading exponents of White/European Nationalism, those we know to have taken an active lead in advocating European peoples and their discreet nations/kinds.

It’d “be good (to have) a post critiquing far right nationalist movements and leaders:”

Enoch Powell
Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen
George Lincoln Rockwell
John Tyndall
Nick Griffin
Jarod Taylor
Don Black
David Duke
John DeNugent
Tom Metzger
Norman Lowell
Golden Dawn

“or any other high profile organisations or individuals you can think of.”

I would be quick to add William Pierce among others.

Rather than relying on extant articles surveying these peoples and platforms, we may look at these matters afresh with the interest of MR commentariat.

Taking as a point of departure the terminology that JamesUK’s adopted upon broaching the topic, what jumped-out as salient and perhaps in need of re-naming or re-framing was The Order designated as “Right-Wing Extremist.”

            ...“right wing extremists like The Order”

            bob mathews
                                      Bob Mathews, leader of “The Order”

                          …...Józef Piłsudski, leader of The “Bojówki”

What The Order was attempting, in a far more elaborate plan than most people realize, was fairly analogous to what Józef Piłsudski and his “Bojówki group” did with the Bezdany train robbery and other operations in order to fund the reinstating of Poland.

There are also parallels with “The Sons of The Revolution” who fought for independence from Britain; we might go on to discuss them among other guerrilla campaigns which fought for independence. That is, naturally, revolution and the taking or re-taking of a nation can entail “extreme” activities according to the status-quo and powers that be.

But to begin discussion, a comparison of Bob Mathews and Józef Piłsudski is relevant to normalization as the parallels are clear, yet Piłsudski is not stigmatized, he is widely accepted a nationalist hero.


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Hypocrisy,  Double Standards, and the Politicisation of Genocide

                                                    - By William Hanna
On 17 July 1998, the international community reached an historic milestone — that has so far proved of little useful purpose — when 120 States adopted the Rome Statute (, the legal basis for establishing a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC). The Court’s mandate was “to try individuals rather than States, and to hold such persons accountable for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, namely the crime of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression, when the conditions for the exercise of the Court’s jurisdiction over the latter are fulfilled.” Therefore on that basis and in view of the fact that Israel has for over 60 years painstakingly ensured qualification for all four of the aforementioned criminal categories, then why has the ICC failed to initiate proceedings against those Israelis who with impunity were and still are instrumental in the barbaric ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people?


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“Attorney of the damned”, author of “Defensive Racism” dies imprisoned by ZOG


Get the story out folks” - Stan Hess

From: Cyndi Steele, Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2014 8:35 PM
Subject: News about Ed that I prayed I would never have to deliver!

                                                    Cyndi Steele

“The past 4 years Ed and my family have been living in a nightmare. Today, my greatest fear has come to life or maybe I should say death. Please read the message below that is being posted on the Free Edgar Steele website and sent to all of his supporters as I type this. It is with great heartbreak and devastation that I send you this news.”


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Our football coaches weren’t Marxists imposing black integration

Our football coaches were not Marxists imposing integration with blacks.
Rather, they were objectivists imposing integration with blacks.
Consider “the great football coach”, Vince Lombardi, and his indignation with regard to “racism.” Vince Lombardi was not a “cultural Marxist.”

Vince Lombardi’s Unprejudiced nature

In 1960, on at least one team, a color barrier still existed in the NFL. But Jack Vainisi, the Scouting Director for the Packers, and Lombardi were determined “to ignore the prejudices then prevalent in most NFL front offices in their search for the most talented players.” Lombardi explained his views by saying that he “... viewed his players as neither black nor white, but Packer green”. Among professional football head coaches, Lombardi’s view on discrimination was not de rigueur in the midst of the American civil rights movement.

  An interracial relationship between one of the Packer rookies and a young woman was brought to the attention of Lombardi by Packer veterans in his first training camp in Green Bay. The next day at training camp, Lombardi, who had a zero tolerance policy towards racism, responded by warning his team that if any player exhibited prejudice, in any manner, then that player would be thrown off the team. Lombardi, who was vehemently opposed to Jim Crow discrimination, let it be known to all Green Bay establishments that if they did not accommodate his black players equally as well as his white players, then that business would be off-limits to the entire team. Before the start of the 1960 season, he instituted a policy that the Packers would only lodge in places that accepted all of his players.


Forward 1986:                  “Hall of famer,” James Lofton

.. woman claims Lofton forced her into the stairwell next to the elevator at ground level and forced her to perform a sex act - L.A. Times

The same objectivist paradigm that flouts “equality” may insist on integration of “the best” on objective grounds.

Perhaps because I was never immersed in Marxist/Leftist literature, but rather was repulsed by radicals, their advocacy of non-Whites in particular, repulsed enough to be averse to embracing even their better critiques, I never saw “equality” as an issue one way or another.

But even though it may have had something to do with not circulating among Marxists or immersing in their literature, I never really heard many “leftists” or anybody, for that matter, talking about wanting “equality.”

It has been rightists who have been overusing opposition of this term, adopting this paradigm and its blueprint for disaster - setting matters into false comparison and necessary conflict/dominance-subordination, whereas our concern for separatism is to be negotiated* in qualitative terms of differences that make a difference (qualitative non-sameness, paradigmatic incommensurability as opposed to inequality).

*“Negotiation” more in the sense of ‘negotiating an obstacle’ than in trying to reason with people, though we will do that too where our interests are yet to be violated.

Coming back to “the point of the day”, objectivism and its most pointed corollary of turning issues into quantitative comparisons - equality/inequality - is what our football coaches were going by - not cultural Marxism - when they considered it unthinkable that blacks should be kept off the football team and eventually, that the cheerleaders should not cheer them on…and couple with them:

                  Interracial marriage proposal flaunted at 2012 Super Bowl half-time

Runaway objectivism, its “rational” blindness flouting “equality,” is a load of race mixing poison that our right wing brings to the equation. This part of the blame derives of our ranks, not from Jews.


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Are we to be cannon fodder for war on behalf of White plutocrats?

While we are (in 299 words) addressing David Duke and his single greatest cause issue - Jewish power and influence - with his admonition against their strategy of divide-and-conquer, we should ask..

Is it not possible that our traitorous White plutocrats would be happy to have us fight a war against that which is also their greatest enemy - Jewish power and biocultural patterns -  and use us as cannon fodder?

What, after all, have they done for us?

What have they done to merit our loyalty?

What have they done to fight Jewish power and influence? mass non-White immigration into European peoples’ habitats? the destruction of European cultures and people?


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The Pejorative Side of Modernity or Civilization, Competing Theories or Allied? Part 2

The Pejorative Side of Modernity or Civilization, Competing Theories or Allied? Part 2

2,281 words


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London’s Predominant Concentration of Those Who May Be Sought-Out for Accountability



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Is liberalism in my European head?

Is liberalism in my European head?

...or in interaction with social influences such as media?

Posted by Guessedworker on May 05, 2014, 12:18 PM | #

“There is no psychological immune deficiency.  MacDonald made a mistake.  He is a psychologist, not a philosopher.  He looked in the structure of the mind for what exists in its thought.  Those who have internalised it and speak from it are not to blame for their suggestibility.  But nothing useful can come of a mistaken beginning.”

Posted by Guessedworker on May 06, 2014, 02:27 AM | #

“Incidentally, how does this crazed universalism of the European Mind square with the evidence for implicit racism?”


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Majority Rights: For Those Who Will See The Obvious..


That Hitler and the Nazis were not White/European nationalists, nor can they represent the interests of White/European peoples.

I would like to clear the way further for Majority Rights as a place of sanity for White interests.

Indeed, if a former head of state where I am from had the attitude toward Germans and Germany that Hitler had, for example, toward Slavs and Eastern Europe, frankly, I would not boast of this man, but would be eager to leave him in the past as an embarrassing expression of overcompensation. I am frankly surprised that this is not the default position of every self-identifying White nationalist.

Hitler’s was a position which could only have led to inter-European fighting and diversion from our proper organization.

On the other hand, the Germans I meet in my travels, by sharp contrast, are very fine people; I am eager to help them, as I might, to ensure the flourishing of their particular native European form and ways; as well as to unburden them of undue guilt and foreign impositions. This generation had nothing to do with World War II, for better or worse. I am sure that there are sufficient many of them who see fit to participate in our mutual and discreet survivals as European nations and peoples.

I was ready to dive right-in with this frame of mind years, in fact decades, ago. One of the crucial issues obstructing this has been, and is, the absurd position of some self-proclaimed White Nationalists that we somehow need Hitler or to redeem Hitler. We need nothing of the kind. We need Europeans deeper and wiser. Let there be no mistake, those who insist upon Hitler and Nazism are Not White Nationalists.


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Yes, The White Race IS ..A Social Construct (Contrary To Jewish And Right-Wing Denial)

Along with White Leftism, The White Class and other useful theoretical tools that Jews abuse and obfuscate as they direct White identity into the foibles of the Right.

This discussion will have a fringe benefit of provoking and flushing-out those who are not truly concerned with our people.

Social Constructionism is a European, anti-Cartesian discipline: When conducted properly, Not Jewish

This essay is to be something of a summing-up and clarification:

“You alone are uncontingent my friend. I would counsel epistemic humility” 

Say what?

Thus, in background to this essay:


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First anniversary of the Norway commemoration of the King David Hotel bombing

On 22 July, 2011, Israel commemorated the 65th anniversary of the King David Hotel’s bombing in Palestine, by exploding bombs in Oslo, killing 8, and shooting dead 69 on Utøya Island. Israelis picked Norway for the celebrations because she had increasingly become sympathetic toward Muslims and in favor of a Palestinian State. Professor Ola Tunander concurred that only a State-level entity equivalent has the capability of pulling off such an operation, and this wouldn’t be the Norwegian administration slaughtering relatives on Utøya Island. Tunander knows Israel did it, but to avoid the heat, hinted at it, saying that some have suggested it was Israel’s handiwork. Given Tunander’s academic credentials, the mainstream media decided to keep Tunander’s analysis and the Israeli condemnation of it out of the Anglosphere.

At first it wasn’t clear whether the mysterious individual blamed for the attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, was a scapegoat or patsy. But the cues were there though overlooked by many. One clue was Anders Breivik’s amazing beard, capable of changing within seconds.

Anders Breivik beard
Source of these pictures. You know it’s not lighting. Breivik was all smiles for the cameras, in sharp contrast to his being camera shy on 22 July, 2011, when he evaded being filmed on CCTV all the way through his hours-long drive to the seat of the government and then to Utøya Island, and he also managed to avoid being captured on any of the hundreds of cell phones on Utøya Island.


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Review of 2083: A European Declaration of Independence

Badge of justiciar Knights Beat the whites with the red wedge
Anders Behring Breivik is said to be a Justiciar Knight, whose badge, depicting what the reincarnated Templar Knights are about, is contrasted with the painting titled “Beat the whites with the red wedge,” a Bolshevist propaganda poster from 1919. Based on this comparison, what can you infer about the manifesto he allegedly wrote? Another clue: the Archeofuturists have shoveled a hole that they’ll enlarge into a massive pit within which they’ll be buried.

Teasers aside, here’s my review of 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, and more. I’m not posting it below because I intend to revise it.

NO OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS, please, and stick to the facts and fact-based inference.

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On the fourth anniversary of 7/7

It is four years ago today that I sat down to write a brief post under the heading Seven Seven, and followed it up a few days later with a longer account of my own tangential and highly tenuous contact with history.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since that day.  If we are to believe our rulers, there have been scores and perhaps even hundreds of Islamic terrorist attacks that our (it is said) brave and professional security services have disrupted.  Suspiciously few of these, however, have resulted in a prosecution.

In fact, suspicion seems to be the lasting product of 7/7.  On the day that the memorial to that event was consecrated, more or less, the Daily Mail, having picked up yesterday’s snippet in the Guardian, was shouting from the rooftops that:

Far-Right extremists ‘are plotting spectacular terrorist attack in UK’, police warn

Neo-Nazis are plotting a ‘spectacular’ terrorist attack on Britain to fuel racial tension, Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism officers fear.

Senior officers have increased their surveillance of suspects to monitor their ability to carry out a deadly attack aimed at causing a ‘breakdown in community cohesion’.

The chilling warning comes after last month’s startling gains by the BNP in the local and European elections which many fear may ‘embolden’ violent Far-Right extremists.

Commander Shaun Sawyer, from the Met’s specialist operations wing told a meeting of British Muslims last night: ‘I fear that they will have a spectacular ...

‘They will carry out an attack that will lead to a loss of life or injury to a community somewhere. They’re not choosy about which community.’

...  Sir Norman Bettison, the chief constable of West Yorkshire, said: ‘The big bad wolf is still the Al-Qaeda threat.

‘But my people are knocking over right-wing extremists quite regularly. We are interdicting it so that it doesn’t first emerge into the public eye out of a critical incident like an explosion.’

There is vanishingly little information given to back up the claim.  A Hitler-idolising fruitcake named Martyn Gilleard, who was jailed last year, is the best they can come up with.  Does that wash with the British public?  Take a look at the recommendation figures on the comments to the Mail article.

For their part, Nationalists are deeply vexed.  Nationalist bloggers have been quick to pour scorn on the story, and point out that it bears the imprint of the ubiquitous Gerry Gable of Searchlight, the Community Safety Trust, which is where the British Board of Deputies meets Mossad, and the Muslim Safety Forum, which is the interface for “British” Muslims with the police.  But the worrying possibility exists that it signals the start of an aggressive police campaign against Nationalists.  We shall see.


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An interesting life

There is a moment, difficult to spot to be sure, when imperilment slips by some tenth or hundredth of a degree into something else ... something darker and doom-laden ... something from which escape is no longer possible.  The elite effort if not to murder the children of Europe directly, then certainly to void the ties upon which their survival depends, has not yet reached that pivotal moment.  Not in my opinion anyway.  If it had, our little community would likely not be labouring over the creation of this rallying point.  We would, I hope, have found other ways to fight, ways more fitting to the hour.

With this in mind - this consciousness of the special meaning of time - it is appropriate to remember that the fight has been fought at every stage.  Liberalism, decadence, democracy, equality, capitalism, internationalism, Jewish self-advocacy in all its manifold guises ... these things have been critiqued by intellectuals throughout the 20th Century, and protested by activists since the flood began with the Windrush in June 1948.

Those who have fought before us were as strong in their persuasion as any Linderite, and no less pleased to shock.  But such are the antecedents of our protest.  There’s no point denying it.

Many of those brave, difficult people have paid a high price.  Some have lost life itself, some their liberty, many their livelihoods.  Some have lost their way or became disillusioned by the company they kept.  Some have fought on faithfully, for, in truth, they can make no other accomodation with the world.

Today, on a thread at Laban’s ostensibly devoted to the trial of the man accused of the murder of Charlene Downes, one of these honourable men provided a potted history of his activism.  I thought it was interesting and educational, so I am reproducing it here.

His thread-name is Veritas.


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Fighting Dirty

The Guardian is running a piece by Matthew Taylor today titled Web of hate.  The hate in question is of Marxists, and belongs to the “far right” hard men of Redwatch.

Taylor explains:-

The site, which has links with the neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18 and a host of European fascist organisations, is hosted in the US but registered and run from the UK. It lists the personal details and shows the photographs of anti-racists - many taken during protests against the British National Party - alongside the slogan: “Remember places, traitors’ faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes.”

... Redwatch was launched in 2001 and takes its name from a Combat 18 newsletter produced in London in the 1990s. For the first few years it was just another online talking shop for hardline racists and fascists, offensive and unpleasant but apparently not dangerous. However, in April 2003, those behind the site signalled that Redwatch meant business. Leeds school teachers Sally Kincaid and Steve Johnson had been involved in local campaigns against the BNP and other far-right groups for years. Then their personal details appeared on Redwatch following a demonstration they had attended in the Pudsey area of the city. A couple of weeks later they suffered a fire-bomb attack at their home, which left their car burned out.

The incident was a turning point. Those featured on Redwatch were no longer being subjected to threats and harassment but to physical attacks.


Posted by Guessedworker on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at 12:33 PM in Far Right
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Whatever happened to keeping politics out of the classroom?

BNP teacher can only teach whites

A council has sparked outrage after allegedly ordering a school to make sure a teacher who stood as a candidate for the British National Party only teaches white pupils.

Teachers claim Clive Jones has been kept away from ethnic minority children once his ties with the far-right group became known.

Union leaders have written to Derby City Council accusing it of playing into the hands of the party which has been widely condemned for its extremist views.

I think that this is a wonderful idea, and that the principle implicit in it should be extended further. Socialists should only teach the underclass, gay activists should only teach practising queens and black activists should only teach blacks. Multiculturalists should only teach genetically engineered race-less test-tube babies.

Posted by Alex Zeka on Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 10:07 AM in British PoliticsFar RightFree SpeechOh Tempora, Oh Mores
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Africans firebombed in Queensland regional city

Molotov cocktails were thrown at the home of a Sudanese refugee widow and her seven children in Toowoomba early yesterday morning, heightening racial tensions in the city.  Khamisa Abui and her children, aged 3 to 16, were sleeping at their rented house in Dalmeny St when they heard thumping on the front door.  A neighbour across the road saw the flames just after midnight.  “The flames were a metre high on the steps and the front porch and the door mat was alight at the front door,” he said.

The neighbour, who declined to be named, phoned the fire brigade and ran across the road and banged on the door to wake the family because he knew the children would be asleep.  “I pulled the burning mat away from the door and looked for a hose but I couldn’t find one in the dark,” he said.  “You could smell the petrol fumes, and there were soft drink bottles lying on the steps.”

Once roused, Mrs Abui brought water and the two put out the remains of the crude fire bombs before the fire brigade arrived.  The neighbour said the arson attack on a family who had come from a war zone was malicious racism.  “There were two adults and seven kids in there – it could have been a disaster,” he said.  “Those people are coming from war-torn lands. I just put it down to a brain-dead hillbilly mentality.”

Speaking through an interpreter, Mrs Abui said she and her children had been frightened by the attack and she was mystified as to why her family had been targeted.  “I have no enemies with white people. I have no idea why they don’t like us here. I came here because Australia is a safe place to be,” she said.  Mrs Abui was widowed when her husband was killed in Sudan, and she fled with her children to Egypt where she applied to come to Australia.


Posted by jonjayray on Friday, April 28, 2006 at 03:48 AM in Far Right
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Foolish people have allowed the Left to push them too far

They would have a message with much wider appeal if they left the Nazi crap out

“Thirteen-year-old twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede have one album out, another on the way, a music video, and lots of fans. They may remind you another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate…. “We’re proud of being white, we want to keep being white,” said Lynx. “We want our people to stay white … we don’t want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race.”  Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. “They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening,” said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins’ father. “I’m going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would.”

April home-schools the girls, teaching them her own unique perspective on everything from current to historical events. In addition, April’s father surrounds the family with symbols of his beliefs — specifically the Nazi swastika. It appears on his belt buckle, on the side of his pick-up truck and he’s even registered it as his cattle brand with the Bureau of Livestock Identification.

More here

Posted by jonjayray on Monday, October 24, 2005 at 12:28 AM in Far Right
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Rod Liddle on the National Front

Liddle is a pretty reasonable bloke a lot of the time.  I think all the abuse is just a leadup to saying that the NF are right about the Muslims

John Tyndall, Britain’s most prominent neo-Nazi for the best part of 40 years, was found dead in his home last week. If it is true that every man’s death diminishes us, then it is perhaps also true this particular death diminishes us slightly less than most. Frankly, speaking for myself, I feel fairly undiminished by it.

I use the term “neo-Nazi” with scrupulous care, not as an inaccurate, blanket term of abuse. Tyndall, you see, had a great deal of time for Adolf Hitler and not much time at all for the Jews. He had pictures of Hitler on his walls at home, just as you and I might have pictures of Angelina Jolie.


Posted by jonjayray on Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 09:21 AM in Far Right
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Architect of BNP found dead at home

The founder of the British National Party John Tyndall has been found dead at his home, aged 71. The controversial former leader of the right-wing BNP was described as an “excellent chap with an analytical mind” by party colleagues. Mr Tyndall, once chairman of the National Front and who was facing race hate charges, was discovered at his home in Hove, East Sussex, by his wife.

Posted by jonjayray on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 11:45 PM in Far Right
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Are the “Far Right” simply old-fashioned Leftists?

The post below is crossposted from Dissecting Leftism

I seem to be doomed to challenging conventional ideas about the nature of the political spectrum—most notably in that   I often point out that Hitler was a Leftist.  I also however, have done a thorough empirical examination (via survey research) of the libertarian idea that the political spectrum is two dimensional—and found that the evidence is against that as well.  I now think I have a third rebellion to undertake.  I think that the term “Far Right” is a misnomer altogether.  The Far Right certainly does not describe Hitler and the Fascists but I don’t think it even describes accurately the present-day racist groups who tend to attract that label.  I think that the people so called are only another flavour of the Far Left.  The so-called Far Right may say that they are against “Jews” whereas the Far Left say they are against “Zionists” but both are talking about essentially the same people.  And even the “Anti-Zionist” mask of the Left tends to slip rather readily to reveal the real Jew-hatred underneath.


Posted by jonjayray on Thursday, February 3, 2005 at 06:55 PM in Far Right
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