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A wrote:

“Similarly, the Asian woman has many facial proportions more typical of whites and less typical of Asians.”

I don’t agree with the fact that you’re associating certain characteristics solely with whites. European whites are not the only people in the world to have a narrow nose or thin lips or whatever facial characteristic that is implied to be associated with them. They don’t have a monopoly on certain features. South Asians also have the same facial proportions that is being written off as white features. This is an East Indian woman with no European admixture who has the same facial proportions as the women above and I’m willing to bet she will also fit the mask reasonably well.

Also East Africans also have these facial proportions.

So many the better term to use would be Caucasoid features and not white features.

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DanielS wrote:

“scroll to the part that addresses the Boston marathon bombings hoax”

What is this shit?

Some suggested this is my site, obviously it is not yet, since when and if it is, there will not be any of this conspiracy bullshit, from David McGowan* or anybody else.

I had the site looking good and primed for thoughtful and sincere discourse, and Richards dumps this vulgarity here - I suspect as a distraction in its own right.

Further, I moved the images into the body of the post as they project the wrong image of MR.

* For some insight into David McGowan:

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Mick Lately wrote:

There are shameless articles in The Guardian trying to shame white people about Ferguson CUZ SUMTHAN’S GOT’S TO BAH DID ABOW DA POH BLACK BOY who was shot dead by seemingly overzealous police.

What do white Americans who are stuck between a hostile elite and a black pop prone to self-pity and violence do?

Stay armed, get armed, keep their heads down, practice white flight.

White Americans should be able to observe the lawlessness of blacks, the militarized-police response, and the anti-white approach of the MSM.

These people are reachable and I would say that some of them will find their thoughts shunted down the previously-unthinkable routes that lead to WN.

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DanielS wrote:

Age of Treason Radio
Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 5
Audio 19 August 2014


“A hallmark of Yockey’s world-view is his anthropomorphization of concepts and abstractions. He spoke of them as if they were Greek Titans, with thoughts and goals of their own, distinct and set in opposition to one another.

At the root of it all Yockey saw two titanic ideas. From Imperium, page 115:

  Two ideas are opposed — not concepts or abstractions, but Ideas which were in the blood of men before they were formulated by the minds of men.

  But the greatest opposition of all has not yet been named, the conflict which will take up all the others into itself. This is the battle of the Idea of the Unity of the West against the nationalism of the 19th century. Here stand opposed the ideas of Empire and petty-stateism, large-space thinking and political provincialism.

Yockey’s Ideas are not ideas, but have agency and causality. His intangible immaterial mystical philosophizing is “organic”, while man and his rationalism is “inorganic”.

Yockey’s twisting of the meanings of words goes beyond poetic license, beyond an honest attempt to describe the indescribable. He verges into mysticism, detached from reality and facts, and in some cases to the contrary.

Nationalism and racialism are related, connected, complementary. Not opposites.

As Northside commented previously:

  Yockey exalts telos (ultimate purpose or state) in his cosmology, constructing his envisioned universe such that an “organic” causal life force (existential source or basis of existence) operates unilaterally upon the mean, “inorganic” stuff of observable experience, which he debases.

Do ideas drive men, or do men drive ideas? The truth, I think, is not one or the other but both. Yockey arrogated telos (and causality, agency) to Ideas, while denying it to people. But Yockey himself was a man driven by ideas, to promote his ideas.

What constitutes organic? The organic is the inorganic plus something else. Yockey might have described this something as Ideas. I say the something is consciousness, awareness, agency. Consciousness is what distinguishes human life from inhuman, not to mention non-life, the inorganic.

Returning to Yockey’s critique of Darwinism, page 69:

  The human soul itself — known as the “brain” in the 19th century — is only a tool by which a certain type of monkey advanced himself to man ahead of his fellow-monkeys. Teleology again: man became man in order that he might be man.

Yockey, like many critics of Darwinism, was apparently disturbed by the fact that man and monkey are biologically related, distant cousins. Similar like apples and oranges, the difference is consciousness – communication, coordination, history, culture.

It is understandable that Englishmen were the primary “social Darwinists”. Instrumental in deciphering the mechanics of life, of evolution, they naturally envisioned themselves as the result, the pinnacle of the process. This is more anthropic principle than anthropomorphism.

  As a world view, Darwinism cannot of course be refuted, since Faith is, always has been, and always will be, stronger than facts. Nor is it important to refute it as a picture of the world, since as such it no longer influences any but day-before-yesterday thinkers. However, as a picture of the facts, it is grotesque, from its first assumptions to its last conclusions.

Yockey’s argument is even more applicable to his own faith in Ideas. Darwinism is based on science, a system farther from faith and closer to fact than any other man has yet devised.

  In the first place, there is no “Struggle for existence” in nature; this old Malthusian idea merely projected Capitalism on to the animal world. Such struggles for existence as do occur


  are the exception; the rule in Nature is abundance. There are plenty of plants for the herbivores to eat, and there are plenty of herbivores for the carnivores to eat. Between the latter there can hardly be said to be “struggle,” since only the carnivore is spiritually equipped for war.

  The capitalistic mentality, engaged in a competition to get rich, quite naturally pictured the animal-world also as engaged in an intensive economic contest. Both Malthusianism and Darwinism are thus capitalistic outlooks, in that they place economics in the center of Life, and regard it as the meaning of Life.

Yockey anthropomorphized capitalism, though it is defined and driven by men. It does not have an existence or will of its own. Such things are constrained and shaped by the same forces, the same reality as the life from which it springs.

The “struggle for existence” is only a conscious struggle in man, who naturally projects his own awareness onto the unaware. Yockey does it himself when he imagines carnivores “spiritually equipped for war”.

The competition in nature is over limited resources. The rule in nature is feast and famine. The rabbits boom, then the coyotes boom, then the rabbits crash, and then the coyotes crash. Darwinism is an observation of the rules of the reality of life. Not just how the environment shapes and molds life, but also how various forms of life shape each other. This involves not only competition/predation, but also cooperation/symbiosis.

  Natural selection was the name given to the process by which the “unfit” died out to give place to the “fit.”

Fitness, in evolution, is not a moral or aesthetic value judgement. It is an objective metric: survival. Life fits its environment like clothes fit a body.

I suspect that Yockey’s lame arguments against Darwinism were based on by his misunderstanding and thus revulsion toward “survival of the fittest”. He was perhaps unwilling to face the fact that the jews have out-competed Whites, rule us, and are slowly killing us. The problem, as I see it, is not with Darwinism, or rationalism, or any philosophical clash, but the simple fact that Whites, relative to jews, are not conscious.”

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Lurker wrote:

Its also a teachable moment. Virtually all the assorted police deployed in Ferguson are white men and their own Governor Nixon has, in effect, repudiated them. As have the MSM etc

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Anonymous wrote:

I don’t understand what’s so ‘base’ or ‘sordid’ about two people committing sexual acts consensually over a decade or two. The writer here doesn’t appear to understand sex, never mind sex between two men.

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DanielS wrote:

If you would, Sasha, please elaborate on “Yarosh philosophy”, where it comes from, etc.

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sasha butakov wrote:

“Praviy” is “truthfull” for Russian and Ukrainian languagies.
But for Yarosh bands it means a power to kill Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians.
It’s their goal and sense of life, indeed.
A power to kill anybody thinking Russian and being Russians.
You’re not “praviy”? You dead!
What’s more you need to know about Yarosh “philosophy”?

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DanielS wrote:

I will leave your comment because it is so stupid as to be funny. Sounds as if you already are in hell.

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God help us all wrote:

What does this implicate for separatists from centralized government?

Just give up already, pal.  Stop torturing yourself and those of us who remember the promise this site once showed.  Go burn in hell with your partner in derangement, Guessedworker.

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Mick Lately wrote:

It might seem like weak meat to WNs and MR readers but there are a fair few heartening comments on this Guardian thread:

It’s no longer only Christians who shape UK foreign policy

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DanielS wrote:

Posted by uKn_Leo on August 18, 2014, 06:57 PM | #


  there’s no going back

Gain complete control of moderation then flood the boards with JIDF personnel.

Dan, an updated Thread Wars thread (3?) would be timely and much appreciated if you get a moment to start one.

Thanks pal.


Why and how would an updated “Thread Wars” thread be timely?

I suppose it is because many English associates of MR are devoting themselves on that front?

If so, would enough commentators find it useful to huddle on a new Thread Wars thread which read simply:

“Thread Wars 3: MR taking it to the threads, stepping-it-up and strategies for bringing nativist nationalism to public acceptance”

Is there an image that you’d like to go along with it? Are there salient comments from the DT that you would like to feature? In making such a post, should we be wary of blowing cover, giving clues inadvertently to moderators or others looking to block and disrupt the activity of nativist commentators? 

Please advise buddy, thanks.



“WASHINGTON: The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called ’the hornet’s nest’.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech”..

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uKn_Leo wrote:


there’s no going back

Gain complete control of moderation then flood the boards with JIDF personnel.

Dan, an updated Thread Wars thread (3?) would be timely and much appreciated if you get a moment to start one.

Thanks pal.

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melba peachtoast wrote:

Igor Strelkov has been photgraphed among the crowd in Ferguson; presumably Putin has sent him to do for St. Louis what he did for Donetsk. Molon Labe this duckies!

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DanielS wrote:


Commentators are encouraged to discuss Ferguson or whatever item they feel is not given sufficient attention. This is supposed to be a participatory site, not one which looks upon me as a one man Associated Press. I will happily render comments into leading posts where they emerge discussion-worthy as such.


1) There are no results yet - our direction, which was meant to be freed from predilections such as yours, is not yet settled (witness your re-appearance). With that..

2) You had assured us that this site was not your concern and you would not comment here.

3) While Majority Rights will examine relevant news stories, we are not necessarily a news service per se, determined to cover all ephemeral items, rather we are concerned more for evergreen issues.

4) While commentators (other than you and Thorn, thank you) may be encouraged to call attention to events such as the riots in Ferguson, we might note that it is TNB (typical = evergreen behavior) and black riots have been discussed here before (e.g., Newark 1967) without much comment. Even if I did post a story about it, there would not likely be much discussion - something negative would be said of my posting about it, if anything is said at all - in part, apparently in protest against me for my editorial position to ban Hitler, Jesus and Jewish advocacy. That strike will likely remain in effect indefinitely for some prior commentors, keeping commentary down perhaps until the site starts running more pieces and interviews of others besides myself (i.e., further demonstrating that there are an enormous number of important things to discuss here) and becomes more familiar to those who are interested in advocacy of European peoples minus those accompanying advocacies from which we seek to unburden ourselves.

5. Lastly, several other sites have discussed the riots in Missouri.

Here, we might elect to focus on those who would tear down the walls, as we have in this post, rather than the behavior of the masses of blacks they incite.

Note the all White audience applauding Obama in his Berlin speech. We have deeper problems than the Missouri riots.

Note that there is no comment on “The reality of”

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Mick Lately wrote:

I too was hoping to find some reference to the Ferguson, Missouri, ah… “situation”, here on MR.

But, it’s heartening to see that Sweden’s assisted suicide (pace Kevin B. MacDonald) is being hastened by the Jewish Neocon policy of “Eternal War” in the Middle East:

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Leon wrote:

Now that MR has become wholly owned by DanielS, with precisely the effects many predicted, perhaps MR’s sole writer might wish to take note that there is a serious racial problem happening in Missouri at this very moment that is crying out for WN commentary.

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Alexander Baron wrote:

Gotta luv this guy. I think he should tone down his rhetoric a bit though.

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DanielS wrote:

The Genesis of Genocide: Paranoia, Ingroup Thinking, and Ethnic Supremacism
Written by Tobias Langdon on August 15, 2014

To study how genocide can be rationalized, you don’t always need to study history. You could just read some recent comments inspired by the Gaza war — none of which include messy details like the blockade of Gaza which has reduced it to a very large concentration camp in all but name. Given such a situation, […]


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DanielS wrote:

MOB, not everyone believes that Hitler had the greatest angle. I certainly do not.

In fact, contrary to your argument, to take the position that we need to resurrect and get behind Hitler is to lose before we’ve begun.

Hitler was the one who stigmatized the whole necessary project of benign classification of peoples and discrimination accordingly. The resuscitation of that necessary life-function needs to come from a position unburdened of the Hitler albatross.

While saying that Hitler was offering neighboring countries generous deals (LOL), David Duke proposes that we should go around calling people racists - now THAT is stupid!

Racism - social classification and discrimination accordingly is exactly what we need to normalize and institutionalize. We do Not need to normalize and institutionalize its prohibition.

It is Duke who will never learn - his gigantic ego is in the way.

It is a myth that we need to revive Hitler verbatim and to totally debunk the holocaust.

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MOB wrote:

William Hanna wrote:
Israel has no such right (God-given or otherwise) because for over sixty years it has been the aggressor with a genocidal brutality matching that of the Nazis.

Even if he had stopped here, he would have already let the air out his tires.  You can only oppose Israel (Jews) unconditionally, or you’ve lost the game.  The moment you hand them one of their own keymemes (in this case, Nazis as bad guy), your attack has gone limp; your ship has sprung a leak.  I don’t know how to make it clearer.

The rest of this: “Zionism’s goal of creating a “Greater Israel” requires the “Final Solution” expulsion of non-Jews even if it means that — as was recently enunciated by the Israeli Interior Minister — “Gaza should be bombed into the Middle Ages.” During WW2, innumerable lives and resources were expended to defeat Nazism.”

is just the limp sounds of a game being played to the finish after it’s already been lost.

You just don’t learn.

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DanielS wrote:

Tanstaafl renders a brilliant, pithy assessment of pejorative implications of Freud and Marx for Whites in this discussion of Yockey on race. However…

The third thing that Yockey cites as a devil to White interests is Darwinism. Tan disagrees with him, whereas I agree more with Yockey.

It may stem from tan going too much to the right-wing position of “if Jews are against it, must be good”

Darwinism is objectivist and as such, is no guarantee of White interests.

Jews are concerned with the relative interests of their group, and thus will oppose Darwinism when and where it goes against their group interests.

If Whites are to defend themselves as a group, they will make exceptions to intervene against its mere scientific laws where necessary in order to survive as a people. More, it is not wholly unnatural nor immoral in some natural sense to make such judgments, as it can correspond with deep ecology.


Of course we are not arguing that Darwinism, Evolution, etc, are to be disputed as factual, but whether and to what extent these scientific laws should be intervened with by human agency.

Plainly, Darwinism does not necessarily care for race or the best kinds by human standards. Particularly as our racial patterns, systems and ecology, occur on a more protracted developmental process, they are susceptible to opportunism as crass, law-like, narrow, episodic and momentarily conceived Darwinism might make-for within the disordered mix of modernity. The ecological and historical responsibility would suggest the need to intervene against puerile interpretations of Darwinism.

Permit me to indulge in juxtaposing:

Evolution - Ecology

Natural Selection - Humane Selection,  the agency that contingency, social and otherwise afford.

Survival of the Fittest - Survival of the sociopaths (pyramid scheme musical chairs, etc) or Survival of the socially responsible and fair.

Struggle/Competition - cooperation

Stress - basic security of evolutionary capital

Survival - Flourishing

Variation – qualitative concerns

Selection - with some joint assistance and feedback as need be.

Of course it is not the matter to dispute evolution, Darwinism, natural selection as factual, but to question the degree of determinism, sovereignty and perhaps even an ecological duty to intervention.

If sovereignty is, as Carl Schmitt brilliantly argues, the ability to determine the exception, this would offer a view to turn one of liberalism’s proclivities on its head, as the Jewish style liberalism of Derrida et al, of PC times, cares only for the exception and not the pattern.

Plainly, Darwinism does not necessarily care for race or the best kinds by human standards.

Corrected against Jewish perversion then, the exception to Darwinist natural selection would be the humane determination as to who should survive even though they might not otherwise by means of law-like Darwinism.

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DanielS wrote:

Date: 08-13-14

David Duke describes the Jewish takeover of the BBC and how it has effected their treatment of Gaza and other Israeli issues.

As with Hollywood, CNN and NPR in America, Jews occupy key positions in the BBC.

The BBC, a so-called public service broadcast, a so called British national service; costing the public 8.4 billion pounds annually through its annual television tax charged to all Britons; is also the world’s best known international broadcast, available in almost all nations, but unlike other broadcast corporations it has not lost viewership due to the Internet, and has not reduced its staff at all, maintained at 23,000.

Controlling figures and methods of indoctrination show its Jewish control.

The current head of BBC television is Danny Cohen, who prior to his April 2013 appointment there, was the controller of BBC1, the BBC’s principle television channel in The UK.

We all know that Cohen’s are the most esteemed of Jews among Jews, of the inner circle they are the most Jewish of Jews, genetically purest, and in terms of Jewish interests the most ethnocentrically determined.

As in other important positions of niche control, they use nepotism to take over and promote views favorable to Jewish interests.

BBC head of statistics is Anthony Rubin (who has recently sponsored an article disputing UN statistics on Gaza).

Particularly telling of the BBC’s heavy Jewish bias is the resignation of Max Keiser.

The well-known financial journalist Max Keiser had been commissioned by the BBC to do a series called “The Oracle”, but Keiser quit after 10 episodes because he “got strict orders not to mention Israel in any context. This kind of censorship leads to the Gaza horror.”

..The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry (Cohen)

They play divide and conquer, have done so in the recent example of ISIS, whom they were responsible for arming and creating.

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DanielS wrote:

Frank Salter’s recent offering on nationalism:

Friday, 1 August 2014
The Survival of the Liberal West Requires Ethnic Nationalism
Frank Salter

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Alexander Simon wrote:

August 11, 2014

Vertigo Records
364-366 Kensington High Street
London W14 8NS
United Kingdom, England

Phone: +44 (0)207 471 5400
Fax: +44 (0)207 471 5476


I am a writer who cans sing in early voice of many languages.  I find this band electric and razor!  England’s newest hot and electric fire dazzle Black Sabbath returned to the studio to begin work on their third album. Following the chart success of Paranoid, the band were afforded more studio time from touring and smiled drinking red Hungarian wine.

The most investing a name rare John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne (born 3 December 1948) is an English heavy metal vocalist, songwriter; read a dark idea.  According to Harper & Row Publishers Incorporated; Professor of English Samuel Ian Hayakawa met a Professor James Bryce McMillan; and here is their definition; Black is forbidding and unyielding + Sabbath; is brunt for a forceful attack of foe against the 10 Commandments; beginning War from Saturday to open the Sabbath or pool of blood; against Tierney. 

“The Band scored well with 9 Gold Albums with members from Hungary! 
The Head delivery of Hard punch all English moving hired his best Band Members: 
Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.  Tony also birthed and Certified Birmingham of England met privately from Scotland Yard and rehearsed after real policing!

During of Hungarian Blood and Irish temperament Black Sabbath is the eponymous debut album by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Released on 13 February 1970 in the United Kingdom and on 1 June 1970 in the United States charting to #1 new Band on October 15, 1970!!!

Their theme was anti-Demon or the Lucifer hiding in shame!  “The original title of “War Pigs” was “Walpurgis” is German for “Valborg”; or in plain English “Walpurgis Night”; early!  In strong Hungarian “A Walpurgis-éj; literary means the coming together of light.

By, The New Group”  THE WOLFE PACK
‘The day is burning as doves are learning;
The girl is waiting for a bus returning in Hungary,
Today. Removing man’s mortal soul;
For man is War Machine; cleansing out the scene! ’

Marked the Day of Destruction;
The World will ‘know’ in Christ
The fool; hammering ‘another;’ nail
Of poison dirty tale! yeah!

The Epoch will learn;
War Machines Galore opening Christ’s
Phoney War; rising to the Star;
Hammers end the Messiah yeah!

The Day is Calling;
As more Spartans are wanting;
A nother fool to die, and birds spit in Jesus eye;
Birds of prey struck the Hour,
Pecking out his eye flying to Kingdom neigh;
Spartans burn his clothing;
The fiery Cross is bloody bathed as the Jew Messiah dying;
For sins in Bethlehem against the Council not hiding;
The fool Christ dies in shame yeah.’

By Writer Alexander Simon,
of Edmonton.


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DanielS wrote:

Ukrainians / Russians

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Chinese man wrote:

作为一名路过的中国人,不明白印度哪里出来的优越感!这难道就是传说中的  缺什么秀什么 grin

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Bill wrote:

Here is someone else being interviewed at Red Ice.

Just over one hour duration.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

I’ll let the listener judge for themselves.

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DanielS wrote:

Well, I agree, Mick, with your skepticism for standard political avenues.

However, hope in regard to independent tactics abound.

I guess we are in the realm not only of meta but para politics.

It would serve the need for corresponding rhetoric to provide context and meaning to individual acts.

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Mick Lately wrote:

Well I, for one, have reached the stage of total, utter despair in the face of the political situation we find ourselves in.

And I know it sounds weak and Drama Queenish to be going on like this but I feel as if I cleaved to an illusion that we could find a political way out of this existential crisis.

I can almost taste the passivity of the mass of my fellow Europeans

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P C K wrote:

Couldn’t agree more with this statement: confidentiality protects against (a) government agent penetration, (b) the kook tendency, and (c) the ego factor.

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DanielS wrote:

Pierce was a predecessor and heavy influence on William James and, in turn, Dewey.

Most would propose one of the later two as the greatest American philosopher.

Personally, I would give James the nod over Dewey.

However, Dewey and James saw their thinking as very close to one another. And there is much practical utility in Dewey’s philosophy, his instrumentalism.

While I have been accused, incorrectly, of incoherence and impracticality, one might note that I frequently talk in terms of “warranted assertability” as corresponding with “operational verifiability” as the practical yield of inquiry that begins with an indeterminate situation. That comes from Dewey’s “Logic: The Theory of Inquiry.”

James strikes me as the less prone to erroneous philosophy of the two, in pursuit of non-Cartesian, non-psychologistic logic/anaylsis, but Dewey provides many practical guidelines in his instrumentalism, which probably accounts for his growing influence.

There is a serious problem with Dewey’s philosophy, however, that I have sensed and inferred as being “too practical”, i.e., relying too much on a forward, non-reflective, practical force in his approach to life’s concerns.

Part of this inference came to me through concluding words of Bateson, in his Steps to An Ecology of Mind, that pervasive ecological ideas ought not be sacrificed on the alter of pragmatism.

...and it is ecological thinking which begins to correct and heal liberalism; as ecology is conservative by nature.

Dewey’s instrumentalism was not taking into account the fuller, deep ecology, biological integrity, unconscious processing, necessity for ecological flexibility, bio-diversity, unused potentiality for change, periods of rumination, “digestion” in protracted evolutionary process and ideas.

His instrumentalism, his operationalism, in being too shallow (lacking prefigurative force), was subject to disingenuous or naiive abuses of liberalism - and has been.

There are similarities in the pragmatists and Wittgenstein. I suspect Wittgenstein was influenced by the pragmatists, perhaps through articles in the journal called “Mind”, but there was feedback of learning from pragmatists, who were influenced by continental philosophers, who were an influence on Wittgenstein as well. One might say that Wittgenstein was like Dewey only worse and less useful.

Our friend needs to remain anonymous to protect him from irrelevant antagonisms while noting that the credit for his ideas go to him - thoughts which can be of acute importance in the defense of native Europeans and their discreet kinds.

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Michael wrote:

Abductive logic was pioneered by Charles Sanders Peirce, who was probably one of the greatest philosophers and certainly the greatest American philosopher ever. Peirce is less well known today, not just among the general public, but even among British and American academic philosophy, which tends to be dominated by “analytic philosophy”, Jewish academic philosophers, and the cult of Wittgenstein.

This “friend of MR” must be James Bowery, based on the content of the comments. I understand he doesn’t really post here anymore, but it’d be interesting if he posted his full comment on this here or if he gave permission to his correspondents to publish it.

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neil mcewan wrote:

Wishful thinking?
In the 100th anniversary of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, how many empires have gone down? Of Eastern European immigrants, Czecks and Slovaks were ensconced in Austro-Hungary, peacefully if not totally happily.
TE Lawrence did a hatchet-job on the Ottomans in a valiant war effort. Of Middle Eastern states, Syria and Lebanon were ensconced therein, equanimously if not benevolently, ruled from on high with no fratricidal antagonism.
Well, I mean, the Romans showed the way. Empires are held by power and ethos; pluralism is a gradual levelling of differences, no mythos, no ethos.
There’s also a couple of German empires, no offence to Hitler, the Holy Roman and the Hansa

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Bill wrote:

Nigel Farage - shades of Rand Paul?

Is this Ukip’s future? - I think it’s already here.

Rand Paul is making the same transformation as he sets his sights above being the junior senator from Kentucky and positions himself as a contender for President. In order to appeal to corporate donors and ensure the support of the libertarians who comprise his national following, Senator Paul has made the strategic decision to abandon even implicitly white racial politics. Instead, he will run as a pure “Constitutional conservative,” mouthing platitudes about limited government while raking in donations from companies lusting for cheap labor. In the end, Rand Paul has become all but indistinguishable from Beltway Right hacks such as open-borders apologist Grover Norquist or corporate lobbyist Dick Armey.

In his journey from promise to pointlessness, Rand Paul occasionally talks like a Jacksonian nationalist, but his ideological core is by-the-numbers libertarianism. Not only does he not recognize whites as a group with collective interests, he doesn’t recognize America as a nation with interests. Instead, America is simply a place where deracinated, rights-bearing individuals live and compete with each other about who gets to make the most money. Although for electoral purposes Senator Paul had to give the nod to immigration restriction, his ideological core is being played out before our eyes–open borders, cheap labor, and utter indifference to the demographic makeup of the country.

This may actually understate Rand Paul’s uselessness. As shown in his nondefense of the principle of free association, whenever libertarianism conflicts with political correctness, Senator Paul bows to the latter. Though he said he would fire anyone proven to be a “white supremacist,” he has no problem speaking to racially collectivist groups of nonwhites. When there is pushback from the Left, Rand Paul retreats. The only targets libertarians feel free to attack are white conservatives.

Rand Paul, like the Beltway Right, sees cultural and racial trends as essentially fixed. Like weather patterns, they are beyond human control. Therefore, all Mr. Paul can do is try to carve out a niche for libertarianism in the areas permitted him by the media gatekeepers. Thus, he can talk about why libertarianism is good for blacks as a group, but not why it is good for whites. He can promote libertarian opposition to “racist” drug laws but not libertarian opposition to the forced-association consequences of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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