Crimes that our grandchildren will see

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MR commenter Alex has posted (and is still posting!) some very interesting material on one of our recent threads, and I think it merits a full post.

In it he links two aspects of the NWO project: the deracination of European Man and the creation of a new United States of North America.  In its entirety the project - literally the creation of a Global Age of the Power Elites - is dependent on nation-killng, of course, and that is deeply dependent on the destruction of racial diversity.  For racial diversity is the whole of nationhood in the West, and without it there can be no ethnic (or, indeed, moral or ideological) counterwieght to the project.

The source material that Alex uses here is intriguing.  It is a progressive manifesto from almost 140 years ago.  One phrase from it I found particularly revealing.  Describing the Future Deracinated Man it says he will possess “very different intellectual and moral characteristics from those which we possess today”.

We know our fight is for the life of our people itself.  We don’t always appreciate in what little regard that life is held by our true adversaries.

Here is the post constructed from Alex’s comments.  My thanks to him for bringing this to our attention.

Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See

One of the few things I’d agree with FDR about is that things don’t just happen ‘by chance’ regarding political matters.  Below is an excerpt from a book published in 1870 in the US by ‘progressives’, yes, the very same sort who about 60 years later would be thinking Stalin and his ‘five year plans’ was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The first section of the book describes the first ‘one hundred years progress’ of the United States (between 1770 and 1870) examining increasing production figures and values in those years in great detail for a wide variety of products.

Towards the latter portion of the book the writer attempts to describe things as they would be one hundred years in the future, in 1970.  That section of the book is entitled
Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See; or, One Hundred Years Progress in the Future’, and it’s the part of the book from which the extract below is taken.

The future man is described on pg 515.  Perhaps they should have called this “the future economic man.”  Due to the American peoples wishes regarding immigration being respected at certain times, this has not come about in 1970.  It’s not for lack of trying on these peoples’ parts though.  One can’t help but notice the language used on this page (I’ve provided a link to it beneath this excerpt) is the same as would be used were a rancher attempting to breed a new strain of livestock.  It does seem what is described in this excerpt is what they (financial and business elites, and multi-cultists) are trying to do throughout the West in 2008.

‘The Coming Man’

Business Advertisement Promoting Multi-culturalism

“But the future man of the American Republic will be a thoroughly composite being. It is not simply the union of the Mongolian and Caucasian types to which we are to look forward, but an agglomoration of almost all races and nationalities to make up the coming man. The old English of New England, Virginia, and the Carolinas, already blended with Huguenot, Norman French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian blood, will receive from the Canadian French on the one side and the Hispano - Americans on the other, an accession of French, Spanish, and Portuguese blood not wholly free from an admixture in all degrees with the Northern Indian, the aztec, and the negro races, and these, with the blending in our own Southern and Southwestern States with the African stock, and the combination in the not distant future of Chinese, Japanese, Hindoo, Malay, and Polynesian, will give to the average American of a hundred years hence, a darker complexion and very different intellectual and moral characteristics from those which we possess today…”

Now I’ll post a few additional excerpts from Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See as they fit in with the subject.

The title page of One Hundred Years’ Progress of the United States:-

A link to the free online book: One Hundred Years Progress of the United States (1870)

North America is projected to be integrated both economically and politically by 1970. Below is a map from the book with the shaded areas representing the United States in 1870. The areas of North America in white, ie. Canada, Cuba, Greenland, Mexico, Central America, and a great part of the West Indies, are “to be acquired.” While these places in white were not, for the most part, physically annexed by 1970, perhaps at some time between 1870 and 1970 it was realized one could “acquire” just as well economically as one could physically. With the passage of both NAFTA in the 1990’s, and the very recent CAFTA, something of an economic integration/annexation may well be taking place between the US and the remainder of North America at the present time.

‘Supposed Territory of the United States in 1970’

Compare the map below of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) with the map above.    A unified North America dominated by the US….Manifest Destiny coming close to being fulfilled?

Map of North America

When estimating the population, one has to bear in mind the writers expected continuous high levels of immigration (apparently for “cheap labor” purposes) from all points of the globe.  They did not foresee (or perhaps did not want to see) that the American peoples’ wishes regarding immigration would be respected in the latter nineteenth century regarding immigration from Asia…and later in the early 1920’s when more general restrictions were put in place that cut immigration to a mere trickle of what it had been.  They comment that in 1870 the population from China in the US was already 150,000, but that within the next few decades that population would be tens of millions…and then say, almost in passing, and with very little explanation, that the immigration from Asia simply could not be stopped.  Sounds remarkably familiar..and strange…being that only a few short years before the same nation (the US) had repelled entire armies in its Civil War..and also had quite succesfully blockaded a lengthy portion of the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf Coast. The assertion of these men was ultimately incorrect as a few years after this book’s publication immigration from Asia was stopped for practical purposes.  The writers therefore come up with the number 639,359,152 as the population of the United States for 1970 on pg 467.  In 1970 the population had actually grown from about 40 million in 1870 to a little over 200 million.  Since the Immigration Act of 1965, which threw open the borders once again, and the purposely allowed illegal immigration of the past decades, America’s population has surpassed 300 million by 2008.

Marvels that Our Grandchildren Will See pg 467

There are more Alex-moderated extracts from of the source material on our The whole world in two press releases thread.



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“The writers therefore come up with the number 639,359,152 as the population of the United States for 1970 on pg 467.”

The only thing the writers were wrong about was the date. With the massive influx of third-world immigrants into the USA, the population will reach 639 million before the end of the 21’st century. Whites will then be a minority. Roy Beck of ‘Numbers USA’ does a great job illustrating where we’re headed.

BTW—What I find so bizarre is whites, mainly college educated, are cheering-on this development!

E.g., I recall reading about Bill Clinton giving a speech—I beleive it was a Commencement Address—to a predominantly white audience. The speech’s subtext was the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity. In it, he stated whites were going to be a minority in the U.S. soon. That statement was met with a thunderous applause! How sick is that? Add to that, a large segment of white voters are worked up to a frenzy anxious to vote for amalgaman, B. Hussein, for Commander in Chief !?!?


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Yeah, regarding the 639 million figure, what threw them off was in part the Chinese immigration being largely curtailed, but more than anything, was when tired of the utter chaos created by ‘mass immigration’ somehow people got listened to in the early 1920’s thru the mid-1960’s and immigration in general was reduced to a trickle for about 40 years.    Nothing is perfect, but people who can remember that time will tell you it was quite a relatively peaceful (ie stable) era in general The writer of the book seemed to simply presume the people of the US would at no time have any say in matters regarding immigration whatsoever.  He was in error about that and not the only one.

As for Clinton and the response regarding his speech that’s an example of conditioning, the promotion of the cult of multi-culturalism playing a major role in that.


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Accompanying a wealthy citizen of one of the great central cities of North America in his day’s duties (pg 521-527)

‘The dishes are of the most delicate porcelain, the manufacture of the skilled Japanese artisans at the the great porcelain factory of New Kanyasawa in California.’

Uintah Mountains - Utah

“In no way, perhaps, can we give our readers a more vivid idea of the changes and extraordinary progress of the nation in the next hundred years than by transporting them in imagination to the home of a wealthy citizen of one of the great central cities of the Continent and accompanying him in the day’s duties, pursuits and pleasures.

Let us then introduce to the reader the Honorable Enrique Chang Marston, the head of the great forwarding house of Marston, Sih-Wah & Villanova of LaPorte, the largest city of the central region, and the entrepot of the mining products of Colorado, Wyoming and Eastern Utah.    LaPorte is a city of a million inhabitants, situated at the junction of five or six lines of railway, which connect it with all sections of the Continent, and by means of its pneumatic tubular routes, it has a constant and rapid interchange of the products ofthe mines, the fertile fields of the region about it, and the immense manufactories which make it a busy hive with the East and the West.    Its daily shipments for Asiatic ports are enormous, and for European markets are hardly less considerable.  The house of which Mr. Marston is at the head has its branches and correspondents, at Yedo, Shanghai, Melbourne, Bangkok and Calcutta, as well as at New York, Havana, London, Paris and Constantinople.    Mr. Marston as his name would indicate, is on his father’s side of Anglo-Saxon stock, but mingles in his ancestry also, Spanish and Chinese blood.    Highly educated and early trained to business in which he has achieved a great success, he has also taken a part in politcal affairs and now represents the City of LaPorte in Congress.    It is late in June, and Congress not being in session, he is at home and looking after the interest of his extensive business.  We find him, in the early morning at his country seat, about sixty miles from LaPorte, on the slopes of the Uintah Mountains, overlooking the glorious North Park.    His country seat is a large, finely planned building of reddish sand stone, and, with its towers, its gracefully curved roof, and its numerous slender spires and minarets has a decidedly ornamental appearance.  The furniture is luxurious, but at this season of the year great pains is taken to give the impression of coolness, for though the location is high, the Summer sun is fiercely hot at mid-day.    The nights are however, deliciously cool.    Mr. Marston is a somewhat early riser,  and the musical tinkle of a chime of small silver bells summons him and his family to breakfast at seven o’clock.    The breakfast room, carpeted over its encaustic tiling with the finest of Chinese matting, is cool and still.    The well trained Chinese servants, each at his place awaits the master’s coming.    the table of richly inlaid wood is covered with a ramie table cloth, ofthe most brilliant whiteness and exquisite pattern but so strongly resembling silk that only a practiced eye can detect the difference.    The dishes are of the most delicate porcelain, the manufacture of the skilled Japanese artisans at the the great porcelain factory of New Kanyasawa in California.    The gold and silver service which though tasteful, is not intended for display, was manufactured in LAPorte from Colorado gold.    The chairs are of bamboo but if American manufacture.    The walls are painted in a rich maroon fresco, and hung with some exquisite pictures, mostly of Rocky Mountain Scenery, though one or two betray their owner’s passion for hunting.    But the family have already assembled at the table, Mr. Marston in a richly embroidered silk robe, suggestive both in its form and figures of the traces of Chinese blood of the wearer.    Madame, a stately Spanish looking lady, with still much of her youthful beauty, in an orange tinted robe with black trimmings, of the exquisite ramie grass and opening rose of brilliant tint carelessly nestling in a coil of her intensely black hair.    The children, two sons and two daughters, all under the age of fourteen are neatly but not showily dressed.    The breakfast is simple but nutritious, and in ample quantity, bread and cakes of wheat, millet and rice, pure golden butter and olive oil equally pure, from Southern California, antelope steaks, of which his park enables him to afford a supply;    some broiled sage hens, and pickled olives, with bananas, oranges and figs from Arizona constitute the repast.    Tea and coffee are both served, the former from California, the latter from Southern Arizona, and both of the best quality.    By the plates of both master and mistress are placed copies of the six o’clock LaPorte papers, and ere they rise from the table the seven o’clock issue is brought in…”

The workers’ housing (pg 523-524)

‘Many of the inhabitants indicated by their features and figures, and a few by their dress, their Chinese origin,’

Model Tenements ca 1900

“Leaving this we turn through another street which leads us toward the block on the great thouroughfare in which the warehouse of Marson, Sih-Wah and Villanova is situated.    This cross street is inhabited evidently by families of the working classes.    The buildings are lofty, seven and eightstories, and each family has its tenement on a flat or single floor.    Through the center of each building runs a broad hall with its wide staircase. giving access to the tenements, each of which has its own door and door plate at the landing on that floor.    Every appliance, we are told, for making each tenement isolated and complete in itself is resorted to.  There are no dark rooms.    The warming and ventilation is perfectm and is the same for the entire building.    Neither cooking nor washing of clothes is permitted in the tenements;  but a kitchen on a large scale, buying everything at wholesale and furnishing food at actual cost, supplies wholesome food, the families selecting from the great variety of dishes at much lower rates than they could prepare it for themselves.    One of these is attached to every second building.    The food is sent by dumb waiters to each of the tenements.    The ground floor is arranged as an immense laundry where the women of each family do their washing at stationary tubs, hot and cold water being furnsihed by them, and the clothes dried and partly pressed by steam.    Everything is scrupilously clean about these tenements, and the numerous children, though dressed in very plain clothing, are neat and healthy looking.    The best of these tenement buildings have elevators to facilitate the passage up and down from the lofty stories.    Many of the inhabitants indicated by their features and figures, and a few by their dress, their Chinese origin, but these were as cleanly, courteous and well behaved as the others.”


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In the Japanese quarter of LaPorte

‘A stalwart Malay, whose face is so malignant with all evil passions that it would make a capital study for Gustave Dore in his next picture of Satan, and who is maddened with vile liquor and opium has rushed out and is running amok, striking and stabbing with his gleaming Kriss, everyone in his way.’

Chinatown in San Francisco

“...We are in the Japanese quarter of LaPorte, and we find here and there elegant cottages, with inscriptions indicating that they are “tea houses.”    The “Social Evil” among the Japanese has not so many revolting features as among our professedly more highly civilized people;  but we decline all invitations to enter, and pass on.    The begging nuns, pretty, after the oriental style, and very winning in their ways next accost us and ask that we will visit their halls and witness their dancing, and perhaps contribute something toward giving their patron godess a new silken suit;  but we are very hard hearted, and do not think their patron goddess much more destitute of “something to wear” than her devotees before us.  We have had enough of the Japanese quarter and turn away to retrace our steps towards the great thoroughfare;    but in so doing we have entered the purliens of the lowest classes of the Chinese, Hindoo, and Malay population.    Here is an opium shop, and on benches under the verandah lie ghastly looking men and women, under the influence of the potent drug.    They seem dead, and to have died in horrible agony;  but soon one of them, and presently another, raises his head, and propping it up with one hand, looks around with an idiotic expression, and calls in utter wretchedness for more of the poison.    If denied he presently raises up again, and may commit murder or become a violent maniac.  A little farther on a crowd are gathered, who suddenly start and fly for their lives.    A stalwart Malay, whose face is so malignant with all evil passions that it would make a capital study for Gustave Dore in his next picture of Satan, and who is maddened with vile liquor and opium has rushed out and is running amok, striking and stabbing with his gleaming Kriss, everyone in his way.    Yet farther on the Hindoo, sleek, graceful, and eminently handsome in form and feature, but treacherous and deceitful, bows very humbly and obsequiously, but it would not surprise us to know, that in one of his fits of jealousy against Englishmen and Americans, he had assassinated some friend of ours to whom he had been equally obsequious and polite.”

So ends a day in June, 1970 (pg 527)

“...Coffee and chocolate were served, and bottles of the choicest wines of California stand in the cooler, but neither host nor guest desired them.

The evening would have been dull had music been wanting;  but in this the Marston family are adepts.    All joined in some sweet, new songs, while Madame accompanied them on the organ piano, a new combination of string, reed, and wind instruments, whose soft and delicious tones delighted all ears.    So ends a day in June, 1970.”

Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See pg 521-527

Dr. Linus P. Brockett (1829-1893) wrote the section of this book detailing what he forecast the US to be in 1970.    Brockett seems to have fit very well the title page description of it’s authors as being “Eminent Literary Men” having written numerous books on the history of the Civil War, religious history of portions of Europe,  and on industry in the US.

Dr. L P Brockett’s obituary…two entries near the top of the page under the date January 14 1893.


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Having begun to ‘wake up’ a few years ago I’ve recently become more than a little frustrated with my usual tour of blogs. Each day I read about some new outrage, illogical proposal, insane decision or shocking statistic. Not a happy experience. After recently watching a 10 minute trailer of a new film about the subversive and dangerous ‘Common Purpose’ by Brian Gerrish I was intrigued to spot a link to David Icke’s website during the trailer roll at the end. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a look. I followed a link to a C5 documentary entitled ‘Was He Right?’ thinking that might be a good place to start. There was some very interesting stuff that had definitely got my attention. In particular there were clips of a talk he gave at Brixton Academy to 2,500 people. Finding it was available in 42, 10 minute chunks on YouTube (link below) I watched it over a couple of nights and slowly become more and more staggered as suddenly so many disparate things that hadn’t previously made sense became clearer. Even his much vaunted ‘reptile’ stuff made more sense when he explained exactly what he meant. Maybe I was more able to suspend disbelief about this aspect of his general ‘New World Order’ thesis as I’d previously read Robert Temple’s excellent ‘The Sirius Mystery’ (link below) and recently read about the fact that the amount of DNA relevant to human’s accounts for only about 10% of that found in the human body. The remaining 90% or so is described as ‘junk’ DNA. As was rightly pointed out anything that’s ‘junk’ doesn’t usually survive evolution which leads one to suspect it’s far from ‘junk’. He covers far too many things to mention in a comment here but the end result was that seeing things from this new perspective changes things radically for me. I then listened to an interview he gave on an American radio station (link below) and was even more blown away. I realised that I’d previously being looking at things from a very narrow angle, purely political and largely on the UK alone.

There were, however, a few points that stood out and that I think should be food for thought for those on this site. Immigration has recently exploded across the Western world. It’s not just about ‘de-racination’ that’s just a by product for them. The target is the white Western male who they, rightly, see as their greatest obstacle to their objective of a one world government. The ethnics involved are just as much victims or useful dupes as us. They are being used to spread division, fear, anger and to dilute the effectiveness of any potential resistance. Sites such as this which quite rightly resist mass immigration and it’s evil twin multiculturism are either easily dismissed as ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or are, or will be, used as reasons for increased legislation with only one goal, more control and less freedom. Diversity isn’t about celebrating all cultures it’s about destroying and suppressing Western cultures. It’s the old classic ‘divide and rule’. At any time tactics may change and the differing communities may suddenly be unleashed on each other. It’s bad enough now. Imagine what it would be like during a (manufactured, they control everything banks, oil, media) recession? Being able to look at things through this prism enables a strategy of resistance that doesn’t involve hatred of ethnics but explains their role in this demonic ploy. At the same time we can explain to them why we resist diversity, immigration etc. The founding peoples of Western civilisation have a right to protect their national character. A world without these ‘elites’ would see a renaissance without parallel. Would a Jamaican or an Indian want to remain in damp and grey Blighty if their home of ethnic origin suddenly became livable again?

The second thing I gleaned, again relevant to this site, is that it is not ‘the Jews’ who are doing this. Even though it may appear so (banking, Hollywood etc) those involved that appear Jewish have long ago renounced their faith. The conspiracy is much broader than that involving European royalty and aristocracy (with our own dear Queen very high up in the organisation), the Masons, Jesuits and the Catholic church amongst others. Their ‘religion’, he claims, came out of Babylon (hence the importance of invading Iraq) and is satanic in nature involving sacrifice (a reason why wars are so frequently used) and paedophilia. Classic out there conspiracy stuff you might say but the evidence is actually quite compelling. All I can say is see for yourself. It certainly makes more sense than the US government being controlled simultaneously by both Jews and the House of Saud. Mass immigration isn’t in the best interests of the majority of Jews who are being duped and controlled like the rest of us.

As I said, it’s white Western males who are the targets (which makes the recent Harriet Harman inspired legislation all the more understandable as well as such things as the black male/white female stereotype in advertising). They consider females to be largely easily controlled. After all they are unlikely to take to the streets in large numbers or provide any serious resistance (I know it sounds harsh but I suspect it’s true). Africa’s focussed on survival (and kept that way), the Middle East is already controlled, largely through religion (all of which are false, though in the case of Islam no less dangerous), South America is largely poor and religious and China is quite possibly the prototype for what we can expect in the future (Icke claims the Chinese elites are part of the NWO and suspects a manufactured war with either or both China and the Islamic world in the next few years - global problems always require global solutions).

It’s not just David Icke making these claims but he’s definitely worth a look if for no other reason that it enables things to be seen through a completely different prism and to me makes far more sense. Things most certainly do not happen just by chance. Not even political parties going into ‘meltdown’ or close contests in democratic primaries. It seems our next leaders are to Obama and Cameron. It’s during their tenures that things are going to move very fast indeed.

Freedom or fascism - the time to choose part 1

Robert Temple

The Global Conspiracy part 1

I know there’ll be many who’s eyes will be rolling at all this but all I can say is that is exactly what my reaction to all of this stuff has been for years. Not any more.


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After looking this over, I’ll admit I haven’t studied the origins of the “progressive” movement as much as I probably should.  I pretty much assumed that the founder was Henry George whose “Progress and Poverty” was the best selling book other than the Bible for quite some time during the latter half of the 1800s in the US.  However, this “Hundred Years of Progress” makes no mention of Henry George (I did download all 130M+ and search it).  Moreover I don’t recall there being any mention of the these “Eminent Literary Men” in “Progress and Poverty”.

What I assume is the case without doing due-diligence:

Just as “Das Kapital” was promoted, in English, by Engels in vicious response to “Progress and Poverty” I suspect there were others who donned the robe of “progressive” in order to preserve the economic rent-seeking that is now so embedded in both the public and private sectors—and especially in their hybrids such as the Federal Reserve.  However, in the case of “One Hundred Years of Progress”, the publication in the US in English came before the publication of “Progress and Poverty” by 9 years.  Moreover Henry George’s opposition to immigration from East Asia, based on the social as well as economic damage caused by devaluation of labor given an environment of rent-seeking capital, seems more likely a reaction to these earlier “progressives” who strike me as simply the kind of northern industrialists who coveted the cheap labor of the southern plantation slave-holders—envy which has resulted ultimately in the demise of Detroit’s land values and the now near bankruptcy of GM.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Wed, 02 Jul 2008 23:09 | #

Read also Alex’s comments in this thread and in the threads cited at my request in this comment of his

Alex is a good thinker.  He also takes great care that his explanations be clear, thorough, and didactic, and it certainly shows:  they’re always very informative and a pleasure to read.


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Amazing. Simply amazing. Can we gather the names of all those responsible for this blasphemy, dis-inter their bones, and burn them ex post facto, just to start the ball rolling on those who are still alive?

I have concluded this Multiculturalism, is the great RACIAL heresy, that is tied to the Russian Orthodox Church’s naming of the THEOLOGICAL heresy which they call the “Panheresy of Ecumenism.”

What the Soviet Bolsheviks (and we know their ethnicity, don’t we?) did in the philosophical realm, these ‘progressives’ already were manipulating in the physical.

Thank God the Second Amendment decision by the “Supremes” still allows the citizenry to revolt against an unjust and immoral government. Now, if only they would!


Posted by the Narrator... on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 05:33 | #

Enlightening work Alex.
It seems the desire towards global empire is a timeless ambition by those consumed by their own hubris.
On the other hand it gives hope as it shows that there are, and have been, others willing to stand against those ambitions.

Yes, the past two generations have dropped the ball, but in the 20’s and 30’s there were men who stood up and pushed back against the Globalist Tide.
The 1924 immigration act, for example, gave us a 40 year reprieve, without which, America would probably have fit the description in ‘One Hundred Years Progress of The United States’ by 1970. In which case none of us would be having this conversation now.

The writer of that book also couldn’t foresee the rise of the KKK and other racialist movements in the decades following the Civil War (the book was published just 5 years after the war ended), nor could he imagine the racialist science that would develop from Darwin’s theory in the early 20th century.

As the old saying goes, ‘There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip’.
Things seem dark now, but we never know what new, unforeseen event (awaiting just around the next corner), will kick the survival instinct of Western peoples into overdrive once again.

Alex’s work here reminds us that we are not fighting anything new. Our struggle is an endless one. And though we’ve lost most of the battles of late, the war is far from over…


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 09:32 | #

Excellent post by Narrator. 

The main thing to keep always in mind is this can be not just stopped but reversed with full restoration of the way things used to be.  We don’t have to accept any new status quo.  Forget that; it’s a non-starter.  The other side’s plan was to place us before the supposedly “irreversible” fait accompli of partial race-replacement so we’d “give up” and let things go to completion.  But the partial race-replacement they’ve managed thus far to force on us isn’t irreversible.  They’ve misjudged us.  They don’t understand the kind of stuff we’re made of.  For a thousand years the eastern third of Germany wasn’t Polish then suddenly after WW II it was Polish, the thousand years of Germanness counting for nothing, zero, gone, vanished.  It was done in the twinkling of an eye because there was the political will.  It was done in peacetime.  No fuss, no debate, it was simply drawn on the drawing boards then taken care of on the ground and today no one even knows it happened. 

The only status quo we’re going to accept will be the status quo ante.  We’re undoing everything they’ve done.  Let them deal with that. 

Period.  Full stop.  End of story.


Posted by Selous Scout on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 14:32 | #

Very interesting.  Does everyone here understand what it will take to reverse Race Replacement?  Not just stop it, but actually reverse it. It requires the assumption of power, for one thing.  I think it requires a different kind of morality. Perhaps when white survival instinct kicks in (and make no mistake, it will) the old morality will be replaced by something else.

I am encouraged by the increasing signs of white racial consciousness I see around me.  It seems some people are starting to wake up.  But I worry that our people are under an illusion about what it will take to restore our nations, defeat the Multi-Cult, and reverse Race Replacement. I worry that we are too soft to do what it takes. Or are my concerns premature?


Posted by torgrim on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 19:16 | #


“I worry that we are too soft to do what it takes. Or are my concerns pre-mature?”

Yes, it a cause to be concerned. There is at least one generation that has never missed a meal or wondered where the next meal was to come…
Soft, teevee addicted, and lazy.

When this scheme begins to come off the rails, and it will, (probably when those that built the infrastructure of the West die off), then the replacements won’t be able to keep it producing, the carrying capacity will implode.

The hope comes from need. Need causes creativity. As long as they can keep it cobbled together, the NWO types buy time.
However, if this comes apart and looks like a train wreck and people that have never known hunger begin to go hungry, then, survival instincts will make adjustments, very quickly.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 19:16 | #

Selous Scout, the following words of Lawrence Auster’s express part of what has to happen (not the whole but a part) (I no longer consider myself a “traditional conservative,” by the way, on grounds normalness needs no special name):

the most important course of action for traditionalist conservatives at the present moment (given the seemingly unstoppable power of the dominant culture, it may be the only available course of action) [...] is, knowing the truth, refusing to yield to the lies that surround us, refusing to yield to the prevailing mentality of our society, no matter how victorious it may seem.

Everybody today, particularly Republicans and mainstream conservatives, is echoing the same refrain: “Diversity is happening, immigration is happening, moral liberation is happening.  We cannot return to the past.  To exist and get along in this society we must accept these things.”  Traditionalists must entirely reject such accommodationism.  The starting point, the indispensable condition of any conservative or traditionalist movement, as well as of our personal spiritual survival, is that we say NO to the prevailing values of the liberal order and that we keep saying no, that we never accept them inwardly, even while recognizing the fact that they exercise effective control over society at present and that we may need to accommodate ourselves to them to a certain degree in our external interactions with society.

That inward refusal, that inward spiritual independence of our environment, shared among enough like-minded people, can become the basis of a new community.  And then other things, more active and external things, may become possible as well.

That has to happen, it will happen, it is happening. 

The other side has taken its best shot (taken it while we were asleep no less, scum that they are — something we and our posterity till the end of time will never forget).  Yes we’re dazed, wobbling, looking around in confusion trying to figure out what’s hitting us, which direction the blows keep caming from, whom to defend against first. 

But we’re still standing. 

Their best shot taken while we were asleep couldn’t bring us to our knees.  The game’s up.  We’re only going to strengthen.  They’re going to stagnate.

Never lose heart.  Everything they’ve done can be undone in one way or another, and will be, if not in ten years or twenty or fifty or a hundred-and-fifty, no matter:  it’ll happen. 

Never inwardly compromise with the enemy on race-replacement, never inwardly compromise with the enemy, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise, never inwardly compromise.  None of what they’ve done is acceptable; all of it must be undone and rectified.  Once you’ve completely and indelibly settled that in your brain you’ll feel as if a great weight has been lifted from your mind, your heart, your lungs and your inner strength will increase tenfold nay ten-thousandfold. 

Will race-replacement change once you’ve settled any of that in your mind?  No.  It’ll change once enough of us have.  Will enough of us?  As sure as the sun rises. 

What must each do?  Each must do what he can, within the bounds of safety, reason, and morality.  And each is of crucial importance, no exceptions.  Each to his task according to his strengths.  We’re not going down as easily as Mythbuster, Vyag, and Joe the Nip may flatter themselves to imagine, as their hysteria when confronting us suggests they already know.


Posted by Old Guy on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 19:18 | #

This comment is definitely off topic for this thread, but ...

Will some of the worthies here bring front and forward to MR the interesting post and excellent commentary at:  ???


Posted by .357 on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 19:41 | #

“I worry that we are too soft to do what it takes. Or are my concerns premature?”

Oh, I don’t think we’re too soft. What whites lack is motivation. That motivation will come once the false prosperity we are living under disappears. Once we can’t afford to go to WalMart and fill our baskets full of junk made in China. Once we have to choose between feeding our kids or buying medicine etc, etc, etc. Then whites, en masse, will start to feel a collective hatred and resentment toward those that led us into the condition/situation we are in.  Until then, imo, the course of our dispossession will not change. But when the inevitable change comes, it will be sudden and ....


Posted by GT on Thu, 03 Jul 2008 21:43 | #

Will some of the worthies here bring front and forward to MR the interesting post and excellent commentary at: ???

Kudos to Svigor and the southern secessionist, “Red.”


Posted by 2R on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 00:03 | #

“Alex’s work here reminds us that we are not fighting anything new. Our struggle is an endless one. And though we’ve lost most of the battles of late, the war is far from over… ” (Narrator)

This is a great point.  If we look at our history, we can see that we’ve been down before.  The Mongols, Arabs, Moors, Turks, Persians, Huns, and other assorted Asian and African scum have invaded our lands before.  When the Moors and Arabs invaded Europe, they were assisted by another Semitic tribe. 

Eventually they were all beaten back, and shortly after this liberation of white lands, we seen the rise of Europe as a world power.  I think it was Halford Mackinder who said “European Civilization is the outcome of a secular struggle against Asiatic invasion.”  While our current struggle is not that of Armies colliding with Horsemen from the East, are destiny will still be defined by conflict with outsiders.  These outsiders may even be people of our same heritage, but it is their spirit which is totally foreign and must be considered no different than the Mongol hordes. 

I’ve said this before, but I think its very important.  Within European man exist a weakness.  This weakness is individualism, and is addressed by MacDonald when he wrote the following in an essay called “What makes Western Culture unique?”  [1]

“The best strategy to destroy Europeans, therefore, is to convince the Europeans of their own moral bankruptcy.  A major theme of my book, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements,71is that this is exactly what Jewish intellectual movements have done.  They have presented Judaism as morally superior to European civilization and European civilization as morally bankrupt and the proper target of altruistic punishment.  The consequence is that once Europeans are convinced of their own moral depravity, they will destroy their own people in a fit of altruistic punishment.  The general dismantling of the culture of the West, and eventually its demise as anything resembling an ethnic entity, will occur as a result of a moral onslaught triggering a paroxysm of altruistic punishment.  And thus the intense effort among Jewish intellectuals to continue the ideology of the moral superiority of Judaism and its role as undeserving historical victim while at the same time continuing the onslaught on the moral legitimacy of the West.”

In order for European man to reverse the race-replacement process, we must overcome this weakness of individualism, and lack of ethnocentrism.  Nothing else will work, we must evolve as a people and rid ourselves of this weakness.  Nature’s laws are very simple, a group must either overcome its environment through mutation, or it will NOT be “selected” to live on.  This struggle had to happen, it was inevitable.  But look at the opportunity this struggle has presented to us.  All people have become stronger through challenges. Just as individuals become stronger through personal struggle, a whole people can do the same.

We must also think about this in its historical context.  Many of us look back to men like Charles Martelle as defenders of the West.  In future generations, Whites will look back to people of our age in the same way.  There are White men walking the earth at this moment, who will take up this role.  There are babies being born right this second, who will help lead their people in this struggle.  The blood and spirit of the Spartans, Charles Martelle, Charlemagne, and countless others who lead Europeans against our enemies, lives in all people of European descent. 

So we must remember, this struggle is nature’s gift to us.  We either follow nature’s laws and become stronger for it, or,  we disobey her rules and go extinct? 



Posted by Fred Scrooby on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 08:39 | #

2R’s comment is exactly right.  Charles Martel and his men did not know as they arrayed their Frankish forces before Tours and prepared grimly for battle that what they were facing were not European death throes but European birth pangs, the dawn of a whole new stage of European existence, unprecedented and better, not midnight but daybreak with all Europe’s post-classical civilization lying still before it not even yet dreamt let alone lived.  The same will prove true of what look like our death throes now:  they will turn out to be birth pangs of a new, unprecedented, better existence for Europeans.  But we must do our part, which can be as simple as not losing heart or letting ourselves be demoralized into thinking all is lost, as the Jews want us to do.  All is not lost.  Far from it, but even if there remained only one European man and one European woman left would anyone here give up?  I wouldn’t, but would resolve to regenerate the race.  I will never give up, never believe the other side, and never lose heart!  We are tasked with bringing our childrens’ childrens’ children their racial inheritance as our fathers’ fathers’ fathers brought us ours.  We must not fail to do our part to bring our race through to its next stage.  No one — no one — ever promised us it would be easy:  does anyone here recall ever receiving such a promise?  Was it ever easy before?  There are no promises of ease, only tasks to be completed.  As Tolkien wrote,

With foes ahead, behind us dread,
Beneath the sky shall be our bed,
Until at last our toil be passed,
Our journey done, our errand sped.

We are on an errand.  Part of it is assuring our race’s future.  Our generation of Europeans will not be the one broken link in the European race’s eternal chain.


Posted by DavidL on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:13 | #

Concerning our “Overlords” plans -
From the intro to Shelby Downard’s autobiography:

“People of all races are used in “sexathons”that aim at nothing more than
racial blood mixing. The cry of voodoo witches at these assemblies has always
been Mislet! Mislet! Mislet! –Mix! Mix! Mix!The United States, long hailed as the
“melting pot,”now emerges as a witch’s cauldron in the sooty murk of these
terminal times.
The witchcraft of public policy is practiced for the purpose of influencing
human destiny, and sex and death rituals are part of the GAOTU cult that
has employed “occult sciences”for ages. The plan is to bring all people
together and make all as one—with the exception of the chosen elite, of


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 17:10 | #

I will post something on the Svi’s Takimag adventure sometime tomorrow.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 17:43 | #

Svy did a good job over there.  I was alerted to that Takimag thread here (in a more recent entry, JWH also mentions Jared Taylor’s measured, gentlemanly reply to both Gottfried and Zmirak.)


Posted by .357 on Sat, 05 Jul 2008 10:26 | #

>>“On June 27 and 28 Patriots from Europe, America and Russia gathered in Dendermonde Belgium at the EURO-RUS International Conference.”

Hear Dr. David Duke’s speech. He lays it out as it is.


Posted by Bill on Mon, 07 Jul 2008 13:47 | #

The First Post - The race debate.  No winners.,opinion,inject-some-intelligence-into-the-race-debate-,2


Posted by Bill on Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:02 | #

The First Post - The race debate.  No winners.

Re above - starts at page 2 - to start at beginning hit red arrow top left to backspace to page 1.  Sorry.

Or try this.,opinion,inject-some-intelligence-into-the-race-debate-


Posted by Alex on Wed, 09 Jul 2008 20:23 | #

On pg 511 to 515 the writer elaborates some on the tens of millions of Chinese that he (and apparently others in 1870) expected soon to be entering the US.    He comes right out and states what is central to the modern ideology of multi-culturalism, an ideology it appears designed since that time (the 19th century) to condition people to accept their own physical and cultural replacement/destruction, that it ‘is probable’ that cheap laborers (so called), in this instance from China, are to be imported in to ‘take the place’ (!) of ‘our present laboring classes’ ‘laboring classes’ being the working class, you know people who work for a living, that is most people.

For the approximate three hundred years that Spain, and then Mexico, controlled California, the number of Chinese in that future state is typically described (by the mid 19th century) as being at most ‘a handful’ of fairly well off traders.    And to be sure, for the entirety of North America up to that time, it was about the same.    With California’s conquest by the US in 1846 in the Mexican American War and the subsequent rush of settlers due to the discovery of gold, the population grew quickly in the far West.    Similarly as what was then taking place in the Eastern United States,  a relative few not prepared to do the work themselves, nor pay for it, decided they would instead steal the labor by preying upon foreign people in a state of national weakness, and ‘import’ them, at their own people’s great expense.    So by the early 1850’s, California’s Chinese population had gone from a ‘handful’ of well off traders in 1846, to ‘tens of thousands’ a mere five years later,  ‘most of whom worked as laborers, and as well there suddenly being ‘a racial problem’ where there had been none before.    Contrary to what is sometime presented, most of the Chinese, excepting for perhaps a tiny number, did not ‘pan for gold’, though those preying upon desperate Chinese in China, may have allowed, or even encouraged of them, that illusion.  As it happened the described preying upon of the Chinese in the 19th century was for practical purposes put a stop to in the early 1880’s.

I’ve highlighted a few portions of the below excerpt here and there.As you read simply replace the term ‘Chinese’ with ‘Mexican’, and a picture begins to emerge regarding what has in reality been going on the past few decades between the US and the country just south of the border.

’...The Chinese question, viz., whether
the Chinese and other oriental nations shall
be allowed to swarm into our territory and
take the place of our present laboring classes...’

pg 511-515

This great social question being disposed
of, we find ourselves confronted by three
more, each claiming speedy settlement.
These will be the great social questions which
for the next hundred years will agitate the
mind of the nation. We hope and believe
that they will not, like the one we have just
solved, find their solution in war. These
three problems are: 1st, the social and polit-
ical status of woman, and the position she
will occupy in the government of the nation ;
2d, the liquor question in all its bearings…
3d. The Chinese question, viz., whether
the Chinese and other oriental nations shall
be allowed to swarm into our territory and
take the place of our present laboring classes ;
and whether, if, as is probable, this right is
they should be admitted to the
same political and social privileges with our-
selves. These questions are all of them of
great importance, and should be settled
speedily and forever.

‘We say it [‘the Chinese problem’] is in one sense
already solved, because it is evident
that we can not, if we would, keep them [the Chinese] out…’

The Chinese problem, though in one
sense already solved, is one of great import-
ance in its influence upon our social condition
in the next hundred years. We say it is in
one sense already solved, because it is evident
that we can not, if we would, keep them out,
as they are now arriving upon our Pacific
coast at the rate of several thousand a week,
and already number about 150,000 of our
Nor can we, when their num-
bers begin to be large, successfully withhold
from them the privilege of sufferage, beyond
the ordinary period of naturalization, if we
grant it to immigrants of other nationalities.
There is no surer method of laying the found-
ation for a civil war than to have a large
laboring or servile population of considerable
intelligence diffused through a country, and
deprived of the political privileges which
others in like condition enjoy. We may take
it for granted, then, that whatever politicians
may say, or however stringent may be the
laws to repress their immigration, or to pre-
vent their participation in the social and po-
litical privileges of the country, they will,
just as soon as they become powerful in num-
bers, find a foothold in all our States, and
exercise the privilege of the ballot, at the
expiration of a limited period of naturaliza-
tion. Our Irish immigrants, who are now so
strongly prejudiced against them, have not,
in many instances, waited for their period of
naturalization to be accomplished, before en-
tering upon the privileges of citizenship.
John Chinaman may not be so bold and blus-
tering in the assertion of what he believes to
be his rights, as Patrick, but he will be as
shrewd in obtaining them.

‘Regarding this point as settled, and believ-
ing as we do that before 1880 we shall have
5,000,000 of Chinese on this continent, and
before 1900, 20,000,000 or 25,000,000…’

Regarding this point as settled, and believ-
ing as we do that before 1880 we shall have
5,000,000 of Chinese on this continent, and
before 1900, 20,000,000 or 25,000,000, let
us consider what will be the result upon our
social condition, as a nation.

We must remember that in the Chinese,
we shall be brought in contact for the first
time with a civilization of a type entirely di-
verse from our own, and having hardly any
points in common with it. The Chinese civ-
ilization is far older than ours ; when our an-
cestors were scantily clad in skins and roaming
through the vast forests of Britain, Brittany,
and Saxony, subsisting on animals killed in
the chase or on fish, a barbarous, uncultivated
race, his ancestors were masters of science,
philosophy, the useful, and, to some extent,
the fine arts. Their silks, their porcelain,
their filagree work in gold and silver, their
carved work in ivory, their temples, their lit-
erature, and their history, were even then in
existence. When our ancestors had barba-
rian chiefs, given over to gluttony and revel,
they had philosophers, reverenced by all the
people and uttering maxims of wisdom which
to this day are honored in all countries.
Much as we boast of our discoveries in the
arts and sciences, there are very few of them
which they had not already tried. First of
all the nations of the world, they had in-
vented and used the mariner’s compass.
While with most of the nations of the West,
and notably with our ancestors, the ability to
read and write was confined to a very small
number, whose attainments were regarded as
marvelous, the Chinese were not only pro-
ficient in many branches of literature and
science, but they had their printed books,
executed, indeed, after a rough fashion, but
giving them the opportunity of multiplying
them with considerable rapidity, a thousand
years before Faust or Gutenberg.

‘The Chinese will come to us, mainly, like
some of the European immigrants, as candi-
dates for filling our more menial positions ;
they will be house-servants, washermen, rail-
road laborers, miners, laborers in the field,

It is true that their civilization has, for
some centuries, been nearly stationary, while
ours has been of late years very progressive ;
but it need be no marvel if we should find
them wedded to customs, and habits, and sci-
entific /orwiwZop, which seem to us formal and
antiquated, but which are to him the founda’
tion of his social and intellectual system.

The Chinese will come to us, mainly, like
some of the European immigrants, as candi-
dates for filling our more menial positions ;
they will be house-servants, washermen, rail-
road laborers, miners, laborers in the field,
&c.  They have not so generally emi-
grated to other countries in these humbler
capacities ; but in Batavia, in Cochin China,
in Manchuria, and in Chinese Tartary or
Siingaria, wherever and in whatever capacity
they have entered a country, they have ere
long obtained the ascendancy, compelling the
adoption of their language, their habits and
customs, and attaining to leading positions in
business and influence. It is questionable
whether they can do so among us. The West-
ern intellect is more vigorous and controlling
than the Oriental, and in the end, after per-
haps a hundred years of attrition and quiet
struggle for the supremacy, the highest Cau-
casian type of manhood may assert and main-
tain its superiority over the Mongolian. But
in the meantime, by the mere fact of contact,
we shall have adopted some of their habits
and ways ; we shall look at life more from
the Oriental stand-point, and the absorption
of the Oriental race into our own nationality
will be, not an amalgamation, but an incorpo-
ration of the elements of each into the other,
a fusion. There will be a long time required
to accomplish this. The Chinese is the most
impassible of mortals. It will be years,
scores of them, perhaps, before you can really
get at his feelings and emotions, his beliefs
and disbeliefs. Their morality is not of the
highest order, for what there is of it is based
on motives of self-interest and not on the de-
sire to please God. For the most part the
Chinese, though professedly Buddhists or
Fo-ists, or adherents to the old Sin-tii reli-
gion, have very little idea of the existence of
a Supreme Being, or of any responsibility to
him. They worship their ancestors and burn
incense to them ; they have their religious
expressions, which are used at all times ; if
they are of the learned class, they profess to
be disciples of Confucius and Mencius, and
quote their excellent and virtuous precepts ;
but of the God who enlightened the mind of
their great reformer, they have no knowl-
edge. Truthfulness, strict honesty, and
straight-forwardness, are not, to so great an
extent as they should be, the prevalent vir-
tues of this people. On the other hand, their
patient assiduity in labor, their faithfulness
and precision, and their imitative capacity,
can not fail to excite our admiration and ap-
proval. In the way of filial regard and rev-
erence, we have much to learn from the Chi-
nese ; and if, in turn, they acquire from us
some of the more chivalric virtues, in which
they are now lacking, the exchange will be
advantageous to both parties.

That the intermixture of the two races,
Caucasian and Mongolian, (for in the end it
must come to that,) will not tend to elevate
the type of physical beauty in the offspring
of the union, seems probable, and yet it may
result that a new type of humanity will be
thus formed, possessing a higher degree of
perfection than was possessed by either

We should be inclined to hope for a higher
degree of intellectual power in favorable
specimens of the progeny of the union, than
we have yet found in either race. There is a
vividness of imagination, and a patience of
research, in the Oriental, which, combined
with our quickness of perception and capacity
for logical deduction, will produce intellect-
ual abilities of the very highest order.

Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See


Posted by treehugger on Wed, 09 Jul 2008 21:20 | #

There is a lot of untapped information out there waiting to be unearthed in old book and antique stores.  Kudos to you for finding this!


Posted by Alex on Wed, 09 Jul 2008 21:38 | #

One never knows what they might come across in the old antique or book store…or what they might find upon the internet.  wink


Posted by Alex on Wed, 09 Jul 2008 21:47 | #

Self deceit often seems to be a big part of the problem.

Though the writer of Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See is here speaking about the liquor industry and the efforts of some (which he lauds) to curtail drunkeness, could the words he penned not also apply to those who promote mass immigration (almost as an industry in and of itself it would seem) for ‘cheap labor’ purposes (such as the writer himself) who claim to be ‘helping’ others when they are in reality preying upon them, and those fighting against it, who find it morally questionable, and destructive to the peoples that make up humanity?

‘In their efforts to do this they will be met,
doubtless, by the claim of vested rights, and an outcry
against fanaticism, and intermeddling with
other people’s business, for avarice and heart-
lessness know well how to conceal their base-
ness under the mask of honorable motives…’

It holds the balance of power in most of our
States, and cracks its whip effectually, over
both political parties. It controls too many
votes, to permit any radical measures of re-
pression to be enacted, or enforced if enacted,
and the gains so vilely accumulated in the
destruction of our citizens, are lavishly ex-
pended to retain its hold on power. Our
citizens who love their country and desire its
prosperity ought to unite in repressing this
formidable crime-inducing monopoly, and by
taxation, fines, pains and penalties, restrict
and curb the traffic, so that temptations shall
not be found at every corner, and almost at
every door, to lead the young, the weak, the
generous and the unwary astray. In their
efforts to do this they will be met, doubtless,
by the claim of vested rights, and an outcry
against fanaticism, and intermeddling with
other people’s business, for avarice and heart-
lessness know well how to conceal their base-
ness under the mask of honorable motives ;
but there is no fanaticism, no intermeddling
with other men’s matters, nothing but the
purest and most exalted patriotism in this
effort to rescue our youth, who should be the
pillars of the republic in the coming genera-
tion, from the destruction which is impend-


Posted by Alex on Thu, 10 Jul 2008 00:36 | #

The book One Hundred Years Progress of the United States, of which, Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See formed a part, was published for at least three years….ie 1870, 1871, and 1876…the centennial edition may or may not have included the attempted description of the future.    The 1871 edition which did contain the forecast had included at the end of the book fifty-six (56) letters of commendation.    About a third of these were from presidents of major and or prominentUS universities, ie Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Wesleyan, etc, which is telling…others being from professors of the same universities, from newspapers, and or industrial publications.

The following are some of those letters, after which I’ve posted the complete list of names of those commending the book.

From the President of the Wesleyan University,

I have examined, with much pleasure and profit,
the work entitled ” 100 Years’ Progress.” It
contains a great amount and variety of information,
printed in an attractive style, on subjects of the
highest importance. It is eminently a practical work,
and brings within the reach of all, stores of knowl-
edge heretofore inaccessible to most readers. The
novelty of the title, the great truths illustrated and
established, give it increased attractiveness and
usefulness. The patriot and the philanthropist will
be encouraged by its perusal and stimulated to
greater exertions to secure further progress in all
good things in our country and throughout the

The enterprising publisher has not spared expense
in the manufacture of the work. The printing and
the abundant illustrations are in the highest style
of art. One of the best illustrations of “Eighty
Years’ Progress,” would be found in the comparison
of the mechanical execution of this work with that
of any work issued eighty years ago.

Joseph Cummings,
President of Wesleyan University.

From the President of Marietta College, Ohio,

Dear Sir, The work on the “100 Tears’ Pro-
gress of the United States” was received by mail a few
days since. I have given what attention I could to
it, and write you now, as I am expecting to be ab-
sent from home for some days.

The examination of this work has given me much
pleasure. The idea of furnishing this most valuable
knowledge in a comparatively small compass, was
a most happy one. As a people we want informa-
tion reliable information. We need to know our
own history, in art and science, as well as in govern-
ment. The people of one section should know how
those of others hve ^the progress of one should be
made known to all.

The idea of the work you have undertaken seems
to have been well carried out, as well as happily
conceived. On a great variety of topics, in which
aU the people are interested, you have furnished a
large amount of valuable information. AU, except
those of the lowest grade of intelligence, will avail
themselves of the opportunity to secure this vol-
ume, and, unlike many books, the more it is exam-
med the more valuable will it seem. I anticipate
for it a wide circulation.

I feel great interest in the character of the books
distributed through the country. We teach our
young people, at great cost, to read. Many, having
acquired the art, have no disposition to use it ; and
others read nothing that has any value, G-ood
books, books not newspapers, they wiU take care
of themselves should be in every house. Hence,
I favor school libraries, as an easy and cheap method
of putting good books into the hands of the young.
For a like reason I rejoice in the purchase, by fami-
lies, of all good works.

This work on the Progress of the United States,
will serve a most excellent purpose in two ways.

It may be taken up at any time to employ a few
leisure moments, and it serves as an encyclopaedia
for reference.

Please accept my thanks for the volume, and
my best wishes for its wide-spread distribution.

Yours truly,
J. W. Andews. 
Worcester, Mass.

From the President of Columbia College, N. Y.

Sir, I thank you for the copy of ” 100
Years’ Progress of the United States,” published
by you.  It seems to me of great value as containing in-
formation of interest, more or less, to all, and not
easily accessible, except to varied labor and re-

The idea, too, of illustrating national progress,
not by war, nor annexation, nor diplomatic legerde-
main, but by the advance in the institutions of
learning, in useful inventions, in the growth of
manufactures, agriculture, and commerce, in all the
arts of peace, in morals and civilzation, in the
inner life, so to speak, of the people themselves,
seems to me both original and founded in the true
notion of progress.

I trust you will derive abundant reward for your
praiseworthy adventure.

Your obedient servant,

Ch. King,
Pros, of Columbia College.

From the President of Brown University, Providence, R. I.

I have examined those parts of the “100 Years’
Progress of the United States” on which my studies
and observation have enabled me to form an intelli-
gent judgment, and find, compressed within a small
compass, a vast amount of valuable information,
well selected and well arranged. It furnishes am-
ple means of comparison on the subjects of which
it treats, and will, I think, prove to be a valuable
book of reference.

Very respectfully,
your ob’t serv’t,
B. Sears.

From President Read, University of Wisconsin.

I have examined, with a pleasure I can hardly
express in too strong terms, your ” 100 Years’
Progress of the United States.” During the few
days the work has been on my table it has saved
me, in the examination of facts, labor worth many
times the cost of the volume. For the school library
the business man, the scholar, or the intelligent
family, it will be found -a cyclopaedia presenting, in
a most interesting form, the progress of the various
arts of civihzed life during the period of our nation-
al existence. I most heartily recommend the work.

Very truly yours,
Daniel Read.

From the New York Times.

” 100 , Years’ Progress of the, United States.’” If
at all inclined to doubt that a great deal of useful in-
formation may be bound up in a comparatively small
compass by a judicious compiler, in the very hand-
some work before us, we should find sufficient logic
to make us devout believers. The writers have
ranged through the wild fields of agriculture, com-
merce, and trade ; very little that develops the ma-
terial prosperity of a country, and marks its growth,
has escaped their industrious research. Undoubt-
edly, minute criticism might detect slight errors, but
in a work of so comprehensive a character, strict
accuracy would seem almost unattainable. The
statistics given are full and clearly arranged ; the
grouping of the subjects, and the evident method
which the authors have observed in the accomplish-
ment of their not inconsiderable task, are worthy
of all praise. The work is one which we particu-
larly need, as it is a lamentable fact that few people
are so deficient in general knowledge of facts rela-
tive to growth and development of their native
country, as ours. The Englishman generally has
an arsenal of statistics at his fingers’ ends ; he can
tell you when the first shaft was sunk in the first
mine ; when the first loom was erected in Manches-
ter. The panoply of facts in which he is arrayed
makes him rather a ponderous and far from spright-
ly companion, at times ; but then he always proves
formidable as an adversary. Germans, too, have
nearly every thing by rote that relates to their own
country. Frenchmen are quick to learn, but they
have not very retentive memories generally, and
are very apt to forget all, and more, than they once
knew. It may be urged in extenuation of our na-
tional delinquency, as regards a knowledge of our
own country, that our country grows too fast for
our memories to keep pace with it, and that a Yan-
kee can arrive by guessing at what others, less fa-
vored in this respect, can only reach by delving in
authorities ; but, on the whole, it is better to trust to
actual knowledge of facts, and under any circum-
stances such books as these are good things to have
in the library.


President Hobart College, Geneva.

President Indiana State University.

President J. Cummings, Wesleyan University.

President Girard College.

President Genesee College.

President Cambridge University.

President of Marietta College.

President University of Rochester.

President of Brown University.

President University of Wisconsin.

President Columbia College, New York.

President of Tufts College.

President of Dartmouth College.

Chancellor Tappan, Michigan Unirersity.

President Vermont University.

President of Williams- College.

President Trinity College.

President Woolsey, Yale College.

John McLean, Princeton College.

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Springfield Republican.

Isaac Ferris, Chancellor University New York.

J. M. Matthews, Chancellor University, New York

Professor E. W. Horsford, Cambridge University.

Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See


Posted by James Bowery on Thu, 10 Jul 2008 03:12 | #

The most interesting thing about this “progressive” tome is the upper bound it evinces on the degree to which we can assign blame for the breakdown of ethnic genetic interests to Jews.

The precise position of this upper bound remains debatable—but it is clear that it exists. 

This is consistent with what I have said previously about the failure mode of civilization being analogous to the tendency for humans to become opiate addicts:

There are varying degrees to which people are susceptible to opiate addiction just as there are varying degrees to which pushers are effective at exploiting said susceptibility.


Posted by Alex on Thu, 10 Jul 2008 08:21 | #

This is consistent with what I have said previously about the failure mode of civilization being analogous to the tendency for humans to become opiate addicts:

There are varying degrees to which people are susceptible to opiate addiction just as there are varying degrees to which pushers are effective at exploiting said susceptibility.

You make a most excellent point.    A brutal honesty (even to the point of it hurting) as to how the present catastrophic situation came about is very important in the succesful resolving of it.


Posted by EA (European American) Steve on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 01:58 | #

Posted by Revolution Harry on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 09:03 PM

I agree; it doesn’t seem logical for the Jewish people to support the extinction of the White race. How would the Jews benefit from being the only Whites on Earth? Europeans and White Semites serve as population buffers. They can also help work to protect themselves and the Jews!

I will concede some Jewish elites are behind this, but they are betraying their genetic interests just as much as Ted Kennedy is! The wise Jews realize they can’t afford an Islamic Europe.

It’s the short-sighted White elites, multi-national corporations, and international bankers seeking our extinction, not your common neighbor Rabbi Abraham Cohen.

Regarding America’s predicament, we are approaching the crossroads. We will probably have one of only two outcomes:

Scenario 1: The White race is essentially exinct on the North American continent. Native Americans (and Native Canadians) will also be sought for extinction. They are the obstacle for Mexico’s claim to Northern Canada. Mexicans and Peruvians can claim Canana and the U.S., only by claiming to be exactly the same as the West Indians. They support the “social construct” theory regarding them and West Indians. The Brown Hispanics will be pushed to absorb and destoy America’s Indians. And then, with a ‘token’ amount of West Indian blood in a ‘token’ number, they will say “See, we are all the same! This is our continet!” And America will be under a totalitarian state. There will be no political freedom. In the end the “victorious” Hispanics will be mere slaves, as the Americas become a new North and Central/South American Union. All of this may be accomplished in as little as a 100-150 years.

Scenario 2: America faces a Civil War 2, and the planned Imperial Conversion (the term started by Thomas W. Chittum) starts off as planned. However, the setup Economic Depression is too successful, and boils over into the elites’ hands. America breaks up, and the White and ironically Indian races are preserved! The New White country is democratic and we start back at square one, just with less territory.

The former is much more likely, but not necessarily inevitable. Although it is probably unlikely, I hope we can save our race (in America/Canada), without eventually rebelling against the US Government.

Note:  I don’t endorse secession; and I most certainly don’t endorse the violent overthrow of the government. The latter is treason and unacceptable.


Posted by Captainchaos on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 06:05 | #

I am a bit shocked to see that White ethno-masochism was so well developed and had such a wide acceptance at such an “early” period.  I don’t know, though, that it mitigates the blameworthness of jewish culture subverters.  Afterall, was White ethno-masochism as widely entrenched then amonst the White masses and White elites as it is now?  Obviously not.  Europeans were at or near the very apex of their global dominance then. 

The jewish culture subverters are responsible for what the jewish culture subverters are responsible for.  What they are responsible for is well documented by Dr. MacDonald.  James Bowery’s opiate addict analogy is apt, I would expand on it by analagizing jewish culture subverters to opiate suppliers who take advantage of individuals with a latent suseptability to opiate addiction.  Maybe James has expanded upon his analogy in this fashion elsewhere?

Anyways, its the familiar song and dance.  White southern slave owners sometimes treated their “property” with more respect than their poor, ill-educated co-ethnics whom they regarded as “trash”.  There are “well intentioned” White liberals who think it something good to give away their own peoples’ hard won preeminence to non-Whites.  There are hostile Whites, a la Ward Churchill, whose contempt for their own people I suspect is not even surpassed by someone like Noel Ignatiev. 

I’ve even read about cases of jews who convert to especially militant brands of Islam and henceforth consider it their sacred duty to wage Jihad on their own people.


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 14:30 | #

Captainchaos writes: James Bowery’s opiate addict analogy is apt, I would expand on it by analagizing jewish culture subverters to opiate suppliers who take advantage of individuals with a latent suseptability to opiate addiction.  Maybe James has expanded upon his analogy in this fashion elsewhere?

I’ve only mentioned the specific analogy in passing a few times but the general idea of Euro susceptibility to exploitation of their individualism by no means originates with me.  If I am to take credit for anything, let it be the recognition of the applicability of evolutionary medicine’s concept of the evolution of virulence via horizontal transmission to the evolution of Jewish virulence

The thing that is particularly interesting about the conjunction of susceptibility and virulent pathogens is that positing a “cause” is, as with any conjunction, multiplicative or synergistic rather than additive.

For example, to get light from a light-bulb requires a conjunction of (at least) a working light bulb and an on/off switch turned to the “on” position.  It is meaningless to discuss the “percent of cause” attributable to the lightbulb vs the switch because if either is in the wrong state, the light bulb fails to light hence there is a sense in which both components control the whether light is shining or not.

This is one of the problems with people trying to talk about how much of IQ, for example, is due to genetics.

I can put a bullet through the brain of the world’s greatest genetic genius and his IQ will be 0.


Posted by Alex on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 16:22 | #

I am a bit shocked to see that White ethno-masochism was so well developed and had such a wide acceptance at such an “early” period…

Posted by Captainchaos on Friday, July 11, 2008 at 10:05 AM

I’d hesitate to say that ethno-masochism had ‘a wide acceptance’ at the time.    This particular book was written by, and largely commended by, people who it appears would fit into the category of elites…ie the people who just like today, being sheltered by their wealth and power, who are the very last to actually feel and experience (if they do at all)  the results of what the book was proposing, those results being amongst others, mass murder, rapine, a great amount of general violence, wages being pushed down, not to mention genocide in the truest sense of that modern term.    I doubt the everyday person, just as now, had they read the ideas of the book presented as the future (and who can say how many people did read the book?) would have cared for the idea of a desperate person in a foreign land being shamelessly exploited, ‘imported’ to North America to be paid crumbs, with the idea being that the new arrival(s) were to ‘take their place’ physically, culturally, and economically.    It ought to be noted the section of the book Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See was presented as a hundred years in the future (1970) and described policies which resulted in that future scenario, and not so much a book of the immediate time.    Did they utilize the device of a projected future so as to (barely) conceal what some powerful forces were actively working towards at the time, in 1870, as they thought being simply straight forward would be too risky? 

I find it also interesting that the 1876 Centennial edition of this book seems to have been shortened as to length and I can’t find any evidence it included the description of 1970 at its end, it very possibly having been cut out.

People may just have let the publisher know they didn’t much care for the propaganda.


Posted by Alex on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 17:20 | #

I ought to add that both GT and J Bowery have made (and are making) some excellent comments regarding the multiple severe problems, which, acting in conjunction with the dysfunctional relationship that exists between the Jewish and European peoples, are resulting in disaster for Europeans.


Posted by Directed to Guessedworker on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 19:57 | #

In perusing the site you made note in past entries that you were interested in relocating this entry ‘Crimes That Our Grandchildren Will See’.  You might have since found it but just in case…

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