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Kristiina Ojuland - The Woman of European’s Hour

“As a White person, I feel that the White race is threatened today! Are Estonians also so brain-washed now that they start talking some kind of politically correct bullshit?”          -  Ojuland said.


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The problem of the Establishment mentality – Part 1

The other day I received an email from a reader who expressed the same vexing disbelief felt by all of us, I would say, about the role of “the Establishment” in this vast and viscerally offensive phenomenon that has become known euphemistically as Moslem Grooming.

Steve S, I shall call him, asked how, “given the length of time, the quantity of the victims, and narrow demographics of the perpetrators and the horrific nature of the crime” there could have been literally no Establishment response, beyond an implacable will to look away.

Well, Steve, the time period over which the crime has been around is well over 25 years.  Back in 1988 there had been an uproar among Sikhs in Birmingham when girls from their community were targeted by Moslem men.  Then, when news of the first Rochdale trial finally broke into the press (that is, when the press was forced to report it), a retired police officer came forward to report that as long ago as the early 90s he personally was ordered not to investigate victims’ complaints.  Because of the “grooming” nature of the offence, involving supposed boyfriends, drugs, alcohol, and other forms of bribing the girls, it is likely to have been initiated by Mirpuris of the second or later generations. It could have been going on thirty or even forty years ago.  However, it is not limited to Mirpuri or even Pakistani Moslems today.  The BNP has reported that in Wrexham, for example, the offenders are Iraqi.

Given the uncertainty of the time-scale, the quantity of victims is, of course, impossible to assess with any degree of certainty.  The latest assessment for Rotherham is that there have been around 2,000 victims there alone.  But Rotherham, it has been said, is dwarfed by events in Manchester and Sheffield.  There has been talk of “the tip of the iceberg”.  There have been over fifty cases brought to court so far – few of them reported nationally.  The other day I saw someone use an estimate of 130,000 victims from day one – whenever that might have been - and that could be the right sort of scale.  We just don’t know.


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French Re-Revolution, C’est la Guerre!

Don’t Joke with Islam… or Jewish Interests, International Banksters, Neoliberals, Christian idiots, right-wing idiots, Negroes, mudsharks, La Razza…

“Unlike its predecessor Hara Kiri, Charlie Hebdo, the liberal-libertarian newspaper, has become one of the organs of the dominant ideology. They can recognize their own.
                                                - Alain de Benoist

They recognize their own..
                                              Free speech for who?

As such, Tanstaafl’s account is even more descriptively accurate of those behind the policies of Charlie Hebdo - they’re an organ of “neoconservatism” (a Jewish platform):

And they recognize their own under attack..


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MajorityRadio: Paul Weston of LibertyGB talks to GW and DanielS

On the radio page now, Paul Weston, the man who managed to get himself arrested for reading from Winston Churchill’s The River War, talks to GW and DanielS about himself, his party, nationalism and the political climate, the nature of UKIP, blogging on the DT, that adventure in Winchester, and (even) the JQ.  He’s a good guy.  You should listen.

Upon Winchester Guildhall, Paul Weston quoted the following passage from Churchill’s “The River War”:

‘How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!,’ wrote Churchill.

‘Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

‘The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

‘A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

‘The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

‘Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

‘No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.’

Paul Weston’s “I am a racist”



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Officer Wilson Interview



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Ferguson Burns


Revealed here (below, press Continued) by this whining rant, Dutchsinse, and those like him, are beginning to get their own ‘just deserts’ for past weak-kneed acceptance of liberal k***j*w equalitarian multi-culturalism. Others fought it for decades, too often to be confronted by such a**holes as this, who now too late ‘see the light’.

                    - Bob in D.C.



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“Right-Wing Extremists like The Order”

The nobly inclined, missteps, the ill-advised and the misnamed.

MR’s commentariat survey European/White Nationalist exponents.


JamesUK has raised the topic for discussion - heretofore leading exponents of White/European Nationalism, those we know to have taken an active lead in advocating European peoples and their discreet nations/kinds.

It’d “be good (to have) a post critiquing far right nationalist movements and leaders:”

Enoch Powell
Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen
George Lincoln Rockwell
John Tyndall
Nick Griffin
Jarod Taylor
Don Black
David Duke
John DeNugent
Tom Metzger
Norman Lowell
Golden Dawn

“or any other high profile organisations or individuals you can think of.”

I would be quick to add William Pierce among others.

Rather than relying on extant articles surveying these peoples and platforms, we may look at these matters afresh with the interest of MR commentariat.

Taking as a point of departure the terminology that JamesUK’s adopted upon broaching the topic, what jumped-out as salient and perhaps in need of re-naming or re-framing was The Order designated as “Right-Wing Extremist.”

            ...“right wing extremists like The Order”

            bob mathews
                                      Bob Mathews, leader of “The Order”

                          …...Józef Piłsudski, leader of The “Bojówki”

What The Order was attempting, in a far more elaborate plan than most people realize, was fairly analogous to what Józef Piłsudski and his “Bojówki group” did with the Bezdany train robbery and other operations in order to fund the reinstating of Poland.

There are also parallels with “The Sons of The Revolution” who fought for independence from Britain; we might go on to discuss them among other guerrilla campaigns which fought for independence. That is, naturally, revolution and the taking or re-taking of a nation can entail “extreme” activities according to the status-quo and powers that be.

But to begin discussion, a comparison of Bob Mathews and Józef Piłsudski is relevant to normalization as the parallels are clear, yet Piłsudski is not stigmatized, he is widely accepted a nationalist hero.


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“Attorney of the damned”, author of “Defensive Racism” dies imprisoned by ZOG


Get the story out folks” - Stan Hess

From: Cyndi Steele, Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2014 8:35 PM
Subject: News about Ed that I prayed I would never have to deliver!

                                                    Cyndi Steele

“The past 4 years Ed and my family have been living in a nightmare. Today, my greatest fear has come to life or maybe I should say death. Please read the message below that is being posted on the Free Edgar Steele website and sent to all of his supporters as I type this. It is with great heartbreak and devastation that I send you this news.”


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African-Americans go shopping in Ferguson, Missouri

Something’s very fishy when the mainstream’s exposing TNB in this manner.


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Hunting innocent patriots on a pretext

by David Hamilton

Further to the recent posts about my ordeal with The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit I have been interviewed by two different officers from the CTU about imaginary links they tried to say I had with a terrorist. In the UK, the Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) are trying to build up a narrative of how the “far-right” are terrorists just like those in the Muslim community. I became ensnared in this effort because a man I never met liked a letter I wrote and posted on Facebook. This was decided on at a meeting between a senior Metropolitan Police officer and a meeting of Muslims.(1)

There is a good reason I know nothing about Anders Breivik, the man who blew up a government building and shot 76 teenage Marxists in Norway. As part of its agenda to invent home-grown “right wing terrorism,” the CTC are trying to fit me up as being an associate of Breivik, whom I’ve never met.


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Two hundred vigilantes in revenge attack on Moslem shops in Heywood.

So now the police, who did nothing about Moslem paedophilia for years, are gearing up to fight “the racism”.

Over this last week the MSM has reported on the trial at :Liverpool Crown Court of the first eleven of forty-seven Moslem Asians, mostly Pakistanis, charges with grooming white girls for prostituting among fellow Moslem men.  The charges against the defendants do not mention racism, and none of the reporting has suggested that a racist motive might be inferred from the identity of the victims.  On the contrary, the reporting has been both sparse and carefully calculated to be as “non-inflammatory” as possible.

It has not worked.

Rochdale violence raises fears over racial tensions in north-west England

Police vehicles damaged and officer injured in disturbances in Heywood, as planned EDL event fuels anxieties

Concerns over racial tensions in the north-west have increased after violence in Rochdale on Thursday night.

The disturbances appear to have been linked to the trial of 11 men of Asian descent accused of grooming vulnerable young girls in Rochdale. The trial is ongoing at Liverpool crown court, where the far right have held protests.

Tensions will be further raised in the region when the far right English Defence League (EDL) holds a demonstration in Hyde, where a white teenager was injured last month by a group of Asian men. Tameside council has expressed grave misgivings that the event could lead to unrest.

Two hundred young people congregated in Heywood, Rochdale on Thursday evening. A car and three police vehicles were damaged and an officer suffered bruising to his arms and legs during the disturbances.

At 10pm, Greater Manchester police effectively issued a curfew when they warned all parents in the area to make sure their children were home. An hour later, riot police had cleared the streets, but a takeaway shop had its windows smashed.

A 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and police assault and a 14-year-old boy was arrested for causing danger to a public highway.

Of course, the story for the Guardian was always going to be “fears” for the Neo-Marxist Utopian Tomorrow.  But the story is also reported at Yahoo:

A group of around 100 people, including adults and children, congregated in the centre of the Heywood area of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on Thursday night to raise “concerns”, police said.

Superintendent Chris Hankinson, from Greater Manchester Police, said a small number of people then began to cause trouble. The disorder is linked to a trial at Liverpool Crown Court relating to alleged grooming and sexual exploitation.

Officers were pelted with bricks and other missiles and two arrests were made after windows were damaged at a takeaway. One car belonging to a member of the public and three police vehicles were also damaged. An officer suffered bruising to his legs and arms.

Mr Hankinson, in charge of neighbourhood policing in Rochdale, told a press conference at Rochdale police station: “Those that seek to use what’s going on at the moment in Liverpool to further their racist agenda will be dealt with robustly.

… where the nature of the Liverpool trial is too painful for the politically fastidious to share with the Yahoo reader.  Fortunately, the comment facility has been carelessly left operational and, so far, over 1150 Yahoo readers have explained exactly what Englishmen think of their vibrant new countrymen.  The Guardianistas are right to worry.  Moslem grooming of white girls is thought by nationalists to occur wherever there are large Moslem colonies.  It can only go one way now.

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Civil War and Reconstruction: An Essay by Justin

The Truth About Reconstruction: our template for hatred and disunity
by Justin
Everyone has heard of it, usually in the context of the coda to the Civil War unit in history class. But no one knows any actual details about it. This widespread ignorance is perhaps understandable, as Reconstruction is probably the darkest hour in American history. Not only was it a shameful event in and of itself, its implementation was a complete failure and its legacy was almost completely destructive.
The critique of Reconstruction is not simply an exercise in historical grievance mongering, although it assuredly offers a bit of forgotten history that serves to discredit the dominant narrative of American exceptionalism. Rather, the critique of Reconstruction offers valuable lessons in social policy which can be applied today and in the future.
Basic Outline of Reconstruction
After the surrender of the Confederate armies (and, more importantly, the defeat of the Southern will to fight following brutal military campaigns against the civilian population) the Confederate states were placed under martial law. This period of martial law would end up lasting 12 years.


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Muslim rioters: the problem with them is *not* that they ain’t got that old time religion

Ultra-social conservative crypto-something Laban Tall blogs on the riots in France:

“Youths” were (relatively) quiet in France last summer, although seasonal traditions such as the New Year car-burnings are still well-supported.

Every summer, like King Arthur’s men at the feast of Pentecost, the youths await a sign - some strange portent or happening after the schools break up which means that the car-burning season may commence. That sign has now been given :

“Karim Boudouda, 27, was one of two men believed to have held up a casino, escaping with more than 20,000 euros (£17,000). He was killed in a shoot-out with police following the robbery. Violence flared after his memorial service. Mr Boudouda, 27, had three previous convictions for armed robbery. The other suspect escaped and is still on the run.”

And the season commences :

“The incident begun in the early hours of Saturday morning when rampaging youths stoned a tramway and attacked it with baseball bats and iron bars. The gangs then set cars on fire and opened fire against officers. The officers returned fire.”

Shooting at the police is fast becoming as integral a part of the season as a flambéed Renault :

“Four young men found guilty of shooting at the police during riots on the outskirts of Paris in 2007 were jailed for between three and 15 years early Sunday. Defence lawyers denounced the sentences as “extremely harsh” and claimed that political considerations had influenced the cases.”

You’ve got to love those quotes around youths. Laban is criticizing the beeb for leaving out the criminals’ ethnicity, while avoiding mentioning it himself. Well, I’ll say it: they are Muslims, which means Turks or Arabs in France (or just possibly Pakistanis). Members not just of more or less the same religion, but also of more or less the same genotype.




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Police Torture a Political Prisoner

By David Hamilton

On 18 November 2008 a copy of a BNP members list was published on the internet, and thus began a train of events that is destined to be one of history’s turning points. It revealed to a trusting public what the authorities are really like. These decent people who are supposed to be looking after our interests now stand exposed as totalitarians who will do anything, however oppressive and tyrannical, to silence dissent.

Innocent members of the public will be surprised at how oppressed the British people are unless they remain quiescent and only do permitted activities like watch telly, support sports teams and go to bars. If they dare speak out or campaign against certain injustices they will be persecuted and even brutalised.

There are many in this country who sincerely believe in freedom and democracy.  They frequently gravitate towards the easily-occupied “moral high ground” of condemning racism by whites.  But they rarely comprehend that a totalitarian, undemocratic structure has been created to oppress whites. Do they ever stop to think that in the home of the Mother of Parliaments, the Rule of Law and representative democracy the police would torture a political prisoner?

There was even a thinly-veiled incitement to violence from the established media. On 20/11/2008 Mirror columnist Brian Reade wrote, under a picture of Nick Griffin, and in mock-worried tones:-

I’m worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don’t fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis. It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn’t it?

In part, at least, his wish was realised.


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The elite’s war by immigrant proxy

David Hamilton

According to the Mail on Sunday, which obtained the official statistics of 37 police forces under the Freedom of Information Act, there is an offence involving a knife every 24 minutes of the day in England

There were over 5,500 serious crimes involving knives in just three months this year - one every 24 minutes. That is 55 knife-related murders and more than 2,000 stabbings.  [And that figure does not include data from Northamptonshire, Somerset and Lincolnshire - Ed]

The newspaper explained:-

London, Manchester and Birmingham are the worst-affected areas, while West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Northumbria police forces were also in the top 10. During just April, May and June this year, the Metropolitan Police recorded 1,580 offences – more than quarter of the national total.  A breakdown reveals 17 people are stabbed or robbed at knife point in the every day and by July 2008 twenty teenagers had been murdered in London.  The total for the whole of last year was 26 shooting or stabbing killings among young people”.

Our elites have imported gang warfare while pretending that the immigrants were soft, sentimental like pets and if we were nice to them they would be nice to us!

Common sense tells people that immigrant areas are no longer safe for white people to live in.  But to obfuscate the facts, a 9 percent reduction in crime is claimed by the police, with the violent crime sector being reduced by 8 percent.  As is now well known, in areas with much crime many people do not report burglaries or muggings because experience tells them that the police will do nothing about it.  Less than half of such crimes are reported.  It is a deceit visited upon the population by a government who cannot control crime because they are acolytes of the religion of equality, and no racial or ethnic group can be more inclined to certain crimes than any other.


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“I never really understood what was going on until I was interviewed the next day”

The average IQ of the prison population in Britain, including blacks and other low IQ peoples, is around 87.  In Australia it’s a little better, with 40% reporting an IQ below 86.  So I guess the white section of the US prison population is unlikely to weigh in with an average IQ above 90.  Average mind.  Fifty percent of them don’t make it out of the 80s.

So just how easy is it for an FBI agent to lead an average loser, caught in possession of illegal firearms, a supply of metamorphine, and a sun-wheel ring or whatever, into a confession?

And wouldn’t the media boys just love this one to be true?

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Charlene Downes accused to be retried next year

The trial of Iyad Albattikhi at Preston Crown Court came to a close today when, after 10 days of deliberations, the jury was unable to reach a verdict.  Justice Henriques:-

told them: “It is with very great regret I discharge you from returning a verdict. There will be a retrial.

“I would like to thank you for the very, very conscientious way you have gone about this case.”

He praised them for being “highly professional” in the midst of “continuous tensions and pressure”.

Mr Henriques thanked the Downes family for the “admirable way they had conducted themselves” throughout the hearing.

He added that the retrial was likely to take place around January next year and would be at Preston Crown Court or Manchester Crown Court.

Charlene’s mother and father spoke briefly to reporters on the steps of the courthouse (video).

The outcome is, perhaps, not surprising given the quality of the evidence presented to the court.  In the absence of DNA evidence, an audio recording of the barely distinguishable voices of Albattikhi and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi seems to have been the principal exhibit.  The two men denied even knowing Charlene, and claimed that references to her on the recording were totally innocent and misunderstood.  In the normal course of things, and assuming that no new evidence is unearthed by Lancashire Police, this should be enough to see them escape conviction next year.

I would very much like to know the ethnic make-up of the twelve men and women of the jury, and how they divided in the jury room.  I would also like to know whether the accepted fact of child abuse by “some of the men” working in the takeaways frequented by Charlene and other girls has triggered a police investigation.  I doubt it.  Other instances of grooming of white girls by Moslems in England’s northern towns have been ignored by police.  They would, after all, generate the “continuous tensions and pressure” referred to by Justice Henriques.

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Boldly going where no detective has gone before

Some time ago I wrote saying that all ethnic minorities, as well as a good number of white liberals, are anti-white racists. I didn’t mean in-your-face, Nation-of-Islam-style racism, but the subtle, unthinking, subliminal kind. Now I think I was being too kind. There’s nothing subtle about the views which have to underlie the following actions:

Concerns about possible racist attacks led to police pulling out of a TV appeal in their search for a sex attack suspect, it has emerged. Officers want to trace former Exeter taxi driver Noorullah Seddiqi, 34, originally from Afghanistan.

Police were planning to put a reconstruction on ITV’s Manhunt crime show, but a spokesman said “community concerns” led to a rethink. Mr Seddiqi is wanted for questioning after failing to answer bail. He was arrested in November last year in connection with an investigation into a rape and a series of sexual assaults on women.

Finding and bringing to justice the criminal who raped white women is seen as less important than making sure that the man arrested isn’t an ethnic minority. If the suspect isn’t guilty, all he’ll suffer is a bit of inconvenience, surely a worthwhile price to pay along the road to catching the actual criminal. On the other hand if he is the rapist, then we’re seeing an ethnic minority criminal getting away with it purely so as to protect the image of his ethnicity; in other words, creating an artificially positive picture of minority ethnicities is more important than saving white women from actual sexual assaults.

Whichever is the case, we are seeing ethnic feelings and image being put above white lives. Infact, is it even possible to have a sensible discussion about these crimes which leads to the conclusion come to by the CRE? Or do the multiculti need to find a corner of their own - preferably financed by HRM’s government - and to boldly go where no sane white man will ever go?

(Apologies to Lurker. No apologies whatsoever to the Grauniad).


Posted by Alex Zeka on Friday, July 20, 2007 at 04:45 AM in Law & Order
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Justice for Charlene Downes?  Not yet.

My thanks to Donna and Sue on the Charlene thread that has been simmering away since March 2006, and to the untangled refusnik named Smith, all of whom have provided “heads-up” gen on the trial now begun at Preston Crown Court of (alleged) burger-bar butcher and paedophile Iyad Albittikhi.

The good news is that the MSM has finally begun reporting Charlene’s fate, locally and nationally.  This is an advance, obviously, on the near-perfect silence that greeted the breakthrough of the initial arrest and commital to trial.  But it remains a cause of journalistic shame that such an exceptional and vile crime against a 14-year old adolescent girl is acknowledged only in the judicial breach, so to speak, and is then accorded a completely unacceptable and thusfar universal shunning of the central feature of the case.

Look, for example, at the headline of the Mail article: Killer joked that he put schoolgirl lover in his kebabs.  Schoolgirl lover?

In the body of the copy we read that prosecuting council Tim Holroyde, QC, told Preston Crown Court:-


Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 02:10 PM in Law & Order
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Does this smell right to you?

This entry on Stratclyde Police’s website appears to have been picked up by local media, thence the BBC and AP.  Well, it’s evil white racism against a poor Algerian asylum seeker and her child, isn’t it?  Or is it?

Indecent Assault - Yoker

Strathclyde Police is appealing for witnesses after a 33-year-old woman and her 1- year-old son were indecently assaulted near Yoker.

About 1630 hours on Tuesday 3 April 2007 a 33-year-old woman was walking her 1-year-old son in his pram on the cycle path between Plean Street and Dyke Road, Yoker, Glasgow when they were approached by a group of males who threw stones at them and then kicked the woman.

One man then exposed himself and indecently assaulted the woman and then attempted to perform an indecent act on the 1-year-old boy.

The woman fled the scene with her child, leaving the pram, a headscarf and a baby’s bottle on the cycle path.

The suspect is described as a white male, aged 20 to 25, very short hair, tall and thin and wearing white and blue track suit trousers.

DI Andy McWilliam said today “This was a particularly harrowing ordeal for the woman and her son. I would urge the other males in this group to assist the police in identifying the male responsible. I am also keen to locate the whereabouts of the pram, headscarf and baby’s bottle.

No mention yet of video or DNA evidence, which would seal the issue.  But we’ll see.

Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 06:35 PM in Law & Order
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We does thangs daffrent round here, boy

Everyone familiar with “American” cinema knows the routine: enlightened carpetbaggers take a wrong turn and wind up in a redneck backwater and subjected to its twisted version of the justice system.

But, outside Jewry’s Bizarro World media, one needn’t foray into flyover country to find racist, particularist “justice.”  No, just step out onto the streets of New York.

When a white man is chased by negroids who shout “get the white boy,” and he dies after fleeing into traffick, it’s not a “hate crime.”

When a white couple accidentally bump a mongoloid’s vehicle, and are savagely beaten by the mongoloid shouting “fucking haole,” it’s not a “hate crime.”

When towelheads beat a white man to death after shouting “get that white mother fucker!,” it’s not a “hate crime.”

When a white man chases and beats a negroid for robbing him (who admitted to police he returned to the white neighborhood to steal a car) and shouts “nigger,” it is “hate crime” (the Jew mayor demanded the charges) and he gets 15 years.

Be careful which backwater you wander into; there’s no telling what kind of hillbilly “justice” you’ll be getting.

Posted by Svyatoslav Igorevich on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 03:38 PM in Law & OrderMarxism & Culture War
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Spanish and Latin American youths clash in Madrid

Spanish and Latin American youths clash in Madrid

Madrid - Police have taken the Madrid suburb of Alcorcon after a street battle broke out between Spanish and Latin American youths, with hundreds of Spaniards then clashing with riot police, local officials said Monday.

The problems started Friday when two Latin Americans reportedly hit and insulted a young man and his girlfriend.

On Saturday, about 100 mostly Spanish youths came to take revenge. Witnesses said they would have lynched a Dominican family had police not rescued them from their flat.

Three people were injured in the street battle that ensued, one of them seriously. Police seized dozens of weapons such as knives, baseball bats and a sword.

Three Dominicans, two Colombians, a Bolivian and an Ecuadorian were detained.

On Sunday, up to 1,000 youths - many of them with faces covered with ski masks - were looking for Dominicans, vowing to ‘kill them.’ They hurled bottles, stones, iron bars and other objects at police who responded with rubber bullets.

Spanish youths battle immigrant gangs near Madrid

Madrid clashes over Latin gangs

Posted by Svyatoslav Igorevich on Monday, January 22, 2007 at 07:53 PM in Law & Order
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Home Office on target to reduce ‘fear of crime’

...but not, alas, crime itself:

The Government’s drive to meet a flagship target of cutting crime has gone into reverse, according to Home Office figures published today.

Ministers admitted that progress towards meeting the target agreed with Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, had been slower than expected.

Today’s figures disclosing the setback come after the latest British Crime Survey showed that overall crime in England and Wales rose by 2 per cent in the year to June 2006.

Now, an unkind and perhaps even nasty (as the silly woman with the shoes would have it) critic might point out that much of this crime has been committed by members of the various ethnic communities with which New Labour have been flooding Britain. Of course, such objections would be simply and purely malicious. After all, as Rachel Briggs of Demos tells us that these communities ‘add a cultural je ne sais quoi to the UK.’ It’s just as well for her that she isn’t quite certain what they bring to the UK. Those who do know tell their kids not to go out to play and await the next riot.

Posted by Alex Zeka on Friday, December 8, 2006 at 05:55 PM in Law & Order
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Racism would’ve saved her life


November 7, 2006—In a stunning turnaround, a construction worker yesterday confessed to killing indie actress Adrienne Shelly, whose death in a Greenwich Village apartment last week was first thought to be suicide, cops said.

“I was having a bad day,” illegal immigrant Diego Pillco, 19, allegedly told cops. “I didn’t mean to kill her. But I did kill her.”

[link added]

Fortunately she wasn’t too high-up in the Chosen Classes (only an “indie actress” after all); otherwise too many of the self-chosen might be forced to consider whether “racism” or “xenophobia” or “anti-immigrant hysteria” might’ve saved her life.

Posted by Svyatoslav Igorevich on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 10:21 PM in Law & OrderRace realism
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PC PeeCee gets a nasty shock

The Brit papers are all over Sir Ian Blair’s eggregiously correct Met this morning, following the fun news that a Muslim member of the Diplomatic Protection Squad was re-assigned at his own request from guarding the Israeli Embassy in London.

Apparently, the officer concerned, one PC Alexander Omar Basha, suffered moral qualms at his presence on the steps of the Embassy while the occupants’ friends and family were bombing Lebanon.  The last Merkava 4 has rolled back across the border and PC Basha is working normally again.  But the damage is done.  And, it seems to me, in a couple of ways.

First, professionally.  The man who is quoted everywhere this morning is John O’Connor, a former Flying Squad commander.  He told the Sun:-

This is the beginning of the end for British policing.  When you join the police, you do so to provide a service to the public.  If you cannot perform those duties, you leave.

But if it was just a question of professionalism Sir Ian would not have reacted so jumpily in ordering an urgent review of the decision to grant PC Basha’s request.  No Commissioner has been more political than this one.  He has made politics paramount in his beloved creation, the Metrocultural Police Service.  But leftist idealism like his always justifies its little political crimes by the presumption of Good, and that presumption is glorious, hypocritical toast if a discomforted Muslim must be moved from any duty on grounds, basically, of faith or even evil race.  Sir Ian’s progressive, inclusive Met is stripped of all moral force.  It’s a joke, and I or anybody else can refuse to give a witness statement, for example, to any minority garbed in blue simply because that is the dictate of conscience.  Muslim, Hindu, black, queer, they’re all fair game.

As multicultural luck would have it, Sir Ian’s truest friends have very quickly worked this out and come forward with a possible answer.

The chairman of the Association of Muslim Police, Superintendent Dal Babu, insists that the Basha issue was not one of conscience:-

This is about the welfare of an individual and not about a moral issue,” he said.

“I think we are going down a very, very slippery road if we start having postings based on individual officers’ conscience.

Of course, it’s all just sophistry.  There are no clear dividing lines between conscience and welfare in the aims of Mr Babu’s association.  They intertwine and dissolve within the peculiar whole of Islam:-

The AMP is formally recognised by the Metropolitan Police Service.  It is active in pursuing faith-friendly policies and has been instrumental in ensuring the provision of many facilities to the benefit of Muslim staff, including Hijaab for female officers, ability to wear Islamic/cultural dress when not in uniform, provision of Halaal food and facilities for Salaah (Islamic Prayer).

People are not cyphers.  That’s the problem.  But neither is multiracialism remotely normal.  As long as there are a hundred and fifty varieties of humanity in my capital city we must all be equal under the law, and the law must be enforced by serving policemen with as complete an impartiality as humanly possible.  Cyphers the police must indeed be.

In contrast, however, Sir Ian truly, madly, deeply believes that the Met must look like those one hundred and fifty varieties of homo sapiens wandering the streets.  He is simply wrong.

Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, October 5, 2006 at 04:48 AM in Law & Order
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