On The Regnery Circus Big-Tent-O-Sphere, Featuring Richard Spencer as its Ring-Master

Posted by DanielS on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 09:55.

Regnery, Spencer, prime umbrellas of (((Alt-Right))) big-tentosphere

Dear Daniel, I’m a reporter at Reveal News, a news service and public radio program in California. Thanks for responding to my Twitter message.

We’re doing some reporting on Richard Spencer and Bill Regnery. I saw the “Richard Thpenther” post on Majorityrights.com, complete with a foto of the 2 of them together, and thought that you could certainly point me in the right direction on some basic factual issues, if you were willing.

So, I’d like to have a conversation. I’m happy to abide by whatever ground rules you set. Here’s my bio, if you’d care to check me out, and my contact info is below. Thanks for your consideration, and please let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Looking forward, Lance Williams, Senior Reporter, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting

Before moving on to detail the discussion that I had with Williams, I want to recap the left-right paradigm as it is conceived for majorityrights platform, since Williams was asking for my perspective on matters and since like everything that I’ve gleaned from academia and niftily re-tooled for our ethnonationlist interests, it has been attacked, no matter how well aimed, how effective and how coherent in those aims. Since I have not been able to overcome this misplaced jealousy, or naivety, bad advice or whatever causes the intransigence of this contentiousness, I must repeat myself.

Recently, I have been challenged again on the concept of left and right that I use. I refuse to back down and shouldn’t back down for the utility and intelligibility of the concept of left and right as I conceive it. It is intelligible, intuitive even, as it underlies patterns of ordinary language use. It only becomes confused and counter-productive as people try to play along with the more “sophisticated” versions (perversions, really) that Jews have spun through media and academia; which the disingenuous or naive have bought into - as they disingenuously/naively see it serving their interests - the more “sophisticated version” puts forth an oxymoronic definition - that the left is synonymous with liberalism - an oxymoron indeed, conceiving a “union” without prerogative of membership inclusion and exclusion; in fact, by this definition, a union would be just the opposite, it is a “union” that would constantly seek the opening of its membership bounds, to never exclude any “scab” as its highest value (to unionize the entire world as members of the union, we can only imagine). The “sophisticated” White response and what the Jews want, what those disingenuous/naively going along with the arrangement of their terms do, is to say, “no, I’m not a leftist, not a liberal, I’m on the right! - and I can prove that I am not a racist. I’m pure, not arbitrarily setting union bounds of my racial group, despite merit or not, I’m basing membership on unassailable, objective facts and merit alone.”

Ironically, this objectivist response underpins liberalism itself, the very form of the affliction against racial and national maintenance.

Naturally, any halfway intelligent and conscientious White, concerned for White EGI, is going to be mortified that Whites are going along with this, as it puts precious, circumspect patterns at risk and frightens-away potential membership for its lack of accountability. The Jews know this and they promote White identity as right wing because they know that it is going to deter group loyalty where it does not have them reacting into headlong disaster - a trap, fighting on supremacist grounds, (hubris) where they literally become the bad guys who get into disastrous conflict with those that should be their allies (some of them White ethno-nationalists, some of them non-White ethno-nationalists) - vilified as subhuman, these ethno-nationalist adversaries (nemesis) are nevertheless able to fight back very well, and greatly damage the EGI authoritatively designated by the right as its cause, as their adversaries have the collective moral high ground in the concept of social accountability. 
Of course those disingenuously/naively going along with the right wing, objectivist version of nationalism, are veering toward two dubious premises with regard to any claims of nationalism: 1) Where otherwise nationalism is not something that just comes together by the invisible hand of nature as it is supposed to, then one or a relatively small number of leaders will assert what is the national group and direct it by their authority which 2) Tends toward limited accountability, as their purported merit for the position is the result of sheer factual (gawd given or sheer natural) merit to make assertions of themselves - it “just wound-up that way” as a result of (gawd given or sheer) nature; and again, the same would supposedly hold true with group and national boundaries - they are supposed to hold up basically because of sheer nature (or gawd). It is a tendency to want to de-emphasize social accountability (to want to have unassailable warrant, to ascribe to oneself innocence/to be unburdened of guilt and responsibility); and to see outcomes as a result of one’s sole agency and sheer nature; while minimizing any joint construction and negotiation of those outcomes.

Quite naturally, such a fool’s game as this, bereft of social accountability as it is, and has been, is a sucker’s game that the Jews (and others, but the Jews most importantly) can take advantage of: it is ripe for them to find some White “leaders” and buy them-off or otherwise hoodwink them into leading, in accordance with Jewish interests, the White sheeple - who naively buy into the right wing, objectivist, “that’s the way it isness”, and less the matter of social construction and accountability that would allow them to effectively maintain their group defense, or even individual defense, ultimately - deliberate designation, delimitation of group boundaries, would immediately correspond with a form of unionization (you are in the union or you are not); an idea underlying any considered concept of “Left.” Whereas the disingenuous and naive go along with the Jewish arrangement of the terms, i.e., that “the left” means unionization only for non-Whites and those antagonistic to White men and their bounds - a prohibition of unionized boundaries for Whites, this is of course an absurd contradiction for Whites - from their end, it is liberalism: a prescription to rupture would-be unionized boundaries, borders, and the social accountability that would facilitate those boundaries and borders by contrast to sheer liberalized mishandling.

Lets pretend for a moment that people are not so retarded as to not be able to understand that and move on.

By contrast, what I have diagnosed as the concept of left nationalism within ordinary language and sustaining a consistent pattern of understanding, making consistent sense, is that: The moment one recognizes the truth by contrast - that we are in interaction, have some social connection and social indebtedness for the origin and maintenance of our manifest form of existence, therefore some responsibility and accountability; further recognizing that we make things together with other people, more or less - more, when we are more obviously responsible for a joint construction and less, but still some, in the agreement of how the more brute facts come to count - we are in the realm of the social and acknowledging the potential for accountability. And once we are in the world of accountability, we are in the world of delimitation, where not just anything goes. We are recognizing social responsibility and then the possibility that we have responsibility more to some than others - more responsibility to those within the “group”, the group designated by consensus and negotiated authority; including responsibility to those deserving of membership but requiring incentive to remain loyal, though they are not on top of the game and ready for higher organizational roles at this time.

In sum, leftism is about recognizing the inextricable reality of interaction, social indebtedness and responsibility, therefore the motion for unionization as a means of accountability and group maintenance, designating out-groups and in groups thereupon, with social accountability as such. Nationalism, ethno-nationalism and racial defense, are a matter of larger scale unions.

Rightism is a motion in its ultimate trajectory toward unassailable warrant in objectivity or divine ordinance, to reduce social accountability through purported objectivity, supra-social principles or divine will. Now, one might object that rightists can be nationalists, or responsive to social needs. What I would say to that is that the moment they are doing that, they are doing a “left thing”, they are going into the social world and its accountability, left nationalism, but without the premises that would solidly ground and sustain group systemic maintenance inasmuch as they retain rightist premises as their ideal and their aim, the lack of accountability thereof; as such, they are primed for subversion by people willing to use the leverage of collaborative agency against them.

Now lets see how this concept played out when I was queried by “RealNews” senior reporter, Lance Williams.


Dear Daniel,

I’m a reporter at Reveal News, a mews service and public radio program in California. Thanks for responding to my Twitter message.

We’re doing some reporting on Richard Spencer and Bill Regnery. I saw the “Richard Thpenther” post on Majorityrights.com, complete with a foto of the 2 of them together, and thought that you could certainly point me in the right direction on some basic factual issues, if you were willing.

So, I’d like to have a conversation. I’m happy to abide by whatever ground rules you set. Here’s my bio, if you’d care to check me out, and my contact info is below.

Thanks for your consideration, and please let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Looking forward.


Lance Williams
Senior Reporter
Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting
1400 65th St. Suite 200
Emeryville, Ca. 94608
office: 510-809-3175
cell: 415-298-2317

Naturally, at this point, I looked at the RealNews outfit’s website, took note of who headed and staffed it, what their basic mission is - obviously very Jewish, very anti-White (pardon the term, as it is misused by those who would misrepresent White ethno-nationalism), very involved in Jewish headed, non-White coalitions, antagonistic to White ethno-nationalism and its necessary alliances.

Reveal News Staff:

First on the list: Colored guy, perhaps mixed Semitc origin:


Aaron Sankin
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Second on the list, Jewish guy:


Aaron Glantz
Senior Reporter
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Third on the list,

Colored guy, who is apparently often assigned to do the audio interviews:


Al Letson
Reveal Host
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

And on it goes; eventually the list comes to Lance Williams, who requested to talk to us and politely did just that (I don’t know if he’s part Jewish or not, but he clearly doesn’t have a big problem working with them):


Lance Williams

Senior Reporter
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The list goes on like this, apparently having some Whites, obviously liberal, a strong representation of those who are not White males, but it is well over-represented by Jews in its staff and at its leadership.

Executive Director:


Robert J. Rosenthal
Executive Director
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



Phil Bronstein

Executive Chair
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Bronstein! I’m not sure if he’s related to Trotsky, but!

Here is what I prepared, and in fact did say to senior reporter Lance Williams of Revealnews:

First, please let me say a few words about Majorityrights’ platform as I’ve taken it, because it will quickly come to the point of how I have developed it as a corrective to the kinds of errors being made by The Regnery circus, NPI, Richard Spencer and the Alternative Right.

Majorityrights (at this point) advocates White/European ethno-nationalisms and sees itself as allied with Asian and Indio ethno-nationalisms. It does not identify with Jewish interests, as if they are White, it treats them as a separate racial category, outside of the White/European race; and, in fact, does not identify with Abrahamic religions at all - seeing them as destructive [providing maps destructive] to ethnonational interests. It does not identify with Nazism or any kind of supremacism or scientism - by scientism, I simply mean the notion that sheer “nature” and “objective” science should decide our course of action without individual and social correctives and cultivation. We are not Alternative Right, not Right wing in any sense as I conceive right and left to be: The right and with it, liberalism, is based on an idea of objectivism which is short on accountability - “because that’s just the way it is according to natural or divine law.” It lends itself to disingenuousness and hubris among elites and to naivety in the masses.

The left - a White Left Nationalism and any ethnonationalism as I hold it to be properly defined, is about accountability to the full social group as maintained through a form of unionization - that puts it in contrast to the universalism and pretenses of objectivity of the right; because there are in groups and out groups - you are in the union or you are not and the union - it looks after your relative interests as a member, not solely because of what is deemed your objective merit. It is a perspective which looks after the rank and file, to ensure that they are treated fairly and have incentive to maintain the union even though they may not be on top of the game or marginalized somehow, to make sure that they do not facilitate scabbing of the union so to speak; but it keeps a particular eye on elites, to hold them accountable to group systemic interests, to make sure that they do not betray us since obviously they are capable of doing the most damage. That concern is bringing us to people like Regnery, Spencer and those in the Alt-Right.

Because they take these right wing positions that we reject, positions which people cannot take or are justifiably afraid of, it turns-off a broad base as it is an incompassionate, insane and stupid position; but in order to try to connect with the mainstream and populism, they are forced to cobble together coalitions upon a tacit agreement to tolerate one another’s anti-social positions as such - whether its holocaust denial or supremacism, some sort of nutty Abrahamic religion; or, what is stigmatic from a White nationalist point of view, acceptance of Jews in their alliance. These cobbled-together anti-social coalitions of the Alt-Right I call the Alt Right tentosphere - a big tent of different tents. Some tents are completely friendly with Jews.

The template of running the gamut from Nazi sympathy to working with Jews and some members actually being Jews is completely consistent with Regnery, his publishing history and what I see as this strategy of Jewish alliance for shepherding masses into this tentosphere of the Alternative Right.

Now, the concept of the Alternative Right goes back to a 2008 article, edited by Richard Spencer, written by Paul Gottfried (who is Jewish); and with it he was trying to counteract the headlong destruction of Whites who could be valuable to Jewish interests and what he calls “Western values”, including Judeo-Christian values as he saw them being destroyed by means of a trajectory from Irving Kristol to the Neo-Cons; a trajectory that did not place enough emphasis on stabilizing enough useful idiots among Whites - the means to keep Whites from reacting too much and to be maintained as useful idiots for Jews was called paleoconservatism - it began with Frank Meyer, a Jewish scholar who shaped Reagan’s so called conservatism: Its not really a whole lot more conservative than the neocons because all it does is maintain capitalism (i.e., maintain a liberal economic system), maintain Judeo-Christianity (which for Whites is liberal - moral liberalism, altruism), pay some lip service to the wonderful culture of the west; while allowing for genetic arguments upon which Whites can survive on an “objective” basis; thus the selection for the relative interests and ways in which these useful idiots will be deployed and intermarry will remain with the Jews as the organizing factor among a right wing elitist cadre.

You’re witnessing that in Trump. But we need to say a bit more before we move onto Trump.

Now then, why do Regnery and Spencer take this position as “Alt-Right” against the quote “Left”? Well, you need to begin with why Jewish interests would want to take a position against the quote, “left.”

Jewish interests have had disproportionate power and hegemonic influence through seven key niches:

1) Media 2) Money and Finance 3) Academia 4) Politics 5) Religion 6) Law and Courts 7) Business and Industry.

Naturally, they don’t want organized peons criticizing, dismantling and taking away that power. So what do they do? Well, of course, they look toward the old faithful sell-outs among the White right-wing elitists - offer them deals in turn for compliance, ease their conscience with the objectivist arguments they’ve always coveted as unassailable warrant, “these are just the facts of life”....and “say, by the way, you’ve got money, want to keep it and have even more, don’t you? You can continue to do well for yourselves ..and you hate those ‘lefties’ anyway, complaining that they want some of that too, so lets organize a coalition, a “movement” to be popularized against the left. ...make it real stylish and edgy ...appeal to those disaffected millennials in their internet bubbles, we’ll call it ‘The Alternative Right”.

Of course now, a major left unit, left union so to speak, would be the union of ethno-nation. And the Jewish and right wing objectivist way to disrupt that unionization is to encourage right wing reactionary populism and its corollary reactionary liberalism.

Now then, again, Majorityrights platform is conceived so that a proper ethno-nationalist view is not buried by the Regnery circus (as our GW aptly calls it), not buried, enmeshed in what it has been doing with The Right and the Alternative Right.

They are only doing quasi ethno-nationalsim as it is perverted through objectivism and coalition with Jewish interests: fighting against social accountability, going along with the Jewish prescription of trying to represent White interests through right wing means.

Coming back to Regnery, his characterization and relationship with Spencer then: Regnery’s father was of German extraction, was a part of the “America First” movement which wanted to keep The US out of World War II. He started a publishing company - it is said that they received some funding from the CIA - anyway, it published right wingers like William Buckley who went on to become notorious among White nationalists for banishing from conservatism anyone he considered anti-Semitic - famously, Joe Sobran, who quipped, “it used to be an anti-Semite was someone who didn’t like Jews, now an anti-Semite is someone who Jews don’t like”...he added further that this was an expression of “Semitical correctness.”

Now we’re in the 90’s when Buckley is beginning this purge of quote anti-semites from quote conservatism - Sobran was first, Sam Francis hung on a little longer but got bounced as a mainstream exponent at the end of the decade, Pat Buchanan hung on until recently - but all of these guys were hanging on by the thread of their quote “paleo-conservative” response to the “neocons” ...paleoconservatives were Judeo-Christian friendly, therefore they were sufficiently useful idiots provided they didn’t get too anti-semitic. .. but some of them did start getting the anti Semitic idea a little too much and Paul Gottfried, a Jewish member of this paleocon cadre began to realize that he was losing the alliance of these useful idiots, so he called for a new and improved paleo-conservatism, an Alternatie Right, to supersede the old paleocons - which were really just Jewish controlled opposition themselves, from the start, and Gottfried and his Jewish cohorts wanted to reconstruct them as such - make them seem like they were rebels against the so-called “Left” which threatened Jewish power and influence. So again, he saw fit to make a deal with elite right wing Whites, both the disingenuous and the naive - naive rebels indeed, especially the legions of bible thumping southerners who are quick to jump into wars for Jewish interests; and to be hoodwinked into friend enemy distinctions drawn on Judeo-Christian biblical lines.

So, Spencer, not long after his abortive attempt at a graduate career at Duke (where he was friends at the time with the very Jewish Stephen Miller of the Trump administration), becomes editor at the Jewish owned Taki’s mag - I guess he gets a kosher seal of approval there. While there, he begins to learn some of, many of, the ropes from one of their article writers, Paul Gottfried; and then Spencer moves on to something called Washington Summit Publishing - a Regnery outfit; so he’s moving in channels with both Regnery and Gottfried now, as Regnery also publishes Gottfried’s books. Moving in circles with both of them: Gottfried and Regnery steward Spencer into Regnery’s concept of a right wing big tent (that includes “friendly Jews”) in combination with Gottfried’s idea to re-instantiate paleoconservatism by adding new tents to the paleoconservative tent, a tentosphere, in the overall form of the Atlernative Right. These contacts bring Spencer directly into Regnery’s Charles Martel Society, which includes Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor ... Peter Brimelow. But KM is the most important one to turn deals with Jews as he has most of the anti-semitic cred… from there Spencer branches out, in fact, to form a webzine called Alternative Right, which he eventually abandons for more snobbish pedigree with Radix. And his Regnery connection ultimately puts him at the head of Regnery’s NPI, which neo-con outcast, the paleocon Sam Francis started and headed until his death, and which Spencer took over after Francis’ successor died as well.

While he’s busy with that, Jewish interests swooped-in to popularize the term “Alternative Right” so that they could both promote their own entyism and weaken genuine ethno-nationalism. Some right wingers, a bit disingenuous, a bit naive, believe that they can use the term and its tentosphere and the Alternative Right term takes off - including for Richard Spencer, who has come back to it to form a new website with Regnery called AltRight.

They are acting perfectly into the role of useful idiots for Jewish interests in corralling the White vote back into the Republican party, unaccountable objectivism, back into civic American nationalism (which is drastically different from ethno-nationalism), back into credulity of the two party system, back into an American political system which serves Jewish interests and objectivist (sell out) interests, not ethnonationalist interests. It used to be that White ethno-nationalists would say that The Republicans and Democrats were flip-sides of the same coin, and that was roughly true with regard to their systemic racial concerns; but now, “thanks” to the Alt-Right, many of them have been corralled back into the Republican party and back into reconstructing the system, a Jewish and right-wing allied mixer.

The Regnery circus, or the tentosphere, as I call it, that they promote with the Alt-Right, is characterized by Regnery’s Germanophilism and elitism, which identify with its mirror image of elitist Jews. The President of Regnery Publishing is Marji Ross, who apparently has affinity and ties with Jewish interests (i.e., she is apparently Jewish) - it seems Jews are ok, provided that they are “against the left”, ok with anti PC, some Gemanophilia and some of its foibles - holocaust revisionism and so on. Regnery’s paleoconservativism requires a tolerant attitude toward Naziphiles, the scientistic, Judeo-Christians and others, including Jews, who are sympathetic to those aims as they might build a grand coalition between Jewish tents, Germanophiles and the Russian Federation. Richard Spencer, being an elitist snob, half German and having a child with his now ex-Russian wife, is coming from a useful default perspective to be a ring master of that Regnery circus.

It is a strategy that plays not only to Jewish entryism, allowing them to play the angle of the “good” Jews, to play their angle of encouraging “the right and alternative right”; but, in fact, it also appeals to the entryism of America’s largest White demographics: German and Irish Americans, the grievances from their particular perspectives, the guilt trips that they do not feel they should be burdened with. They are the most prone to go along with reactionary right wingism as they are most burdened/don’t want see any legitimacy in guilt trips; and with that find appealing a simplified way of that unburdening, the idea that the Nazis had it all right and the Allies had it all wrong. Simple. Though it isn’t quite so. The Nazis right wing elitism and scientism was, and is, not really ethno-nationalism but an imperialism prone to headlong reaction, Jewish red-caping, mis-direction and counter.

Coming back to Lance Williams’ inquiry: “I saw the “Richard Thpenther” post on Majorityrights.com, complete with a foto of the 2 of them together, and thought that you could certainly point me in the right direction on some basic factual issues, if you were willing.” 

Regnery and Spencer under an initial umbrella, forming the (((Alt Right)) big tent-o-sphere.

To my understanding Spencer and Regnery plan together and go on vacations together (this one in Estonia, I believe). I have no idea what they do together, anything gay or whatever, and I only make fun of Spencer’s soft way of talking to use it as a critical handle, to chide him, because I see important epistemological blunders in his and Regnery’s platform - more than irritating, it is catastrophic.

They are leading Whites into a circumstance of Jewish defined friend enemy distinctions. Asians, Mestizos, “radical Islam” and “The Left” being the enemy. While radical Muslims are presented as a great enemy, Muslims overall are useful as attack dogs, divide and conquer agents for Jews and right wingers against true left nationalists, including left nationalist Whites and Asians. Muslim compadores serve to work with the right wing to control left nationalisms; and Islam ultimately serves also as a uniter for the naive and disingenuous under the Jewish rubric, those who want the rubric of being against terror, but not other races or Jews; but in fact Islam uses terroristic means of controlling their very liberal tendencies, critically necessary as a stage to awaken left national consciousness and participation to overcome its subression by the Abrahamic and Right wing coalition. The Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity and, at top, Judaism are against their Left Nationalist, i.e., ethnonational organization.

Williams asked me about the “heil gate” event and I informed him that (((Mike Enoch))) was the one who started it and that Spencer was in a way set up and in another way going along with it to build up his anti-Semitic cred for the Alternative Right tentosphere.



Posted by Guessedworker on Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:28 | #


There is a lot of good stuff in this.  The detailed historical critique of activism emanating from the Regnery faction deserves to be heard and weighed by every WN.  It is clear that you are having some success in putting your case over; and given the inevitability of disillusionment with the AltRight over the course of the next couple of years of the Trump presidency, it is good that the blog is positioning itself as it is.

I am not that interested in politics, as you know.  But I am interested in public discourse.  I accept that the process of changing the discourse is gradualist.  In that respect, Trump’s election, whatever its failings in terms of strategic alignment, was a significant break with what went before, which WN can exploit only if it can develop a clear, fit alternative to the AltRight.  At some point, therefore, you will need to switch out of the present critical mode into a propositional mode, which would be an exciting development.

Obviously, I will never consent to the proposition that the left/right thing is a comment on nationalism as such.  Its purview is activism.  It is perfectly acceptable as a communicative strategy or tool, principally for engaging in terms familiar to people of the conventional left.  Against that, it carries a clear risk of alienating people of the conventional right, which casts a doubtful shadow on your stated wish to escape false antagonisms.  We are not at war with our own people who are drawn to either the left or right of liberalism.  As nationalists, though, we are anti-liberal.  In my view we are also anti-egalitarian and pro-freedom - that being the freedom in being.


Since I have not been able to overcome this misplaced jealousy, or naivety, bad advice or whatever causes the intransigence of this contentiousness ...

... is disappointing.


Posted by DanielS on Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:17 | #

Against that, it carries a clear risk of alienating people of the conventional right, which casts a doubtful shadow on your stated wish to escape false antagonisms.  We are not at war with our own people who are drawn to either the left or right of liberalism.  As nationalists, though, we are anti-liberal.  In my view we are also anti-egalitarian and pro-freedom - that being the freedom in being.

As for freedom in being, that certainly requires our systemic support network to allow for it. Pursuit of freedom of itself would be liberal nonsense.

A Left Nationalist platform, properly conceived as it is here, is not against any of ours because they are wealthy, “unequal”, relatively independent and free or even because they hold some right wing ideas, it is against the trajectory of those right wing maps which they might use as they point toward betrayal of our race, our people, and especially if they insist upon placing these maps above the racial union and/or act accordingly and cause other people to act accordingly.

It is a little disappointing that you don’t want to see how this Left Nationalist perspective holds together and why it should not be abandoned; despite those who might be alienated by the term “left”, as it alienated me, originally, as the term has been abused by YKW against Whites. Then I realized why they deployed it against us and why they wanted to discourage us from using it - viz., because of its organizational power - but when I realized that that organizational power could be deployed for ourselves, I overcame that aversion - so will other Whites. There are decades of Jewish controlled media to overcome in the deployment of the term against us, but the Internet will work fast to remedy that in our favor for other ethno-nationalists, just as I finally overcame the initial aversion to the term, an initial aversion which I understand very well.

I would hasten to add, these terms are not found objects, they are for us to seize and define, especially the opening to define a White Left for ourselves. We need not and should not allow what really amounts to superficial aversion to the word in itself and misdirected concept of what lies beneath it to work against us. It works all too well for us to abandon - and I won’t do that.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 17 Feb 2017 01:28 | #

If, by contrast, we go along with right wing trajectories, they are all too easy to become unhinged, as Sunic has in the hair brained “racial advocacy” and depiction of ethno-nationalism that he renders in his recent article at, where else, AltRight, going right along with Richard Spencer’s Regnery Circus, right wing blender - Lisbon to Vladivastok, ethnonationalists be damned:

Until recently, the concept of national identity played for all of us here in Europe an important role. Today, however, we must redefine our national identity. Following the massive influx of migrants who do not share our civilizational patrimony, the need arises to reformulate or reconceptualise the meaning of European identity. What has become of the old meaning “national identity” in today’s Europe, in which over 10 per cent of citizens are of non-European extraction? Presently I feel I have much more in common with the abovementioned “WASP” from North America, a Slav living in the Far East of the Russian Federation, or a native of any of the Baltic States, who may know nothing about the culture of my particular homeland of Croatia, but who, nonetheless, belongs to the same or similar bio-cultural pool and to the same extended geographic area. My particular national consciousness, in light of the current non-European mass migrations, must take on, therefore, a different meaning. Having this in mind it is outdated for the Croats and Serbs, or for the Poles and Germans to wage war with each other or to dwell endlessly on their mutually exclusive historical grievances

I call this hair brained because it is. What lies behind it is the same German imperialism that Sunic always panders-to. No matter how much you tell him that Poles and Germans are NOT fighting, he will say that they are because the Nazis that he talks to and fetishizes are in a minority who can’t let Nazi imperialism be part of history. Because he perhaps wants to see the conflict that he experienced between Serbia and Croatia as representing a currently useful analogy to the situation along all borders: it isn’t and probably would not have become intractable without meddling from the kind of imperialist Slavs that he suddenly feels affinity for, those imposing themselves imperialistically in the Far East of The Russian Federation - well outside of reasonable ethno-national bounds. When Sunic professes to be concerned about “war between Poles and Germans” we must ask, who is outdated in their understanding? We know what Sunic is doing, really, this is a wink to the audience of the Regnery circus, with a wish to return to German imperialism - Sunic has gone so far as to absurdly refer to Poland and the German homeland - whatever, right? None of this “petty nationalism.” (“You Poles, you Czechs, you Belarusians, you Ukrainians, you don’t want those borders, do you? You know those are rightful German lands, don’t you?”). The hope of these right wing imperialists, who claim to have more in common with their imperialist relatives imposing themselves in the Far East of Asia, is to build a grand alliance of some German and Russian elitists to lord over a haplessly undifferentiated mass. They can work that out with Dugin’s philosemitic ‘Eurasianism’, right? A perfect situation, void of ethnonational control, perfectly ripe for the machinations of the international Jew to wreak havoc with us, our relations among ourselves and with our allies.

By contrast, this is the great advantage of The DNA Nation: it does not abandon the common genetic alliance, but neither does it abandon ethnonationalist territorial delimitations as one of the three central components of its mission statement.

That, as opposed to muh unhinged, ungrounded, right wing Cartesian principles.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 17 Feb 2017 06:33 | #

Fascism and palingeneticism, the spirit of race, the life of glory, Nietzschean morality and imperialism ... these are not “right-wing” or “left-wing”.  They are aspects of a progressive nationalist idealism.  Ethnic nationalism and identitarianism are not “right-wing” or “left-wing” either.  They are aspects of a conservative nationalist existentialism.  In between the two we have way-stations such as traditionalism, revolutionary conservativism, and volkishness, none of which are compatible with the “right” and “left” of the liberal Weltanschauung (because, of course, a politics of genetic interests is not compatible with a politics of the unfettered will).

I would say that for the whole of the 20th century the progressive, idealist interpretations held sway among nationalists in continental Europe, and there does seem to be a temperamental tendency towards idealism among southern and south-eastern Europeans and among Eurasians.  So Tom has that excuse.  There was always more of a contest in the English-speaking world and probably in the Nordic and Baltic lands.  But ethnic nationalism is not a naturally assertive animal, so there too idealism tended to make the biggest noise, certainly among educated nationalists.  I think with the death of Jonathan Bowden, though, it has lost its last really intellectually competent proponent in Britain.  I don’t know about elsewhere.  I don’t actually know of any current English-speaking nationalist who was seriously examining ethnic nationalism and identitarianism from a foundational (ie, non-rhetorical) perspective before I started trying to drive the thing along.

The pattern, of course, was laid down by Heidegger when he famously sought a conversation with the NSDAP.  I imagine that he must have challenged the new masters to progress intellectually (that is, in the consideration of cause and principle) beyond their political act of re-formulating a herd of Germans to match their vision of an heroic folk.  To him, that vision would have been fatally inauthentic, and the method crass and brutalistic in the extreme, as if this folk was not already an holistic entity for whom the true process of destining nationally was not got from prescribed behaviours but from their act of being emerging into consciousness and seasoning everything in the only way that was truly German.  What is of being is known in being in kind.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 17 Feb 2017 08:11 | #

GW: Nietzschean morality and imperialism ... these are not “right-wing” or “left-wing”

DanielS: These are right wing as I (correctly) conceive right wing to be (as opposed to left wing). My reason for placing them in that category makes consistent sense, I wish that you would recognize that; it’s too important, even if contrarianism is hard for you to resist.

And, if what you mean by “fascism” is Nazism, that fits there too, as right wing. I don’t use the term fascism, and especially not as a synonym for Nazism, because fascism, like National Socialism, was conceived with some Left National components in mind; though in the case of Nazi Germany, it did not remain left wing, it became imperial and supremacist along with key components of Hitler’s ideology. That is why I call it “Nazism”, to distinguish it as pejorative, and to distinguish it from the confusing term national socialism - confusing because it has a benign, ethnonational sound to it, and some ethno-national components to its platform in fact.

As far as “palingeneticism” and “the life of glory”, those are speculative terms where I prefer to think in terms of rule structures. Whether those palingenetic and life of glory rule structures, as I would call them, are right wing or left wing would depend upon what rules are ascribed in the palingenetic and life of glory map proposed.

GW: Ethnic nationalism and identitarianism are not “right-wing” or “left-wing” either.

DanielS: Ethnic nationalism is not right wing if it is done faithfully to an ethno-nationalist concept.

Identitarianism can be right wing, if one identifies with a right wing ideology. However, in that case, it would be a less stable identity and one which tends to have less chance of peaceful co-existence. 

GW: They are aspects of a conservative nationalist existentialism.

No, there are components of them which can be apects of ethnonationalism, but the ideas which you itemize as “not right wing” - most obviously imperialism, for F sake, are right wing in their framework.

GW: In between the two we have way-stations such as traditionalism, revolutionary conservativism, and volkishness, none of which are compatible with the “right” and “left” of the liberal Weltanschauung (because, of course, a politics of genetic interests is not compatible with a politics of the unfettered will).

DanielS: traditionalism can be an aspect of left or right, depending upon the tradition.“Revolutionary conservatism” would apparently lean heavily toward a left nationalist concern, but it is vague enough a term so that whether it is left or right would depend upon the content and the motives of whomever espousing it.

GW: and volkishness, none of which are compatible with the “right” and “left” of the liberal Weltanschauung (because, of course, a politics of genetic interests is not compatible with a politics of the unfettered will).

DanielS: Left and right are a part of the “liberal Weltanschauung” as you have introjected the Jewish misrepresentation of the terms and the compliant right wing reaction, and refuse to dislodge as you are wedded to the Jewish framework and right wing reaction. Left and right are not a part of “the liberal Weltanshauung” as I correctly conceive of the terms - because, of course, genetic interest can obviously be compatible with politics, but not of the unfettered will - which I NEVER espouse - that is Cartesian - and does not adhere to Left Nationalism correctly conceived (right wingers might try to pursue unfettered will, but they will fail). That kind of pursuit of “purity” in “unfettered will” above social concerns, is of the pursuit of objectivism, which is behind right wing and liberal projects. To say it is behind the right left arrangement as I set it out is a complete straw man to anything that I am assessing as left nationalism.

Furthermore, it is clear that you are going with the oxymoronic definition of “left as liberalism” with that straw man.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 17 Feb 2017 09:39 | #

GW: I would say that for the whole of the 20th century the progressive, idealist interpretations held sway among nationalists in continental Europe, and there does seem to be a temperamental tendency towards idealism among southern and south-eastern Europeans and among Eurasians.  So Tom has that excuse.

DanielS: I guess you are talking about emphasis on non-genetic factors, and I don’t know if I would grant anybody an excuse to take it very far from accountability.

GW: There was always more of a contest in the English-speaking world and probably in the Nordic and Baltic lands.  But ethnic nationalism is not a naturally assertive animal, so there too idealism tended to make the biggest noise, certainly among educated nationalists.  I think with the death of Jonathan Bowden, though, it has lost its last really intellectually competent proponent in Britain.  I don’t know about elsewhere.  I don’t actually know of any current English-speaking nationalist who was seriously examining ethnic nationalism and identitarianism from a foundational (ie, non-rhetorical) perspective before I started trying to drive the thing along.

DanielS: Well, you have regard for yourself and you should, I do too. But it is easy to see from my perspective that what you are trying to do is not quite as unique, nor as perfectly correct in its objective as you think it is. The worst error is not extending your regard broadly enough where you should and consequently sweeping aside ideas - with straw men in their place, because if you addressed them as they are, you’d have to recognize their merit - ideas which are not only solid, but often better and more important than those which you are trying too pursue and attribute uniquely to your project ...though you will come up with very good and useful ideas along your quest, just as Bowery has. The effort won’t go to waste; but it is also key to not let other efforts go to waste.

GW: The pattern, of course, was laid down by Heidegger when he famously sought a conversation with the NSDAP.

DanielS: Well, he would have been attracted to national socialism as true national socialism, as any thoughtful person would.

GWI imagine that he must have challenged the new masters to progress intellectually (that is, in the consideration of cause and principle) beyond their political act of re-formulating a herd of Germans to match their vision of an heroic folk.

DanielS: He would find out sooner or later than in Hitler, he had the problem with the alpha male and his tendency to be an intransigent right winger. That he was placing a principle of nature (which worked for him and his cadre for a time) above the correctives of praxis. The result of not making that correction to left nationalism, was catastrophe.

GWTo him, that vision would have been fatally inauthentic, and the method crass and brutalistic in the extreme, as if this folk was not already an holistic entity for whom the true process of destining nationally was not got from prescribed behaviours but from their act of being emerging into consciousness and seasoning everything in the only way that was truly German.  What is of being is known in being in kind.

DanielS: I do, in fact, have respect and confidence enough in Heidegger to believe that he would have advised and seen these things as emergent of the Germans; and that these things are good and fine. Unfortunately, Hitler ruled the roost and as a man of war, could not get past his Friedrich the Great fetish, his war mongering imperialism, accompanied by any excuse in “nature” that he could find as pseudo-justification, aspects of scientism, master race, master/slave, might makes right, his right wingishness in a word, that in the end, made even his own people “unworthy” of survival or having “proved their worthiness” by dying for an ideal that Hitler held to be more important than them.


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I am trying to get to the bottom of your curious attachment to the left-right axis of liberalism, which you reify to the status of a prism for understanding All.  How does individualism function in nationalism, Daniel?


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 18 Feb 2017 03:23 | #

Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 18 Feb 2017 06:39 | #

I am trying to get to the bottom of your curious attachment to the left-right axis of liberalism, which you reify to the status of a prism for understanding All.  How does individualism function in nationalism, Daniel?

It is you, and I imagine some of your friends on the right/alt right, who have accepted a position of reification. I have overcome deliberately instilled aversion and developed what is not a reification, but rather what are topoi; and it is not curious when you see how effectively they, and specifically this one functions to organize and make sense of our concerns. Nor can it be said to be an attachment to THE left-right axis that you mean, as I have said fifty million times now, a White Left, a union, is the opposite of liberalism! It is about a union of protecting, to conserve, if you will, the EGI of Whites!

Lets put aside this destructive Boweryesque, reductionary bullshit attribution that “All” I say boils down to, “All” I say is understood in terms of this (I deploy many other topoi) ... but because you asked me (again, specifically) about the left/right (as I deploy the terms), I need to focus there once again to try to help you overcome your fixation (though I have no reason to be optimistic about overcoming your autobiography as eternally contentious teenage right winger):

One would need to return to the post (and prior ones if need be) and see how well it functions to organize and understand our concerns. But “one” might just as well bother to re-read this post to start, for a good example.

When we are talking about Left Nationalism, or specifically White Left Nationalism, we are not talking about “the workers” only, they are just one component of the natio, the people of the nation; but we are saying that the nation is a delimited union. A union, having exclusionary in and out groups is opposite of liberalism.

Imperialism is an opposite of nationalism.

Now, if I were shouting and advocating, “workers of the world unite!”... perhaps that would be a kind of quasi left imperialism ..and it would be a vague union, not much good against liberalization indeed; but when I talk in terms of White Left or Left Nationalism, that is not what I am doing.

Since the union, as left nation, is accountable to the interests of the nation’s people in all stages and situations, the individual is more free to develop in accordance with his/her nature unharmed and un-diverted from authentic course and is also free to conduct themselves in a more far reaching and particularly individualistic way being free to take their place in the systemic ecology of the nation more for granted than they otherwise would absent unionization.


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Reveal News, “White nationalist gets his money from cotton fields – and the government”, 17 March 2017:

Topics: Accountability

By Lance Williams / March 17, 2017

Two weeks after last year’s presidential election, white nationalist Richard Spencer held forth on a cable news show about how white people built America.

“White people ultimately don’t need other races in order to succeed,” he told the audience of the black-oriented program, “NewsOne Now.”

The exchange grew heated as host Roland Martin questioned Spencer’s rhetoric: Didn’t slaves help build America? Wasn’t the nation’s 19th-century economic boom propelled by the slave labor that produced the world’s cotton on Southern plantations?

America’s rise was “not through black people” and “has nothing to do with slavery,” Spencer retorted. “White people could have figured out another way to pick cotton,” he said. “We do it now.”

He is in a position to know. Spencer, along with his mother and sister, are absentee landlords of 5,200 acres of cotton and corn fields in an impoverished, largely African American region of Louisiana, according to records examined by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. The farms, controlled by multiple family-owned businesses, are worth millions: A 1,600-acre parcel sold for $4.3 million in 2012.

The Spencer family’s farms also are subsidized heavily by the federal government. From 2008 through 2015, the Spencers received $2 million in U.S. farm subsidy payments, according to federal data.

USDA farm subsidy payments to Spencer family companies, 2008-2015

Farm Payments

Dickenhorst Farms $1,014,558
Spencer Farms $524,655
Dickenhorst Trust $201,460
Sher-Di-Je Land $165,029
Poor Richard Partnership $98,878
A-Renee Partnership $78,016
Total $2,082,596

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by the Environmental Working Group

Although Spencer has attracted extensive media attention as a leader of the so-called alt-right movement – particularly after he drew Nazi salutes at an event celebrating Donald Trump’s election – he never has explained publicly how he supports himself while actively promoting his agenda via conferences and media appearances. The finances of his nonprofit think tank, the National Policy Institute, are a mystery; the organization hasn’t filed a public report since 2013. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the IRS revoked the institute’s tax-exempt status.

Spencer, 38, is a dropout from a Duke University Ph.D. history program who emerged during the Trump campaign as one of the nation’s most visible white separatist agitators. In his writing, speeches and interviews, he has given an intellectualized explanation for how he came to advocate creating a whites-only “ethno state” in North America. While in graduate school, he has said, he was compelled by critiques of multiculturalism and political correctness and by demographic data indicating that whites are en route to minority status in the United States.

But the Spencer family’s business interests and geographic history suggest a different possible lineage for Richard Spencer’s racist politics. The family’s farm holdings are a legacy of its ties to the Jim Crow South, passed down by Spencer’s grandfather, who built the business during the turbulent civil rights era.

Spencer family land holdings in Louisiana
Farming company Parish Acreage
Dickenhorst Farms Tensas 1,888
Dickenhorst Farms East Carroll 967
Sher-Di-Je Land Tensas 1,186
A-Renee Partners Madison 753
Poor Richard Partnership Franklin 400
Spencer, Sherry Madison 90
Total   5,284

Sources: Louisiana Tax Commission parish tax rolls; parish assessment records

Spencer declined in an interview this week to discuss how much money he personally receives from cotton farming and government subsidies and whether that income funds his political activities.

“I’m not involved in any direct day-to-day running of the business,” he said, later adding: “I’m going to navigate the world as it is, and I’m not going to be a pauper.”

One Spencer family farming company, which holds title to 400 acres of land, is called the Poor Richard Partnership.

In the interview, Spencer also downplayed his family’s influence on his political views, saying, “My parents are very mainstream Episcopalian Republicans in Dallas.”

Although Spencer grew up in an affluent neighborhood of Dallas and now splits his time between Montana and Washington, D.C., his family lived in the South for generations. Records show his mother attended segregated schools as a girl in the small northeast Louisiana city of Monroe. Later, Spencer’s mother inherited farms in northeast Louisiana from her late father. Today, her two children are her business partners.

Spencer’s mother did not respond to an email and voicemails seeking comment for this story. In the past, she has said she does not share her son’s views. In an open letter sent to their local newspaper in December, Spencer’s parents, Sherry and Rand, said that while they love their son, “we are not racists. We have never been racists. We do not endorse the idea of white nationalism.”

The region that is home to the Spencers’ farms has a history of slavery and racism. Through the civil rights era, the Klan targeted black residents there with lynchings, cross burnings and other violence. In Tensas Parish, where the Spencers own 3,000 acres of farmland, blacks didn’t win the right to vote until 1964, according to Elvadus Fields Jr., mayor of the town of St. Joseph.

White supremacist views typically run in the family, said writer and race relations expert Cleo Scott Brown. Feelings of racial superiority often are passed “from generation to generation, because that’s what they believe,” said Brown, whose father – a civil rights leader in East Carroll Parish, where the Spencers own 900 acres of farmland – was shot and wounded during a 1962 voter registration drive, allegedly by a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Agribusiness in the region today is heavily mechanized and provides few jobs. In 2013, CNN reported that East Carroll Parish suffers from the worst income inequality in the nation: The richest 5 percent of residents earned an average of $611,000 per year, 90 times what the poorest 20 percent earned. The parish’s population is 67 percent black.

Ownership of Spencer family farming companies

Farming company

Dickenhorst Farms Sherry Spencer, Richard Spencer and sister
Dickenhorst Trust Dickenhorst Farms (Sherry Spencer, Richard Spencer and sister)
Sher-Di-Je Land Dickenhorst Farms (Sherry Spencer, Richard Spencer and sister)
Spencer Farms Sherry Spencer
Poor Richard Partnership Sherry Spencer*
A-Renee Partners Sherry Spencer and daughter

*Records show that Richard Spencer has received subsidy income from the partnership but don’t identify him as an owner.

Sources: U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by the Environmental Working Group; Louisiana secretary of state filings

Race relations have improved significantly in recent decades. But after Trump’s election, some white residents celebrated by draping their pickup trucks with Confederate flags and driving through the region’s towns, according to the Rev. Roosevelt Grant, head of the NAACP branch in Winnsboro, Franklin Parish, near another of the Spencers’ farms.

The Trump presidency, he said, “has caused people to pray more.”

Spencer’s maternal grandfather, Dr. R.W. Dickenhorst, established the family farming business. He was a radiologist who started a medical practice in Monroe in 1952 and became wealthy and socially prominent, according to local newspaper obituaries.

Racial segregation was a given in Monroe then. Blacks were barred from housing, schools and public facilities used by whites. White superiority “was the way of life; that was the way it was, and anyone challenging it was challenging God’s will,” said the Rev. Roosevelt Wright Jr., a local historian in Monroe.

Dickenhorst’s daughter, Sherry, who would grow up to be Richard Spencer’s mother, enrolled in all-white Neville High School in 1962, according to district records. In 1964, at the start of her junior year, integration of the school began, with a single African American student enrolling.

As Dickenhorst’s medical practice prospered, he bought farmland in northeast Louisiana on the Mississippi River’s west bank. He died decades later, in 2002, and his wife died the following year. By then, their only daughter was the wife of a wealthy Dallas eye surgeon and the mother of two grown children: Richard Spencer and his sister, who did not respond to an email and phone calls seeking comment.

Today, through Dickenhorst Farms and several related companies, Sherry Spencer, 68, and her two children jointly own most of the family farmland, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group. Sherry Spencer is general partner of Dickenhorst Farms, and Richard Spencer and his sister are part owners, according to state and federal records. The family contracts out crop production to local farmers, a common practice in a region where corporations and absentee owners control much of the land.

The Spencer family’s farms are headquartered at a $3 million home in the ski town of Whitefish, Montana, where Sherry Spencer now lives. Also headquartered there: Richard Spencer’s think tank, his AltRight.com website and other white nationalist-related enterprises he controls, including a book publisher and web design outfit. Spencer also has lived in Whitefish in recent years ­– sometimes in his mother’s home, sometimes in a condominium she owns, according to documents and interviews.

The Spencers have received payments from two federal farm programs. One is the commodity subsidy program, intended to guarantee income for farmers who are helping to maintain supplies of certain crops deemed important by the government. The other is the conservation reserve program, which pays farmers for environmentally sound farming practices. Most of the $2 million paid to the Spencers has been in commodity subsidy payments for growing cotton.

Yet, Spencer has been bitterly critical of America and its government.

“This is a sick, disgusting society,” he declared in his speech at an alt-right gathering in Washington after the election, “run by the corrupt, defended by hysterics, drunk on self-hatred and degeneracy.”

Posted by DanielS.

Note, I have no necessary qualms with Spencer’s wealth (though ultimately, something like Bowery’s/ William Jennings Bryan’s progressive land taxation based on site value might be in order) nor do I have anything against his family’s alleged history of wanting to live separately from blacks.


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        Phil Bronstein, Executive Chair or Revealnews, is the same man who was once married to actress Sharon Stone.

DM, “Sharon Stone loses custody of eight-year-old son as judge rules ex-husband can provide a more ‘stable’ environment.” 24 Sept 2008:

Sharon Stone has lost custody of her eight-year-old son to her ex-husband Phil Bronstein after a judge ruled he can provide a more ‘stable’ environment for the child.

A court order stipulates that the actress no longer has physical custody of Roan Joseph, despite her pleas to change the arrangement.

According to court documents from a September 12 custody hearing newspaper editor Bronstein ‘shall have permanent sole physical custody of child’ unless Stone moves closer to Bronstein in San Francisco, where Roan goes to school.

Minutes from the court hearing, obtained by U.S. TV show Entertainment Tonight, read: ‘The court does not find that (a) move away is in child’s best interest.

‘Court finds that (Bronstein) can provide a more structured continuity, stable, secure, and consistent home that child, Roan, needs. (Bronstein) shall have permanent sole physical custody of child.

‘Court finds that Respondent (Sharon Stone) failed to meet her burden of proof and denies Respondent’s (Sharon Stone’s) request for modification of custody. The judge also notes this order is permanent unless there is a change of circumstances.’

Stone will be given visitation rights and her phone number should be programmed into Roan’s mobile and home phones.

Despite the court documents, Stone’s lawyer Marty Singer insists the actress still has joint physical custody of Roan.

Lost custody: Stone pictured with Roan, then aged two

Singer said: ‘The court order of 2007 provided that Roan was to go to school in San Francisco. Sharon went to court to try and modify the existing order.

‘She wanted the court to modify the order so her child could go to school in Los Angeles. But the court felt that, for whatever reason, that she did not meet a burden to move him out of San Francisco during the school year.

‘She thought it was best at this young age that she had these two younger children to have her older son be with them and the court didn’t want to modify the order. She loves her son and felt it would be better to have her child in Los Angeles.

Lost custody: Stone pictured with Roan, then aged two

Singer said: ‘The court order of 2007 provided that Roan was to go to school in San Francisco. Sharon went to court to try and modify the existing order.

‘She wanted the court to modify the order so her child could go to school in Los Angeles. But the court felt that, for whatever reason, that she did not meet a burden to move him out of San Francisco during the school year.

‘She thought it was best at this young age that she had these two younger children to have her older son be with them and the court didn’t want to modify the order. She loves her son and felt it would be better to have her child in Los Angeles.

Devastating loss: Sharon Stone pictured at the 2002 Oscars with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein, who has been awarded full custody of their son

Previous court documents from October last year stated that the former couple had ‘joint legal and physical custody’.

Stone, 50, and Bronstein, 57, divorced in early 2004 after six years of marriage.


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The right (“alternative” and otherwise) is a trajectory narrowing of group interests, with an “objectivist” and supremacist stance ever narrowing of group interests - to where only one’s nation is important and supreme, then only one’s cronies and clique, then only one’s family, then only one’s self and finally, theoretically, to where only “pure, objective truth” matters.

Taken to its extreme it is a fiction, of course, but it is a destructive course which ruptures accountability along the way.

Toward that end they will oppose group unionization, and its criteria for accountability, as it would otherwise hold them accountable, including accountable to the ethnonation, which is the most fundamental union; then they will prohibit subsidiary unions, continually and disingenuously promoting the rupture of their borders as “unnatural.”

Whereas the left, the White Left, is the opposite of sheer liberalism, it is a unionization of broader social groups, most fundamentally, the ethno-nation. Always a matter of group delimitation and full representation, it is the opposite of sheer liberalism - though its delimitations are the only viable means for reasonable individual liberty and group sovereignty.


Posted by Unite the Right on Tue, 08 Aug 2017 01:40 | #


Posted by Unite the shobbos goy Right on Thu, 10 Aug 2017 03:13 | #

Note that the (((paleocon)))-(((Alt-Right))) agenda considers marshaling the support of White Southerners to be crucial.

We’ve done enough expose on Mike Enoch, e.g., here and here, so that people should know better, but Sinead makes a good case against Pax Dickinson‘s non-kosher credentials, while lampooning “Baked Alaska.”


Posted by Who is "Baked Alaska?" on Thu, 10 Aug 2017 03:43 | #

More on “Baked Alaska”


Business Insider, “Who is ‘Baked Alaska?”, 30 April 2017:

The untold story of Baked Alaska, a rapper turned BuzzFeed personality turned alt-right troll.

Tim “Treadstone” Gionet was not always a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The 29-year-old internet troll, most widely known as Baked Alaska, seemed to be an unlikely person to wade into the real-estate mogul’s camp at the start of the 2016 election season.

Back then, Gionet identified as a carefree, easygoing libertarian. He supported Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s bid for the White House, firmly opposed the war on drugs, and championed the cause of Black Lives Matter, actively participating in the movement’s street demonstrations.

And he worked at BuzzFeed, hardly an incubator for Trump supporters. But Gionet was the exception. As he put it, “BuzzFeed turned me into a monster.” Specifically, a monster who opposed what he saw as political correctness gone amok. He found refuge with those who voraciously supported the freewheeling, brash antics of Trump.

“I’ll never forget this story,” Gionet said, recalling to Business Insider the “aha moment” that drove him toward Trump. “I was talking about the new Justin Bieber album. And I was like, ‘Dude, that new Justin Bieber album is dope. I have to admit, I love Justin Bieber. He is totally my spirit animal.’ And someone came up to me and was like, ‘Hey bro, you can’t say spirit animal, that’s culturally appropriating Native American culture and that’s not cool.’”

“I was like, ‘What? What the f—- are you talking about?’ I had heard … about the dangers of political correctness, but I thought this was just exaggerated,” Gionet said. “I thought there was no way people in real life could be like this.”

Gionet said the incident, and others like it, sent him down a path that ultimately led to his resignation from BuzzFeed and eventual transformation into one of the internet’s most notorious alt-right trolls.

“The thing that really attracted me to Trump was his stance against political correctness,” he said.

Gionet is something of a Forrest Gump of politics. He surfaced in a number of places in the far-right universe during the 2016 presidential election. Upon leaving BuzzFeed, Gionet went on the road as manager for right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’s college tour. He spent Christmas with blogger Chuck Johnson. And he finished the campaign working with “new right” personality Mike Cernovich.

During this time, his influence in the far-right internet community grew. In addition to forging connections with the right’s top internet celebrities, Gionet saw accelerated growth on his own Twitter account. He gained thousands of followers, arriving at the approximately 160,000 figure of people who follow him today on the social media platform. Gionet also became one of the de-facto leaders of the alt-right meme army, using images of characters like Pepe the Frog to bait those in opposition to Trump.

And yet, despite the person he projected on the outside, some of those closest to Gionet had reservations about how much he really bought into the politics he now hawks. Many were surprised at how far right he has veered. His politics strained personal and professional relationships.

In conversations with friends, family, and former co-workers, an image of a kind but often lonely social-media genius emerged. One who had reinvented himself several times in his life in a desperate quest to fill the void of loneliness with fame and attention — irrespective of the cost.

“I’ve seen him happy, I’ve seen him sad, I’ve seen him doing well, I’ve seen him doing bad, but his whole thing is he wants people to like him. So he wants to be famous,” said Joe Hood, a former friend and colleague who worked at BuzzFeed Video with Gionet. “To me, his conflict now is that it was easier to get famous without people liking him. And now he’s famous, but no one likes him.”

‘I need a name. I need an industry name to be known by’

Gionet was born in Anchorage, Alaska, to a family of of eight children, five of whom were adopted from Russia. His father, Paul, is a pharmacist. Susanne, his mother, is a nurse. They are devout Christians and raised their children as such.

The family also operates a non-profit organization, Russian Encouragement Ministries, which aims to spread the gospel and provide medical supplies to orphanages in eastern Russia — a cause his father said Gionet actively participated in during his youth.

“Tim has come to Russia with us probably 15 times,” Paul said, adding Gionet even speaks “a little bit” of Russian. “As a kid, teenager, and young adult.”

Upon graduating high school in 2006, Gionet left Alaska for Los Angeles to attend Azusa Pacific University and study film and marketing. During his time there, he said he scored a position at Warner Bros. Records, where he was spotted by Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour. He offered him a job.

“He was a nice guy. And I said, why don’t you come work for me for a bit?” Lyman said. “He wasn’t ‘Baked Alaska’ at that point.”

In fact, it was Lyman who helped give Gionet his now-infamous moniker.

“He’s like, ‘You’re in the entertainment business. You need to have a name. All anyone cared about is you’re from Alaska. Your name is ‘Alaska,’’” Gionet said. “I was like, “OK?’ He was like, ‘Trust me, you’re from Alaska, that’s all anyone is going to want to ask you about. That’s your name.’ He’s like, ‘You need a name. No one cares about Tim. They care about Alaska!’”

“I was like, ‘Damnit, this guy is a genius! This guy is right. I need a name, I need an industry name to be known by,” he continued. “So my name was ‘Alaska.’ After a while I realized just being called Alaska worked, but I needed to differentiate myself. I needed to be more unique than Alaska. That’s like someone being named ‘Texas’ or ‘Kentucky.’ You have to brand yourself a little more. So I came up with ‘Baked Alaska,’ because at the time I was a stoner. So I was like the baked kid from Alaska. And it’s also a double meaning because it’s a dessert.”

Lyman said Gionet started as an intern but “worked his way into a paid position” doing social media and marketing with the Warped Tour. Eventually, however, Gionet left. He said he briefly worked in 2011 for Capitol Records before deciding to pursue a career of his own in music.

Gionet developed a rap persona which he described as a “wild, redneck, kick-ass” character designed to take the “web by storm.” He filmed music videos for songs like “Alaska Vacation” and “I Climb Mountains,” which featured him wearing outlandish clothing items while rapping alongside scantily clad women.

“He literally … turned up as this artist, ‘Baked Alaska.’ I couldn’t believe it,” Lyman said. “I didn’t think he had aspirations of becoming an artist when he worked with me. He never mentioned it.”

The music videos, despite their rich production quality, failed to achieve viral success. Nevertheless, word did get back to Gionet’s deeply religious father, who expressed strong disapproval at the content of the music.

“I have seen some of his stuff in the past,” Paul said. “Of course, that makes us but heads because I don’t approve of the language. He knows I’m at odds with his language.”

Gionet was also not happy with his life as a rapper. He said he became involved in the Los Angeles party scene and struggled with drugs and alcohol, eventually seeking professional help to get sober. He was also “discouraged with how things were going” with his career and decided to search for other opportunities in the Los Angeles area.

That’s when he came across a job opening at BuzzFeed.

“BuzzFeed Motion Pictures needed a social media strategist,” he said, “and I happened to be the perfect fit for them.”

He got a call about six months later.

‘A new chapter’

Gionet had hit a low point in his life. He made the decision to leave Los Angeles for Alaska. Bags packed and on his way to the airport, his phone rang.

“I literally had my suitcase packed up, wheeling it down the stairs,” he explained. “I called the Uber, I was going to move back to Alaska, and I had my suitcase bringing it into my Uber. And as I am putting my suitcase into the Uber car, I get a call, and I’m like, ‘What?’ And the call was from BuzzFeed.”

Gionet said it came as a “complete surprise.” He “didn’t even remember” applying for the job.

“And I was like, ‘If you guys are really serious, I’ll cancel my ticket and go interview with you. But if you guys aren’t that interested, I don’t want to waste my time,’” he said. “And they were like, ‘No, no. We’re really interested. You really fit what we are looking for. And we promise you it won’t be a waste of your time.’ So I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ So I canceled my plane ticket, went in and interviewed. They loved me and I got the job right away. And this opened up a new chapter in my life.”

Initially, Gionet said he loved working for the digital outlet. As a social-media strategist, he was responsible for growing BuzzFeed Video’s social-media accounts, including Tasty, its food-video staple that had just launched. Colleagues who worked with him said he was brilliant at his job.

“He did amazing things. He made the Tasty Instagram and Tasty Twitter. And it became like the top 10 accounts in six months,” Hood said. “Some of that is BuzzFeed’s brand but he is really f—-ing good at social media. Like, it’s insane.”

Working at BuzzFeed Video, Gionet also appeared in the outlet’s web videos. With his mullet and distinct clothing style, he became a regular personality. He starred in BuzzFeed’s “If You’re Life Was ‘Making a Murderer’” video, in addition to taking roles in more traditional productions like “Guys Swap Phones For A Day.”

But as politics moved from the backdrop to the forefront of media during election season, Gionet said he became frustrated with the direction of the outlet.

“When I started BuzzFeed, I was making videos about cats and beer pong, OK? By the end of it, it was about feminism and white privilege,” he said. “I don’t know when the shift happened, but something happened in the culture where they were pushing these anti-white, anti-male agendas.”

Gionet also morphed into a vocal Trump supporter and started to wear his “Make America Great Again” hat around the office. (He even later had Trump’s face tattooed to his arm.)

“Let’s just say I got a lot of dirty looks and a lot of people stopped invited me to the meetings. I’m not f—-ing joking,” he said. “It was really weird once I came out public as a Trump supporter at BuzzFeed. It was like I was a heretic, I was like the guy no one wanted to talk to. All their opinions about me had completely reversed and it was difficult.”

Former colleagues seemed to corroborate his claims, telling stories of Gionet, who they described as having social anxiety, being the subject of jokes around the office.

“Definitely he was bullied in his department. It was all girls — so like they would laugh at him and stuff like that,” Hood said. “You don’t wear a MAGA hat to an office where like 30% of the people are gay. It wasn’t the right thing to do and he was doing it to instigate something.”

Will Neff, who worked with Gionet at BuzzFeed, also said “a few of the girls in the office started joking that he looked like a pedophile.” Neff said the pushback Gionet received for his views seemed to push him further to the right.

“I think working at BuzzFeed made him eventually more Republican,” he said.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for BuzzFeed disputed Gionet’s claims of political discrimination, saying that “any suggestion that this former employee was treated unfairly for his political beliefs is completely false.”

‘I got to meet Donald Trump’

Amid mounting tension with colleagues, Gionet left BuzzFeed for a job managing Yiannopoulos’s college tour in 2016. He traveled the country with the right-wing provocateur, keeping his schedule and planning the logistics for various events.

“It was a great experience,” Gionet said. “I got to tour around and go to all the different college stops and put together the tour budget and the press stuff.”

As an assistant to Yiannopoulos, Gionet also traveled to the Republican National Convention, receiving special access, through the right-wing outlet Breitbart, to various functions in Cleveland.

“I got to meet Donald Trump,” Gionet said. “He’s a great guy. Got to shake his hand and talk to him.”

When Trump met him, he signed the tattoo of his face that Gionet had inked to his arm.

“He was like, ‘Wow, that’s great!’ And he thought it was great,” Gionet said. “He looked a little surprised. It’s probably a little funny to see your face on someone else’s body.”

Gionet and Yiannopoulos ultimately went their separate ways. A person familiar with the matter said Yiannopoulos fired him for an undisclosed reason.

It was suspected Gionet had become a liability for Yiannopoulos, as he had begun drifting further and further to the right. His former colleagues took notice of Gionet’s increasingly extreme views.

“If you are going far-right of Milo, then you are in a very extreme, extreme demographic,” said Neff, who also worked at the libertarian Reason magazine and is familiar with the political landscape on the right. “There aren’t many people that are right of Milo. And there certainly aren’t many people that are so far right of Milo, that Milo felt the need to coach them back.”

Others doubted how sincere he was in his views.

“He never was political,” Lyman said, speaking of his relationship with Gionet. “That’s something he’s invented for attention more than anything.”

“I don’t think Tim believes in anything,” said another former employer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity over fear of reprisals. “I think Tim just wants someone to love him.”

Briefly on his own after parting with Yiannopoulos, Gionet remained active in the Trump movement. He drew on his musical background to write songs and produce music videos aimed at exciting Trump supporters. His most successful was a song called “MAGA Anthem.” It featured Gionet rapping lyrics like, “Build the wall, it just got 10 feet higher, build and build and build, just build the wall” and, “I just want to make America great, I just want to have a Trump steak on my plate.”

Gionet’s profile continued to rise, and he forged relationships with many others on the right. One was Cernovich, who was quickly growing his own brand as a right-wing provocateur on Twitter.

“He was on Twitter,” Cernovich said, explaining how he first encountered Gionet. “He had been working with Milo and after he had been finished working with him, I thought it would be cool to have him do some of the same kind of event organizing while he was working with Milo.”

Cernovich hired him for an undisclosed amount of money and the two worked on a project called MAGA3X until Election Day. The idea was based off of Grant Cardone’s book, “The 10X Rule” — a self-help book aimed at teaching readers how to 10X their life. In the case of MAGA3X, the idea was to have each Trump supporter take three fellow Trump voters to the polls on Election Day.

And after Trump’s surprise electoral victory in November, Gionet traveled to central California to spend Christmas with notorious right-wing blogger Chuck Johnson.

“We are friends,” Johnson said. “He came up to visit me for Christmas. I knew he wasn’t going home for Christmas, back to Alaska, so he hung out with me for a few days.”

“He stayed at my place for a few days. We played Monopoly a bunch,” Johnson added. “I’m big into board games.”

Gionet also led other social-media campaigns. Perhaps his most famous was getting #TrumpCup to trend on Twitter and become the subject of national headlines. The idea behind the hashtag was for patrons of Starbucks to tell the baristas that their name was Trump so that the employees would write it on the cups. The campaign was prompted by a customer who said a Starbucks employee refused to write “Trump” on his cup.

Trump signs Gionet’s tattooed arm after a rally in San Diego in May 2016.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

‘I’m alt-right. I’ve always been alt-right’

The alt-right descended into civil war following Trump’s surprise victory — and Cernovich and Gionet were at the center of it.

In celebration of Trump winning the presidency, Cernovich organized the “Deploraball,” a party aimed at celebrating the new breed of Republicans who had helped usher the billionaire into the Oval Office.

The party, which took place the night before Inauguration Day, was initially set to feature several luminaries of the alt-right. But Cernovich said he wanted to ensure that the Deploraball remained free of the racist elements for which the alt-right had become known. Moreover, he wanted to use the night to launch what he has dubbed the “new right,” a collection of nationalist, populist Trump supporters who reject calls for a white ethno-state.

Meanwhile, Gionet continued to radicalize. He openly questioned the role of Jewish people in society and media — comments that were widely criticized as anti-Semitic and that he now says he regrets making.

Cernovich tried to tame Gionet, but it was to no avail. Eventually, Cernovich chose to take action. In late December, Gionet and white nationalist Richard Spencer were disinvited from the event.

The move to exclude him from the Deploraball infuriated Gionet. He recorded a Periscope video, lashing out at Cernovich.

“Mike got upset that I was tweeting some things about Jewish people,” he said. “I don’t hate Jews, but there are some things that I like to talk about. I’m alt-right. I’ve always been alt-right. I’ve never said I’m not alt-right, unlike Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo, and these other cucks. I’ve always been alt-right.”

Gionet stressed he regretted the comments he made about the Jewish community, saying he was “heated and misspoke.”

“It didn’t come out how it was supposed to come out,” he said. “I have nothing but respect and love for people of all faiths, including people of the Jewish faith. And I would never want them to think that I think otherwise. And it does break my heart. It’s not my belief at all. I have no problem with Jewish people.”

Months later, Gionet says he has mended his relationship with Cernovich and matured as a person.

“I took things too far,” he said. “I wasn’t very mature and I wasn’t thinking about the consequences and so I realized that.”

“I’ve been working on the last few months on humbling myself and restoring relationships,” Gionet added.

Neff said he was not sure what to make of the apology.

“Is it genuine? I don’t know,” he said. “I haven’t really spoken to the kid in forever. I know there are some good things in him. I know that that he’s not just a f—-ing asshole in a vacuum. There are some good things about this kid.”

Most surprisingly, however, Gionet said he no longer associated with the alt-right.

“Here’s the thing,” he said. “The definition has changed so much. I don’t know if that describes me anymore.”

“Everyone seems to have a different definition of it,” Gionet continued. “To me, it means alternative-right. It means right-leaning, different from neo-conservatism, and there’s trolling and all that. But some of these other people say alt-right means you are a Nazi or a white supremacist or white nationalist. And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not down with that. I’m not a white nationalist.’ So I don’t know. When people are asking me now, I just say I don’t like any labels. I am not going to subscribe to any labels.”

Baked AlaskaBaked Alaska

‘It didn’t fulfill the void in my soul like I thought it would’

Gionet’s rise in the right-wing universe has certainly brought him a level of fame and celebrity that he lacked before. But it doesn’t seem to have fulfilled him as a person.

“When I was a kid all I dreamed about was being famous,” he wrote in an email earlier this year, “but once it happened I realized it didn’t fulfill the void in my soul like I thought it would.”

Since the election, Gionet has looked to start making other people famous. He launched the 907 Agency, a public-relations firm that specializes in helping clients increase their presence on the internet. His partner, David Bullock — who, coincidentally, goes by the name “Alaska” — said he works with Gionet about three days a week.

“I saw him setting trends on Twitter and he saw me on Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour,” Bullock said in an email. “We were both making waves in different industries so we decided we would be able to greater maximize results if we pooled our resources.”

Gionet said he couldn’t yet disclose clients of the agency, saying only that it included musicians and actors.

Moving forward, Gionet said he does not see himself “as some sort of intellectual” in politics, but more as an entertainer.

But he has continued to remain active in the political scene. Most recently, Gionet has been making trips to the University of California, Berkeley, to support the rights of conservatives to speak on campus.

The right-wing personality has also started working on a book titled, “Meme Magic Secrets Revealed.”

“I’ve been a big part of putting together meme armies that helped win an election, a presidential election,” he said. “So many people asked me about it. … So I decided to write a book about it. This is in essence like the magicians revealing their secrets. It’s me a meme magician, telling people my story.”

Gionet’s book is set to be released on July 7, 2017 — or 7/7/17.

For Gionet, that’s no accident.

“Seven is God’s number and I’m a Christian,” he explained. “Seven is the number of completion in the Bible.”


Posted by and Pax Dickinson? on Thu, 10 Aug 2017 04:16 | #

Pax Dickenson was recently interviewed by Tara McCarthy, discussing his new (((crowd funding platform))) backed by (((Mencius Moldbug of Neo-Reactionary))) notoriety.

Here is Pax back in 2013, working alongside Elissa Shevinsky, apparently another bracket…..

Venture Beat

“Infamous brogrammer Pax Dickinson changes his tune, apologizes, agrees to work for ‘Ladyboss”, 11 Dec 2013:

Elissa Shevinsky is returning to Glimpse Labs as chief executive. The surprise: Controversially outspoken co-founder Pax Dickinson will be staying on as her chief technology officer.

Dickinson became infamous earlier this year after Valleywag published a long string of tweets that were unbecoming the CTO of a major business publication (Business Insider). Business Insider then fired him.

Meanwhile, this caused trouble for Dickinson’s other startup, Glimpse Labs, where he was CTO and co-founder. Glimpse is a sort of “Snapchat for adults,” an app that encrypts all the messages sent between users, giving each user his or her own encryption key. Its aim is to be a completely secure way to send messages, without fear they’re being saved on some server or subjected to government snooping.

Glimpse co-founder Elissa Shevinsky — a woman with serious tech credentials — said she wasn’t going to put up with sexism in tech anymore. So with one of his tweets joking about rape, and another stating, “feminism in tech remains the champion topic for my block list. my finger is getting tired,” it no longer seemed feasible for her to work with Pax, and Shevinsky resigned from Glimpse.

Not only was it not feasible, but it just wasn’t right, Shevinsky said.

‘This is not a free pass’

But she was a co-founder. Glimpse was her idea, her baby. She had built the team. And Dickinson could code like no one’s business, Shevinsky said, and believed in the mission behind Glimpse.

So today, after two months outside the startup she co-founded, Shevinsky is returning to Glimpse Labs at CEO – and she is keeping Dickinson on as CTO.

“This is not a free pass,” Shevinsky said of her decision to forgive Dickinson. “This is not to say this is something that can happen in a repeated way. This is not to say that if you’re a great technologist, you can get away with bad things.”

Rather, she said, “People should have the opportunity to grow and change and we should give them space to become the people we hope they will be.”

And the person Pax Dickinson can be, Shevinsky believes, is the man to build Glimpse.

“I really trust that he’s going to be really different online,” she said, “and that’s probably the most important thing I needed to see.”

Other women who have worked with Dickinson also support him. He’s “definitely not a brogrammer,” said Julie Sommerville, a software architect at Business Insider.

An apology from Pax is going up on the Glimpse website today. Here’s an excerpt:

  With the help of some awesome friends and a lot of personal reflection, I’ve decided to explain and apologize publicly for some of my words. The N-word isn’t appropriate even in a joke or quote, and neither should I have joked about rape. Things I think are funny and that the people who know me understand I don’t mean maliciously are still upsetting to others. They don’t belong on a company executive’s feed. I wasn’t an executive when many of the most egregious tweets were written but that doesn’t excuse it. It was a lapse in judgment and I’m entirely responsible for that. I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to anyone I offended.

“Pax and I actually have a very strong working relationship,” Shevinsky said. “He respects me very much and he really wanted us to do this together. The last two months were really a negotiation about what the company would look like moving forward.”

That led to today’s announcement that Shevinsky is returning as CEO, and as Dickinson’s “ladyboss,” a term both of them embrace.

“’Ladyboss’ is about the idea that it’s OK — and even fantastic — to be a woman in charge,” Shevinsky explained. “It’s the unfortunate truth that some men can be uncomfortable having a woman be their boss, be their CEO, be their director, and that’s certainly been a difficulty for me.”

As for Dickinson’s return, “People deserve a second chance,” said J. Kelly Hoey, the co-founder and managing director of Women Innovate Mobile, an accelerator that is a supporting partner of Glimpse. (Disclosure: I’m a mentor for WIM.) “And sometimes, it’s not until you put your shoe in the dog shit and your foot in your mouth, that you realize what you’ve done.”
Crypto for all

Public drama aside, Glimpse is trying to address a need that’s increasingly relevant to many people: Finding a secure way to communicate. To that end, Glimpse has a cryptography advisory board that includes some of the folks behind encryption pioneer PGP, including Brett Thomas, Gene Hoffman and Bob Cohn. Some are now working on Silent Circle, another company that aims to provide completely secure telecommunications. Wickr provides a similar service.

Glimpse aims to provide private friend-to-friend communications, Shevinsky said, but will cooperate with government investigations in certain cases.

“If you are crossing a certain line, we are going to be fairly transparent that we’re going to be cooperative with the government,” she said. In a case where the government is investigating a drug or child pornography ring and presents Glimpse with a warrant, for example, the company would cooperate.

Even then, Glimpse will only be able to hand over some metadata — that the person is a member, for instance – along with the encrypted versions of their messages. But because it uses end-to-end encyrption, Glimpse won’t have the user’s personal encryption key and won’t be able to un-encrypt the messages for the feds.

The company’s primary social mission is that of digital rights and freedom of expression, Shevinsky and Dickinson said.

The app will be free, but there will be premium content and extra services users can buy, along with products such as Ladyboss T-shirts.

“You eventually need to monetize, so why not be transparent at the start about how you have to?” Shevinsky said.

Glimpse will be open for business soon, and you can pre-register at weneedglimpse.com.


Posted by Elissa Beth Shevinsky? on Thu, 10 Aug 2017 05:17 | #

Elissa Shevinsky
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By BlackSiltRunn3r - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Born Elissa Beth Shevinsky
New York City, U.S.
Alma mater Williams College, CUNY Baruch College School of Business,
Occupation Author, Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity expert
Years active 1999–present

Elissa Shevinsky is an American technology executive, entrepreneur,[1] cybersecurity expert,[2]public speaker,[3] and author.[4]


  1 Career
  2 Bibliography
  3 Film
  4 Gamergate
  5 References


In 2010 Shevinsky fought the New York Times, as co-owner of Neighborhoodies, over the use of the “New York Herald Tribune” logo on tee shirts. Shevinsky argued that the trademark had been abandoned.[5][6][7] In 2012, she founded MakeOut Labs, a startup known for casual Jewish online dating in NYC.[8]

Shevinsky co-founded Glimpse, an encrypted photo and video sharing app,[9] with Pax Dickinson in 2013.[10] After Glimpse, Shevinsky was funded by MACH37 for Jekudo Privacy Company.[11] In 2016, Shevinsky joined Brave as Head of Product.[12]

Shevinsky has spoken and written on enterprise security policy.[13][14] She spoke on the potential for social media to influence election outcomes at HOPE XI.[15] Shevinsky is the founder and organizer of SecretCon [16]


Posted by Poland is correct to denounce Richard Spencer on Sun, 29 Oct 2017 07:23 | #

Poland is correct to denounce Richard Spencer in his neo-Molotov-Ribbentrop larp.

While the Polish government is not perfectly articulate of its reasons to denounce Richard Spencer for his advocacy of a counter productive world view, they are not far off the mark and not wrong to reject him either.

Typical of American right wingers, Spencer is nursing a neo-Germanophilic world view, overly sympathetic to the German imperialism of the world wars (and antagonistic to Great Britain’s ‘interference’), with a new twist that would larp and valence a re-empowered German / Russian axis -  i.e., a newly got up Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement for an “imperium”, i.e., imperialism that would run rough shod over the interests of many necessary allies - Hungary rejected him for the same reason Poland rejects him for the same reason Britain rejected him for the same reason Japan would reject him (for the same reason all of Asia would reject him for the same reason Zionism embraces him, for the quid pro quo reasoning that comprador wielding right wing enterprises embrace him) etc. - while his larped empire would be governed by whom? Apparently he would depend heavily on working with Jewish interests to facilitate (maneuver) his Russo-Germanic grand civic Euro larp, in Duginesque delusion of grandeur - a delusion coddled by ((())).

News Week, “Richard Spencer Is Too Racist for Poland’s Right-Wing Government”, 27 Oct 2017:

Poland’s right-wing government doesn’t want white supremacist Richard Spencer to visit the Eastern European country, calling him a “threat” to democracy.

Spencer was scheduled to speak at a conference organized by Poland’s far right to celebrate Polish Independence Day on November 11, but the country’s Foreign Ministry condemned the alt-right leader, whose condemnation of diversity has found support among neo-Nazis, whose ideological predecessors invaded Poland and killed millions during World War II.

“As a country which was one of the biggest victims of Nazism, we believe that the ideas promoted by Mr. Spencer and his followers could pose a threat to all those who hold dear the values of human rights and democracy,” the Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding that Spencer’s views are in conflict with Poland’s legal order.

Poland is not beyond criticism in its brand and particular expressions of nationalism, but Richard Spencer is highly dubious in his imperial larp; and the Poles are correct to denounce Spencer and like apologists for the imperialist aspirations of Nazi Germany and the casualties it left in the wake of its aspired imperialism, relevantly in this case, the Poland that came back not as “a gift of Woodrow Wilson”, but through the endurance and perseverance of Polish nationalism through 123 years in exile during the tri-partition and then again for 50 years through exile during the Nazi and Soviet regimes.

              - DanielS


Posted by (((Problem, reaction & the Alt-Right Solution))) on Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:38 | #

Article currently running at Alternative Right and Alt-Right:

Only the Alt-Right Can Save the Jews

That situation, to be precise, is a situation of conquest, either in its own name or as part of a greater entity, namely the global West—or it is nothing. With that as the foundational premise, there are two possible true moralities for the state of Israel to adopt:

  Complete Juche-style self-reliance, justified by constant vigilance and strength. Essentially this would see Israel morphing into a Yiddish version of North Korea or 18th-century Prussia, and relying on its nuclear arsenal and a culture of extreme militarism, to be the unloved catalyst of ever-increasing Islamic unity. End result, a perpetual regional Cold War, in which Israel would face increasing diplomatic isolation and where one major misstep could see its end, possibly in a nuclear war.
  Israel as a true outpost of the the West, and thus supported by an undeceived West. But this would have to be a stronger, more expansionary, and anti-Islamic West, cleansed of the Leftist ideologies that the Jews have overwhelmingly supported in the past, and where Israel and the Jews fully supported Westerm ethno- and racio-centrism that echoed that of Israel itself. In such a West, Jews would no longer be seen as traitors, endeavouring to undermine the greater civilisation of which they were a part, but as defending that which defended them. This arrangement could only be achieved through what are essentially Alt-Right ideas of race realism, civilisational hierarchy, and culturism.

There are many choices open to Israel. Choosing to avoid a true moral basis to the state of Israel means continued reliance on trickery and subterfuge, but this ultimately weakens the state of Israel and dooms it to a zombie existence of being a false and soulless state.

But the more moral choices are also hard. The first of the two mentioned above clearly has heavy social costs and would require a constant state of tension and alarm that the Jewish people seem temperamentally unsuited for. There would be extreme brittleness in all that. Indeed the present Israeli state is developing partly along these lines, and is showing some of these dangerous stresses and strains.

The second moral choice is perhaps the best one, the most natural, and also the easiest, although that too has deep costs. This is mainly because it would require World Jewry to start behaving in quite different ways from those that have defined it. But if the effort were made honestly and sincerely, this would have the best chance of reconciling Israel with the West, and thus securing the future of Israel, as part of a more assertive and ethnocentric Western civilisation, holding Islam in check.

However, most of the trends now underway are clearly working against this, creating the conditions of growing Israeli isolation, long-term weakness, and ultimate destruction.

In short, only the Alt-Right can save Israel. One wonders how that undeniable truth sits with the most perspicacious among the Jews.

It’s called Jewing the Whites by advocating coalitions of non-or anti Whites against Whites, calling liberalism of their would-be White Left union/national boundaries “the left” and prohibiting Whites from doing the same thing as the anti White coalitions (organizing/unionizing) as that would be “racist” for Whites, if Whites did it. Further, the YKW misrepresent Leftism in a Cartesian way, as if it is not accountable to reality, “just mere constructs”, appeal to White penchant for objectivism, as if compassion is only for people beyond their borders/group boundaries (golden rule/Christianity) - i.e., that is the Problem - “leftist culture of critique” that does not recognize or allow for a White left, its unionized boundaries, the being of White peoplehood. Reaction - right wing, objectivism, idealism, Cartesianism, religion and most of all, Christianity; search for pure warrant and avoidance of accountability. Solution - “The Alt Right” ...Whites join and merge with Jews in Zionist supremacist imperialism: “The Left” is the enemy now ... all those people who do accept this reality and see the 7 niches that Jewish interests control and what the right wing sell outs have done by selling out to them…

By contrast, we are almost certainly going to need our own left nationalist coalitions, particularly left ethno national coalitions with Asians against the YKW, their right wing cohorts, including Alt right, Muslims and blacks



Posted by Israeli conquest of Palestine on Thu, 21 Dec 2017 00:40 | #

The Israeli conquest of Palestine: by contrast to Colin Liddell’s characterization


Posted by Ken Stern Leaves NPR to join the Alt Right on Thu, 21 Dec 2017 01:44 | #

CEO Ken Stern Leaves (((NPR))) and “the left” to join the Alt Right ...gee, I wonder (((why?))).

Former (((NPR))) (National Public Radio) CEO Ken Stern has a similar “awakening” as David Mamet….

“He left the liberal bubble and learned how to survive” -

Ken Stern (Former CEO of NPR) joins Dave to discuss his new book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right.”

Ken Stern (Former CEO of NPR) joins Dave to discuss his new book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” defining what liberal means to him, intolerance of viewpoints and lack of diversity of thought on the left, his journey from left to right, his evolution on the gun control debate, and more.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dave’s interview with Ken Stern coming tomorrow and the full interview airing Friday 12/22.

WATCH - “The Left is No Longer Liberal”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq86B...

The Rubin Report

Published on Dec 20, 2017

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