Preamble to a nationalist ontology

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, 17 March 2013 19:21.

When we speak of what oneself or any particular person or kin-group is in any real or permanent sense, we are speaking of what is of our, his or her, or their being.  To speak of what is in us which is not of our being is to speak of that which is acquired from time and place.  That is a distinction, ontologically speaking, between the content of the present and the absent, and between the conscious in any intentionally holistic sense and the mechanistic, and also between authentic Dasien and false Dasein - all just perspectives on the same truth (and not the only ones).

Now, taking this distinction as the essential field of ontology, preceding and underlying all philosophy and also all esoteric religious practise, we must conclude that it is, therefore, the essential field of a nationalist ontology as well.  Indeed it is clearly so, since nationalist critique of the liberal ontology is very much that “what is acquired” from liberal modernity - from the kind of life we in the West live today - is a reduced and debased condition of the self.  Precisely because of this, nationalists have used political power, when they have had it, to curtail freedom, democracy and egalitarianism, and thereby sweep away as much of liberalism as possible.

Some eggregiously poor and essentially faith-based thinking has gone into this, though, resulting in the imposition of a pre-determined model of a non-liberal life (for example, one guided by master morality, the “spirit of race”, or some assemblage of what is thought to be “German” or whatever). To be perfectly clear, nothing that is confected accords with what is real and true, and nothing that is not real and true can give the required permanence and satisfaction to the lived life which nationalists seek.  The nationalist who seeks “national heroism” or “national glory” is a psychopath, or someone who just does not know psychopathy when he sees it.

Let us now demistify this essential field, for which purpose we can use as our model the classic, personal psychological journey out of absence, or false Dasein in Heidegerrian-speak, towards presence or authenticity - however you are comfortable looking at it.  This model, though scaled to the personal, holds good for the scale of population.  But, in the latter case, rather than an entirely personal experience of being, which may be extensive and accompanied by insights of an extra-ordinary nature, we are talking only of a general orientation towards the authentic.  Nethertheless, that is enough to produce a widespread renewal. 

It also has to be understood that the traditionally religious setting of the personal journey is not a bar to non-religious application.  On the contrary, this is the only paradigm of the self.  All movement towards or away from authenticity occurs within it.  So it has an historical narrative, upon which is recorded our race’s existential declensions from the age of Rome on, and upon which it is the privilege and obligation of nationalists, even at this perilous hour, to write a new chapter.  Perhaps.

So ...

Nature, being and mentation: these are the present elements.  After stillness has settled the dust of all that is acquired from time and place, this is what remains and endures.  Only that which does not belong to us is ever lost in that first moment of detachment, and only that which does belong to us is found in the subsequent period of return.  No part of what belongs can be relinquished or transcended or lived without.

Even after the mind ceases the reflexive twitch of ascribing “I” to its own operation - already an extreme rarity in the life of our consciousness - still there is no leaving behind of that trinitarian synthesis.  And then - even rarer - after the mind oversteps language to become the receptive principle again, after the beatifying flood, even after the ultimate epistemological act of a symbolic Creation, still there is no actual break-down in the world-division of subject and object, none of the being of stones and stars, no union with the cosmos or the All, no source and no ground either, nothing of gods within or without, nothing that was not always one’s own.  There is only the present elements, and no experiential intensity and no revelatory substance changes that.

The religious will not accept such a naturalistic account, of course.  Faith intercedes faithfully for diety.  Intercession is the first part of its two-part modus operandum.  The second part - the exercise of its presumption for deity - proceeds from that intercession.  It does not precede it.  Faith does not intercede for it.  There is no constructive, epistemological process that leads, from necessity, to it.  Deity is interpolated, not between data points as in mathematics, but before them ... before everything.  It is done emotionally, without reserve, and it is done indiscriminantly.  The god of fire, the god of the mountain, the god of love, the god of death, the god of the cosmos, angry gods, demanding gods, fatherly gods, to say nothing of goddesses ... faith treats them all with the exact same, overwhelming enthusiasm and subservience.

We can, then, freely ignore it, and the beliefs and moral strictures which attend it (and which reveal its evolutionary function).  Our sole concern as nationalists is to understand our collective psychological estate in the modern world and effect a movement away from it and towards ... what, precisely?  Well, I have already noted the fact that it cannot be stipulated in advance.  We can know as an idea that what is real and true of, and permanent in, our race are the present elements: the European nature, being, and mind.  There is nothing else, and no other foundation.  But to know them as a fact is only possible if they are emergent forces in the lived European life, and that would already be a revolutionary condition from which change at the social and political level must cascade.

The intellectual challenge of creating a nationalist ontology is simple to sketch, if devilishly difficult to accomplish.  It consists in setting the European nature, being, and mind in creative opposition to our present declension, using historical and political analysis as well as ontological thinking itself to model the liberation which this perfect trinity vouchsafes.  The rest, if sufficient intellectual energy could be generated amid the decay of liberal belief, will follow the inevitable path of any turn towards the authentic.  We know it because we saw it in Italy and in Germany in the 20th century, despite the many inauthenticities in those ideological systems.  It was enough just for the mass of the population to orient itself away from the old system ... even just to harbour the hope of change.  It would be so again.



Posted by Desmond Jones on Mon, 18 Mar 2013 21:47 | #

To be perfectly clear, nothing that is confected accords with what is real and true, and nothing that is not real and true can give the required permanence and satisfaction to the lived life which nationalists seek.

So we must believe that choseness, whether German or Jewish, is not real and true? Harland appears to believe that Jews and Germans (in the broad definition) “speak the same language, have many of the same customs and have intermarried to such an extent that biological heritage cannot be distinguished in a high proportion of individuals. The Jews among us, who want to abandon the Jewish serpent, and make an unequivocal commitment to individualism, are invited to remain.” Thus Jews stripped of their chosenness, i.e. Judaism, are potential sovereign individuals. They are us. Doesn’t the creation of a nationalist ontology then portend choseness, because by definition it is excludes, which appears contradictory vis-a-vis sovereign individualism?


Posted by Guessedworker on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 06:58 | #

Desmond, one cannot chose what is real and what is not unless, presumably, One is God.

By stripping Jews of chosenness, I presume you mean stripping them of ethnocentrism, which is not a choice since it is real.  But were it to be stripped by the Jewish god, which is the only way in which it could be (not really, but never mind), still Jews will not be Germans and Germans will not be Jews, since their descent is not identical.  Descent is also real.

Turning this question around - of course, to prove my point - NSDAP’s declaration of German Jew-likeness was accompanied by the weaponisation of the German people precisely because the Jewish conviction of total supremacy could only be borne in that wholly inauthentic manner.

Nothing that is confected accords with what is real and true.


Posted by Joe on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 16:12 | #

I’m still trying to figure out the true “ontology” of Nationalist Leaders, as both Mussolini and Hitler made so many egregious errors in tactics and strategy, it was obvious even back then in real time they were leading their respective countries to defeat and ruin.

Hitler executed 84 patriotic German* generals who, in good faith, thought they had a real true-blue patriotic leader they could speak man-to-man with : When the patriotic German generals presented sensible & efficacious strategies to Hitler for Germany’s benefit, Hitler Executed them. Amazing.

In Italy, Mussolini promised to protect Italy from Communism—the first thing he did, however, was to send the Italian military to invade Africa, leaving Italy very vulnerable and open to invasion—from anyone who wanted to invade. Amazing.

Many Italians realized when Mussolini ordered the military to Africa that Mussolini and the Fascist Party** had lied to them, and a civil war broke out in Italy, while the Italian military was in Africa [and Greece] doing nothing to actually protect Italy itself ;

And, what made Mussolini and the top Fascist Party leaders think Italians could go up against the Americans and/or British in the first place, as the Italians never had any kind of military tradition to speak of, and it was really obvious - at least to intelligent Italians at the time who never gave Mussolini any support—that the Italian military was in no way capable of defeating the American and/or the British militaries? Why would Hitler ally himself to such a weak military as the Italian military?

So, what exactly was the “ontology” of these two Nationalist Leaders? What was their metaphysics exactly? Seems everything they did played into the hands of Wall Street and the City of London.

Were Hitler’s and Mussolini’s “ontology” and metaphysics from the Jews’ kaballah/talmud/freemasonry? Seems like it to me.

* Hitler didn’t execute any of the many Jewish generals and commanders in the Nazi party/military/SS, however.

** The Fascist Party in Italy was as riddled and chock-full-of-Jews as was the Nazi Party in Germany.

So, what exactly was their “ontology” ?


Posted by Desmond Jones on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:18 | #

If National Socialism, as you’ve written and Harland concurs, is serpentine, or inauthentic and a mirror image of Jewish chosenness, or ‘spirit of race, the Jewish choseness must also be inauthentic, no? It’s demagoguery, and not of nature, where sovereign individualism evolved, but of priests and prophets who brought the word of a god to a people perverting the natural sexual balance to an unnatural sexual structure of group semi-organisms. Thus Harland asserts that the division between German and Jew was a word created division just as Marx’s division of bourgeoisie and proletariat was word created. If they are word created, Natinal Socialism and Judaism, then are they not both inauthentic?


Posted by Joe on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 19:41 | #

Any nationalist ontology - or premise—must include Morality as part-and-parcel of the Nationalist dynamic. Otherwise, whatever ontology that ignores Morality is not going to be too much help.

Family life is in shambles. The pantheistic “do your own thing” mentality/culture has been a total disaster and failure for the White Race. An incontinenet people are easy to rule over , to paraphrase Plato.

To those who reject Christianity - including Christian Morality—you’re all going to have to figure out how to restore Morality without the Christianity so many disdain.

Family is the very Foundation of a nation - Family, Faith [ whatever faith happens to be the faith of the nation in question], then politics. That’s the order.

Until Holy Matrimony and Love of Children are given a Central Place of Honor and Respect in our culture, nothing very good is going to accrue to the White Race, whatever political party is in power. Family comes first. If Family Life is in shambles—as it now is in the USA,and throughout the West - it naturally follows everything else is in shambles.

No true Nationalist Party is ever going to come about without Morality.

It’s Morality and strong, united Families that keeps the serpents and dastards at bay.

If you all don’t care for Christian morality - please keep in mind the ontological basis for Nazi and Fascist “morality” turned out to be a total disaster for the White Race - It left tens of millions of White Caucasians dead in Europe - an Eternal Loss for the White Race.

From what I see, it’s the old-fashioned Christians - both those Catholics and those Protestants—who are holding tenaciously to The Faith under the pressure of a very anti-Christian culture, who have the least amount of pre-marital sex, who get divorced the least [ not talking about scofeld 501c3 christians/novus ordo types here, I’m talking sincere Christians], who have the strongest marriages,who have the most children, who are the least likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, and who are the most immune from the extremely destructive effects of the present-day culture.

The back-to-nature, pantheistic crowd aren’t cutting-the-cake. They, too, are into “do your own thing”, as are so many others. Can’t build any kind of solid culture, let alone a Nationalist Party looking out for our interests, when so many don’t even care about the interests of their very own families, with so many people being pantheistic and “doing your own thing”.

Another point I disagree with most strongly with Harland : Pantheistic nature worship doesn’t lead to unity, it only leads to fragmentation and dis-unity, as everyone is worshipping different gods on different days—whatever suits their own personal selfish agendas at any given time.

To those who disdain Christianity - and the morality that comes with it—better figure out how to include Morality in your Nationalist ontology, or your nationalist dreams are not going to come to fruition. Very good idea to include Anti-Freemasonry in your ontology as well, as Freemasonry is from hell itself.


Posted by Guessedworker on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 20:08 | #


National Socialism is not the inauthentic element as such, Desmond.  It’s just a doctrine ... words.  It is its human consequences which are not expressive of the nature of Germans (which, generally speaking, are faithfully reflected in the national history).

Judaism, of course, is the sublime expression of Jewish racial consciousness.  Didication to striving for a this-world, materialist supremacy over a deracinated mass of sub-humanity is completely authentic in the Jew.

To recapitulate, doctrines are neither authentic or inauthentic in themselves.  It is what occurs in the psyche which is telling in that respect.  Do those occurrences lead towards the real and true or away from it, deeper into self-estrangement?


Posted by Guessedworker on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 20:26 | #


Morality issues at a level far nearer life’s surface than the questions which attend genuine ontology, which concern what is (real in us).

This does not mean that morality has no place in a nationalist politic, obviously.  It means that it takes its form from the re-centering which occurs in consequence of the deeper analysis.

What is Christian morality, btw?  And how does it differ from the morality of genetic interests?


Posted by Joe on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 20:35 | #

Excuse the lousy spelling : It’s “incontinent”, not “incontinenet”. I’m spending too much time online. I’m retired, so I have a lot of free time—I don’t care for golf, like so many of my other retired neighbors. I’m “shunned” because I don’t care for golf. Plus, quite a few of my neighbors are scofeld type church-going christians. They think I’m a “nazi” because I’m not gung-ho for the zionist agenda. I’m “shunned” because I don’t buy into the zionist bullshit . It’s a hoot.

Might be a good idea to study the Greek Stoics, for those who don’t care for Christianity. The Stoics included Morality in their world-view—in their ontololy and metaphysics.

And they didn’t start massive wars that resulted in the death of millions and millions of their own kind, like the Nazis and Fascists and Communists. All 3 jew to-the-core.

They didn’t allow themselves to get caught up in Jewish/Freemason created hegelian dialectics all designed to result in massive war and death, like the Jew/Nazi dialectic and the Capitalist/Communist dialectic, for example.

The Greek Stoics make alot more sense to me than Savitri Devi and others of her “back-to-nature” pantheistic/ Nationalist ilk - as at the very foundation of Savitri Devi type “back-to-nature” Hinduism/pantheism is the worship of the Hindu god Kali - Kali demands a massive human blood sacrifice, the kind of massive blood-letting that can only be satiated through massive war,  in spite of Kali’s so-called “love” for nature, “respect” for animals,  and her vegetarianism.

Devi—who “loves”  animals & loves massive war, both - leaves out the part how the animals suffer horrifically during times of war—for all her “love” for animals, Devi and her ilk Always fail to mention the great suffering of the animals in times of war.

Better off with the Greek Stoics, for those who don’t care for Christianity. Plus, Greek Stoicism is alot more straight-forward and honest in a manly way than the “back-to-nature”, pantheistic types, who are very much motivated by Radical Feminism, Wiccanism, etc- Radical Feminism & Wiccanism being a complete disaster for the White Race, and comes to us via Tavistock and the Frankfurt School.


Posted by Joe on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 21:42 | #

@ Guessedworker

I respectfully disagree with you as I think morality and “genuine ontology” are one and the same. To my mind, they reside as one in the same deep and profound place in the psyche.

To separate, or place morality and “genuine ontology” on two separate levels, leaves a gap that those who don’t have our best interests at-heart can fill with baneful and destructive philosophies to undermine us. It’s rather easy to undermine us - see my post about the innate faults of the white Caucasian Race.

To my mind, it’s best to consider morality and “genuine ontology” as one and the same.

As it is, Morality is sorely needed. After a giant internecine war that left millions of white Europeans dead - many dying before ever reproducing - an Eternal Loss for the White Race Unto the Throne of the Holy Creator, the White Race, about 20 years after this enormous Eternal Loss that cries unto Heaven, the white race decided collectively to go off and “do your own thing”. A giant disaster on top of a giant disaster.

As I mentioned in my above post, it’s the Christians tenaciously holding on to The Faith who are having the most children, have the strongest families, who have the least amount of promiscious sex - pre-marital sex, and post marital cheating- the least amount of drug-addiction and alcoholism, who have the highest standards of morals, and who are the most immune to the very destructive forces in our present-day culture, or what passes for culture.

I’m not going to detail Christian morality - I’m going to be presumptious here as I expect the readers of MajorityRights to already know what old-fashioned Christian morality involves.

I will say, however, the sincere Christians today [ not the scofeld or novus ordo types], they’re having the most White Children - per-capita - than any other group of whites ; The old-fashioned sincere Christians are very much in sync with the “genetic interests” of the White Race.

It seems to me that the old-fashioned sincere Christians are doing more for the “genetic interests” of the White Race than any other group of whites are doing, as the sincere Christians are having more White Children - per capita - than any other group of whites are .

Seems to me that old-fashioned Christian morality and the “genetic morality” of our white Caucasian “genetic interests” are one and the same, as the sincere Christians, per capita, are bringing forth the most White Children.


Posted by Silver on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 23:41 | #

To recapitulate, doctrines are neither authentic or inauthentic in themselves.  It is what occurs in the psyche which is telling in that respect.  Do those occurrences lead towards the real and true or away from it, deeper into self-estrangement?

And who’s to be the final arbiter of what’s real and true?  Or does the fact that I have to ask at all mean I’m doing it wrong?

(As for this “Joe,” fascinating the way one frenzied screen-hog [daniels] quits the scene only to be immediately replaced by another.)



Posted by DanielS on Wed, 20 Mar 2013 00:59 | #

And who’s to be the final arbiter of what’s real and true?  Or does the fact that I have to ask at all mean I’m doing it wrong?

Undoubtedly that judgment is your role, Silver. You’re well “balanced”, not really White, not really Black - you’re “just right.”


Posted by Joe on Wed, 20 Mar 2013 07:30 | #

The ” Final Arbiter ”  for what’s Real and True for the white Caucasian race are those whites who are having the most White Children, per capita, than those whites who aren’t having any children, or those whites who are barely having enough white children to replace themselves ;

And those whites who can’t even figure out right from wrong, the whites who think along similiar lines :

” It’s okay for me to get divorced at the-drop-of-a-hat because I’m not happy and I don’t feel fulfilled, so it’s okay for me to rip apart my family, because who’s to judge what’s right and what’s wrong? Nobody can tell me what to do” .....

” The baby is going to interfere wth my 5 year goal to become branch manager. Probably better to get an abortion, or how will I ever become branch manager if I have to spend so much time taking care of a kid” ... ” Yes honey, I think you’re right, a baby right now will interfere with my golf games, plus we can’t afford a kid right now because I’m saving money to buy that boat we saw last month at the boat show ” .....

” Being white is boring, I want to be kewl like the black bruthers I see on MTV”.....

” We don’t want to have our own white children, we’re going to adopt 2 Chinese baby girls, because girls are discriminated against in China, and that’s so wrong”

” I don’t want to get married until I’m 45, so I can be free to express myself” .....

” We’re going to have one white baby of our own, and adopt 2 babies from Nigeria because white people need to learn to start being nice to people from other races” ....

“Why should I get married, I can get laid any time, did you see all those chicks at the club, they were hot, why should I get married” ....

And those whites who think the White Race -  now so weakened by the Eternal Loss of white Caucasian blood in the giant internecine war—WW2—- and following on the heels of the giant internecine war , about 60 years of “do your own thing” ....

“anything goes” ....

” do what thou wilt” ....

“If it feels good, do it ” ....

” it’s your thing, do what you wanna do” ....

“nobody can tell me what to do ” ....

”  ‘God is not judgemental ‘, that is like soooo wrong to say that, God is Unconditional Luv, God luvs us and wants us to be happy” ....

” No one can say with certainity what’s right and what’s wrong because we’re all on various spiritual journeys, and at different stages of karma and re-incarnation, so no one can tell me what to do, I’m on my own unique spiritual path to enlightenment” ....

Good Luck trying to build a United and Strong Nationalist Party with such a decadent and degenerate and immoral people such as the White Race is today, for the overwhelmingly most part.

Many whites can’t even figure out how to keep their families together, let alone a country .

Many whites don’t even have the discipline to dress well, dress decently, for special occasions—even special religious ceremonies. They show up at special occasions looking like they just cleaned out their garage, or dress the same exact way they do when they go to local convenience store to buy some soda and beer. They’re hardly going to have the discipline to be part of any kind of Nationalist Party.

To those Whites who want a Nationalist Party, better figure out how to include Morality into the very center and heart of your ontology, or nothing is going to come to fruition, and nothing good is going to acccrue. It’s all bullshit without Morality. And it’s also all bullshit to complain about Jews 24/7 and give all of our fellow whites in Freemasonry a free pass.

1 : Morality

2 : Get rid of, or at least, weaken Freemasonry’s hold over us.

First 2 steps. These 2 steps are foundational. If you don’t address these two issues intently and with the goal of amendment, fuggedaboutit - no Nationalist party is ever going to happen, Jews or no Jews.


Posted by Joe on Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:17 | #

The New Age—It Stinks :

Jim R. Schwiesow writes about the current state of the US in terms of the morality and behavior of the majority of white Americans in general—as a collective whole—and the devasting effects of the “do your own thing” pantheistic culture so many whites ardently love and support.

” The New Age : It Stinks “


Posted by Desmond Jones on Thu, 21 Mar 2013 01:42 | #


Not trying to be a smart-ass…Lord knows how and why our unconscious self throws up words and punctuation but it is, imo, interesting to note that dedicate is defined as…“to set apart and consecrate to a deity or to a sacred purpose”...which imo opinion is a word construct…from Harland’s position it, Judaism, uses words to consecrate a group semi-organism…which he believes is regressive because it sublimates sovereign individualism and it’s sexual balance in a sexual commitment to the group. In other words sovereign sexuality is sublimated to the well being of the group and is only ever a part of the continuance of an organism. Thus if we accept sovereign individualism and its sexual balance as natural then in reply to the question of self-estrangement must not the answer be yes?


Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:20 | #

I think it would be wise to read Edmund Burke’s, “Reflections on the Revolution in France” , as a guide in creating a nationalist ontology. Burke saw the French Revolution for what it truly was—an over-turning and upheaval of Catholic France, a revolution against Christianity. A Revolution that greatly changed the West.

The F.R. was Europe’s first communist overthrow of Christianity. It greatly effects us to this day ;  Even present-day “political correctness” comes from the French Revolution as the original source   [then via tavistock, the frankfurt school, communist/leftist media,academia, etc].

“Political Correctness” is Not part of the ontology of Christianity—it is however very much a part of the ontology of Communists : Well, more of a device of the communists/leftists than an ontology. Political correctness covers and shrouds the truth. That is the very purpose for political correctness. To keep us from speaking the truth—it makes it that more difficult to solve our problems. Plus, too much truth and the Jewish agenda becomes very clear.

[The real ontology of communism is the Jew’s talmud].

” Edmund Burke + Reflections On The Revolution In France pdf ” 

” Communism + Jews + The Talmud”


Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 18:10 | #

Any philosophy from the French Revolution, or originating from the F.R.,  needs to be closely inspected and discerned before weaving into any nationalist ontology—as the philosophies from that time are greatly tainted with hatred for Authentic Christianity and Authentic Western Civilization, and are at-heart communist philosophies :

” The Men Who Caused The French Revolution 1789 “

The Jews, The Masons and The French Revolution :,-masons-french-revolution/

I disagree with the author about how the Sephardic Jews were “good citizens” in Europe, but otherwise the article is very informative and worthwhile reading.

If link doesn’t work, Search term : ” Jews Fomented The French Revolution”

Excellent search term to use even if links work.

Once again [ it really gets tedious] , we see the Jews in the lead, with alot of whites rejecting the One True Faith and running off to follow the Jews into the jew-owned Freemasonry halls/satanic-snake -dens.

Such whites cast away the One True Cross for all the many and varied, unrelenting, and never-ending crosses the Jews put on their shoulders ; It’s beyond cavil , and such Freemason whites are maybe beyond hope, I’m not sure. I’d rather not speculate too much .....

That’s why I said Morality and Anti-Freemasonry must be at the very heart of any nationalist ontology ; And, any philosophy from—or originating with—the French Revolution, needs to be closely scrutinized before ever including into any nationalist ontology.


Posted by Joe on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:10 | #

It’s probably a good idea to keep “Momus” away while drafting a Nationalist Ontology.

Poor “Momus”, still crying because he was kicked off Mt Olympus. Still as negative and un-fairly critical and full of blame for everyone and everything as ever. No, “Momus” will never change. “Momus” will forever be stewing in his juices.

“Momus” will derail any Nationalist Ontology just for the sake of being negative—just for the hell of it, so to speak.

I hope this post is not too long-winded. I would hate to bring the eternal wrath and the eternal negative criticism of “Momus” upon me.


Posted by Joe on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 11:11 | #

If White Ners had any brains they would study Charlemagne, NOT Hitler, for guidance as to create an ontology—a premise for one’s beliefs and actions : For stragegy ;

Charlemagne : A study of the man who United Europe into a formidable unified entity in the Very First Place - and protected Europe from Islamic jihad—would be more beneficial as well as more timely, especially as Islamic jihad looms large again on the world stage, and Europe is under siege by jihadists : Just as Europe was under Islamic jihadist siege in the days of Chrlemagne.

Charlemagne united all the warring tribes in Europe into a formidable force. In uniting Europe, he saved Europe—Authentic European culture—from Sharia law.

Hitler not only DID NOT save Europe from Jews*, nor Islam, in-deed Hitler invited Islamic jihad into Europe. It was the Nazis who opened Europe up to Islam in the very first place ; Hitler played a big role in Starting The Muslim Brotherhood [ founded in 1928 ]. The Brotherhood that is now causing massive turmoil and war in the Middle East [ and yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is tied into the Mossad, and the Brotherhood is financed and controlled by donmeh Jews ]:

About Nazis and The Muslim Brotherhood :

About Charlemagne ;

” Mohammed and Charlemagne”  by Henri Pirenne

“Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaiissance” :

Charlemagne gave Europe a Renaissance ; Hitler gave Europe and the white race the most disastrous and destructive internecine war in the history of the White Race. Nazism is the Very Reason the white race is now greatly weakened and besieged on all sides by our racial eneimies. Hitler himself was part-Jew, and part-North African berber.

Time for the WN’ers to flush Shitler down-the-toilet-bowl-of-history and start studying the history of pre-Reformation Europe when the White Race was United under The Cross of Christ.

To those whites who don’t care for Christianity—especially those whites who disdain Christianity—there’s no room for pagans, pantheists, atheists, agnostics, etc. either under the Jew’s talmudic Noahide laws, nor under Islam’s Sharia laws.

Those whites who disdain True Christianity [ not zionist and/or leftist christianity, which is a great distortion of Christianity ] disdain what protects them the most from both the Jew’s Noahide laws and Islam’s Sharia law.

It’s a good idea to study Charlemagne and the history of pre-Reformation Europe while figuring out a worthwhile and beneficial—and efficacious—ontology for the White Race.

* Hitler was put into power by Jews in The Very First Place via the jew-owned/jew-financed IG Farben cartel :

” Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler pdf “

” Guido Preparata + Conjuring Hitler pdf “

Also : Search terms : ” Hitler’s Jewish Army “

                      ” Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”



Posted by Joe on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 13:39 | #

As per the Official Declaration of the American Nationalist Association, WN’ers are not to “promote” Christianity, nor are WN’ers to “Denigrate” Christianity as well.

I’m sure Monus has no problem concerning the Prohibition to “promote” Christianity. I wouldn’t be suprised if Momus himself played a role in writing that part of the ANA’s ontology—writing that into the draft. What’s the historical epistemology of ANA anyhow—ANA {L} ?

For some reason Momus only had a say in half of The Declaration. Most likely, Momus is bitter about the part whereby WN’ers are PROHIBITED from “Denigrating” Christianity. Puts a bit of a crimp into Momus’ style. Momus the eternally unfair critic.

As for myself, having been “banned” from so many WN websites for mentioning various topics WN’ers don’t want to hear, even Unto committing the Most Horrific Sin—“Blasphemy”—because I many times refer to The Great Aryan Avatar hitler as,  Shitler, as in SHIT—as in SHIT comes out of the ANA {L} hole ; 

As well as mentioning the role of satanic Freemasonry in creating Nazi ontology & metaphysics, the role of Jew financiers in bank-rolling the Third Reich, Hitler’s die-hard Jew-Zionist soldiers, Hitler’s Islamic die-hard jihadists, the jew-owned IG Farben cartel, etc ;

For above reasons, and even more reasons too numerous to list—it would take an encyclopedia—I’ve been very effectively branded and cashiered, “banned”, and otherwise cast aside as any kind of useful and productive “Nazi”. I commit even more “blasphemy”  by saying rightfully derogatory comments about the “honest” jew-NAZI-jew John Kaminski, as I simultaneously heap scorn, disdain, and derision on The Hyperboraen & Kaminski’s f*ck-buddy, John deNugent.

As I’ve been told by so many Nazi webMasters I’m totally useless as a “Nazi”, I needn’t pay the ANA {L} hole’s Declaration “Prohibiting-the-Promotion of Christianity” any mind ; Especially as Promoting True Christianity—> The Authentic Christianity which is the Very Ontological Foundation of Authenic European Culture in The Very First Place:  I needn’t pay The ANA{L} hole’s Declaration any mind.


Posted by Momus on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 09:29 | #

Oh the Joe’s of this world are just too funny.

I have nothing connecting myself in any way at all with any of the people you mentioned.

I am not a fascist, Nazi, neo-Nazi, ‘WN’ or anything of that sort. And no I’m not just saying that to be ‘PC’ nor do I think I’m delusional and mistaken about ‘really’ being one of those things but for some odd reason (cognitive dissonance) prevented acknowledging such tendencies.

On the old question of Voodoo – it would take far more that one person commenting on one obscure website to undermine Catholicism – it’s doing marvellous job in discrediting itself don’t you think.

God is dead, just deal with it – Nietzsche’s insight is not a philosophical or theological one (in that we have ‘proved’ the impossibility of God), rather it’s a cultural and socio-historical insight. There really is no putting the onto-theological toothpaste back into the tube. No return to pre-modernity as such, is possible - such is the historicality of Dasein. Sure any individual might believe anything they wish; but seriously an entire social-order going back to a state in which anything outside of the framework of your particular choice of Voodoo is ‘unimaginable’?  You’re in la-la land if you actually believe that prospect is on the historical table.

As for Christianity (either Protestant or Catholic) being ‘essential’ to Europeans I think you will find an irreversible trend – in every way possible – namely that the heart and soul of Christianity is rapidly moving to the developing world/Global South. Many observers have been examining this trend and its wide ranging implications for the future of both the Protestant and Catholic ‘forms’ of Christianity

Some 1.3 billion Christians live in the Global South (61%), compared with about 860 million in the Global North (39%).

And there is far more scope for ‘growth’ in the Global South than the Global North. Christianity’s centre of gravity is moving inexorably southward, and may get to the point such that Africa may soon be home to the world’s largest Christian populations.

See more at

Let us not forget that Cheesusland is something of an outlier in terms of the West in this regard (more American exceptionalism).

Try Philip Jenkins (for example) if you want even more evidence.

See his “The New Faces of Christianity” (

Or even his “Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity” (

The idea that religious and political half-wits like Joe have – namely his brand of Voodoo is an excellent, nay essential, ‘vehicle’ for the defence and protection of Europe and European’s collective interests - seems too banal for words. In fact it’s actually counter-productive given the trends previously described.

I’d suggest Joe should intellectually ‘get out more often’ if that is even a possibility.


Posted by Joe on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 10:50 | #

@ Momus

I don’t wish to “get out more often”, in spite of your pseudo-sophisticated, so very-very blase advice, dripping with scorn and disdain borne from a certain ennui you’re obviously suffering so much from*. Poor Momus.  I’ve been around the block quite a few times already as it is—I’m old enough to remember the day the Mossad assassinated JFK. That’s how “old” I am [ I was in second grade].

Born in Tuscany, Italy. Came here as a toddler to teach you Americani a-thing-or-two. I grew up in the Bronx, lived most of my adult life in Manhattan, travelled around the world, went to a “jewsuit” college in NYC [ a communist diploma factory ] and did very well considering I always stood-up to my communistic professors : Both verbally- in- class, and in my papers I handed in to my professors ; I always denounced their communism/leftism/and various other baneful “isms” .

Your un-called for, unsolicited, unwanted, and down-right useless advice is the kind of thing that got you booted off Mt Olympus in the very first place.  Well, “Momus” was always incorrigible.

I shall “get out more often” or not, at my discretion & as I please. As it is, I greatly enjoy MajorityRights. I learn alot at MR.

Docendo discimus, don’t you think, Momus ?

* Sounds like you may be on the isle of Manhattan, for all the ennui that oozes through the ether of cyber-space from your comments. I don’t care where you are really. Just being rhetorical. Go easy on the martinis.




Posted by Joe on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 11:36 | #

Momus points to Nietzche—“God is Dead”—Then Momus implies we shouldn’t study what united Europe and the White Race in the very first place. We should somehow flush our European history and heritage and culture down-the-toilet because Nietzche says, “God is dead”.

The Jews aren’t telling themselves their g*d is dead. Quite the opposite, the jews glory in their jew g*d. The Muslims aren’t telling themselves their “allah” is dead. Quite the opposite, the Muslims glory in their allah. The Hindus aren’t telling themselves their gods are dead. Quite the opposite, the Hindus glory in their hindu gods.

All the academic/social/cultural pressure is on us Whites to believe, and to behave, as if Our God - Christ - is dead and gone. The Spirit and The Light of Christ is not to be thought of—as per Momus and his ilk ; And if we ever do think about the Spirit and The Light of Christ we’re to come to the conclusion there’s no Christ, no God, No Light, No Sacredness. No Holy Spirit to Sanctify our lives.

For us Whites—as per Nietzche and Momus—there’s to be no Light of Christ, no Sacredness, just Nietzche and “God is dead” , while all the other races glory in their respective god(s).

While all the other races and religions use their god(s) as a basis—an ontological reason—to attack those of us of the White Race : We’re to flush our Spiritual Armor down-the-toilet while we’re being attacked spiritually from all sides,  as per Nietzche and Momus. 


Posted by Momus on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 12:30 | #

Ennui - a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.

Well when Joe and the Cheesus folk start droning on ennui would be a good description of the response they elicit. If they actually had anything of any interest or insight to say a different response might be produced.

Conspiracism . . . essential value of Voodoo . . . conspiracism . . . essential value of Voodoo . . . evil J-lizards are ‘behind’ everything . . . blah, blah, blah.

Yes we all ‘get it’.


Posted by Joe on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 13:11 | #

Some people “get” Nietzsche, some people don’t “get” Nietzsche ; That is, many people don’t know Nietzsche was a satanist.

From the satanic web-site about Nietzsche : ” Order of The Left Hand Path ” website :

From ” satanic - kindred” website about Nietszche :

Non- satanic source:

There’s alot more websites/info about Nietzsche’s satanism.

There’s no such thing as “secular”. All philosophies have an ontology—a foundation. The foundation—the ontology—always has to do with one’s concept of God, or god, or gods, or no-god. Atheism being a type of religion in and of itself. There’s no such thing as “secular” philosophy, not really.

One can’t truly fight a spiritual battle with “secular” philosophies as “secular” is a misnomer. It’s an illusion. All philosophies rest on one’s ultimate belief about God.

Much of what is called “secular” culture was handed to us from satanists via Freemasonry, Tavistock, the Frankfurt School, etc..

The White Race is under satanic attack on All sides. It can only be fought effectively and won with a strong belief in a God who sanctifies us, our families, our lives.

The satanic attack we’re under as a Race Can Not be fought with “secular” philosophies—there’s no such thing as “secular” to begin with : “Secular” is used as an emphemera to weaken us spiritually as we’re under attack ; To keep us from seeing where exactly the attack is coming from,  to keep us from searching for the very source—the very ontology - of those forces attacking us.

The forces attacking the White Race are Not “secular”, the forces are satanic. Only a strong belief in a God who hallows our days can save us from the intense satanic attack the White Race is now suffering. The word “suffer” means to allow. Think about it.

The word “culture” at root : “cult”. All culture(s) stems from the foundational metaphysics of the that “culture’s” view about God, god, the gods, or no-god, or down-right and out-right belief in satan. There’s no such thing as “secular” : never was.

Search Terms : ” Nietzsche on satanism”

                ” Nietzsche satanist”



Posted by Momus on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 14:43 | #

Dear Joe not to carry his on too much more – I’m sure everyone is bored by now – but I’m not a fan nor follower of Nietzsche but he had some half-decent insights.

And congrats on schooling your Professors. I’m sure they all recall your dazzling brilliance. But your reading comprehension and critical reasoning skills seem to both lacking a little. You seem to think Christianity is some exclusive ‘whites only’ club. Well it might seem that way in Bozeman, MT etc. However, as I suggested the rapid ‘browning’ of Christianity is ongoing at a reasonably fast pace – even if you want to ignore that fact do not expect others to do so.

Oh yes I’m a NYC boy – for real! Why I and GW often spend hours reminiscing about the glories of Studio 54 back in the good old days. Don’t you too darling?

Now Joe did you ever take your place among the proper little madams?


Posted by Joe on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 16:01 | #

@ Momus

Maybe Nietzsche had some “half-decent” [ or maybe half-ass “insights” ? ]  but his “God is Dead” —you focused on that , “God is dead”—is Not one of Nietzsche’s “half-decent insights”. Ultimately, for whatever “half-decent insights” Nietzsche may have had, he was a satanist. Even satanists say so.

Momus, Momus, Momus. You’d do much better to go to :      : for guidance,

Than going to Nietzsche for guidance.

At {Cafe Momus} they discuss classical music, opera, theater :  Sophisticated, urbane, and intellectual matters. Perhaps you’ll finally strive & learn & achieve to be the true intellectual you very much yearn to be and day-dream you are, and not a wanna-be frustrated “intellectual” : As I surmise & judge from your puedo-intellectual half- decent insights [ or maybe half-ass insights ? ] . Many psuedo-intellectuals, wanna-be -but-are-not-up-to-par “intellectuals”, suffer from severe ennui.

I’m glad to hear you’re finally “bored” with Nietzsche. Perhaps there is hope for Momus, though Momus does have a long history of being incorrigible, as per the ancient Greeks.

By the way, ” Aryanism” has Very Much in common with the Muslim’s Islam—like brown and black Islamic jihadists in Hitler’s “aryan” Third Reich military [ as well as jews in the nazi party/military ]. See my repetitive posts for source references.

I shall discuss Christianity and how it relates to non-White races at a later date. The subject is too involved for any kind of “repartee” type of debate as you’re trying to get me embroiled in.


Posted by Momus on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 17:53 | #

A pseudo-intellectual?

Really? Cool. But I’ll have you know I was a Maoist intellectual in the music industry!

However, I gave up on ideology the day I lost my looks.


Posted by Joe on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 20:26 | #

@ Momus

Laughing Online.

I’m not an intellectual, and certainly not a psuedo-intellectual, never that ; Though I can easily hold my own when debating any intellectual of any sort. I like debate. Docendo discumus and all that.

I don’t have any musical talent more than singing in the shower and typing in the titles of my favorite “hits” at YouTube.  Being a retired working-class nobody, I’m more akin to the ” Last of the Window Cleaners” you croon about than any kind of famous celebrity maoist [ would “underground celebrity” be the more appropriate way to put it ? ] :

I know how the poor window-washer feels.

I read mao’s “Red” book in high school. I was vaguely impressed with mao for about 2 or 3 days, then I threw mao’s book in the garbage can.  Then I read heil shitler’s “Mein Kampf “.  I was favorably impressed with “mein” hitler for about 2 weeks—than I was over it. I gave shitler’s book to my dog at the time, Teddy,  so my friend could have something to rip apart. Even Teddy was smart enough not to take shitler as anyone to be loyal to.

I read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in college, I think he’s full of shit also : A real “new-age” trouble-maker. Chardin reminds me of a “catholic” savitri-devi type hindoo. Similiar ontology in many ways.

I put “new age” in commas because there’s nothing “new” about any of it. Most of “new age” thought comes from ancient sorcery and satanism. The good aspects of “new age” are there to beguile and decieve as to the true - and truly ancient—satanic agenda.

I’m currently trying to find out if Chardin was part of Crowley’s crew. I suspect so, very much so.

I still have my handsome good-looks.


Posted by Joe on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 06:24 | #

It would benefit all whites—White Nationalists or not—to study and learn about the forgotten and the forsaken aspects of European history, heritage, and culture. More specifically, the metaphysical, ontological foundation of white, Caucasian, European, Western Civilization :

” The Forsaken Past of Europe” :

It was Christianity that united Europe into a cultural whole. Pre-Christian Europe consisted of forever antagonistic warring tribes. Some tribes practicing human sacrifice, even child sacrifice, especially the vaunted Druids—who, according to the New Ager’s had some kind of great wisdom. 

The more pantheistic and pagan the white race becomes - most whites are now pantheists, even many “professing christians”—the more divided and weakened the White Race becomes with each passing year.

A White Nationalist ontology that disdains, precludes, and forsakes Christianity is Never going to be effective.

New Age pantheism, which is really the ancient way, there’s nothing “new” about it ; Pantheism : the worship of god—any god, take your pick—or gods, or no-god, or “nature-worship”, or outright Satanism [ which many whites are now “into”] will NEVER bring the White Race together or united in any way—let alone unite our Race into a formidable and vigorous, dynamic and effective entity—let alone a dominant entity.

Pantheism greatly depletes and drains the White Race. Pantheism doesn’t empower us as a Race at all, Not At All. Pantheism brings nothing but collective lack-of-will, abnegation, acquiescence to evil,  massive decay and destruction : pantheism has been a Total Disaster for the White Race.

To those whites who don’t believe in Christianity*, you’re no different than the Jews you complain about. In fact, such whites share the same metaphysical ontology as the Jews—to a very large degree. In fact, the broad and wide-spread pantheism amongst the White Race today only makes World Jewry stronger [ for those interested in lessening Jewish power ].

* I’m talking about the true and traditional Christianity of Europe—before the French Revolution. I’m talking about both true and traditional Catholicism and true and traditional old-fashioned Protestant Christianity. I’m not talking about Christianity today , or what passes for Christianity ; Most “christians” today are “new age” pantheists anyhow : Pantheists are useless.


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