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Camp of the Demons wrote:

Compulsory Diversity News: 1000 Posts Later by Adrean Arlott

Today’s post is my 1,000th since I started this blog in 2006. I would like, if I may, to share with you something I have been kicking around in my mind for quite some time.

Has it ever occurred to you that we may be in Hell together, you and I? Not the deepest part of it ... not yet. But if you wanted to punish a reasonable, White, Western person who loves his/her people, wouldn’t the world today be a good place to send such a person? Certainly, White people have faced much worse calamities - marauding Asiatics from the steppes, slave-raiding Corsairs on the coasts, Islamic invasions of the Balkans and Spain. But always there was an effort to fight back, to drive out the threat and punish the offense.

Now the gates are opened - everywhere - simultaneously. The descendants of our tormentors are replacing us as surely as if their ancestors had defeated our own. What is worse is that the vast majority of our people don’t care. And what is truly horrific is that such a significant number of our people not only welcome it, but facilitate the end of White Western people.

When I read Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, I was both appalled and stunned. Certainly some of the characterizations were too absurd (which I found appalling), but the fundamental truth was there (which stunned me). The West, and the White race by extension, will die by a combination of its good intentions and its lack of will to defend its existence. All the violations and infamies that follow will be the price of weakness.

But why? Do you ever ask yourself why it has to be this way? Don’t go for a mechanical answer and pin this on a scapegoat. Don’t dismiss such questioning as defeatism. Consider this spiritually and ask what kind of God permits over two millenia of Western Civilization to end in suicide? My answer would be one who wants people to suffer. But which people? The people who commit suicide end their suffering. The people who don’t care about the suicide will not suffer at all. What is left is those of us who despair when we see our people killing themselves. We are the ones God is punishing, and this is our Hell.

A picture from London, taken in 2010 ...

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Sunic on Capitalist Babelization wrote:

Babel and the Capitalist Babelization

February 27, 2015 — Tom Sunic

Review of Babel Inc.: Multiculturalism, Globalisation, and the New World Order
by Dr. Kerry Bolton
Black House Publishing Ltd, 2013

The tower of Babel is rightly used as a metaphor for contemporary rootless and mongrelized masses stashed together in the towering inferno of end times. As an allegory, however, the process of “babelization” signifies a distorted reality and an inhumane political process in which standard forms of cognition and speech are subject to entirely new denominations, requiring a completely different method of conceptualization. Attempting, therefore, to draw some parallels between George Orwell’s 1984 and Bolton’s Babel Inc., cannot be valid; Orwell’s vision of the static future has become outdated.  Bolton’s Babel Inc. offers, instead, a dynamic description of the process of capitalist entropy in which Babel Inc. and its ruling class continue to grind human beings, including themselves, to dust.

Which are these ruling classes in this Babel Inc.? This is where the author masterfully steps in and rejects the wide-spread right-wing babble about the Babel Inc. being allegedly run by a conspiratorial and homogenous group of wicked people, or some extra-terrestrial golems allegedly bent on ruling the White world. Rather, the Babel Inc., or simply put,  the System, resembles a nameless, albeit grotesque polity that can in no way be reduced to just one single free-lance Orwellian big brother or some big postmenopausal feminist mama. The Babel Inc., as Bolton sees it, is a logical postmodern transposition of the myth of economism and egalitarianism, two doctrines whose genealogy can be traced from well before the period of Enlightenment in Europe.

Twin Brothers: Communism and Capitalism

This does not mean at all that Bolton avoids elucidating the mindset and the self-perception of the main movers and shakers in the Babel Inc. In fact, Bolton’s scholarly credibility can best be spotted through the wealth of bibliographic references which indicate the intellectual depth of this effort. Bolton uses a three- pronged approach: theoretical, historical and descriptive. Such a threefold approach to this heavy subject is a prime necessity if the book is to retain a lasting educational value. Thus we learn in the first half of his book that capitalism, being a prime factor in the construction of the modern Babel Inc. and in the deconstruction of the nation-state, has always been a “modern and revolutionary” force. Its inherent dynamics aims at destroying traditional communities, regardless of their spot on the planet Earth. In fact, the much decried and alleged foe of capitalism (or rather its mirror- image), communism, fell apart in the East, in the late 20th century, because its paleo-communistic goals of egalitarianism and economism had already been better achieved in the capitalist West. Both communism and capitalism share a common ideological thread, namely a common belief in progress and common hatred of all racial, ethnic and territorial identities. The Banker and the Merchant, just like their mirror-image the Commissar, detect in any historical rootedness, in any national or racial consciousness a major hindrance on the way to the glorious future under the banner of “free market, democracy and human rights”.

On the daily political front, however, or better yet within the historical context of the development of the Babel Inc., Bolton does not spare the names of organizations and individuals promoting the borderless and globalist Babel Inc. project; knowledge of these forces can help the uninitiated reader dispel the myth of a “freedom- loving West” and its main transmission belt the United States of America. In fact, as Werner Sombart, the German sociologist of the early 20th century noted, “Holy Economy” (“heilige Wirtschaftlichkeit”) is a far more powerful revolutionary process than any anarchistic get together or a communist rabble-rousing pamphlet.

The author starts with his home turf with an examination of the early Australian working class, which under the banner of the Labor Party, as early as the 19th century, was bit by bit defrauded by the bankers and speculators who were all too eager to open Australia to Asian migrants and thus drive down the wages of white local workers.  The loudest advocates, and later on the beneficiaries of the process of the so-called decolonisation in Asia and Africa, were not just Marxist professors in Western academe, or Soviet Cold War apparatchiks, but primarily international big businessmen, “as old empires had become too restive to capitalism.” The author well illustrates this point by looking at the tragic fate of South Africa and Rhodesia, once upon a time White-ruled countries which used to be the bread basket of Africa, only to turn into violence-torn African basket cases with no future in sight. The iconic figure of the ANC, the Black activist Nelson Mandela, still hailed by starry-eyed globalists as the canonized Black Saint, once upon a time was determined to kick capitalism out of South Africa, only to declare in 1996, that is to say, after South Africa had already turned into an ungovernable entity, that “privatisation is the fundamental policy of the African Nation Congress and will remain so.”

The American government, The Trilateral Commission, along with many self-proclaimed humanitarian NGOs, such as the famed George Soros’ Open Society Institute, behind their mask of lacrimal multiculturalism and behind their culinary diplomacy, have been the main motors in turning Asia and Africa into a giant pool of cheap labor and permanent political unrest. This is the true goal of Babel Incorporated.  Hence the first conclusion one can draw after completing reading the first half of the book, and just before one starts railing and ranting against colored immigrants flooding now Europe and the USA: Massive non-White immigration, and now its reverse side, i.e. the colonisation of Europe and the USA, is just a logical outcome of political designs framed long time ago by rootless plutocrats and their leftist acolytes.

Bolton does not forget to look at the importance of “culture wars” and notes how global plutocrats use those wars in an attempt to subvert recalcitrant governments all over the word. Contrary to false presumptions, still strongly held by many right-wing intellectuals, the “uncultured” USA plutocrats have been very slick in fostering the multicultural “American dream” by resorting beforehand to the creation of a myriad of “independent” cultural outlets and think tanks in the target countries. One could enumerate a dozen post-communist countries in Eastern Europe which, in the mid- 90’s and early 2000’s, were all subjected to the Babel Inc.-inspired “velvet” and “rainbow” revolutions, as well as the so- called “Arab spring revolutions.” In an attempt to destroy a sense of national and racial pride and in an effort to impose a hybrid mishmash of new consumer species — i.e., homo consumens — the Babel Inc. decision makers do not need to send F14s to the Serbian skies or over the Iraqi desert, but instead resort first to Hollywood imagery and hip-hop political acrobatics in order to enchant the youth of the target country. The costs are negligible; the benefits are great.

The author rightly sees that before Whites start bewailing the destructive consequences of forced multiculturalism and its inevitable corollary of non-White immigration flooding their countries, they must critically re-examine the now redundant notion of their own nation-state. It is fundamentally wrong to blame all our ills on the SPLC, or the ADL, or the LICRA, or the Trilateral Commission, or some real or hypothetical Jew, or some hostile, plutocratic, culture-destroying Babel Inc. elites only.  We White Europeans and Americans must accept our full share of the blame. We must first and foremost reject the religion of progress and its underlying principle of permanent economic growth, before considering setting up our own ethnic enclaves. Whether these ethnic enclaves are in the Northwest of the U.S., or in Orania in South Africa, or somewhere in Europe, they must keep capitalism on a short leash aimed at preserving the racial/ethnic integrity of these enclaves, as occurred under the White Australia policy and the 1924 immigration restriction law in the U.S. Given the still strong and age-old squabbles among and amidst European peoples, this nearly impossible task can only be bestowed upon dispassionate White individuals capable of transcending their own narrow tribal interests — and their own egos.

Dr. Tom Sunic ( is a writer and a board member of the American Freedom Party.

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M wrote:

I’m interested to hear about a spiritual marriage nowhere in the holy scriptures does it say him whosoever believeth in the Lord that is my wife and him whosoever puts his faith in the Lord strengthening steadfastness the same I will call husband. Let’s Talk about making a new earth not the lie of this crisis I’ll fill you in on a little secret of how I found out this was a lie take the capital G under some circumstances it may turn out to look like a German Swastika continue on to write a self employment business logo sign to generate money for example. Got Water or Got Solar have been used leave room at the bottom of your Got for your phone number and if you don’t have one leave a blank spot then write F as it is written in Gray’s Anatomy with the A and E combined. Instead of Fake ID. It’s F ID. The ID may look like TOP .The P may look like A Question mark.

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No son of mine wrote:

From Genesis’ “We Can’t Dance”:

No son of mine

Jesus he knows me

Driving the last spike

Tell me why



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Murros fan wrote:

Interesting comment from TOO:

  February 26, 2015 - 11:27 pm | Permalink

  While the news is “less bad” than we have been led to believe, we still face the fundamental problem…We do not rule our own country. We have no government of our own and there is ZERO prospect of electing one as we no longer live in a representational democracy.

  Existing law already makes this endless wave of immigration “illegal” and mandates that the US federal government not only secure the border to stem the flow, but also requires the government to expel those who are already here illegally.

  What would be the point of further legislation if there is no mechanism to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed by the government? The US government no longer recognizes the constitution, or any law for that matter, as constraints upon its actions and policies.

  The most vigorous response by the federal government to the illegal immigration problem as been to crack down on efforts by state and local governments to protect themselves from the flood of illegals. The message coming out of Washington is perfectly clear…they are letting it be known by all that they wish to facilitate the flow of non-white immigrants into this nation regardless of what the law or American citizens might have to say on the subject.

  There is no shortage of Americans speaking out against illegal immigration, but their voices are drowned out by the constant stream of propaganda coming out of Washington and the Jewish controlled mass media. We constantly hear about the “immigration problem”, but not in the context that most Americans understand it…we hear only about the desperate need to make “illegals” legal, to provide documentation to those who are here illegally and how to change the immigration system to make it easier for these people to come here.

  Given all of that, what pray tell does the author imagine we are going to do about this problem? Increasing our own fertility rates at a time when people cannot afford to raise large families will do nothing to stave off the coming disaster. All this will do is increase the rate at which middle class American families are slipping into poverty…and make our people even more dependent upon “uncle sugar”.

  The author correctly concludes that the battle is not lost, but that we must stop the flow of non-white immigrants into the country. The real question is how? It seems obvious to me that we have ZERO chance to alter the demographic agenda of the hostile elite that rules in Washington.

  I’m not trying to be negative here, but I think we all need to understand what real political power is, and is not. Within the political system ran by these hostile elites, our votes give us very little power and absolutely no power to actually effect real change that adversely impacts the interests of these elites.

  But we are not powerless. The real power of any people lays in their latent ability to take to the streets; in their ability to cease cooperating with the elites; in their ability to bring economic activity to a standstill through job actions, picket lines, and other forms of “direct action” (some of it legal, much of it not). In its purest form, it lays in our ability to form angry mobs which can drag these elites out of their comfy offices and hang them from lamp posts!

  If we are serious about defending our interests and regaining control of our own futures, then we must at the very outset dismiss this notion that we must be “non-violent”, that we must act only in accordance with the rules imposed upon us by our adversaries and the most ridiculous of all, that we must “work within the system”.

  Our salvation will not be found within the system as it exists. We must expose the system to our compatriots for what it is…and convince them that they really have nothing to lose by joining us in opposition to this system. Everything they think they have to lose (money, jobs, property, etc.) are either already lost or were never real in the first place. What we do have to lose is our families, our way of live, our culture and the freedom we have promised to our children.

  Simply educating our brethren is not enough. We must educate ourselves about how to organize our movement, and it is going to take a movement, in such a way that we can be successful. To that end I encourage everyone to read Kai Murros writings on the subject and then think about how his ideas can be applied to our own situation.

  I think that once you do this you will begin to see what must be done and how to get there. What we need is not charismatic leaders to show us the way…what we need is a movement with a structure and purpose that will produce real leaders from the ranks of our people who can do extraordinary things when history calls upon them.

  I am not speaking of revolutions in the 19th century sense of the term with rebel armies battling it out in combat with government forces. I am talking about creating a movement that will supplant the existing power structure by making it irrelevant in the lives of ordinary people.

  Where the government no longer serves the interests of the people, our movement must be there to step in to see to their needs. When the government no longer protects the people, we must be there to protect them. When the economic system no longer meets the needs of the people, we must be there to provide an alternative that does.

  At the end of the day, it is about our people and we will win them over by serving them better. We will not impose ideology upon the people, we will listen to them and advance programs and actions which support our culture and improve their lives. We will defend our culture by example. We will be the alternative that these hostile elites have denied our people for far too long.

  If we are successful, there will come a day when the current elites have become irrelevant and their power will be shown to be as illusory as the banknotes they pass off as “money”. We will not defeat them with bullets, rather we will simply become more relevant to the lives of our people than the government controlled by these hostile elites. There is a point at which these hostile elites will no longer be seen as having any legitimacy and at that point they will have lost their grip over the people.

  Time is short my friends. While we must continue educating our brethren, we must also get serious about the work of educating those of us already awake to the danger about how to organize ourselves in a way that will make our movement effective and resilient. There has never been a successful revolutionary movement in all of history that did not have a coherent purpose and effective organizing principles. I can assure you that this will not be the first. My own view is that Mr. Murros has provided us with an excellent basis from which to begin, but perhaps there are better ideas out there. If so please let’s bring them to the fore…if not, then for God’s sake, let’s get down to business.

  I assume that there are those of us out there who are already moving in this direction, or at least I hope that is the case. With the guidance provided in Mr. Murros work, each and every one of us can have everything we need to get started organizing. It is most important that we have an organization that comes from the ground up…rather than from the top down. Top down organizations simply cannot succeed in this endeavor as they are far too easy to co-opt and/or destroy. Thousands of local organizations of cadres are far more resilient and for our purposes, desirable.

  So let’s no longer sit around and complain that we don’t know how to begin or what to do. No more whining that we are powerless. If you have a better idea, then go for it. If you are still struggling to figure out what to do or how you can help, then simply apply what Mr. Murros has provided in your own life. There is no more time to dither. Good luck Brothers.

Murros video - this is war:

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"Narrative" wrote:

In this reading of Revilo Oliver (which is, of course, good):

..during this reading, Alex Linder makes the furtive remark that anyone who uses the word “narrative” is against the objective truth and trying to deceive people.

That is Not true.

Narrative is a corrective means of working hypotheses for putting the facts together in their coherent patterns in a broader sense than might otherwise hold together in concept, but rather be susceptible to manipulation for having too arbitrary, myopic a focus on empirical objects divorced from social responsibility.

It is one of the advantages of hermeneutic process.

And this represents a positive difference of The White Left. Whereas the Right tries to focus warrant on singular objective and anti-social facts, the White Left looks at the broad patterns of White social interest, which include more or less objective facts, but not to the exclusion of the relative interests of the broad European social pattern, its parts, its “social capital” and accountability. 

That is to say, narrative is one way of talking (with focus on sequential feature) that can reconcile particular facts by collating them with broader patterns not practically available for empirical inspection in a moment.

It is, of course, a means by which we can conceptualize the speculative organization of ourselves, as a group/groups, and of course, as such, why the Jews have made the hermeneutic concept of narrative didactic.

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DanielS wrote:

GW makes a subtle, interesting and good point about peoples who’ve come through communism acquiring a (bad) habit of being overly critical of “big thinking.”

Tom makes an equally excellent point of their “economic miracle” being dependent upon international corporations which do not necessarily allow for a living wage, such that ordinary people have got to emigrate to make a living and find upward mobility.

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AW wrote:

Well let begin , first off to the Latino people. It is white people that allow you to come to america, to take away black men and women jobs, second wake up black people , these Latinos hate you and want to be in your place lol , they hate that. Black culture is loved worldwide and they copy black culture from the music , to the fashion , to the slang words on the streets , no one black is playing mexican music in thier homes , lol mexicans did not do anything during America civil war period. Mexicans did not stand with black men and women and children during the early 1920’s when blacks were fighting for equal rights in America , with white people , next thier no mexicans fighting in the Supreme Court with thurgood Marshall for black kids to have equal education and to go to School with white kids , and thier were no mexicans in the march on Selma or the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s that changed america forever , but now mexicans enjoy all of the victory’s of the black man and women fight against white America’s laws and injustice’s , lol

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jamesUK wrote:

Proof? So called European nationalists use this Jewish boogeyman as something to focus on as a diversion problem between nationalist sentiment between countries themselves like WW1, WW2, War on Terror, etc. 

Screwed that comment up meant to say:

Proof? So called European nationalists use this Jewish boogeyman as something to focus on as a diversion rather than the problem of opposing nationalist sentiment between countries themselves like pre-WW1 European conflicts,WW1 and WW2 and current issue of unified economic, trade and law agreements of the European Union.

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jamesUK wrote:

JamesUK, the Ukrainian conflict is funded by, and serves the interests of, Jews/Israel and to some extent, their proxies, viz., corporations and The US govt/military industrial complex


Proof? So called European nationalists use this Jewish boogeyman as something to focus on as a diversion problem between nationalist sentiment between countries themselves like WW1, WW2, War on Terror, etc. 

Adolf Hitler’s Final Testament (4/29/45)

More than thirty years have now passed since I in 1914 made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the first world war that was forced upon the Reich.

In these three decades I have been actuated solely by love and loyalty to my people in all my thoughts, acts, and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions which have ever confronted mortal man. I have spent my time, my working strength, and my health in these three decades.

It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.

There are western economic and geo strategic interests in Ukraine but Israel/Jewish interests are more focused on Iran and its nuclear program with neighbouring states and Cold war strategists like Zbignew Brzezinski who opposed the post 9/11 foreign policy focus towards Iraq and the Mid East and against US support of Israel and a possible war with Iran wanting a harsher line against Putin in Ukraine.

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JamesUKtrollwatch wrote:

JamesUK, the Ukrainian conflict is funded by, and serves the interests of, Jews/Israel and to some extent, their proxies, viz., corporations and The US govt/military industrial complex.

The only reason I allow this comment (number 8) is because, again, it is didactic in illustrating the type of disinformation a troll would put across.

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jamesUK wrote:


I’m surprised my comment didn’t get deleted to. You are the Jihad John of the internet moderators.

No the Ukrainian crisis is not because of Jewish interests as in both Russia and Ukraine Jews support the position of their national governments.

Who is the only country so far to actually pledge weapons to the Ukrainian government to fight Russian backed separatists in Ukraine? The Sunni Arab Muslim state of UAE.

Putin’s puppet was overthrown in Ukraine, a corrupt buffoon so Putin thought he could seize on the opportunity by annexing Ukrainian territory and trying to seize total control and influence in the country by seizing the Eastern regions of Ukraine all for his own vanity and narcissism who has completely fucked up the Russian economy. 

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DanielS wrote:

“Sunic is right as if the Balkans war was not proof enough of the fallacy of a unified European national identity the current crisis in Ukraine is the death nail to the idea just like the myth of pan-Arab nationalism.”

First of all, Sunic doesn’t say that Europeans cannot cooperate, only that has been difficult, particularly as seen from his perspective of Croatian - Serbian relations.

The Ukrainian crisis is not the deathknell that you wish.

It is precisely Jewish interests that stirred this conflict with Russia in order to punish Russia for their backing of Iran and Syria. In addition, these same interests want the fertile land of Ukraine for themselves and the half Ukrainian bastards of the sex trade - the fathers being Jewish they cannot become Israeli.

It is your wish and goal to stir-up conflict between Europeans, “that this crisis is the deathknell of any such cooperation.”

The only reason that I do not remove your comment is for its didactic effect. One can see the wishes and designs in your comments.

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jamesUK wrote:

Sunic is right as if the Balkans war was not proof enough of the fallacy of a unified European national identity the current crisis in Ukraine is the death nail to the idea just like the myth of pan-Arab nationalism.

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Guestlurker wrote:

This map well illustrates the mere four towns of any size that were granted to Poland by Versailles and that Nazi Germany might have wished to dispute: Posen, Bromberg, Thorn and Danzig

Of the four, Bromberg and Thorn were Nazi Germany’s most legitimate outright complaint, but were given to Poland for logistical contiguity and other reasons.

Posen was the Pole’s ancient capital; they fought to re-take it in the Wlkp Uprising.

Danzig had changed demographics and had been disputed historically, from Germanic, to Polish and Neutral. The Versailles committee made it neutral again.

To Hitler and the deleted commenter’s mind, this constituted a good reason for annihilating major cities up to the Urals (including Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and Warsaw), displacing the Slavic populations with Germans (while calling me a “Polak” because I don’t think that is a great idea), saying that pandering to a particular disgruntled and uninformed niche of Germanic and Irish audience of The US which might not be averse to hearing such egregious bullocks presented as “truth”, and the number of hits that that pandering brings to a site, is being “successful.”

That’s not to mention the number of European deaths Hitler’s gambit cost.

Unfortunately, the population of Nazi Germany supported Hitler’s gambit to take over up to the Urals. They thought they’d get away with it, gambled and lost.

Its too bad for them that they could not have been satisfied with regaining the Sudetenland and resolving issues, over the 3 cities granted to Poland and the neutralization of Danzig, in another way.

But you are talking about Hitler and his massive military build up for obvious aggressive purposes, who had already moved beyond the Sudetenland once granted it; proving his intentions for aggrandizement - so, what reasonable negotiations could there be? None, of course. Hitler’s disposition and intentions were well known as were those of the commentator.

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Ms Disraeli wrote:

Victorian Romance Meets ‘House Of Cards’ In ‘Mr. And Mrs. Disraeli’
February 23, 2015 - book review Maureen Corrigan

A climb “to the top of a greasy pole” are the immortal words coined by 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli to describe his rise to political power. Disraeli was two-time prime minister under Queen Victoria, as well as a novelist and famous wit whose way with a catchy phrase was rivaled in the 19th century only by his younger admirer, Oscar Wilde. But when he entered politics in the 1830s, Disraeli was burdened by debt and, even more seriously, by his Jewish parentage. Anti-Semitism was a constant throughout Disraeli’s life; the Irish leader Daniel O’Connell, for instance, once attacked him in a newspaper diatribe saying, “Disraeli’s name shows that he is of Jewish origin ... [and] He has just the qualities of the impenitent thief on the Cross.”

If Disraeli’s climb to the top of that “greasy pole” was especially difficult, he largely owed his success to his gentile wife, Mary Anne, who boosted him up with her charisma and her fortune every slippery inch of the way.

After husband No. 1 died, leaving Mary Anne a 47-year-old wealthy widow, she married Disraeli, then a debt-ridden dandy of 35.

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colored policewoman shoots White mom wrote:

White mom shot by colored policewoman:

Mother shot dead by police after she called them for help getting rid of unwanted guests

Betty Sexton was shot in the chest on Tuesday in Gastonia, North Carolina Officers had been responding to reports of a domestic disturbance.  Ms Sexton was reportedly holding a musket at the time of the shooting

LaDoniqua Neely, the police officer who allegedly shot the 43-year-old, has been put on administrative leave while an investigation is carried out. 

Second time in two weeks Gastonia police have fatally shot somebody

Read more:

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black x draws blood-heart wrote:

...heart drawn with her blood by black X

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1 in 10 Italian students foreign wrote:

Nearly 1 million Italian school kids are immigrants

- by Steve Goode • February 25, 2015

2001 to 2002, there were 196,000 foreign students in Italian schools; making about 2.2% of the total school population.

Since then, this figure has more than quadrupled in 2013-2014 to 803,000 foreign students; making them 1 in 10 of all Italian students.

This data compiled by the Italian Ministry of Education shows that while some of the African and Middle Eastern immigrants do stay in Italy, most prefer to move on to Northern and Central European countries.

Education Minister, Stefania Giannini, recently opened an event in Rome entitled ‘Schools in a multicultural context. Promoting and governing integration’

He said the biggest issue was that immigrants had not been assimilated, and suggested more policies “focusing on language.

“We want to provide to schools the scientific and educational tools, and appropriate organizational and give centrality to language training because language is the passport of communication and integration“

Despite the protests, strikes, and riots, the Italian navy is still being used to ferry illegal African immigrants from their boats to Italian immigration centers.

Europe has been kept majority White for millennia, and that wasn’t done with open borders. The Ottoman Empire or the Huns, or the countless other non-White groups would have snatched up our countries long ago if we had the “open borders” and “multiculturalism” we have today.

And today, because of these policies, we see Europe – along with non-Euro White countries – turning minority White.

These policies are a deliberate attempt by our political class to get rid of us. They don’t have to live around the “diversity” they demand we do, and so they push for White genocide.

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Irish "integration" office wrote:

Interesting response Morgoth got from Irish “integration” office; raises interesting questions about strategy as well..

Morgoth Mod • 3 hours ago

Alright gang, I mailed the Irish office of integration asking them why there was a program to integrate the Third World with the Irish people. And they responded:

Dear Morgoth Penguin

Thank you for your email. The title of this office is “Office for the
Promotion of Migrant Integration”. In May 2008, a Ministerial statement on the future direction of integration policy in Ireland was published - Migration Nation. In this document you can find informa- tion on the challenges which integration policy is designed to address.

A Cross Departmental Group on Integration is currently reviewing integration policy to ensure that it remains fully in keeping with the Government’s commitment in the Programme for Government to promote policies which contribute to integration.


Anne Bevan

Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration
Department of Justice and Equality
6-7 Hanover Street East
Dublin 2’‘

Any ideas on how to proceed would be welcome, I’m tempted to go for a ‘‘is it not genocide?’’ line. It seems to be a robot on the other end.

  Dandelo disintegrates Morgoth • 2 hours ago

  You could ask:
  “Given the increased immigration since 2008, accelerated in the last few months, is there not a danger that the rate of new migrants might exceed the rate of integration, to the discomfort of the migrants and the existential detriment of the host population?”

  Also, “Why is the present government beholden to the integration policy of a previous government? Is there some higher authority dictating these decisions?”

      Morgoth Mod Dandelo disintegrates • an hour ago

      I’d like to give a reply which puts them in the position of endorsing forced integration and genocide, explicitly.

        ADB2 Morgoth • 33 minutes ago

        If you’re taking that line, note that this policy was never explicitly put to and endorsed by the Irish people, so what if the Irish don’t want to be integrated?

          Morgoth Mod ADB2 • 22 minutes ago

          Nope, and if you check their site you will see the ubiquitous ‘‘Anti Racism’’ activism to silence dissent. What this group is is the means, the tool, I want to nudge them a little to see if they can give me the why.

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Swiss accounts expose Tories, Jews wrote:

Tory funding scandal explodes in the UK: The ethnic angle

February 25, 2015 — Francis Carr Begbie

It is not very surprising that rich people use secret Swiss bank accounts to hide their fortunes from the taxman.  Nevertheless the political implications of the biggest bank leak in history at HSBC ensure that it will ricochet around the world for some time to come.

The accounts of over 100,000 wealthy clients have been opened to scrutiny by a whistle blower and show that the Swiss branch of Britain’s biggest bank was dealing not only in industrial-scale tax evasion but, apparently, money laundering as well. While holding a Swiss bank account is not illegal, hiding income from the taxman is, and traditionally that is the only reason someone would have a Swiss account — unless they worked in that country.

All kinds of wealthy flotsam have bobbed up — Middle Eastern royalty, hedge fund owners, politicians, industrialists, Belgian blood diamond smugglers, Israeli arms dealers, African dictators, fashion designers, international models, entertainers and many more. Fresh revelations are revealed practically every day.

The fallout has been biggest in Britain where the ruling Conservative elite has ended up with egg on its face after seven of its largest donors were exposed as beneficiaries of HSBC’s Swiss tax arrangements. The Tories received £5 million from those HSBC Suisse account holders.

Typical was Lord Stanley Fink, godfather of the hedge fund industry, who himself gave £3 million to the party of which he once was treasurer. Lord Spink insists his affairs are all above board.

Nevertheless, the leaked files seem to show how HSBC’s Swiss private bank colluded with clients to conceal billions of dollars worth of assets and circumvent domestic tax authorities, and there are strong suggestions that the British tax authorities deliberately turned a blind eye to what was going on.  Most of the really incriminating evidence for this is contained in notes written by bank staff and filed with the accounts

Since the story broke a week ago there has been angry scenes in the House of Commons, allegations of media corruption (The Telegraph is accused of not printing negative stories over the HSBC scandal because HSBC is a major advertiser), a parliamentary committee roasting for the tax inspectors. Abd finally a raid by the Swiss tax inspectors on the Geneva branch of HSBC.

All the angles have been covered. Except one — the ethnic angle.  For one of the most conspicuous aspects of the story is that in country after country it is wealthy Jewish individuals who are among those most determined to keep their fortunes away from the taxman in their native jurisdiction.

This was a pattern that emerged in many countries but particularly so in Britain where it has a political sensitivity.  For Jewish businessmen like Lord Fink, who have been generous donors to the Conservative Party, are also amongst those who are most politically active on behalf of Israel or the wider Jewish community.  Fink himself is a leading light of the Conservative Friends of Israel as well as the influential Jewish Leadership Council.

Given that 80 per cent of Conservative MPs are Conservative Friends of Israel, you would think that this would merit some comment or at least raise a journalistic eyebrow. But no, the rule of kosher omerta prevails when it comes to the uncomfortable ethnic dimension.

It takes a Monty Pythonesque sense of the absurd not to see what is a glaring ethnic pattern. One of Britain’s favourite comic creations was John Cleese as demented hotelier Basil Fawlty. He used to shout at his long-suffering staff “Don’t mention the War” lest they offend German hotel guests. Today the media cry seems to be “Don’t mention the Jews.”

Apart from Lord Fink, Jewish donors in the HSBC files include Lord James Sterling of Plaistow, a shipping entrepreneur who was ennobled by Margaret Thatcher and is still active in Jewish political circles. Sterling was linked to three HSBC accounts totalling £7.8m.

Another big Tory donor named is that of high street retail king Lord Philip Green who as well as being a huge benefactor to the Tories has also donated at least £4.25 million to Jewish charities. He says there is nothing unusual about the movement of vast sums between his Monaco-based wife’s HSBC Suisse accounts and that of a close business associate and another generous Jewish donor, flamboyant businessman Richard Caring who lives life of luxury that would do justice to Louis XIV.

Caring, has donated six figure sums to both Labour and Conservatives at various times. He banked up to £100m in HSBC Suisse. He too insists he has paid everything he owes. Caring is a good example of those who have advantage of a peculiarly British tax dodge favoured by the wealthy — the non-domicile status. This is a tax loophole which dates back to colonial times and allows individuals to keep their assets offshore if they can persuade tax inspectors that they intend to eventually leave the country for good. It is a much abused tax break that has allowed generations of the wealthy to avoid paying tax. It helps if you have foreign parentage like Caring who had an American father.

One family which may have taken advantage of this arrangement are the inheritors of the fortune of the Anglo-French financier Sir James Goldsmith. Fashionable Tory MP Zac Goldsmith speaks about Israel at Jewish leadership groups.  He has, with his brother Ben and their mother Lady Annabel, donated over £500,000 in cash and in kind to the Conservatives. It seems the family have very tangled Swiss accounts, according to the leaks, with connections to various tax jurisdictions in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere.

Edward Lee, who is on the board of Conservative Friends of Israel, has given some £85,000 to the Tories. Lee and his brother were sons of a prominent London property developer, who set up offshore trusts for them in the seventies. Their Swiss accounts had a value up to £2m. Lee says all his tax affairs have been correctly declared and reported: “I have paid all tax as and when due.”

Not even the management of HSBC itself has been spared by the revelations.  Rona Fairhead, who is Jewish, is one of the most well connected women in Britain. Today she is chair of the BBC Trust, the corporation’s governing body, but before this she was on the HSBC’s Audit and Risk Committee.  She has refused to answer the Guardian’s questions about what she did or didn’t know.

The family tax arrangements of another Jewish member of HSBC management have been revealed as a result of the leaks. The Lewisohn banking family of London have been caught up in this scandal, again, through their use of the hereditary non-domicile tax loophole.

According to the Guardian, Oscar Lewisohn was himself a director of HSBC’s Swiss bank until 2006 and had the equivalent of more than £9 million in HSBC accounts that year. Because he had a Danish passport he was able to pass on this hereditary perk to his two UK-born sons. The Lewisohns’ lawyers said: “Both children were at the same time Danish under Danish law and British under British law.”

According to Haaretz,  an estimated 6,500 Israelis held about $10 billion in secret bank accounts at the Geneva branch of HSBC between 1988 and 2007; this ranked Israel as sixth in the list of countries with the most money hidden in the Swiss accounts.

No matter where you turn in this story or which country you look at, Jewish businessman proliferate. Again there is a repeated pattern.  Dual citizenship with Israel is common as is elaborate corporate structures involving business associates or relatives.

Read the rest of the story at TOO:


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DanielS wrote:

I saw that Franklin and I very much appreciate your efforts, as all good White Nationalists (or whatever you like to call us) would. I understand that you are not anti-German, that you are rather against significant parts of Hitler’s policy and worldview. Of course that is the correct position. Hitler can only be destructively divisive and it is not necessary to our cause for our people to stand by his positions across the board, make excuses for his every error in judgement and carry the torch for him - just the opposite is the case.

Again, your efforts are appreciated here and I hope that you might consider increasing your participation.



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Franklin Ryckaert wrote:

If you go to that program of Carolyn Yeager : and follow my comments, you’ll see that I tried in vain to talk some morals into her. She literally worships Hitler and has totally adopted his jungle morals. Few modern white nationalists would, like Hitler, consider Slavs to be “racially inferior” and worthy of dispossession, yet many still consider him to be the quintessence of White Nationalism, instead of the cruel German supremacist that he really was.

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Tan recap wrote:

Tanstaafl recaps his podcasts so far

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Man wrote:

Stevie Winwood: I’m a man

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Immigrant song wrote:

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Aspirations wrote:


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It's gonna rain when I die wrote:

It’s gonna rain when I die:

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dam that river wrote:

Dam that river

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Nutshell wrote:


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black wrote:


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Once wrote:


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Horseshit from Red Ice wrote:

Horseshit from Red Ice:

A clown is interviewed, who says that precipitating events of the world wars should begin at 1848 (and not, say, 1793?) and that Germany was always completely innocent. The kind of dishonest, completely one sided nonsense that is positively dangerous to European relations

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BBC sex scandal wrote:


Sam Hill takes us inside the scandal that’s rocking Britain’s Upper Crust– Celebrities and political elite exposed for networking girls & boys as young as 8 or 9 years old from Children’s Homes to pedophile parties. Sam Hill relates her own trauma in a story frighteningly reminiscent of the Franklin Scandal at Boys Town, Nebraska, wherein boys & girls from Children’s Homes in Britain were supplied to adult sex parties hosted by the elite, pumped with drugs and alcohol to disorient them & then abused in the most horrific and tragic ways. Most notorious is the Jimmy Saville case, a famous BBC Television host of a popular’s children show..

Saville was Knighted, friends with Prince Charles, was given keys to mental institutions…

Susan Lindauer - Covert Report | Feb 22, 2015

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Would wrote:


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