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Competition’s Ontological Adjustment:

Competition’s authentic value as opposed to its having been the most overvalued, misinterpreted biological fact of European Peoples’ interests (thank you Mr. and Ms. Dumb Bastard, Right-Winger).


This will not be a rigorous piece, rather it is meant to shed some light on a few important considerations by moving them through the terministic screens of a personal history. The issues taken into consideration are the over-valuation of competition - which corresponds closely with boiling everything down to equality/inequality being the problem, that is, the stupid right-wing position of being against “egalitarianism” - to the detriment of other methodological concerns in evaluation of qualitative identity.

Objectivism results in a susceptibility in Europeans to having their enemies shift close genetic identity into objectivist individualism and liberalism, leading to their adopting an array of absurdly affected, non-European identities. While there can be many such diversionary sub-identities, such as student/teacher of a particular non-European study at university, universalism, eastern mysticism, religion, of course, even foreign cuisine, any full treatment of diversionary identity must address sub-identities in music and sports – these will be a predominant theme here as I am familiar with them as identities, strongly held, yet come to recognize where they were more or less diversionary from European identity, quasi identities and competitions to be set aside in favor of more authentic identity.

It should not be too hard to provide facts and numbers as to the impact of these competitions and identities on European people, nor that these can significantly diminish our resource of European identity. Nevertheless, while youth in particular may be susceptible to such diversionary competition and identity, these activities also model means of identity, social participation and evaluation in determination of authenticity which do not necessarily entail violent conflict, immediately lethal, zero sum results – which we should be particularly concerned to keep to a minimum within European genus and species.


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Texas Arcane:  Kwanstainia, UKandia, Kanookistan, and the OZealands

Texas Arcane:  Kwanstainia, UKandia, Kanookistan, and the OZealands

By Robert Reis

I was led to Texas Arcane by a link at .

What follows are excerpts from Texas Arcane’s ruminations at his since 2007.

He has enlightened me and caused me to think about the world in new ways.

Extensive quotations are place between parallel lines, e.g. ===.


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Yes, The White Race IS ..A Social Construct (Contrary To Jewish And Right-Wing Denial)

Along with White Leftism, The White Class and other useful theoretical tools that Jews abuse and obfuscate as they direct White identity into the foibles of the Right.

This discussion will have a fringe benefit of provoking and flushing-out those who are not truly concerned with our people.

Social Constructionism is a European, anti-Cartesian discipline: When conducted properly, Not Jewish

This essay is to be something of a summing-up and clarification:

“You alone are uncontingent my friend. I would counsel epistemic humility” 

Say what?

Thus, in background to this essay:


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You and I in Identity and Agency Creation


For those who might be put-off, initially or even ultimately, by the subject matter discussed here, I would refer to that old adage, that “if all you know well is one thing, then you really don’t even know that very well.”

Part 3 of the analysis of

John Shotter’s “Social Accountability and the Social Construction of ‘You”


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George Addressed With a Socially Ideal but Responsible Altercast Contrary to His Individualist Plans

George is addressed with a consideration of acting-into an altercast position in conflict with his less than socially ideal plans.


As opposed to a libertarian, prioratizing dreams of individual adventure and world travel, George contemplates acting-into, shaping and crafting the specificatory structure altercast by Mary, who addresses him as a man of ideals, which of necessity compel adjustment of those priorities to practical duty: to a position rather as husband and community builder, upheld against capitalist destruction thereof.


Analysis: John Shotter’s Social Accountability and the Social Construction of “You” Part 2

In pursuit of this analysis, we may usefully trace background to Shotter and Harre’s negotiated concerns here:  “The Verum Factum Principle”


From Wikipedia:

“Giambattista Vico is best known for his verum factum principle, first formulated in 1710 as part of his De antiquissima Italorum sapientia, ex linguae latinae originibus eruenda (1710) (“On the most ancient wisdom of the Italians, unearthed from the origins of the Latin language”).[7] The principle states that truth is verified through creation or invention and not, as per Descartes, through observation: “The criterion and rule of the true is to have made it. Accordingly, our clear and distinct idea of the mind cannot be a criterion of the mind itself, still less of other truths. For while the mind perceives itself, it does not make itself.” This criterion for truth would later shape the history of civilization in Vico’s opus, the Scienza Nuova (The New Science, 1725), because he would argue that civil life – like mathematics – is wholly constructed.”


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7th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings

Muad’Dib has released an updated version of his movie 7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT, to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the July 7, 2005, London bus and tube bombings. The first version of 7/7 Ripple Effect made a clear case for people with inside access perpetrating 7/7, not Muslims. Muad’Dib sent copies of this video to the courthouse trying to prosecute innocent Muslims over the 7/7 bombings. The police arrested him for “perverting the course of justice.” Muad’Dib sought refuge in Ireland and spent over a year and a half fighting extradition to England.

Some of this ended up in the news. They exposed his identity as John Hill, and tried to trash him because of his unusual religious beliefs, never addressing any of the arguments in his video.

Muad’Dib lost his legal battles in Ireland and was taken to England, in shackles, by anti-terrorist police. No record was made that he was imprisoned, and only clamor by his supporters got him registered as an inmate, but only briefly, and he was granted bail after 4 months in jail, after the prison service kept making “mistakes” or “forgetting” to bring Muad’Dib to his own court hearings. Muad’Dib learned that many people had mailed his video to the courthouse, to prevent innocent Muslims from being scapegoated, but none of these were arrested because they were just mailers; Muad’Dib was the one who produced the video.

Muad’Dib attempted to challenge the court’s/British legal system’s lack of jurisdiction, but this was brushed aside. Muad’Dib’s trial has to be one of the most absurd instances of prosecutorial misconduct. Even the Judge summarized the case against Muad’Dib with gross distortions, redefining words, disallowing evidence by the defense and assigning statements to Muad’Dib that he never made. But the case was such a farce that the jury returned a not guilty verdict. See summary of Muad’Dib’s ordeal.

Muad’Dib was using the domain, but this domain is apparently in the process of being seized.

Now who were these people with inside access to perpetrate the 7/7 bombings? 7/7 wasn’t masterminded by those racially English. People don’t do something like 7/7 to their own, and England had nothing to gain from 7/7, only things to lose: deaths, injuries, fear, hatred, emotional trauma, legislation to further undermine civil liberties, deeper involvement in foreign wars, debt. The only people who stood to gain from it were the ones who benefited from having English soldiers go around the world fighting and killing Muslims. Only one racial group had the means, the motivation, the solid credentials to pull off false flag operations, and the need for 7/7.

To download the DVD of the movie (follow the first link above to watch online):

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All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

The gay hussar of BBC history, David Starkey, never a man to turn down the opportunity to provoke, has passed judgement on the white looters who so faithfully copied their black gangsta idols last week.  They have become black, he said.  At least, culturally (he had to say “culturally” because anything else would put a spectacular stop to all future BBC programme commissions).  But it was enough.  Cue the attempts by the Jewish presenter and Starkey’s two fellow talking heads, all three of them even more objectionable than he is, to stop the man approximating truth again.

Meanwhile at the Telegraph, Toby Young’s weak-tea support for Starkey has garnered over three thousand comments so far, many of them uncompromising in sentiment and language.  The mods haven’t been able to keep up!  Likewise with Peter Oborne’s piece on the Tottenham riot which has clocked up well over four thousand comments in two days.

It is starting to look like Humpty-Dumpty, the politically-correct bad egg, has been given a good push in the back.

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Truth, Heresy, and Heroes

White identity politics is a form of heresy, and heresy has grave consequences.  Advocating White nationalism or merely defending White interests often results in a loss of social standing.  Moral cowards, amoral sycophants, and racial traitors are rewarded while heroes and righteous guardians are demonized.  Pretending that Whites are social constructs or have no legitimate interests to defend is accepted, even celebrated, in a society infested with anti-White multiculturalism.  White racialists realize that the cornucopia of cultures is designed to exclude any White culture, and the future rainbow of races is actually a muddled mess of miscegenation.  It is therefore a tremendous challenge to remain in steadfast support of the White extended genotype.  The anti-White opposition is well-funded, well-organized, malicious, and persistent.

White advocacy is beset on all sides.  Campaigning against White genocide attracts derision and scorn from anti-Whites.  Lamenting the decline of the White population into minority status is attacked as intolerance.  Merely calling attention to, let alone denouncing, the maliciously disproportionate amounts of violent interracial crime committed against White people is paradoxically described as hate.  Protecting the continuity of family lineage by expecting exclusively White marriages and White procreation is seen as backwards, provincial, or outdated.  Suggesting that many trends or ideas that harm White interests have been disproportionately created, organized, disseminated, or financed by Jewish interests can lead to accusations of insanity or mental instability. 

This derision, scorn, and accusations of intolerance, hate, and insanity are reactions that require White nationalists to have a thick skin in order to maintain their viewpoints.  It is hard to be a heretic.  But the requisite resilience to carry forward is about more than insensitivity to insults or threats.  It is inspired by the love of truth.  White racialists know that race is real and that it has important consequences for civilization and ethnic genetic interests.  White nationalists realize they are being systematically dispossessed and ethnically cleansed from their homelands.  Defenders of White identity understand that there is nothing hateful or unhealthy about wanting to continue their heritage by having White babies in White societies. 

The steely resolution that guides a White nationalist is a personality trait or perhaps a spiritual constitution that values eternal truth more than ephemeral social standing.  A patriotic White man understands that truth can be directly opposed to popular opinion, and that such a situation is not without historical precedent.  An exemplary White man is willing to act in accordance with that wisdom.  A heroic White man can marshal these convictions into effective action and change the dynamics of society.  The White race is in desperate need of more heroes.

White people are known to be more individualistic than other races.  In a White-dominant society, free from ethnic or racial competition from non-White groups, this individualism helped propel White people beyond the established limits of science, technology, philosophy, and religion.  The individualist refusal to conform to the “popular consensus”—which always opposes scientific breakthroughs or heretical ideas—is precisely why so many White historical figures persist within the collective memory as titans of Western civilization.  Nobody remembers a conformist, but everybody remembers a successful catalyst of righteous revolution.  The reward for success in such a struggle is immortal fame.  How could it be any other way?


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Six little words

Some ten hours ago the Daily Mail placed a story on its website about the trial and sentencing of a “British-Asian” paedophile gang who forced a white girl into prostitution.  So far it is the only MSM to carry the story.

No doubt, BNP members everywhere will be saying “we told you so”, and a number of them made this point with comments in the Mail’s thread.  For their trouble they received a four-figure reward of reader ratings, which is extremely rare for this site.  However, making the same point but far out ahead of them ratings-wise, with over 2768 at the time of writing, was this remark by one Steve of County Durham:

Remember how both Channel 4 and the BNP of all people were roundly condemned as racist for trying to get the story out about mainly asian muslim men coercing, forcing, and manipulating young white girls into prostitution.

I know the liberal multi cultural do gooders will try and justify this, but i just dont care any more.

So what, aside from serendipity and the trigger-happy outrage of the average Mail reader, accounts for the thousand plus extra ratings over, say, this comment (1683) which is two below it on the thread:

Sorry to bring this up but wasnt it the BNP who tried to bring this up not so long back that girls were being groomed by Asians.Of course they were only being racist no body wanted to hear the facts dont know why! Oh yes the BNP are treated as not the best of people makes you think when compared to these people.

Or this one (1742) which is five below it:

I have a feeling that some Asians think that they live in some sort of Asian country where they can treat women like they want.

... and is the next highest scorer on the thread, which is currently 215 comments strong.

Well, it’s those last six little words, isn’t it?  The sentiment they contain goes something like: the apologists for diversity will say what they always say.  They will tell me Islam is the religion of peace, and immigration has enriched us.  They will tell me the multiracial future of Britain is “inevitable”.  They will call me a “hater” and a “xenophobe” and a “racist”, a morally illegitimate human being.  Whatever.  Nothing they can tell me will do them any good.  I just dont care any more.


This disaffection is the future.  It’s inevitablist, of course.  That is, it emerges naturally in the public sentiment, without any engineering.  So I don’t imagine there is anything the Establishment can do about it.  Certainly not liberals.  With their word tools growing more blunt and anti-productive by the day, they are simply too exhausted now to resort to argument by principle (check the thread, which is currently unmoderated).  It will be left increasingly to Africans and Asians to insist upon squatters rights, and that won’t work out at all well for them.

The only points of light for the Establishment are that the BNP is in a deep hole and the Tories are in government, from where they can always advance the Sarko stratagem if they have to.  Oh, and the demographic nightmare is still very much in train.  Other inevitablist sentiments - like “England can never be Africa, Africans can never be English” - are going to have to appear in public consciousness if the BNP cannot lead that debate.  Discourse, as ever, is war.

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A Change of Consciousness

By David Hamilton

A change of consciousness is spreading through Britain as we realise that we are being discriminated against by our elected representatives.  People can find no work, and one reason they have now understood is that foreigners are brought in as cheap labour to undercut wages.

People are realising that the main parties, the media, academics and corporations are promoting an agenda which is destroying them.  Politicians are effectively at war with them, and slowly the realisation is dawning.  People hear them degrading white children as “chavs” and “yobs” while praising ethnics.  They see their communities turned from safe areas into places of fear and uncertainty. They see politician’s children sent to the best schools while theirs have to risk knife gangs from imported ethnic communities.

The seeds of revolt have always been there:-

The Cambridge village of Cottenham is an unlikely place for an old-fashioned revolt against authority. But earlier this year, some 1,000 residents declared they would withhold their council tax until something was done about the travellers on the outskirts.

For decades there have been Gypsy communities living legally on two sites for 30 or so families near the village. Then, at Easter 2003, the site grew as a number of Irish Traveller families arrived in the area.

Local tensions rose, as villagers believed their way of life under threat. Angry residents demanded answers and established a campaigning website, Middle England in Revolt.

… but now politicians are beginning to lose confidence:-



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A question of repatriation

A Guardian thread I was patronising today threw up a very premature but always interesting question from a serial CiF commenter and (I think) BNP member:-


13 Mar 09, 9:02pm (about 2 hours ago)


Could you please lay out a working model for fair and humane repatriation with regard to this issue. I don’t think this has ever been done before on CiF. I think it is time to debate this because of the approaching conditions.

( I used to get censored for suggesting a relationship between gobalism- immigration and pending economic collapse, and, why we should be digging our back gardens up- that was a while before any of the current economic chaos began - seems quite relevant now, just as some form of repatriation will become when they fully grasp the situation that is developing.)

A few moments later he spoiled things a little with this rider:-


13 Mar 09, 9:14pm (about 2 hours ago)

Also, can someone please suggest how we can start ot reassure, further integrate and begin reward those groups who have settled here and made a positive contribution to this country. Their last images of our country are certainly not going to be through the closing tailgates of Hercules transport planes.

Of course, it’s too early for working models.  The data required to build a model to include political matters such as possible strategies, and budgetary matters such the number of movements involved, the costs of those movements, available finance, social cost reductions, and so on, is nowhere near assessible on the spur of the moment!  To put such a model together will surely take a Commission sitting for many months and comprising the most competent political strategists, demographers, Treasury auditors and foreign affairs specialists available.

So, given my profound limitations, this was what I could say to Skimmer:-


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When the Royal Anglian Regiment met al Muhajiroun

Simon Darby posted this interesting piece of film on his website.  We all saw the little notch of al Muhajiroun members taking the opportunity to protest the presence of British soldiers in Muslim lands.  It would, in my view, have been perfectly legitimate had these Muslim soldiers not been present in our land.  Their presence on the streets of Luton, however, was quickly resolved by those who came down to applaud the Royal Anglians - a denouement, as Simon Darby points out, not shown to the nation by the BBC.  Can’t imagine why.

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Diversity and moral transformation

by exPF

The biggest psychological revolution I see whites undergoing is this: a revoking of their trust. What Putnam observed statistically I observe anecdotally: the collapse of trust in newly diversified societies.

I experienced the transition from high-trust to low-trust when I moved from the all-white setting of my youth to a diversified international school. In my early teens I welcomed the non-white world with all the psychological disarmament a young kid could respectably muster. When one considers that this imperative had been insinuated into every television program I watched growing up, and the alternative viewpoint never even given so much as a respectful hearing, its clear: I was born to play this role.

So the gates were opened and my young sensibility thrown into a variegated world with literally no prior knowledge. That prior cultural knowledge about human groups had after all been declared the source of all immorality. We lived in a society which gleefully depicted murder, adultery and licentiousness on television, so all the old commandments were pretty much up for grabs; except that newly minted 11th commandment: Thou shalt love wogs as thyself.

Nobody told me that my world of familial love and kindness, more-or-less good manners, of joking with one another, trusting one another, being silly and having fun together … nobody told me that this world only extended so far. Its one thing to leave the house and be exposed to “the real world”, i.e. the white world of strangers, colleagues and acquaintances. I suppose that can be rough - you might get swindled, or get in a bar-fight. Mostly though, people will be indifferent, well-bred people will be largely affable to you.

Holy hell, contrast that with exposure to the non-white world! Of actually living with minorities in large numbers! Where every male who shows the wog resistance is marked for corporal punishment! Where every environment, everywhere, is fraught with some kind of ‘tension’. Where every slightly attractive white female becomes a target and prize of conquest.


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Frost thawing?

JWH has a post up about the apparent awakening of Peter Frost.  He is an anthropologist whose work we have featured in the past, and for which he garnered a certain degree of respect.  Now, it seems that, to quote JWH, “he has wised up”.

I can’t find the original post in which the following statement by Peter Frost was published, so I am quoting direct from JWH’s post:-

I used to consider myself an anti-racist. I even once sat on the board of directors of an anti-racist organization. Today, I have trouble recognizing myself in what this belief-system has become.

Why did I identify with anti-racism? I saw it as a means to defend non-European peoples who had become politically and demographically marginalized, often to the brink of extinction. This was, and still is, the case with Canada’s First Nations, but it’s also the case with many other peoples, including some that are oppressed by governments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As an anthropologist in particular, I saw anti-racism as a moral duty.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. But I do believe that ideologies can be exploited to serve new ends. In this case, anti-racism has gradually become an instrument of political disenfranchisement and demographic replacement – in a word, the very thing it used to combat.

This gradual change has turned what was once an ideology of the Left into an ideology of the Right. Anti-racism now serves the interests of a corporate globalist elite for whom the free flow of labor dovetails with their belief in the free flow of capital and trade. For these people, it doesn’t matter that their ideology will destroy long-existing cultures and populations. They don’t even feel guilty about what they’re doing. Anti-racism gives them a clean conscience.

So, is this a person who has really undergone a damascene conversion, and whom we might now expect to join the ranks of the fighters for European survival?

Let’s see.


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Tremors of discontent among the English

Today the Telegraph and the Daily Mail both carried a turning-worm story about a government study into attitudes by ethnicity towards the country generally and public services in particular.  The interesting finding is that the attitudes of “whites” - a group which may or may not be synonimous to the English - and of all non-whites are growing divergent.

This is good.  This is the beginning of a zeitgeist of rejection.  No doubt it is influenced by the current poor economic outlook. But minds are made-up and attitudes will only harden.  Labour and the Conservatives issue their regulation calls for unity, but it is a total waste of breath.

From the Mail:-

One third of whites claim they are victims of racism A growing number of white people believe they are the victims of racial prejudice in Britain, official research has found.

Almost one in three - 29 per cent - said they now expected to be treated worse than other races by key public services.

And the number of whites claiming to have been refused a job or discriminated against at work for reasons of race has doubled in the last five years, according to the Government study.

Seven per cent believed they had failed to win a promotion because of their race, up from three per cent in 2003.

Three per cent alleged they had been turned down for a job for the same reason, up from one per cent.

In addition, the study reveals that most ethnic minorities living in Britain feel stronger ties to the nation than whites.

One in six white Britons feel only a slight sense of belonging to the nation.

Whites also now feel less able than other ethnic groups to influence decisions affecting their local area and the country as a whole.

For example, 41 per cent of black African, 36 per cent of Bangladeshi and 35 per cent of Indian people feel they have a say in decisions affecting Britain, compared to 19 per cent of white people.

The survey of 15,000 people - ordered by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears - is likely to prompt a fierce debate about the disillusionment of the white majority.

The Tories blame Labour’s race relations strategy.

Tory communities spokesman Baroness Warsi said: ‘It’s no wonder more people feel there is an increase in racism when Labour’s multicultural industry is forever talking up what divides us rather than concentrating on what unites us.’

The research found that overall, whites are more likely than those from ethnic minorities to believe that racial prejudice and discrimination is getting worse.

Fifty-eight per cent said they believe there was more racial prejudice now than five years ago, compared to 44 per cent who were interviewed in 2001.

The figure for ethnic minority communities has hardly changed, at 32 per cent.

The survey found that 29 per cent of white people expect to be treated worse than other groups by at least one of eight public services, including the police, prisons, courts, Crown Prosecution service, probation service, local housing organisations, schools or GPs.

Whites identified council housing departments or housing associations as the most likely to discriminate against them.

The proportion of members of ethnic minority groups who expected to face discrimination from one of the eight bodies fell from 38 per cent in 2001 to 34 per cent.

But it remains higher than for white people in many categories, particularly the police.

Tory MP Greg Hands, a member of the Commons communities and local government select committee, said: ‘It’s a dangerous phenomenon if any part of the population feels they are being systematically discriminated against.’

Overall, 84 per cent of people felt they belonged strongly to the country, including 45 per cent who said they belonged very strongly.

However, nine out of ten Pakistani and Indian people said they felt a strong sense of belonging, compared to 84 per cent of whites.



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American Murder Mystery.

An antipoverty program has apparently, again, gone terribly wrong. It was thought that poor ghetto Blacks would have a better chance of escaping poverty if they lived not in public housing projects, but out in the real world alongside other renters and owners, closer to jobs, away from concentrated crime, drugs, and pathology. You see, the government started handing out Section 8 vouchers, paying for part of the poor’s rent depending on their income, so they could live where they chose to live (See the full article in the July/August issue of Atlantic Monthly.)


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Presentation and the problem of extremis

Do you remember what it was like as a sleepyhead when you came into contact with free thinking for the first time?  Was it a taste of a new freedom - what “PF”, in describing an encounter with life’s most forbidden truth, once poeticised as “the delicious pleasures of racism”?  Or was it perhaps more constrained and personal ... more a fascination with some question particular to you and your life experience?

What made you push on past the barriers of artificial disapprobation?  What made you feel you might belong in this bracing new intellectual environment, instead of being mechanically repelled by it?

These are important questions for every site-owner, every forum poster, every blogger and commenter like us because, whatever our specialism, we are all in the business of outreach, all trying to communicate our ideas and create some beneficial response.  It’s an uneven battle, of course.  We are fighting against a zeitgeist of self-destruction that stretches wall-to-wall across the Western world, and is reinforced constantly through every available mainstream medium (not that all of it works).

Getting our message out, whether it’s one of political analysis, immigration, race-realism, the JQ, the global elite, or even what might pompously be called the meta-theory that sometimes appears here, is a labour of love.  We want to succeed.  We want to ... have to touch the minds of our sleeping compatriots.

So presentation plainly matters.


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Iraq and Heartland of the Coalition

Iraq and Heartland of the Coalition
Robert Reis

A coalition of foreign armies recently invaded and occupied a Middle Eastern nation. It overthrew the existing government and distributed a symbolic deck of playing cards with the images of deposed politicians, officials and military officers that they wanted their soldiers to kill or capture.

The coalition ignored its obligations under the laws of war to protect the property and the cultural heritage of the occupied country. It abolished the existing police and army of the occupied country and allowed the systematic looting of the historic patrimony of the defeated.

The coalition destroyed and has left unrestored the water, sewage treatment and electrical generating infrastructure in much of the occupied country.

The coalition fostered, encouraged and tolerated the outbreak of murderous interethnic conflicts among the various religious and ethnic components of the occupied country.

Despite the overwhelming technical superiority of the weaponry available to the coalition forces, the indigenous population has accepted the cost in blood of forming resistance groups that target the foreign soldiers, the foreign administrators and the native collaborators.

How does this relate to situation of the formerly dominant indigenous population of the heartland of the coalition currently waging war in the Middle East?


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What is an American?

What is an American?
Robert Reis

I recently asked this question to my Middle Eastern students who are improving their English so that they can immigrate to Canada, Australia and the United States.

They agreed that an American is someone who lives in the United States and speaks English.

None of them agreed that all that was necessary to be genuine member of their national communities was to live within the respective borders and speak Arabic.

I explained that for me an American is a person whose ancestors fought in the Indian wars.

They asked what I considered the proper term for people who were American citizens but lacked ancestors who fought in the Indian wars.





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Itz ...

This is a tale of two newspaper articles.  One is a Philip Johnston piece run in yesterday’s Telegraph, reporting on the upcoming report by the House of Lords economic affairs committee into the true economic benefits of foreign workers in Britain.  The other is a Tim Hames piece in The Times, reporting on the stone-cold certainty of a first seat for the BNP on the London Assembly when Londoners go to the polls on May 1st.

The articles themselves were pretty fair.  Philip Johnston has form for bravery on the Great Existential Question.  Tim Hames hasn’t, but he only managed one reference to Fascism.

You can read the articles if you wish.  But my purpose here is not to draw your attention to them, but to their threads.

Both are long for right-wing rags (the Guardian crowd love the sound of their own typing).  Thusfar the Telegraph has reached well over 200 comments, the Times well over 100.  Here are a few examples, among many, of sound thinking.

From the Telegraph:-

“Even putting economics aside, who the hell are you to judge who is and isn’t worthy of a better standard of living, just for having the misfortune of being born in a different country? Why is a British citizen’s well-being so much more important than a Pole’s? Does carrying a British passport somehow make you more worthy? I smell a racist.”  sp0rk in New York

the government is elected by the people of the nation to represent the interests of the nation, that’s really rather simple and fundamental to the way politics work.

We do not owe anyone else anything, if immigration is in the interests of a nation then that’s fine, it becomes a contract of mutual benefit between state and migrant. No nation on earth works anything like you seem to want it to be, nor should it. Why should a migrant hold any nation to ransome and “demand” anything? What use would a illiterate peasant farmer from a 3rd world nation be to a post-industrial, information economy? Yes, no doubt his living standards would improve dramatically, but what do we get out of it having paid for those increased living standards? We already have millions of natives and immigrants, who are effectively unemployable and will be kept on benefits until they die. How would you suggest Western society would function if this numbered billions, which given the practical upshot of your “thinking”, it would be? As a British citizen I cannot unilaterally turn-up and demand to live anywhere other than in the EU by mutual governmental consent, so why should someone else?

How do you expect any nation, even the US to fund equal lifestyles and opportunities for the entire 6 billion around the globe? That’s before you get to the imperialistic tone of “global responsibility”, which I understand is deeply unfashionable these days.

If you smell racism, may I suggest an appointment at your local, ear, nose and throat clinic might be of benefit?
Posted by Peter B on March 31, 2008 8:01 AM

The main aim of uncontrolled immigration is to destabilise the indigenous population economically, politically and psychologically. People can then be afraid for their jobs, their standard of living and their security. In this situation it is imagined that the population will then have to rely more heavily on the state to provide, indeed it is the state that has caused the situation to exist. Problem - reaction - solution. Hegel couldn’t have done it better. Reports and criticism are just fleabites to the government, they scratch and then move on to the next agenda.
Posted by Michele, Saumur, France on March 31, 2008 9:18 AM

Since God chose Israel as his chosen people…how come he is not accused of racism…

Racism is an invention of racists to further their own undeserved interests…and its been working really well for fifty years.
Posted by Hugh E Torrance on March 31, 2008 9:32 AM

Repatriate about ten million immigrants especially those on benefits or who cannot speak English. Then we would no longer have crowded roads and trains, no heavy demands on electriciy and so no need for the blight of wind farms, no need for three million new homes or for “eco new towns” (which is a misleading term anyway) all eating up our countryside. Then England would become English again and most of our problems would be solved.
Posted by Arnold on March 31, 2008 10:00 AM


Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, March 31, 2008 at 07:11 PM in Awakenings
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Let’s not make Hitler’s Mistake

Let’s not make Hitler’s Mistake
Robert E. Reis

As attractive as it has always seemed to me to gain Canada by a surprise attack, it would be wrong.

There are millions of Canadians who cannot forever ignore that they are being disempowered, culturally eradicated, and racially replaced.

Their government is even more hostile to frank debate than the government to the south.


Posted by Robert Reis on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 05:24 AM in Awakenings
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Psychology and White Ethnocentrism.

Following are excerpts from Kevin MacDonald’s article Psychology and White Ethnocentrism. The complete article is available from this site: Links> General> Occidental Quarterly> “Psychology and White Ethnocentrism.”

MacDonald is in my estimation the most aggressive and prodigious academic today fighting for White preservation. As an evolutionary psychologist, he has a rationalist approach as to how Whites behave, our universal moralism, our current state of egalitarianism, and how we may eventually, under the strain of resource competition, find our selves again as a threatened race. No guarantees, just some insights on how Whites are different from other races.

The Occidental Quarterly
Winter 2006-2007 (Vol.6 No.4)
“Psychology and White Ethnocentrism” by Kevin MacDonald
pg. 017—Young children tend to have unabashedly explicit bias in favor of their own race. Explicit race bias emerges early, as young as age three or four, peaks in middle childhood, and then undergoes a gradual decline through adolescence, and disappears in adulthood. However, there is no such decline in implicit racial preferences, which remain strong into adulthood. There is also a decline in cross-racial friends and companions as children get older. White school-children are much more likely to have white friends than chance expectation would account for, and this trend increases as they get older. This means that at the same time that explicit racial preference in white children is declining, children are becoming less and less likely to actually interact with and form friendships with children from other races. In effect, schools undergo a process of self-segregation. And among adults, whites are significantly less likely than other racial groups to report interracial friendships and contacts.


Posted by Matt Nuenke on Saturday, June 16, 2007 at 03:12 PM in Awakenings
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Awakenings - Joel Godfrey

My name is Joel ... joel godfrey on your site.  I am a city boy aged thirty-four, a product of the inner-city schools, a product of lower income neighborhoods, black and white, and a product of a failed vision of this world.  The reason I’m writing this article today is not because I hate anyone, and it’s not because I want to control those that hate me.  The reason I’m writing about my awakening to racial reality is because I can see people that look like myself living in negative ways, destroying themselves, destroying their heritage and destroying their right to live in their own homeland.  The self-destruction I see in European American society, and in European society too, is the reason why I am with you on this site today.

I was not always like this.  I was not always given to views that are labeled “intolerant” by the oblivious crowd-thinkers of my country.  But today I have an alternative to that crowd-thinking, because sites such as this are willing to speak the truth.

How, you might ask, did I get here?


Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, March 26, 2007 at 05:55 PM in Awakenings
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A few weeks ago a suggestion was made on one of the threads that it might of value to build up a record of personal awakenings.  Today one of our friends from RD offered an account of his own experience.  In the hope, then, that this will spark a series of such accounts I will create a new category, Awakenings, and invite anyone who has a story to tell to mail me.  Now here’s Sean’s story.

For me, the two great questions of the day are:

(1) how the European-derived peoples are to awake to their own ethnicity, and

(2) how they come to understand that one key problem to their development and safety is posed by the Semitic peoples.

This essay is about the second of the two questions and may be fairly described as how is recognition of this peril to be managed? Is it broad-based deep theory that appeals to the intellect, or some kind of simple, but shattering, event with unsuspected emotional-based, conversion-like attributes?

We argue that it is the shattering event that overturns an emotional state that leads to recognition of the Semitic peoples as dangerous to our development. This is partly true because so much of the discourse around us is dominated by Semitic personalities promoting an untrue line of propaganda, but the good news is that unraveling of any thread in that propaganda may trigger an awakening.

Here are brief sketches of two such awakenings.

My Awakening

As a pre-WWII baby I had many opportunities to become aware of the influence of the Semitic peoples on our cultures.  I saw aged Jews like Barnard Baruch lionized with pictures on the pages of the daily paper my family subscribed to in which Baruch was described as a “park bench advisor to presidents.”  I remember wondering about it from the age of perhaps 13, although it was never questioned or discussed at home or school.

I remember reading bizarre weekly letters-to-the-editor published in the county weekly paper in our Minnesota rural town from a mysterious California resident, Herbert Aptheker.  I remember wondering about the letters that appeared so frequently and expressed such hatred against America, although his doctrines and ideas were never questioned or discussed at home or school.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 07:47 PM in Awakenings
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