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Morgoth wrote:

Richard Spencer is receiving quite a bit of coverage on the ‘‘White Homeland’’ front, here a local Rabbi from his home town is trying to shut him down, it’s also a Disqus thread and Richard shows up:

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OptimalSeparatism wrote:

So Euro-nationalists would welcome and recognise the various separatist movements in there host countries?

Recognizing and honoring autonomy to as large extent as feasible could be an ideal, yes.

Actually, that translates to separatism to an optimal extent as the ideal.

Cooperation and maintaining part in the full nation is necessary to some extent as well.

Maintaining the native population (and culture), economy and defense is the critical issue, of course.

If its a matter of neighbors spilling over from another nation and colonizing a region, that would be a less sympathetic reason.

It is a matter to look at case by case. Some of these separatisms are more legitimately motivated, i.e. nationalist, than others which are more imperialistic.

The Basques are an ancient people in their ancient place.

In other cases, regionalism seems to be promoted for disingenuous reasons, to camouflage imperialistic motives - “you don’t want any of that nationalism, do you?”

In still other cases it could be an unfair throwing under the boat of a neighboring region that should be worked with for both its situation to be improved and so that a hostile neighbor and spill over effect is not created. What do we do, separate France, Holland, Sweden, Italy and England from Europe because they have too many immigrants, old people, not enough native babies? They are still in the continent and will not go away by putting our heads in the sand. These compartments flooded will take the whole continent down eventually. On the other hand, the matter is one of optimality - the regions and states need to be autonomous and separatist enough in order for their borders to be maintained and alien elements that have sneaked in to a particular region not have too easy a means to overwhelm a neighbor.

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JacobSchiff wrote:

On February 3, 1949, John Schiff in an interview with the publication, New York American Journal, told the interviewer that his grandfather, Jacob Schiff, had given 20 million dollars to get the Russian revolution going. In today’s value it would be close to $200 million. A large portion of the money from Schiff was given in small denomination gold coins, which were used to purchase officers and soldiers from the Russian garrison in St. Petersburg, and use them as the foundation for the new Red Army.

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jamesUK wrote:


James"UK”, you never seem to want Europeans to get on. For all your posts you seem quite the Jewish troll.

Just pointing out the facts man. Jewish troll?

We ARE separatists and UNITED in our separatism both.

Jan agrees with that.

So Euro-nationalists would welcome and recognise the various separatist movements in there host countries?


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H.Res.707 wrote:

Summary: H.Res.707 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)All Bill Information (Except Text)

There are 2 summaries for this bill.

Bill summaries are authored by CRS.

Shown Here:

Passed House amended (09/18/2014)

Condemns: (1) all forms of anti-Semitism and rejects attempts to justify anti-Jewish hatred or violent attacks as an acceptable expression of disapproval over political events, and (2) the comparison of Israel to Nazis.

Applauds those foreign leaders who have condemned anti-Semitic acts, and calls on those who have yet to take firm action against anti-Semitism in their countries to do so.

Reaffirms support for the mandate of the United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism as part of the broader policy priority of fostering international religious freedom.

Supports Holocaust educational programs.

Urges the Secretary of State to:

  maintain fighting anti-Semitism as a U.S. foreign policy priority;
  urge governments to ensure that adequate laws are in place to punish anti-Semitic violence against persons and property;
  continue U.S. reporting on anti-Semitism by the Department of State and the Special Envoy to Combat and Monitor Anti-Semitism;
  ensure that instruments of U.S. public diplomacy, including the U.S. Representative to the Organization of Islamic Conference, are utilized to combat anti-Semitism;
  ensure high-level U.S. participation in the 2014 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) event marking the 10th anniversary of the 2004 OSCE Berlin Declaration against anti-Semitism;
  provide training for diplomatic and law enforcement personnel posted abroad to report on anti-Semitic incidents; and
  support OSCE efforts to monitor and address anti-Semitism, including through support for its law enforcement and civil society training programs.

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BlackExceptions wrote:

Stupid Comment “Firepower” - Definitely Not endorsed by MR.

Moving on then…

I long ago observed that the powers that be imposing what we are to take as cultural norms - viz., liberalism - constantly point to “the exceptions” of non-Whites as what we are to accept as representing their pattern. Naturally, this was frustrating as it flew in the face of reality and true experience. Of course trying to argue that case was only met with obstruction in academia of the 90’s.

However, Michael McGregor does now make the case very well, comparing the ostensible “exception”, Bill Cosby, with the rule - Ferguson.

Michael McGregor · November 25, 2014

Ferguson went up in flames last night over the decision not to indict the police officer who shot “gentle giant” Michael Brown. Blacks showed themselves off by looting, burning down chain stores, blocking interstates, and firing off automatic weapons. White America finally got a good look at the communities our tax dollars support—and how they just don’t care about basic facts.

Radix tweeted out Monday night that some people show off their culture through architecture, music, art…or by burning down their local Little Caesar’s. Black culture—fully supported through redistribution of wealth from Whites—showed itself off through the anarchy we witnessed on TV last night.

But many White Americans don’t like to accept Blacks for who they are. They desperately cling to notions inculcated into them through years of public education and cable television. These notions portray Blacks as peace-loving, wise, and more than capable of succeeding in our society—if it just wasn’t for those White bigots standing in their way. Even for Middle American Whites, the behavior of the Ferguson rioters is a bridge too far for them to make conclusions on African culture. They are “colorblind” after all, and they know that serial adulterer and noted plagiarist Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t be out rioting—even though King justified it as the “language of the unheard.”

How do they keep believing that all Blacks can miraculously assimilate into Western Civilization when all the evidence tells them otherwise? Because of individuals like Bill Cosby, the Black Exceptions.

The Black Exception is an individual who’s promoted to Whites to disprove the notion that Blacks can’t function in our societies. They have adapted enough White behaviors to become almost like us—but Black, which is even better in the minds of many deluded Whites. They’re held up as what Blacks can become if given the chance and how apparently Blacks previously were in society. They’re articulate (this term is a must), amiable, patriotic, hard-working, responsible, and adhere to conservative family values. These Exceptions are propagated primarily to conservative Whites as White liberals seem a-ok with figures who have no problems playing to stereotypes. (It is after all deemed racist to have a problem with what constitutes authentic black culture today—no matter how much it violates the sensibilities of Urban Elves.)

Black Exceptions, to bourgeois White society, do not prove the rule. Rather, they are the rule. In the minds of colorblind Whites, Blacks can all be like Bill Cosby—and they once were in some mythical time in this country’s existence. (Fact Check: No they weren’t and they only didn’t rape and pillage back in the day due to the use of brutal force to control them.) Black Exceptions are pointed to whenever Black criminality becomes unavoidable. Exceptions are pointed to when Blacks riot. They’re pointed to when Black test scores continue to be well below average. They’re used not to justify the racial attitudes of White liberals, but to justify the nonsensical “colorblindness” of conservatives. They can be just like us, as long as they follow the advice of Cosby, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, and whoever else the media props up next.

Cosby is the ultimate example of this type and has long been a hit among conservatives—despite a liberal reputation and publicly denouncing the Tea Party as dangerous. His television venture The Cosby Show was one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1980’s and featured Cosby as arguably the last “father-knows-best” types in American TV. The show, in spite of it clearly being a “Black show,” garnered viewers across racial lines—largely owing to its downplaying of racial politics and Cosby playing a strong father figure that was no longer allowed for White men on TV.

Over time, Cosby grew even further into his role as the prime Black Exception. Long after his show went off the air, the comedian railed against Ebonics and other excesses of Black culture detested by White society.

Here’s some excerpts from his famous “Pound Cake” speech—given in 2004 to honor the 50th anniversary of *Brown v. Board of Education”—that denounced contemporary Black culture:

  Are you not paying attention, people with their hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn’t that a sign of something, or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up (laughter and clapping ). Isn’t it a sign of something when she’s got her dress all the way up to the crack…and got all kinds of needles and things going through her body. What part of Africa did this come from? (laughter). We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans, they don’t know a damned thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed and all that crap and all of them are in jail. (When we give these kinds names to our children, we give them the strength and inspiration in the meaning of those names. What’s the point of giving them strong names if there is not parenting and values backing it up).

This instantly made him a cause célèbre among conservatives and furthered solidified his reputation as a walking embodiment that “they are all not like that”… until it emerged this month that he had raped over a dozen women throughout his adult life.

When this emerged, Cosby managed to have the worst month of his life. In one week, he went from the beloved Black father figure to a sociopathic serial rapist in the public consciousness. His return to TV was canned and his holiday specials were scrapped. He’s gone from lovable to near-universally despised in the shortest amount of time in human history.

Worst of all for Cosby, this has forever tarnished his reputation as the Black Exception par excellence. It’s hard to tell fellow Blacks to wise up and start acting like they did in your day when you made a hobby out of raping (mostly White) women. His rapey ambitions have deflated the hearts of millions of Whites who turned into his show and thought he was different. To many Whites, his message of moral grandstanding and rage against Black culture presented a foolhardy hope that if Afro-American kids just listened to him, they could become dopey members of the middle class, too. That delusion is, thankfully, fading away quick in the face of numerous accusations of rape and intimidation. But like all dying delusions, Cosby still has fanatical supporters ready to defend him and what he represents.

This is what the great goober and Black believer Glenn Beck had to say about the Associated Press accusing the great Black Exception of rape:

  You want to talk about rape? That’s media rape, right there… You’ve just raped Bill Cosby. You said you wouldn’t do it. You just did it and then you blamed it on him.

Not Cosby’s fault he raped, it’s the media’s fault for asking him about it.

Interestingly enough though, it wasn’t the AP or any other mainstream outlet that first ignited the renewed attention into Cosby’s private life—it was fellow a Black tired of the comedian talking down to his people. The comedian Hannibal Burress performed a stand-up bit in October that took umbrage with Cosby acting like a moral authority when he is in real life a rapist. He said that the more famous comic was the “smuggest old-black-man public persona that I hate. He gets on TV, ‘pull your pants up, black people, I was on TV in the ‘80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom.’”

His riff went viral and caused renewed scrutiny against a man with a squeaky clean, All-American image. Essentially, it’s his own people that are to blame for his fall from grace. The New Yorker reported it had to take a fellow Black man to take away the squeamishness of White liberals covering the rapes of Cosby, because they didn’t want to play up the stereotype of sexual predation attributed to Black men. Liberal notions first, facts second.

While the Left has no problem with thinking of Cosby as a sociopathic rapist and it not affecting their racial views, for many on the American Right this is a more serious concern. For years he’s been the man to point to when Blacks act Black and jeopardize colorblindness. Now they can no longer point to a rapist and say “they’re not all like that, just look at Cosby.” Sure, there’s still plenty of candidates out there, but none with the public goodwill and popularity that the TV star once had. And that’s all gone now.

White liberals have no problem defending the rioters of Ferguson and justifying their actions. They see America’s race problem as Whites not accepting Blacks for who they are—while ignoring the brutal truths. For conservatives, America’s race problem is due to Blacks not imbibing White values and behavior—while failing to realize those very same values and behaviors are inherently White.

The riots in Ferguson and the rape charges against Cosby will certainly not change how White liberals view race, but it will change the minds of at least a few conservatives. For the ones who will wake up to race will realize the obvious truth about Black Exceptions—they aren’t the rule. Ferguson is the rule.


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Firepower wrote:

All the 30,000,000 pages of testimony
THEN the 730,000,000 pages of tweeeeeeeeeetz n’ bloggs

Explaining the Ferguson Black Riots

It is simply clear that talking is now useless and coloreds MUST be *******

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Philip wrote:

Sorry to upset you Joe the Mountain but a bipartisan legal review and a unanimous non-binding Senate resolution both concluded that McCain is a natural-born citizen, not an Act of Congress as you suggest.

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JamesISR wrote:

James"UK”, you never seem to want Europeans to get on. For all your posts you seem quite the Jewish troll.

We ARE separatists and UNITED in our separatism both.

Jan agrees with that.

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jamesUK wrote:

At least he does not have a Hitler fetish and criticises it but does promote the standard victimology of genocide through immigration that you could tell he was from the US as they think immigration on the scale it is in the US is similar in Europe that I have debunked before with most of the immigration coming into from the new EU countries with most countries in Europe like the former Soviet Eastern bloc states Finland and Scandinavian countries having little external immigration. 

United Europe is a myth. There were times of war and conflict especially against the Ottoman Turks where European countries have allied with each other but most disputes between European countries whether it be war or financial disputes or both are among European powers.

Here is the list according to Wikipedia of the various separatist movements in Europe.

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TASER wrote:

The moral of the story is, do not let blacks into your habitat.

If you anticipate the necessity of interaction with them, bring your TASER.

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voznich wrote:

Another shameful day in America ...

Here is discovery testimony from attack victim Officer Darren Wilson:

198:18-20     Wilson is 6’4”, 210 pounds

199:6-8       He was working the 12 hour dayshift (0630-1830)

204:20-25     He was armed with ASP & OC

205:5         Carried a Sig Sauer P229 .40 Cal. With 12 in the mag. And one in the chamber for 13 total rounds.

205:15-23     Didn’t carry a TASER.  Usually they are available but he didn’t carry it because it was not comfortable.  He didn’t have much room in the front of his gunbelt to fit it in with the rest of his gear.

207:1-3       He saw two men walking down the center of the road on the double yellow line.

207:9-18     A citizen car had to stop and drive around the two suspects because they were in the lanes of traffic.

208:1-3       He could tell Brown was wearing bright yellow socks with marijuana leaves on them.

208:4-11     He stopped his patrol vehicle and asked Brown and Johnson to walk on the sidewalk and not in the street.  They just kept walking in the street.

208:23-25     Brown approached Wilson as he was seated and said, “fuck what you have to say.”

209:1-13     He saw Brown holding Cigarillos and then he looked at Johnson again then realized they were the thieves.  He got on his radio and asked for another unit.

209:14-24     Wilson backed up his vehicle and began to open the door.  He told Brown and Johnson to stop so he could speak with them.  Brown walked up tp Wilson’s vehicle and slammed the door before he could get out.  Brown says, “What the fuck are you going to do about it?”

210:1-8       Brown stared at Wilson as if he were trying to intimidate or overpower him.  He tried to open his door and he told Brown to “get the fuck back.”

210:12-24     Brown slammed the door again.  He leaned in the window and punched Wilson.  Wilson deflected some of the blows.  One landed on the side of his face.

211:13-21     Brown said, “hey man, hold these.”  [Apparently telling Johnson to hold the Cigarillos for him]

211:21-25     Brown switched the Cigarillos from his right hand to his left.

212:12-19     As Brown turned to pass off the Cigarillos Wilson tried to hold Browns right arm in a control hold to avoid getting trapped in the car.  He said, “I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan.”

212:20-213:7         Wilson tried to open his door again when Brown hit him with a full swing with his “right.”  Wilson could only think of how he could get Brown away from him so he didn’t get beaten in his car.

213:10-20     I considered using my Mace, but he would have to draw it with his left hand which was blocking the punches from Brown.  He said the chances of it being effective were slim to none because both his hands and Browns hands would have blocked the spray.  He was concerned the spray would incapacitate him because he wears contact lenses and is affected by spray he wouldn’t be able to see.

213:21-25     He couldn’t use his ASP because he was sitting on it.  He didn’t have a TASER option because he wasn’t carrying one.  He tried to pull himself forward by grasping the steering wheel.

214:1-5       And he wasn’t willing to let go of a defense from the punches.  Besides he knew he could expand his ASP inside the vehicle.  It wouldn’t be effective.

214:11-15     He considered his flashlight but it was on the passenger side of the vehicle and he wasn’t going to lean over an get it.

214:16-23     “So the only other option I thought I had was my gun.  I drew my gun, I turned.  It is kind of hard to describe it, I turn and I go like this.  He is standing here.  I said, ‘Get back or I’m going to shoot you.’  He immediately grabs my gun and says, ‘you are too much of a pussy to shoot me.’  The way he grabbed it, do yu have a picture?”

215:2-7       Brown grabbed his gun with hs right hand and twisted it into his (Wilson’s) hip.

216:18-23     Wilson believed that the punches could knock him out “or worse”.  He thought a third punch from Brown could be fatal.

217:1-2       …or at least cause him to go unconscious.

223:1-7       When the gun was pressed into his hip he thought he would be shot.  He felt Brown’s finger going into the trigger guard.

223:19-25     With all his might he twisted and pushed the gun away, toward the floorboard of his vehicle.

224:5-16     While Brown was holding the gun Wilson pulled the trigger and it just clicked.  He pulled it a second time and it just clicked again. “At this point I’m like why isn’t this working, this guy is going to kill me if he gets ahold of this gun.  I pulled it a third time and it goes off.  When it went off, t shot through my door panel and my window was down and glass flew out of my door panel….”

224:17-225:7         Wilson saw a chink of glass fly past him.  He saw blood on the back of his hand.  The gunshot startled him.  Brown stepped back.  Brown had an angry look on his face and he came back toward Wilson with his hands up.  Wilson pulled the trigger and nothing happened.

225:8-25     Wilson shielded his face as Brown punched him.  Wilson pulled the trigger again and it just clicked.  He racked the slide an pulled the trigger and “it went off.”

226:10-227:13       He looked up and Brown ran off.  Wilson announced “shots fired” over the radio.  Wilson chased Brown.  A short distance later Brown stopped and then Wilson stopped.  Wilson ordered Brown to the ground.  Brown grunted and came back toward Wilson.  Brown did a stutter step then started running at Wilson.  Brown’s left hand made a fist and his right hand went under his shirt n his waistband.

227:25-228:8         Wilson fired a series of rounds at Brown.  He knew he hit Brown a least once because Brown’s body jerked and flinched.  “I remember having tunnel vision on his right hand, that’s all, I’m just focusing on that hand when I’m shooting.”

229:9-18             Wilson’s tunnel vision opened up after the last shot.  Brown hadn’t slowed down.  Wilson backpedaled and rdered Brown to the ground and Borwn didn’t cooperate.  Wilson shot an another group of rounds.

229:19                 That group of shots didn’t stop Brown.  Wilson backed up rapidly and Brown kept running at him.  Just as Brown is about to tackle Wilson, Wilson fired a shot at Brown’s head from a distance of about 8-10 feet.  “And went it went into him, the demeanor on his face went blank, the aggression was gone, it was gone, I mean, I knew he stopped, the threat was stopped.”

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voznich wrote:


Do you have a list of places to access these kinds of pdfs? I own a copy of Human Accomplishment, a very useful book against egalitarians. But as I buy a lot of books, not to collect but to read, I wonder what the best way is to find cheap or free versions. Thanks for any insights.

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Wilson wrote:

Ferguson Witnesss Told Investigators That Michael Brown Charged Cop “Like a Football Player. Head Down”

Included in the grand jury material released tonight after the announcement that no charges would be filed in the Michael Brown killing is a handwritten witness account stating that the teenager charged at Officer Darren Wilson “like a football player. Head down.”

The unidentified witness wrote that the 18-year-old Brown “has his arms out with attitude,” while “The cop just stood there.” The witness added, “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.”

The witness told of hearing “3 bangs,” but “the big kid wouldn’t stop.”

The witness’s account of the unarmed Brown charging Wilson—even after he had been shot in the hand during a struggle at the cop’s patrol car—supports the officer’s contention that he fired a series of shots as Brown bore down on him.

During his September 16 grand jury testimony, Wilson, 28, recounted how he tussled with Brown when the teenager grabbed for his gun while lunging into the squad car. As they fought over the weapon, Wilson testified, the teenager taunted him, yelling, “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.”

Wilson told the grand jury that he felt Brown’s “fingers try to get inside the trigger guard with my finger.” He added, “I distinctly remember envisioning a bullet going into my leg. I thought that was the next step.”

Testifying that he thought Brown (seen at left) would “kill me if he gets ahold of this gun,” Wilson said that he discharged the weapon inside the cruiser. The gunshot, he added, “kind of startled him and me at the same time.” The teenager then “looked up at me and had the most intense aggressive face,” Wilson recalled. “The only way I can describe it, it looks like a demon, that’s how angry he looked.” Brown, Wilson testified, then raised his arms and punched him in the face.

Wilson also gave grand jurors another vivid description of Brown. Recalling when he first placed his hand on the teenager’s arm—when the 6’ 4”, 292-pound Brown was alongside his patrol car—Wilson testified that, “I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan.” The cop added, “Hulk Hogan, that’s just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.”

Wilson is pictured above in a police evidence photo taken at a hospital hours after the August 9 shooting.

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Desmond Jones wrote:


England burns.

Sweden riots

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KMonFerguson wrote:

Ferguson will speed up the racialization of American politics

November 25, 2014 —  Kevin MacDonald

Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement and six years into the “post-racial” Obama presidency, we have Ferguson. A TOO theme is that politics in the US and other Western countries is getting steadily more racialized as Whites and non-Whites gravitate to separate political parties with vastly divergent interests and attitudes. Ferguson will accelerate this process. Apart from those Whites who make a living in the bastions of liberal power in the media and academic world (e.g., this incredible piece in Salon [or this one by a non-White professor who complains that the verdict shows that “White supremacy lives on” from her perch at bucolic Hampshire College] or this predictable reaction from a local Black politician), the great majority of Whites will see this as a justified shooting in which an out-of-control, enraged, and very physically imposing Black thug attacked a White police officer.

That’s what the evidence pointed to, and St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch made it clear that some of the testimony implicating Officer Wilson was wildly at odds with the facts of the case. To put it charitably, these people saw what they wanted to see, and the Black underclass and the Black activists went all in with that narrative. Obama’s statement that the anger was “understandable” is outrageous since the anger flies in the face of the evidence. And even if you buy the idea that what happened in the past at least makes the reaction understandable, it certainly doesn’t justify an indictment, much less the shooting, burning and looting.

White America watching the TV coverage once again had its stereotypes of the Black underclass confirmed — irrational, violent, White-hating, and prone to criminality. Implicitly at least, there will be an uptick in race realism. Hollywood’s continuing attempts to stereotype Blacks as intelligent computer experts with the wisdom of Gandhi will face an increasingly uphill battle against reality.

After enabling a Black middle class, after all the affirmative action, after electing a Black president and getting a race-obsessed attorney general, after the massive, incredibly expensive, futile efforts to improve the academic performance of Black children, after all billions in the welfare programs, after all the programs aimed at lowering Black criminality,  there remains a very large Black underclass operating completely outside the institutional structures created by White society. For this group, nothing remains except anger at a system they cannot comprehend and blaming their failures on White racism.

Like the racially divergent attitudes on the O.J. Simpson double murder verdict and Trayvon Martin, Ferguson will be another event stored deep in the brains of White America. Ferguson will make them identify more with being White and as having interests that are radically divergent from Black America. It will make them vote along with other Whites. It will further polarize the racial landscape.


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Ferguson Burns wrote:

Bob in DC says:

Revealed here by this whining rant, Dutchsinse, and those like him, are beginning to get their own ‘just deserts’ for past weak-kneed acceptance of liberal kikejew equalitarian multi-culturalism. Others fought it for decades, too often to be confronted by such assholes as this, who now too late ‘see the light’.

Diversity within the Race – NOT outside of it !

11/25/2014 — Saint Louis Missouri spirals out of control — Ferguson BURNS

by Michael Janitch

After a night of reporting on HUNDREDS of shooting incidents, showing dozens of businesses burned to the ground, hearing about rioting looters taking over multiple sections of the city, and even groups of protesters coming down to my neighborhood on the South side of St. Louis (to try to start problems)......

Now, one graphic sums it all up….

ferguson november 24 2014

Ferguson has been destroyed.  Surrounding cities severely damaged, and people have now been shot (by other people not police).

NO shots fired by police.

On the other hand, over 150 gun shots made at police, and person on person.  Multiple home burglaries, store robberies, and assaults done looters/rioters/protesters.  One reporter hit in the head with a brick, another with a large rock.  Several police cars destroyed.

The National Guard has now been deployed in Ferguson, and is patrolling randomly around the area, including areas far from the actual unrest.

For the record, I am an outspoken critic of the “police state”, and 100% opposed to the New World Order.  I’m a lifelong equality supporter, fighting for rights of minorities for years.  I’ve literally FOUGHT nazi skinheads (no joke).

I’m saddened to report that I’m more fearful of my fellow citizens destroying my life, and property than I am of the NWO doing so… at least at this point it appears the people are more lawless, and care LESS about my rights than the NWO.

It’s a sad day when “dutchsinse” can call his fellow citizens fascist [SIC] lawless tyrants—you’d think I’d be worried about police state kicking in my door with the things I cover, but I’m looking out my window for groups of zombie citizens.

Zombies using Michael Brown as an excuse to steal things, and destroy property that has nothing to do with Brown, or “justice”.

See my facebook page for a full recap of events on a play by play, every 5-10 minutes throughout last nights rioting.

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DanielS wrote:

GW is making an important point if understood correctly. That positive inspiration has to be promoted and celebrated for Europeans. Positive incentive has to be provided to participate in identification with the social group. Merely citing the negative has gravity toward arbitrary and futile destruction - blind war in reaction, where we are likely to be on the losing end for our lack of authentic and fully incentivized participation.

There should be no objection to the celebration of our geniuses and accomplishments for that reason. It is unproblematic and even facilitative to White unionization. Lets not have Archimedes being stabbed by the Roman Centurion for lack of recognition and understanding of common interests. Celebrating our geniuses is not the same as saying “you are no good”, unless the equality/inequality paradigm and its universal comparison is invoked.

In fact it would seem that the vaunting of inequality is a reaction to one verbal ploy of our enemies - equality - not to be taken seriously as a challenging, well considered critique. It is even more a non-issue for the fact that it is hardly a word constantly on the lips of our enemies, even of their trained “social justice warriors” as their stated objective.

But where the bland, uninspiring objective of equality or the self-righteous upholding of “inequality” it is bought into, it is to engage in a poison paradigm. It breeds the narcissism of false comparison and disrespect for the ecological disbursement of abilities and qualities among a full, social group - a race or nation, for example. However, the mere verbal ploy, the Enlightenment’s objectivist means to rally the low common denominator of masses to French revolution, a meme promoted by the likes of Bernays for that simple common denominator and the stealth of its veneer call for justice comports power to rally public gatherings where smoke is blown over the bland, uninspiring rubric of equality; indeed, the call to equality does violent injustice to qualitative ability and symbiotic relations where the objective is taken the least seriously - and where the Enlightened objectivist falls prey to the fools game of exaggerating the Jewish paradigm beyond brotherhood, to false comparison not only of brothers, but by reacting as if “inequality” is a value to promote of itself, universally.  Is that good for Jews and plutocrats? Indeed it is.

Whether repression of qualitative differences are blandly stultified by a demand for equality or an insistence upon “brute facts of ‘inequality”, it is repulsive to social conscience - the social conscience we need if we are to raise awareness of the plight of our European human ecology as an ancient and full system - a classification bearing accountability.

A White leftist does not seek equality. A White leftists is mystified by the charge of being unrealistic by seeking equality - it is alien to his or her objective that the ecological diversity of those within the paradigm of the White class not be valued with the necessity of differences, in stages of process, for borrowing resources and sometimes changing places but always seeking symbiosis.

Having skimmed this Charles Murray book, I must say that from what I gather, I expected it to be a little better; I have some doubts about his lists of geniuses for example, and how he arrived at them as data;  but I’d have to read through more carefully to back and develop any declared critique. It is theoretically unchallenging to me however, as it is not really problematic from a White Leftist standpoint.

That European genius outliers are farther out on a tangent than other populations is a qualitative fact having some value to understanding our ontology.

But once known, what is a White leftist to say to these marginals but “wonderful!” Let’s do our best to ensure that you are ensconced in a happy population that protects you, does not burden or limit you - on the contrary, one which fosters and provides the grounds on which you may flourish, where your ideas may be developed and were your abilities may be carried on indefinitely through an appropriate woman and children. The more ordinary will not burden or betray you where they are accountable and where they are provided incentive to maintain the class; indeed, where you are accountable as well and provided incentive to maintain the class as well - an inspiring concept not likely to happen by hitting people over the head with bland, dehumanizing calls for “equality” and even less likely to work out well with the even more repulsive, bland and dehumanizing vaunt of “inequality.”

Nevertheless, the Right continues to fall for Jewish tricks. The trick now being circulated is that “the ‘left and right dichotomy’ is useless.” Nonsense, the White Left is how we organize our people, it is unionization, it is what our enemies, both Jewish and plutocratic objectivists don’t want us to have. It keeps an eye on their treachery and seeks incentive and accountability for the rank and file as well, which threatens their power. Therefore it is “phoney” ..or we are charged with supposedly “wanting the chimera of ‘equality’ as they continue to say - to our mystification, hitting us between they eyes with the cold, humiliating bar of that false accusation.

Recently folks of “the alternative right” have started to move beyond flouting equality and promoting inequality; having poisoned enough discussion with that, their next target are “social justice warriors.”

A social justice warrior. Now that is terrible. Someone who is socially conscientious and pursues justice. Awful.

Of course again, the Right readily accepts the Jewish misdefinition of the fact of what these so called social justice warriors are doing - viz.,  imposing liberalism against the White class boundaries, breaking our union with non-Whites scabs - as such they fall for the trick once again of mocking what we need - social justice warriors on behalf of our union.

No, they say, “we don’t need social justice warriors,  we need skills training!”

Don’t ask me who said that, Adams or Ted Nugent, I don’t know, but obviously someone very clean, without a shred of connection to older, deeper brain.

Yes, we can take the social justice as it is, it will objectively fall into place, take care of itself. Until then, develop your technoslave skills to make life comfortable for your wife…uh no, rather with your blinders on for those who abscond with your co-evolutionary women, women who would have been your wives… the wife of a genius. ..never mind social justice warring; no, put your nose to the grindstone to make life comfortable for mulattoes.

The Jews and plutocrats will do the deep thinking for you.

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Pantangan Makanan Kista Ovarium wrote:

The information you have given provide new knowledge for me

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Makanan Sehat Untuk Kista Ovarium wrote:

Very useful information, the admin may not tired to continue to provide us with information like this.

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John wrote:

Most of these internet movements function in the same way as an evangelical pastor with their small congregations; and so the key aspects are ‘deification of subject matter’ and ‘donations’. 

To think that any of them are really intent on parsing truth or reaching a ‘mainstream’ level is laughable. Why?
i. Because if these ‘movements’ did grow sufficiently enough, then people like Andre Anglin or Yeager would quickly find themselves at the back of the bus.
ii. Their supporters actually go there for the self-fetishistic/self-deifying/antagonistic—not to hear some kind of criticism of their quasi religion.

p.s. even Red-Ice is now drinking the Hitlerian kook-aid claiming that peaceful Germanic tribes were colonized and forced-converted by other Europeans for thousands of years. Is this because they picked up a history book and discovered these ‘facts’ or is to appeal to their ‘audience’ and ‘contributors’?

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send media complaints to: wrote:

America, Canada and Western Countries: Becoming the World’s Refugee Camps

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 10:  Actions you can take to change America’s history to a positive one

If you read and understand this series as to what it means to your country, your state, your community, your schools, and your children—concerning the addition of 100,000,000 (million) immigrants within the next 30 years—wouldn’t you want to do something to change the course of human events?  Wouldn’t you like to take action to stop the importation of 100 million more people from 140 countries around the world? 

Wouldn’t you like to leave your community, your schools, your city and state with at least a chance to survive the 21st century as an intact, viable, culturally stable and environmentally sustainable future?

We Americans pulled together after Pearl Harbor.  We pulled together to win WWII.  We pulled together after Hurricane Katrina.  We pulled together after 9/11.  Each of us sensed enough of our responsibilities individually and collectively to change the course of history toward a better tomorrow for our kids and our country.

I am willing to bet my life that this “legal and illegal” immigration invasion of our country supersedes any terrible “main event” in our country’s history.  If we fail to stop Congress from importing 100 million “refugee” immigrants from 140 countries within 30 years—we won’t survive the 21st century as an intact, culturally viable, and linguistically cohesive country. We won’t survive as to quality of life and standard of living as well as an environmentally sustainable civilization.

Additionally, I realize that less than 25 percent of Americans take any kind of pro-action to better their schools, communities or states.  The other three-quarters of Americans sit, watch, wait and let things happen.  They condemn their children to a pretty miserable and sobering future.  Therefore, I am appealing to you top 25 percent who speak up, write up and take action.

Actions for you to take:

Write 60 Minutes producers and directors:  email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ask them to produce a special report on the final results of the addition of 138 million people to the United States by 2050.  Ask them interview top population and environmental experts.  Since the USA enjoys 1.97 birth rate per American female, ask them to deal with what’s causing our population explosion:  legal and illegal immigration.  Demand they give the American people a glimpse into the future if we continue on our current path.  Expect them to interview those of us who may give viable solutions: like reducing mass immigration to less than 100,000 annually.

Snail mail address:

60 Minutes Producers


524 W. 57th St.

New York, NY 10019

Write Charlie Rose of CBS and PBS with the same ideas

Charlie Rose   Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Charlie Rose


731 W. Lexington Ave.

New York, NY 10022

Write National Public Radio journalists—Leanne Hanson, Terry Gross, Steve Inskeep, Robert Siegel and your favorites to address our projected addition of 138 million more people to the USA within 36 years.

Robert Siegel of NPR .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


National Public Radio

635 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20001-3753

Write Matt Lauer of the Today Show

Matt Lauer, NBC Today Show

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112

George Stephanopoulos at GMA

7 W. 66th Street

New York, NY 10023


Wolf Blitzer

One CNN Center

Box 105366

Atlanta, GA 30303-5366

Megyn Kelley

Fox News Channel

121 Ave. of the Americas

New York, NY

Brian Williams email:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

David Muir at ABC News

Bob Shieffer at CBS Face the Nation

David Gregory at NBC Meet the Press

Laura Ingraham Show

Bill O’Reilly Show

Oprah Winfrey

Michael Savage

Diane Sawyer

Jim Bohanan

Peter Boyles

Write Time Magazine with publisher Rick Stengel and encourage him if not demand that his staff writes a series of articles on America’s future with the overwhelming numbers of 138 million more people within 36 years to reach 438 million.

U.S. News and World Report

1050 Thomas Jefferson St.

Washington DC 20007

The Washington Post

1150 15St NW

Washington, DC 20071

The New York Times

229 W. 43rd St.

New York, NY 10036

USA Today

7950 Jones Branch Drive

McLean, VA 22108

Bill Moyers

Story suggestions

450 W. 33rd St.

New York, NY 10001-2605

2020 ABC

Story suggestions editor

147 Columbus Ave.

New York, NY 10023

This Week

1717 Desales St. NW

Washington DC 20036

Anderson Cooper

One Time Warner Center

New York, NY 10019

Shepard Smith

C/O Fox News

Story suggestions

1211 Avenue of Americas

New York, NY 10026

Imagine when all these outlets receive letters, phone calls and emails by the tens of thousands and even into the hundreds of thousands to report on what our country faces.  Please understand that all great movements start at the ground level of the citizens of a country.  That’s how our individual rights began with the Magna Carta.  The “Bill of Rights.”  That’s how we signed the U.S. Constitution to give every man, woman and child the right of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Ultimately, as a civilization, we do not need, nor do we want, nor can we sustain another 100 million immigrants from all over the world. We cannot endure or survive incompatible cultures, worldviews or barbaric religions.  We cannot and will not survive the sheer numbers involved.  Let’s help them in their own countries to help themselves.

This is your watch. Take it seriously.  Take your responsibilities as a parent as to what kind of country you bequeath to your children.

Let’s get busy.

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WorstOfJeffersonAirplane wrote:

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Alfonso wrote:

Io, il padrino, farà bella ora perché avete rispetto.

Due anni fa, eri brutto.

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FrostyPrognosis wrote:

America and Western Countries: Becoming the World’s Refugee Camps—Diseases

By Frosty Wooldridge

Diseases being imported into America

As of 2014, 41.3 million foreign-born immigrants migrated to America.  Legal immigrants enter the United States at 100,000 every 30 days.  They form the first wave of an armada of 100 million legal immigrants descending on America within the next 30 years. (Sources: US Census Bureau; PEW Research Center, US Population Projections by Fogel/Martin.)

They arrive from over 115 third world countries where tuberculosis (TB) kills 2.1 million people annually.

Immigrants arrive from countries where leprosy thrives:  official figures show the global registered prevalence of leprosy at 189,018 at the end of 2012 and during the same year, 232,857 new cases were reported.  Leprosy stems from living in filthy conditions without personal hygiene.

In the past 50 years, a total of 900 cases of leprosy affected the American population. Today because of massive immigration from third world countries, 7,000 Americans suffer with leprosy.

‘‘And those are the ones we know about,” said Dr. John Levis, physician at Bellevue Hospital’s Hansen’s Disease Clinic in New York. “There are probably many, many more and they are spreading.”

Most of those infected in the United States originate from global leprosy hot spots: Mexico, Brazil, India and the Caribbean. But, in the past 16 years, Levis and his colleagues proved that a few of his patients — including a 73-year-old man from Queens who had never been out of the country and an elderly Jewish man from Westchester County, New York — contracted leprosy in the United States. Leprosy’s symptoms—bumpy rashes, skin indentations and loss of feeling in hands and feet.  As a result, the disease is now officially endemic to the Northeastern United States for the first time ever.  (Source: NY Times, Sharon Lerner, 2/20/03, ‘Leprosy on the rise in the US’)

Immigrants arrive with the Chagas parasite from South America where it affects 16 to 18 million people and kills 50,000 annually.  It attacks the heart and other internal organs.  It cannot be cured. (Source: Kiss of Death by Joseph Bastien)

Those immigrants arrive with Enterovirus.  This year, 55,000 children from Central and South America crashed America’s borders without health inspections of any kind. They dispersed throughout the United States into school systems and foster care that now feature American children suffering from paralysis.

Additionally, they arrived with tapeworms, head lice, TB, skin rashes and other diseases.

Immigrants arrive in America carrying Ebola virus, which killed over 4,033 people in West Africa in 2014 and now threatens to move into America’s mainstream population.

Immigrants arrive with AIDS from Africa via illegal immigration.  AIDS killed over 25 million people in Africa since 1981.

Washington, D.C. is one of the areas hardest hit by HIV in the

United States, with an epidemic on par with some developing nations.  “In D.C., approximately 2.7% of the population is living with HIV, which exceeds UNAIDS’ definition of a “generalized” epidemic (having HIV prevalence greater than 1% of the population).  D.C. features the highest AIDS diagnosis rate of any state in the U.S.  The epidemic is driven by a complex interplay of factors and the impact of HIV/ADS varies across the District of Columbia.”  (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

West Nile virus entered the United States over 10 years ago.  It killed 1,100 Americans.

Malaria causes 2.7 million deaths annually worldwide:

·  Malaria was eliminated from the United States in the early 1950’s.

·  Approximately 1,500–2,000 cases of malaria are reported every year in the United States, almost all in recent travelers. Reported malaria cases reached a 40-year high of 1,925 in 2011.

·  First- and second-generation immigrants from malaria-endemic countries returning to their “home” countries to visit friends and relatives tend not to use appropriate malaria prevention measures and thus are more likely to become infected with malaria. (Source: CDC, Atlanta, GA)

Another bug riding in the bodies of newcomers to America:

tuberculosis. In an article from ‘THE PATIENT PREDATOR’, Mother Jones News, March issue:  Dr. Reichman of New Jersey TB Clinic, “In the 1990s, cases among foreign born Americans rose from 29 percent to 41.6 percent.  Anti biotic resistant strains from Mexico have migrated to Texas.  Since three years ago, 16,000 new cases of TB were discovered in the United States. Half were foreign born. Strains of TB once found only in Mexico have migrated to border states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.  It migrates north as illegal aliens work in restaurants as cooks, dishwashers and food handlers.  We sit on the edge of a potential catastrophe.”

American citizens and their children face more diseases. Hepatitis A,B and C run rampant in fast food workers.  These diseases kill. 

To name a few diseases imported by immigrants in the past 10 years:

Argentine hemorrhagic fever brought into California and Arizona from Latin America via illegal aliens; Exotic New Castle Disease that killed 1.5 million chickens in California and brought in by illegals who use roosters for cock-fighting; Leichmaniasis from the Middle East which is a parasite injected into the blood by sand-flies, malaria from Bantus from Africa, polio from Nigerians coming into the USA, 16,000 cases in three years of MDR mycobacterium tuberculosis which is incurable, brought directly from Mexico.

This website offers thousands of cases and dozens of other diseases brought in by legal and illegal immigrants.  Go to:  ‘IMMIGRANTS AND PUBLIC HEALTH: WHY IMMIGRATION IS A HEALTH CARE CONCERN’,

Or, you can go to ‘PUBLIC HEALTH PUT AT RISK,

American citizens either vote representatives into Congress to repeal the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that injects 1.2 million legal immigrants into the USA annually, or, face accelerating disease rates.  Additionally, the current S744 amnesty bill doubles legal immigration to 2.0 million annually, thus, doubling the rate of speed of third world immigrants from 140 countries racing into America.  Once within the USA, they become our problem.


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The Talent wrote:

Anthony introduces “The Talent”, a new currency

The logo of the Gelre, the first unit based on the Talent. Soon we will launch a national unit for the Netherlands)

Introducing The Talent
by Anthony Migchels on November 19, 2014

Alternative currencies are a crucial component in addressing our monetary problems. However, the monetary architectures that are currently available are wholly insufficient to provide serious relief for Main Street. The Talent is the first independent currency model that provides all functions that modern currencies need to truly compete within the Dollar/Euro paradigm. Not only that: it is now available for immediate implementation at ultra low cost.

Interest slavery and the ongoing gutting of the West through the credit crunch continue to erode living standards everywhere. Small and Medium business is suffocating for lack of credit and demand in the economy, while Big Business is reporting record profits and claiming larger and larger shares of the market.

High class units, operated professionally by people who know what they are doing, have every opportunity to provide small and medium business with both the liquidity they need to operate and new customers. Alternative currencies are not only a great customer loyalty program, as people can spend the units only with the businesses who accept them, they also have the potential to seriously alleviate the liquidity problems of the business’s customers.

In hard times, alternative currencies tend to boom. During the Great Depression literally hundreds of them were operated in the United States. In Spain and Greece, hit hard by the Euro Crisis, have seen dozens of units spring up. Argentina has been surviving because of them since its 1998/2002 collapse.

Most famous is the Swiss WIR, which has been turning over billions since its inception in 1934. It’s famed for its stabilizing effect during recessions, when capital scarcity makes it more worth while for business to deal with its limitations.

Limitations of Alternative Currencies
However, the Alternative Currency market remains handicapped by major problems. Amateurism and lacking monetary architects of the units being the main ones. The currencies that manage to thrive are typically run by energetic people. The WIR shows how far even very primitive currencies can go if run by a professional organization.

This shows both in the superficial analysis of both the real nitty gritty of the monetary problems that we face and the political context. The field is dominated by idealists. Over the last few years a marked improvement in terms of political awareness is definitely palpable: say five years ago most in the alternative currency business were oblivious to that bankers behind it all, for instance. Nowadays this is no longer the case, everybody is used to ‘conspiracy’. But this creates a new problem: the disconnect between the awareness on the web and the stone age conversation that is still the norm in the mainstream.

At the moment the discussion about the monetary architectures that are available is mounting and that is indeed very important, but still much remains to be desired.

Entrepreneurial ambition is really key to make it all work, but this must be combined with level headed appreciation of the monetary and this combination has shown to be very elusive indeed.

The Key Challenge for Modern Currencies
There are two major architectures that hold sway: Euro/Dollar backed units and Mutual Credit based units. Most units work with the basic agreement that 1 Unit = 1 Euro/Dollar, meaning they use the Euro or Dollar as unit of account.

The Euro/Dollar backed units, for instance the American Berkshares, the German Chiemgauer or the British Brixton Pound, are created by selling units: A Berkshare is sold for $1. The Dollar is held by the issuing organization, the Berkshare is spent into circulation at a local business. The local business can spend the unit with a colleague or pay an employee. If at some point a business acquires more Berkshares than it can spend in the network, they can reclaim a Dollar for every unit with the issuing organization.

The great boon of this system is that it allows convertibility of the unit. However, the great downside is that there can never be more Berkshares in circulation than the issuer has Dollars at hand. This means that there can be no interest-free credit. Money scarcity remains a real issue, as the money supply is dependent on scarce Dollar.

Mutual Credit based systems create money as credit: participants, businesses in particular, can just get a credit line in the unit and start spending. The minute they do, new money comes into circulation. When a debtor repays, money is taken out of circulation.

The great upside of this system is that there is no money scarcity: people will typically experience an abundance of money and a shortage of places where they could spend the units. The exact opposite of the Dollar/Euro situation, where most have less money than they would need to invest. There is interest-free credit.

But this comes with a price: there is no Dollar/Euro in the bank to back the unit or to convert. And this is a real problem, because there will always be businesses, usually the more succesful ones, providing popular goods or services, who obtain too many of the units, more than they can usefully spend in the network and they will have to limit there intake, creating serious bottlenecks in trade.

The Talent
The Talent answers these challenges by providing the first fully convertible Mutual Credit based unit in the world. By providing an online exchange where people can buy and sell the unit. See here for a full breakdown of the system:

The Talent is a complete set of software and best practices, that is now available to everyone who wants to start his own currency. It can be implemented at very low cost and provides the start up with everything he needs to operate a truly comprehensive currency backed with high class methodology, incorporating the lessons learned with 80 years of experience with these units worldwide.

Implementation of the Talent comes with full consultancy for the starting initiative by the system’s developer, the writer of these lines.

The Talent’s proposition is particularly ideal for entrepreneurial people who know what is at stake, who see the clear business opportunity that creating high class, professionally run units provide for both participants and the initiator himself.

By implementing the Talent, the entrepreneur can focus on building the network and the organization necessary to run it, resting assured he’s offering his participants the best complementary currency currently available anywhere.

The Talent is the first unit in the world that provides everything we expect from money:
- It is sufficiently available (‘abundant money’)
- It provides interest-free credit
- It is convertible to Euro/Dollar
- Allows payment on-line and by mobile phone
- Connects both businesses and consumers and potentially (local Government)
- Implementation comes with full consultancy.

All in all the Talent is the first architecture that truly allows head on competition with Dollar or Euro in the marketplace.

The Time is NOW
Years of research and development have been invested in the Talent. It answers all the major issues facing those in the field today. The first unit based on the Talent is the Gelre, which is in pilot phase and for which we are currently raising funds for wider marketing. Soon a national variant for the Netherlands will be launched.

Implementation is seriously considered in the United States, Britain and Ireland.

Funding remains a huge issue. It’s sad: not so much money is required, but while there are Trillions available for saving banks, it’s very hard to get even a few thousand to save us from the banks.

However, we will soon launch a major crowd funding initiative, where you will have a hands on chance to make a difference in the struggle against the Banks and their Usury and deflation and for normal people looking for a reasonable deal!

Concepts of the Gelre, or: What is ‘High Powered Working Capital’?
Mutual Credit for the 21st century: Convertibility


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FrostyDemography wrote:

The Titanic and the United States

Much like the Titanic that sank on April 15, 1912, the United States stands at a critical juncture in the history of our nation. Few realize it, but, like the Titanic, this nation smashed into a piece of legislation in 1965 that was never asked for or approved by the American public.

                                                    - Frosty Woolridge


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Deal wrote:

# 6 “Mark2”

It’s a deal. Let’s take it further. You can take all the blacks in Europe back to Africa and we would take all the Whites in Africa back into Europe.

We’re not hiding either.

“Posted by Mark2 on November 20, 2014

At least Jan or David Duke don’t hide behind a computer screen.

Robert Mugabe, the great son of Africa, is for Black Rights and does not hide behind a computer.

Let us debate in the light not shadows.

Maybe we can do a deal. Like you give us your Blacks and we give you back our Whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

You see we can come to some understanding. 5 million whites for 1 million blacks in Britain.

I am not hiding.”

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CompulsoryDiversityNews wrote:

From Compulsory Diversity News:

Friday, November 21, 2014, Adrean Arlott

Suffer, you Mudshark Mama!

Just a couple of days ago I brought you the story of Amy Strickland, entitled: Every Tweeterer’s Worst Nightmare. Strickland, an Assistant Principal at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, VA, was targeted by sub-ape students and the NAACP for retweeting a joke picture showing mixed-raced teens at prom. The tagline beneath a pic of seven mixed-race couples was “Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare Or Nah?” Those offended by the tweet decried it as racist.

And my response at the time:

It is possible that Amy Strickland is a closet White Whateverist who disapproves of race mixing - but I sincerely doubt it. In fact, I can only entertain the possibility as a hypothetical for the sake of making a larger point that later excludes that possibility. How do we know she doesn’t approve of race-mixing, or think it is cool, or do it herself, or otherwise get “turned on” by it? We don’t.

Well, now we know she does approve, because of Strickland’s apology today:

“The “tweet” appeared to me at the time to have been an attempt at good natured humor concerning mixed race couples attending a high school prom,” Strickland wrote. “Because I have two daughters who in fact did attend proms with African American dates, I casually forwarded the “tweet” last June to one of those daughters.”

Did you catch that? Strickland’s two daughters went to the prom with Negroes - so she thinks that gives her a pass! But ... prepare to initiate harm joy ... harm joy initiated ... it don’t! The easily offended are still calling upon school administrator’s to make Strickland suffer: Transfer her, punish her, do something to let us know it has not gone unnoticed,” said student Shakira Harris.

GOOD! Let the hate flow through you!


Amy Strickland, “The Mudshark Mama’, allowed both her daughters to take n**ger-dates to the prom, and all she got for her tolerance was to be smeared as a racist by the national media. You got what you deserved - n**ger-lovers’ mother!”

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ImperialCulture wrote:

Neil Kramer: Imperial Culture vs..

This tool of imperial culture becoming more prominent in the 80’ and 90’s

My awareness of this tool of culture and race and ethnicity and sexuality and all these seemingly natural things..our different races our different cultures the way we express ourselves emotionally and sexually…things appear natural on the outside…in the 1990s in Britain, there was enormous shift in how things were dealt with…particularly with race..and to do with prohibitions and prescriptive language…...and I noticed that on the television, BBC 2 and Channel 4 and these particular kinds of programs…and it seemed to be very heavily biased so, that got me to thinking about the relation between culture and what I call empire.

I think that leads us to a clear view of race as well..the relation between culture, empire and race is kind of important…and I would say that the mainstream culture that we have in the west in particular, which represents the dominant paradigm…the culture which we see through our screens and Apple and Google and Facebook and pop music and blockbuster movies and jobs in factories and offices…all of that culture is imperial culture and it has very little to do with the native reflection of real human beings to me and I would say that it is not arisen organically from men and women of the land.

It is not the result of their natural creativity and visions and impulses.. the majority of that conventional culture we see before us..particularly today on computers and of course going back a little more on our televisions and newspapers is wholly of empire.

And it is very carefully engineered to fabricate a dependence on technology and a relinquishment of personal freedom and social control. A nice benchmark for me to think about this is that real human cultures are slow to develop..

Gradual, strong, they are rooted in a spiritually resonant morality and a great relationship with the land without exception. Whereas imperial cultures are the opposite.

And it seeks to keep a large number of people under control by keeping them ignorant and functioning on a low common denominator..


To that point Neil Kramer does well. After that, the imperial culture thesis misses some points that we might hope to be developed and elaborates the speculative, as I listen on, even wildly speculative and counter-productive psycho-babble and mere spirituality.

But the imperial culture idea is a good way to look at things and distinguish between authentic native vs what is imposed and affected.

Immigration of entirely foreign people, the imposition of them as “native nationals”, all aspects of PC can indeed, be usefully looked-upon as imperialist culture - Jewish and corporate/plutocratic…. ..Mulatto supremacist…Darwinist/liberal.


Things appear natural on the outside..

On the relation of culture, empire and race. The mainstream culture that we have in the West imperial culture and it has very little to with the native reflection of real human beings and it is not arisen of organic relation to the land..

And our genetically closely related groups, we would hope he might add.

“Whereas Neil Kramer says that people either respond to imperial culture by liberalism and egalitarian or separatist and nationalistic

and either is ok with the imperialists”

Oh really Neil?


Excellent premisary thesis - Imperial Culture.

Failure in development of the thesis.


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voznich wrote:

To Lister:

You’re Scottish, right? Are you SNP or UKIP? I assume you wouldn’t like Tories or Labour, the first for neoliberalism, the second for its multiculturalism. But is there even a UKIP presence in Scotland? And aren’t UKIP free market liberals minus the pro-EU and pro-immigration? Is BNP gone? What about Paul Weston’s party?

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ImmigrationFiat wrote:

Fiat executive power plus forced integration =

“Everything You Need To Know About Obama’s Executive Amnesty”

In a primetime address on November 20, President Obama made his sales pitch to the American people for a series of immigration executive actions he will sign on November 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is what you need to know:

What actions is Obama taking specifically?

The key to Obama’s new immigration policy is the creation of one new amnesty program and the expansion of another.

Specifically, Obama’s new amnesty program will give illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for at least five years, and who are parents of U.S. citizens or legal residents, a three year work permit. This permit will also allow them to obtain a Social Security number and get a driver’s license. Pew estimates that 3.5 million current illegal immigrants will qualify for this program.

Obama is also expanding the existing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty program. Previously only those illegal immigrants who were born before 1981 and entered the U.S. as a minor before 2007 were eligible for benefits. Now all illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. as a minor before 2010 will be eligible for amnesty. Like the parents above, DACA recipients will also get work permits, Social Security numbers, and driver’s licenses. Pew estimates that 235,00 illegal immigrants will gain eligibility for benefits through this program expansion.

Is this legal?

Obama didn’t think so. As recently as this spring, and on more than 20 other occasions, Obama said he could not rewrite immigration law by executive action.

Specifically, this March Obama told Univision, “But what I’ve said in the past remains true, which is until Congress passes a new law, then I am constrained in terms of what I am able to do. ... t at a certain point the reason that these deportations are taking place is, Congress said, ‘you have to enforce these laws.’ They fund the hiring of officials at the department that’s charged with enforcing. And I cannot ignore those laws any more than I could ignore, you know, any of the other laws that are on the books.

More damning, in 2011, Obama told the National Council of La Raza, “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

How is Obama justifying this amnesty?

The Office of Legal Counsel memo released before Obama’s speech cites Obama’s Article II Section 3 constitutional duty to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed” as the source of his power to grant this amnesty.

The memo reasons that since there are 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the country today, and DHS only has the resources to remove 400,000 illegal immigrants every year, Obama must choose which immigrants to deport and which to ignore. This “prosecutorial discretion” power, the memo claims, allows Obama to choose which illegal immigrants get work permits, which illegal immigrants will continue to be ignored, and which illegal immigrants will be deported.

But Congress can afford…


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AustraliaCalling wrote:

Jews, Multiculturalism, and the War on Free Speech: A TOO Case File

November 20, 2014

Andrew Joyce

One of the most important functions that TOO has played in recent years has been to catalogue Jewish efforts to promote multiculturalism and muzzle with extremely repressive legal measures any speech critical of multiculturalism and the Jewish role in relentlessly pushing it. At the beginning of this year, Brenton Sanderson offered stunning further insight into the Jewish war on White Australia, remarking that “in addition to opening the floodgates to mass non-White immigration, a key part of this Jewish campaign to radically reengineer Australian society in their own interests has been to shut down speech critical of this immigration and multiculturalism — and particularly of the role of Jews in foisting these disastrous policies on a resentful White Australian population.”

Sanderson indicated the primary methods by which organized Jewry developed and employed their influence on both fronts, for example, through the formation of “think-tanks” and the dissemination of “reports,” which were then carried into government. The influence of unelected Jews in this process is not only breath-taking in scope, but also exposes the fiction that we live in democratic societies.

Read full article at TOO:

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That'sHow wrote:

By espousing the rejection of those projects which are divisive of European coordination, and marginalized anyway for good reason, normal, reasonable European peoples will feel more free to participate.

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Eikos wrote:

How exactly is this guy who writes off several different WN strains as crazy or immoral (ugh) going to bring about White unity?

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