Murder re-visits the Dutch anti-immigration right

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, 02 November 2004 16:37.

Theo van Gogh, “enfant terrible” of Dutch cinema, was shot and stabbed to death in full public view in an Amsterdam street today.  The killing, in broad daylight by a man on a motorcycle, bore all the hallmarks of an assassination.  Dutch police have arrested a 26-year old man thought to be of Moroccan descent.

Van Gogh, 47, was the director of the hugely controversial film, Submission.  The writer, Somalian-born Hirsi Ali was a Muslim apostate who determined to reveal to Western audiences the nature of a Muslim woman’s married life.  Inevitably, she attracted a wave of opposition from among Holland’s one million Muslims.  She is now a Dutch MP.

A bitter and ironic twist to the the murder today is that van Gogh was working on a film of the equally shocking political assasination of anti-immigrationist and rising star of the right, Pym Fortuyn.

Having been painted by the mainstream, liberal media as an extremist and racist Fortuyn received innumerable threats to his life.  Still he neither requested armed protection nor was it offered.  The irony was that, actually, Fortuyn was an economic Thatcherite and social libertarian who, like van Gogh, was deeply troubled by the Islamification of Dutch society and by racial change in general.  An animal rights activist and environmentalist, Volkert van der Graaf, shot Fortuyn dead on 5th May, 2002.

There are many Dutch who believe that, had he lived, he would have been Prime Minister today.  Now another champion of the Dutch people’s right to their homeland is gone.

Best place for them

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, 02 November 2004 08:13.

One bright point of hope at last in the relentless march of statism and culture war: our civil servants are a weak and sickly bunch.  Or possibly they are just lead-swingers, depending on your credulity.  Or the lack of it.

A report published by the Cabinet Office has found that the average civil servant nabs two weeks of sickies a year.  The trend is rising.  In 2000 the average was 9.3 for women, 8.0 for men.  In 2001, it was 10.4 days for women, 8.5 for men.  Men are currently stuck on 8.5 days but the girlies have raced on to 11.3.  I haven’t found figures for 2002.  But in that year the three sickest government departments, apparently, were Transportation, Family & Community Services and, naturally, Health & Wellbeing.

The private sector is another story.  The outdoor life certainly seems one of rude health.  The check-shirted, blue-jeaned tough guys of oil and mining only succumb on 3.3 days a year.  Builders, who in my experience believe the common cold to be a rumour, take 4.2 days.

The lash of low rates of pay, presumably, forces expiring hotel and leisure staff to work – except on 4.6 days a year.  Across the board, the private sector average is about 30% below the public sector.  I can’t help thinking, though, that the Human Resources types who monitor these things have never ventured onto an average British dairy farm or they would find the differential quite incalculable because dairy farmers do actually have to be buried – and, if that won’t do it, cremated - before they will stop work.

It comes as no surprise to learn that ministers have set a target – yet another – of a 30% reduction from the 1998 sick-leave total.  They have decided in typical, arbitrary fashion that bureaucracy is, in fact, capable of emulating capitalism.  I suppose if in the face of all the known facts you cannot bring yourself to believe in differing human potentials and in the ineffably superior efficiency and work ethic of free enterprise you will never, never learn.

If I was Gordon Brown I wouldn’t bother about investigating all this.  If we can’t sack the lot of these people and slash our taxes the safest and best place for them is their sickbeds … or the pub … or the bingo hall … or the pier at Margate.  I suppose it might rain.

Faith schools in the modern British state

Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, 01 November 2004 11:13.

Americans who don’t realize how traditional complexities often linger in England in spite of the left/liberal tendency of British politics are surprised by the persistence of faith schools there. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, though, that the secular and multicultural commitments of the British state have now made faith schools an issue, or that the issue has its practical complexities that reflect something more general than peculiar English conditions.

The practical problem is that secular multicultural education is always bad, at least on any large scale, because schools of that kind can’t have educational goals that are more sustaining than pliability on the one hand and the effective pursuit of self-interest on the other. If the moral world consists solely of the conflicting purposes of various people, then you either teach children to do what they’re told or you teach them to get what they want. The results of such an outlook when applied to education are fundamental aimlessness, aggression, manipulation, boredom, stupidity, and general bad conduct. Everybody hates everybody, and nobody learns anything.


Shucks, why’s somebody always gotta go say it better?

Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, 01 November 2004 11:09.

That’s blog-life.  No sooner have I made my, of course, lengthy and laboured point than some guy goes and says it all so much more precisely.  And concisely.  That’s academics all over!

Thanks Kevin.

Buttiglione, a Brit at the Dom and the dog that didn’t bark

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, 31 October 2004 16:57.

There has been no shortage of blogging about Rocco Buttiglioni.  He is, or was, good copy.  He brought about a colourfully chaotic passage in EU life, and we should all be grateful for that.  No doubt, the focus will now quickly move on.  His honesty and principle will not be much remembered.  Probably, there was never much chance that he could succeed to the Commission.  But it was a stand worth making, if only to remind us how dominant, arrogant and wrong the left is.

That said, one shouldn’t get too carried away with Rocco’s heroism.  He wasn’t proposing to expunge cultural marxism from the face of Europe.  Quite the contrary -  as a modern conservative politician he was a realist on social policy in the same way that his more or less post-socialist persecutors in the European Parliament are more or less realists on economic policy.  And he wanted that justice job.

So, with this post I will not pile more words onto the mountain of them blogged about the erstwhile Buttiglioni crisis.  Instead, I am going to ask you to make three leaps of the imagination.  If nothing else that is, as my foolish generation used to repeat ad nauseum, something completely different.


Iraq, 9/11 and the state of the West

Posted by Phil Peterson on Sunday, 31 October 2004 07:28.

At the risk of beating the same drum as the formidable Matt Nuenke, I publish my first post here on a subject which I believe reveals more about the state of the post-modern West than any other: 9-11 and Iraq.

Much ink has been spilled on this, the most remarkable of follies in American history. Some of that ink speaks for folly, issuing a call to arms for further action against Iran, Syria and a few other Neocon favourites in the Middle East. Traditional conservatives and Paleos have, in contrast, attempted to demonstrate the nature of this folly and how the “project” has little to do with conservatism properly understood.

With President Bush running for re-election on essentially one slogan: “9-11 changed America”, it is perhaps a good time to take stock of where America - and where the West - stands after that event.


Why the war in Iraq will fail

Posted by Matt Nuenke on Thursday, 28 October 2004 08:25.

As the Presidential Elections draw towards their close in the United States, Kerry and Bush strive with increasing intensity to assure us that each is uniquely able to defend America.  But in all the claim and counter-claim the assumption that there can actually be such a thing as a War on Terror goes unchallenged.

Well, is that so surprising?  Modern warfare has always been instigated by the elite and, of course, fought by the masses.  It was won when the elite found it too costly or simply ran out of resources to fight on - usually a shortage of men, materials and/or territory.  The enemy, meanwhile, was crushed as a definable materialistic unit, not as an abstract set of attitudes emanating from the common man.  Warfare was always about governments indoctrinating the people about the rightness of their cause against the enemy, and the people rallying around the cause until victory or defeat was at hand.  Moreover, the victor wrote the history, defining how and why the war was started and what was at stake.

The current conflict is far different, and few are able to comprehend the consequences of fighting such a war using the old assumptions.


Do liberals discriminate?

Posted by Guest Blogger on Wednesday, 27 October 2004 04:50.

Are liberals willing to practise religious discrimination? In the case of Chris Cranmer, it seems not. Mr Cranmer has won recognition of his satanism on board his Royal Navy ship, meaning that he is free to publicly practise satanic rituals and to have a funeral carried out by the Church of Satan.

But then we get to the case of Signor Buttiglione who has been deemed unacceptable for a position of responsibility with the EU because of his orthodox Catholicism - this despite a promise that he would keep his Catholic beliefs private.

Matthew Parris, in a column in the Sunday Times, wrote of Mr Buttiglione that,

“Signor Buttiglione claims that he has been the victim of anti-Christian discrimination ... I think Signor Buttiglione has indeed been the victim of anti-Christian discrimination, and that such discrimination is now in order ... Catholic teaching on contraception and abortion are unacceptable and insulting, not only to me but also the majority of Europeans, and the overwhelming majority of educated Europeans. I do not shrink from according special status to the educated, for they lead thought.” (via Conservative Commentary)

So, we’ve arrived at a situation where it’s thought reasonable to allow Satanism to be practised in the Royal Navy, but that Catholicism is too “insulting” to be accepted even as a private belief by a political candidate.

Liberals, in other words, will discriminate on the grounds of religion, but just aren’t concerned to discriminate against satanists. In fact, on one very liberal Australian website, satanism was declared to be admirable for its “frank and rational hedonism”. So I don’t like the chances of a return to a more traditional ordering of things, in which discrimination was practised against satanists rather than Christians, at leat not in modern liberal societies.

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