Test Your Capacity To See Through Jewish Crypsis: Which ones are Jewish?

Posted by DanielS on Friday, 02 June 2017 01:32.


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Lowering the bar of prima facie discernment, sometimes crypsis is not hidden but for the plain sight of popularity, other times the difference is hidden more by name…


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Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 03 Jun 2017 04:19 | #

The jokers in the pack are Peck and Helen Gurley Brown.  Possibly also Marian Javits.  Some of the others, notably Seymour and Shatner, have led useful lives little given to the struggles of Jewry.


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 03 Jun 2017 04:33 | #


Though Shatner didn’t mean to help the case against Jewish power and influence, the writers of his part in “The Intruder” knew their part all too well - and thus provided surprisingly accurate insight through the antagonist character played by Shatner in “The Intruder”


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 03 Jun 2017 05:44 | #

On the question of useful Jewish lives among the gliteratti, from what is available on-line I would add Jill St.John and Stephanie Powers.  The borderline of “useful”, in this respect, is anything more than a private acknowledge of Jewish identity.  Thus the half-Jew Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t qualify, and neither does her father.  Politically, anything more than a simple registration as a Democrat voter would be over the line; thus Gershon went further in a public attack upon Sarah Palin, revealing her absence of “usefulness”.  That’s if one accepts the assumption that a tribal motive inhabits Jewish political activism in a way that tribalism does not inhabit white voting patterns so much as the usual social and economic considerations.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 03 Jun 2017 05:49 | #

Wiki’s lists of Jews hardly likely to be “useful”:



Venturing further:



Posted by Famous name crypsis on Sun, 04 Jun 2017 11:29 | #

Ignore the little pro-Muslim bit at the end and what you have here is a surprising list of famous Jewish people who have changed their names to non-Jewish names.

“Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu” is another classic of Jewish name crypsis.

Ashley Montagu

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ashley Montagu
Born 28 June 1905
London, United Kingdom
Died 26 November 1999 (aged 94)
Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.
Citizenship American
Nationality British
Fields Anthropology

Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu (June 28, 1905 – November 26, 1999), previously known as Israel Ehrenberg, was a British-American anthropologist who popularized the study of topics such as race and gender and their relation to politics and development.[1] He was the rapporteur (appointed investigator), in 1950, for the UNESCO statement The Race Question. As a young man he changed his name from Ehrenberg to “Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu”. After relocating to the United States he used the name “Ashley Montagu”. Montagu, who became a naturalized American citizen in 1940, taught and lectured at Harvard, Princeton, Rutgers, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and New York University.[2]


Posted by (((((Robert Stark)))))) on Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:27 | #

Alicia Silverstone archives.



Posted by Doctou3225 on Wed, 07 Jun 2017 11:39 | #

A hat-tip to the locus classicus on this one, please:

‘FULLY Wake Up To Crypto-jews. Most if not all ‘bad elite Whites’ are Crypto-jews.’


Posted by animal crypsis on Wed, 21 Jun 2017 03:10 | #

Fantastic Leaf-tailed Gecko, also known as a Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko. 
(Photo by Thomas Marent/Caters News Agency)

Bark Owl

13 incredible examples of animal crypsis: i.e. nature will do this; i.e., in (((humans too)))


Posted by DanielS on Thu, 22 Jun 2017 13:05 | #

Note that (((John K. Press))) is being set about by the (((Alt Right))) to promote this “culturalism” - and through it, the Judeo-Christian bible as the amalgamating factor among “western peoples” ...which would include Jews, of course, and just about anybody who would elect to identify with this “culture” ...but this “Western culture” is “rational” because “it comes not only from Jerusalem but from Athens as well”, also from its science and rationale; and where scientism can serve Jewish interests, that will be seen as “Western culture being its rational self.” Thus, “he proposes treating the bible as literature”, interpretive literature in its unifying amalgam. This perspective is not an affectation to the Alternative Right, it is the Jewish essence of the (((paleoconservative))) worldview upon which the (((Atl-Right))) was founded.


Posted by John K. Press on Sun, 25 Jun 2017 21:20 | #


Only a few thoughts: 

1) It’s ‘culturism’ not ‘culturalism’. 

2) While I agree with it, the first person to be called a ‘culturist,’ practicing ‘culturism,’ was Matthew Arnold (1822 - 1888).  A Victorian poet (not Jewish), he wrote 4 books on the need to treat the Bible as literature in order that it might still guide us in the coming scientific age. 

And, btw, he also coined the phrase ‘Athens and Jerusalem’ to typify the West.

3) I love paleo-conservativism and it is interesting that you link it to the alt-right.  I don ‘t know anyone whose written about that lineage.  But, I think you’re right. Chronicles magazine, for example, is alt-light-ish at very least.

Thanks, (((John)))


Posted by Guessedworker on Mon, 26 Jun 2017 02:32 | #

I have a few questions for you, John, just off the top of my head:

1. Would a dispensation grounded in a shared culture (or, for that matter in civic values or constitutional structures) prevent the European-descended people in America from living without racially alien peoples?

2.  Are you, in principle, hostile to the emergence of a European-American ethnostate on the North American continent?  If so, why?

3. Do you accept that the Jewish religious/secular struggle is (a) material, this-world and political, (b) ethno-competitive, (c) essentially supremacist, and (d) not based in any qualities of Jews individually or collectively, and therefore not progressed by the perfection of same but by the disintegration, de-nationing, and deracination of the ethnic Other?

4. Do you accept that the life, survival and continuity of the European American people is a higher cause than any cultural or civilisational form?

5. Do you accept that the ethnic nationalism of the European American people is as moral and necessary for them as the Jewish ethnic struggle is for Jews?  Indeed, objectively speaking, because the ethnic nationalism of the European American people is not a supremacist nationalism, do you accept that it has a higher moral value than Jewish nationalism?

Thanks for your consideration of these matters.


Posted by John K. Press on Mon, 26 Jun 2017 21:37 | #

Guessed Worker,

Here - off the top of my head - are some answers.  They are culturist answers, so they speak for culturism more broadly - to the extent that I get to define it for others.

1. Would a dispensation grounded in a shared culture (or, for that matter in civic values or constitutional structures) prevent the European-descended people in America from living without racially alien peoples?

No.  It wouldn’t prevent it.  However, I don’t think White dominated areas will come via government interference.  That needs to happen based on an affirmation of the 1st Amendments ‘freedom of association’ clause invalidating hud and busing.  Then people will naturally split into enclaves.

2.  Are you, in principle, hostile to the emergence of a European-American ethnostate on the North American continent?  If so, why?

Not in principle.  I live in Korea. Being in a nearly homogenous society is really great.  The sticking point, however, is practicality.  The US population is at least 35% minority.  So, what to do with such folks.  Blacks have been around a long time.  The only way to get a semblance of ‘white areas’ is via the volunteerist strategy mentioned in my last answer. 

A rub is that if the West breaks down into civil war, then there will be nowhere for whites to be safe and have modern infrastructure.  So, again, I think it can only happen voluntarily within an otherwise united multiracial state - in which all citizens celebrate our European heritage. But, this is going to require that we replace multiculturalism with legal culturism.  (Details are in my culturist policy articles, here:


3. Do you accept that the Jewish religious/secular struggle is (a) material, this-world and political, (b) ethno-competitive, (c) essentially supremacist, and (d) not based in any qualities of Jews individually or collectively, and therefore not progressed by the perfection of same but by the disintegration, de-nationing, and deracination of the ethnic Other?

I’m not sure about all the implications / meanings of this 4 - 5 part question.  But, . . . Well, Israel as an ethno state is trying to survive.  Yes.  And, part d is confusing.  So, let me say that many Jews have been behind the launching of multiculturalism / liberalism/ Civil Rights / feminism - a disproportionate number.  But, I don’t think a) that Jews are inherently leftist (that is a hold over from fighting Russian Czars during communism - when US Jews largely immigrated - makes our Jews a leftist cohort; and b) such theories overlook, for example, the fact that the 1965 act was done via our first Catholic President. 

4. Do you accept that the life, survival and continuity of the European American people is a higher cause than any cultural or civilisational form?

It depends what you mean by the “European American people”.  Half of our people are social justice warriors.  And, many of the same are moral degenerates.  I don’t think being White makes you intrinsically a good person.  Now, our culture (which requires our set of genes and that they be used wisely) is intrinsically valuable.  The Puritan / Victorian streak has great value. 

So, yes, it would be very sad if there were no more whites.  And, a natural tribal instinct riles in me everytime I see a minority beating up a white on youtube.  But, ultimately, for Whites to succeed, they have to become worthy of their European heritage.

5. Do you accept that the ethnic nationalism of the European American people is as moral and necessary for them as the Jewish ethnic struggle is for Jews?  Indeed, objectively speaking, because the ethnic nationalism of the European American people is not a supremacist nationalism, do you accept that it has a higher moral value than Jewish nationalism?

Is the Jewish ethnic state ‘supremacist’?  And, does something not being supremacist make it of a higher moral value?  I am generally more pragmatic than metaphysical.  I don’t know what ‘higher moral value’ means.  If saying ‘we’re number one’ helps our survival, I’m into it.  I have a feeling saying, ‘we’re not that special’ won’t help us survive.  That, is what multiculturalists say and I reject it on that basis.

These are thought provoking questions. I hope I got your meaning on them.  If there are particular points you’d like to educate me on or ask for clarification on, I’ll be back to check for follow ups.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 08:15 | #

Well, John K. Press addressed GW, so I’ve anticipated a response from GW. However, John K. Press is a significant example of Alt-Rigthtism, thus I will provide a response of my own before too long as well


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 23:19 | #

Thank you for your responses, John.  I am not going to ask you further questions.  However, I have some comments I want to make not as a white nationalist myself, but as one who has some insight into WN and its struggle.

First, “white” in the racio-political context is employed by WNs as a restrictive term.  It has a boundary, and that boundary includes no person or group of people descended in part or whole from non-European native peoples.  This should be clear.  The purpose of white nationalism is to secure the existence of white people qua European-descended peoples in America.  Non-European descended people can, of course, be allies; even seeking a quid pro quo of a homeland of their own on the continent if that is arguable in principle.  But allies, though welcome, are still only allies.  They never become oneself or one’s own.

Second, culture is a secondary-, possibly tertiary-order genetic interest.  When we speak of European civilisation and high culture we are speaking of a beautiful social order, certainly, and a wondrous intellectual and aesthetic heritage, the parent of which is, in large part, the European sociobiology (I would argue, the European creative genius as it has evolved from the encephalising evolutionary strategy of confronting and solving the challenges to existence posed by Nature in the cold climate north.)  But we are not speaking here of a primary interest like the continuity of the people (which really means the transmission of its genes for distinctiveness).  We are speaking only of an evolutionary aid to that (though always in the functional, not purposive, sense)

So culture, while it has a high value to the people in whom it emerges, is not significant in the same sense as Life itself …. as ethnic or racial survival and continuity; and, ultimately, it is ethnic survival and continuity which drives all humankind and which is the clarion call of white nationalism.

Third, Jewry, excepting the small Jewish population which remained in the Middle East, is a diaspora people or, to be precise, a collection of diaspora peoples united by religion.  None of these groups are white in the sense of European descent.  One of them, the Ashkenazim, has evolved to a high (principally verbal) intelligence deriving from the singular fact that not Nature but the European and Eurasian racial kinds are its environment of evolutionary adaptiveness.  It has developed the means to exploit certain niches in that environment, for the execution of which its religion is a perfect guide and statement of intent.

Judaism itself is racial nationalism in faith form.  Indeed, three of its most essential characteristics re-surfaced in National Socialism as the Fuhrer principle, the Thousand Year Reich, and Aryan supremacism.  As moral systems, both National Socialism and Judaism are Nietzschean.  Judaism’s vision is of an ecstatic and endless this-world time of peace and enlightenment declared by the returned Messiah, in which Jews shall no longer be Jews but a priesthood universally adored by a humanity without borders or distinctions or identities, who recognise Jewish distinctiveness and bless the Jewish priestood for speaking directly to the Jewish G-d.  This is a religious expression of an evolved drive for total power over the out-group, got not by any process of self-perfectionment by Jews themselves, since Jewry is chosen by G-d solely for its ethnicity, leaving no room for change of any substance, but by de-ethnicising the host … by universalising and amorphising it … by removing identity and distinctiveness from it, and rendering it an underman not infrequently characterised by more traditionalist rabbis as existing without wealth and property of its own (all that having been lovingly gifted to the priesthood).

Even the more intelligent Jews shrink back when this character of their sociobiology is discussed with European nationalists.  Some, like yourself, will coyly admit that, yes, an “unrepresentative” number of Jewish intellectuals and activists are associated with philosophies, politics, and social and cultural activisms which have, let us say, negative effects on the European host.  But none that I have encountered will take the subject on honestly and expansively because, of course, then the familiar narrative of sporadic outbreaks of European oppression and violence might become explicable as resistance and self-defence.  The narrative’s essential tribally unifying character might be lost to a new and excoriating narrative of exploitation, aggression, supremacism, and parasitism.

Thus the ideological battle carried by European nationalists to Jewry is for the due characterisation of the Jewish ethnic struggle, and for the perfect and natural right of the European host to live free of same.  Jewish nationalism and European nationalism cannot, therefore, cooperate.  Both understand the process to be existential and final.  Only one can emerge existent and victorious.  It is a battle to the death, but it is an undeclared battle, and a battle which, should Europeans fight en masse, Europeans will win.

In this existential context, John, white nationalism cannot cooperate with Jews and be true to itself and its aims.  Clear-sighted WNs will understand that Jews enter their political world to make it safe for Jewry.  Shifting the racial focus onto culture is a classic means of doing so.  The great majority of WNs would, I am sure, much prefer to cooperate somehow with Jewry rather than fight it to the death – not least because a voluble charm is one of the Jewish behavioural traits evolved in diaspora, and we are all somewhat susceptible to it.  Very often, we like Jews as they present themselves personally.  But WNs have also understood the racial character behind the presentation.  They calculate that the complex and multi-layered processes of manipulation and management which constitute the Jewish address of their people will not end because of a few Jews active in their movement.  They might be persuaded of Jewish goodwill if said Jews were talking not to them but to their own people – and of reform.  But the sociobiology can’t be reformed, so that could simply never happen.  The old sore “Is it good for Jews?” will never be replaced by “Is it good for white America?”


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 01:38 | #

It’s a brilliant response and statement GW.

However, it may be sounding the call to final battle a bit prematurely.

Even if there were better and wider spread understanding of the problem, I doubt that there would be sufficient enough victory over Jewish diaspora in the next three decades such that Whites would not still have to spend some of that time learning how better to consider ourselves as distinct (especially from Jews, and especially getting others to understand the distinction between Jews and right wing reactionary Whites ..or even just plain White supremacists who create enemies unnecessarily for their hubris), how to govern ourselves as a system, how to prevent extant Jews from subverting, supplying frameworks, infiltrating and governing our interests. Even a small number can vector powerfully subversive and governing influence - often by over-training other non-Whites or marginals in victimization by Whites narratives which allows the Jews to shield themselves with them. The circumstance is sufficiently complicated such that we’ve got more prep-work to do before sounding a final call, lest the result be our defeat, or our becoming mixed with the Jewish supremacists - which seems rather their aim via the Alternative Right.

However, the situation is not so complicated that it cannot be sorted out for people who are at all reasonable.

And I don’t want this caveat to detract from your response to (((John))). It is otherwise brilliant. Thank you.

It is a non-trivial matter. Whether he knows it or not (((John K. Press’s “culturism”))) provides a template of both the (((paleocon underpinnings and objectives for the alternative right - alternative k—-)))


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 02:40 | #

OK, well, there is always more to say.  Let’s see how John responds. I hope he will.  It would be satisfying to explore the realities of this eternal conflict in a respectful and collegiate way.

As to your own observations, I would hazard a guess that young white men growing up in America are more aware of an issue of some sort with Jewish power than your generation ever was.  The starting point has been advanced by all those who sought to make the age of the internet an age of Jew awareness, and it is only gathering pace.  Of course, the great problem of how to make politics remains.  Establishments are extraordinarily resilient to frontal attack.  It may be that, sociologically, the actual forces of revolt never directly create the new dispensation of themselves, nor have the power and coherence to do so.  Change, if and when it comes, may have to do so through some external agency, for example, the Bolsheviks in pre-Revolutionary Russia; before that, the Abolitionists in the age of slavery; before that, the burgeoning merchant class in pre-Empire times, and so forth.  What would constitute such a catalysing force in our time?


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 03:34 | #

Maybe it is possible for individual agents or White blood cells to engage in helpful maneuvers, but we are fighting a war of position and galvanization of necessity at this point - as a matter of fact, war of position is the default and ultimate objective. What we want is our position(s)

I don’t have that much faith in generation Internet bubble’s understanding of the problem at this point.

Their understanding remains narrow and lacks the sophistication that experience outside of self affirming internet bubbles would provide

They’ve mainlined a lot of the issues from right wing dealers of the boomer generation, who have to date, been the keepers of “the racial wisdom” and providing “the answers to the JQ.”

Wars of maneuver can only be temporary and its instantiation as a way of life is an unstable, right-wing supremacist and primarily a Jewy way (and reactionary way to them) at this point in history - perhaps beginning with the mirroring of the Nazis, as you observe.

Even some of the smartest of their mentors, Tanstaafl, for example - and his new post and concomitant podcast is very good - remain precariously thin and would be headlong if taken as providing a catalysing world view.


Posted by John K Press on Thu, 13 Jul 2017 10:24 | #


Thanks for the long response. Sorry it took so long to get back here.

I appreciate that the consistent double standard (culturism in Israel, multiculturalism in the West), makes it seem like Jewish duplicity is planned.  But, my impression is that, Israel was ruled by leftists for a long time.  And, right wing (anti-neo con) Jews, like myself exist.  My point?  Jews are not inherently rightist there or leftist here.  And, there is no coordination between Jews to undermine.

Yet, pointing out the hypocrisy is warranted.  From now on, I am adding ‘Israel’ to my list of foreign powers that are very culturist.  And, in doing so, I hope to point towards the basic realities and policy models Israel faces.  “Protecting our people” is not a totally vile aim - Israel normalizes that and shows how it’s done. We must take notes.

While sociobiology / gene culture co-evolution, would acknowledge a genetic component to European greatness, in America, that ship has sailed.  We have racial diversity and must preserve the gene-pool to the extent possible. But, we’re now permanently diverse, and so must make due with (and try to hold on to) the demographic hand we’ve been dealt. 

I am against any scheme that seeks to officially divide America into enclaves. I am about preserving the West, not carving it up.  But, I will concede that if it becomes overwhelmingly majority non-white, America’s character will have been altered - genetically - forever.  This makes the culturist goals of unifying the West and taking shared pride in our past and emulating it, difficult. 

Yet, to make a homeland, wherein whites can feel safe, and comfortable, and likely thrive, requires we continue the culturist project, even though.  No real other viable alternatives exist in the US.  And, with its less mixed population, the culturist way can achieve these goals better in Europe than they can in the mixed US. 

So, I don’t think, in either situation, noting Jewish influence is a bad idea.  But, ultimately, sadly, unifying the US requires us getting beyond race. This means working to make Jews want the same level of culturism that Israel practices to happen in the West. 


Posted by Captainchaos on Thu, 13 Jul 2017 22:24 | #


John K Piss is afraid that if Whites decide to get rid of muds they won’t stop there and will eventually get rid of Jews as well.  That is why he wishes us to think that getting rid of muds is impossible - so we will be dispirited and not even try.  He entirely neglects to mention that history is not made by cowardly herd animals who are swayed by the insidious rasping of filthy kikes Jews, but by men with balls.

[Ed: A non-legal formulation in the above comment has been struck out and replaced with a legal formulation, in the hope and expectation that CC will not be arrested on arrival at Nuremburg airport but will, in fact, be free to enjoy his one-month grand tour of the Fatherland.]


Posted by Captainchaos on Sun, 16 Jul 2017 03:29 | #

The Fatherland has been a wet dream cum true.  Heil Hitler, and fuck English moralism!


Posted by Guessedworker on Sun, 16 Jul 2017 17:02 | #


The predictability of your reply disappoints.  It is little more than a flight from the racial reality, with no attempt to explain why ethnic nationalism is apparently inappropriate for white Americans … no explanation of why it is sufficient to “take shared pride in our past” … no explanation of why the very hearth of our race merely constitutes a civic space called “the West” to you ... no explanation of why America must remain a racially universalist project.  Where is the body of culturist principle and value which, one must presume, surpasses the principle and value of the ethnic life itself?  Or is your argument for the American multicult merely utilitarian – you do not think white Americans can succeed in securing a geographic space on the American continent?  Or is it that America itself, as an idea, is too dear to you to subordinate to the life of the European race on the North American continent?

Whichever it is, you are feeding white Americans acceptance of multiracialism as a solution to multiracialism, and the Judaic project as a solution to the Judaic project (or, if you must, the liberal project, the globalist project).  Is it merely a subterfuge?  Well, by it you would deny those over whom you have placed yourself one avenue to a politics of their life and identity.  You would deny them the politics of life that Jews are so assiduous in securing for themselves.  And don’t tell me that Jewish life is “cultural” - you wrote of “Culturism in Israel” but the reality is a supremacist racial nationalism.  You say white Americans should learn from Israeli Jews, but you don’t mean that at all, do you?

I have encountered my share of culturists down the years.  I have encountered my share of Jews in our movement.  In both cases the sticking point for them tends to be separation of the races.  But short of the development of a hyper-competitive and racist evolutionary survival strategy capable of operating effectively through many centuries in a racially alien environment, there is no possibility – indeed, no example in human history - of a people sharing its living space with other other peoples without disappearing from the world.  Holding its own territory unto itself is the only basis on which any native people, certainly, will survive.  It is not just desirable.  It is everything.

The question, then, is how to make it happen for us.  I suspect that you will not be surprised to hear that the philosophy from which the answer must come is rather more complex and fundamental than “taking shared pride in our past.”  As nationalists our critique of the world we inhabit covers some large subjects beside the Jewish paradigm, so large as to appear to the uninitiated – like yourself - quite intractable.  Christianity, liberalism, internationalism and the corporation, the Money Power and debt, the experience of modernity … all these shape the lived life of European Man in a totalistic and reductive way.  Philosophical nationalism stands in profound, creative opposition to them all.  It is our intellectual wellspring and, via its politics, the true historical field of action on which we contest for the destiny of racial Europe.

Beside this … beside the grand scope and ambition of nationalist thought ... “taking shared pride in our past” amounts to a petty act of sympathetic magic.  I am not exaggerating when I say that you have blundered into a thought-world, our world, of which you apparently have no understanding at all.  My advice, sincerely intended, would be to quit.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sun, 16 Jul 2017 17:16 | #

Keeping CC out of gaol - a new definition of English moralism.


Posted by (((John K. Press)))'s kosher advice to Amren on Tue, 01 Aug 2017 20:55 | #

(((John K. Press))) and Richard Spencer at Amren 2017.


by (((John K. Press)))

Since American Renaissance conferences started, in 1994, Sam Dickson has given the event’s closing remarks. And, this year, he mentioned, that he parted ways with his esteemed veteran comrades, Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow on one issue: They think America can be saved! Dickson’s topic assumed that America’s total breakdown is imminent. This is one of the main points of debate I want to discuss. But, first to the juicy stuff!

Well, not that juicy . . . During our lunch, one of the attendees defied Taylor’s orders and went out to interact with the Antifa protesters. People witnessed our guy get attacked by 4 of them, literally knocking him into a beautiful Tennessee lake. By the time I got a look at the situation, the police were arresting him. An unhappy Taylor announced that the guy was in the hospital and looking for eyewitnesses. We lost that battle.

As I discussed with several somewhat sympathetic attendees, I was torn over Taylor’s stance on violence. We had a capacity crowd of 350 people. I saw about 14 Antifa protesters. We could have chased their black-banner-waving asses away. When we win a confrontation, (as with the EDL or at UC Berkeley’s recent riots), our men get a testosterone rush, they stand taller and the other side shrivels. Amren draws a perhaps too staid, genteel, stylish crowd. I understand, though, we want to make our message respectable. But, many of us dreamed of confrontation.

Now back to Dickson. When I told him about culturism and culturist policy, he nodded and said the ideas had merit. But, he retorted, America is already doomed. This reply stunned and frustrated me. ‘If it is true,’ I thought, ‘we have nothing to talk about.’ But, in his speech, he discussed things we need to think about if the US collapses. For example, our ethno-state might consider limiting the right to vote, and would be defined by race, not liberal or conservative policies. Dickson convinced me that considering what a post–apocalyptic state might look like has some merit.

I also disagreed with Jared Taylor. We talked about culturism for a bit. But he too rejected my view saying, “We cannot live with blacks.” Personally, I think that if you got rid of HUD and the ‘diversity quotas,’ different ethnic groups would naturally and peacefully form extremely homogenous neighborhoods. And, this would be a thing for whites: good schools, safety and a sense of belonging would likely follow. But, this could not be an ethno-state. As we long have, we would live among some blacks. So, again, I come down on the side of western solvency and relative unity.

On my side, nice, non-criminal, patriotic, hard-working black people exist.  The black family used to be stronger than the white family is now.  That change is more to do with welfare policy than genes. If Black Lives Matter rhetoric makes black behavior worse, promoting culturist patriotism will make them better. And, potential white enclaves can only thrive within a larger solvent nation. I am more optimistic that quickly implementing stringent culturist policies quickly (zero immigration, repatriation, ending welfare, making education patriotic, making English our official language, etc.) can still save the West.



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Crypto Jews, Marrannos among “Spanish” arrivals in the new world.


Posted by 1/8 on Fri, 08 Sep 2017 04:22 | #


Posted by Bracketed or no? on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 01:13 | #

(((Julia Ioffe)))

It may be a fact that most people would think Julia Ioffe doesn’t look Jewish, many men would think she is attractive, but a willing suspension of disbelief facilitates liberation from mere facticity to apprehend the broader Jewish pattern, enabling critical distance and more rational evaluation; and thus protection of our own kind.


Posted by Louis CK and the 1/4 issue on Thu, 16 Nov 2017 02:49 | #


Louis CK raises the 1/4 or less issue again.

      David “Cole” Stein: “You don’t get this one.”

According to David “Cole” Stein, we (who are trying to un-do Jewish crypsis) “don’t get this one”, because Louis CK would not qualify as a Jew under Nuremberg laws, nor under Jewish law - by which law his maternal grandmother would have to be the one quarter contribution to his Jewishness for him to count at all as a Jew in a case of one quarter heritage (unless, perhaps converting to Judaism, which CK has not).

However, experience and verification will probably show that being 1/4 biological Jew or even less can be enough to cause a person to be swayed to act in Jewish interests and in ways antagonistic to other groups.

      Of course these two don’t have much in the way of crypsis.


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Posted by Warski name and face on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 11:56 | #


In addition to Andy Warski looking the part, the Warski name certainly can be Jewish.

For example:

Poland, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Births, 1550-1993

Birth, Marriage & Death, including Parish
Name:  Sura Warski
Birth:  20 Apr 1846

Jewish Holocaust Register of survivors printed in Pinkas HaNitzolim I & II, 1945
Schools, Directories & Church Histories
Name:  Zysman Warski
Residence:  Lodz

Austria, Mauthausen/Gusen Concentration Camp Death Record Books , 1938-1945
Birth, Marriage & Death, including Parish
Name:  Zatona ? Warski
Birth:  10 May 1906 - Wzelonj
Death:  10 Apr 1945 - Solvay (Ebensee)
Residence:  Poland

Andy Warski

This guy even looks like Andy Warski:

Adolf Warski, born Jerzy Adolf Warszawski (April 20, 1868, Warsaw – August 21, 1937, Moscow[1]), was a Jewish leader and theoretician of the communist movement in Poland.




Posted by Is Mike Enoch kosher? on Sun, 04 Feb 2018 15:56 | #

Is Mike Enoch Jewish?



Posted by But it's Not Veritas on Sun, 04 Feb 2018 17:12 | #

Luke Ford: We’ve got Vivian Veritas on the show, Vivian, you’ve been reading one of Mike Jone’s books on the Jews, what was the title again and what was it about?

Vivian Veritas (A.K.A. Ruth, A.K.A. “The Truth Will Live”): It was called ‘Judaism’s Strange Gods’, and it’s about, (E-Michael Jones) is basically breaking down all the uh, all the things that he finds offensive, or evil, in the Talmud; he basically doesn’t have a problem with Jews as a race or Jews as a people, he has a problem with Orthodox Judaism; and that’s what this book is about. I mean, I’m assuming that he has a problem with secular Jews too; just being who he is; but that’s what this book is really about.

And, I would say that the biggest thing that I’m getting from it, is that Jews, this is definitely something I’ve experienced in my own life; Jews don’t really have, like ..

Secular Jews don’t really have, are not taught morality. But then..

Orthodox Jews are taught this morality that is so, I’m not going to call it evil
...because I don’t want to offend Luke…

But it’s like so constraining, and so kind of, backward, that it’s like there’s no inbetween for Jews and that’s why they’re having so many problems and why they’re writing articles about why you should be a cuckold and how that would be great for your marriage.

Related: The Lies Will Try to Live, but They’re Not White, They’re Jewish.


Posted by (((JohnK Press)))"culturist" plan to mix gentiles on Fri, 09 Feb 2018 01:32 | #

(((John K. Press)))‘s quick guide to Jewish co-option of Western cultural policy - courtesy Alternative Right.

That is, (((John K. Press))‘s “quick guide” for integrating, i.e., blending away Whites with the rest of the “gentiles” under the Noahide law of Judeo-Christianity, which he calls, “culturalism”  ...bum steer courtesy Alternative Right.

Note the “anti-diversity” angle:

Aggressive assimilation

Culturalist (Judeo-Christian) profiling

Voting in English

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