National suicide and demographic decline in France

Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, 28 January 2008 16:38.

A translation by Fred Scrooby of an interview with Yves-Marie Laulan, author of Les Nations Suicidaires (1998).  Yves-Marie Laulon, economist and banker, has had a varied career that has taken him from French government cabinet posts to such international institutions as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and NATO, as well as positions with Société Générale de Banques and Crédit Municipal of Paris.  He has taught in a number of universities, including the Institute for Political Studies in Paris.  He has published a dozen works on economics and geopolitics in France and abroad.

The interview was conducted by Xavier Cheneseau, and was published Dec. 28 at Robert Steuckers’ Euro-Synergies website.  The original entry doesn’t give the interview’s date.  (Judging by certain details in the text, it may be a few years old.)

Xavier Cheneseau:  With regard to demographics you seem willfully pessimistic …

Yves-Marie Laulan:  It isn’t the author’s comments that are violent but the situation that is violent.

In fact it’s already nearly too late.  Demographic phenomena — the ones I’m dealing with, at any rate — have this special characteristic, that they are slow and they proceed largely unnoticed, precisely until it is too late.

Wartime ravages can be repaired in a few years — Germany and France managed it.  Recovery from the consequences of an economic crisis doesn’t take long.  But demographic damage can take decades, even centuries, to recover from — when recovery is possible at all. […]

But you’re partly right:  I’ve deliberately taken a provocative tone, because you need to make a loud racket to awaken the deaf.  And look at the dumbed down, dullened public opinion we are dealing with, anesthetized by daily bombardment with mass media!  Where filtering of information is concerned, today’s France resembles Ceaucescu’s Romania, only a more efficient version. 

Faced with this situation, a dissident having ideas that are out of the ordinary, such as myself — Soviet Russia’s Samizdat, as Pierre Chaunu calls it — humbly cherishes the hope, perhaps, of being, if possible, the watcher at dawn spoken of in the Bible (Isaiah), the one who remains alone at his post all night waiting for the dawn to break.

XCh:  How do you explain that we are faced with one of the most terrible demographic winters?

YML:  Why, when living standards are breaking all records and humanity in general — Western women in particular — have never been so well off, are we seeing a birth-rate collapse?  This phenomenon is of course denied or obfuscated by those certified liars, our official demographers, who are to today’s demographic realities what Radio Paris was to the news during the German Occupation.

The following are the phenomenon’s main causes:

Western women don’t want, or are unable, to have children.

The famous Barbie doll we hear so much about these days represents very well the way in which women are viewed in our satiated, sterile societies.  Neither mother nor wife, but girlfriend on and off, she reigns supreme in her own enchanted universe based on sex (a little), sports (a lot), career (enormously), and finally, her body (totally).  She aspires to be a man in every respect, for Western society has been incapable of giving a satisfactory answer to the great 20th-Century challenge:  How to achieve the emancipation of women?  How to arrange for women to reconcile in reasonable ways their roles of mother — indispensable, both biologically and culturally, for the perpetuation of the species — and career, no less necessary?  Go put that question to Monsieur Juppé.

There has also been the shameless success of homosexuals — who aren’t exactly known for their natural fecundity.  Acceptable in private when engaged in with decent discretion, homosexuality has instead become aggressive and proselytizing, as seen with homosexual “civil unions.”  Homosexuals demand society’s recognition and consideration normally reserved for fathers and mothers of families, nay even greater consideration — which says a lot about the reversal of values in our societies that seem bent on suicide.

We could add lots of other factors, such as the culture of death so rightly denounced by Pope John Paul II, with mass abortions paid for by government health insurance — no less! — and the mass media’s “humanitarianism” which endlessly attacks the strong traditional values of honor, hard work, dignity, family, sacrifice and being satisfied with what you have, etc.  Don’t even get me started on that subject, or you’ll think you’re talking to a flesh-and-blood preacher!

XCh:  Isn’t this demographic winter a manifestation of abdication of responsibilities?

YML:  That’s the fundamental cause.  For thirty years we’ve sat helpless and resigned as we watched a generalized abdication of responsibility at all levels.  Irresponsibility on the part of young men who no longer want to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood and being heads of families.  Irresponsibility on the part of young women who no longer want to bring babies into the world but prefer buying little dogs to keep them company (it’s true dogs don’t pay into Social Security but hey, no one’s perfect).  Irresponsibility on the part of politicians who are ready to sacrifice our nation’s future if it means safeguarding their precious chances in the next election (“Don’t get anyone mad at you, and ‘Après moi, le déluge!’ “).  Irresponsibility on the part of officials and bureaucrats who always want more employees for their offices, more salary increases, more perks and bonuses, and shorter work-weeks. 

France is transforming itself, guided by socialists (but the right has scarcely been any better), into a gigantic camp of welfare recipients of every variety.  Furthermore, in view of the fact that 57% of gross domestic product is redistributed, one can confidently say that one Frenchman out of two is on welfare, therefore irresponsible.

XCh:  By combining individualism with a certain numbing comfort isn’t France putting itself on the slippery slope that leads to exiting history altogether?

YML:  In our time France has already exited history.  On tiptoe.  She’ll re-enter it perhaps, one day, but that’s another story — for now, we’ve already given up two major attributes of sovereignty, things which make it that a nation exists in the world, namely our currency, replaced by the euro […] (whose rate of exchange is decided in Frankfurt) […and] the French army, now more like a police auxiliary in the service of NATO and our allies. 

Europe today is not on an ascent toward something better but is stumbling forward while our politicians seek to preserve their generous parliamentary incomes as they shift all hard decisions onto Brussels.  It is no longer the borderless Europe of François Perroux but the faceless Europe of Jacques Delors, the Europe of quitting, of cowardice, of shirking.  The amazing thing is how the French, as if in a daze, stay mute and fail to react in the face of such mutilations of their sovereignty as are being imposed on them.  They’ll demonstrate en masse against dove hunting but have no reaction to homosexual “civil unions” or the Amsterdam Treaty.  They are no longer a population of sheep but a lemming colony.  And it’s claimed they are “ungovernable.”  Not true.  They are manipulated exactly as is wished, and made to swallow anything.

XCh: Is there no sign of a healthy reaction?

YML:  None for the moment.  The electroencephalogram tracing shows a flat line and the patient is profoundly comatose.

XCh:  Do you think France will survive the 20th Century?

YML:  It depends on what you mean by “survive.”  If it’s a question of a population provided with more or less recent national ID cards together, of course, with national health-service cards, Frenchmen may well survive — after all, the recipes for cassoulet,  duck magret, and tripes à la mode de Caen won’t disappear.  And there’s also soccer. 

But if it’s a question of a people proud of its past and concerned for its destiny as a nation, taking pride in its presence in the world and in its place among the nations of Europe, that’s a completely different story.  Because of its demographic evolution characterized by internal demographic collapse, the shortfall to be made up by massive immigrant populations, France stands a good chance of becoming what could be called an unfortunate society which will have difficulty overcoming the internal contradictions she herself has created.  Populated by large minorities aspiring to be majorities, very different in their culture and values and therefore rivals, France will become a country in which simply maintaining public order will require the mobilization of all domestic resources to preserve a semblance of social order.  Furthermore, unlike the United States which has accepted the harsh disciplines of a liberalism that has created wealth and jobs, France adopts inept measures, for example the disastrous 35-hour work-week, the laughing stock of the civilized world. 

Such societies cannot pretend to have a foreign policy or a national defense but will be limited to (what is already a lot for them) simple preoccupations of maintaining order, within the framework of a régime that more and more resembles a police state, and a more and more nationalized economy, as seen in the cases of many African countries and Lebanon. 

If that’s what is meant by “survive” then yes, France has a chance to survive — but in what condition!



Posted by skeptical on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 20:51 | #

Thank you Scrooby for the translation, I really enjoyed the interview above.


Posted by DavidL on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:04 | #

As relates to population decline in Europe, here’s something
from Mike Hoffman’s On The Contrary blog

“Here now is the Cryptocracy’s assessment of the future of the Russian Orthodox nation, as articulated by Khanna, up to and including the “annexation” of Russia (!):

“Apparently stabilized and resurgent under the Kremlin-Gazprom oligarchy, why is Russia not a superpower but rather the ultimate second-world swing state? For all its muscle flexing, Russia is also disappearing. Its population decline is a staggering half million citizens per year or more, meaning it will be not much larger than Turkey by 2025 or so — spread across a land so vast that it no longer even makes sense as a country. Travel across Russia today, and you’ll find, as during Soviet times, city after city of crumbling, heatless apartment blocks and neglected elderly citizens whose value to the state diminishes with distance from Moscow.

“The forced Siberian migrations of the Soviet era are being voluntarily reversed as children move west to more tolerable and modern climes. Filling the vacuum they have left behind are hundreds of thousands of Chinese, literally gobbling up, plundering, outright buying and more or less annexing Russia’s Far East for its timber and other natural resources. Already during the cold war it was joked that there were ‘no disturbances on the Sino-Finnish border,’ a prophecy that seems ever closer to fulfillment.

“Russia lost its western satellites almost two decades ago, and Europe, while appearing to be bullied by Russia’s oil-dependent diplomacy, is staging a long-term buyout of Russia, whose economy remains roughly the size of France’s. The more Europe gets its gas from North Africa and oil from Azerbaijan, the less it will rely on Russia, all the while holding the lever of being by far Russia’s largest investor.

“The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provides the kinds of loans that help build an alternative, less corrupt private sector from below, while London and Berlin welcome Russia’s billionaires, allowing the likes of Boris Berezovsky to openly campaign against Putin. The E.U. and U.S. also finance and train a pugnacious second-world block of Baltic and Balkan nations, whose activists agitate from Belarus to Uzbekistan. Privately, some E.U. officials say that annexing Russia is perfectly doable; it’s just a matter of time. In the coming decades, far from restoring its Soviet-era might, Russia will have to decide whether it wishes to exist peacefully as an asset to Europe or the alternative — becoming a petro-vassal of China.” (End quote)”


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:28 | #

Thanks for the kind words, Skeptical.


Posted by Chestertonian on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 23:07 | #

This is an excellent exchange, however, it would have been nice had Mr. Laulan touched on the role of high divorce rates in discouraging new family creation.

Most of the young men I’ve known who were raised in a broken home have extreme difficulty sustaining marriages. The opposite is true with those of my acquaintances who’s parents did not separate; they go on to have successful marriages, and often, successful careers.

An old friend is being divorced by his wife of three months. It is his second marriage.  The woman who divorced him announced she was pregnant a week before the split. What strikes one most about these two is their total indifference to the effects of their decision on themselves, their baby, and the society they live in. Unsurprisingly, he was raised in a broken home. I’m not sure of the wife.

Wife-initiated divorce is like a loaded gun held to a husband’s head. What incentive could a man have to invest in a family when a wife—unilaterally and without warning—can break the bond, claim half of the husband’s assets, and sever access to his children?

From another perspective, the modern “gamer-husbands” (who spend most of their time laying on the couch or pop-eyed at the computer) are bound to lead the most puritanical of women to a cuckolding and initiate the divorce previously mentioned. What wife would want a flaccid computer and televised-sports junkie as a husband? Weren’t these people read in Darwinism at school? I’ve known several men of this description; fat, prematurely balding, weak men who readily give tips on “fast seduction”. They are man-boys who waste their days hiding from their wives behind a computer while she’s home, then complain about her with a “can’t-live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em” air when she’s away. They’re often lazy to such a degree that they spend thousands on contractors for simple home repair and maintenance, and a few of them, though middle class, hire a maid. What sort of a protector is that?

Somewhere among these observations is the kernel of a law: the more wealthy the person, the more apt a marriage (or anything else of spiritual significance) is to be treated as a low-commitment purchase. Open a tabloid and look at any rich, famous, and beautiful celebrity. Happiness has no price tag.

Perhaps Austen was wrong when she stated that “every man of fortune must be in want of a wife”. It seems the opposite is true, men without much, indeed, men of the most misery, seek wives as a way to ease the wretchedness of life. They often succeed.

It could be that to fix our problem with divorce, we need to divorce ourselves from all that is unnecessary in life. What more do we need than food, shelter, wife, and neighbor? Cast your eyes from the gossip column to the gossip of your grandparents. Shut off “Dancing with the Stars” and find your wife while dancing under a maypole. Get dirty. Live like a character from Hardy, a man who’s clothes were as a uniform in their sameness, plain spoken, with a psalm for every occasion.

...or, stand in the ant-pile and act surprised when bit.


Posted by Friedrich Braun on Tue, 29 Jan 2008 00:00 | #

GW, I thought you might find this of interest.

Unbelievable: A Young Female BNP Pol Spat on by a Lefist Thug


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Tue, 29 Jan 2008 00:31 | #

Had I been there with that woman who was spat on, I don’t know that I’d be able to resist at least knocking that guy down who did it.  Absolutely sickening, nauseating.  Gave you nausea just watching it.  Nausea combined with righteous anger.  We don’t have the right to speak, you see.  We’re not human; neither are any who might wish to listen to what we have to say.  These others, they control what may be said, even what may be thought. 

We’ll see about that.


Posted by stari_momak on Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:37 | #

Surely that is an assault under British law. The young lady should press charges. And kudos to the BBC guy for intervening.


Posted by Richard McLaughlin on Wed, 30 Jan 2008 12:41 | #

funny you should bring up divorce rates. I am an Ameican Married to a French woman and at the half way point in a divorce. When she left me for our family doctor I was bummed. Then she married him, claimed that I raped my 3 year old (when I was not with her), caused me to be bankrupt and got me fired from a high paying job (I was a VP). The French courts have dropped all of her charges, admiting they were made up, and said she was wrong to be married when we are not divorced.
Great French law, I have not seen my kids in over a year because of the charges she pressed - even though they were dopped.
I am bankrupt and have a lawsuit against me to pay for the house that she is living in - even though the judge ordered the sale of the house.
I have a hard time getting a job because a finance heck is common in my field.

French la sucks when you are a guy in a divorce.

For the person that was spat upon - want to see the scar in my left arm where she stabbed me?


Posted by Tom on Wed, 30 Jan 2008 18:22 | #

The script for these ‘news’ reports is always the same:

A group of Euros is organizing for their own interests.  Alert! Alert!
Send in a reporter to do a ‘polite’ report.
Target one of the Euro leaders - be polite and respectful to the leader.
Skew the report as much possible without being totally blatant.
Provide analysis by the local ADL chapter who sound very alarmed.
Interview a far left (some labour hack in this case), local looking and sounding politician who slams the Euros for organizing.
Make statements like “while this town is still white, the next door towns are overrun by immigration waves.”  and then make it sound like it is the most irrational, unatural, illogical thing to worry about such a development.
Treat the target audience like a group of brainwashed zombies.
Broadcast using the most local (in this case British) sounding and looking reporter to make it look like that’s how all white Brits think.
Package, reuse.


Posted by Fred Scrooby on Wed, 06 Feb 2008 15:37 | #

The Dauphin of France issues a statement.  It’s somewhat bland, and of course omits ninety percent of what needs to be said.  But it’s better than nothing and is welcome.


Posted by Robert Reis on Mon, 07 Jun 2010 09:51 | #

McDonalds captures homosexual market in France.

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