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Posted by Johan Van Vlaams on Friday, 18 February 2005 10:17.

Next week is a big week for Belgians.  President Bush will visit us … well, not just us, of course.  The rest of Europe, too.  But it could be Belgium he remembers best.

In the past visiting VIP’s have had much to remember Belgium for.  Obviously, the President’s security people are, even as I write, nailing Noel Godin’s throwing arm to some passing F15.  But they will not find it so easy to deal with the real security threat.

No, I don’t mean the 1,200 active Al Qaeda cells working airside at Brussels Airport.  According to Paul Geudens, a journalist writing for the daily Gazet Van Antwerpen, it is more insidious than that.

The President will be received by Belgian Vice-Premier, Johan Vande Lanotte.  He is a socialist, not an anarchist.  So he is considered unlikely to offer Mr Bush a close inspection of Brussels’ delicious bakery products.  But fellow cabinet member and close collaborator Laurent Winnock has found a way to humiliate the President without actually having to be at arms length from the Most Powerful Man in the World.  No, he has not developed the world’s first laser guided cream cake.  He has designed this self-adhesive tribute to a socialist Belgian’s love for America:-


Perhaps you have heard of the Fly Project.  Its aim, so to speak, is to assist the Belgian male in the great task of sprinkling our country’s urinals, as intended, rather than our shoes, our neighbour’s shoes, his neighbour’s shoes.  Winnock’s little masterpiece has the same humble function.  Cafés all over Brussels are handing the thing out for free.  In an effort to bring a new meaning to the words, “fly posting”, it is being plastered on porcelain surfaces all over the city.  “Go ahead, piss on me!” says the punch-line.  Well, it’s about the only opportunity the ordinary Belgian socialist is ever likely to get.

Clearly, the White House security people will be checking every urinal in the President’s path for that potentially explosive moment when the might of America must bow to Nature.  I wonder if they have the balls to body-search Winnock for a concealed “weapon”, in case he tries to slide into the men’s room ahead of George.

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Posted by Braveheart on Fri, 18 Feb 2005 11:14 | #

And for those who are interested in the political rant behind the upcoming demonstrations in Brussels against president George Bush’s pending visit:
(latest developments: see last comment)

On this Animo (Flemish Socialist-youth) web-page is written (translation out of Dutch):
<u>Animo joins the demonstrations against Bush</u>
The Bush administration is responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan and the war of occupation in Iraq. In its own country this government pursues an asocial and far-right policy, which is testified by their last budget where the expenses for all departments (the social security ahead) have been halved, except for the Military and the War on Terror, which get more money.  At the same time the US on its own, blocks the implementation of the Kyoto protocol, cancelled unilaterally the ABM-treaty and doesn’t recognise the International Court of Justice in The Hague. It is this government that encourages, in the name of freedom and democracy, the torturing of enemies.  Such a kind of “leader of the free world” is not welcome in Belgium.


Posted by Geoff Beck on Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:33 | #

Hello Braveheart:

I’m no friend of Bush but the socialists are wrong when they say

...where the expenses for all departments (the social security ahead) have been halved, except for the Military…

All spending social and military has increased by large volumes. What the left/socialists cannot understand is that Bush is a “Third-Way” man: Not left, Not right—but VERY dangerous. With Bush, Clinton and others it is most important to watch what they do, not what they say. Clinton’s audience was the left, but often he acted as a right wing ruler; Bush’s audience is the right, but he often rules from the left.

Enjoyed post Mr. Van Vlaams. Always good to hear from you.


Posted by DissidentMan on Sat, 19 Feb 2005 00:41 | #

Even Bush’s rhetoric is seldom (if ever) conservative. The late Sam Francis refered to it as “pop-utopianism”, but it’s not unusual for US presidents to spout embarassing cant of this kind. (See FDR’s “four freedoms” speech).

Such thinking was typical among openly Marxist thinkers.

Man will become immeasurably stronger, wiser and subtler; his body will become more harmonised, his movements more rhythmic, his voice more musical. The forms of life will become dynamically dramatic. The average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx. And above the ridge new peaks will rise.” —Trotsky
(See Marxism and art by Alan Woods.)

That Marxism promised so much is part of its appeal and moreoever it sets itself up as morally unimpeachable because who could object to the idea of every human rising to the height of Aristotle? (Only swinish burgeoise who want to keep the <generic victim> down.)

What, you don’t want Iraqis to be free?  Pig! Traitor!


Posted by Braveheart on Sat, 19 Feb 2005 21:50 | #

Geoff Beck writes:
“The socialists are wrong when they say
...where the expenses for all departments (the social security ahead) have been halved, except for the Military…”

Socialst/leftist opinionmakers can easily spoon up this story to the masses, because they are used to the European continental monetary system with the Eurodollar that is completely different from that in America. The European Central Bank determines independantly from the politicians the amount of money that is in circulation. So one Eurodollar that is given to the Military must be taken elswhere…

In America, that restriction does not exist, but explaining this to the masses is not right up their street.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Mon, 21 Feb 2005 03:26 | #

Johan, many regular U.S. readers of MajorityRights.com think Bush is unspeakably atrocious.  I know, for example, that you are aware he wants absolutely open borders for the United States:  his view, if this can be believed, is that anyone from anywhere in the world—no exceptions—ought to be able to come here in unlimited numbers—no limits on their numbers.  For this alone, I’d say Bush qualifies as the worst president the U.S. has ever had and probably the first who is actually certifiably insane, sort of an American Caligula or Nero.  Many Americans are profoundly ashamed of the poor excuse for a man currently representing this country abroad as its president—profoundly, profoundly ashamed.  If the socialists over there want to use his picture to aim at in their urinals, that won’t bother us in the least, notwithstanding the fact that their reasons for loathing him are very different from ours, those of us who are friends of MR.com at any rate ...


Posted by Geoff Beck on Mon, 21 Feb 2005 04:24 | #


I too am ashamed of our President. He is bloodthirsty tyrant, his violence, arrogance I find disturbing. I think he is part of a international business clique.

Domestically, he has betrayed core Republican party principles. He is an absolute monster!


Posted by Braveheart on Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:14 | #

Last New Year reception, Flemish Socialist (SP.a party) president Steve Stevaert (I saw and heard it personally, it was on television) said, to scare, that if Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) would grow further (that’s what Stevaert believes) and it comes into power, then the Flemish population would have to suffer from the same policies as president Bush now implements, both internally (be aware Stevaert gets his information from his good friend Fidel from Cuba) and externally (see also http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/20/weekinreview/20smit.html? – remark: I would call Flemish Interest hard-right, rather than far-right). So president Bush can’t be loathed enough.

And to keep it humorous: in the wake of all remarks above, I really don’t know any more who of both has to feel most insulted by Stevaert’s link (making abstraction whether a comparison is possible): president Bush or Vlaams Belang. Nevertheless I still think that president Bush must serve as butt, largely because of internal Belgian political situations.

Flanders in Belgium

Annex: the article from the New York Times:
(The article is discussed in a separate contribution, see at:  http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/comments/470/)

(picture omitted)
Herwig Vergult/Agence France-Presse
The far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (formerly Vlaams Blok) protested a mosque in 1997. It draws a few Jewish voters.


Published: February 20, 2005

PARIS — A curious thing is happening in Belgium these days: a small but vocal number of Jews are supporting a far-right party whose founders were Nazi collaborators. The xenophobic party, Vlaams Belang, plays on fears of Arab immigrants and, unlike the prewar parties from which it is descended, courts Jewish votes. Perhaps 5 percent of the city of Antwerp’s Jews gave it their votes in the last election.
The Belgian example is extreme, but it represents the sharpest edge of a much broader political shift by European Jews - away from the left, particularly the far left, and toward the center and right, in the face of rising displays of anti-Semitism and the European left’s embrace of the Palestinian cause.
This drift from the left has “been going on steadily for the last 20 or 30 years,” said Tony Lerman, who runs London’s Hanadiv Charitable Foundation, which supports Jewish life in Europe.
Of course, the shift is not monolithic and some of it is also associated with a rise in Jews’ social and economic status. In the vast majority of cases it represents a move toward tolerant parties of the center or center-right rather than a leap to the far end of the spectrum - where many xenophobic parties remain unfriendly to Jews as well as to Arabs. So the number of Jews on the far right remains a very slim minority.
But the fact that there are any at all is a measure of the degree to which many of Europe’s 2.4 million Jews feel abandoned by the left and are still searching for a comfortable place in European politics.
Meanwhile, they are becoming increasingly active in the mainstream right.
In Britain in the last 60 years, the number of left-of-center Jewish members of Parliament has dropped from more than two dozen to about a dozen, primarily older, members while the number in parties of the center and right has climbed from none to about half a dozen. The Tories’ would-be finance minister, Oliver Letwin, is Jewish, as is the party’s new leader, Michael Howard. Mr. Lerman says Jews in Britain are now identified in public opinion more with the Conservative Party than the Labor Party.
Much of European Jewry considered the left its natural home in the 19th century and the early 20th century. The left supported Jewish emancipation and more liberal immigration policies in Western Europe, and Social Democrats and Communists opposed Russia’s czars, who sponsored anti-Semitic pogroms, and Hitler.
But after World War II, Stalin, too, attacked Jews, and in the 1950’s the Soviet Union identified itself with Arab nationalism.
From the 1960’s onward, the left in Europe increasingly portrayed Israel not as a land of collective farmers making the desert bloom but as an occupying power. So the disenchantment accelerated, especially in the last few years. “Arafat became the leftist pinup boy following Che Guevara,” said Barry Kosmin, head of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research in London.
Jews say the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism has often become difficult to see. Swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans have marked pro-Palestinian marches in some Communist-run municipalities in France. In Britain, many Jews who opposed the war in Iraq stayed away from antiwar rallies because of the strong anti-Israeli element.
“Because of the negative stuff coming from the left, many Jews felt that their fates were tied to Israel, so they have to go along with those who support Israel regardless of the past,” Mr. Lerman said.


Posted by Braveheart on Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:15 | #

part 2 (article New York Times)

There is particular anxiety among the many European Jews who fled their North African homes after the creation of Israel in 1948 and again after the 1967 Middle East war. “They fear that their destiny is threatened by Islam on both sides of the Mediterranean,” said Dominique Moisi, a senior adviser at the French Institute for International Relations.
Those fears shape some of the most extreme voices on the new Jewish right. Giselle Littman, who was expelled from Egypt in 1957 and now publishes under the pseudonym Bat Yeor, argues in her latest book, “Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis,” that Europe has consciously allied itself with the Arab world at the expense of Jews and the trans-Atlantic alliance.

(Page 2 of 2):
Not all of what Jews see as a resurgence of European anti-Semitism is coming from Muslims. There is also a virulent neo-Nazi strain. But an essential difference between the anti-Semitism of today and that of the 1930’s is that center-right parties tolerated - or encouraged - it then and denounce it today.
Even some elements of Europe’s far right have reached out to Jews: Gianfranco Fini, Italy’s foreign minister and a former admirer of Mussolini, has become a champion of Israel since apologizing to Jews three years ago for Italy’s wartime race laws and deportations. Filip Dewinter, head of Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, meets regularly with Jewish leaders and has been photographed with prominent rabbis. Denmark’s far-right People’s Party had an Israeli theme at a recent convention and served wine from the Golan Heights.
“We have a common enemy, a common struggle,” said Mr. Dewinter. He called Israel “the forward post of the free West fighting radical Islam” and said Jewish culture is “one of the main cultures of European civilization, but we can’t say the same of Islam.”
But Elie Wiesel, the American author, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Auschwitz survivor, warns that while the center-right has become a more comfortable place for European Jews, Jews have no place in the xenophobic parties. “Whatever crisis we’re enduring, no Jew should go to the extreme right,” he said. “A Jew should never be an ally of racism because we know what it is.”
In Antwerp, according to one study, at least 65 percent of those who were registered as Jews during World War II died during the Holocaust. According to another study, based on exit polls, at least 5 percent of the Jewish population there voted for Vlaams Belang last June, in the most recent elections.
Henri Rosenberg, an Orthodox Jew whose Polish parents survived Hitler’s camps, is unapologetic about his support. “Orthodox Jews are thinking in the same ways that non-Jews are thinking, that Vlaams Belang can protect them,” he said. “Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews had to compromise with the societies in which they lived and this made it much easier for Orthodox Jews to go with the standard, ‘Is it good for Jews or bad for Jews?’ ” he said. “Today, it seems it is good for Jews.”


Posted by Braveheart on Wed, 23 Feb 2005 11:06 | #

1) For those who want to piss on Laurent Winnock, Dalila Douifi (member of parliament) and the others of the team:
(This web-page was already removed on February 24, 2005. Perhaps socialists finally got the feeling that it was something not to be proud about?)
To note: this proves that it was a well-hatched plan, no flash in the pan.

2) Vande Lanotte is also ‘Minister of the North Sea’. This is no joke.  What’s next? Ministers of Fire, Earth and Air? For God’s sake. But why is Vande Lanotte ‘Minister of the North Sea’? This is the best proof that in Belgium ministerial functions are distributed by the dominating Walloon socialists (those who wanted to throw Tony Blair out of the Socialist International). They reign Belgium (Wallonia is their full domain) thanks to the support of their small Flemish counterpart, so that they are majority in Belgium.

But let’s return to the subject. Since the school reform in French-speaking Belgium, Dutch is no longer second language in Wallonia. So the only thing most Walloons know about the Flemish is “that they lie at the North Sea and that they are all fascists because they don’t want to transfer any more to the French-speakers those 11,3 billion Eurodollar ($14,8 or £7,9) every year.
This should be seen in the following context:
55% of the Walloons is earning an income. This is composed as follows:
-16% private domain (industry and commerce)
-39% public domain (public administrations, unemployment benefits…)
This is the information N-VA party leader Bart De Wever has found in the official public accounting figures. Some time ago he was on the Flemish television in a discussion program. His opponent, the son of (Walloon) Euro commissar Michel was present, but did not deny the numbers.



Posted by Geoff Beck on Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:02 | #

Braveheart and Van Vlaams:

Max Boot a powerful New York Neo-Con is recommending we conscript foreigners into the U.S. Army. Yes that’s right. He says that we need foriegn nationals to populate and serve in the U.S. Military.

I’m sure the Dutch and Belgians are ready to sign up?

<u>Link is Here</u>


Posted by Braveheart on Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:59 | #

Conclusion of the text below. Be very careful with foreign soldiers. Don’t bring them to the US mainland and select them carefully. At any event I don’t think America will find a large number in Belgium or the Netherlands.

With low birth rates, there are even not enough Flemish candidates for the (low-paid) professional Belgian army. To counter this, the Walloons suggested (instead of increasing the salary) to take people from poor Ukraine. Obviously in an attempt to make things more difficult in the case Flanders would try to become independent. Fortunately this was not adopted, because the Flemish smell a rat. All of the heavy ammunition is already concentrated in Wallonia you know…

So Belgium has no foreign legion such as France. The advantage of a foreign legion is that when some are killed in action, the public is not too much upset. BTW the French foreign legion is based on Corsica, to keep them away from the mainland. They fight with the same bravura as the rest of the French army. Also to note, their mere existence is a serious competitor for American recruitment.

Other question. Would the Flemish be good soldiers? I think yes.
-Half of the personal guard of the former kings of France (at least about the last French king before the French revolution, I am sure) were Flemish. The other half came from Alsace.
-During the World War II German occupation (for whom I have no sympathy, my father was a resistant) the Flemish were considered as being 100% German and some of them fought as bravely as the Germans against Stalin.

Thus for the case you would make an agreement with the Belgian government that those who fight for America don’t lose their Belgian nationality, then at least the few Flemish you would succeed to get, would be very good soldiers. As the actual Belgian army recruiting propaganda is not very efficient, America (appeals to the imagination) would perhaps succeed in attracting some of them.

On the other side there is much unemployment among the Moroccan youth in Belgium, but that’s not the kind of people America needs.

But perhaps there is another little possibility? The city I live next calls Mechelen. Its nickname is Mechelen upon Tigris, because of the many Assyrians. I must even confess that almost 20 years ago I was involved in a (small) effort to attract some of them (to keep as much as possible Muslims out) see http://www.bethnahrin.nl/pictures.php?ID=20 They came, but not enough. I think only 3.000 or so. But if America would hang up some posters in their Assyrian cafés, perhaps you could attract some of them to fight in Iraq, who knows. Finally it is their religion that teaches them that God has promised Assyria to the Assyrians…

So you see things have to be investigated country by country. And Holland? If you pay enough, you can attrack some people too, but I fear the next step in America will be that someone remarks that seeking cannon fodder in the Ukraine is cheaper. Another question then is whether the latter soldiers will be of the same quality as the first American infantry division or the Marine seals. Now the Americans have the aureole of invincibility. Try to keep this!


Posted by Braveheart on Mon, 07 Mar 2005 12:38 | #

“Breaking” news concerning the presidential Piss Off stickers.

Some weeks later a new sticker appeared on the web-site. Perhaps there were complaints about the first sticker with President Bush’s face on the American flag? A new sticker was designed, see: http://www.animoweb.be/default.aspx?ref=AA&lang=NL&duck=12&persid=78

The Belgian socialist piss-artists were apparently too much “attracted” by the American flag, so that they missed the President. The new sticker offers a better focus on the President himself.

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