Now Britain has a Polish Problem

Posted by jonjayray on Saturday, 01 July 2006 05:33.

Frank Field is a brave man. The MP for Birkenhead said publicly this week what many of his fellow MPs will say in private: immigration from Eastern Europe, and especially Poland, is putting their constituencies under unprecedented pressure.  Any MP who raises the subject of immigration knows that he leaves himself vulnerable to accusations of racism. The Conservatives dared not even respond to Mr Field’s warning. No 10 distanced itself from him. The Liberal Democrats accused him of scaremongering.

Only Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister, came anywhere near to acknowledging that there may be issues that need debating here, pointing out that it is one of the topics up for discussion among Labour members at a meeting this weekend. Its very inclusion shows recognition at the highest levels of the Labour Party that this is an increasingly salient issue. People in public life might shy away from discussing it, but people in pubs up and down the country do not. And the silence of Britain’s leaders plays straight into the hands of racist groups such as the British National Party.

It is the poorer inner city areas of Britain that tend to absorb migrants, and these tend to be represented by Labour MPs. And it is the lowest-skilled workers whose livelihoods are most threatened. When the EU expanded to 25 members in 2004, and Britain, the Irish Republic and Sweden decided not to exercise their right to restrict citizens of new member states from taking jobs, the Government predicted an influx of 13,000 workers a year from the new members. In fact, 329,000 registered here in the first 18 months.

To the better-off in Britain, the new army of friendly, prompt and highly skilled Polish builders and Slovenian nannies undercutting the local workforce has been a boon.  But official figures have not kept pace with the influx. The chief executive of Slough Borough Council said this week that official migration figures severely underestimated the number of immigrants in the borough. The Office for National Statistics recorded 300 immigrants settling in the town in 2004, yet 9,000 new national insurance numbers have been issued in the past 18 months, only 150 of which went to Britons. Without accurate statistics, councils do not receive funding for their new populations.

Many migrants from Eastern Europe arrive on the promise of work that either dries up or fails to materialise. Unscrupulous recruitment agencies panning for people promise the earth and deliver a shared room in Erith, and a job that pays 20 pounds a week after compulsory deductions.

Which is why the MP for Crewe & Nantwich, the doughty Gwyneth Dunwoody, called a debate this week (Hansard; Westminster Hall debates; June 28) on the exploitation of workers from Eastern Europe. Some employment agencies in her constituency, she said, exploit all sorts of loopholes to get around employment rights, underpay the workers they go abroad to recruit, charge them for transport and overcrowded accommodation and prevent access to unions.

Social services are sometimes called because of difficulties involving children; schools that have planned their intakes need suddenly to accommodate and integrate large groups of immigrant children; and presumably they use health and other local services as well (although bear in mind that Eastern Europeans increasingly staff these too).

The whole amounts to an increased pressure on local services that could probably be accommodated if only national politicians were prepared to talk openly and honestly about the problem. At the moment, the locals grumble, they complain to their MP, the MP sympathises and can do nothing about it, the council is hamstrung by inaccurate national statistics and disingenuous waffle from ministers.

There is a very good news story here: that the willingness of Eastern Europeans to fill gaps in the British labour market has contributed to a period of solid economic growth without the inflationary boom that happens when the cost of employing people soars.  But try telling that to the former Rover worker who cannot find a job and sees his street filled with Polish immigrants. A problem that alarms a growing number of MPs in private, antagonises the very communities most likely to feel left behind by the political system and leaves willing workers open to exploitation, is left to fester, a gift to the far Right. More Frank Fields, please.,,17129-2251256,00.html




Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 01 Jul 2006 06:11 | #

On jobs in the nursing profession:-

It costs £100,000 to train a nurse and about 20,000 newly qualified British trained nurses join the register every year but unprecedented numbers are failing to get jobs.

... The nurses called for a guarantee of a year’s work on finishing training.

Dr Beverly Malone, the general secretary of the RCN, said: “All these nurses are just waiting in the wings. It seems so short-sighted in terms of workforce planning.”

As for Frank Field, always a complex politician and one admired on all sides of the House, he actually had the balls to say:-

“This is the most massive transformation of our population.  Do we just merely accept this as another form of globalisation?  That it doesn’t matter where you are, or that you belong to a country and have roots?  That we are all just following the jobs?”

… People who questioned mass immigration were often accused of “playing the race card” but, Mr Field argued, this was “just another way of closing down debate”.

The Birkenhead MP added: “There will be economic gains [from immigration] but I am just raising whether any country can sustain the rate of immigration we are now suffering.

“If we are not careful, we will be transformed into a global traffic station and that is not what most people mean by being part of a country.”

He then tended to his political reputation by declaring Nick Griffin inept, and affected to worry about the BNP’s potential threat to Labour.  That led the BNP to run a counter-article claiming a hidden, anti-BNP agenda on Field’s part all along.

And that’s the question, really.  Is Field a racial loyalist, albeit a left-of-centre one motivated by a longstanding and genuine concern for the poor?  Or is his concern purely party political?

The Labour parliamentary party, let it be said, is not filled to the brim with MP’s of Frank Field’s calibre.  Blair’s Party attracts two types of men and women: those for whom politics is a career path and those for whom all considerations are subjugated to the pursuit of equality.  Field would count himself among the egalitarians.  Yet his remarks are undeniably incompatible with that altruistic impulse which gives it up for every economic migrant desperate for Babylon.

I don’t the answer.  Maybe the terrible stresses of immigration on Labour’s old support base are tearing open a divide between universal and natural (ie, particularist) altruism.  Nice if that turns out to be true.  Universalism is a death cult.


Posted by Søren Renner on Sat, 01 Jul 2006 11:52 | #

Universalism is a death cult.

Is that yours? It’s worth appropriating.


Posted by Rnl on Sat, 01 Jul 2006 17:05 | #

I wish America had a Polish Problem.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 01 Jul 2006 17:33 | #

Is that yours?

Can’t you tell by the superfice?  Of course it is.


Posted by Andrew on Sat, 01 Jul 2006 19:00 | #

The Crux of what Frank Fields says is something the Leftoids do not want to hear; I remember reading a publication by Frank some years ago, about the Welfare state and the decline of good behavior; to which those that subscribe to and Perpetuate the welfare state mentality and amplify the need too, and to keep them dependant on Government- Bureaucrats- N G O’s;( To Control You and your thoughts ); quickly castigate him as some sort of Heretic , and when he submitted his findings to a Parliamentary hearing, he was removed from the enquiry, and was subjected to abuse by the demonic minds of the Left.
Political Psychology at work , you might say?.


Posted by john on Sun, 02 Jul 2006 06:33 | #

I’d never heard of the guy, thought he was blairs chauffer. The BNP has grown from kitchen meetings to national recognition in five or so years. The last time some labour thugs tried to break away they faded in a couple of weeks.


Posted by Matt O'Halloran on Sun, 02 Jul 2006 08:00 | #

Agreement with Frank Field from Bob Rowthorn, veteran lefty economics prof at Cambridge:

...the Government’s claim about the economic benefits of immigration is false. As an academic economist, I have examined many serious studies that have analysed the economic effects of immigration.

There is no evidence from any of them that large-scale immigration generates large-scale economic benefits for the existing population as a whole. On the contrary, all the research suggests that the benefits are either close to zero, or negative.

Immigration can’t solve the pensions crisis, nor solve the problem of an ageing population, as its advocates so often claim. It can, at most, delay the day of reckoning, because, of course, immigrants themselves grow old, and they need pensions.

The injection of large numbers of unskilled workers into the economy does not benefit the bulk of the population to any great extent. It benefits the nanny-and housecleaner-using classes; it benefits employers who want to pay low wages; but it does not benefit indigenous, unskilled Britons, who have to compete with immigrants willing to work hard for very low wages in unpleasant working conditions.


Posted by Karlmagnus on Sun, 02 Jul 2006 11:47 | #

Rowthorn’s right, and any competent economist who hasn’t been bought off by the globalisation crowd would agree with him.

This is however not a bottomless pool—total population of the E.European countries that entered in 2004 is only about 80 million, with another 32 or so from Bulgaria/Romania/ Croatia in the next couple of years.  As other EU countries open up (which they legally have to do in only a few years) the pressure on Britain will abate.

In terms of GW’s problems about subsuming of British culture, these people are (i) racially indistinguishable from Brits (ii) culturally European and Christian and (iii) completely legal, and beneficiaries of a single market that has also allowed British builders to make dosh in Germany in the 1990s. They are NOT the equivalent of the primarily Amerind illegal immigrants in the US.

The problem comes if (i) the EU lets Turkey in (my Monday Bear’s Lair will be on this subject) and (ii) they don’t control the much more dubious flood of ILLEGAL immigrants.  If the race-blind ninnies in Immigration aren’t distingisuhing between Poles and Afghans, they should be.


Posted by Guessedworker on Mon, 03 Jul 2006 11:45 | #

Never let them say that immigration is “inevitable”.  Even this government can be immigration restrictionist when it feels like it.

The Government is to fiercely restrict the recruitment of thousands of junior nurses from abroad in order to give “homegrown” students the chance to get jobs.

Under the plans, announced this morning, overseas nurses will be barred from applying for junior posts unless a UK nurse or a nurse from the EEA (European Economic Area) cannot fill the job.

The move applies to nurses in bands 5 and 6 - those with between a few months experience and around one a half years.

The bands are being taken off the Home Office shortage occupation list and it means employers will have to advertise vacancies to student nurses in Britain before looking abroad.

It’s just a matter of will.


Posted by Shipwrecked Britain on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 08:24 | #

Everyone hates Polish people because they are taking over our country to the point that we are going to become an ethnic minority in our own country, i.e. there will be more Polish than British in Britain which is shocking. Our people are coming back from the army and are being told that they cannot have a house because Eastern Europeans have been given them! Is it any wonder with all these foreigners coming in that (a) we’re the most overcrowded nation (b) are having to build more and more homes on floodplains (c)are often being turned down for jobs because migrants are getting over 80 percent of new jobs. It’s disgusting. For God’s sake, Mohammad is now the second most popular name in our country. It says it all: if the British National Party don’t get elected we’re heading for Muslim Sharia Law in this country. Fact.


Posted by Lurker on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 09:01 | #

“Everyone hates Polish people” - Really? The only person Ive ever heard voice real dislike of Poles in Britain was an Albanian.

We know who most people want to complain about, but they know its not allowed. I think PC is at work here, we are allowed to complain about Poles because they are white and seem quite likely to assimilate.

Perhaps Shipwrecked Britain and his ‘hate’ and pat link to the BNP should be treated with some suspicion.


Posted by Guessedworker on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 09:20 | #

No, Lurker, that is the bona fide feeling of the BNP member.  They have bought the Islamicisation meme in toto.  They will tear to shreds anyone who criticises Jewry.  They have no comprehension of the philosophical underpinning required to make change endure and, if they are simple party members, they trust in Griffin.


Posted by birch barlow on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 09:36 | #

The bottom line is that when you broaden the applicant pool to include the Third World you remove some of the normal upward pressure on wages, pressure which keeps wages stable and at a reasonable level for a First-World country.  This law is as ineluctable as any law of mathematics or physics:  there’s no way around it.

This assumes that high-skill immigration is a zero-sum game in terms of job creation.  That isn’t necessarily the case.  One theory behind the support of high-skill immigration is that having more high-skill workers will increase the rate of technological advancement, increasing productivity and broadening the range of potential jobs.  There are FAR more high-end professional jobs today than in 1900 or even 1970, and this is due to the work of high-IQ people, both immigrant and native.  Though obviously if 10 million high-IQ immigrants all flooded into the USA tomorrow professional wages would fall, at least in the short run.  And if the immigrants were not white, at least in this political climate, this immigration would probably result in more economically crippling socialist and quality-of-life degrading multiculturalist policies.  Indeed even Euro immigrants would probably vote Left, though amongst present Euro immigrants to the USA there is probably some self-selection for people who are more fiscally conservative and pro-American than the Euro population in Europe.


Posted by silver on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 10:33 | #

Birch, few here are interested in The Holy Economy, and many wish it would it just fail already.  (And you can be quite certain they’re not interested in an economy which runs on immigration.)

People here have an altogether different set of priorities.


Posted by birch barlow on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 11:04 | #

(And you can be quite certain they’re not interested in an economy which runs on immigration.)

People here have an altogether different set of priorities.

Would you even support high-IQ immigration of white Europeans?


Posted by Matra on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 12:06 | #

Would you even support high-IQ immigration of white Europeans?

Is there some serious shortage of high IQ natives in the UK, USA, Germany, and other white countries?

I don’t think many here would object to immigrants from ethnically compatible nations - not just high IQ immigrants. But (as always) the main issue is how many immigrants we are talking about, rather than IQ levels.

Besides, the main occupations of Poles in Ireland (and presumably England too) are construction labour, barmen, and Subway ‘sandwich artists’.  No doubt many may be overqualified and could be better used in professions, but that’s unlikely to happen. So I don’t see how their presence is so essential.


Posted by Retew on Fri, 04 Jan 2008 08:34 | #

I understand your concerns here, having had to compete for work with Polish workers myself recently, but a bit of background might be in order.

Poles have traditionally been very popular in Britain since the end of the Second World War when a large number of Polish servicemen who fought on the Allied side were (understandably) reluctant to return to their home country once it had been Stalinised and opted to stay on in the UK where they often married local girls and raised families.

A high proportion of them have become engineers, especially electrical, and for reasons I don’t altogether understand the Polish national character seems to blend well with the British; better than the German one, for example.

At the moment the Polish economy is in crisis and only 10% of Poles earn anything like a decent income, so the natural thing for them to do is to seek employment elsewhere in Europe. It’s no different from what British building workers did in the 1980s when they worked on German building sites.

As for the poster who said he looked forward to the day when the economy fails - you might find that a different story when you find you haven’t got enough money for petrol or electricity in a world still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Sustainability and zero growth are intelligent aspirations in my view, large scale economic contraction and collapse in an ineluctably interdependent world are not.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 04 Jan 2008 11:05 | #


Thank you for the moderating influence.  But for the English the “Polish problem” is not just economic or even cultural, but genetic and territorial.  We want to remain English, and we want to possess the land which is our home.

The powerful do not want either of these virtuous things for any European people.  Jews ... Third Worlders, no problem.  Europeans, no.

It isn’t like Auf Weidersehen Pet this time.  We are looking at managed, permanent population transfers in the cause of breaking the bond between blood and soil.

We dissent in perfect justice, therefore.


Posted by Alex on Fri, 04 Jan 2008 19:52 | #

Great post Guessedworker.  And yes, what is being done is quite purposeful.    Just after profits, the destruction of the peoples of the world is what is being aimed at.  Besides the devastation to peoples on the receiving end of so called ‘cheap labor’, there is the devastation being wrought on those directly being preyed upon as well.    An extremely self-centered relative few driven by greed are making great amounts of money at most everyone else’s expense.

Of course the plain truth of it is not told in that manner but rather it is attempted to be sold to people as a most positive thing…ie the promotion of the ideology of multi-culturalism.

The parallel with this is of course the Tran-Atlantic slave trade when people in Africa were preyed upon, or the Barbary pirate slaving raids of coastal areas of Europe of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.    Just as now with Latvia and other East European countries, amongst others, peoples then in a national state of weakness were being preyed upon, and entire regions were left largely bereft of the people who had formerly once inhabited those areas as a result. 

It is estimated that in some rural villages up to one-third of the inhabitants have left for back-breaking work in the republic… “There is hardly a family left in this country who hasn’t lost a son or daughter or mother or father to the mushroom farms of Ireland,” Muktupavela, 43, told the International Herald Tribune last week.

“During the cold war, we all dreamed of leaving but the risk is that if everyone leaves, then the country will disappear.”

Latvia races to pick Irish mushrooms

John Burns

IT COULD be Ireland in the 1980s: a brain drain of talented young people leaving their families and their country to seek higher pay and a better life abroad.
But this time it is Latvia, as thousands of its people flock to Ireland in search of jobs picking mushrooms. It is estimated that in some rural villages up to one-third of the inhabitants have left for back-breaking work in the republic.

The exodus is the theme of a best-selling book written by one of the mushroom pickers, a mother of four who shared a three-room house near Dublin with 11 other Latvians and picked mushrooms from dawn to dusk.

Laima Muktupavela says the Irish farm-owner told Latvian workers not to wear gloves, and the mushrooms eventually turned their fingers black. She earned about €250 a week, more than four times the minimum wage in Latvia.

Muktupavela’s book about her experiences, The Mushroom Covenant, has captured the Latvian zeitgeist, as well as being a bestseller and winning a literary award. There is a growing fear that Latvia is losing its best young talent to Ireland, leaving gaps in the workforce at home and a shortage of key personnel, such as doctors.

“There is hardly a family left in this country who hasn’t lost a son or daughter or mother or father to the mushroom farms of Ireland,” Muktupavela, 43, told the International Herald Tribune last week.

“During the cold war, we all dreamed of leaving but the risk is that if everyone leaves, then the country will disappear.”

Muktupavela credits her experience in Ireland with making her a more independent person. Now writing her fifth novel, and working on a film about migration, she is considering buying a house near an Irish mushroom farm.

She points out that Latvia’s experience is similar to Ireland’s in previous generations, but believes the new EU member can turn it around as Ireland did. “Twenty years from now it is the Irish who will be flooding into Latvia and not the other way around,” she said.

Jekabs Nakums, a Latvian athlete who represented his country in the Olympics, reopened the debate within Latvia by announcing recently on television that he was leaving to wash cars in Ireland.

In the Latgale region of eastern Lativa, parents who emigrate sometimes leave children behind creating a generation of “mushroom orphans”.

Since Latvia joined the EU in May 2004, its people are free to travel to other member states in search of work. It is estimated that there are between 20,000 to 30,000 Latvians and Lithuanians in Ireland. There are doubts over the exact figure because there are many illegal or unregistered cases.

While Ireland and Britain worry about the influx of workers, Latvia, with a population of just 2.3m, is increasingly concerned about losing so many of its people. Latvian officials have estimated that between 50,000 and 100,000 people have left since accession in May 2004, a rate of departure that puts Irish emigration in the 1950s and 1980s in the shade.

Latvia Races to Pick Irish Mushrooms in the December 11, 2005 edition of The Sunday Times - Ireland


Posted by Polish Mohammad on Wed, 23 Sep 2009 11:48 | #

To shipwrecked britain :

“Everyone hates Polish people” (...) “For God’s sake, Mohammad is now the second most popular name in our country“. - It looks as if you considered ‘Mohammad’ a Polish name.. well done! it just shows how little you know about other nationals living in the UK - maybe if you got to know them, you wouldn’t be saying that everyone hates Polish people? (who hates them by the way?). And if Britain is shipwrecked, this is becaue of such ignorant people as you!


Posted by Enoch on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:17 | #

I just hope that all the British people that love the polish
Being here don’t have any of there children or
Grand children fight an eastern European for a job,it’s not
about them being better but they will work for less,but
screw the young British youth eh !


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:10 | #

it just shows how little you know about other nationals living in the UK

Who cares? The other nationals are $@~! [AWA is saved once again from the European Arrest Warrant - editor] whether they be Poles, Nigerians or Pakis, Britain is for the British.

Polacks don’t belong there and they are not wanted there, let the bead-mumblers starve in their own turd-world catholic hellhole.


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:39 | #

“The Polacks and Dagoes, and niggers are the same, only the niggers are the lowest.” - Studs Lonigan, written by James T. Farrell, 1920

I just hope that all the British people that love the polish
Being here don’t have any of there children or
Grand children fight an eastern European for a job,it’s not
about them being better but they will work for less,but
screw the young British youth eh !

You are right about that Enoch:


Posted by Lurker on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 23:03 | #

AWA - Britain shouldnt be turned into Poland, fair comment. Or Poland into Britain for that matter, though not much danger of that at the moment.

But Poles are not in the same category as Nigerians or Pakistanis Im amazed you would lump them together. Poles are part of the European family, Nigerians etc are not.


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 12:46 | #

But Poles are not in the same category as Nigerians or Pakistanis Im amazed you would lump them together. Poles are part of the European family, Nigerians etc are not.

The premise of your refutation is a fallacy because it doesn’t matter which is best (or rather least worst) as ultimately both Nigerians and Poles are foreigners, I don’t have any problem with say, a Norwegian emigrating to Sweden or a Swede emigrating to Norway, because they are the same people. But a Pole in the UK, is like a Bushman in the Maghreb, you use the European continent as an excuse to make it sound as if we were all equal and similar; but we are not this is why the immigration doesn’t go both ways (no Brits in Poland, all the Poles in Britain). There is no European familly, there is no African familly and there is no Asian familly, a Polish immigrant in Ireland stick out like a sore thumb, a Bushman immigrants in Tunisia stick our like a sore thumb, a Malaysian immigrant in Japan stick out like a sore thumb.

No North Asian thinks that the whole population of Asia is all equal and similar, no North African thinks that the whole population of Africa is all equal and similar and this is the natural order of things. Europe, Asia and Africa are continents they are not a race and not a ethnicity, so velly solly but the ‘itz okay we are all christians’ or the ‘itz okay we are all European’ isn’t going to cut it.

The idea of equality and tolerance is a catholic ideology (wogs and polacks religion of choice).

Equality and Tolerance = Papist Bullshit.

Maybe it’s time for ‘White Nationalism’ to be renamed ‘Continental Nationalism’, it sure would fit better seeing as how it’s not even about race anymore.


Posted by CS on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 13:18 | #

I wouldn’t be too hard on Polish immigrants to the UK. In fifty years or less the UK could be so shitty white people in the UK will be desperate to move to Poland.


Posted by mewhere on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 16:21 | #

Poles in the UK = less than 1% of the population. They certainly are taking over!

As I’ve said before, I personally support the replacement of Britons with the higher IQ (on average) Poles (who also happen to be blonder on average than the woggish Britons).


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 20:35 | #

Poles in the UK = less than 1% of the population. They certainly are taking over!

As I’ve said before, I personally support the replacement of Britons with the higher IQ (on average) Poles (who also happen to be blonder on average than the woggish Britons).

Is that so? Then I would ask you to provide a source that support your claims.

Provide a source which attest that polish immigrants only account for 1% of Britain’s population.

Provide a source which certify that polacks are as blonde nordic as you claim them to be.

As for Polacks having higher IQ than the Britons this is not something that is even up for debate, Poles come to the UK and not the other way around also the state of their country pretty much speaks for itself.

“Nearly two million children in Poland live on the edge of poverty. Half of all Polish families can not afford to send a child on at least one week holiday away from home… The report prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says that the Poles take less care for children than among all 32 countries belonging to the organization. The material situation of children in Poland was rated as the worst among 21 European countries and by UNICEF. Norwegians seem to care for a child almost ten times more than the average Pole.” - Institute of Public Opinion Research

Poland is a worthless hellhole that no one cares about and the polish immigrants in the UK (or elsewhere) are bottom feeders like the nigerian and paki immigrants.


Posted by Lurker on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 21:22 | #

But a Pole in the UK, is like a Bushman in the Maghreb

No, its not.


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 22:27 | #

No, its not.

You’ll have to do better than that.

A Bushman would be a foreigner in the Maghreb but he prefers to live more comfortably in Tunisia even if it is as a bottom feeder rather than live the life of starving negro in the Kalahari, a Pole would be a foreigner in the UK but prefers to live more comfortably in England even if it is as a bottom feeder rather than live the life of a starving beggar in Poland.

Why would you deny the obvious? May it be perhaps because one of those bottom feeders mentioned in the articles below happens to be you?

Polish population in the UK soars from 75,000 to more than HALF A MILLION in eight years

The number of Polish people being born in the UK has increased from 75,000 to 521,000 in eight years.

The seven-fold increase comes as it is revealed that one in five workers in low-skill jobs was born outside the UK.

Poles make up the majority of people to have migrated to the UK since Poland and seven other Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004.

Over the last nine years the number of low-skill workers in retail, hospitality and catering from outside the UK has more than doubled.

During the same period, the number of British-born workers in those sectors has fallen from 3.04million to 2.56million.

The rise in the number of children born to Polish couples is believed to be because 69 per cent of immigrants coming over from Central and Eastern Europe are from Poland.

At its peak in 2007 there were almost 100,000 Poles immigrating into the UK but recently that number has declined to around 40,000 in 2009. It seems that many of them prefer to live in Britain, too, with emigration falling from 54,000 to 29,000 over the same period.

Before Poland joined the EU around 55 per cent of Polish-born people in the UK were of working age. Nowadays, however, there are 390,462 Poles with 85 per cent aged between 16 and 64, compared with 70.7 per cent of the UK as a whole.

Unemployment for Polish people was about 5.5 per cent in the first three months of 2011 against the UK-wide rate of 7.7 per cent.

An extra 367,000 people born outside the UK are now working in low-skill jobs, taking the total to 666,000 in the first three months of the year, up from 298,000 at the start of 2002.

The increase in workers from outside the UK was driven by those coming from the eight eastern European countries that were the latest to join the EU.

A total of 239,000 people from these countries now work in low-skill jobs in the UK - almost 60 times the 4,000 who were in such jobs in 2002.

Migration from Eastern Europe is back up again after falling in 2009.

The numbers of Poles and other Eastern Europeans in the UK rose by 43,000.

Immigration from Eastern Europe rose by some 50 per cent to 72,000 while the numbers of Eastern Europeans leaving to go home dropped by nearly half to 29,000.

Labour put no restrictions on the rights of Eastern Europeans to work in the UK when their countries joined the EU in 2004. As a result, the Coalition cannot close the doors or tighten the rules.

Vely solly, but flying the polish flag and singing in polish how proud you are of being a polak when you belong to the hordes of poles that just can’t wait to leave Poland for Northern Europe or Western Europe every year just doesn’t cut it.


Posted by mewhere on Fri, 19 Aug 2011 05:06 | #

These hordes of Poles will turn Britain from a lower IQ, brunet country into a blond, high IQ territory. They should be applauded.

A tear came to my eye.


Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on Fri, 19 Aug 2011 09:04 | #

These hordes of Poles will turn Britain from a lower IQ, brunet country into a blond, high IQ territory. They should be applauded.

Before turning Britain unto a blond high IQ territory, shouldn’t the polacks concentrate on turning Poland unto a blond high IQ territory first?

And I see that you are still making empty claims whitout providing any source that support them.


Posted by simon hempstock on Tue, 01 May 2012 09:58 | #

why the hell is it that got polish worker doing the same job geting paid a dam site more than me


Posted by simon hempstock on Tue, 01 May 2012 10:09 | #

why do they speek polish at my work that is out of order and racisit


Posted by shirley on Thu, 27 Sep 2012 21:39 | #

I am totally dumbfounded and yet not at all surprised by the way Great Britain is turning out.  Enoch Powell did say it was a bad idea to have an open door policy, he may have worded it differently but he was right in what he said, then he was made to retire for being racist.  All I can say is Enoch Thumbs up to you man, you understood what was going to happen and it was not going to be for the better good as far as Britain was concerned.  The things I know about the immigrants from being among them is not the best.  I WANT MY COUNTRY AND SAFETY BACK…..............


Posted by Javed on Mon, 01 Oct 2012 13:15 | #

Started 4 years ago at a spectacle factory in Aston
Was 70% polish as the management had got rid of a lot of English workers
The poles went on a go slow to get the English team leaders sacked and replaced with poles
From then on as a British Pakistani I faced various levels of racism - no chance of promotion or training while poles who came in 2 weeks before my 3 month development review went immediately to training and higher pay grades
The experienced English people left got all the hassle and work shifted on to them whilst the poles sit around texting each other on their phones and getting all the overtime
Ended up with just 2 English people left on my shift - me and and old bloke. Then this Russian with a dodgy Lithuanian passport came in ( company uses an agency that only has poles) and he encourages even more racism against me
Management ignored my complaints in fact it just made it worse
Ended up two of them got together with the team leader and lied about me in order to get me sacked
Poles have set race relations back decades in this country


Posted by doesn't matter on Sat, 02 Feb 2013 12:41 | #

” Posted by Anti-WOG Alliance on August 18, 2011, 08:35 PM

Poland is a worthless hellhole that no one cares about and the polish immigrants in the UK “

Shame on you, you’re like dog, very small dog which can’t bite so just barking, You forgotten history, bro… . By the way, all the English have a high IQ but…, not you.


Posted by Epiphany Manchester on Mon, 30 Sep 2013 06:13 | #

UK is the biggest shit hole in Europe. You opened your borders for immigrants and now you are complaining about them ? wtf ? Maybe they are more succesfull at work because you are to lazy to do anything ? Just in Northern Ireland is more claiming british people for benefit than any other , your food sucks and yopu don’t have any idea about smoking meat, culture full of stereotypes, you trying to copy America and the average of drunk people is the highest in Europe . You even destroyed christmas traditions opening shops 2 months earlier and selling christmas stuff. Without East Europe your economy will bancrupt very fast . Russian , Polish , Latvian , Czech , or any of easten european countries .... I don’t see the difference between the people , but I see difference in History and traditions. They are more rich in Happiness than british . Say Hello to Irish people you raped all over time from everything. Polish people save your asses in air in II World War fighting for your freedom you never helped them when war was started. They deserved to be in England whenever they wanted. Irish and Polish people are very close to eachother . Everyone in the World knows that British , American and German people are responsible for bad Europe economy. You helping the monster USA at every move , you don’t see how many immigrants coming to your country because You don’t really care about your traditions.  In every country you have economical problems , in every country you have homeless people and poor childs.  Racism is the biggest evil ever what You are already presented under this topic on the top of this site. Greetings from Glasgow for all humans.


Posted by Anon on Thu, 24 Apr 2014 20:47 | #

What is wrong with people, the issue is about mass immigration but the vast majority of people that have posted responses have made it about race!
Wake up! We DO have a problem with immigration in this country particularly from Eastern Europe and like it or not a huge influx of unskilled workers will bring down wages and conditions for the everyone else just look at how slowly the minimum wage has risen in the last decade or how workers have less and less benifits or why zero hour and temp contacts have exploded in popularity with employers

There are arguments to say that not all immigrants are unskilled and are filling skill gaps. These arguments are a complete cop out in my opinion. If we invested in our workforce then there wouldn’t be skill gaps simple as that but we don’t because its cheaper to bring in someone whose already skilled in that area.

Go back 30 years and people had the opportunity to get a job that had prospects and security but the wave off mass immigration, cheap labour and out sourcing has destroyed that.

Mind you the only thing worse than our immigration problem is the do-gooders who jump to the defence of everyone no matter who it is because they want to be seen to embracing multiculturism or the idiot who spout vile racist slurs that only give the do-gooders ammunition.

Am I the only who is wiling to stand up and say I am not a racist but I want to see a Britain that retains its culture. A Britain that is majority British living by British values. A country where British people come first. A country where we are given priority to the jobs, the training and the opportunitys


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 25 Apr 2014 04:22 | #

Everything you state is true, but the real issue from an historical perspective - a LONG TERM perspective - is indeed race. Otherwise you really wouldn’t have an argument against skilled but nonwhite immigration. I’m from LA/CA/USA, and I do know and have professionally been associated with a fair number of highly talented and educated nonwhites, most (but not all) of whom were immigrants (Oriental, Indian, Persian, Lebanese or Israeli). I hate to say it, but such persons do contribute more economically than their presence costs the natives in state expenditures or greater job and wage competition. Of course, this is not generally true for the larger class of immigrants to LA, the vast majority of whom are poor and low-skilled Mexicans (along with other, similar Latinos), whose families cost native-born CA taxpayers far more in government expenditures than they contribute, either economically or in taxes themselves.

Bottom line: immigration in the US (and perhaps also in the UK) is overall bad for the economy, and especially bad for the economically less skilled. But it could be advantageous, if our respective nations would only ‘cherry-pick’ the economically most valuable immigrants.

OTOH, do you want to live in a nation even with a high per-capita GDP, but where your native culture and mode of being in the world have been completely wiped out by too many nonwhites? RACE is the issue because non-British Europeans can indeed assimilate to British culture. Any white’s genetic descendants can assimilate into any other white culture, given enough immersive time.

But no nonwhite can ever be British. Regardless of how he speaks or behaves, he will always be visibly distinct, and thus perpetually reminded that he is not truly of the tribe. It is that simple. Interethnic cultural assimilation is possible; interracial cultural assimilation is not.


Posted by Alison on Fri, 30 May 2014 11:29 | #

I hope that the EU collapses we just cannot go on like this anymore, people are not racist for wanting to protect their country. If we do not put a stop to this now there will be no more NHS, schools will be too full to educate all young Britons and the housing problem will only get worse.

Wake up Britain and put an end to this EU waste of time!


Posted by Bill on Fri, 30 May 2014 12:43 | #

Alison @41 Welcome.

We all have to assume posters are commenting in good faith, that being the case we get very few ladies commenting here and I am assuming you are white British.

You read as being (if you don’t mind me saying) almost at your wits-end, would like to tell us more, nothing too personal - about how you see things here in Britain.


Posted by Since 2005 - 2014 The Poles invaded the UK on Sun, 08 Jun 2014 17:34 | #

There’s to much poles over hear now since 2005 2014, Working and staying in the UK, We are to soft thank you to England for letting them all come over to take the UK jobs from the UK people the UK is in a big mess now for good, We are the UK not the EU, The poles get everything they want in the UK a nice job house shop money, I do not like the dirty black poles they are taking over the UK like if its Poland the 2nd not one or two come over, But they all come over all in one they are from the EU they should stay in the EU Spain or France or Germany or just send them all back to pololand We do not want the poles in the UK the Germans didn’t want the poles they do not like the poles in there country So England says come over hear and work they are more country’s in the EU then in the UK so the should be working over there in the EU but every one wants to come over to stay and work in the UK, world war 1 / 2 was a waste of life’s fighting for what fighting for nothing 70 years ago if you think about it as you can do anything you want in the EU the UK as been invaded by the poles the pakies and the rest no wonder they all want to come over because we are to soft thank you to England for brain washing the UK people everything we say or do to someone from another country we are racist we can not speak our minds how we feel or what we want its mad its not the world that’s in a mess its the English people that are in a mess that run the country the so call English government they are not a English government they are just English moppets from England on a string don’t understand what they are doing to the UK no wonder Scotland wants to brake away from England in 18th 9 2014 good luck Scotland you do not need England or the UK Scottish people should vote yes yes yes yes 2014 freedom for Scotland 70 years ago world war 2 was a waste of life’s fighting for what fighting for nothing now the country’s are all together now Nato the police of the world, America are the police of the world who keeps on telling other country what to do and what not to do it will be the yanks that will start world war 3 soon end of the world the yanks are so backward no brains


Posted by Good on Sun, 29 Nov 2015 09:27 | #

Poles are basically lower-rent than low-rent Germans. I am British-born, white, have a good education, am well-spoken, and sick to death of not having been able to get a decently paid job for years - although, having been in London for 10 years and witnessed the operating demographics, I’m now aware exactly why this is.
I do not claim benefits, and have been partly dependent on handouts from family and friends for years. Forget getting, even, “any” job, however large or small - when I make job applications I might just as well be shouting into thin air. I look all around me at jobs in London, and NOWHERE, apart from certain sectors, can I see white, indigenous British people employed. Companies like Pret even put a ban on employing white, indigenous British people, which makes one wonder how many other companies are doing the same.
I am sick of phoning companies up nowadays and being answered by some PA who is obviously Polish/ some other foreign person: “hello, hello, no speaka da English”. These people can’t speak, they can’t write, they can’t solve your problem, they can’t do anything! They are totally incompetent, a) because contrary to popular belief, they are actually no more competent than British people - being “foreign” doesn’t automatically equal “better”, believe it or not; b) because of the language barrier - and this isn’t racist, this is bare fact. They fluff about like nobody’s business, and by God, if I was on their end of the phone, I’d whip them into action!
Having said that - there is obviously a lot of foreign investment over here right now, so the foreign boss obviously wants someone he can converse with in his own language. It doesn’t matter that none of them can communicate with the indigenous people. I’ve been for interviews with some of these types of companies, and you can tell from the outset the organisation is a shambles - these people are barely articulate. It beggars belief what exactly they think they’re supposed to be doing here, because the right hand doesn’t seem to know what the left’s doing. I honestly feel like leading a revolution.


Posted by DanielS on Sun, 29 Nov 2015 09:50 | #

I am an ethno-nationalist, devoted to the sovereignty of native nationals, Europeans in particular.

Whether they are competent or incompetent, there should not be a large percentage of Poles or any foreign nationality in another native nation.

The native populations should certainly be above 90 percent, more than 95 percent so much the better.

Regarding those remaining gray areas, Jews, Africans and those people corresponding with Islam should be first in line for de-nationalization.

That opinion is based on principles of EGI.


Posted by Steven4 on Thu, 31 Mar 2016 11:36 | #

I had no problem with them,but now I have Polish neighbours.Since they moved in,they put music loud all day long and night,at 3 AM they still listen music.They act like only they are living in this building.So disrespectful… They are very loud,they love to make a lot of noise,I guess they feel important acting that way…


Posted by "they put music" on Thu, 31 Mar 2016 14:32 | #

It’s curious that you would crop up at this moment (during a controversy that was in part commenced by Giacomo Vallone trying to stir-up anti-Polish animus) presenting yourself as an anti-Polish native of Britain, while using English in a way that a British native never would - “they put music”


Posted by Polani on Mon, 27 Jun 2016 11:36 | #

I do have a proposal for you , you are too laisy that is the reason why Poles doing for your benefits, go work and don`t sit at Pubs, beside u can send all Muslims over back to their countries like arabistasn and fuckingstan, be happy that Poles are not ISIS


Posted by Someone who not on Thu, 30 Jun 2016 07:33 | #

I don’t know what you have against us (Poles) but I’m living part time Poland part-time German and I never want to live in Brit or London. I want my head on my shoulders not on the floor. Thing about this that way… we Poles are not ISIS, we don’t makes bomb in the middle on the street. Ok we have bad economy but here are a lot safer then in UK. Believe it or not I admire people how live there and want to have family. And when it gets to get a job then move your asses, and find one. So what that thats minimum pay, be happy that you had one like us. It’s not like you would get a job and get payed milions.
PS: TO the neighbors go and say sorry can you make the music not so loud? Communication is important!


Posted by Ryan on Thu, 30 Jun 2016 13:18 | #

I do have a proposal for you , you are too laisy that is the reason why Poles doing for your benefits, go work and don`t sit at Pubs, beside u can send all Muslims over back to their countries like arabistasn and fuckingstan, be happy that Poles are not ISIS

So because you supposedly have a harder work ethic then, by your logic, there is 0 legitimacy in opposing masses of unskilled Polish migrants. The substance of your argument, which is repeated by many young Central/Eastern Europeans wanting to be economic migrants to Britain is no different than a rootless leftist saying Brits are ‘lazy’ (anecdotal without evidence) and <insert non-white group> are more hardworking therefore opposition to mass immigration is illegitimate.

The problem with multiculturalism, even if it is all White is that minority groups will always agitate for their own interests against the will of the majority. The White Pole wants to migrate to Britain therefore they will give support, and thus legitimacy to the policies of rootless mass immigration so they can make some money in Britain.

Why should a White British, 55year old unskilled building labourers on already low wages be glad that fit, young Poles in their 20’s work for less money, for longer hours, with no job security, no sick pay and overtime when ordered by a boss?

That’s just what globalists want: the fragmentation of ethnic groups and nation states into individualistic, materialist economic migrants.

go work and don`t sit at Pubs

Heaven forbid a working man would want to relax and have some enjoyment in life than be some low wage economic slave their whole life.

A Pole working as an unskilled labourer in Britain gets the equivalent salary of an Accountant in Poland. That’s some motivation to work hard, especially when you are young and only plan to do it temporarily.

No wonder there is such dislike when some like yourself supports the globalist agenda but somehow think that it will not bite you back.
Now if any real Polish patriots want to know why there is . Within the UK, to varying degrees, mass immigration is extremely unpopular. Mass immigration was dramatically increased by the Labour Government of 1997-2010 which led to a lot of anger amongst a portion of the population. This coincided with Poland joining the EU in 2003

Thus there is large levels of resentment to this which threatens to push people into rejecting the Post-1945 ‘anti-racist’ order. The ‘establishment’ thus needs to provide a safety valve for people . As a result the controlled opposition right-wing/populist papers: Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express focus their reporting anti-immigration reporting solely on White Central/Eastern Europeans while ignoring the larger (and permanent) non-White population.

The end result is people are given ‘permission’, a safety valve to be anti-immigration but only when it comes to White immigrants. It’s irrational but that is the level of stigmitisation and indoctrination that has taken place since the end of 1945.

Likewise Central & Eastern European migrants are far more noticeable to the most patriotic group, the White Working class, as they overwhelmingly compete in the jobs market with what the White Working class traditionally do: Builders, Plasters, Labourers, Warehouse Operatives, Truckers/Delivery Drivers, Cleaners etc. Meanwhile Non-White immigrants are not as pronounced: they are either unemployed, work in takeaways/restaurants/corner shops, drive taxis, do cash-in-hand work or a token hire at a public service job.

Somalians, Eritreans, Bangladeshi’s etc are not competing with the White British for labouring and skilled tradesmen jobs but Central & Eastern Europeans are. The resentment is no different than if Ukrainians and Russians were immigrating to Poland and out competing Native Poles.

For a White working class man who has a mortgage to pay, a family to support, wants to have disposable income, time for recreation and not be worked like a mule then they are not going to be happy to allow foreign labour of any kind to compete with them.

That’s the stance of the blue-pill normies. We want to make the normies of course recognise that the bigger issue is non-White immigration and that economic things are secondary. However by some Central/Eastern Europeans repeating the same lines of our enemy, the anti-White globalists, by saying “Brits are lazy” and “Britain needs immigration” you cause resentment amongst normal White people as well as those who would otherwise be supportive of Poland, as they would be of any White country


Posted by polsky on Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:52 | #

ok, so most of you hate us. fine, fair enough. couldn’t care less. you are blaming us for taking your jobs- well, if you can not get of your fat ar**s then what are we supposed to do? don’t take it the wrong way- i’m not the biggest fan of Polish mob in this country but the fact is that majority of poles fill the less interesting posts. there is however a chunky slice that is highly skilled- worried yet??

if i could, i would have voted brexit too but for a different reasons. i like this country, really do. some of you are racists, some of you are funny and most of you re just grey, with no balls. you consume the crap you are being fed by your government, read the sun and daily mail and pay no attention whatsoever to what is going on around you- yet another thing i couldn’t care about less.

from the posts above i see that some of you realize what we have to offer- and i fully acknowledge the fact that we may have undercut you when we joined the eu- personally, i’m not too happy that we did, but hey, s**t happens…

honestly, can you imagine great britain without us?? seriously? i’d love to see this. you depend on what you hate so much it is unbelievable.

i agree that migration should be controlled, this is the only way forward but your problem is illegal emigration.  somehow you are finding it difficult to admit- it’s just so much easier to hate the us, because we are white, mostly same religion and so on. noo, you wouldn’t dare to complain about influx of people from africa, etiopia, somalia and so on. that just wouldn’t be right and you could get a slap…

grow some balls.

much love.


Posted by Sue Newton on Fri, 21 Oct 2016 20:16 | #

As far as I am concerned there r too many Polish people with the surname Gruszka who r setting up companies in the uk. They set companies up and r very skilled at this, so they dont pay tax, they keep them running for so many years then they are dissolved. They then go on to set up new businesses, they marry to get british status then they divorce. They even take on British children as there own, changing their name to Gruszka, they r getting away with this disgusting behaviour. If us british people did this we would be jailed, ther is definately something wrong with the way the british are treat in their own country. This behaviour from the polish has to be stopped, there r too many Gruszka surnames. I definately know this from experience.

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