Magic Negro Johnson Saves Humanity?

Posted by James Bowery on Thursday, 10 January 2008 18:48.

Bear with me for a moment while I set the stage for the introduction of our Magic Negro du jour.

As I’ve argued before, a sustainable eugenic civilization should proportionately favor the reproduction of carrying capacity creators.  Chief among those creators are inventors.  There are vast numbers of minor such inventors, such as my father who won the National Clean Plowing Championships 2 years running by improvising field engineering mods to the standard John Deere plow with bailing wire, but there are few major such inventors, such as Jethro Tull, whose seed drill amplified carrying capacity by as much as an order of magnitude or Norman Borlaug whose “green revolution” has returned billions for other races and so little in terms of population growth for his own lineage or race.  So far, few white nationalists would have much to argue with here since the vast majority of carrying capacity creation upon which whites depend is due to white invention, and quite arguably, much more than a billion non-whites walk their land because they were fed by carrying capacity itself largely created by inventions by whites.

But we now face a potential global Malthusian disaster unless there are dramatic technological enhancements: a Malthusian disaster driven less by population growth than carrying capacity loss, a Malthusian disaster within which race war would become necessary in order to defend dwindling carrying capacity.  Enhancements of technology are subject, of course, to the availability of capital for inventors which is, itself, subject to Jewish virulence’s centralization of economic power with centralization’s concomitant corruption of the technology investment class—a dismal prospect unpredicted by “the dismal science”—a prime beneficiary of Jewish virulence as so many “Nobel” Prizes in economics attest.  With the consequent destruction of the yeoman class, we are losing our ability to create revolutions in science and technology.

So what to do?  Who might come along and save us from this dilemma by providing technological breakthroughs in a situation where white wealth is centralized in the hands of the corrupt?  No other race is so responsible for the population overshoot of the planet but no other race is so dispossessed of its own resources with which it might create more carrying capacity—those resources turned, instead, to insane middle eastern wars and suicidal subsidy of hostile ethnicities invading its territories worldwide.

Who will save the world from global race war?

Enter African American Inventor, Lonnie Johnson, pictured here with his billion dollar market “Super Soaker” squirt gun:
Before you dismiss this little article of mine as mere troll, consider the following facts…

News articles are announcing that Lonnie “Super Soaker” Johnson has invented a fundamentally new and very important way of generating electricity that would raise the world’s carrying capacity by as much Jethro Tull’s seed drill or Norman Borlaug’s green revolution:  The Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Conversion System:

“It’s like a conventional heat engine,” explains Paul Werbos, program director at the National Science Foundation, which has provided funding for JTEC. “It still uses temperature differences to create pressure gradients. Only instead of using those pressure gradients to move an axle or wheel, he’s using them to force ions through a membrane. It’s a totally new way of generating electricity from heat.”

Understand we are not talking about just any old thermocouple, but a dramatically more efficient means of converting ubiquitously available low-grade energy, heat, to higher grade energy,  electricity.

This would dramatically raise the efficiency of generating electricity from heat sources as divergent as solar and nuclear.  It is so efficient, “electric” cars could burn natural gas for heat to power his electrical generator.  It could even let the Theodore Kaczynski‘s of the world power their log cabins with electricity from their wood burning stoves before letting entropy turn the tree-collected solar energy to back into heat for their cabins.

The skeptic—particularly the racist skeptic—might object that there are such “breakthroughs” announced from crackpots all the time—that Lonnie Johnson’s background as an “inventor” of the Super Soaker is evidence of little more than his ability to turn his profits as toy maven to con-artistry.  But consider that:

1) Lonnie Johnson is an MIT “Inventor of the Week”
2) His JTEC invention made it through the National Science Foundation’s peer review process—a process that is geared toward favoring establishment scientists and weeding out anything too unusual
3) He spent 9 years with NASA’s outer planetary missions in which the electrical power source is the far less efficient thermal-to-electric thermopiles of the radioisotopic thermal generator, and winning awards for his part.

How are we to discount a man with such ringing endorsements?

Here are the 3 ways of making sense of this:

1) The government funded science bureaucracy, including MIT, is so submissive to the theocracy of Holocaustianity that it is selling out its credibility to support bogus inventions on the off chance that they might be real and thereby offer moral justification for its policies that have replaced billions of whites with billions of nonwhites despite the long history of white creation of carrying capacity.
2) Lonnie Johnson is the exception that proves the rule but is no less interesting for his being an exception so we should welcome his invention and consider it possible that men of his lineage (whatever it really is) should enjoy more reproductive success than most white nationalists would normally agree is reasonable under a eugenic civilization.
3) White nationalists are just wrong about blacks—Lonnie Johnson isn’t the exception that proves the rule, he is the exception that is the tip of the iceberg of potential of Africans.

I’m not going to argue here for one or the other of these interpretations—leaving it to you, my gentle reader, and future historians to decide.





Posted by Guessedworker on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:16 | #

Interesting, James.  How long til the bubble bursts or we have to choose option two?


Posted by Frank McGuckin on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:19 | #

The fundamental issue for White Americans is this:racial annihilation through post-1965 non-white immigration. Preservation of White Amreica requires shutting down all non-white immigration. How does the existence of Lonnie Johnson change this James? Lonnie Johnson’s existernce doesn’t change anything? Non-White immigration is either shut down or OUR people die? Not very complicated.

Werbos is not a physcist. His training and PHD are in the social sciences mixed in with some computer science.


Posted by Frank McGuckin on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:33 | #

Is it Jobling or Jewbling,Jewblingwitz,Joblingstien,Joblingber,Joblingfried, Horojobliblingwitz or Finkeljoblingstein?


Posted by VLC on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:29 | #

I just read Philip Emeagwali is one of the most famous African-American inventors of the 20th century.

he was also a MIT inventor of the week:

OK here’s the truth about the Magic Niggerian:


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:43 | #

The technology of maximum applied price/performance achieved in 1989, over the Gordon Bell prize involving Emeagwali, is pretty marginal in terms of carrying capacity creation.  Yes, he failed to beat the other competitors for that prize and has been fraudulently put forth as winner of that prize and while applied computation speed is important the real advances were made when the transistor and the planar integrated circuit were developed kicking off Moore’s Law. 

Hell, if I wanted to quibble, I could claim that _I_ had the highest performance and highest applied price/performance in 1989 since I ran a trainable artificial neural network image segmentation system for processing multisource data on a DataCube FIR system I _built_ from VME cards and patched digital video bus cables, as well as programmed at the microinstruction level.  Performance: 1.5GOPS since each synapse required a multiply and add.  The fact that my operations were integer rather than floating point shouldn’t matter to the _applied_ price performance prize.  The only question is: does it do the job?  Floating point is for pussies who can’t solve their numeric round-off problems.  But it wasn’t anything of importance for carrying capacity creation—not approaching even that of a national clean plowing championship. 

The big contributors to Moore’s Law had done their work prior to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:04 | #

Frank, keep it in perspective:

While it is true that the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act is fundamental, so is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the New Deal’s, WW II’s, the Cold War’s and The Great Society’s centralization of resources in government bureaucracy.  The 1964 act denies self-determination of domestic communities within the US and the 1965 act denies self-determination of the US itself.  The combination of the two is synergistic in that any vicious culture from anywhere in the world can breach first the US border on the strength of the 1965 act and then, on the strength of the 1964 act, breach our individual choices of relationships.  Then there is also the increasing centralization of society in government, which places more and more of the resources of society in play with institutions like NASA, NSF and MIT, leading to progressive public choice rent seeking under both of the prior acts.

Lonnie Johnson’s “invention”, under the Holocaustianity interpretation is due to his exploitation of affirmative action programs under the 1964 act, amplifying his status within increasingly centralized government institutions.  Lonnie Johnson’s invention, under the interpretation that it is real, is important because if African Americans are actually producing individuals that create carrying capacity in the large then it is not necessary that a race war break out between whites and blacks over carrying capacity.


Posted by Frank McGuckin on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:27 | #


It really does look like Civil Rights for blacks is/was more than highly correlated with the subsequent racial and economic dispossession of Euro-Americans. It is/was cause and effect.

The 1965 immigration reform act was seen by young demented Liberals back at the time such as Cornell Labor Economist Vernon Briggs as a very natural in-the-spirit extension of 1964 civil rights legislation(check out the recent interview with professor Briggs in The Social Contract).

Blacks don’t care about the welfare of my family and other White familes and I don’t care about the welfare of their families.

I want to puke every time I hear liberal immigration reformers making the case for immigration reform based upon how immigation harms blacks. These cockroaches now make the case for immigration refrom based upon not only how it harms the negro…but also how immigration harms…gulp….hispanics and Asians…after all we are all Amreicans…America is an idea nation. Fuck all you liberal immigration reformers.

And yes. Euro-Christian scientist and technologist were inventing all the great and important technologies without the help of the “higher IQ” chinese,hindus and sikhs. WE don’t need any of them….FUCK YOU GEORGE BORJAS and your econometric equations..shove them up your cuban spic ass…and a FUCK YOU to LEGAL IMMIGRANT PETER BRIMELOW for giving this LEGAL immigrant Cuban COCKROACH a platform on Borjas’s testimonial and his worthless econometric equations were crucial in in the passage of the last great amensty. That’s a fact Jack.


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:47 | #

Guessedworker, the time for dealing with the population overshoot problem is a lot shorter than most people think.  A year ago last July, my talk about “hyperinflation” was, to “the authorities”, risible, and now is discussed during the presidential race—things collapse rapidly when they collapse.  The situation pointed to by Soren’s article about the conflict between food and fuel combined with Soren’s article about creeping interdependency of systems at critical load is that things are going to come to a head within the next decade.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see mortality rates already rising significantly but not being widely reported—sort of the way we have been treated to 80 years of silence about the Holodomor or the much larger genocide of the boomer generation (tens of millions of demographic decline in the US alone).  We’re seeing evidence of that in the way we are repeatedly treated to new “surprisingly” high numbers of mortalities due to emerging drug resistant diseases.


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 15:13 | #

Frank, while I admit that the odds are pretty slim, despite his “blue ribbon” endorsements,  that Johnson’s device will work, it is nevertheless a good mental exercise to consider the realistic (ie: carrying capacity-based) alternatives to race war since this puts things in the realm of RATIOnality as in the RATIO between the odds that Johnson’s device will work and the odds that Johnson’s device won’t work.  The difference is the difference between separatism and supremacy.  There is no widely accepted moral argument that a “white separatist” can be denied self-defense except on the basis that he is a crypto “white supremacist” which is a connotation-distorted phrase taken to mean he finds the free existence of other races inherently unjustifiable.  Keep in mind the biggest problem facing our people is their morale.


Posted by foxbark on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 08:05 | #

In order for this device to actually be useful and to generate realistic amounts of electricity, then high temperatures must be utilized eg from atomic fission or decay.
But, it is unlikely that this device would be able at the very maximum to ‘convert’ 10% of the available energy to electricity - most likely the efficiency is much, much lower.
Now, a technology already exists to ‘covert’ very high grade heat energy into electricity at very good thermal efficiency (pushing 70%).
This is, of course, the HTGR nuclear reactor currently being developed by China, but, (what else?), based on a German original.
In this reactor with ceramic fuel elements using enriched uranium spheres mixed with graphite moderator, the conversion of heat to electricity is effected by the use of a ‘closed cycle’ hot air turbine using helium as the coolant/working fluid.

The idea that the ‘thermocouple device’ will ever have enough pwer to drive a car is remote.


Posted by James Bowery on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 11:05 | #

The idea that the ‘thermocouple device’ will ever have enough pwer to drive a car is remote.

You may be correct but there are two issues:

1) The likely performance of Johnson’s device.

2) What Johnson claims his device is capable of.

I’ve been attempting to avoid 1, as it is beyond my expertise, and focus on 2.

Let’s be clear that his claimed performance would beat a hybrid car’s use of internal combustion torque applied to a dynamo electrical generator as a means of converting fuel energy to electrical energy for the hybrid.  Internal combustion engines are around 20% efficient.  Even if you could come up with a dynamo electrical generator of 100% conversion efficiency, Johnson’s device would, if it operates as he claims, be easily 3 times as efficient in hybrid cars.


Posted by Arcane on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 15:43 | #

I’ve been watching this site for a few months now . . . very interesting discussions you all have been having, although it is endlessly entertaining watching folks confusing others for me. smile

It’s interesting the discussion brought up foxbark’s comment regarding HTGRs / PBMRs. What is most interesting is how the Chinese are pondering building these en masse and utilizing them to jumpstart a hydrogen based economy. Next to France, the biggest nuclear intelligence operations conducted in the U.S. are done by the Chinese, and the fact they’re placing such emphasis on this technology should spark everyone’s interest, regardless of ideology.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 17:15 | #

It’s a good thing Arcane gave us the link to his blog — we’ve all be dying to read more of his thinking.


Posted by tampa on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 18:12 | #

Arcane puts Majority Rights on his “extremism” list:


Posted by James Bowery on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 20:31 | #

it is endlessly entertaining watching folks confusing others for me.

So your job is to spread disinformation?


Posted by Proofreader on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 20:34 | #

From Arcane´s profile:

I’m an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I dedicate my time to studying and fighting the enemies of America and Western Civilization while simultaneously maximizing our national and civilizational capabilities, real and potential. Full spectrum dominance is essential; anything less is suicide.

LOL! Here´s my translation: I´m a neocon snitch who lurks and trolls dissident internet sites. I work for the government in my mother´s basement.

As for his links page, really! MacDonald a WN? The Front National a WN party? He´s got everything wrong! Pretty useful though as a quick reference page:

Thanks, Arcane!


Posted by Svigor on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 21:52 | #

You guys leave Arcane alone!  He should be almost done with his book contra MacDonald by now, and I don’t want you guys fucking it up!


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 22:20 | #

I just checked out Arcane’s “extremist” and “stepping-stone” lists (see “tampa’s” comment, above) — hey all my favorites sites are on ‘em! 

What an asshole Arcane is, a perfect match for the fever swamp he hangs out in. 

Such a waste of perfectly good oxygen! 

Hopeless piece of garbage.


Posted by Arcane on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 23:41 | #

... like hungry rats on cheese! Glad to see you guys are much more interested in hate than debate.

I actually tried to expand the discussion here. Instead you limited yourself to highly emotional attacks on me. Who’s the troll?


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:38 | #

Why would you want to participate in debate at a site you list as “extremist,” Arcane?


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:39 | #

By the way, can you get your friends at GnXp to stop posting interracial porn under my name?  Thank you, much obliged.


Posted by Lurker on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:54 | #

Arcane, I looked at your site including the bit about parties you would vote for. By your own standards then is not your own site ‘extremist’ or at least a ‘stepping stone’? If not why not?

Futhermore, what exactly is it about MR that makes it into the extremist category?


Posted by Proofreader on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 05:29 | #

OK, Arcane, here’s a non-emotional question for you: why would you vote for Vlaams Belang but consider the Front National a WN party? Aren’t both parties equally nationalist: the former Flemish nationalist, the latter French nationalist. Is there anything wrong with that?
And I agree with Lurker above: your own page, Arcane, is just as much a “stepping stone” by your own standards as or even MR.

BTW, if the pursuit of “full spectrum dominance”, as you put it,  is not extremist, then I don’t know what is.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 05:58 | #


Define “extreme”.


Posted by Beer Gut on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 10:40 | #

Thermocouples need very high temperatures just to be able to produce a ‘passable’ voltage.
That is why those used to power instruments in space probes use the decay heat of radio-active isotopes and the temperature gradient to absolute zero.
Just consider the kiowattage of electricity needed to power a car.Imagine that the heat source needed was fuelled by combustion of fossil fuel.From a few quick and dirty calculations it can be seen that the enormous temperature required in the cars powerplant would liquefy the enitre car and its occupants.
From thermodynamic considerations, the idea that this device can ‘transform’ anything approaching 100% of the heat to electricity is laughable.


Posted by cold fusion on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 10:59 | #

The words ‘cold fusion’ spring to mind.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 12:32 | #

“Here are the 3 ways of making sense of this:
I’m not going to argue here for one or the other of these interpretations”
  (—from the log entry’s conclusion)

It’s one and three on the part of those who actually have a view or pretend to.  Where PC is concerned, about 70% don’t actually dupe themselves into having any view, they just “go along to get along” as they aim at pleasing the establishment until they can retire, encouraged along the way by intermittent reminders, à la Larry Summers and James Watson, that theirs is indeed the right strategy.  Nothing coherent is going through their head but if really pressed and placed in a mind-reading machine their thoughts would run something like, “Did you see what happened to James Watson???  Sorry pal, I have a mortgage to finish paying off and two kids in college with a third to start next year, and I sure as hell am not going to get the powers mad at me!!!  So go peddle your ‘racial reality’ to someone else:  it’s irrelevant to my life right now!!!  What’s relevant is surviving!!!”  And yes that includes the guys at the once-august MIT:  there’s no place PC’s tentacles don’t reach.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 12:50 | #

Plus the fact that the once-august MIT hasn’t escaped the obligation to make plenty of racial and “gender” affirmative-action appointments to the committees conferring these awards:  an awards committee two-thirds of which is unqualified women and Negroes plus whatever Mexicans or Puerto-Ricans can be scrounged up, the rest split between Jews with the mentality of Alon Ziv, Subcons and Orientals seething with racial resentment against Euros, and the minimum possible number of cowed Euros who just happen to be psychologically indistinguishable from Birch Barlow, isn’t exactly likely to make decisions in accord with traditional academic standards.


Posted by Arcane on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 15:41 | #

Beer Gut is correct about the thermocouples that currently exist, but I would argue that, like numerous other technologies, there has been little need to modernize the design of thermocouples and, as such, the technology is outdated. Perhaps this will spark some new designs coming to the fore. I could be wrong, though.

As far as my “extremist” list is concerned, I should say that I haven’t updated that list in a long time and that it is by no means comprehensive. It was designed mostly out of personal interest as I like studying the far-right, although I think the far-left, which is far larger and more prolific, is a greater threat. And some of you are right: the list is based not based upon any truly objective measure. I classify anybody as an extremist if they do one of the following:

1. Advocate the destruction, or splitting up, of the United States
2. Advocate the destruction of Israel
3. Oppose market economics and advocate hard-leftist economic models
4. Call for the destruction of the West
5. Advocate unlimited and unfettered immigration to the West
6. Are obsessed with World War II revisionism

Primarily, if they’re on that list, they’re on there because they’re anti-American. Anti-American = extremism.

And yes, I do support groups like the Vlaams Belang. The FN is absolutely obsessed with World War II and the Holocaust, and still has very anti-American and anti-Semitic elements, although this is changing. Who knows? Maybe in a few years they’ll have reformed enough, to your horror, that’d I be willing to support them just like I do Vlaams Belang, the BNP, Italian National Alliance, or Swedish Democrats, all of which have nasty pasts.


Posted by Arcane on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 15:45 | #

And since I’m obviously not welcome, I’m out. Goodbye. Sorry for bothering you.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 15:57 | #

“and since I’m obviously not welcome,”  (—Arcane, aka “That GOTCHA!  YOU’RE A NAZI! twerp from GnXp”)

Boy, you got that right!

Oh by the way, this site isn’t on “the far right,” it’s strictly 1950s middle-of-the-road (actually a bit to the left of that, just a bit).  This site hasn’t got a “far right” bone in its body.  Put that in your “far right” pipe and smoke it ... and smoke it all the way back to GnXp (and tell whoever it is over there who keeps posting porn in my name here to stop, would you?  Thanks, now run along.)


Posted by Guessedworker on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 16:01 | #

1. Advocate the destruction, or splitting up, of the United States

The ultimate interest is white American sovereignty and, thereby, survival.  If that can be secured within a segregated, non-Multicultural America, then the present geographic unit has utility.  If it can’t, then a sovereign unit must be created out of the present one.

The unit is not an end or interest in itself, except for freeriding elites and minorities.

2. Advocate the destruction of Israel

IMO, Israel is a substantial part of the solution to the Jewish problem.  Its survival is generally supported by WNs precisely because WN is not a double standard like Zionism.

3. Oppose market economics and advocate hard-leftist economic models

The BNP proposes Schumackerism.  Personally, I oppose that in favour of the Japanese economic model.

Unrestricted global capitalism, however, is, if not an unalloyed evil, highly negative for large sections of Mankind.

4. Call for the destruction of the West

The West is being destroyed by the economic, political and racial status quo.

5. Advocate unlimited and unfettered immigration to the West

Erm ...?

6. Are obsessed with World War II revisionism

Interested.  Not obsessed.


Posted by Proofreader on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 16:08 | #

I can only speak for myself, (a modest commenter)  but anybody who opposes points 3 and 4 is welcome here, Arcane.

But tell me, how is advocating the destruction of Iran - as many in the brass and neocons do-, for instance, any less extremist than destroying Israel?

And why should Israel be favoured by the USA over Europeans? The special partnership between the USA and Israel is pretty strange, much like a French open marriage where the semitic lady cheats on the other partner time and again.

I can´t see the logic where destroying Israel is verboten, but blowing Serbia to smithereens is fine and non-extremist. Can you say that with a straight face?

And why don´t you consider the ADL an extremist group?  They fulfill every point on your list except 2).


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 16:31 | #

Where I stand wrt Arcane’s criteria: 

1. Advocate the destruction, or splitting up, of the United States?

Yes, absolutely.  The Demented Mistakes of Kwamerikwa is currently at the forefront of efforts by the New World Ordure to exterminate the Euro race everywhere it exists.  Advocating the DMK’s destruction is elementary self-defense on the part of any Euro with functioning eyes and brain.  By the way, the DMK isn’t the United States.  That was destroyed long ago, starting with Lincoln and proceeding through Roosevelt-II to all administrations coming after the 1960s advent of Jewish hegemony, the Jews dealing it its final death blow mainly with their It’s Good For The Jews 1965 Guaranteed-Euro-Genocide Act.  The U.S. no longer exists; neither does the Constitution.  Dream on.  The only question now is how Euros bail out and start over, being sure to get it right this time.  No we’re not dead yet, and we will rise — no thanks to your gurus over at GnXp, to say the least.

2. Advocate the destruction of Israel?

I happen to be a strong Israel supporter but on the general subject of Israel as it now exists, there are “things wrong with this picture,” such as, to cite just one, a certain notion on the part of Jewish neocons that Israel is supposed to be an appendage of the U.S.  It’s not.  But that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

3. Oppose market economics and advocate hard-leftist economic models?

I oppose unbridled capitalism which includes the Bush family’s crony capitalism.  Economics theory isn’t my strong suit but the economic system I favor appears to belong in the broad category of National Socialism (Nazism for short), to which category belong today’s national economic set-ups of Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and more and more China (though China has a long way to go yet, clearly), to cite just a few.  (Israel is a National Socialist apartheid state.)

4. Call for the destruction of the West?

I and all the comrades here want to save the West.  Too bad, by the way, that Christianity is stabbing the West in the back right now — we’ll have to give some thought to that problem.

5. Advocate unlimited and unfettered immigration to the West?

No comment needed.

6. Are obsessed with World War II revisionism?

Though no expert obviously, I’m satisfied that the available evidence mandates Holocaust agnosticism (which amounts to denial since it says, “I’ll believe it when I see the evidence; jailing doubters isn’t evidence”) and the available evidence mandates the view that Germany and Japan were deliberately maneuvred into war with the British Empire and the U.S. (i.e.,, war with the Anglosphere of the day).  See Harry Elmer Barnes.  The Jews played a huge role in that but were far from the only players, obviously.

NB:  the above are my views.  I speak for no one else here except for #5 which everyone here agrees on; much of what I said for the others would get lots of opposition here.


Posted by rustymason on Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:00 | #

Fred sed:

“I and all the comrades here want to save the West.”

I think so, but what about James Bowery?  James, weren’t you advocating at one time that we forget the whole mess the West has become and start again with a “clean slate”?  Perhaps I misremember or you have changed your opinion.


Posted by VLC on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:13 | #

“MacDonald a WN?”

Yes he is. In the movie the Line in the Sand at the end he speaks like a normal white man with a normal level of ethnocentrism. A white who doesn’t drink the kool-aid will be a WN sooner or later

“The Front National a WN party?”

you’re right it’s not true. While Le Pen said a few “bad” things about race (i.e. that blacks are good runners but cannot be good swimmers) the party never had an explicitely racial platform, it’s always the Nation with a big N, and there are some algerians working for the FN and I don’t believe they are token sand niggers because Le Pen has always been fond of the harkis, the algerians who fought on the french side.


Posted by James Bowery on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:23 | #

rustymason, I mentioned “civilization” in this article mainly to emphasize the tendency for civilization to be dysgenic.  I dislike civilization in general for some important reasons that are no longer outweighed by the benefits of civilization over a more dispersed population structure, if they ever have been.  First and foremost I dislike civilization for the reason pointed out by W. D. Hamilton in “Innate Social Aptitudes of Man” quoted in one of my linked articles: It never seems to escape its dysgenic character.  Secondly, I dislike civilization due to its tendency to evolve vectorism, a failure mode most prominently displayed in Jews.

I’m not saying that civilization is inherently evil anymore than I would say that a 747 jet is inherently evil.  The problem is that if the flight schools, aerospace schools and engineering departments are all taken over by gremlins who have castrated the folks who built those things, its time to sell Boeing short.


Posted by VLC on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 15:37 | #

“Glad to see you guys are much more interested in hate than debate.”

LOL @ ‘Hate’. anyway you’re ‘glad’ because you wouldn’t be able to win the debate.

Guessedworked or whoever runs this site, why don’t you slap him with a glove and start a new thread just for him?

“It was designed mostly out of personal interest as I like studying the far-right, although I think the far-left, which is far larger and more prolific, is a greater threat.”

there’s as much a “far-right” in white countries than there were “counter-revolutionaries” in communist countries. We just haven’t been rounded up and sent to camps yet

“1. Advocate the destruction, or splitting up, of the United States “

when the State is the enemy of the people you owe no allegiance to it

“2. Advocate the destruction of Israel “

you realize that the US government has a double standard in that regard, do you ? As in: ethnic preservation for the jewish state but ethnic disintegration for America. Here’s El Presidente Bush:

“The United States is strongly committed and I am strongly committed to the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state,” Bush said

“4. Call for the destruction of the West “

then that would make us anti-extremists

“5. Advocate unlimited and unfettered immigration to the West “


“6. Are obsessed with World War II revisionism”

LOL very convenient to lump that one in there. By the way I’m not obsessed about it it’s just that the Six Million figure is really bloated and not the result of an extermination program and that the jewish version of this event is often used as a moral weapon to attack the West in case you hadn’t realized it yet. And christianity too, not that I’m a pious christian myself and that bothers me but because I find it curious that even though that religion has lost its power you still find plenty of jews to be obsessed over it.


Posted by Proofreader on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 17:51 | #

VLC, my objection to caling MacDonald a WN comes from my dislike of the label “WN”. What people call WNism is just plain old traditional pre-1965 mainstream American “Weltanschauung”, when the USA was a country ruled by Whites for Whites.

On destroying America, blogger Mencius Moldbug has an interesting essay here:

So has Rozeff:


Posted by VLC on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 17:51 | #

“The FN is absolutely obsessed with World War II and the Holocaust, and still has very anti-American and anti-Semitic elements, although this is changing.”

wrong, you’re more obsessed with it than they are. The FN’s reputation for being holorevisionists started when Le Pen said (and eventually got fined thousands of $$ for it) the gas chambers were a “point of detail of history” on a radio show. At the time (1987) he was basically the only politician talking negatively about immigration so he was both a popular and hated public figure. I believe that about the same time Robert Faurisson was on trial over his revisionism and Le Pen was asked live on radio what he thought of Faurisson (The ad hoc law Gayssot that punishes WW2 revisionism was voted in 1990 to make sure Faurisson would be punished by the legal system and not free to write whatever he wants).

One can kind of guess why an interviewer would want to bring such an unrelated question into an interview with a politician he doesn’t like. It went like this:

so what do you think of Faurisson’s thesis ?

I don’t know what they are exactly but whatever they are I’m a supporter of freedom of mind. The truth is strong enough to defeat lies so I’m against laws regulating speech and thoughts. I’m fascinated by WW2 history and I ask myself some questions. I’m not saying there were no gas chambers, I never studied the matter but I think it’s a point of detail of history of WW2.

Six Million dead jews is a detail ?!?!

the question that is being asked is how they were killed or not

that’s not a detail!

yes it is. Are you telling me that it is a revealed truth that everyone must believe ? Is this a moral obligation? I’m saying there are historians debating these kind of questions.

but you Mr.Le Pen do you believe that there was a jewish genocide by gas chambers ?

There were a lot of dead, hundreds of thousands maybe millions of jews and non-jews too. I’m astonished that I have to answer in every radio or TV show those same kind of inquisitory questions. It is on the opinions that I express that I must be judged. Whether I believe in this, or that, or in God, in the Virgin Mary, or whatever. I don’t have to answer these kind of questions

then everybody just ganged up on him calling him an abomination and so on.

The FN is against the Gayssot law, the Pleben law, the Perben law and all the other laws forbidding the expression of “bad thoughts”. In a sane country these laws wouldn’t exist. Imagine having to fight for the installment of the equivalent of the first amendment in a country that has no constitutional protection for freedom of speech and in which these opinion regulating laws are vague enough that they can be used to rake anyone who isn’t jumping with joy at the thought of seeing the french nation killed by mass immigration. If that’s what you call that an obsession you’re an idiot.

and there’s noting wrong with being ‘anti-american’: being hostile to a state that is killing its own nation and working to destroy western nations is elementary sanity. One can be an ‘anti-american’ for bad reasons or good reasons but you ascribe only the bad ones to the expression ‘anti-american’


Posted by VLC on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 17:53 | #

More recently Bruno Gollnisch, the FN’s no.2 (married to and father of three children with a japanese woman, so much for being apparently a party of ‘WN’) was suspended of his teaching position for five years and brought to court and condemned to pay 5,000 E over his comments at a press conference on the * freedom to discuss WW2 and holocaust history * because you see saying historians should be free to debate and discuss freely about historical events in the context of the holocaust means he’s insinuating that there’s possibly something to debate which means he’s a crypto-holorevisionist which means under the Gayssot law he’s guilty of a contestation of crimes against humanity.

(I believe that at the time some student wanted to present a holorevisionist doctorate thesis and he [BG] was annoyed at the witch hunt that ensued in his university but I would have to dig up the initial news stories because the newest ones only mention the verdict and I don’t recall precisely what I read at the time of the ‘incident’).

I’m not making this up: Gollnisch didn’t explicitely and technically broke the law he argued that the law shouldn’t exist and in the twisted minds of the corrupt judges that means he’s guilty of holocaust revisionism by intention. French judges are mind readers, you didn’t know that did you?

interview with Gollnisch on his trial here:

Le Pen was last month finally condemned after two years of trials and appeals to pay 10,000 E and to do (symbolically speaking because it’s a suspended sentence) 5 months of prison for saying in an interview that the german occupation of France in WW2 at least wasn’t “particularly inhuman” (he was a teenager at the time).

It isn’t the FN that is obsessed by holorevisionism it’s the leftists and jews who run France. In a sane country there would be freedom of speech and each side would be able to debate and there wouldn’t be any witch hunts and nobody would be guilty of anything if they support the freedom to discuss history.


Posted by VLC on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 17:54 | #

(can someone remove the unitentional smilies ? shouldn’t they be turned off anyway ?)


Posted by VLC on Wed, 23 Jan 2008 00:19 | #

here’s something for MLK day, I’m late but it’s a classic:

Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day
by Edgar J. Steele

spoken version:

written one:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - or, as I like to think of it, Marchin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day - is the perfect reflection of modern America, however, so it deserves to be honored as the most perfect American holiday.  Let’s examine the top ten reasons why this is so:

10. King’s history and true behavior are kept secret from Americans, just like America’s recent history and true behavior, both domestically and abroad.  (...)

9.  King incited violence while preaching nonviolence, just as America does every time it invades another small, defenseless country.  (...)

8. King ruthlessly stole from others, just like America steals Iraq’s oil and uses inflation to steal from its own elderly and poor. (...)

7. King stole money from his followers and supporters, just like America steals money from its own people through confiscatory taxation, obscene monetary inflation and outlandish deficit spending.(...)

6. King used a phony name, just like modern America poses as the America born of the 1776 Revolution. (...)

5. King lied prodigiously, just as America lies chronically about all things domestic and foreign. (...)

4. King liked white hookers, similar to how America actively now couples its white daughters with blacks of every stripe. (...)

3. King liked brutalizing weaker people, for which America has shown a predilection in both Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently. (...)

2. King was a communist, just like America’s government has become. (...)

1. Martin Luther King, Jr., like other black “leaders,” was run by Jews, just as America’s government, banking and media are today. (...)

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