African-Americans go shopping in Ferguson, Missouri

Something’s very fishy when the mainstream’s exposing TNB in this manner.

black Ferguson looter

I didn’t add the caption. The picture and caption are sourced from the mainstream, specifically The American Federation of Police and The Examiner; the picture may have been photoshopped. Here’s another one:

black Ferguson looters

I recall a similar exposure of TNB when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. Here’s one of many examples:

Hurricane Katrina looter

In retrospect, the Hurricane Katrina TNB exposure didn’t herald an attitude change in the mainstream media. The attitude change was temporary and intended to distract people from some issues. What was going on?

It became clear later that the government went around confiscating people’s guns in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck. Guns are most needed by well-meaning citizens when the society in which they live breaks down, and this is when the government decided to deprive such individuals of the ability to protect themselves. The government later apologized, but there was no prosecution of the government individuals involved; presumably there couldn’t be one either.

I also came across evidence that major damage caused to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina wasn’t a result of nature’s fury but a consequence of demolition charges that blew holes in the levees keeping the water at bay: . A presumed intent was to drive much of the black population out of potentially prime areas for business. After all, business folks don’t exactly look forward to conducting business and residing in the midst of a Congolese jungle. I suppose that even if black survivors intended to reclaim their former territory, they’d be priced out of certain reconstructed areas. Another intent behind the deliberate destruction could’ve been a trial run for data related to managing major disasters that may have to be effected by international Jews if public dissent exceeds a certain threshold.

It’s a safe bet that the number of blacks killed around the time far exceeded the number reported, including an unspecified number of blacks killed by private security contractors. Many of the surviving blacks were moved to other parts of the country. Two years after Hurricane Katrina, the population of New Orleans was 60-65% of that just before the hurricane, and even in 2010, New Orleans had a population three-fourths of that just before the hurricane.

Now let’s look at the Ferguson story. There’s more than TNB involved. There are comments from the Mayor and troopers that the rioters came from outside Ferguson. The local black population is interested in shopping as shown in the pictures above, but why riot? Blacks are shot by police all the time, but they usually don’t riot over a police-shot black unless Jews try to induce riots [e.g., the Rodney King beating tape]. The New Black Panthers, an FBI-managed group of agent provocateurs that has nothing to do with the original Black Panthers, is involved in the protests.

According to this facebook video, some locals know that there are paid rioters going around:

If facebook removes this video or page, the video’s been archived and will be reposted elsewhere.

The situation reportedly stems from a black man named Michael Brown being shot multiple times and killed by a police officer. In the beginning it was unclear what Brown did to attract police attention. But soon, video footage emerged showing Brown stealing cigars from a store in Ferguson the day he was shot; the video is supposed to imply that he wasn’t up to any good:

According to Fox News, the store owners deny that they or their employees called the police on Michael Brown:

Fox News has spelt the name of the attorney hired by the store owners as Jake Kanzler, but CNN spells his name Jay Kanzler [Jay Kanzler is a filmmaker]:

The CNN video also reports that the store clerk had never before seen the person who’s reportedly shown stealing cigars. Compare the timestamp and camera number in the store footage shown by FOX with that shown by CNN. Between these sources, the text size is noticeably different. The FOX surveillance video has small text, too small for CCTV footage. Parts of the store video have whitish colors around humans and the area where the timestamp and camera number are shown. This footage has apparently been faked.

According to police dispatch, police heard about the shooting of Michael Brown not from the police officers involved but from a news crew (no kidding): [see around 11:30]

When the police showed up, they came ready to engage a foreign military in war. Some military folks remarked that when they were deployed in a war zone they had less body armor than the militarized police that showed up in Ferguson. The police resorted to using tear gas against mainstream media crew recording the event and took their equipment:

police attacking televison crew in Ferguson

police attacking televison crew in Ferguson

[These officers missed others who managed to document the assault on reporters]. Media helicopters were soon banned from flying in Ferguson airspace.

At this stage I don’t wish to take a strong stance on what’s been going on in Ferguson in recent days, but it’s safe to state that it’s much more than TNB. Jim Stone of suspects that the Ferguson events are a psy-op intended to distract, rally the leftist base before mid-term elections, and advance the cause of a police state.

According to Stone, the psy-op is intended to distract from numerous policy failures, scandals, harmful legislation being tabled or negotiated in secret, and perhaps even from Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. The use of militarized police is a larger scale execution of the now common use of SWAT teams to bust people for petty drug and other comparatively minor offenses. Some people want Americans to get used to effectively living under military occupation given increasing instances of police brutality, not uncommon use of militarized police, and expanding surveillance. These folks need staged crimes and false flag operations to increasingly justify a crackdown by America’s standing army, the DHS, and the implementation of martial law [e.g., scroll to the part that addresses the Boston marathon bombings hoax], efforts directed toward crushing the dissent that’s been brewing in the population, a population increasingly aware of the crimes of international Jews.

Posted by R-news on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:58 AM in JournalismLaw & OrderMediaRace realismU.S. PoliticsWorld Affairs
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Two critical questions that remain unanswered:

1) How does one come to identify with a group?

2) What are the environmental triggers of oxytocin?

Science 11 June 2010:
Vol. 328. no. 5984, pp. 1408 - 1411
DOI: 10.1126/science.1189047
Prev | Table of Contents | Next
The Neuropeptide Oxytocin Regulates Parochial Altruism in Intergroup Conflict Among Humans
Carsten K. W. De Dreu,1,* Lindred L. Greer,1 Michel J. J. Handgraaf,1 Shaul Shalvi,1 Gerben A. Van Kleef,1 Matthijs Baas,1 Femke S. Ten Velden,1 Eric Van Dijk,2 Sander W. W. Feith3
Humans regulate intergroup conflict through parochial altruism; they self-sacrifice to contribute to in-group welfare and to aggress against competing out-groups. Parochial altruism has distinct survival functions, and the brain may have evolved to sustain and promote in-group cohesion and effectiveness and to ward off threatening out-groups. Here, we have linked oxytocin, a neuropeptide produced in the hypothalamus, to the regulation of intergroup conflict. In three experiments using double-blind placebo-controlled designs, male participants self-administered oxytocin or placebo and made decisions with financial consequences to themselves, their in-group, and a competing out-group. Results showed that oxytocin drives a “tend and defend” response in that it promoted in-group trust and cooperation, and defensive, but not offensive, aggression toward competing out-groups.
1 Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Roetersstraat 15, 1018 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2 Department of Psychology, Leiden University, Postbox 9555, 2300 RB, Netherlands.
3 Stichting AllesKits, Cypruslaan 410, 3059 XA Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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