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A small disagreement has arisen over the casting for the creakingly long-running ITV crime series, Midsomer Murders.  The essence of it that the series, which is set in a rural idyll of middle-class gentility “somewhere in England”, naturally enough employs an all-white cast.  The lead actor is being changed, and the series sexed up.  But the skin colour of the actors remains all too white.

Well, the executive producer Brian True-May, 65, was interviewed by Radio Times and duly challenged.  “We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work ... I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.”

The result has been a minor media frenzy, and the production company, All3Media, has rushed to distance itself from criticism by suspending True-May.  The Daily Mail readership is probably closer to the viewer profile for Midsomer Murders than any other English rag, and its reader-vote on whether True-May should have been suspended records a 91% “No”.  But it was one reader comment posted at 1.00 am tonight on the thread to Cristina Odone’s piece at the Telegraph that really caught my eye.  It is by “Henbane”, and here it is:

I grew up in inner city Manchester (where I was the only white girl in my class), and have lived in West Yorkshire and more recently Leicester. A couple of years ago I moved to a small market town in East Anglia. Before this I had thought myself a multi culturalist, I was so used to being surrounded by people of many ethnicities, and often being the minority myself.

But having moved to an area with practically no ethnic minorities (one Indian family and one Chinese family run restaurants here) I have changed my mind. I feel far more relaxed here. Apart from the low crime rate and well behaved children there is such a feeling of community and belonging here.

Although I am an incomer to the area, I feel I belong here far more than any of the multi ethnic places I have lived in previously. It feels like one integrated community, not a town with many different communities. I have no plans to ever leave, it feels like home.

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 09:09 PM in Oh Tempora, Oh Mores
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Posted by Desmond Jones on March 16, 2011, 04:53 AM | #

“We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them.”

Too late! Who ever heard of a Taf in an English village? C’mon, can you imagine Rebus with an English side-kick? And he doesn’t even sing! Sheesh.


Posted by Bill on March 16, 2011, 05:34 AM | #

I see the Telegraph has entered the fray with this…


Some say a thread has already been pulled but has now been reinstated - I dunno.

Whenever I skim down these threads, be it the Daily Mail, Telegraph or whoever, I’m always (without exception) left with the impression that the majority of commenters have no idea what deadly game is being played out here.  They, (commenters) are still railing about the loony pc brigade, the stupid, insane, get a life, hysterical idiots, righteous busybodies, politically correct do gooders, etc. etc.

It is quite clear these people writing in such terms haven’t the slightest idea how deep the rabbit hole goes, they haven’t the slightest inkling they are railing against the most deadly game being enacted out on the world stage since the history of man began.

I don’t blame them, it is not everybody that has the time to spend researching what it all means and where it is leading.

That is why these people are, and will, continue to vote in their millions for the politicians (and BBC) who are forcing mass immigration down their throats 24/7.  I’m beginning to think they will never grasp what is going on.

However, this still leaves a small section of the populace who know only too well what is going on and are stating in ever increasing stark terms what they have discovered and what it all means, which would make one think there would be an exponential explosion of national awareness.  Alas, as we all know, this isn’t the case as the media continues to frustrate with its cast iron grip of information control.

Just think what would happen if everyone trashed their TV set and no longer paid the licence fee.  But no, they will continue to slavishly watch their bread and circuses and rail ceaselessly against the PC looney brigade.

Nobody ever answers the question, is the Internet making a difference?


Posted by John on March 16, 2011, 08:19 AM | #

“Whenever I skim down these threads, be it the Daily Mail, Telegraph or whoever, I’m always (without exception) left with the impression that the majority of commenters have no idea what deadly game is being played out here.  They, (commenters) are still railing about the loony pc brigade, the stupid, insane, get a life, hysterical idiots, righteous busybodies, politically correct do gooders, etc. etc. “

Those who can afford to live in all-white, yeoman-built idylls like that depicted in the show are almost to a man either engineers of the “deadly game”, complicit in it or wouldn’t dare speak out against it.


Posted by Armor on March 16, 2011, 10:28 AM | #

“the majority of commenters have no idea what deadly game is being played out here.  They are still railing about the loony pc brigade, the stupid, insane, get a life, hysterical idiots, righteous busybodies, politically correct do gooders, etc. etc.”

But those they are debating (apart from Jewish activists) have even less clue what is going on. And there is really a problem of leftist stupidity, do-goodism, and so on. The problem on our side is that many people can’t believe that the government wants to kill us.


Posted by Guessedworker on March 16, 2011, 09:28 PM | #

Well, I’m finding it quite difficult to get comments removed, both from that thread and the later Horowitz thread:


And even this (to a Jew):

Let me enlighten you.

The issue that European Nationalists have with Jewry is not centred on passing concerns with one or other Western politician carrying Jewish genes. It is centred on the indefatigable and unrelenting Jewish struggle to “mend” the European life. Nationalists see this as a means to press the European gentile into the loss not just of his culture but of his ethnicity - of his genetic distinctiveness. Nationalists divine a war of European existence, and they divine that this war is prosecuted from the political right and the political left of liberalism. In the age of mass African and Asian immigration it is the same outcome for Europeans whether we are released into an atomised individualism or submerged into a faux-equality. We die.

Nationalists note that, for Jews, the loss of European ethnicity signals “the end of conflict in the world”, which in turn signals the long, long desired racial supremacism of the tribe (as encapsulated in Judaism itself). And that is the driver of the Nationalist critique of Jewish thought and Jewish activism.

Now, the question is this: Is the Nationalists’ sight in this respect 20/20? Or are they “bigoted” and “prejudiced” and, of course, “anti-Semitic”? You see, if their sight is good, they are defending the European life against a tribal attack - and the verbal condemnation which is so promiscuously and reflexively employed in return is just a trick:


Self-defence is a morally unimpeachable cause at all times and in all places, isn’t it? So a self-defence erected by Nationalists must be as just and righteous as by anyone else, Jew or gentile. The truth is that in this circumstance, they could not be “bigoted”, “prejudiced”, “anti-Semitic” or anything else. Could they?

... on Ed West’s Sarkozy/Gadaffi thread:


... is still standing.  For now.


Posted by Guessedworker on March 17, 2011, 06:42 AM | #

This might not last long, though:


Try to understand. Our entire political and philosophical discourse has been poisoned by alien thinking which sees us as, for example, atomised individuals or class/race/gender oppressors. It is a culture of critique founded on the racial supremacism of the critic, and you have imbibed this and you are thinking entirely of your own people through his mind.

That is where the Nazi paranoia of the left originates, and it is also where the presumption of perfect Jewish innocence originates - the two are conjoined, and both are lies.

Now, this is your mind that has been fucked with, and the minds of all Europeans who have never asked themselves why they believe in a politics of our slow, soft genocide. How incredible that you would wish your own people abolished! Who gains? He who gave you the idea.

Here is a list of his intellectual achievements:

Classical Marxism, revolutionary internationalism, Critical Theory, postmodernism, Freudianism, second-wave feminism, second-wave libertarianism, Gay Rights/LBGT Rights, American Civil Rights, Human Rights, White Privilege/White Abolitionism, agitation for open borders and mass immigration, neoconservatism, academic race-denial, encouragement for white race-mixing, exploitation of the Holocaust narrative, promulgation of hate speech law, internet pornography.



Posted by Robert Reis on March 17, 2011, 08:46 AM | #

Friday, March 4, 2011
Blacks in Movie Theaters - a Protected Class
Its now the law:
When blacks get together in groups, you are not allowed to admonish them. To do so is racist. And therefore illegal.
Let me state that more succinctly:
When the group is black, it is illegal to criticize them.
—With no use of any racial language, the theater owner asked the theater audience to turn off their phones and be quiet.
—To do so was illegal, because the crowd was black.
My mind is still boggling just thinking about this.
Because they were black, it was illegal to admonish them.
The theater owner in Delaware had to pay $80,000 in damages, including a cool $1,500 to every single person in attendance that night.
Blacks in Movie Theaters
I can tell you from personal experience teaching classes in Media and Culture, that I have lost count of the number of people who say they have stopped going to movie theaters because they can’t enjoy the movie because of people talking and being disruptive.
So, to this theater operator, it is a matter of staying in business. When people are obnoxious in his theater, it destroys his business.
But when he asked the crowd to be quite, he broke the law, BECAUSE THE CROWD WAS BLACK.
If you have ever lived in a area blessed with vibrant tapestry of diversity and multiculturalism, I will let you drawn on your own experiences regarding the disruptive behavior of the respective races. It hardly needs elaboration here.
See the story here:


Posted by Bill on March 17, 2011, 12:41 PM | #

This is interesting, very interesting.

Labour minister says Tories ‘want Muslims out of London’



Posted by Lurker on March 17, 2011, 01:05 PM | #

Robert - I followed that link, it would appear that the theatre owner is now in the clear - doesnt have to pay up.

What was the URL of your site Robert, I wanted to add it to the links here but Ive lost track of it.


Posted by Robert Reis on March 17, 2011, 02:02 PM | #

Lurker, I am moving my site.


Posted by Bill on March 29, 2011, 02:54 PM | #

The idyllic rural English village, along with whole tracts of concentrated wealthy white inhabited areas, such as the the English West Country counties of Devon and Cornwall - are the last refuge of fleeing whites. 

This phenomena is known as white flight.

I’m surprised (or maybe not) that the white flight elephant failed to appear in this debate.

I once gave a sort of account here of an evening run out on my put-put motor cycle into the surrounding rural countryside on a typical summers evening.  I clearly remember my repeated thought of how normal everything seemed.  People mowing lawns, pottering in the garden, cleaning their cars in the driveway, or just talking in small groups.

Although civilisation was only a few minutes ride away, (but the village pubs fast disappearing,) this dreamy ride to a distant way of life I once knew as a child, became rather unnerving.

Who are these people living out their undisturbed dreams?  Do they know what’s afoot?  I ask myself.

These villages have long been called dormer villages as most folk commute (car/rail) to their place of work.

I suspect most social activity remains around the village hall and cricket team.  There are still some locals hanging on, but the young one have to move on as they cannot afford the price of property.

At this juncture I must digress a little.

Rather late in life, I worked for a few short years at an electricity generating power station.  My sojourn there turned out to be quite an education.  In fact I was prompted to write a few lines in my scrapbook.  I entitled those few lines ‘The New Breed’.

The (modern) power station was but a small island in an ocean of the state owned energy industry.

Coming from a history of private industry it was a bit of a culture shock to say the least.

It was the Station’s modus operandi that held my interest, especially the personnel working there.

My first thoughts on the Station’s working ethos was how para military it all seemed, having served my military National Service in my youth, I readily recognized the system.

Be that as it may, my real interest lay in observing the personnel, particularly, the white overalled engineer (officer) class.

During the early 1960’s, Harold Wilson, the then labour Prime Minister, heralded his famous white heat of technology speech, outlining his vision of the massive expansion of higher education required to provide the urgently needed future guardians of the new scientific age.

Suffice to say, huge expenditure and effort was poured into providing additional universities for the new aspiring masses of post war affluence.  A new breed was to be forged in the white heat of the new technology revolution.

Traditionally in Britain, university education had been the preserve of the upper middle class with the cream having a ritual right of passage to Oxford and Cambridge.

This system produced the future ruling class of the empire ranging from Prime Minister to Colonial Viceroy.  These people were not only educated but also well rounded in the ways of how to behave in the noblesse oblige upper echelon of society.

By the end of the 1960’s this system was dead and had given birth to a new breed.

Needless to say, with the massive expansion of opportunity to the newly aspiring, dilution of the finished product was inevitable.  The new working class breed began rolling off the assembly lines of higher education, they were educated on a specialist need to know basis of maintaining the flow of the factory production line.  Noblesse oblige, loyalty, values, well rounded, what were they?

This new breed are no longer the new breed, for today they are in positions of privilege and influence at all levels of society, it is these people who have hijacked the quaint English village far from the maddening enricher, many I guess are liberal and practicing what they don’t preach.

How long before forced integration, school busing, massive social housing?

Remember the Nottingham professor with his clipboard surveying the hideously white rural villages. 

PS.  I must confess at least half of this comment was prompted by a comment I read over at the BDF.

GW will recognise it.  Thread: Teams must be sent in to reducate villages



Posted by Wandrin on March 31, 2011, 06:07 PM | #

The problem on our side is that many people can’t believe that the government wants to kill us.

This is a big part of the problem. The scale of the betrayal is so huge people can’t believe it. It won’t fit inside their brain.

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