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“To ensure that Wikipedia is Zionist in nature”

“To ensure that Wikipedia is Zionist in nature”

In response to Jewish troll JamesUK on February 05, 2015

  I was blocked from submitting an article on the obvious phenomenon of “mulatto supremacism”  - which even has notable historical precedent in Haiti’s mulatto supremacist genocide of Whites on the island.

Wikipedia is censored to protect Jewish interests.

Proof of their influence on Wikipedia is to be found in videos which reveal Israeli boiler rooms - groups of people put up to spin wiki articles in a jewish way.

I don’t now what Wikipedia’s policy is on creating entries on its site so I can’t comment on that it.

I heard of Jewish commentators on YouTube like to Israel but not Wikipedia.

Where are the videos?

It is so basically factual to anyone who has had dealings with Wikipedia and White activism that I don’t even feel obligated to make the case as a public service; I will leave you to further secretarial detail rather than getting caught up in your game of arguing over the obvious. Instead, I will provide just this one video example which you act as if difficult to find - a ready example of Jewish manipulation of Wikipedia:

Yesha Council in conjunction with “My Israel” has arranged instruction day for wiki editors. The goal is to teach people how to edit in Wiki- pedia, which is the number one source of information in the world. As way of example, if someone searches “the Gaza Flotilla” we want to be there, we want to be the guys who influence what is written there, how its written and to ensure that its ‘balanced’ and Zionist in nature.


In defense of Edgar Steele’s position in, “In defense of anti-Semitism” (excerpted at the bottom of the post), I said:

The i.q. factor has been adjusted for, to show that Jews are vastly overrepresented due to nepotism and other corrupt means.

JamesUK said in response:

I seriously doubt that seeing how the same pattern can be seen in other countries where they have less influence in state positions like in Russia.

Your serious doubt is wrong.

I don’t think so.

Well, you are wrong and not worth arguing with.

Seeing how it is an opinion either way there is not much to discuss.

Well that’s it. You want to bring into question the obvious. That may show a dull chutzpah but it is only a tedious obstruction as it will not yield significantly new information - there is no scarcity of evidence to the contrary of your position.

But of necessity, I will offer this perfunctory summation:  After factors of i.q. are taken into account, matters of Jewish nepotism, hyper-ethnocentrism, incommensurate ways of life and moral standards which do disservice to European interests and ways,  Jewish coercion, bullying, bribery, brainwashing all have to be taken into account for what they should not be able to do at any rate - head European nations and peoples (which includes Russians), irrespective of the high i.q. of some Jews.

Regarding Duke and Black, we are not here to defend them, they can defend them- selves. We are here to defend Whites and White patterns that need defending.

I don’t but they do run on an openly white political agenda and are members of openly pro-white organisations for decades.

They are the most high profile leaders of the WN movement in the US so they are the political representation of what WN believe in the US.

Other WN’s include Pierce and associates who are a mix of terrorists, mass shooters, a would be wife killer and a paedophile.

You don’t get to say who is represented by Duke and Black. They represent them- selves, or anybody who wants to be represented by them, which is not in all ways us.

They are not the only ones who care about European people and not comprehensively representative.

Steele was not a would-be wife killer. That was a set-up.

Facts say otherwise hence his conviction.

On the contrary. These are the facts: Facts say that he was set up. A handyman (Larry Fairfax) that Steele hired to help around his property was a federal informant hired to set him up on the charge of murder for hire of his wife for her insurance. His wife, Cindy, didn’t have insurance. An audio- tape was fabricated to allege his having solicited the hit on Cindy for her insurance money. Audio experts were blocked by the (corrupt) judge from testifying as such.

What motive was there for Steele to kill his wife for non-existent insurance money? On the other hand, if you listen to, or read, Steele’s, “In defense of anti semitism” (an excerpt from the text is provided below, though the link to the site where the audio and text were is no longer available - I wonder why?), there was plenty of motive for Jewish interests to silence Steele.

What a jew you are

Not Jewish but it is like Blacks complaining about racism with problems in there own community.

You are doing the bidding of Jews at any rate. You say WN are “complaining”, as if its trivial. But we are not “like blacks complaining about racism” around here. At MR we survey all concerns - centering on our own human ecological systems first and attending to problems and antagonists as they emerge relevant. Jews happen to be salient among antagonists in their genetic pattern and in 7 power points: finance, politics, law, religion, business, academia, media.

WN aren’t “complaining” ab. immigration and jews, we’re noting blockage to our sovereignty, destruction of our well being, deliberately imposed threat to our survival.

Apart from the US other western countries especially Eastern Europe do not have significant immigration to come anywhere near close to threatening the actual survival of the host countries that as I said before most are economic migrants from new EU countries.

“Apart from the US and other western countries” .... a ‘little thing’ like The US and Western nations being destroyed. We’re supposed to shrug that off, right?

“especially Eastern Europe do not have significant immigration to come anywhere near close to threatening the actual survival”

Even if we were so crass, indignant, egregious as to not care about western European nations, and if the western countries were to go under, then eventually the eastern countries would be submerged in spill-over tides of non-Whites as well. You know it.

most are economic migrants from new EU countries.

You want Europeans to fight each other, like good right-wingers, don’t you?

Is that why you want to crash us together antagonistically with your EU? Perhaps you think Americans should vote for Republican neo cons and your Jewish war complex?

You think we should have gone to Hungary?

It must have been a good thing to Not do.

Go to hell.

Yes that did get media attention and the few media outlets that covered it admitted it looked favourable towards the organisers on the issue of free speech.

That conference was too right-wing reactionary and probably played into the hands of how Jews would like us to be - the Gottfrieds, the Atzmons, the Dugins, the Jared Taylors, the scary scientistic factualizers to turn-off normal people.

Excerpt from Edgar Steele’s “In defense of anti-Semitism”

Note: JamesUK cited I.Q. statistics for Jewish success, which have been factored into equations of proportional representation in The Ivy league and professions, revealing that Jews are vastly overrepresented by dint of nepotism, political and religious propaganda, financial and legal manipulation.

Beneath Every Rock

Supposedly, Jews account for 2-1/2 per cent of the American population. Why, then, is half the student body at Harvard and most every Ivy League college Jewish?  Statistics simply are not kept as to the percentage of Jews in this profession or that, but when was the last time you saw a doctor whose name did not end in “berg,” “man” or “stein?”  I’m not sure I have ever met a psychiatrist who wasn’t Jewish.  On the other hand, have you ever seen a Jewish farmer or mechanic?

Rarely do I appear in court, but the guy on the other side of the courtroom - and often as not, the judge, too - is Jewish.  And, it is incredible the deference paid by the bench to the Jewish DA, or whoever, sitting at the other counsel table. There has been more than one trial where I could have merely phoned in my participation, for all the good it mattered that I was even there.

So many complain about what bankers, especially the international and central bankers, are doing to our country. Yet, hardly anybody seems to have noticed that those people are almost exclusively Jewish.

Behind Every Tree

They are everywhere in the media, particularly Hollywood. Talking heads, movie stars and the like. ...Pay attention and you will be amazed.  The names won’t always be a good guideline, however, given how many changed their names at the turn of last century, so as to meld into the American population of that time.

Jews seem to comprise about 50% of America’s population, based upon those in visible positions. Looks can be deceiving, like Harvard, where they are drawn to those positions by their money, their intelligence and, most importantly, the indulgence of their kosher comrades.

People refuse to notice the Jewish hands on virtually ever power lever in the US federal government. Or at the helm of virtually every media organization that exists, and throughout the executive and editorial ranks. And, it’s not just Jews that control America - they are Zionists.  Even Ariel Sharon, Israel’s current Prime Minister, has said openly, “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it” Oct.‘01. Problem is, most of us seem not to know it

The Power Behind the Throne

Books have been written on the subject, but, essentially, a group of late 19th-century elites, comprised of Rockefeller, Morgan and others, mostly Jewish, established an organization designed to consolidate their control of America and, eventually, the entire world. It was called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Offshoots, such as Bilderbergers, have formed since, but the objective has never slipped from their sight.

One of the first acts of CFR’s members was to survey the newspaper field, the sole mass media of the time, and conclude that purchasing control of only 25 major newspapers would give them effective control of news dissemination. They bought those papers and, since then, many, many more. Today, members of these shadowy organizations literally run virtually all of the media, control the political structure in America, much of world business and are firmly in control of world banking.

That is why the two political parties in America have become identical, so as to provide us rubes with the illusion of throwing the rascals out come election time, yet with the same old agenda not missing a beat. Did you really see a difference from Bush to Clinton to Bush? They knew what NAFTA would do to America’s manufacturing base and job structure, yet both parties embraced it. We’re firmly on path to one-world government. America writ large, but the America now being molded without individual civil rights, not the America of the 20th Century. And it’s largely kosher.

Read about The “Israeli Spy Ring Scandal” for a particularly chilling look into the extent of the Israeli spy ring recently uncovered in America and Israel’s extensive US telephone network ownership.

It is not the purpose of this essay to prove Jewish control of America. There is ample material available on the internet for those who wish to prove it for themselves. Rather, it is my purpose to show that there are perfectly valid and understandable, even laudable, reasons for being anti-Semitic. Resenting those who manipulate us on a daily basis, against our own best interests, is primary among them.

Hate laws are a singularly Jewish invention being foisted upon an unsuspecting public, so as to preemptively remove the possibility of criticism of themselves. Often written by the ADL, the organization that lobbies for their adoption, state by state, the laws are designed to stifle dissent and speaking out.

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Black Lies in White Nationalism: Hitler didn’t instigate war, modestly sought appropriated territory

Black Lies are being circulated in White Nationalism -

“Hitler did not instigate the war”

“He only modestly sought territory ‘wrongly’ appropriated”

Those claims are demonstrably false from the beginning of Mein Kampf:

“People of the same blood should be in the same Reich. The German people will have no right to engage in a colonial policy until they shall have brought all their children together in one state. When the territory of the Reich embraces all the Germans and finds itself unable to assure them a livelihood, only then can the moral right arise from the need of the people to acquire foreign territory. The plow is then the sword and the tears of war shall produce the daily bread for the generations to come.

                                                                                            - Hitler

Does this statement from the very start of Mein Kampf, from the second paragraph in fact, indicate that Hitler was for peace and the head of a Reich merely, passively victimized? Obviously not. It is clear pseudo-justification typical of the inter-European war-mongering that underpinned his world view. Indeed, this statement makes it clear that Hitler was no pacifist nationalist, but an imperialist; and of course this is just one among many examples in which he makes that plain. What is far more exasperating than alarming is that even where present day White Nationalists are altercast their clear innocence, Hitler advocates disingenuously try to bury, justify and even assimilate the facts of Hitler’s intent of inter-European war rather than work to coordinate present- day European efforts to our mutual interests: coordination of nations places an emphasis on mutual non-interference of national sovereignties with one another, but alignment of objectives at the same time. That is very different from what Hitler sought and from what his present day apologists implicate.


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Thread Wars 3: MR taking it to the threads, stepping-it-up and..

Thread Wars 3:

MR taking it to the threads, stepping-it-up and further cultivating strategies, noting successes, charting obstructions to bringing nativist nationalism to public acceptance.


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Carolyn Yeager’s Gas Chamber - a stink to politely ignore, while MOB’s concerns are discussed

I’m turning this into a main post as I’ve put some careful thought into it and it seems trolls will try to bury it:

2,114 words

Hi MOB, don’t worry about Carolyn being advertised here. She has her niche and we have our direction which is not competing. Therefore, it is not necessary to give her inadvertent advertising in a staple of critical attention to her efforts.

Without respectful recognition of the uniquely remarkable role played by Hitler and the Germans in the seemingly insurmountable struggle against Jewish world domination, you lose considerable substance and credibility.”

I never said that Hitler and the Germans were not unique and remarkable, nor that their focus on the J.Q. did not merit assimilation - particularly in the sense of prioritizing Jews as a concern and seeing the necessity to separate from them.

I did not say that we should reject everything about Hitler and the Germans - especially not the Germans, of course (and congratulations, I suppose, on drubbing Brazil, even if you do have an N, a Turk, an Arab of some sort, and a half Pole on your team). It is rather that we are not going to ignore and pretend the negative side of Hitlerism did not exist. Nor will we say that he was unique in being wise to the J.Q. or that he handled it in a uniquely effective way. It is clear that is not nearly true enough. *

If people come to MR and say, hey, you know, Hitler had such and such an idea right, I would not turn them away if it is coming from one who is not trying to promote Hitler as correct and worthy of our loyalty across the board - as Carolyn does.

We would not exclude an idea simply because Hitler held the same, nor for that matter just because Jews or Christians may have had similar thoughts on a matter. It is that we cannot endorse these world views on the whole as their drawbacks are too great.

Our agenda at MR is no mystery: we are here to advocate people of native European descent. As such, we would like to look upon peoples of native Europeans as a classificatory whole with subdivisions. The whole and the subdivisions to be maintained and fostered as ecologies symbiotic within and between each other.

In response to Katana, I will add this:

The term “White” is not especially problematic and works especially well in combination as “The White Class.” However, there is a danger in being too simple with “White” as a blanket term. “White” can be too unsophisticated in particular as it is susceptible to include Jews while excluding authentic Europeans. As we all know White is a more American term. It is better to ask Americans to be inconvenienced to drop it (especially since the country is going down in terms of our interests) than to ask native Europeans to drop the designation, “European.” It is a better strategy to resurrect “European” as meaning, “of native European extraction.” It is more descriptive and provides better grounding all around than “White”. Even for Americans it should be the better term in the long-run. Though again, I do not have a big problem with “White”, particularly necessary to designate those of mixed European ancestry living outside of Europe.

I will draw the line on the contention that I am speaking in tongues when I insist upon an ecological and classificatory view.

Classification represents the mediation between Cartesian extremes: assertion of social classifications is what has been deprived us (Whites/Europeans) and what we need to restore (as a matter of coherence, accountability, agency and warrant, as I always say – lets add operational verifiability). 

More, the view of ecological classifications is particularly important as it directs attention to systemic depth, patterns, historical relations as naturally conservative aspects of our evolution and relation to natural environment.

This class of classifications of native Europeans, the White Class, classifies, primarily not hierarchically but horizontally, between peoples, and discriminates accordingly. With especial vigilance to the European/ non-European distinction. With that, unlike Hitler’s world view, the maintenance of all native European peoples and their distinct nations should fall within our interest group - we should not be fighting each other for territorial acquisition, to establish a master- slave relation, whatever.

We do not see Jews as a part of our interest group; but as a distinct pattern averse to our interests.

It is problematic that there are some who are not harmful to us, perhaps even helpful; nevertheless, they do not fall within our interest group. An individual Jew who may be different from the pattern is still classified as a Jew - a non-European.

Nevertheless, it is our agenda to separate and have sovereignty from Jews, and other non-Whites, not to exterminate them. That confers the moral high-ground upon us and theoretical innocence. Even as we know, in fact especially as we know, that they are not likely to simply leave us alone (note the trolling of Thorn, et. al - why don’t they go away? need to ask?); this position is particularly important to maintain in assertion of our will to peace, cooperation and warranted defense as it may come to declared war (instead of the undeclared war as it now is).

What to do about quarter Jews and one eighth Jews (as Lenin apparently was), is also problematic - not a simple concern.

However, MR is sufficiently nuanced to address these problems in our posts and commentary. That is among our merits - we are clear but not too simple.

We have a hermeneutic view, which circles between scientific rigor and comprehensive imagination as need be - particularly regarding our interests.

I would not be too concerned about homosexuality, certainly not around here - you can believe me that most men see male homosexuality in particular as repulsive, something completely opposite of what they want. It’s absurd to the point where normal men would scarcely want to talk about it, except to remind our co-evolutionary women that they are our desire, where they may have doubts.

As for MacDonald endorsing Greg and Counter-Currents, I think that is proper on a couple levels. First, Greg is publishing some good and sincere work on our behalf. Second, that people not let anti-homosexuality override the good work that he has done and can do. Though coming from a more scientific perspective, MacDonald has a view regarding homosexuality that is largely aligned with what I see as reasonable - critical, discouraging, but not shrill, because it is not numerically sufficient a draw for our men to prioritize as a staple of concerned attention either.

Finally, they do have that kindred Nordic entering point that I’ve discussed, in addition to a bit of academic snobbery going on. KM and Johnson are PhD’s and scholars. Their drawing lines around that has valid and invalid points, good and bad sides.

As maintained, their scholarly and professional standards can always be pointed to against those who say that we do not have that on our side. More, it is not merely an artificial line. They are gifted and skilled to examine the literature and issues in an in-depth and competent manner.

However, it does have its drawbacks.

The mannerly protocol of professionalism binds them into logics that can be insensible.

For example, they will not use the “N” word because, they say, that would turn-off soccer moms among other “intelligent” and “educated” people.

But they will openly court those who fully endorse Hitler, as if that will not turn-off intelligent and educated people.

That is the kind of absurd and insensible contradiction that sheer logic and professional interface with the respectable public is susceptible to.

MacDonald and Sunic maintain that the only stereotype to avoid for White Nationalists is the vulgar skinhead. I have maintained that the wimpish (or yes, faggy) nerd, who will not say “N”, could be equally a turn-off. In advocating our group interest, they are insufficiently “othering” people who should be “othered” and over “othering” people who should not be “othered.”

There might be some susceptibility to that in Germanophiles or Nordicists as they may resort to their logical abilities in transcendence and to focus on themselves in relation to Jews (an over focus on the most intelligent and formidable adversary indeed, but conferring an undue measure of benign innocence on other non-Whites; while unduly pejoratizing other European peoples); as Germanics and Nordics have not evolved in interface with Africa, but in antagonisms with other Europeans and Jews; they escape there, take cover in not being “prejudiced” against blacks; allowing other Europeans to take the brunt of black reality. It can be a logical perspective which, for its insensibility, leads to an unmeasured narrowing of prejudice and overcompensating response. This might only be compounded by Christianity, Hitlerism and Jewish incitement.

For my part, when a person uses the N word in an intelligent way, with proper context, it does not turn me off, but tells me clearly that this person has sense, knows what they are talking about, organizes matters properly. That will resonate for others as well.

The largest reason why I do no use it here is because it is my understanding that it is literally illegal in some European nations. I am not an agent provocateur trying to lead people to jail, fines or other limitations on their effective advocacy.

I am not a “Professional.” That gives me some advantages and disadvantages. It does illustrate that I am not the all conquering world beater, who can succeed in just any circumstance - a man whose ability and will carried him to a PhD even in America’s multi-cult hell hole. It also means that I am not so insensible as to carry on by dint of sheer logic, “rise above” and ignore what I should not. I did embark upon a PhD, but I cannot say that I regret not contributing to America’s multicultural hell hole or not saying anything sufficiently critical of it - contributing to it or not saying anything critical of it having been two requirements to go ahead in American academia. Nevertheless, I did participate in the PhD program and audited it enough to get a good feel, if not understanding of things I need to know.

On the positive side, my “inability” to achieve a PhD reflects sensibility on my part, an unwillingness to ignore the destruction of our people that was imperviously entailed in the “hegemonic logics”, i.e. PC requirements, of a PhD.

A Philosophy PhD once said to me (even though not knowing me or much about me), that you cannot be a racist if you are going to be a PhD.

I responded, “that is why I do not want a PhD”

He smiled as he understood my reasoning automatically.

Nevertheless, admittedly, being unprofessional does have drawbacks. For example, over indulgence of vulgarity (in my defense, against people who were vulgar with me and having vulgar motives) because I don’t see the status to be lost in such association - which could cost us an interview, say, with Frank Salter, who in turn would not want to be associated with vulgarity. Still, those indulgences were before GW suggested that I might take over the wheel and steer MR’s direction.

In this case, I do have more responsibility to not drag GW’s project down, as it is a noble and beautiful one. Thus, I would try more to refrain from unnecessary vulgarity as it might send intelligent professionals away from helpful connection with us.

Even so, it has been my position and continues to be that Europeans need to be more assertive, not self transcendent and self censoring. I believe that there is an optimal balance between intellectualism and efficiently asserted prejudice - the N word, for example, can be very effective coming from a scholar or an intellectual on occasion. More, it will signal to people that one has sense, sense enough to see and organize the pattern for what it is - thus connecting to people who have to rely more on their senses, where they cannot figuratively escape in and through baroque logics; and where they cannot literally escape their inundated circumstances. It would confirm from high and authoritative places that indeed, these people are not to be intimately mingled with. They are not ok for your daughter.

But “no no no, musn’t refer to those people as N’s. We must care about their families and how Jews are misleading them.” Upchuck from up-in-the-head logical escape of “White Enterprises” that of all positions should know better and provide feedback protective of Whites. But no, “Newsome and Christian were in the wrong place, should have known better” - really?! (if you can believe it, “Father Francis” actually said that)

Now then, you ask:

“What would constitute tasty and nutritious food to draw WNs into the MR parlor on a regular basis?  What would affirm and strengthen their present White Nationalist orientation?”

I would submit the essay below, “The Pejorative Side of Modernity or Civilization, Competing Theories or Allied? Part 1” as a good start

Note, MOB, that I do not consider or treat you as a troll, even though you have some disagreement with our editorial direction, you are different in being sincerely concerned with all Europeans and their significant distinctions.

Now that we have begun to clear away what and who we are not representing, we can begin to elaborate more and reach more for what and who we are representing.


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The DT’s enlightenment

Millenial Woes is the YouTube channel of a “a GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.”  In January of this year, following the appearance of a DT article by Jamie Bartlett titled “The Dark Enlightenment” - a critique of the work of Nick Land that managed to be both patronising and naive - our millenial man posted a video-talk not about the article so much as the thread that accompanied it.  This afternoon Morgoth kindly drew the attention of DT thread campaigners to its existence, and I thought it might be interesting to MR readers to see it.

So, with thanks to Morgoth:

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Forty-five years of thought-free liberal-left emotionalism on race and immigration

Today, we learnt exactly what it can mean for non-Moslem pupils when schools in England are dominated by Moslems.  In a word, Islamicisation:

Schools in Birmingham are illegally segregating pupils, discriminating against non-Muslim students and restricting the GCSE syllabus to “comply with conservative Islamic teaching”, an official report leaked to The Telegraph discloses.

Department for Education inspectors said that girls in a school at the centre of the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were forced to sit at the back of the class, some Christian pupils were left to “teach themselves” and an extremist preacher was invited to speak to children.

The report, into three schools in the city, follows weeks of controversy over the alleged plot to “Islamise” secular schools in Birmingham and will lead to calls for intervention. The report focuses on Park View School and its sister schools, Golden Hillock and Nansen, the only primary of the three. Inspectors found that Park View practised forced and discriminatory sex segregation and has “restricted” GCSE subjects “to comply with conservative Islamic teaching”.

Core elements of the GCSE syllabus were missed out as “un-Islamic” and an extremist preacher with known al-Qaeda sympathies and anti-Semitic views was invited to speak with children. At Golden Hillock, there was discrimination against non-Muslims, the report found. Its handful of Christian students “have to teach themselves” in one GCSE subject after the teacher “concentrated on the students who were doing the Islamic course”.

At Nansen, Year 6 children, aged 10 and 11, received no teaching at all in the arts, humanities or music.

It’s all rather reminiscent of those far-off days when a constituent of Enoch Powell was talking about the black man having the whip hand over the white man.  Indeed, on the second of those two Telegraph pieces (both with comments open, which was odd) somebody helpfully posted the video of David Frost’s hour-long interview - cross-examination, really - of the great man in which that very matter is explored.  Frost considered it risible that Powell could consider such an event remotely possible.  Now we know better.  But in 1969 the liberal classes were only just learning how to impose their value system on the rest of us:

Their great fear was that speaking too truly and, certainly, too plainly might “stir up racial hatred” among the English.  The African and Asian colonisations must not be thought about too much because “hate” would be worse by orders of magnitude than anything else that could possibly happen.

Things haven’t changed much.  The same shallow attitudes prevail.  The liberal-left still thinks that “immigration” takes place in a consequential vacuum while dissent among the natives indicates the presence of “hate” - obviously, an irredeemably shocking and just not liberal state of affairs.  This, of course, is a deeply irrational point of view.  It is emotionally rooted.  It is faux-moralistic.  It does not respond in any way to facts or to reasoned argument.  I know from personal experience in the thread-war that it does not respond to proofs of liberal guilt or even total humiliation.  Nothing seems to touch it.  What, then, will?  What, if anything, are we missing?

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The unfolding hostility at the DT

There is a common perception among participants in the thread wars at the Daily Telegraph that an era of some fairly rich pickings is at an end.  The editorial line is moving inexorably leftward.  The moderation is becoming obsessive and has nothing whatsoever to do with house rules any more.  Genuinely right of centre bloggers are leaving.  Absurdly leftist academics and outright anti-racists are being provided with platforms.

To add insult to injury, the blogs editor himself has vented his scorn at his own readers not once, but twice in the space of 24 hours.

A number of things could be going on.  For one, there is a new American boss who is expected to deliver some exciting and hitherto undreamt of digital future to the Telegraph Media Group.  And that is notwithstanding the fact that the Telegraph, probably alone among nationals in Britain, delivers a healthy £60 million profit, mainly from its print titles.  Apparently, Jason Seiken is very keen on bottom-up revolutions – meaning it’s the troops who have to come up with creative suggestions for their own areas of activity.  Whether the collective stampede to the left is a nervy reaction to that one cannot say.  I guess it is more likely than a top-down directive to take the paper to the left, given Seiken’s dislike for that kind of management.

On that basis, Damian Thompson’s truly pathetic mimicry of the lower end of UKIPer commentary does not bode well for his understanding of what the word “creative” might mean.  It was Thompson who invited the Hope Not Hate sympathiser Matthew Goodwin and his pal from Manchester, Robert Ford, to begin a blog titled UkipWatch.  Two more petty academics have now joined Ford in a polling blog, evidently for the run-in to the May elections.

These creatures aside, the rest of the writing slate is looking markedly unTelegraph-like.  Liberal leftists and outright socialists now jostle with goody two-shoes Tory boys.  Readers are expected to regard Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan as anti-Establishment figures.  It’s all a long way from the promise exhibited by Ed West a couple of years ago, and by Delingpole til the present, of course

Added to this, the switch to the full DISQUS format has entailed more intrusive word-blocking.  The moderation has become very tetchy (with some hyper-sensitive protection of the Chosen by, I think, one moderator – a single frank sentence will earn you a ban).  I have the feeling that a fair number of nationalists working the DT threads have given up already, and repaired to less problematic sites.  There is quite a bit of talk among anti-AGW types today on the final Delingpole thread of giving up on the DT and leaving it to its two AGW fanatics, Geoffrey Lean and Jenny Jones.

It may be that we are victims of our own success, and the shift leftward represents an angry turn against discourse the liberal mind simply cannot deal with.  I guess we must have seriously pissed off a lot of people who thought they had control of the ideology, and would never be challenged.  How much we have changed reader perceptions I cannot begin to say.  Probably very little.  There is an argument that newspaper threads are not as useful as propaganda tools as we might like to think.  At the same time, we don’t have anything else.

So what to do?  Well, carry on for the present.  But keep a watching brief on the unfolding hostility of the DT editors and mods.  The story might change after the elections, if UKIP don’t do well as expected.  If they do, of course, we can expect the panic at Central Office to reach down into the house magazine, and life to remain difficult for the foreseeable future.

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The best they’ve got

The pay-wall at the Daily Telegraph has been oddly ineffective at gating off journalistic output, and the site continues to witness a relentless growth in truth-speaking.  Likewise, the cowardly closing of the comment facility of recent “diversity news” stories has not helped the DT editors.  The commenting heat has just been turned up on other articles, sometimes with little or no substantive connection to The Great Issue.  Clear your cookies if necessary and browse through the comments here.  Then have a look at them here, on a thread of an article to the most censored of recent DT subject matter.  The DT editors cannot win.  The flood-tide cannot be held back.

Personally, I am still devoting an inordinate amount of time to work on the DT threads, employing a variety of user-names to confuse the enemy.  They, meanwhile, are still putting up a very poor show, and have not thought of a means by which they may respond to our questions.  Generally, they avoid prolonged confrontation.  Even obviously convinced anti-racists skip away once their initial smear-tactic has been challenged - they’ve learned not to hang around while their moral worth is investigated.  It is clear now that the most tenacious and (self-evidently) committed anti-white commenters are those with non-white family members.  Their very defensive worldview is that genetic change to our people now is just the same as genetic change in the ancient world.  Wherever the Roman legions went, or Angles, Saxons and Normans, modern Africa and Asia may go likewise.  In essence, our people don’t exist except as a capacious bag into which any gene from anywhere can be stuffed without implications for who and what we are.  There is nothing to defend.

Yesterday, for example, I was informed here that:

Celts, Angles, Saxons, Danes, Normans…
To say nothing of the diaspora established here previously under the Roman empire and countless waves of immigration since.
Nationality is a river, not a pond.

In response I put up a couple of links to gene studies of the British population and said this:


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The thread wars: what next?

So the political threads of the Daily Telegraph are to be available on a restricted basis to non-subscribers to the print or on-line edition.  Whether that basis will be generous enough to preserve the site’s utility for us (that is, as a site where we can offer nationalist analyses without the deadening influence of pre-moderation) remains to be seen.  Regular readers of the DT on-line will be well aware that the journalistic output suffers from Red Bus Syndrome.  Whenever some event of interest occurs, half-a-dozen articles appear about it within an hour.  A restriction to twenty articles a month will considerably hamper selection, and have a scattering effect on our collective presence.

A schwerpunkt is as virtuous in a war of discourse as it is in a war with guns and grenades.  The huge progress that has been made over the last couple of years in liberalising speech on the DT threads is largely a product of the weight of nationalist sentiment, not of individual argumentation - excellent though much of that has been.  Individuals are easily dealt with moderation-wise.  It is when everybody is freed to speak inconvenient truths that the moderators’ battle is lost, and this has been the story at the DT.

One can always subscribe, of course, and then there are no restrictions to access.  But what would be the point if the general readership plummets as it did at The Times:

Since July 2010, News International has required readers who do not subscribe to the print edition to pay £2 per week to read The Times and The Sunday Times online.

Visits to the websites have decreased by 87% since the paywall was introduced, from 21 million unique users per month to 2.7 million. In April 2009, the timesonline site had a readership of 750,000 readers per day. As of October 2011, there were around 111,000 subscribers to the Times’ digital products.

Whether we can remain at the DT or we look for new journalistic soil to till, it is surely worthwhile maintaining the collective presence we have built up.  I think that is possible.  It may need a site secure from prying eyes as an organisational base.  MR is a public medium.  But at least we can have a discussion here and now about that and the other options that we have in our war for the freedom to state unambiguously that our people must live.

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Rhetorical tools like “The Runnymede Trials”

The Runnymede Trials are possible. The state is not an island above the law.
It is important to hold the architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government to account for the sake of posterity, in the same way it was important to hold the leaders of the Nazi party responsible to account for war crimes at Nuremberg. The law is open to all not just the state.

This comment appeared today on the thread to a Daily Telegraph leader pushing the usual Tory line on immigration.  It was posted by theft_act1968.  It is one of three comments this poster has fashioned touching on the same subject.  He appears to be posting these comments serially.

I have no idea if he is alone in using the terms “The Runnymede Trials” and “The Runnymede Tribunal”, but I like them.  They are good word-tools full of stout optimism and moral certainty.  I think they could prove useful in roping in anti-Blair types to racial thinking.  One of the other two comments is this, incidentally:

The Runnymede Trials

The architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government:

Tony Blair - Prime Minister May 1997-June 2007
Gordon Brown - Prime Minister June 2007-May 2010
Jack Straw - Home Secretary May 1997-June 2001
David Blunkett - Home Secretary June 2001-December 2004
Charles Clarke - Home Secretary December 2004-May 2006
John Reid - Home Secretary May 2006-June 2007
Jacqui Smith - Home Secretary June 2007-June 2009
Alan Johnson - Home Secretary June 2009-May 2010
Barbara Roche - Minister for Immigration July 1999-June 2001
Jeff Rooker - Minister for Immigration June 2001-May 2002
Beverley Hughes - Minister for Immigration May 2002- April 2004
Des Browne - Minister for Immigration April 2004-May 2005
Tony McNulty - Minister for Immigration May 2005-May 2006
Liam Byrne - Minister for Immigration May 2006-October 2008
Phil Woolas - Minister for Immigration October 2008-May 2010

“Theft_act1968” is averaging ten recommends a comment, which is pretty good.  I am going to start using the Runnymede references too.  We’ll see how far this meme can be spread.

As the victims of the very successful Jewish/leftist seizure of the terms of racial debate all across the West, it behoves us to have some respect for this form of warfare.  Rhetorical tools come in two forms: those that condition the moral tenor (“racist”, “anti-Semite”, etc) and those that stipulate how to understand the world (“diversity is our strength”, “British-Asians”).  Nullifying this toxic language requires more than a selective dismissal of the most commonly used terms.  We have to put something in their place that speaks of our worldview, and we have to keep hammering it home.  Speaking of which ... Bob Whittaker’s mantra, “Anti-racism is anti-white racism”, has been around long-enough for us to assess its effectiveness.  The term “anti-white racist” was used prior to it, of course.  But the left on both sides of the pond has heard it.  As one would expect, it is dismissive.  But its capacity to apply the “racist” term does seem to have been restricted.  There has been a blow struck.

The left has also caught on that we are speaking increasingly of a white genocide, and again it is dismissive (for reasons we all understand).  The term “race-replacement”, however, is more difficult to reject because of the clear statistical evidence in the public domain.  As far as I am concerned, the author of this rhetorical tool was our friend Fred Scrooby.  I am only aware of Frank Salter using the term before Fred did, and then not in a rhetorical sense.  If MR achieves nothing else, at least we have, through Fred, launched into the world one valuable word-tool.

I think we are missing several tricks in fashioning such word-tools, principally through our intellectually incoherent and casual approach.  We need to think much more systematically about how we were out-manoeuvred in the past and about the positives of our worldview.  We need to return to the two forms of moral and perceptual tools and work out more precisely what we need to effect a mechanical shift in the way our people think - if we possibly can, given the very tenuous hold we have on public discourse.

Of course, tenuous hold notwithstanding, we are working with the grain.  It is easier for us to achieve results than it was for our foes.

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A small bloodbath at The Washington Post

Just a quick note to offer my compliments to a Whittaker Task Force that went into action over the last three days at The Washington Post.

Jonathan Capeheart, a black journalist writing for the WP, said he “couldn’t resist clicking” on a link to the Whittaker group’s White House petition to “stop white genocide”.  The petition - one of three on this subject, apparently - is posted at the We The People site.

The petition has twenty more days to achieve its supposed goal of 25,000 signatories.  The present number of signatories is 630.  So, plainly, this is a publicity effort, and Capeheart’s unwitting help is no doubt greatly appreciated.  The interesting thing for me, though, is to see in an American setting the exact same moral and intellectual ownership of the discourse that one observes routinely at the DT.  Since political correctness and anti-racism are so dominant in the Establishment, and have been so ruthlessly and effectively applied to bludgeon the white instinct for racial survival, one would expect a generality of the non-activist public to express shock and distaste at the sight of white people fighting back.  But there is none of that on the WP thread.  Two or three anti-racist activists made attempts to belittle the pro-white advocates, but the quality of their argument was quite wretched.  One even complained of bullying, which is exactly what these creatures have done for the last two decades or more.

Good job, guys.

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Some tips for thread warriors

Since the BNP demise thread transmogrified into a thread warfare thread, I thought it might be helpful to augment previous advice on comment style and content with a few practical tips on staying alive in the thread war.

Choosing your battleground

Different media have widely differing accessibilities for nationalists and tolerances for nationalist opinion.  We are, though, engaged in a war for control of the discourse, and that means finding the level of truth-speaking at which it is possible to participate.

Pre-moderated media, such as the Daily Mail and the BBC, tend not only to exclude the possibility of an exchange of opinion, but weed out radically pro-white comment.  These media have, in my view, to be addressed later, if and when the general discourse has been liberalised.  The place to start is post-moderated sites on the political right, where the tenor of comment provides more cover.  Post-moderated sites on the left, like CiF, New Statesman, and The Independent are good places to conduct raids but are not relevant to the campaign as such (though they have utility when the left is in power).

The Daily Telegraph is clear favourite among the dailies in Britain.  It has the advantage of separate DISQUS systems for the general comment and news system and for the blog system, so a user-name ban in one does not imply a user-name ban in the other (a full IP ban does, though).


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If you can’t beat them, threaten them with Plod

In the ongoing war of words on the website of the only national daily where some semblance of free speech exists, the poor, benighted anti-racist fraternity, that blight on light of humanity and hope of all who desire a world without white people injustice, has devised a new response to the foul, horrid, nasty, articulate, winning, emotionally-whole racists and haters who have dominated everyone are abominated by everyone.  They’ve discovered the Public Order Act, 1986.

Here’s a few, rather disembodied samples of the fine use to which they are threatening to put it, all from the same DT thread titled Hispanics: the rising power in the United States

Yesterday 11:39 AM

 Hispanics are white
And as a holocaust denier and advocate of ethnic cleansing you don’t really have any credibility to comment
you may feel you are being satirical, sorry the courts don’t recognise satiical advocates of racial violence.

Yesterday 10:46 AM

 To advocate ethnic cleansing is against the law full stop.
So is genocide.
You may think this is wit, the courts have decided otherwise
You will end up being reported and arrested.
I urge you to stop posting, the moderators may be compelled to hand over your details such as they are.

Yesterday 11:11 AM

 I strongly advise youto stop posting.  Blog posts can be used as evidence.
You have advocated ethnic cleansing of Europe’s jewish people.
This is beyond incitement.  May I remind you what happened to David Irving?

Yesterday 12:35 PM

 Sorry no, anti-racist is what it says, an equal acceptance of people regardless of their skin colour. To say otherwise is a lie.
Of course you can decry a murderer or thief regardless of their race and should do so.
I feel that you are rapidly approaching the point where you can be prosecuted under section 18 of the Public Order act 1986.

Yesterday 02:03 PM

I have repeatedly expressed concern on this site that the Telegraph does an unacceptably poor job of enforcing its own moderation policy. There is material posted on this thread which is truly sickening. Repeatedly, we have been subjected to crude and hysterical racism - including holocaust denial - which would debase the reputation of the back of a toilet door, never mind a supposedly credible national newspaper.
Apart from anything else, much of what has been spewed out below is very probably illegal, and it is to be expected that the Telegraph would be anxious to take such steps required to prevent its own prosecution.
If this newspaper really wishes to be taken seriously by anyone other than a rabble of adolescent hooligans it desperately needs to get a grip.

1 day ago

I have made the same point myself Tim many times.  Sometimes my comments have then been deleted whilst comments quite openly advocating genocide, discrimination and general levels of violence and thuggery have been allowed to stand unchallenged by moderators.  I do wonder just what sort of editorial policy the DT secretly has and just why this contemptible, reprehensible filth is permitted

1 day ago

Reading the posts would do it.

Of course we could turn it over to the police and let them sort it out if you prefer?

1 day ago

Silence you, rubbish. Just making people aware of the trouble their ranting could get them into if they break the law. The law has been around for over 25 years now of course.

The Act, by the way, sets a reasonably high bar to prosecution.  The Crown must be able to demonstrate not only the presence of language that might be threatening, abusive or insulting, but that racial hatred has been stirred up by same.  There has to be a linkage.  Further, Section 18 states:

A person who is not shown to have intended to stir up racial hatred is not guilty of an offence under this section if he did not intend his words or behaviour, or the written material, to be, and was not aware that it might be, threatening, abusive or insulting.

It is not easy to manufacture an intention to stir up racial hatred from an articulate presentation of the morality of survival.

Now Dan can come along and tell me that it is!

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Right on cue this morning Mary Riddell, one of a clique of left-liberal journalists working at the DT, has produced an article titled, Now the stage is set for some sensible immigration policies.  “Sensible” for Mary means more - in whatever form the masses will accommodate - because Mary is a moralist par excellence of the universalist persuasion.

I might not contribute much to the thread myself.  The postings have started to sky-rocket, and it is always tiresomely difficult with DISQUS to maintain contact when that happens.  However, I did get an early swipe in against Mary’s universalism, for which she references Shakespeare, no less, and the influential Oxford academic Marc Stears ...

It appears from Mary’s description of Marc Stears’ influence and thoughts in respect to the English genocide by race-replacement, the euphemism for which is “immigration”, that the guiding political principle on the left is “the common good”.  So let us brefly examine the meaning of the words “common” and “good”.

Universalism, as one of the four principles of classical liberalism, is derived from the Paulian dispensation.  Paul simply reprocessed and re-focussed the Judaic notion of a chosen tribe distinct from, and superior to, the mass of humanity - a humanity fit only, indeed living only, for service to Jews.  This is the anti-universalism of Judaism, and in it the Jewish supremacy is delivered not through an evolutionary process of Jewish goodness, since Jews already have perfect souls, but through the “perfection” of the gentiles.

Perfection means pacification, which in turn means the destruction of all borders, boundaries, difference ... all cause of conflict with Jewry.  Gentile ethnicity is one such difference, and anything that leads towards its loss is “good” and anything that leads away from its loss is “bad”.

The Christian ethic of love never escaped this paradigm, and today we Europeans still suffer from the obviously false idea that “good” and “virtue” are somehow wrapped up in self-sacrifice, ie, the loss of ethnicity, which, in truth, is the loss of existence ... genocide.

Of course, this argument is compressed ... just skin and bones.  But you should be able to see that the loss of European ethnicity - our genocide - is not at all a good, not virtuous, and the whole of humanity, gentile and Jewish, has no claim on us in that regard.  We are not morally obligated to submerge ourselves in the bottomless seas of the Third World.  It is, equally obviously, also a lie that this is “good” for the greater number.  No genocide is ever good for humanity.  “Good” in respect to ethnicity is always the polar opposite - self-preservation.

In sum, the moral truth is that our good, in respect to immigration, resides in our self-preservation.  The very idea that we do good by admitting racial aliens who, in a matter of decades, will minoritise us and very rapidly marginalise us thereafter, is an evil contrivance from which our forefathers would have instinctually recoiled.  All those who moralise to the contrary today, whether as liberals or Christians or Jews, are doing evil.

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A conversation with an Irish homosexual analytical empiricist anti-racist.  I think.

The most predictable consequence of proposing the survival of the white race in public places like the DT threads is that those who consider such argument to be “racism”, “prejudice”, et al will pour their bile upon one’s head from the greatest possible height.  For many of them, that’s the gutter.  But occasionally one who affects to know better will come along, and offer the fruits of a superior education.

Over the last two or three days I’ve been assaulted, for want of a better word, by quite an educated fruit, an Irish homosexual with a bookshelf full of worthy analytical empiricism.  His mission was not simply to put the argument for our race’s survival beyond use, but to fatally wound the arguer.  The news that race-loyal white men are actually thinking about our existential crisis, and not just reacting conveniently as carriers of the mental disease of “racism ‘n hate”, required an immediate relegation of said thinkers back to the lumpen category.

So our anti-racist hero - his handle is 90Lew90 - set about deriding my arguments as “derivative”, “strawman”, “bullshit”, etc, while informing me that, contrary to my understanding of race and genetics, there is no race but the human race, and anyway “when you breed for pedigree, you have to get sperm from all over the world”.

He put his philosophical pedigree on the line twice, rather tragically.  He confused method with methodology, and then wrongly appealed to the Naturalistic Fallacy.  A few times he picked at terms I employed in the hope of demonstrating his superior understanding.  But mostly, of course, he just stamped his feet and shouted abuse, like the worst anti-racist.

The conversation sprawled over a large part of a very long thread and involved interventions from various friends and foes.  I am not entirely sure what lessons to draw from it.  Obviously, there is a lot of fear out there among anti-racists.  I recall reading an exchange between a couple of Guardianistas two or three years ago in which our oft-made and somewhat triumphal but true claim that they cannot win debates with us was airily dismissed.  I thought at the time that their confidence sounded very hollow, and they probably knew that there is something horribly strong and insurmountable in pro-white discourse.  Lew offers an extended insight into that hollowness.  At no time did he offer a positive argument for the dissolution of the white world, and each time his attacks on specifics were rebuffed he retreated.  In the end all that was left was the ad hominem.  In the end, all that will be left of anti-racism is a wholly visible white-hatred.

Lew had anticipated an entirely different outcome when he sallied forth, as his opening remarks in one of our exchanges (which I reproduce below) show.  I imagine that today he is, somewhere in his head, trying to rationalise his failure to himself, putting a spin on it, sharpening his axe for the next time.  But we are developing our ideas all the time.  The result for Lew will only ever be worse.  Morally and intellectually, it is already too late for anti-racism.


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A repeatable comment for mass-pasting on American public message boards

by Leon Haller

A purpose of sites like MR is, or ought to be, the sharing of practical strategies to advance white EGI. Methods of dispute resolution in a White Republic, the ‘unencumbered self’ and its relation to race-liberalism or postmodernity, the existence of God, etc, are all interesting matters. But discussing them hardly directly aids our cause.

Our primary task remains, as ever over the last half-century, mass racial awakening. Too few of our racial kinsmen are even aware that an intellectually respectable (or indeed any respectable) movement in opposition to white extinction exists and is growing. We must let them know we are out there - and each of us must do so again and again and again ...

Repetition of one’s core message is the heart of mass ideological change.

Rather than having to bother with thinking up a new comment for each article we might read online, wouldn’t it be smarter to have something pro-white already prepared, and then simply paste it into the comments sections of literally as many race-relevant (or even just political) articles as we encounter? Copy/paste, login, hit ‘Post’ - et voila! It is certainly easier than laboriously writing or spraying pro-white graffiti (not that that isn’t important, too).

I started writing a comment on a Yahoo board earlier today (I have posted thousands of pro-white comments in mainstream places over the past dozen years), and ended up producing something longer than I had anticipated. My comment, which responded to an article on current political divisiveness, is hardly ideal (esp insofar as it was written quickly and ‘straight’, with no reflection), but re-reading it it seemed adequate for Americans to use to further the awakening process. Of course, I welcome the suggestions of others (perhaps MR could eventually have a file of repeatable comments for mass distribution depending on the article types at issue - American, UK, continental Europe, crime, general race, race science, immigration, etc). The point is for people to be ‘proselytizing’ to the very maximum extent. I don’t wish to belittle the discussions at MR or similar sites, but isn’t the ultimate purpose of those discussions to change the real world?

Herewith a comment from me:


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More thread wars

One ought to note the fact that three of the poor old Daily Telegraph’s threads have been occupied today by a very race-conscious commentariat.

The first was a news report about an announcement from the Conservative Party that, yes, they are going to “get tough” on immigration.  Again.  The relentless bile directed towards the natural party of government has been something to behold.  My efforts to expand the discourse were rendered redundant by a succession of commenters speaking even more expansively than me.

The second thread concerned another announcement, this time that a garden city is to be built in the Meriden area between Coventry and Birmingham.  There is only one reason why this breaking of the ground is necessary, and it has nothing to do with finding homes for young English couples who are first-time buyers.  There are few causes dearer to the English heart than the banks of green willow, and again the DT commentariat did a stellar job.

The third thread was to a leader supporting that announcement of the “immigration crackdown”, and again the speaking could not get much plainer.  It was my intention to reproduce some of the comments to illustrate what, even a year ago, would have seemed impossible for a national newspaper to let pass.  But there is so much of it, I wouldn’t know where to start.

Of course, one has to put this free-speaking, welcome as it is, into perspective.  The DT is unique in sometimes - not always - allowing pro-white sentiment of this order (followed by The Independent, but not very closely).  The other rags control comments with pre-moderation or, in the case of The Guardian, with really outrageous post-moderation.  Even at the DT, the wider subject matter produces a less nationalist readership, and threads can be hard-going for a racial loyalist.  Recent football threads and one on Friday about the sad F1 driver Lewis Hamilton offered little in the way of reward for statements of our Weltanschauung.  There is a long way to go to exercise any kind of real influence over public discourse.  But since the freeing of the discourse is a precondition for making politics, and the nationals’ threads offer the only way to reach tens of thousands of still pretty sleepy readers, one has to make the effort.

When I see commentary like that on the three aforementioned threads, it does encourage me to believe that the effort is worthwhile.

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 06:53 PM in Thread Wars
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A reasoned reply to Ronald Bailey

I received a mail this morning from one Friendrick requesting a “position statement” on the argument for the dissolution of white America presented by the science correspondent of Reason Magazine, Ronald Bailey.  Bailey has a pretty impressive CV, and obviously considers himself expert in matters of ethics as well as science.  But he is also a liberal, and the argument he has written is a wholly liberal argument, not an ethical or scientific one.

It is an argument relying on a particular reading of 20th century American immigration history.  Its principal thrust is that the definition of white America already expanded from “Nordic” during the 20th century, and will continue to expand in the 21st to include Hispanics (he means Mestizos).  Obviously, one could respond to this in equally historical terms, standing on the ground of the righteous white American deploring the effects of that expansion.  But that’s not intellectually aggressive enough, I feel.  One has to get at the faux-virtue of liberal principle and undo it by more powerful ethical arguments.

Bailey’s guiding principle is tolerance ad infinitum in the face of coercive change, and the “good” that diversity does to expand said tolerance.  It is the job of white America to deracinate to be tolerant.  Bailey writes of “the ever-broadening inclusive tolerance of the American social project” without ever stopping to consider whether peoples and races have the right to life, or the right to express their own interests, or the right of consent, or the right to self-defence, or whether it is intolerant to deny such rights solely in respect to one people and one race.  In the politics of the unfettered will such ethical considerations are assiduously ignored or, if they can’t be ignored, hurriedly buried beneath a flurry of weak and easily rebutted arguments.

I have responded to Friendrick’s invitation by visiting Reason and the thread to Mr Bailey’s article, and posting what is, I hope, a suitable ethical and even scientific argument.  Whether it qualifies as a position statement I don’t know.  But it will be interesting to see if any advocate of endless tolerance can undermine its position.

I doubt it somehow.

My reply is reproduced below the fold.


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Free speech and open discussion issues

It’s been said that the halls of academia echo with the chorus of freedom of speech, but the most vociferous members of this chorus often do everything within their power to suppress it! I know of no better example than this of the uselessness of explicitly endorsing support for free speech; behavior, not what one superficially endorses, matters.

Assuming one’s inclined toward respecting freedom of speech, how does one accommodate those hostile to free speech? Suppressing the hostiles is a form of suppression of free speech, but one must suppress the hostiles in order to freely discuss the things the hostiles want suppressed. An open discussion can’t be productive if the hostiles barge in with obfuscation, lies, distortions, noise, nonsense, straw men, trolling, guilt-by-association arguments, discrediting the opponent by making assumptions and then critiquing the assumptions, exposing false information by fellow-hostiles, false dichotomies, deflecting attention from the perpetrators, directing animosity toward the victims and other foul techniques.

Getting rid of the hostiles is an easy matter if the discussion is taking place among a non-proselytising group. The hostiles can complain all they want about suppression of free speech, but the group can keep them out without explanation and without apology.

But the solution to having a productive discussion with hostiles lurking about isn’t easy when the discussion group seeks to bring naive individuals and fence sitters into the fold. Let’s look at a specific issue, the discussion of who did 9/11.


Posted by J Richards on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 12:49 AM in 9/11ActivismBlogs & BloggingEducationThat Question AgainThread Wars
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Ground taken in the thread wars

I had just spent a pleasant ten minutes sampling the anti-white racism of the liberal classes when, on checking the Telegraph opinion page, I found the first “right-wing” article about the Emma West video.  I say “right-wing” but it is written by a white female journalist who, it transpires, has Asian in-laws.

My first comment was also the first on the thread, and the 250+ that have followed demonstrate that, at the Telegraph at least and on threads specifically relating to the race issue, the only opinion that counts is our opinion.  The opinions of anti-racists and foreigners are almost wholly lacking.  But, and this is the significant thing, so too are the opinions of civicists, “respectable” conservatives, or anyone, frankly, close to the kind of view that the Telegraph itself puts forward on race matters.

This represents a real change.  To what extent it is the product of the kind of truth-speaking at which nationalists excel I can’t say.  It would be nice to think so.  But perhaps there is just a general drift towards the polarisation of opinion, which is fine too.

At any rate, I mark that one down as an objective achieved.  The next one is to effect the same kind of shift on threads not directly related to “the question” - on which I shall report later.

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 04:01 PM in Thread Wars
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A little free speech

As some of our readers will already know, something odd happened at 7.00pm on Saturday evening when an article by Alasdair Palmer was posted at the Telegraph on-line.  I say an article, but in fact all that appeared was a headline reading “For overcrowded England, there is no turning back” and a picture of Oxford Street in all its usual, crowded vibrancy.

The semi-finished nature of the post plainly invited suggestion.  A sense of abandon spread through the right-wing badlands, and some extraordinarily plain-spoken suggestion followed, the great preponderance of it pointing out that, yes, there is a turning back.  It’s called repatriation.

The moderators snipped around the edges a little but they could not deal with the sheer volume of racial loyalty without turning it into a bloodbath.  They withdrew.

On Sunday morning Palmer’s article finally appeared.  It was about the National Office of Statistics report last week, which updated the immigrant numbers and brought home the full horror of the situation.  “Should we be worried by the prospect of 70 million people living in Britain in 2027?” wrote Palmer.  The answer had been there on the page for at least twelve hours.

The comment total at the time of writing this post is 1354, spread over 55 pages of Disqus format.  Too much to read in toto.  But I do recommend a quick browse just to get a feel for a freedom that exists nowhere else in the MSM.  It should now be possible to say anything content-wise at the Telegraph.  This is important.  To change public opinion, to lead public opinion, is going to require a great deal of such freedom.  It has to be worked at, routed out, made serviceable everywhere, eventually.

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 07:50 PM in Thread Wars
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The silenced and the banned: an idea for a new project

One of my compatriots and fellow patriots from the Daily Telegraph threads has come up with an interesting idea.  He wants MR to display censored commentary from the thread wars so that (a) it is not entirely lost, which is extremely annoying for those of us who work this angle, (b) we can keep track of what is verboten, and of media behaviour generally, and (c) where applicable, debates can be continued.

It would require only that the principal URL and the date, time and content of deleted posts be entered on a dedicated thread.  We can initiate as many threads as there are media websites at which we wage the war of discourse.  I would have to expand the side-bar to accommodate an entry point to the project, where all the individual media-dedicated threads would be gathered.  And, of course, it would require the forward-thinking on your part to record the requisite information for every even remotely edgy commentary, and to post here when it was taken down.  But that’s not much to ask, I think.

What about it?  Worth doing?  What media would require dedicated threads?

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 05:34 PM in Thread Wars
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Thread Wars

Further to Lurker’s suggestion, I am opening this thread as a permanent resource for MR readers to use when they are active on an MSM or blog thread, and think others might be interested in weighing in.  It would be useful for a little context to accompany the URL, and the odd report of scalps taken would also be very welcome.

In due course, the link to the thread will be placed on the side-bar under “Of note”.

So ... here goes.

Posted by Guessedworker on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 08:23 PM in Thread Wars
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This thread business

Yesterday, in a brief debate with the star of Tory Euroscepticism Daniel Hannan - it had to be brief because he has no time to waste on the BNP, apparently - I was informed that:

I’ve already explained why I fundamentally reject your definition of Britishness, and why I am glad we define nationality in civic rather than ethnic terms. The more one thinks about your arbitrary cut-off point, the sillier it is. Why include the Dutch who came over with William III? Or the Hugueonots? Or the Flemish weavers? Or the Normans? Or the Danes? Or the Saxons? Or the Romans?

That was on the subject of whether his own English people (actually, he’s half-Irish) have the same right to life as any other people, and this was on the subject of whether they have, in addition, the same right to land:

Who has the right to land? He who owns it in law, whether through inheritance, purchase or gift.

And this creature, in all his anti-English civicism and fatuous libertarianism, is supposed to be an Old Marlburian and an Oxford grad, and high-grade political material.

His problem, of course, is that there is a certain depth and gravity to the argument we bring to the MSM threads which no one, and certainly not he, can match, and with which many are completely unfamiliar.  We talk about existence and genocide, natural rights and interests, power and coercion, political corruption and deception.  We shock.  We break taboos.  We challenge complacency, received wisdom, the habitual way of doing things.  When we go on the threads we do so as revolutionaries.  We are there to change everything.  We are there to fight, and we fight to win.  This is where we validate not just our politics but our racial selves: where we can be useful and contribute to the cause.  This is where we can demonstrate that we are not what our enemies say we are, that the enemy’s ideological position is easily destroyed, and that the path we have taken is true and right for others to follow.  For did we not also benefit from others who have performed this same small service?

It is important, then.  It is important that we do the job well.  So I thought I would pull together some of the rules of thread warfare as I understand them.  Again.  As ever, your own thoughts and experiences of what works in which media would be appreciated.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 09:06 PM in Thread Wars
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For a conversation with Homo deracinatus

On Wednesday night the BBC Radio 4 programme The Moral Maze devoted 45 minutes to consideration of whether BNP members should be employed in public services.  7 minutes 40 seconds was given over to the (decidedly) cross-examination of Mr Lee John Barnes, who these days goes under the title of National Coordinator of the British National Party legal department.

His performance was nothing if not combative, and earned him and the party some level-headed and fair praise from one panel-member, Michael Portillo.  For breaking the BNP taboo, he will no doubt receive the due amount of contumely and criticism from former friends and colleagues.

The programme can be heard for the next few days here, with Barnes’ contribution starting at 11 min 56 sec.

Barnes answered (rebuffed, really) the less than neutral questions of panel members Melanie Phillips and Clifford Longley.  The first question, though, came from the programme’s presenter Michael Buerk:-

Michael Buerk: Do you accept that some people want limitation on who should be allowed to be BNP members is because your party is widely regarded as racist?

Lee Barnes: Erm, there’s a lot of people in society who are very ignorant of what our party stands for.  Our party isn’t racist.  Basically our party has a positon which is on immigration ... it’s on ... it’s ... primarily our focus is on space more than race, erm, and if you check most of our literature you will find that’s true. There’s isn’t a real racial issue in there anymore.  If anyone is in this country illegally or unlawfully we’re gonna ‘ave ‘em out regardless of race, colour, creed.

Spacist not racist!  Does anybody really believe that?  Probably not.  But, obviously, the party has not been able to defend itself against the charge of racism.  I’m not constrained by the minefields of the political world.  I’m interested in developing an argument that thoroughly nukes the “r” issue.

Towards the end of last week I spent three or four days picking up not one, not two but three Guardian bans while defending the BNP membership against the deracinated hanging judges of the Comment Is Free website.  That takes my CiF bans to sixteen, assuming I haven’t forgotten any of my earlier dramatis personnea.  Does it get me in the Guinness Book of Records?  Probably.  Shouldn’t I be ashamed of this obsessive desire to force innocent liberal backs to the wall?  Er ... erm ... aaah ... nope.  I’m just shameless like that.

Besides, this really only mildly obsessional effort is devoted to a perfectly noble cause: to test the intellectual quality and rhetorical strength of my current ideas against the best, generally, that the other side has to offer, and to refine them further in the light of that experience.  This, in other words, is a work in progress.


Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 10:41 AM in Political analysisThread Wars
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