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“Rock solid, unwavering, enduring and forever!”

No, not a commitment to the14 Words, but evergreen news of dedication to Israel:           
“For me, and for this entire Administration, our commitment to Israel’s security and Israel’s future is ROCK SOLID, UNWAVERING, ENDURING, and FOREVER!”
                                                                                                  - Hillary


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The Lies Will Try to Live but they’re Not White they’re Jewish

This clip (courtesy of Stan Hess) emerges most pertinent in light of Jewish crypsis; along with their twisting and corruption of terms by which we might otherwise organize and understand our people’s interests - as opposed to Jewish influence:

This is a crucial distinction to hold-up against the games they will continue to play with our terminology - and an example of those manichean language games comes with the latest Stark broadcast:

With Jewish “Haywire”

                                      “The Truth Will Live”

Rather, The Lies Will Try to Live infiltrating our interests.

These two try to pawn themselves-off as ‘Alternative Right, right-wingers”...with upstart they say that “THE Left is the establishment.”

(the White Left is the establishment? don’t think so):

Jews do not want us to be a White Left. The reason that they do not want that is because it is our best outlook - an orientation which, together with sufficient anarchy, allows for our coordination and strategic evasion of their infiltration. This capacity to evade their infiltration is facilitated by coordination not merely by place but by language - that is why the terms are so important. Shared terminology serves to coordinate our people wherever they might be while at the same time allowing for sufficient anarchy to evade infiltration, counter our enemies and counter corruption - especially tactical in the clear terminological position of a White Left, its eye on elite betrayal and “scabbing” - i.e., any attempted entry into our “union” by non-Whites.

Sure, these Jews are “the Right reading Spengler and Evola”…just so wild and crazy…“but we’re appealing to the ‘New Generation”...Haywire says, “we’re so ‘in touch’ with the new cultural zeitgest of THE RIGHT.”, Mulatto Supremacism

“The Left is the establishment”...Jews are just such rebellious trend setters..

“I was at a conference with Richard Spencer and Paul Gottfried..

...I’m really not interested in race…

I want to create a ‘new species” - read, Mulatto Cyborg...

Morpheus Mark, “White men are disgusting”, Dyal, nested at Haywire’s site, naturally.

Haywire continues: “I’m not really into the race thing, ‘race’ is a mental thing…’s about people who are on like the same wave length..
...people coming together to form new species..’s psychic, like Evola”


On to the matter of looking at us:

Where Lies Don’t Try to Live by crypsis, controlling the narrative, twisting our organizational language games, by infiltrating and misdirecting interests, they might just as well be served by provoking misdirection of our own, to where we are fighting our own. Rather than fighting non-Whites, in a manner perhaps such as this:
                          It’s true, Robert, no argument. That’s not a lie

As opposed to other right-wingers with whom he may associate and even endorse, just why Ransdell is unoffensive by comparison is beginning to crystallize..

First, contrasting his Rockwell influence.. the Pierce influence which captivates others -
Pierce was a scientist, Rockwell was an artist and an advertiser/PR man…

Rockwell confronts the dream of MLK

Rockwell frequently talked about the black issue and the black plague of race-mixing without fretting the rigid paranoia that this was “distracting from the J.Q.”

And who was Malcolm The Tenth anyway? - he would be introduced to American audiences by The Hate that Hating Whites Produced - narrated by Mike Wallace, it was a seminal Jewish documentary instigating blacks to riot and violence against Whites.
Malcolm X: “The ‘honorable’ Elijah Muhammad said the black man will rule.”

An artist / pr man is better suited for a view and treatment of Praxis - negotiating the fluid, reflexive, social interactive world with practical judgement as opposed to rigid scientific instrumentation; and laws - “Our purpose is the Creator’s purpose” ?

Of course “our purpose” should be serving the interests of our race. I’m sure Pierce would have believed that, but he may have wanted to base it more absolutely on scientific law than it could be.

Scientists are indispensable of course, for supplying rigorous information on specifics and broad generalities beyond casual purview, providing critical tools for rhetorical support for what is in fact the appropriate, “human-sized” (scaled) social perspective by which the social artist may dramatize and complete a vision.

But as one might say of Renegade and Daily Stormer, it is not enough to be an artist, one must be a good artist, reflecting good judgment - not always the case in WN.

Typically of the right, Andrew Anglin was one to range from being soft on blacks to showing outright affinity for them until he calculated that normal White men don’t like blacks and despise miscegenation. But this was only a calculation by Anglin, not the feeling the comes from trustworthy interest and concern for Europeans broadly, judging from important difference.

While we need some posture and people who display the power of not being perturbed by these matters, to where they can easily mock them, I will speak for myself, confident that other White men also despise people who try to sell the attitude of studied detachment as the one for our race in general - soft-selling blacks and race-mixing, saying that talking about these issues is a waste of time or a distraction from

Ransdell does talk about blacks in a way that shows that he knows from experience and in a way that can foreshadow the scientifically demonstrable effects to our EGI.

If the word “monocausal” regarding the JQ is going to provoke a paranoid response then how about, irresponsibly “single-issued” and correspondingly inauthentic by way of an irresponsibly narrow platform of response. “With Jews we lose” isn’t the same as saying “only Uncle Adolf and nobody should be critical of him; he’s perfect, didn’t do nothin” or “Only NW Europeans, all others be subordinate, be damned and go to Africa.”

Even if he was done-in by a Greek and it bespeaks a little less social aplomb than I may see in him, one nevertheless gets a sense of general goodwill from Rockwell toward his fellow Europeans - I get a sense that his initial inclination toward all of them was friendly, whereas Pierce was rigid.

Coming from Rockwell’s context, even the swastika isn’t offensive. One gets an underlying sense of irony, humor, playfulness of his social artistry and theatrics - that the swastika is not the literal issue, underneath that is the real issue - defense of European peoples. Rockwell almost certainly could have been persuaded that Eastern Europeans and Southern Europeans were European as well, satisfied by an agreement to maintain distinctions where one could potentially mix away the other to its demise.

On the other hand, even though HE DID NOT wave the swastika around, one gets the sense from Pierce that that was literally the thing.

In the influence of Rockwell as opposed to Pierce, we have a clue as to why Ransdell bespeaks practical judgment (phronesis) and good will to all concerned Whites, while those beholden to Pierce’s worldview cling rigidly to Hitler’s conflicted, quarter Jew perspective, determined singularly to defend his mother against Jewish assault, with little, or only condescending empathy for Europeans beyond Germanics.

Perhaps I’m being a bit naiive about Rockwell. He was probably a bit rigid too, just not as much as Pierce. The fact that Rockwell was killed by a Greek does say something (perhaps a bit too willing to throw other Europeans under the hate bus?, I don’t know the situation well enough to say).

But I can say that while Swedish and other Northern women are beautiful, you might believe me that Southerners can be satisfied with theirs too.

Perhaps Ransdell will turn out to be one, like Kyle Hunt, who cares and sympathizes only for Hitler’s view and issues in the end.

Still, one can’t help but see better prospects in reasoning with the Rockwell / Ransdell trajectory than the Pierce / Hunt trajectory. For the latter, it is apparently about redeeming Nazi Germany and its scientistic “naturalism”. For the former it is apparently more about our race.

                                        We do hate race-mixing
                                            The Hate Bus

It’s hard to take Rockwell’s antics too seriously. These were largely publicity stunts; the map was not the territory; it is evident that he could see more than one side. “You want integration? OK, lets have integration!” He proceeds to have his Nazi-clad men make themselves comfortable in a synagogue (LOL). On the other hand, one does not get a sense of humor, irony and underlying good will from Pierce. That is not to say that Rockwell was not seriously committed to some mistaken ideas, but one got a sense of a character more amenable to negotiative correction for having a better feel of Praxis.


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Are we to be cannon fodder for war on behalf of White plutocrats?

While we are (in 299 words) addressing David Duke and his single greatest cause issue - Jewish power and influence - with his admonition against their strategy of divide-and-conquer, we should ask..

Is it not possible that our traitorous White plutocrats would be happy to have us fight a war against that which is also their greatest enemy - Jewish power and biocultural patterns -  and use us as cannon fodder?

What, after all, have they done for us?

What have they done to merit our loyalty?

What have they done to fight Jewish power and influence? mass non-White immigration into European peoples’ habitats? the destruction of European cultures and people?


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Don’t Send A Boy To Do A Man’s Job: Hitler Worshippers Versus TT

On Hitler and those who worship this betrayer of Strasser, etc.

1934 words

Subtitled: don’t send a boy or other fools to do a man’s job.

TT, Terrible Tommy Metzger:

“Well lets go back several years, quite a while back before all these people got killed in World War II, back where I think, in fact where I know, National Socialism got off the track. And this is Gregor Strasser speaking:

‘We are socialists. Enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system. With its exploitation of the economically weak. With its injustice in wages. With its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth. And money instead of responsibility and achievement. We are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system. And with my inclination to practical action it seems to me that we have to put in place a better, more just, more moral system in place – one which as it were has arms and legs, and better arms and legs than the present one.’

- Gregor Strasser, Thoughts About The Tasks of The Future

Well that sounds a lot different than invading Poland and advancing mechanized warfare. Sounds to me like cleaning-up your own situation in your own country. And replacing the capitalist system with a functional system that includes the working class. You don’t have to call it socialist, you could call it many (things) but..because there are definitely some bad socialists out there too, but what happened to Gregor Strasser?

Murdered, during the night of the long knives, along with about 1,700 faithful party members. And that was the deal that Hitler made with the economic elite in Germany – the industrialists. That he could keep his SS but he had to get rid of the Brown Shirts and anybody else who went along with that. I wonder how many of you people would really want to have allegiance to somebody that would know, you work your ass off and suffered and (your compatriots) died in the streets to bring them to the pinnacle of power and then they kill you?

I know one guy that’s just a-moral enough in this movement to do that. If he ever got the chance. But I’m not going to talk about him because he’s pretty much out of the picture except in his own mind.

Anyhow, you should read more about what the Strasser brothers were talking about. And ask yourself, would you really want to worship a leader that goes in the middle of the night and kills his most trusted people? And not just a few that he might claim are this and that, homosexual or whatever, including women.

..and then we got into the Jew harvest, right? Mechanized war, vast warfare. You always know you’ve lost when you start wars. When you start a war you’ve lost. You’ve lost before you’ve even started.

So until you get that into your head and know that if war is coming around the bad guys are in control. Because Germany didn’t need to have a war. They could have solved their problems peacefully. Internally. And if anybody were to have attacked Germany from the outside most of the Western world would have sided with Germany at that time.

So anyhow, think about it. Because we have the same, well not the same but similar circumstances now with these dirty, filthy capitalists under cover of Republican politics or politics in general doing the same things to us (Americans) that they’ve done to Europe. Think about it. Think about what Gregor Strasser said.”

Now back to the subtitle, don’t send a boy or other fools to do a man’s job.

Lets compare and contrast what the man, Metzger, is saying, not only to what Carolyn or Rodney Martin might say, but to the kids at Renegade:

In this episode, Kyle Hunt interviews a young Russian American woman living in Sweden and working for Red Ice Radio:

For some background, what always struck me as curious about Kyle Hunt was how cool he thought Hitler and the Third Reich were (he’s now re-running Goebbels propaganda with “The Greatest Story Never Told”; and isn’t it good to incite inter-European war on the basis of a disingenuous claim to be concerned for truth?); with him in charge over there, so too would be the sentiments of anyone he would allow to have prominent voice at Renegade. At first I thought he might be dissuaded without too much difficulty and I tried. I realized that I was wasting my time when he treated the pro Hitler zealot, Marcus, as if he was way cool, level headed and spot on accurate in what he was saying. With that, I lost a great deal of respect for Hunt. It is not that he cannot change, but it may take a while, i.e., he is pretty young - a boy trying to do a man’s job.

Here’s the problem with these Hitler-heads over at Renegade. They’re young and don’t have the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge to provide sage guidance.

Where these sorts get their view and confidence seems often to have the common denominator of William Pierce (or the like) – smart man, no doubt, but with a philosophical and historical view that was insufficient to the task.

Nevertheless, Pierce provides cookie-cutter confidence to these kids, or chews their cud, for another analogy. Without a lot of experience, these kids can just move right into a world view that organizes things in a coherent way, just follow its pre-cut forms and drink its cud – easy, no doubt, “Hitler was right. Simple as that.” We just have to get past all this Jewish propaganda.

Indeed, a Jewish marshaled modernist world is a confusing and decadent world - it calls for a return to moral coherence. But is Nazism the right “moral” coherence? Of course not. Don’t send a boy or a fool to do a man’s job. That is a lesson that I have learned the hard way, but I did learn, after trying to enlist people too young or ill-suited to participate on a fairly level basis.

Now you’ve got The Renegade youths, as we might call them, appealing to young girls with Hitlerism - “It’s OK, so long as you don’t wave swastikas around, because the Jews have stigmatized this great Aryan symbol, have effectively but merely defamed NS Germany, while also corrupting our pre-Christian paganism…that older generation that didn’t see all this like we do, they gotta die.”

..Odimism, very smart religion, go to die in battle…just because, or rather because you are a coward and won’t get a maiden in valhalla if you don’t go and die in battle..even though Odin knows and you know that you are going to lose and die, just because, not because your people need defending (brilliant religion, Islam, its race mixing universalism, dysgenesis on behalf of virgins in heaven, is duly challenged).

The old generation gotta die, those cowards ain’t gettin’ no poontang in valhalla.

Well, not until you get old enough to be worthy, which you ain’t.

They’ve got young girls over there believing that Hitler was darn ok all over again, one getting pregnant by a heroin addict - who is now set to ask for money – but that’s ok, you can even be a heroin addict and ask for money, get a fair “Aryan” maiden pregnant, so long as you are cool with Hitler, don’t believe in something like the holocaust or other Nazi wrong-doings.

You don’t even have to be fully European, you can be a one quarter Syran heroin addict, so long as you are committed to Hitler. Overcompensating for not being perfectly European, with that anti-Jewish perspective, you can promote Africans as really OK (wouldn’t want to be distracted and lose sight of the J.Q.), you can promote the most cataclysmic killing of Europeans by Europeans just because you are committed to Hitler and because you are an anti-Jew – after all, some of those Jew broads are prettier than some White women, while black women…not too much of a threat. ..Slavic women? Hmm, yeah, that’s a threat, competition too, Hitler must have been right.

I guess maybe even a Russian woman can see the “logic” in that.

What does a woman want? Confidence!

Aha. What a revelation.

...Not to the average White American male: Who also sees that there is nothing more confident than a young Negro male (it may be argued that the Negro’s confidence is helped-along by his having nothing to lose and everything to gain).

Aren’t we so glad and inspired that women just love CONFIDENCE! Above all, above race, confidence uber alles! It’s Nature’s way! And we know that nature unmediated by culture corresponds perfectly with E.G.I.  ...doesn’t it?

In fact, in a multi-cultural hell-hole orchestrated by Jewish and corrupt capitalist/ objectivist interests, to be sheerly confident is about as ignorant as it gets. Women (females, I should say) getting-off on confidence in that context is about as stupid and corrupt as it gets.

And it gets to the heart of one of our most serious problems, in how Jews pander and corrupt some base instincts in our co-evolutionary females: incitement to genetic competition, appeal to narrow (ignorant), anti-social, alpha male confidence, etc.

The proper and authentic White response in this situation is not perfect confidence at all, but a sufficient measure of its counter-measure - taking a wary, analytical step back and taking into account the necessary factors of our long term interests - i.e. sufficient intellectual assessment. If that does not turn the girls on, well too bad, but their instincts pandered to and uncritiqued have shown what they lead to - puerile girls walking around with primates – oooh, so confident! And to correct the effect of these primates on society? Where they might not leave enough cute guys around, we’ll have a night of the long knives – ooh so confident! Let’s get rid of those guys who aren’t cute enough anyway…the one’s capable of confidence’s counterpart - empathy. Yeah! A world of sociopaths!, isn’t that what we have?

Speaking of the irony of that, Rodney Martin has actually called for a night of the long knives. Can you imagine? This fool is chomping at the bit for a resurrection of the Third Reich and its agenda verbatim. Rodney is another coming-up through the William Pierce school of “history”. But in Rodney’s case, a pet peeve of his is being enraged because Germany lost Breslau after World War II. Even though they had it even according to The Versailles Treaty prior to World War II, and would have kept it if not for Hitler’s war- mongering (but Rodney will blame everyone else, not Hitler). You know, Breslau, now Polish Wroclaw, started-out as a Bohemian city, then after going back and forth between Bohemian and Polish control a few times, a Mongol invasion wiped-out the Poles there. Rodney says his family is from there. Maybe it is not a coincidence that he looks the way he does – kind of puts some truth to the World War I stereotype of “the Hun.”

Rodney doesn’t have much good to say about Poland, but follows William Pierce’s cookie cutter (the Nazis were really being good to Poland). In fact, the first Rodney addressed me was to smear me as to how bad I was for challenging Marcus’ crap heap of anti- Polish propaganda - including saying that Germany was entitled to the western third of Poland and that World War II had never ended. Kyle Hunt continued to speak with the Nazi Marcus after that episode as if he is just the coolest, most reasonable guy.

Now where was that “White man March” again? When? How???

Its so well organized. But? Why? Because the “organizer” believes in Hitler.



Rather, don’t send a boy or a fool to do a man’s job.



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Four speeches from the London Forum meeting of August 10th

Sam Swerling, former Chairman of the Monday Club and Conservative Party Councillor, on the doctrine of National Preference:

Markus Willinger of Generation Identitaire, providing a general introduction to this new movement:

Laslo Virag, of the Hungarian Traditionalist School, on the criteria of the right:

Ruben Rosiers, formerly of Vlaams Blok, on Syria and the turn of the tide for the New World Order.

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Mike Thwait: Stategic Insights into Mass Mind Psychology

Another speech from the London Forum earlier this month - Mike Thwait, described as “perhaps the most promising rising British star of the Nationalist Cause”, on how we might use the mass psychology techniques that are used against us.  Video in 4 parts.

Part One


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First anniversary of the Norway commemoration of the King David Hotel bombing

On 22 July, 2011, Israel commemorated the 65th anniversary of the King David Hotel’s bombing in Palestine, by exploding bombs in Oslo, killing 8, and shooting dead 69 on Utøya Island. Israelis picked Norway for the celebrations because she had increasingly become sympathetic toward Muslims and in favor of a Palestinian State. Professor Ola Tunander concurred that only a State-level entity equivalent has the capability of pulling off such an operation, and this wouldn’t be the Norwegian administration slaughtering relatives on Utøya Island. Tunander knows Israel did it, but to avoid the heat, hinted at it, saying that some have suggested it was Israel’s handiwork. Given Tunander’s academic credentials, the mainstream media decided to keep Tunander’s analysis and the Israeli condemnation of it out of the Anglosphere.

At first it wasn’t clear whether the mysterious individual blamed for the attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, was a scapegoat or patsy. But the cues were there though overlooked by many. One clue was Anders Breivik’s amazing beard, capable of changing within seconds.

Anders Breivik beard
Source of these pictures. You know it’s not lighting. Breivik was all smiles for the cameras, in sharp contrast to his being camera shy on 22 July, 2011, when he evaded being filmed on CCTV all the way through his hours-long drive to the seat of the government and then to Utøya Island, and he also managed to avoid being captured on any of the hundreds of cell phones on Utøya Island.


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Review Call: Fighting for The Essence, by Dr Pierre Krebs

The excellent publisher Arktos Media Ltd has put out a review call for Fighting for The Essence: Western Ethnosuicide or European Renaissance? by Dr. Pierre Krebs.

Dr Krebs is a leading member of the Neue Kultur (the German New Right) and director of the Thule Seminar.  He is a doctor of French literature and also holds degrees in law, journalism, sociology, and political science.

Should anyone wish to review Fighting for The Essence for us, please contact me through the button under the header and I will arrange for a copy to be forwarded.

Arktos Media’s product description is as follows:


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Kai Murros on the European Revolution!

Style/Attitude/Revolution - A Letter to a Friend

by Kai Murros

The fundamental question us, white nationalists, are facing today is how to take over our societies psychologically, how to rise from the political and intellectual periphery in to the centre, refine our sub-culture to make it main stream and force the public in our societies to accept our vision of the future as the only possible alternative. To do that, we must first perfect the concept of the Pan-European nationalism and in doing so we must pay great attention to how the Pan-European movement looks like and feels like. Therefore we must be conceptual artists, fashion designers and copywriters rather than boring intellectuals and helpless theorists. If our concept is good it will dwarf other political styles and begin to dominate people’s thinking.

Seizing the hegemony in the society requires that nationalists are determined to become the new elite and understand that fundamentally they must wage politics of power and will. Today nationalists have nothing but if they at least have the right attitude then they have a chance, because what makes elite an elite is precisely the attitude. The conviction of being right and above others gives the members of the elite self-confidence and determination, which is then reflected in their appearance and behaviour. Outsiders recognize very easily those who seem to be on top of things, assertive, cool and even good looking.  The masses inherently despise desperate people and rather follow those who are arrogant and bold.

Nationalists must tirelessly talk about power and how to get power. Nationalists must make it absolutely clear that the movement is all about power, absolute power, power for the sake of power, a cynical conspiracy to get power. Nationalists must make everybody understand that one day they will have absolute power. This is important because all this talk about power makes nationalists look powerful and dangerous even when they don’t yet have power. Women, for example, love determined men who give the impression that they have great plans for the future. Power is sexy, nationalists have to make it their fetish.


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Steuckers on radical right literature

Here is Robert Steuckers answering the final question of an interview given to the Scandinavian group Oskorei:

In your many articles you have exhibited an impressive knowledge of European thinkers from Hamsun and Evola to Spengler and Schmitt. Do you consider some of them more important, and a good starting-point for the pro-European individual?

The study of our “classical” heritage of authors is a must if we want to create a real alternative worldview (“Weltanschauung”). Moreover, Evola, Spengler and Schmitt are more linked to each other than we would imagine at first glance. Evola is not only the celebrated traditional thinker who is worldwide known as such. He was an intrepid alpinist who climbed the Northern wall of the Lyskamm in the Alps. His ashes were buried in the Lyskamm glacier by his follower Renato del Ponte after he had been cremated in Spoleto (a town that remained true to Emperor Frederick Hohenstaufen) after his death in 1974. Evola was a Dadaist at the very beginning of his career as an artist, a thinker and a traditionalist. His was totally involved in the art avant-gardes of his time, as he himself declared during a very interesting television interview in French language that you can watch now on your internet screen via “you tube” or “daily motion”. This position of him was deduced from a thorough rejection of Western values as they had degenerated during the 18th and 19thCenturies. We have to get rid of them in order to be “reborn”: the Futurists thought we ought to perform promptly this rejection project in order to create a complete new world owing absolutely nothing to the past; the Dadaists thought the rejection process should happen by mocking the rationalist and positivist bigotry of the “stupid 19th Century” (as Charles Maurras’ companion Léon Daudet said).

Evola after about a decade thought such options, as throwing rotten tomatoes at scandalized bourgeois’ heads or as exhibiting an urinal as if it was a masterwork of sculpture, were a little childish and started to think about an exploration of “the World of Tradition” as it expressed itself in other religions such as Hinduism, the Chinese Tao Te King, the first manifestations of Indian Buddhism (“the Awakening Doctrine”), the Upanishads and Tantric Yoga. For the European tradition, Evola studied the manifestations and developed a cult of Solar Manly Tradition being inspired in this reasoning by Bachofen’s big essay on matriarchal myth (“Mutterrecht”). Thanks to the triumph of the Solar Tradition, a genuine Traditional Europe could awaken on the shores of the Mediterranean and especially in the Romanized part of the Italic peninsula, invaded by Indo-European tribes having crossed the Alps just before the Celts did after them. Besides, he was the translator of Spengler and reviewed a lot of German books written by authors belonging to what Armin Mohler called the “Konservative Revolution”. In Italy Evola is obviously very well known, even in groups or academic work teams that cannot be considered as “conservative-revolutionist”, but the role he played as a conveyer of German ideas into his own country is often neglected outside Italy. But still today people rediscover in Latin countries figures of the German “Konservative Revolution” through the well-balanced reviews Evola once published in a lot of intellectual journals from the 1920s to the 1960s. As his comments on these books and publications were very well displayed on didactical level, he can also be still very helpful to us today.


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London New Right: Bowden on Evola

Before anyone asks, yes I will interview Jonathan when I have the time and space to do the (for me, quite alien but necessary) background research.  There is no point in missing the man, so to speak, and surprisingly little of quality and depth is available about him and his worldview, even in much of his own talks and writings, which so tend to be given to water-carrying.

I see that a little - a very little, actually - is said in the first of this new series of videos featuring, this time, a speech to the LNR about Baron Julius Evola.

My thanks to Anarcho Anglo who drew our attention to them.

Part 1


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Sunic interviews Bowden for VoR

Tom Sunic’s interview of Jonathan Bowden is available on his page at VoR.  I have not listened to it yet but, according to the emailed circular, it covers:

? Jonathan’s life and involvement in British Rightist organizations.
? The rise & dominance of the Left in Britain among intellectuals & artists
? British Rightist leaders Enoch Powell, Oswald Mosley, & John Tyndall
? Jonathan’s artwork
? Art’s potential to transform culture
? The centrality of spirituality, and spirtuality’s relationship to art

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Unexpectedly, a Part Two.

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by Kai Murros

1. Ever since I can remember I have been a passionate nationalist; unfortunately in my younger days I was simply a petty Finnish chauvinist without any greater aspirations or understanding. I was re-living the past, I was stuck in the memory of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the time when the militaristic and often quite reactionary Finnish nationalism reached its high point.

A great deal of my militant chauvisnism can be seen as a reaction against the so called “Finnlandisierung” which meant that especially in the 70’s and early 80’s nationalism in Finland was a taboo. Finnish media and cultural life was controlled by leftists who imposed a guilt-complex on the Finnish people; the elite taught Finns to hate themselves because of what happened in WWII. So in retrospect I understand that I had to be what I was back then but I also had to evolve as well.

Eventually I grew out of reactionary chauvinism. One of the decisive moments in my life was in 1981 when the news about the Brixton race riots reached Finland. I suddenly realized that my kinfolk were under attack, that a hideous primitive enemy was threatening people who are of the same race and the same blood as Finns. Soon after this I became aware of the worsening ethnic situation in Germany, that the number of the Turks was constantly growing - and nothing was done about it.


Posted by Constantin von Hoffmeister on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 01:09 PM in New Right
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Jonathan Bowden on the London New Right and ...

.. on Léon Degrelle and the heroic in popular culture.  The first 5 min 30 sec are given over to an interesting explication of the London New Right.  I am indebted to reader Anarcho Anglo who kindly provided the link to this video.  He mentions two others that are posted thusfar, and I will embed those and any further videos of this speech as I find them - or someone else kindly does so and supplies the URLs.

And thanks to Texan and Anarcho Anglo here are the next five videos:


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 06:01 PM in New Right
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Cthulu Don

Posted by Søren Renner on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 09:56 AM in New Right
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Alain de Benoist’s preface to the Croatian edition of Sunic’s “Against Democracy and Equality”

Tomislav Sunic’s first book, Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right, has just been released in a Croatian language edition.  It carries a lengthy preface by Alain de Benoist, which sets out the background and principle positions of the ENR.  I reproduce it in English here, as translated by Tom.


The New Right: 40 Years After ...
by Alain de Benoist

In 1990, as a current of thought under the name “European New Right” (ENR) had began to celebrate its twenty-first birthday, a Croatian friend of mine, Tomislav Sunic, published in English the first edition of his book on the New Right. This was originally the text of his doctoral dissertation, defended two years earlier at the University of California in Santa Barbara, (1). Having acquired a very good knowledge of French during his studies at the University of Zagreb, Sunic was keen to probe into the ENR very early on. Moreover, he also had the opportunity to read ENR works in the original French language. Unlike many other commentators who spoke of the ENR on the basis of hearsay and formed judgments from second hand sources, he demonstrated the ability to go right to the core of the issue. He demonstrated a sympathy for the ENR which plainly distinguished him from those commentators.

It was also plain that his book’s interest derives from something more than sympathy. Its importance is due to its pioneer character. Certainly, in the late 1980s several books (but also a number of scholarly works) had already been published on the ENR. But they were almost all published in French. Tomislav Sunic’s book was one of the first to appear abroad (a privilege he shared with some Italian authors). Presenting the history and main ideas of the ENR to a public who had never heard of it before was not an easy task. Thanks to his informed mind, his sense of synthesis, but also his knowledge of the readers he addressed, there is no doubt that Sunic succeeded immediately in his endeavor.

In hindsight, what I find most remarkable is that Tomislav Sunic’s book was written in English, especially given that the author resided at that time in a country - the United States - that he knew from the inside-out and which he viewed in a very critical manner (as evidenced by his latest book, Homo Americanus).


Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 08:03 PM in New Right
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National Anarchism in the sun

My thanks to Welf Herfurth for circulating this link to a left-field but, for all that, pretty well-informed article on the European survivalist movement generally and on National Anarchism in particular.  It provides a topographic survey of several significant components of the nationalist scene not only in Europe but in America, and certainly told me a thing or two I did not know before.  I will reproduce it in full below the fold.

But, first, there is a caveat.  The site,, is that of Political Research Associates which describes its mission as “Researching the Right for Progressive Changemakers”. 

As we know only too well, the left is obsessed with race.  It needs to believe that there is freedom - meaning racelessness for Europe’s peoples - and there is immoral, illegitimate, oppressive fascism.  There is nothing else, nothing in between.  The obvious absurdity of this position - one which it applies to no other people -  is never explored.  For a “free” individual, the liberal-leftist is curiously disinterested in challenging his own inconsistencies and illogicalities.  That is something for others to do.

This uncomfortable position may go a long way to explaining why the left is so violent, emotionally and physically.  Well, there is a sense in which Roger S Griffin’s widely-accepted definition of fascism as “palingenetic ultranationalist populism” feeds that violence.  It can contribute to the transferability of the fascist meme. 

This little phrase has a certain Gott der Vater ring to it.  Its three elements are nicely interlocking.  The nation of the people (recast by Mussolini as the all-enveloping state) and the good of the people are served through renewal of their racial spirit.  And that’s … fascism!  But in his book simply titled Fascism Griffin amplifies this thesis thus:-

If fascism is defined in terms of a core ideology of ultra-nationalism that aspires to bring about the renewal of a nation’s entire political culture, then the picture changes. The features so firmly associated with it in the popular historical imagination cease to be definitional. Instead they can be seen as external and time-bound manifestations of the central ideological driving force that is its only permanent feature: the war against the decadence of society and the struggle for national rebirth.

The “features so firmly associated with it” include those stigmatised excesses I’ve mentioned before.  Freed from its “time-bound” goods of no currency today, this “fascism” takes on a very convenient elastic quality.  The writer of the article here, a man going under the soubriquet of Spencer Sunshine, can describe “reactionary counter culturalists” and BNP members as White Nationalists, and White Nationalists as “traditional fascists”.  There is no escape, and presto, he alone is a moral man.  Obviously.

Mind you, it’s a game two can play.  How about this as a core-definition of another extreme political philosophy?  Hyper-moral individualist elitism.

Now try this for size:-

If liberalism is defined in terms of a core ideology of hyper-individualism that aspires to re-engineer the West’s entire political culture, then the picture changes. Those features like political correctness and anti-racism that are so firmly associated with it in the popular imagination cease to be definitional. Instead they can be seen as alien and only recent perversions of the central ideological driving force that is its only permanent feature: the war against human nature.

The difference here is that I am not constructing an untruth about Spencer Sunshine’s peculiar politics.  That really is liberalism, folks.

Anyway, just remember that if you don’t meet the definition of fascism I’ve extrapolated from Griffin’s little phrase, complete with the upward striving spirit of race, the total state, the Volksgemeinschaft et al, you are not a fascist in any meaningful sense of the word.  You are not a fascist simply because Spencer Sunshine needs to say so.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 09:12 PM in New Right
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Tradition and Revolution: Collected Writings of Troy Southgate

The following review by Andreas Faust of Troy Southgate’s book of selected essays and poetry, Tradition & Revolution, provides a good introduction to that strand of thought which is National Anarchism.

The social context for NA is that efforts by political nationalism to turn the clock back demographically cannot succeed, and a widespread social and economic collapse is both inevitable and to be welcomed.  It will provide an opportunity for the re-seeding of traditional European folkways at a local level.  Indeed, NA argues, without it the white remnant will have no spiritual foundation from which to face the rigours of ethnic conflict.

NA might be seen as an ark in the worst-case scenario.  Some aspects of it leave me perplexed - the Wodenism, for instance, which appears gratuitous and artificial.  But NA is gathering adherents throughout the West, and Troy is certainly its leading spirit.  It is worth knowing about.

‘Tradition and Revolution: Collected Writings of Troy Southgate’

This book contains a varied selection of essays, poems, and other short written pieces by Troy Southgate, one of the founders of the philosophy known as National-Anarchism. National-Anarchism is a cultural current rather than an organisation. It is a long-term strategy. N-A developed simultaneously in England, France and Germany, in just the same way that modern Odinism simultaneously sprang up in at least four different countries in the early 1970s.

N-A is a form of anarchism which has no roots in the political left, but neither is it right-wing. It differs from the ‘mainstream’ anarchist movement in its support for racial separatism (amongst other things), but at the same time has no problem with those who want to establish mixed-race communities also. As Southgate puts it: “We have no desire to rule over an administrative structure or disaffected population of any kind [...] Whilst they choose their own destinies, we shall choose ours.”

If N-A took off on a wide scale, this would theoretically lead to a series of independent communities, which “may or may not wish to form part of a confederated alliance”. Each community, of course, would be primed for self-defence. The regional alliance or federation would support any group of individuals wishing to found a separate community to preserve their own identity – regardless of what that identity might be.

So, has the book converted this reviewer to National-Anarchism? Well, hmmm, hmmm…I believe it might have. I still dislike the term. But on the other hand I can’t really think of a better one. On explaining the concept to a friend recently, he pointed out that as soon as you start throwing the word ‘anarchist’ about, it will automatically turn people away. The word has become linked with images of violence, chaos, disorder…sinister men in black balaclavas throwing bombs.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 01:22 PM in New Right
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The Paris Hilton syndrome

by Welf Herfurth


This article concerns something that receives little attention from nationalists: celebrities and popular culture, and their influence on both our liberal democratic system and our consumerist society. More specifically, it concerns the role of women in our liberal democracy and popular culture. This subject matter is very much part of our lives: one cannot avoid the celebrity trash gossip magazines, American TV shows, and the role prominent women in our liberal democracy (such as Hilary Clinton). Moreover, our economy relies, to a great extent, on both consumerism – especially a consumerist lifestyle promoted heavily to women, through advertisements and celebrity culture – and female labour.

From a political view, does any of this matter? Do the antics of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan matter? Did Princess Diana matter? A person with an old-school, left-wing point of view would say, ‘No’. The fetishisation of celebrity women in our culture is a symptom of the fetishisation of capitalist consumer commodities. Once capitalism is abolished, the only women who will appear in advertisements, films and the like will be female communist role models – factory workers, rice paddy farmers, mothers bearing socialist babies and the like.

After the advent of the New Left, the analyses – of images of women in a capitalist society, as expressed through popular culture – became a little more sophisticated. The stern Soviet and Maoist bromides became somewhat old-fashioned, and the neo-Marxists argued that there was something deeper going on.

Here I will be taking an approach similar to that of the New Left – but will drawing upon Evola instead of Marcuse. Bill White, before his Nutzi phase, used to write some intelligent articles. One of them was on the subject of women in American popular culture, and used some Evolian concepts. (Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the Internet). Evola, I think, is a thinker who is the most suitable for this sort of thing. After all, many of his ‘spiritual types’, or ‘races’ (as he defines them) possess masculine and feminine characteristics. In essays like ‘Do we live in a gynaecocratic society?’ (1936), he said nearly all there is to be said on the subject. The present article will add little to the discussion – much of what Evola has written has yet to be surpassed – but the articles from the 1930s and 1940s are lacking in that they are out of date. They appear dated because Evola did not live in our age – the age of Angelina Jolie, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign bid.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 06:04 PM in New Right

Empiricism and Carl Jung.  Or how the New Right hates science.  UPDATED.

In March of this year I put up a post about sociobiology and Conservatism.  It was, in fact, simply a reproduction of a thread debate at Troy Southgate’s New Right Forum.

It was overly long, I know, and self-indulgent, and it entered upon some abstruse territory.  Well, we are heading back in that direction with this post.  It’s another, still-live thread from Troy’s Forum, this time dealing with the tension between empiricism and New Right philosophy.

Now, tactically, the American radical right, to which I belong, should make its accomodation with the European New Right.  Both are marginalised.  Both are attempting to confront the existential threats to their respective peoples.  For both, these involve a traitorous elite, untrammelled immigration, neo-Marxist extremism, Jewish ethno-aggression, etc.

But it isn’t that straightforward.  The ARR, beset as it is by racial guilt-mongers, Jewish media power, and official lies, seeks proofs to pave its people’s path.  The ENR, beset by American neo-liberalism, egalitarian democracy and plain history, damn it, reifies the European spirit to inspire its people upward towards the light.

Neither appreciates the other.  For American empiricism, it seems, is anti-human to the one, and the European spirit is a fiction to the other.

Here, in miniature, is the way contact between these two brothers pans out.  The thread is long and complex, and the quality of contributions is not always as considered or literate as a properly crafted blog entry.  Feel free to dive in and cherry pick, rather than labour through the whole thing.  If you are completely incurious or just impatient, look away NOW!

If further interesting Forum comments appear in my OE Inbox, I will, of course, update the entry.

OK ... the thread began innocently enough with an announcement by Welf Herfurth of his latest article.

From there it wandered contentedly into a discussion about Apollonianism and Dionysianism as understood by Nietzsche and a number of New Right philosophers and writers.  I confess that I am not at all well read in this area, and inevitably find myself on the margins of such discussions.  However, the discussion reached the point where Troy averred:-

The reason why Nietzsche’s philosophy inevitably relates to the East, of course, is because the innate Indo-European mindset tends naturaly to look in that direction and away from the imported religions of the Middle East. It’s quite ironic, really, as though East and West have changed places or exhanged values. Not that it can’t be explained by Indo-European migration on the one hand and, on the other, the spread of Christianity through the Roman Empire and Islam through immigration. I’m being decidedly Euro-centric here, of course.

This piqued my interest.  Here was that word again ... “innate”.  And used to make Europe a spiritual child of the Sub-Continent rather than the Jewish Middle East.  I couldn’t care less about the Jewish Middle East, but   I do care about intellectual integrity:-

There is nothing in the Indo-European religious canon that is “innate”. On the contrary, it needs to be understood that everything innate is selected, including a tendency, where it occurs, towards a “spiritual” explanation of Nature and Existence ... but ONLY the tendency, NOT the forms which that may take. Certainly, Troy, we are not Jungians, and have no need to cling to forms of collective consciousness.

The intellectual procession of Western Man can be understood as a Manichean and unwinnable contest between that 50 to 60% or so who are naturally religious (including liberals) and the 40 to 50% or so who have no idea whatsoever what all the fuss is about, but generally have to go along with it anyway. The tendencies to faith and rationalism are both selected qualities of the European mind.

Troy, however, was unfazed:-

On the contrary, GW, I am a Jungian.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 09:28 PM in New Right
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