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Son of Soros wrote:


George Soros’ son, Alex, is leading a new super PAC geared at liberal Jewish Americans – and it’s going to focus on domestic issues rather than on Israel, reported Politico’s Tarini Parti.

The new “Bend the Arc” PAC is reportedly the first ever Jewish super PAC not to make Israel-related issues a top priority, choosing to focus instead on things like immigration, gay marriage, and income inequality.

“One of the reasons behind doing this is that [the other Jewish groups] aren’t really representing the views of the American Jewish community. And we know full well that the bluntest language in politics comes down to political dollars,” the PAC’s director, Hadar Susskind, told Politico.

Alex Soros, 29, has yet to ask his father for a contribution, but other donors include Marc Baum, Paul Egerman, and Terry Winograd, according to the report.

Soros Sr., who made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, has donated millions to Democratic PACs, individuals, and causes in the past.

The new PAC aims to raise $500,000 for 2016, according to Politico. It will likely wait out the primary before endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but has already named 12 Democratic representatives that it plans to back in Congress.

“There are three branches of government. No matter who becomes president, they’ll be constrained by the House and Senate,” Soros Jr. reportedly said.

Read the full story at Politico »

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society of black lawyers wrote:

Katie Hopkins and the editor of The Sun, David Dinsmore, have been reported to the Metropolitan police for incitement to racial hatred.

It follows the publication of a column by Hopkins in the tabloid on 17 April, in which she described migrants desperate to reach Britain following humanitarian disasters in their own countries as “cockroaches” and suggested the government deploy “gunships” to stop them landing on shore.

The complaint was made by the Society of Black Lawyers directly to the Metropolitan Police Commissioners Office, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, at 4.05pm on 20 April.

It reads:

  Dear Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe,

  I hope this email finds you well. You will recall that I was an independent member of the Metropolitan Police Authority (2000 to 2008) and Vice Chair for a period of two years during part of your earlier career at the MPS.

  As former Chair of the MPS Hate Crime Forum we did on occasions report incidents of incitement to racial hatred directly to the Commissioners Office for urgent action. More recently as SBL we have done so with anti-Semitic and/or racist comments in the football arena.

  The recent comments by the Sun journalist Katie Hopkins, authorised for publication by her Editor and senior staff, are sadly some of the most offensive, xenophobic and racist comments I have read in a British newspaper for some years. These comments comparing the African migrants fleeing Libya to “cockroaches”, almost certainly all “trafficked” persons facing intimidation, violence and extortion at the point of departure represent some of the most vulnerable people in international law at the present time. Many will have legitimate claims for asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention.

  The use of this term employs a word used with devastating results to describe the Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates during the 1994 Rwanda genocide when they were referred to by those responsible for the genocide as “cockroaches”. This fact is well known to journalists and is a matter of historical record proved by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in several judgments.

  The Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) therefore requests that this matter is investigated as a matter of urgency under the Public Order Act 1986. I am aware that this section requires some intention but given the scale of the tragedy currently unfolding, the likelihood some some of these migrants may already be in the UK having fled during previous months or likely to land here in due course these comments can amount to incitement to racial hatred.

  We are in the process of writing formally to the International Criminal Court to petition for an investigation into these comments under the provisions of incitement to commit crimes against humanity.

  Given the huge circulation of these comments in the Sun and in the media generally, the propensity for racial violence against people of African descent in the UK is obvious. We request that these matters be investigated as a matter of urgency and the case file be passed to the CPS for a decision to be made as to the merits of a prosecution.

  We will submit a more detailed letter in the course of this evening but would request that your office makes a public statement about the need to avoid such comments being made by any in the media whilst this matter is the subject of a criminal investigation.

  Our complaint is against the journalist herself, the Editor of the Sun newspaper and other editorial staff involved in the publication of this commentary. We would request that you obtain a transcript of her interview that we understand was conducted on LBC radio on Sunday morning, 19th April 2015.

  The journalist concerned sought to justify her comments in that radio interview so may provide evidence of her state of mind.

  Yours sincerely,


  D. Peter Herbert O.B.E.

  Chair Society of Black Lawyers

Hopkins declined to comment on the allegations.


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Iceland's common dad wrote:

DNA of ‘an Entire Nation’ Assessed

James Gallagher, BBC News, March 26, 2015

The genetic code of “an entire nation” has effectively been deduced, say researchers in Iceland.

The feat was performed by combining DNA data with family trees.

The team say they could now find every woman at high-risk of breast cancer “at the touch of a button” and it would be “criminal” not to use the information.

The reports, published in the journal Nature Genetics, used the data to make a suite of discoveries including the age of the last common ancestor of men.

DNA is passed from one generation to the next. If you knew everything about the DNA of a child and their grandparents, you could figure out a lot about about the DNA of the parents too.

The deCODE genetics team has taken the whole genome sequence of 10,000 people and combined it with nation-wide family trees.

“By using these tricks we can predict, with substantial accuracy, the genome of the entire nation,” the chief executive of deCODE, Dr Kari Stefansson told the BBC News website.


Mutations in the BRCA genes lead to a much higher lifetime risk of cancer and led the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to have her breasts and ovaries removed.

Dr Stefansson argued: “We could, in Iceland, at the push of a button find all women who carry mutations in the BRCA2 gene.

“This risk could basically be nullified by preventative mastectomies and ovariectomies. It would be criminal not to take advantage of it and I am convinced that my fellow countrymen will begin to use it pretty soon.”

The data is all anonymous at the moment. Using such data in medicine would raise ethical issues, including identifying deadly disease genes in people who never volunteered their own DNA for study.

Dr Stefansson says there is a lot of debate still to come “but I’m just an old-fashioned physician, my gut instinct is simply to go to these people and warn them”.

He is already in discussions with the Icelandic healthcare system.


The 100,000 genomes project in England and President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative both aim to use such genetic information to revolutionise medicine.

Professor Mark Caulfield, the chief scientist at Genomics England, said the studies were “very interesting” and “very elegant”.

He told the BBC: “The team in Iceland is to be congratulated as it has continued, over many years, to contribute to an understanding of the genetic information of disease by looking at the level of the population.”

He said the progress being made around the world showed: “We are on the cusp on the application of transformative genomic medicine at scale”

However, he cautioned that there were many types of BRCA2 mutation and it was important to be certain they were relevant before informing women.

Common dad

The project made a series of other discoveries including a new gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

The team has calculated a new estimate for the last common ancestor of all men by looking at the rate of mutation in the male Y-chromosome.

They believe the last common ancestor was 239,000 years ago–down from a previous estimate of 308,000 years ago.


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General Butt-Naked wrote:

Liberia Today: Cannibal Warlords

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Keaton/Lazzeri Mask Replica wrote:

Keaton Lazzeri mask replica

Tony Lazzeri

Buster Keaton



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Graham_Lister wrote:

The moral degeneracy of the wonderfully liberal UK continues on its evil way.

I’m sure liberals will be arguing for paedo’s ‘equality’ and ‘rights’ before the decade is completed. No doubt it will be linked to the sin of all sins ‘racism’ and God forbid ‘discrimination’.

Public hanging would be too good for these slimeballs and their enablers.

And on Janner if he is so far gone cognitively as to be unfit for trial why was he still very active in the Lords (even being appointed to committees) until very recently?

I doubt there is a more morally corrupt nation than the UK within the West right now.

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What's wrong with Swedes and other Whites? wrote:

Obama’s explicit call to the Berlin audience to tear down their European difference and be subsumed into the rest of the world’s overwhelming numbers should have been mortifying, but instead was met with enthusiastic applause.

What is wrong with Whites?

We will be asking that and more of the Professor shortly. Here is a foreshadowing: 

What’s wrong with the Swedes — and so many other Whites?

April 25, 2015

Kevin MacDonald

Another in the unending list of suicidal behavior by Swedes, this one by Cecilia Wilkström, a Member of the European Parliament for the center-right (!) Liberal Party, who is concerned about the recent drownings in the Mediterranean of Africans attempting to invade Europe. Note that, once again, the Holocaust is front and center stage as a paradigm requiring Westerners to engage in pathological altruism and embrace diversity and their own dispossession.

  A Swedish MEP is stepping up a pan-European cross-party campaign for “legal and safe routes to Europe” for migrants in the wake of the latest Mediterranean boat disaster. Cecilia Wikström, has told The Local that EU member states are currently doing so little to help guarantee safe passage that future generations will compare their actions to Sweden “turning a blind eye” to the Holocaust.

  The MEP – who is a long-time advocate of safer passage for refugees seeking safety in Europe – made headlines on Monday after she initially told Swedish television network SVT that future generations would liken the approach of EU governments to the policy of appeasement during the Second World War.

  Speaking to The Local after the broadcast, the centre-right Liberal Party politician said: “I stand by what I was saying …. I think that my children and grandchildren are going to ask why more wasn’t done to help people running away from Isis, or violence in Eritrea or wherever, when we knew that people were dying in their thousands. [On the contrary, your children and grandchildren are going to wonder how you could be so naive and morally bankrupt as to make them a resented minority in an area that their people had dominated for thousands of years.] People will ask the same question they did after the war, ‘if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?’. In Sweden we allowed our railroads to be used to transfer Jews to Nazi death camps.” …

  Some 11,000 migrants have been rescued since the middle of last week and current trends suggest last year’s total of 170,000 landing in Italy is likely to be exceeded in 2015.

  Many travel onwards to other countries including Sweden, which takes in more asylum seekers per capita than any other EU nation.

Never mind the obvious point that the vast majority of Africans would love to live in Europe and that helping them enter will ensure that more come. Since the population of Africa is now over 1 billion and is projected to be 4.2 billion by the end of the century, tiny Sweden and the rest of Europe will have their hands full, particularly given that there is absolutely no foreseeable end to the poverty, oppression, and warfare that is endemic to the continent.

See full article at The Occidental Observer:

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Jan's Review of Matt Hale's book wrote:

by John M. King, MAEd

ENDING WHITE SLAVERY is the first book authored by Matthew F. Hale, J.D., America’s foremost prisoner of conscience. Its recent publication shows that even eleven years (and counting) of solitary confinement in a six foot by ten foot cell in the USSA’s neo-Alcatraz, Supermax in Florence, CO., cannot break the spirit, intellect nor the resolve of an upright (and innocent) man, whose cause is, frankly speaking, the most important on the face of the earth. In a world where europid Whites make up only 1/14th of the world’s population, are decreasing in number due to insufficient ‘replacement level’ reproduction, and are facing demographic displacement in every ‘nominally white’ country of the world, all other causes seem trivial and meaningless compared to the cause to which Mr. Hale has unselfishly dedicated his entire adult life, namely, will White people survive for their existence into the 22nd century or will black, brown and yellow school children view us as stuffed exhibits in museums of the future alongside exhibits of extinct dodo birds, saber toothed tigers and dinosaurs?

Throughout the text one finds a repeating theme: that White minds are in chains. “… can we even utter the words ‘White people’, today? Have not the chains upon our minds become so tight, so fixed, that the very notion of a ‘White people’ has become anathema to us? Are we not in fact imbued with the idea that we shouldn’t even utter or contemplate such words, that there are Whites, yes, and there are people, yes, but ‘White people’, together? Such a notion as ‘White people’ is a mistake, a misfortune, a moral failing, we have been told. We are not supposed to have an identity as White people; rather, we are supposed to be individuals who just happen to be White.” (p. 3). On p. 55 the author expounds on this theme by writing, “We have been propagandized to believe that ‘White’ is a misfortune, and thus to celebrate White people as ‘White’ people is tantamount to holding a dance for a witch. The doors are shut, the shades are pulled, and supplications made. The minds of our people are in chains.” Mr. Hale if anything is a realist and looks at the dismal situation with courage. Towards the end of page 1 he writes, “What a sickness to behold, a sickness of the mind. I wish it were untrue – I would dream that it were so – but true it is: a people is today unwilling to believe that it even exists. It would rather think its existence away, to wish it away, to banish from its hearts and minds its very name.”

ENDING WHITE SLAVERY comprises 209 pages and is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 entitled “Our Minds are in Chains” is perhaps the most comprehensive compendium of the symptomology of the White collective mental illness ever to be assembled. Here in the United States, where both Mr. Hale and this writer were born and raised, Whites comprise a slight majority of the population but are widely infected with a psychopathology – a virus of the mind – which falsely tells them that their race occupies the driver’s seat of global social evil. According to the enforced narrative Whites have invaded, enslaved and genocided everyone of a darker hue. Thus our only redemption comes in an act of collective mass racial suicide. Only by denying our children their inheritance and handing over our ‘nominally white’ countries to the ‘underprivledged’ children of the third world can Whites atone for their grievous historical sins and become good people. As Adam and Eve were born into sin, Whites and only Whites are born into ‘racism’ in this twisted atheistic version of the Biblical narrative.

Chapter 2 is entitled “Exhortation” in which the author uses his superior skills of logic, oratory and common sense – recall he was trained to be a lawyer at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale – to break down the claims and tenets of the existing anti-White propasphere. Even with his advanced level of knowledge on this subject, this writer was able to learn a lot. Clearly people of European origin have a natural right to exist and persist upon this planet just as much as any other endangered animal species. Even if we were really the most vile and wicked race ever to live – we get a daily booster shot of this mind poison every night on the ABC/NBC/CNN/FOX Evening News and in every establishment newspaper and magazine – we would still have a right to persist simply because we are part of the biosphere (flora & fauna) of this planet. By the end of this chapter Hale smashes the ‘chains’ presented in the first chapter to dust.

Chapter 3, entitled “Towards the Racial State,” presents the only solution to avert the extinction (in progress) of planet earth’s true ‘minority’ race. Namely, we must create our own (White) racial states ie. homelands where our people will be able to live exclusively among their own kind and where they will exert total autonomy and control over their own affairs. Just like the mountain gorillas, of which there are less than one thousand and declining in the wild, Whites need their own exclusive habitats if they are to have a fair shake at surviving the next century. Demographics are destiny and current demographic projections show Whites becoming a minority thirty years out in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. It is to the vanguard of White advocates that Hale preaches. Our current ships (of state) are about to hit their respective icebergs. Creating new (White) racial states somewhere on the face of the earth is the equivalent of manning the lifeboats while the vast majority of dumbed down Whites drown unaware of the rising water (better said: rising tide of color) until the water shorts out their TV sets and their favorite athletic match flickers off.

This is a book which every White person should read, for most White minds are in chains of mental slavery. It should be a part of the personal library of every White advocate and put into the hands of White youth. Rather than this middle aged reviewer, it is the youth who will go down as heroes or zeroes in the century at hand, which in 2015 is still young. Only those youth whose mental chains have been cast aside will recognize the existential threat the White race faces and what the only solution to this impending train wreck is. Recalling that Mr. Hale was a minister prior to his incarceration, this book reads like his longest and finest sermon. Thus the language and tone are appropriate for even children and the reading level is quite comprehensible to any high school student. Whether viewed from his vantage point as both an attorney and a minister, Mr. Hale hammers his themes home using various modes of persuasion, extensive documentary evidence and ample repetition. Anyone with an open mind who reads this book will be freed of their mental shackles before he/she reaches the back cover.

This book should be read in conjunction with Arthur Kemp’s “Nova Europa”, which offers practical advice on how a (White) racial state could be founded in the near future. Reading Mr. Hale’s tome, this writer was refreshed to see how he avoids falling into the ‘victim mentality’ which abounds in much pro-White literature. Adopting a victim mentality and blaming others for one’s problems never works. Witness the steady societal devolution of America’s favorite victim group, blacks. Indeed, the majority of the White race is in chains but the author avoids blaming Jews or any other group for the situation at hand. There already exist at present a plethora of contemporary scholarly books on this subject namely those of Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. David Duke. Mr. Hale’s interest lies in showing the breadth and depravity of White mass psychopathology (‘chains’) and how to break them. He is not concerned particularly with how these chains were forged and who put on the hands/minds of Whites. By avoiding the ‘J word’ in a negative or conspiratorial context throughout his book, Mr. Hale has made it readable to a wider audience, namely conservative Judeo-Christians, for whom ‘anti-semitic’ language – whether justified or not – would elicit an immediate knee jerk reaction.

A particular strength of ENDING WHITE SLAVERY is Mr. Hale’s ability to cut through the agitprop and weaponized language of the anti-Whites. This may not be the court of law but it is the court of public opinion. And like a bare knuckled scrapping lawyer Matthew ‘The Hammer’ Hale objects to and smashes every exhibit put forth by the prosecution. His deconstruction of the loaded terms ‘racism’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘White privilege’ stick out in this reviewer’s mind.

In a speech decades ago it was John Tyndall, former chairman of the British National Party, who remarked that the epitaph of the 20th century has already been written: “The Great White Racial Retreat”. Tyndall also remarked that the most powerful weapon of that century was not the atom bomb but rather the epithet ‘racism’. But what does ‘racist’ really mean? On p. 32 Mr. Hale offers his insight. “Other than a biased and false dictionary definition, it is a word that is bandied about without anyone bothering to explore its actual meaning and, as a result, it is one of the most ill-construed words that there is. All ‘racism’ in reality means is the practice of racial distinctions and thus the ‘racist’ is one who makes racial distinctions, whether positive or negative. Thus the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is plainly a racist organization because it distinguished between ‘colored’ people and White people. In other words, it is concerned with race and thus is ipso facto ‘racist.’ The use of ‘racism’ and especially ‘racist’ as pejoratives is quite simply misplaced. Whether the NAACP like White people too, thinks that White people are equal or whatever is irrelevant; since it is concerned with race, it is racist, and so is every other of the thousands of non-white organizations that exist. Racism itself has nothing to do with hatred, race superiority, or any other perceived negative sentiment. The black NAACP is racist, the brown National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) is racist, the White Ku Klux Klan is racist, ‘affirmative action’ policies are racist, and even the U.S. census is racist (as it too makes racial distinctions) since all of these groups and policies make distinctions on the grounds of race. There is nothing negative about racism, inherently.”

Listening to the incessant blathering of the mainstream media it would seem that ‘discrimination’ is a tool of the devil. At the same time the U.S. government, whose public relations division is the aforementioned media, actively discriminates against Whites with its ‘affirmative action’ policies. At least in the United Kingdom the government is a tad less deceitful, calling such anti-White policies ‘positive discrimination’. But this begs the question what is ‘discrimination’? Declares Mr. Hale, it is simply a word “… that means the making of choices. Whenever you go to a grocery store, you discriminate as to which products to buy. When you marry, you discriminate as to whom you believe is desirable as a mate for life. When you drive to work, you discriminate as to the route you think is the best to get there. When you watch television, you discriminate in your choice of channels … All life involves discrimination, the making of choices … To ban all ‘discrimination’ in society would ban all choosing and thus render men total slaves, for is it not true that the slave in chains has likewise been deprived of all choice in how to live.” (p. 33)

The rest and full article is now in the body of the post, above.

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Pope Pius XI wrote:

If you can ignore the fact of the author being Jewish (from Brown U.), the website being Jewish (NPR) and the attendant perspective, there is nevertheless some interesting discussion here about the relation of Mussolini and Pope Pius XI:

The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe.


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Debt is the Key wrote:

Japan was already one the world’s richest countries in 1990, and its per capita income has continued to grow, albeit slowly. Its unemployment rate, now 3.6%, has been consistently below European levels. And its “public debt burden” will turn out to be an illusion.

It is the eurozone, not Japan, that should worry us. Tight constraints on fiscal deficits and an absolute prohibition on monetization by the European Central Bank have prevented an effective response to the post-2008 debt overhang, driving the eurozone unemployment rate to 11.2%. The potential social and political consequences of lost decades of slow growth and high unemployment would be far more serious in Europe, with its diverse national identities and imperfectly integrated ethnic and religious minorities, than in culturally and ethnically homogeneous Japan.

While Europe plays with social and political fire, Japan just needs to tweak its accounting entries. A shrug of the shoulders well justified.


Debt really is key to understanding the political economy of our times. May we live in interesting times as they say, especially given what is being considered in Iceland and the likely exit of Greece from the Euro and perhaps the EU

                                                          - Graham

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African vs European population wrote:

The World’s Most Important Graph: African Population Projections

By Steve Sailer on April 23, 2015

To understand what’s at stake regarding the Mediterranean, here’s a graph I made from the numbers in World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision: Volume II: Demographic Profiles, which was published in 2013 by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.

The United Nations’ population projections for the continent of Africa are on p. 10 of the paper document (p. 36 of the PDF); the data for the continent of Europe are on p. 23 (p. 49 of the PDF).

(Now, of course, these UN projections are based on the highly arguable premise that the emigration rate out of Africa will decline steadily. The million or so Africans currently massed in Libya waiting to set sail for the EU, where they will invite their relatives back home to join them, would probably not agree with that heroic assumption.)

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Rape culture or rape DNA wrote:

Having been a little uncomfortable using Ted Bundy as an illustration of the dark side of self actualization, I did not want to suggest that his hideous sadism was sheerly an environmental phenomenon. He may well have been born a sociopath:

The Untold Story

Rape Culture…or Rape DNA?

by Jim Goad

The April edition of International Journal of Epidemiology contains an article called “Sexual offending runs in families: A 37-year nationwide study.” A summary of the article runs as follows:

  Close relatives of men convicted of sexual offenses commit similar offenses themselves more frequently than comparison subjects. This is due to genetic factors rather than shared family environment….

The study scrutinized the records of all 20,000+ convicted sex offenders in Sweden from 1973-2009. It concluded that compared to males in the general population, brothers of convicted sex offenders are roughly five times more likely to also commit sex crimes. Sons of convicted sex offenders are about four times as likely to follow in daddy’s skeevy footsteps. Researchers reportedly teased out variables such as family environment to reach their conclusions. For example, half-brothers raised under the same roof proved far less likely to both be sexual predators than full blood brothers raised under the same roof.
“Sex and power aren’t discrete entities; if anything, they’re nearly synonymous.”

According to co-researcher Niklas Langstrom:

  We found that sex crimes mainly depended on genetic factors and environmental factors that family members do not share with one another, corresponding to about 40 percent and 58 percent, respectively.

As study coauthor Seena Fazel tells it:

  What we have found is high quality evidence from a large population study that genetic factors have a substantial influence on an increased risk of being convicted of sexual offences.

Full article at Taki’s mag:

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AFP's Kenn Daily wrote:

American Freedom Party is running Kenn Gividen for President and former senior White House adviser, Bob Whitaker, for Vice President

Current articles from the Daily Kenn:—Police say they are searching for a black male with short, curly dark hair in the shooting death of Cassandra Cassidy.

The 24-year-old was apparently flagged down by two black females as she drove to work last week. The two asked to borrow her cell phone. Moments later shots were fired from a passing vehicle killing Cassidy.

Police say they don’t believe Cassidy was the target. That discounts the possibility that the murder was a random shoot-a-white-person set up in spite of the unlikelihood that neither of two black females would possess cell phones.

The crime occurred April 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Muslims beat woman with chain, laugh about it in court:

..............................................................................—Police in South Africa are looking for two black males after the body of a Port Elizabeth teacher was found.

Reports say Jayde Panayiotou, 28, was last seen early Tuesday morning.

Apparently the males kidnapped Panayiotou, stole her bank cards, and dumped her body in an isolated area.

Images from an ATM machine are providing police with evidence that may lead to the killers’ identity.

                Jayde Panayiotou


Brainwashed black people act out false narrative in Baltimore—Ignoring the 420,749 black-on-black homicides from 1976 to 2014, a mob of black people took advantage of live television coverage to shout profanities and threats in protest of the death of a black male in police custody.

Tragically, black Americans fail to realize they are being exploited by the media.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (Dept. of Justice), 52.2 percent of homicides were committed by blacks, nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 and nearly all (97 percent) of the victims were black.

Black lives only matter to the media when they can be exploited to compel gullible black people to act out in frustration, a Marxist ploy called “agitation” encouraged in Saul D. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

The media has convinced naive black people and some dim-witted white Americans that an epidemic of white cops killing young black males has gripped the nation. In reality, the overwhelming number of black homicides are committed by other blacks.

The media won’t say that.


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middle eastern totem & taboo by-George wrote:


Published on Alternative Right, April 23rd, 2015

Today is St. George’s Day! So break out the old red-and-white banner (the police are on their way, you racist!), thump the “three lions” badge on your chest, and burst into the rousing chorus of Jerusalem, the stirring hymn that is tipped to become the official English national anthem when the UK collapses in a few years time.

Notice anything odd about all these icons of English identity? They are all from the Middle East or Africa.

Yes, they are all about as intrinsic to England as the latest boatload of Somalian immigrants bused up from the Italian coastguard camps for a new life in Britain’s welfare state. In some deep, dark, mystical way perhaps this explains why these totems of English identitarianism are malfunctioning so badly.

Saint George was a Syrian born in Lydda, now a suburb of Tel Aviv. He never came to England and never even knew that it existed…because it didn’t in the third century!

The Christian identity that supposedly underpins Englishness – “Old maids bicycling to holy communion through the morning mist” as George Orwell so poetically put it – is, of course, a Middle Eastern excrescence, varnished with a bit of Neo-Platonism, Roman absolutism, and Anglo-Saxon befuddlement.

The natural result of this is a song like Blake and Elgar’s Jerusalem, which can only conceive of England attaining perfection by becoming an eschatological manifestation of the original “Hymie Town.”

Then there are the lions. The nearest one in the wild is several thousand miles away. Much better to have a badger instead, or a red squirrel – also an interesting symbol of population replacement.

Even the rose, that quintessential symbol of English femininity, is nothing more than a gaudily-coloured Middle Eastern weed, originating in Iran. No rose without a thorn indeed!

“I wonder what badger tastes like?”

James C. Russell’s The Germanization of Medieval Christianity: A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation presents us with the reassuring theory that, despite the cultural holocaust of the Middle Ages, Northern Europeans somehow managed to maintain their cultural integrity and identity, and that what was Middle Eastern became Northern European. It therefore shouldn’t matter that there are so many Middle Eastern symbols and concepts in our culture. But should it?

Full essay at Alternative Right:


The EDL: making Middle Easterners and Africans feel at home.


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More of Janner's friends wrote:

Continued from TOO

Another of Janner’s close associates was Stuart Kuttner, a managing editor of the News of the World newspaper when bogus exposes of non-existent racist and neo-nazi plots was something of a staple at the paper. (A former News of the World journalist hack has written about this practice at length).

Other close associates have included the notorious fraudster Robert Maxwell (“Robert Maxwell, aka the Bouncing Czech, demonstrated that you can have a lot of fun in publishing … especially if you are using other people’s money and are not inhibited by ethics or concern about legality”) and Lord Goodman who was a solicitor for former British prime minister Harold Wilson and is said to have prevented many a scandal by threatening newspaper editors.

Janner was also close to other Jewish politicians such as Mrs Thatcher’s former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, now deceased, who has been much in the news of late for his alleged involvement with a paedophile ring.

But it is Janner’s role in the establishment of Britain’s most moneyspinning holocaust charity that is his crowning glory. The Holocaust Education Trust has been rather silent about the debt they owe to Greville Janner, since it became public knowledge that he was a suspected child rapist. As I noted in an earlier article.

  This huge organisation has embarked on one of the largest programmes of social engineering ever seen in Britain. Its main achievement has been in making Holocaust propaganda a central part of the core National Curriculum in England. Now every pupil between 11 and 14 must undergo mandatory Holocaust instruction.  More than half of Britain’s schools now take part in the HET’s “Lessons from Auschwitz” programme while it has sent about 15,000 pupils to visit Auschwitz itself.

  It directs an ambitious “Outreach” indoctrination programme and claims to have recruited 20,000 “Ambassadors” amongst Britain’s young people to spread the word and diligently ensure that Holocaust enthusiasm does not drop to unacceptable levels.

  The HET has impeccable cross-party political and business Jewish connections, including House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and Lord Browne, formerly the head of British Petroleum.  But getting the Prime Minister to attend its annual appeal dinner and announce not only the latest cash boost [from the government to the tune of £2,400,000 per year] but that he would chair the new Holocaust Commission and visit Auschwitz himself next year, was a real coup.

Nevertheless they could never have cornered such a huge share of the Holocaust market without his connections, access to money or driving ambition. It is the achievement of which he is the most proud.

When not networking, Janner’s main joy in life seemed to be to go on international junkets in which he would never miss an opportunity to oil himself up to local dignitaries.

Jewish causes were always what was closest to his heart, whether it was recovering looted wartime art or arranging for the Jews to leave the Eastern Europe for Israel during the Cold war.

Janner’s love for his people has always helped him overcome his infirmities. Two years ago and four years after his diagnosis of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he was fit enough to travel to Israel to receive his ultimate accolade from his people — the opening of a kindergarten named after him, in a ceremony attended by the British Ambassador, in Israel.

The naming of the Lord Greville Janner Education Centre in Galilee was a thank you for both his lifelong interest in the welfare of children and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

As an indication of how great the public outcry is, eleven leading MPs from seven parties — at least two of them Jewish — have written to The Times asking that the Director of Public Prosecutions reconsider her decision not to prosecute him. They say she risks “damaging public confidence” with her position that the case not go any further.

Life has been good to Greville Janner, due in no small part to his ability for friendship and ethnic fealty.

These are gifts, however, that finally seem to be deserting him.

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  April 23, 2015 - 4:33 pm

  When Frank Beck, the Leicester children’s home manager, was convicted and subsequently gaoled for child sexual abuse, he had already revealed in court that Greville Janner was a paedophile. The late Sid Chaney, former National Front Islington branch organiser, wrote directly to Beck in prison to ascertain the facts of Janner’s involvement, to expose the truth and facilitate a prosecution by the authorities. A booklet about Janner was produced to highlight the case, published by either the campaigner, Lady Birdwood, or the revisionist publisher, Anthony Hancock. The above occured some years ago. As a news story it’s media-wide, but the DPP has made the decision not to prosecute. Like Cyril Smith’s police file that disappeared, another high ranking Paedophile of the political Establishment gets away with it!
  April 23, 2015 - 12:19 pm

  “The naming of the Lord Greville Janner Education Centre in Galilee was a thank you for both his lifelong interest in the welfare of children and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.” I wonder if they’ll keep that name for their school.

  Is it too late to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize? Jews are very talented in public relations or maybe a few newspaper owners could be threatened to change how they report on Lord Janner.
  April 23, 2015 - 12:01 pm

  Excellent essay.

  April 23, 2015 - 10:50 am

  The 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England, Justin Welby’s official biography says his father’s family were German Jewish immigrants who moved to England in the late 19th century. Welby met his future wife Caroline at Cambridge. They have two sons and three daughters. Bishop Welby recalls his father’s telling him that he had sailed to New York as a teenager after the 1929 crash, and worked as a bootlegger.

  The Times of Israel’s headline read: “The First Jewish Head of Church of England’.
  April 23, 2015 - 10:32 am

  The jew moral high ground is coming to an end with our betters that run our degenerate society. Damaging public confidence to the friends of GreVILE smell Janner a fish rots from the head down.

  April 23, 2015 - 8:38 am

Just hours ago the poor dementia suffering Janner is reported to be sane enough to transfer his property successfully to his children, thus depriving his child victims effective civil recourse.
It reeks of a fraudulent transfer and a fraudulent disability. It deserves to be reversed. It also highlights the Jewishness of Janner’s soul. He never was British and never could be. His DNA precludes it.

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Friends of Greville Jenner wrote:

Friends of Greville Janner

April 23, 2015 — Francis Carr Begbie

With the clamour of protest over the decision not to prosecute one of Britain’s most senior Jewish politicians over child rape allegations showing no sign of abating, it is worthwhile looking back at the career of the man at the centre.

Even without these lurid claims, Greville Janner must rank as one of the most unpopular specimens to ooze his way onto Parliament’s famous green benches.

With his pink carnation, clammy handshake and faint after burn of eau-de-cologne, his grinning approach was guaranteed to send a shiver down the spines of the toughest parliamentarians, even in his own Labour Party.

Nevertheless, this ingratiating, limp-wristed flatterer has prospered over the decades of his slithering along the corridors of power, not least due to his astute playing of the Jewish ethnic card.

His modus operandi was as a backroom operator, a Mr Fixit, a dispenser of favours and passer-on of messages. He was one of those types who would insist on doing someone a favour whether it was wanted or not. In his autobiography he says it was his mother who taught him his most important political lesson — there are few problems that could not be solved with a quiet word in the right ear.

Indeed, his own political career was launched by a backroom deal. The lifelong Londoner effectively inherited his Midlands constituency from his father after a dubious, secretive process which infuriated many local Labour Party members.

When it came to weaselling himself into the favour of a powerful figures, he displayed a sublime talent. A favoured tactic was to lobby some prominent figure for recognition for another one, especially in the Jewish community.  Here, he lobbies the Archbishop of Canterbury for an honour for the Chief Rabbi. There, he buttonholes a passing government minister and suggests an honour for a Jewish businessman.

From the beginning of his career a number of distinct themes have dominated his working life. One of the least savoury as it turns out was his close interest in the welfare of young boys who fall into the care system, and to that end he is a longstanding member of the Boy Scouts Association.

But the main one is his overriding commitment to the Jewish people.  That has been his main priority and he claims it stems from his experience as Britain’s youngest war crime investigator when he was in Germany just after the war.

As far as his own constituency of Leicester West was concerned, Janner was clearly more concerned about the welfare of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent than he was about the native White community or, as he puts it in his book, the “battle against racism and anti-Semitism is at the core of my life’s work”.

From the moment he was elected in 1970, Janner set about making himself indispensible to the fast-growing Indian community. At the time Britain was in the middle of a refugee crisis when Ugandan dictator Idi Amin threw all the Indian immigrants out of his country.

Under Britain’s Commonwealth and Nationality laws, a disastrous overhang from the days of Empire, these Indians were technically British subjects and entitled to come and stay in Britain. The laws had been drawn up as an administrative convenience and it had never been envisaged that Indians would ever leave their own country.  But in the sixties they began arriving in Britain in vast numbers. Many converged on Leicester to the alarm of the town’s native White population.

Leicester soon became the scene of racial discord and Whites took to the streets to vent their anger at being swamped by a foreign influx they had never been consulted about.  Labour Party voters deserted for the assertive new nationalist party, the National Front.

For Janner this was an opportunity to show where his loyalties — such as they were — really lay.  In his memoir he recalls inviting the Indian community to a meeting and telling them he stood “shoulder to shoulder” with them against the native White opposition.

“I am a Jew and half my family were destroyed by racists. I am an expert in discrimination.”  Said the privately-educated, Oxford and Harvard graduate who had inherited his father’s parliamentary seat.

In a breathtaking passage aimed directly at the White people he was paid to represent, he describes a conversation with a non-Asian school head teacher.  He claims that the unnamed head teacher said “They have raised the intelligence in my school.”  The sheer contempt for the native White population in that remark is unmistakable.

Gleefully, he remembered how he dismissed the objections of the native Whites. He writes “I was determined to battle against some of my indigenous constituents dislike of the unlike…”  And enthusiastically he took up the fight against his own White constituents.

In 1971 Leicester council placed an advert in Kampala newspapers saying Leicester was full but this did nothing to stem the immigration flow. Janner recalls:  “The Leicester Mercury and the local police were my allies in keeping the local National Front and the fascists at bay. In local elections in 1977 the National Front only missed gaining a seat in one of my housing estates by a few votes. ‘Enough’ I said to my Labour colleagues. We recognised that the estate was almost entirely white. They were afraid of people they had never met. The National Front seemed their natural ally. We must expose them. “ he recalled.

His access to a Jewish network of contacts and big money proved crucial, and it is here he reveals an episode of extremely dubious legality. “I consulted the (Jewish) Board of Deputies. They had recently produced a wonderful pamphlet with the bold slogan on the front. ‘The National Front’ is a Nazi front’. We put one into every letter box on the estate. The local fascists cringed and never received the same level of votes again.” In fact a police prosecution of far-left activists did take place for circulating literature in contravention of election laws.

One of the NF candidates threatened to sue for libel, with the result that Janner took a Jewish high street retail millionaire called Stanley Kalms up to Leicester for a visit. Janner claims in his book that Kalms promised to underwrite any court action. Lord Kalms was later to become a huge contributor to the Conservative Party — a good example of how common Jewish interests override trifling party considerations.

With Janner’s support, the Indian surge continued and by 1976 around 40,000 Asians from India and Pakistan had flooded into Leicester and comprised about 20% of the population. Janner freely admits he came to depend on the Indian community for his election majorities. National Front council votes were as high as 30% in local elections.

Janner repaid Stanley Kalms’ support by lobbying furiously for him to receive first a knighthood and then a peerage. This finally paid off in 2004 when Kalms entered the House of Lords as Baron Kalms of Edgeware, better known as Lord Kalms.

As is so often the case with Jewish politicians, the diversity Janner was so keen to impose on his constituents did not extend to his own circle or even his private office. From his numerous business partners to the researchers he used throughout his parliamentary career, he seems to have hired or worked with only other Jews and used gentiles solely for admin and other menial roles.

It has been frequently pointed out in TOO that the Jewish community is forgiving of Jews who run afoul of the law. Disgraced Jewish businessmen frequently double-down on their ethnic identity by suddenly developing a deep interest in the cause of Israel and Jewish charities.

Janner has been able to turn this dubious and transparent tactic to great profit. Time and again he has provided his services as a political fig leaf to shady businessmen — for a price, of course.

One was the London casino magnate Cyril Stein who had his gaming licence revoked for disreputable practices in the 1970s when magistrates said he was not a “fit and proper” person. Janner was happy to accept a non-executive seat on the board of Stein’s Ladbrokes betting shop chain which he boasted paid more than his parliamentary salary.

The second involved another millionaire businessman called Gerald Ronson who was jailed for a year for his part in a share-rigging scandal in 1990. Ronson was released from prison to a sumptuous “Welcome Home” party provided by the ever-forgiving Jewish community. It was presided over by the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and there too, ingratiating as ever, was Greville Janner.

Since then Ronson has wormed his way back to respectability of sorts with his chairmanship of the sinister Jewish security organisation, the CST, which is largely an offshoot of the Board of Jewish Deputies.

Janner’s energetic lobbying helped ensure that Ronson’s criminal record did not stop him being made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2012 for his services to Jewish — and other — charities.

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AFP candidate Sean Donahue wrote:

Bill Johnson of The American Freedom Party talks with a mayoral candidate of theirs - Sean Donahue / focus on implications of 51 million immigrants to The US in 8 years.

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51 million immigrants by 2023 wrote:

Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years and eventually account for an astounding 82 percent of all population growth in America, according to new U.S. Census figures.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies that analyzed the statistics said that by 2023, one in seven U.S. residents will be an immigrant, rising to one in five by 2060 when the immigrant population totals 78 million.

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Lindtner + Humphreys wrote:

Lindtner + Humphreys

Christian Lindtner and Kenneth Humphreys to appear in international conference:

  FYI: There will be an important international conference on the New Testament in Roskilde, Denmark on June 21-24, 2015

  Gospel Interpretation and Q-Hypothesis.

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DanielS wrote:

I ran into a German guy last night. We had a long talk during his stop-over to catch a train on his way to a three week vacation in Bieszczady - which is an area of undulating hills and low mountains (reminiscent of West Virginia) in the South-East corner of Poland. There, a student association initiated a community where people come to build small houses:

During his vacation he will build, enjoy music around campfires, drinking vodka til 3 in the morning.

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Accounts requested wrote:

Note that William Pierce adopts the fatalistic position that a people are aggressive or they die.

Is that true? It seems rather a mechanistic presumption underpinning catastrophe.

Accounts requested - where do they go too far, where do they not go far enough? To what matters should they apply?

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Gunter Grass wrote:

Günter Wilhelm Grass

- Was a Kashubian (an identifying people of German and Polish ancestry, of what is now northwestern Poland).

- Most famous for The Tin Drum, a story taking place in World War II conflicted Danzig/Gdansk.

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Lilah's Dance wrote:

Lilah’s Dance

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20 years on the NYPD job wrote:

NYPD officer tells of his 20 years on the job. Surprisingly, never had to shoot anybody while confronted with many harrowing situations and constant peril:

In his 20 years as a New York City police officer, Steve Osborne made thousands of arrests. He says that when he was in uniform, it wasn’t unusual to handle 20 jobs a night. And in plainclothes, in the anti-crime unit, his teams would make several felony collars a week, mostly robberies, assaults and gun arrests.

Osborne nearly got run over by a train while chasing a suspect through a subway tunnel. He dealt with decaying corpses discovered in apartments. While making one arrest, when he was a rookie, a crowd gathered around him and starting throwing bottles and rocks at him. But he loved the adrenaline-inducing work — and how in certain situations he had to make a split-second decision.

“You really got about one second to make a life-and-death decision”....


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YKW and Objectivists wrote:

...“it was the worst possible ideological elements who would triumph”:

1. Prescriptions of internationalist liberalism by plutocrats headed by Jewish interests and plutocrats whose objectivism was indifferent to the relative interests of race and species thereof.

2. Cultural Marxism which was/is a unionionization of any peoples who want to rupture union of native White interests, in particular by liberalizing what would otherwise be the boundaries and borders of that union.

Lets not get lost in blaming young White men for what organized Jewry, such as the SDS did in co-opting Viet Nam protest as a political venue, as it is White men they want to blame entirely, particularly those who could not immunize themselves from expendablity and had/have motive to be loyal to a nation which is in turn loyal to their interests. Nor should we allow the YKW to take their nascent and inarticulate protest to be included in native social unionization and associate it with liberalism so pervasive as to do away with native national citizenship and boundaries/borders.

No, the answer is in nationalism proper, in which “class” is the same as the whole bounded nation, unionized by citizenship of historic native peoples; and qualitative “niche” takes the place of class, position determined by qualitative merit, stable but accountable to the systemic human ecology. Indeed this requires “elite”, viz., those in positions sensitive to cybernetic governance (or otherwise runaway) of the system, to be uncorrupted by YKW and without objectivist blindness to indebtedness to historical/social capital of native human ecology.

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David Jones / Craig Pond discuss candidacies wrote:

April 21, 2015

The Atlantic Axis is a radio show promoting the efforts of British Nationalists and featuring related Nationalist news stories coming out of the United Kingdom and the Anglosphere in general.

“This Week: Craig Pond, Independent Candidate for Parliament in May 2015”.


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Destiny of liberals under the YKW wrote:

Tanstaafl on the destiny of liberal White societies under the contextual force of Jewish power

Over the past year I’ve invested many hours reading and talking about Yockey, especially what he had to say about liberalism and race in Imperium, his magnum opus. I dove into the effort with the expectation of finding important insights. Long story short, I didn’t. Not to say it is a waste of time to read Yockey, but there are other authors a White man can and should read whose work in more concise and relevant. For instance, I would recommend any of Kevin MacDonald’s work before Imperium. Even better, read Revilo Oliver’s short book The Jewish Strategy.

In my opinion the flaw with the view of liberalism Yockey laid out in Imperium is that he largely ignored jewish influence on European thinking and history. Most every White historian and philosopher has. Most still do. They either ignore the jews, or regard them as fellow Europeans. In fact, this is proving to be a fatal mistake.

Whites did not stumble accidentally into the ideas of liberalism. Whites have long been infiltrated, manipulated and exploited by jews, who have all along been more fully conscious of themselves as a collective, distinct from and in fact hostile to Whites. Jews have directed the course of history, and their own destiny, exactly because they have organized and conspired to do that – to the long-term benefit of themselves and the detriment of Whites.

Though jew rule still isn’t overtly acknowledged as such, it is clear enough that the jews rode the values of liberalism – freedom, equality, tolerance – straight to the top. At this point in history it is jews who command the levers of financial, social and political power. Jews rule mainly in mind rather than body, by literally defining the very morals and terms by which the governing bodies of nearly the entire globe operate.

In this short essay titled The Destiny of America, published several years after Imperium, we can see that Yockey knew quite a bit about the difference between Whites and jews. I think it’s worth reading because in the sixty years since Yockey wrote, what he describes as the destiny of America has become the destiny of the world.

The version I’ll read is from, which carries this introduction:

    The Destiny of America is a short essay by Francis Parker Yockey in which he discusses the American history and spirit, the Jewish history and spirit, and how Jews have manipulated Americans and took power over America. It is possible that this essay, as professor Revilo Oliver suggests, is an extract from the manuscript of The American Destiny, a book which Yockey wrote but was never published because the manuscript was taken and destroyed by authorities after Yockey’s arrest.

Though Yockey understood the jews as alien he still accepted the jewish narrative portraying them as historically persecuted and powerless. He misunderstood jewish parasitism and aggression as relatively recent and opportunistic behavior, as “revenge” for their “persecution”. As usual, Yockey is quite disdainful of White “liberals”, referring to them here as “sub-Americans with defective instincts”, essentially as useful idiots for the ruling jews. This is a strong distinction from Imperium, where Yockey presented European “liberals” as rational masterminds irrationally undoing themselves.

Interesting comment by Franz, in which Jews are seen as treating “time as territory”, which I guess would correspond with caring for accumulating social capital:

  21 April 2015 at 6:21 pm

  @ George –

  How is it possible to coordinate efforts toward a goal over such a time period?

  Short answer:

  Jewish minds see “time” as territory the same way the rest of us see yards, cubic centimeters, square miles, and so on.

  Michael Bradley tried to explain this in a series of articles. He called it the Kronos Complex. He sees it as explicitly ashkenazi behavior, going back to the neolithic. As maladaption, it has drawbacks. But as group dominance behavior it has one pluperfect and irresistable advantage: Seeing time as ground to take, hoard, pass on to heirs, plunder and otherwise exploit will terminally destroy any other group that only thinks in terms of “one generation and out.”

  White people generally follow the notion that “the world began when I was born and ends when I die”. If these same people have children, sooner or later this progeny will be slaves of people who think of time as “territory” they can manipulate and grandually control. (Fractional interest loans and fiat currency are nothing more than using abstract financial instruments as time machines. Likewise, what is “Jehovah” if not time as a deity?)

  European-derived peoples aren’t greedy enough, that’s all. They don’t want all the time in the world, but their enemies do.


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Dude wrote:

Worth a chat?

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Archbishop of Canterbury wrote:

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Must take in Mediterranean migrants’

Britain’s most prolific church leader is urging European governments to absorb “Mediterranean migrants,” a code word for non-white Muslims.

The Most Rev Justin Welby’s plea is based upon pathological altruism. His appeal is that the plight of the invaders is ‘so extreme, so appalling’.

Cultural Marxism fails to inform us that by absorbing foreign cultures, we become foreign cultures.

For our American Indian ancestors, that was a positive phenomenon as Western values and ingenuity enhanced their lives.

For Europeans, it is a travesty.

The massive influx of Mid-Eastern culture will destroy the infrastructure provided by Western culture that enhances all cultures with moral restraint and innovation.

In short, the displacement of Western culture transcends the genocide of the white race. It will ultimately impose unimaginable suffering upon all humanity. That is a simple abstract that any rational person understands.

Globalism does understand. It doesn’t care.

That is, the core philosophy of globalism is not based on logic. Rather, it intentionally defies rationalism and seeks to destroy the disparity between the West and Third World nations, whatever the costs.

To global Marxism equality of life trumps quality of life.

By advocating massive immigration of ‘Mediterranean migrants,’ Welby is cloaking the destruction of humanity under a false veil of compassion.


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disturbing increase in Polish migrants expected wrote:

New wave of Polish workers on the way to Britain as 250,000 think of quitting homeland

FEARS of a fresh wave of Polish migrants heading to the UK were raised by government research showing 250,000 were thinking of quitting their homeland for a better life over here.

About 1.2million Poles want to leave the country and move abroad in the next 12 months and almost one in four hope to land in Britain, a study by the Polish employment service found.

The staggering figures prompted concern in the UK - which is already home to nearly 800,000 of the eastern Europeans.

Steven Woolfe of Ukip said: “The most worrying thing about this survey is that low income migrants are the most likely to want to come to the UK with their families seeking ‘a better life.’ Whilst this might be understandable, this will continue to put pressure on the wages of unskilled UK workers.”

The head of Poland’s employment service Tomasz Hanczarek said: “This is a disturbing increase in the numbers of people looking to work abroad.

“Last year it was five percent, this year it is 6.4 percent, which means that 1.2 million have decided to leave the country in the next 12 months.”


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mahafuz-newsSEO wrote:

Finally England regained the Ashes after winning the final test at the Oval. A very cool summer ended well for England. English team won the last test by 197 runs.
latest cricket news

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DanielS wrote:

Thank You Graham, I agree

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Graham_Lister wrote:


There are some people that are so morally corrupt and intellectually dishonest as to be unworthy of inclusion in any discussion.

Defenders and lovers of Hitler and his regime are such people. Anyone that can be ‘on the side’ of a regime and persona that via the regime’s hyper-aggressive aims of geo-political expansion and general hubris - driven mostly by the insane megalomaniac’s psychology - precipitated events resulting in the deaths of some 60 million Europeans is beyond reason or moral seriousness.

Of course many ordinary and decent Germans suffered the consequences of that regime and are equally to be mourned.

Danny I have told you before don’t engage with such low-level, low-quality people. It’s an enormous waste of time and energy. Don’t feed the trolls. It’s pointless and simply a source of stress and frustration. You might as well attempt to argue with a believer in Voodoo that their little icons are in fact not magical items at all etc. People ultimately choose to believe whatever they want to. But the truth will always be the truth regardless of the acknowledgment (or not) of certain personality types.

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Hadding criteria for truth wrote:

Apparently that satisfies Hadding’s criteria for “truth” : truth - his mother was Polish = therefore “she* taught him to hate Germans.” More Hadding “truth” - “Hating Germans” = He doesn’t approve of Hitler -  unanimity with Hitler = “truth”

*...and when he thought my father was the Polish one, then it was he who “taught me to hate Germans.”

Of course he doesn’t know either of my parents from Adam or what they taught me.

.....his “weapon the truth.”

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DanielS wrote:

That’s not the experience of truth for those who truly seek it, Helvena. It is you who might take your ball and go home.

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