These Are White Nationalists? What Is Behind TRS And The Alt-Right’s Gushing Effusion For Trump?

Posted by DanielS on Tuesday, 24 January 2017 09:53.

Trump’s campaign was initiated in his agreement to dismantle the Iran Deal on Israel’s behalf. David Duke used to sternly caution against candidates who threatened to take Israel’s side against Iran.

​”Today, this hallowed Day One of the Trump Age” - so begins The Right Stuff article,”Requiem for a Dead Presidency”, (therightstuffbiz 20 Jan 2017), in which they hail the new age of a White Nationalist quid-pro-quo with Israel; while saying goodbye to the Israeli unfriendly Obama/Brzezinski platform. In this post, I hope to elaborate on the hypothesis that Kumiko and I are developing as to what is behind the “irony” that surrounds the Alt-Right’s effusion over the Trump Election.

David Duke: “It will be known as a day of salvation. ..this day was when we finally realized with all of our heart and soul that we would ultimately win, and that is the only thing that has hither held us back. Because the black pilling is what holds us back. When people know that victory is assured, that all we have to do is throw our minds and bodies and spirits into this war for everything truly holy and beautiful and against everything ugly and evil…this is a more important day than at Tours or The Gates of Vienna” - David Duke Show, 20 Jan 2017.

Inauguration day highlighted some of the irony of the Alternative Right in their enthusiasm for Trump and The Republican Party. The Alternative Right are people who fancy themselves White Nationalist at their core and Jew-wise at their most radical. Marked changes in the positions of WN and willful blindness to the irony of their effusive support for Trump show the hallmarks of their having been co-opted by a successful marketing campaign - taking their interests to resuscitate a moribund Republican Party, and even more fundamentally, marshaling the White vote to reconstruct the political system which they had accurately seen is not only corrupt, but inherently averse to acting in their ehtnonationalist interests and susceptible to corruption as such. So what has changed them, what has brought them to a different position regarding American politics and its parties? The long standing position of White Nationalism had been that “there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican party” in terms of their service to White Ethno-nationalism and that “the US Government is ‘ZOG.”

Jewish Journal, “Top 5 Jewish inauguration moments: Rabbi Hier, ‘America First,’ Chuck Schumer and more” - 20 Jan 2017:

Rabbi Marvin Hier during his prayer at the inauguration. Screenshot from YouTube

1. Rabbi Marvin Hier blesses President Donald Trump.

“Bless President Donald J. Trump and America and our great nation,” the Museum of Tolerance and Simon Wiesenthal Center founder said. “By the rivers of Babylon we wept as we remembered Zion,” he said, quoting the Psalm.

“The five Christian clerics all gave benedictions that varied from asking God’s blessings on America and the Trumps to declaring the importance of personal faith in Jesus as the only path to redemption,” wrote J.J. Goldberg in the Forward.

“It was left to the one non-Christian, Rabbi Marvin Hier…to quote the parts of the Bible that remind us of society’s obligation to the poor, the weak and powerless. Hier, a conservative-leaning Orthodox rabbi, has been under pressure for weeks from Jewish leftists to make a bold statement at the inaugural and speak up for social justice. I don’t think they expected to deliver, but he did — elegantly.

2. President Trump invokes the phrase “America First.”
President Donald Trump used the same terminology he often used during his campaign, despite the phrase’s association with a 1940s-era anti-Semitic organization.

“From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land,” Trump said. “From this day forward it’s going to be only America first. America first.”

During the campaign, dozens of American Jewish historians took exception with Trump’s use of that particular slogan.

3. Sen. Chuck Schumer provided a stark contrast to the inauguration speech

In contrast to Trump’s inauguration speech, Sen. Churck Schumer delivered a speech that emphasized diversity, tolerance, immigrants and the importance of government in people’s lives. He read excerpts from Civil War officer Maj. Sullivan Ballou who vowed to offer his life to defend the Union.

“Whatever our race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,” Schumer said, “whether we are immigrant or native-born, whether we live with disabilities or do not, in wealth or in poverty, we are all exceptional in our commonly held, yet fierce devotion to our country, and in our willingness to sacrifice our time, energy, and even our lives to making it a more perfect union.”

Many in the crowd booed Schumer during his speech.

4. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner drive!

Twitter exploded at the news that the other First Couple – Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner – received rabbinic permission to drive during the inauguration festivities that would take place on Shabbat. As observant Jews the Kushners do not drive on the Sabbath.

According to a report in Kol Barama radio, the couple had been granted special permission by a rabbi to use a vehicle because of “safety” concerns.

Later, Twitter re-exploded when Jewish Insider reporter Jacob Kornbluh revealed the Kushners were not holding a Christian prayer book during the Trump family prayer service at the St. John’s church.

5. Battle of the Mazel Tovs

A few minutes apart, Trump received congratulations via Twitter from two very different fans.

“Congrats to my friend President Trump,” tweeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Look fwd to working closely with you to make the alliance between Israel&USA stronger than ever.”



Peinovich: “We (he and Musonius Rufus) met at Amren (Jared Taylor‘s Jewish friendly organization) in April 2015.”

Musonius Rufus: “Yeah, so starting in May of 2015, that’s when I got into TRS.”

Peinvovich: Yeah, it’s been so long, this has been an insane two years. ...and then like the Trump thing, that was a gift that we never could have imagined… a couple weeks into Trump we started getting into Trump, we were wary though, there were some people who wanted to go full on board right away. They wanted to be part of the politics. Like there were a lot of people who were with Ron Paul, just a year and a half ago…Then there was people who were like uh, no, no no, politics are just…let’s not do this again. We learned our lesson with Ron Paul, and I was like that at first too. We had to be sort of wary and cautious, but as it turned out, I’m not going to say that the people who were throwing in right away were right, but it worked out well for everybody. you think that he was sort of red-pilled by this campaign, like he saw what they were doing to him and was like what the fuck?

Mencken’s Ghost: He has a lot more experience than I think a lot of people give his public persona credit for, but the amount of feedback from his base, it almost seems like the Alt-Right was his base. When he said something we didn’t like, when he said something about going back on amnesty or the time he talked about cucking on fire-arms ...basically within two days he backed-off. It’s almost like he could have had someone sitting inside of our group, that’s how quick the feedback was.

Mike Peinovich (18:32): Yeah, uh, no comments on that - no, just kidding.

But um, I remember another time.. he started to cuck on H1B Visas, and the feedback was so immediate. ..and that night he went on Facebook and was like, “let me clarify, I have no plans for any more H1B Visas and we need to eliminate H1B Visas”.... because his fans got the ear of someone in his campaign, probably (((Steven Miller))), frankly ...or (((Steven Miller))) himself was like, “you can’t do that.” ...yeah, I don’t know if we’ll ever know but given some of the personnel on his campaign, and some of the people behind him now, we all know that (((Steven Miller, he’s a Jew))), and so take that for what it’s worth, but (((Steven Miller))) is uhm, he knows certain individuals. ...uh, I don’t know if it’s a secret, really, I think he knows Jared Taylor, I think he knows (((Steve Sailer))).

Mike Peinovich
(25:00:08): So, if I could just say one more thing about Trump.. I’m going to content cuck The Daily Shoah, cuz this is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past couple days. ..we can attribute this to Trump, we can attribute this to (((Steven Miller))), we can attribute this to (((Steve Sailer))) to Ann Coulter, to a number of people, but I think that when you really look at the victory that Trump achieved..and I don’t know about these claims that Hillary is going to end up with two million more votes that’s just floating out there..that’s based on a popular projection by a guy who got everything wrong the first time around, like he’s this guy at the New York Times, he’s their like (((Nate Silver guy, Nate Silver used to be their Nate Silver))), now they’ve got a new one. ..uhm, the guy was just completely wrong. ..but even if she does, who gives a shit if two million more Hispanics voted in California and New York for Hillary Clinton than people voted for Donald Trump. I don’t care. I don’t consider those people’s votes valid. You know what Trump did, Trump actually secured the vote of (((people who are very important to this country))) [and their cucks] while people can say that the popular vote can go to Clinton, ...while he won the rust-belt, I think this was a plan.

...36:13: Whatever we do going forward, we need to abandon some of the previous nationalist positions, which was like, the Republican Party was hopeless. it’s a ZOG thing and we’re not going to be able to effect it and we have to form a third party or have a revolution or something. In light of events and in light of our positions, we kind of have to think of ourselves as Republicans. I mean, I know how that sounds to people who have hated the GOP, to southerners, you know, like I understand that. But this is the party of White people. .we captured it, but on a deeper level this is the party, this is the voice of our people, even if it’s cucked, we don’t help things by not being involved in it. .. it is in fact the racialized party of White people so, to not be involved in it would be ridiculous.

TRS, Rebel Yell, 13 Nov 2016, Mike Peinovich, Musonius Rufus and Mencken’s Ghost, .

Note that it is of keen importance for Jewish interests to influence the Southern market - through platforms such as Rebel Yell, The Political Cesspool and David Duke, they can garner the audience which is most influenced by The Bible and (often with an interpretation of that) most enthusiastic to go and fight in wars that serve Jewish and objectivist interests.

Mike Peinovich(16:23):..“If you can’t take a joke, if you don’t actually think this is pretty funny like, ok, if you’re going to kvetch about this endlessly, like, get the fuck out of here. I don’t give a shit. The whole point of this is that we are making fun and taking down all the pieties of the left, because god knows our fucking pieties, our sacred things are destroyed and attacked and mocked by these people. ... like how many times to you see a comedian go up and make fun of the bible? People hold that book sacred. It’s like everything that we held sacred was torn down and this society; so we’re taking these new sacred things and we’re making fun of them, cuz fuck them. - Rebel Shoah 17 Jan 2017.

Mike Peinovich: “Whenever people asked us, what’s the next step for TRS guys? We would always say, well, we’d like to form a media corporation, and we’d like to make this a real media company. Every political movement needs a media wing; and that’s kind of our vision of what we do. ..we can do all the spin and the analysis and the propaganda and stuff. Our conception of TRS as a media organization, and other people’s conception of TRS is political - obviously it’s political, but as literally like a party leadership body that’s just not..those two things aren’t the same. So really, what we want to do and one thing I can be a leader of is I can be a leader of a media organization.” -  Rebel Shoah, 17 Jan 2017

The “Merchant Minute” of the latest (((Daily Shoah))) is particularly Jewy:

“Boldly” criticizing Jews that Jews don’t like, Jews that Jews are willing to throw under the bus - George Soros (for his liberalism and anti-Zionism, and because he is old), Bernie Madoff (who ripped off other Jews and is in jail for it) and stealthily evoking sympathy for some Jewish doctor - by pretending that they are mocking “his tranny advocacy” while they are, in fact, invoking sympathy for this Jewish doctor who proposes instead of transexuality, an empathetic position with regard to confused youth struggling with sex identity issues…

1:42:20 The Merchant Minute

Transcript: This is the Merchant Minute. It was the best of current years, it was the worst of current years; by the time you’ve heard this Merchant Minute, I will probably have been doxed by that fugly prostitute in Chicago and her army of purity spiraling apehole spergs [Mich Peinovich providing ‘spontaneous’ laugh track]. So, I’d like to pre-empt them and apologize for my degeneracy, which I’m sure you’re all pouring over right now and freaking-out about. I’m a transexual and a furry [more laughs from Peinovich] and I like to yif with my fellow tfr swaggats at our standard pool parties. No, I’m just fucking with ya. The worst I’ve done is stick my dick in a sand nigger thot because she hated Jews and didn’t call the ADL when I made a racist joke. Plus she was fine as fuck! But you see goys, negative experiences are powerful things; because of that, I hate degeneracy all the more; and I want to bury every single thot in a mass grave. So, I ask you, do you not think that Mike’s experiences, being surrounded by both liberal Jewry and the odious ultra-orthodox in Jew York City have had an impact on his ideological development? Huh, and yet here we are getting lectured about our purity by people who fap to dick girl-hinted [more Peinovich ‘laughter’]. Honestly, if apehole had been alive in Hitler’s Germany, well, assuming he didn’t have you all killed for being stupid faggots, you’d be sperging out about how much of a cuck he was for wanting to send the Jews to Madagascar, instead of gassing them all - none of this shit would be happening if the cripple were still in charge. This is the state of the right-wing in current year three. Victory has defeated you. We need a night of the long knives and it can’t come soon enough.

Anyway, here’s what’s new in the world of Merchants. Hungary plans to crack down on non-governmental agencies linked to billionaire (((George Soros)))!!! Now that Donald Trump will occupy the White house; according to the deputy head of Victor Orban’s Party. The European Union will use all the tools at its disposal to sweep out NGO’s funded by the Hungarian born financier, which serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments. Wait, does Victor Orban call for the killing of all Jews? No? OK, I think we need to destroy him and replace him with a left winger. What do you think that’s a bad idea? Guys, members of his cabinet have been shilling on our board. What do you mean do I have proof? (((I’m a moderator, you can trust me goy))) !!! By the way, in all seriousness, Jim Prophet was right.

And from Atlanta Black Star, “Does Tipping Have Racist Origins?” This seasoned restaurateur says yes. Most restaurant goers see tipping as a courteous practice to thank waiters for their service. But what many may not know is that the practice of giving your server a few (((extra shekels))) is actually rooted in racism. During a recent interview Shake-Shack founder and restaurateur (((Danny Meyer))) spoke about the racist history of tipping and why he finally decided to ban the practice in his restaurants back in 2015 (((tipping actually is one of the biggest hoaxes pulled on an entire culture))). ..oh, you wanna talk about hoaxes pulled on an entire culture huh? He went onto explain how the age old custom came about after the abolition of the age old custom of slavery; as restaurant owners and the railroad industry, which employed formerly enslaved black Americans used abolition as an excuse to make them work for tips rather than paying them actual wages. It wasn’t considered slavery because we, the restaurant industry, would ask our customers to pay tips and therefore no one could say they were being enslaved, Meyer explained, (((it’s the history of how it started in this country, he added, you don’t see it in Asia. You don’t see it primarily in most European countries; but that’s what it was, and it created a completely false economy)).  Let’s be real Schlomo, you don’t see it in Asia because there’s no goddamn way any of them would tip; gotta have that Northern European high trust. (((In a tip based system, studies have shown that non-White servers make less than their peers for equal work))). Anyone who has spent time around black women can tell you why - meritocracy be racist though.

And our supreme fascist leader is in hot water with pewty-pie after paying men to unveil a sign stating death to all Jews in a recent Youtube video. Pewty-pie stated “I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not going to lie, I’m not anti Semitic or whatever it’s called. It was a funny meme and I didn’t think it would work. I swear, I love Jews, I love them, indeed pewds, indeed. Jews rock, so to speak. am I right?

And from The Daily Mail, “Children Who Think They are Transgender Could Have Autism, And Are Fixating on Their Sex, Says Expert” - (((Youngsters who believe they were born in the wrong body are seven times more likely to be on the autistic spectrum))) said (((Dr. Kenneth Zucker)))!!! The autistic trait of fixating on subjects could convince children they are the wrong sex, he added. It might even convince children that the best way to defeat the Jews is to fight your fellow right wingers. Yeah, I’m gonna keep shitting down your throat like that, fam. [more fake laughs from Peinovich] Dr. Zucker was speaking after losing his job amid claims that he was trying to cure children by questioning why they became gender confused. Oh yeah, we can’t have that. Then we’d have to admit that conservatives were right about something. Let’s just cut off their dicks and wait for them to commit suicide.

And from Fox News, (((Bernie Madoff)))!!! [laugh track from Peinovich continues], the famous orchestrator behind the biggest Ponzie scheme in U.S. history reportedly made a name for himself in his prison’s hot chocolate market. Steve Fishman, a journalist who has reportedly had contact with Madoff during his time in prison, told Market Watch that he has continued to apply his business instincts in prison. At one point, he cornered the hot chocolate market, Fishman said. [laughs from Peinovich] He bought up every packet of Swiss Miss from the commissary and sold it for a profit in the prison yard. He monopolized hot chocolate. He made it so that if you wanted any, you had to go through Bernie. And it’s still a mystery to Jews why they got kicked out of every country on the planet. No doubt he added flouride to the hot chocolate to turn the Aryan Brotherhood gay like the frogs. Madoff is currently serving a one hundred fifty year sentence for swindling the goyim out of billions of dollars [no mention of swindling Jews as well, which is why they really hate him] and he’ll probably live long enough to see freedom again if he sacrificed enough children to Moloch at Comma Pizza while he was on the outside.

And from The Daily Stormer, the seizuer kike, (((Kirk Ichenwald))), claims that he has identified the valiant troll who allegedly assaulted him by sending him a seizure causing gif image. Last December Ichenwald, whose epilepsy is widely known, was sent a gif of flashing lights with the words, “you deserve a seizure”, from the account called @JewGoldstein. He pressed charges against @JewGoldstein and appeared to be in the beginning stages of filing a civil suit against him, which started with a judge asking him to compel Twitter to release any identifying information about the anonymous troll. Oh, dude, lawyers and law suits are so expensive its a lot cheaper to just ask 8Chan for help doxing right-wingers [more fake laughs from Peinovich]. On the doxing front, Ichenwald appears to have been successful. On Tuesday his lawyers filed a notice of non-suit, withdrawing the request for identifying information from @JewGoldsein because they now knew his name. Oh, maybe he asked 8Chan for help after all. As Andrew Anglin says, “if @JewGoldstein ends up with problems over this, we need to do whatever we can to support him. We close ranks goys. That’s the only way we survive the meme war.” To those of you who stuck with us through this bullshit, we thank you. Together we will complete the system of Chad nationalism. We will rebuild. And we have a lot less to rebuild than our enemies. Believe me, many such cases. In a few months, I believe we’ll be looking back on this and see that the lasting effects on the Alt-Right movement were minimal. And that what we dealt with was actually a quite small group of virgin meat socks, spergs, made into useful idiots by shit lib moderators, assisted by antifa groups in asto-turfing the outrage at TRS. Many 8pol goys are still with us; and they’re disgusted by what’s been happening. Basically, anybody who disagreed with the shitlib moderators was branded a TRS shil. Hashtag #notall. That right there is the extent of the cucking.for that board. It’s trash. I’ve actually seen these retards starting to defend their alliance with antifa, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Congratulations faggot! You’ve befriended people who want you dead and your children to be black trannies. Now they’re even attacking David Duke for siding with us. If they were capable of introspection they might wonder why they were allied with antifa and the Jew-loving Alt-Lite cucks and we’re allied with anyone whose anyone in this movement. This is why we never let you guys leave the kids table in the first place.
’s all just sour grapes because Trump won - we really wanted so badly for Hillary to have won! “Unimportant people” didn’t want Trump to be President, “important people wanted him to win”, especially important “hu-white people” ((())).


If you look at the TRS network and what they’re doing as a whole, it has all the hall marks of a very bracketed advertising and marketing campaign - very slick - could’ve come straight out of Madison Aventine to orchestrate the opinion of what they appropriately enough, coming form them, call the goyim, to get them aligned with Jewish interests ultimately.

You can just picture some Jewish woman standing in the Madison Avenue firm instructing her operatives on how to coach the goyims’ opinion - in this case, trying to gain the trust of them as right wingers, she wants her operatives to use the pronouns we and us as much as possible and identify clear teams, us/we, right wing team goy, quite literally, copiously identify with Third Reich phraseology, holocaust denial and mockery of the opponent team - team red, which will, for the foreseeable future, be as Jewish as possible - these are the bad guys who you need to help team goy identify but not just in any way - with a consistent thread that they are even more fundamentally, the left, and we are going to be the new trend, the Alternative Right.

That’s what Ms Jewish advertising agent is saying and the Jewish interests have a very good reason at this point in history for wanting to co-opt a narrative of an alternative right with “the” left as the enemy:

Jewish interests now being on top, they are going to co opt with right wing sell outs, as much as possible elites and masses, with what they have in common - a quote, common enemy - “the left”:

Of course, Whites, team goy, don’t need “the left”, they don’t need unionization or any of that “the lefty stuff” anymore now that Jews are on top of 1) Academia 2) Money and business 3) Law and Courts 4) Religion 5) Politics 6) Media - including TRS and The Alt-Right. No, no, no, we want to make the “left” into the enemy and keep it mis-defined as synonymous with liberalism - wouldn’t want those pesky White Leftists taking a look at these power niches and thinking maybe they should have some of that.

In fact they want this alt right to fundamentally reconstruct participation in the two party system, by orchestrating whiteness to rebuild and re-brand what had been a moribund Republican party - Republicans dog whistling to Whites and then screwing them is an old game but this is with a new twist - not just some dog whistles, but milk bones in the form of anti-pc - and a quid pro-quo to people who can be trusted by White nationalists in order to co-op them: say, get Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Richard Spencer on board vis-a-vis William Regnery, Paul Gottfried, Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor, who in turn get The Political Cesspool, David Duke and Greg Johnson et al. on board along with Andrew Anglin (who always was on board)..while the same old rewards will suffice for those right wing whites who basically agree to Jewish quid pro quo whatever that may be - perhaps a Jewish wife - in Peinovich’s case, already solved.

They’ve gotten Trump elected and that was the central focus of Enoch/Peinovich’s effort. Trump, in turn, was offered the role in exchange for aligning himself and whites with Jewish interests - against the Iran deal specifically and for Israel generally.

Finally, a really egregious thing from a WN point of view is the program of co-opting White interests into Jewish interests and the friend enemy distinctions that serve them - in days to come we will elaborate on how this is a huge part of why Trump’s election is not good for Whites and their necessary allies.

But this has all been quite deceptive, of course - TRS and others on the Alt-Right have tried to come across as comprehending the most Jew-wise and most anti Semitic of all people in what is effectively, an advertising and marketing campaign - the tentoshphere - where they stealthily introduce the gray areas, the mischlings, acceptance of the mischlings and gradual identification with Jews, as well, as included with them in the right against the left as it might otherwise tear into their Jewish and right-wing injustice.

Because they are on top now in these crucial niches, “the left” is to be the enemy, and this most of all goy, even if you become aware of this game, what the fuck are you going to do about it?

That’s chutzpah.

Their point is to maintain political control - Democrat, Republican, doesn’t matter, ultimately, but Trump is more useful this time for upholding Israel’s friend/enemy distinctions and co-opting hu-Whites into them - and crucially, by reconstructing their faith in the Republican Party, they reconstruct the two party system and with it, The US political system.

I’ll add the speculation that they encouraged Hillary to emphasize blacks and gays and not to reach out to Whites: Hillary could have won if she had just been advised to act like a human being to Whites instead of antagonizing them with over the top advocacy of blacks and gay couples, etc. They misguided Hillary into NOT reaching out to Whites because they wanted to make the vote and choice and the election seem more stark and important by contrast than ever in order to get people involved and resuscitate the horribly corrupt US political system as it is. To do that they needed to rehabilitate concern and credulity of the American political system, especially among White voters; and they needed something a little more cunning than the dog whistling of the past.

We will be examining this complex deception in days to come and discuss why and where it goes wrong for White ethno-nationalists.

...but it’s all just sour grapes because Trump won - we really wanted so badly for Hillary to have won! “Unimportant people” didn’t want Trump to be President, “important people wanted him to win”, especially important “hu-white people” ((())).



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If one sets aside for a moment the eternal capacity of Jewry to have its people placed at the centre of government, and if one acknowledges that Bannon’s economic nationalism is a case of “It’s nationalism, Steve, but not nationalism as we know it”, then what we are left with here is two things:

1. The 2016 presidential election was the first occasion in living memory that the white American demographic has voted consciously and decisively for its (perceived) interests.  White Nationalists now know that white America can be brought together.  This was always in doubt, because of the race-level breadth of genetic interests and because of the enduring power of the liberal project which America is.

OK, the reasons for unity this time were reactionary: economic stagnation and unemployment, and deep disillusionment with the political status quo.  But it is the job of thinking WNs now to move the discourse beyond the former and to bank the latter.  White America has to be given a positive vision of itself and its possible future.

2. Trump and Bannon have the opportunity to effect a ground change not just in American politics but in the politics of the West.  Already in America the arrogant stranglehold on power which the Washington Establishment has exercised through the revolving door of government and the drive, via trading blocs and multinational trade agreements, for globalism have taken fatal blows.  The progressive liberal agenda came under some initial pressure yesterday, with the announcement on abortion.  It will be interesting to see whether the primacy of neo-Marxist dicta throughout government, and especially in the education system, is tackled.  Untrammelled immigration is getting hit today with confirmation that the famous wall along the Mexican border will be built, and Muslim immigration is to be restricted.

These are significant departures.  It is disingenuous to claim otherwise.  WN is bound to welcome them over what went before.  But WN cannot accept merely to be a pressure group - the AltRight - cheering on Trump from the sidelines.  WN is nationalism for the people of European descent.  Nationalism is not “America First”.  It is racial and ethnic, and it necessitates the exclusive racial homeland and a life therein lived freely according to the nature and talents of our race.  Under the pressure of Trump’s petty populist revolution WN has no choice but to clarify its philosophy, its purpose, its politics, and its relation to and discourse with the new dispensation.  Trump’s presidency is significant precisely because its civicism will force that clarifying and radicalising mission on WN.


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A recent post relevant to this:

All you need to incite civil war is control of the mass media. In this regard, the recently exhibited uniformity of mass media bias is so extreme that it may bear the statistical signature of a _planned_ psyop.

I present an interpretive framework within which this may make sense:

We lost the cold war in the 1950s.

Reagan’s defeat of the Soviet Union was real enough, but long before that time, the economic Marxist threat had evolved into a more resistant strain that had metastasized within the CIA and its expanding media assets:

The Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism.

This sounds like McCarthyism doesn’t it? And we all know Senator Joe McCarthy was a raving paranoid lunatic with delusions of grandeur—a wannabe Hitler—don’t we? After all, hasn’t the CIA been involved in overthrowing Marxist regimes like Salvador Allende? Didn’t Marxism lose?

First of all, the collapse of the Soviet Union eventually exposed, in the mid 1990s, info that indicated McCarthy wasn’t nearly paranoid enough.

Basically McCarthyism was about purging the State Department of employees that there was reason to believe had been involved with communism or had sympathies—which was formally outlawed by the Hatch Act of 1939. It wasn’t about putting anyone in prison for treason, except incidentally in those cases where a case could be made beyond a reasonable doubt in court. His hearings weren’t about conviction but about suspicion.

Suspicion is all that is required to exclude one from positions of public trust and authority.

Well, according to the revelations in the mid 90s, it was a lot worse than anyone realized in the 1950s. This has been known now for two decades yet there has been no proper revision of the history of the 1950s causing us to recalculate the consequences of a more extensive infiltration of the US government by communist agents or their sympathizers!

So where are we _really_ at today?

There are two primary factions now showing their face in the incipient US civil war:

Zionists and cultural Marxists

These are clashing in the person of Trump.

Over a year ago, when he first made his “Mexican Rapist” speech, I speculated that he was a, de facto, Likud candidate.

The Likuds, and other strict Zionists, have been “redpilled” on cultural Marxism. They’re fighting for their country. This has now taken into account the possible loss of the US to cultural Marxism due to mass immigration—a loss that would be devastating to Zionist interests.
However, during the 6 decades since McCarthy, the cultural Marxists have gone from State Department infiltration to “deep state” infiltration: CIA if not other key intelligence agencies.

As homosexuality became normalized by the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM circa 1969 the “inner party” may even have gone to the extreme of grooming people in key positions with child molestation, and more extreme perversions, as blackmail:

“Kompromat” as is now being projected on Putin by the CIA.

Then there was Reagan…

When Reagan was being sold on Star Wars as a way of bankrupting the Soviet Union, Paul Craig Roberts has attested that he was one of the few included in the meetings. The organization that stood staunchly against it was the CIA—claiming the Soviets could dedicate their command economy to war preparation and the US would lose.

Now, however, that the Soviet Union hence economic Marxism, is no longer in control of Russia, the CIA is all about going to war with Russia.

This makes sense if the CIA is now the seat of Marxism in the world - a refuge it found in the wake of McCarthy’s defeat during the 1950s cold war.

So the US cultural Marxists, many of whom are not all that fond of Israel’s nationalism, in combination with a “rainbow coalition” that was consolidated under Obama’s CIA, are now in a pitched battle against Trump.

This also explains, via the CIA “assets” in the mass media, why the mass media is so uniformly behind the tactical operations of the CIA.
What happens if they lose?

Trump must be thought of as a kind of Gothic raider king. These guys had their Jewish traders that supplied them with lots of gauche decor and stuff with which to get hot women etc. (See Wolfram’s “The History of the Goths”.) Also the early Ashkenazi Jews, due to their literacy, were tax farmers for less literate northern European royalty, which, according to Cochran and Harpending, was the primary evolutionary selection pressure for their +1σ verbal intelligence. (See “The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence” by Cochran and Harpending.)

To elaborate on my statement about child molestation (which I now take more seriously as a factor than previously):

There are certain key positions that must be controlled. These positions are not large in number. It is for those positions that cultural Marxists test candidates with sexual perversion well beyond homosexuality. Things like necrophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, etc. may be in the works as well as child molestation. There are also traumatic forms validated in testing by the CIA program MK-ULTRA—so getting particularly gifted pubescents into _very_ “special programs” not available to the merely “gifted”—and then traumatically molesting them and otherwise “grooming” them for these positions—may be standard operating procedure.

My usual interpretive framework of media bias is evolutionary, not a conscious conspiracy. That interpretive framework is given by my 1982 description of what I foresaw happening due to the emergence of the Internet—a prediction now coming to fruition.


Posted by Dr_Eigenvector on Wed, 25 Jan 2017 20:24 | #

Jeff Giesea.

This Man Helped Build The Trump Meme Army — Now He Wants To Reform It:

(Same guy - NATO document) IT’S TIME TO EMBRACE MEMETIC WARFARE Page 68:
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine:

These guys and others like them were pulling strings behind the scenes throughout. Largely in places that I don’t think posters here are hugely aware of such as Reddit The_Donald (one of the largest online election battlefields, deep behind enemy lines).

It is thought that Jared Kushner (younger, more tech/social media savvy) was at the heart of this and that all efforts were made to co-opt the anti-ZOG movement that was flourishing and snowballing out of control, and Kosherize it. I witnessed this happen over several months on The_Donald which started very /pol/esque and “red-pilled” millions by constantly making it to the front page of Reddit with vile memes, outrageous opinions and disgusting hate facts.

There was a large and public battle over moderation which the Jews won (Reddit is a Jewish owned site, Conde Nast). And everything changed overnight to milquetoast civic nationalism and pro-Jewish/Israel sentiment. JQ mention = instaban.

The same thing seemed to be happening all over the place. And too many on our side fell for our own memes and started actually supporting Trump for real, rather than seeing him as nothing more than a move in the right direction.

They or their operatives were starting threads round the clock and getting our guys to make memes for them and post things they wanted posting on social media or wherever. It got so bad and obvious that mid battle I discussed this with Morgoth via e-mail as I was concerned we were all getting played.

Turns out we were.

I’ve seen Jews on the Chans explain that this was the best possible outcome for the US and World in general.

Right wing Jews who (allegedly) intensely dislike the left wing, Globalist, Banker White Genocide Jews and are a little less hateful of Goyim and even a little bit proud to be American (and supposedly even a little grateful to America for giving them a safe home from which they can Jew without fear), have taken over.

Apparently they will genocide Whites a little slower and a touch less painfully.

Lucky, lucky us.


Posted by Guessedworker on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 03:16 | #

Very interesting post, Doc.  You are right that I have not ventured into this brave new world of memetic warfare which seems to have captured the digital market that broke off from the failing dead-tree press and broadcast media.  It sounds very jewy, very clamorous and shallow and utilitarian, but purposive in an undeclared way that, when tested, turns out to be not our way at all.

Surely, our osmotic sense is for truth and love.  That is what distinguishes and sustains us as nationalists, and holds us above the hue so that, ultimately, we belong to none of the Jewish constructs but always and only to our people.  Such truth as we expound is our truth and theirs.  We are the political expression of our people’s nature.  When we hold to that, no Jew can get between us and our people.  If one finds oneself in a place where that is happening, then of course one has already lost one’s way and is working for Jewish nationalism, not ours.  Any errors of that kind which have been made have now to be understood, and WN has to move onward, beyond the Trump phenomenon towards a refined and clarified historical understanding of its mission.  We must not hang around the well now we know it to be poisoned.


Posted by Dr_Eigenvector on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 07:47 | #

I have not ventured into this brave new world of memetic warfare

But you were there GW, via the army that you trained. And a damn fine and effective outfit it is too.

Jews own the mainstream social media outlets and the moderation therein so now non mainstream versions of the same products are emerging that are under our control.

It undoubtedly would have been worse if Clinton had won, so we gained something of a victory. Millions of new people were exposed to our info and jewish skulduggery.

We are trying to steer the right course, but we have been under relentless attack (I’m replying to death threats elsewhere as I write this comment).

During this period us Brits actually became significantly more restricted and enslaved.

Yet we have lots of new recruits and interest. Although that comes with its own problems. Folk without any discernable Jewdar who have just discovered Gilad Atzmon (just as an example to give you an idea of where they’re at).


Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 10:53 | #

Guessedworker on Wed, 25 Jan 2017 06:31, wrote:
Nationalism is not “America First”.  It is racial and ethnic, and it necessitates the exclusive racial homeland and a life therein lived freely according to the nature and talents of our race.  Under the pressure of Trump’s petty populist revolution WN has no choice but to clarify its philosophy, its purpose, its politics, and its relation to and discourse with the new dispensation.  Trump’s presidency is significant precisely because its civicism will force that clarifying and radicalising mission on WN.

I think that due to the economic and demographic peculiarities of the United States, that strategy was never going to play out like that.

Conventionally, the ‘waystation’ or ‘halfway house’ approach makes sense because the broad mass of the people will come to the realisation that the waystation is insufficient for their needs.

However, in the case of America, the civic nationalism of Donald Trump can in fact present itself as having given them what they asked for. They asked for an economic position that discriminates against Asian producers and he gave them it. They have asked for a border wall with Mexico, and he is going to give them that. They asked for infrastructure programmes, and he is giving them that. With regards to his base, they asked for prosperity, but they already had it, because the United States is the richest country in the world and the average Trump voter makes USD $70,000 a year.

Subjectively, many of them are already satisfied. Polling on the general state of the economy was done both before and after 09 November 2016. They discovered that among Republican voters, there was a roughly 30% swing in opinion (definitely statistically significant) after the election, where those people who thought that the economy was ‘bad’ prior to the election, suddenly decided that it had somehow magically become ‘good’ literally 24 hours after the election. Either Donald Trump is magical, or his election is a placebo.

Unlike the situation in developing countries, none of the usual patterns apply in a developed country as rich as America, because so much of what is going on is about memes and narratives, perceptions rather than realities.

The next thing that Donald Trump’s government will embark on, will be to create a civic nationalism based on repudiating all forms of identity politics, a theme which has been building in America for a long time. This is of course disastrous from the perspective of any reasonable ethno-nationalist.

I was against Trump from the start precisely because I anticipated that it would end up like this, and because even at the first take of a partial sketch of a relationship matrix surrounding Donald Trump, I could see that everything was pointing in an adverse direction. However, my view was not popular.

A big reminder is that this is what we are supposed to be in favour of:

Wikipedia: Ethnopluralism
Ethnopluralists use the concept of cultural differentialism to assert a “right to difference” and argue for regional policies of ethnic separatism and racial separatism, but stress that each ethnic group and racial group should be considered equal on its own merit. This right-wing view of culture, ethnicity and race is increasingly popular in the ideological discourse of several right-wing and far-right groups in Europe since the 1970s, and has penetrated the discourse of a postmodern Left (i.e. Telos).[1]

Any tendency that doesn’t point in that direction should be considered to be adversarial.

Given that the United States has a massively heterogeneous population and has a centre-right that only knows how to blather about integration, any politics which involves ‘civic nationalism’ will not be a politics of self-segregation, but rather, will be a politics of integration and continual mestizaje. Very adversarial!

As such, it remains my view that any form of civic nationalism that manifests in the United States, is bad. From my perspective, Donald Trump was in fact the absolute worst of all possible choices. The only upside is that hopefully the horrified reactions of ethnic minorities in the United States will catalyse into calls for ethnic-based secession movements by those same ethnic minorities who wish to preserve their identities and not be absorbed. This would achieve the same effect as if Whites chose to pursue secessionist politics, so White Nationalists ought not to complain anyway since the end result would be the same. It’s merely a matter of who is going to declare a desire for balkanisation first. Balkanisation needs to happen in the United States, and the long term plan must be to push toward that outcome.


Posted by James Bowery on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:08 | #

The Johnny Come Lately’s to the notion of Jewish capture of right wing culture should be aware that I saw this happening 20 years ago (actually 25 years ago), and on the basis of my frameworkm predicted a turn of the millennium false flag operation as a likely consequence.  This was before the concept of let alone term “neocon” was widely used and, of course, long before the “9/11 Truth Movement” took off.  The reason I hammered on Jew starting in the early 1990s, despite the damage I knew it would do to my reproductive prospects through loss of high level professional connections, is that I wanted to ensure that when Jews became “redpilled” that at least some of them would have to address Jewish virulence headlong.  Guys like Mike “Enoch” are exactly what I hoped would happen. 

Watch out for the REAL “Reichstag Fire” coming soon to a major media event near you. The OKC bombing may or may not have been an attempt at such a fraud, but it was a failure because it attempted to frame a shallower culture (militias/patriots) rather than deeper cultures (Arabs/Africans).... the conditional probability of the perpetrators of this particular “Reichstag Fire” being caught is MUCH higher than it was with the original version under the Nazis.

Oh, I know… you aren’t all that hopped up just yet, but just let a Reichstag incident get blared through your boob-tube enough and you’ll fall right in line…

WHEREAS the SS [Synagogue of Satan—JAB] has to put on a really big show for their Christian sheep in the West right around the year 2000 and,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a Greater Western Civilization shall be constituted by unifing Judaism, Chrisitanity and Indo-European identity via academic and theocratic sophistry and that said Greater Western Civilization shall declare itself superior to all other cultures extant and that any opposition to or competition with such sophistically justified superiority shall be grounds for any and all actions of fraud and/or violence because God Is On Our Side…

Thus sprach the Synagogue of Satan, on this day T minus a few years before the Greatest Story Ever Told by Hollywood or any other incarnation of the SS since the Diaspora.

Israel’s creation was important in the sense that it is time to mop-up JudeoChristianity—the millenium is a good time for that…

Check out the ethnicity of the folks at Clinton’s “town meeting” trying to trump up support for a war in the middle east on behalf of Israel—putting the US in a lonely international position and making people like you and I a target for terrorism or a Jewish-inspired Reichstag.


Posted by Dr_Eigenvector on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:11 | #

I was against Trump from the start precisely because I anticipated that it would end up like this, and because even at the first take of a partial sketch of a relationship matrix surrounding Donald Trump, I could see that everything was pointing in an adverse direction. However, my view was not popular.


I posted about 8 months ago that as far as I could tell Trump was being set up as the new leader of the jewish counter Jihad.

That observation went down like a lead balloon at the time. Even now you’ll attract ire from our side for suggesting Trump is nothing more than a boiler plate Israel firster with a few extra bells and whistles.

The US Zio-Christians are cock-ahoop. Greater Israel is back on track.

The Age of Moshiach could well be upon us! If you believe in that sort of thing.


Posted by DanielS on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:24 | #

Kumiko, #6

Lawrence Murray over at TRS is saying something completely opposite to what you are saying here. As an alternative to ethnonationalism Murray is proposing the “hopeful” consolation for Whites that they may be part of a light brown cadre atop assimilation of the White, brown, Amerindian and Asian masses.


Posted by ...coming war with Iran on Fri, 03 Feb 2017 08:48 | #

And now for another phase of Operation Clean Break, er “Project for a new American Century.”

(((Taki’s Mag))), Pat Buchanan: “When Gen. Michael Flynn marched into the White House Briefing Room to declare that “we are officially putting Iran on notice,” he drew a red line for President Trump. In tweeting the threat, Trump agreed”, 3 Feb 2017.

- post by DanielS


Posted by Nick Dean on Sun, 05 Feb 2017 14:49 | #

Impressive, JB. But the links aren’t working.


Posted by mancinblack on Mon, 06 Feb 2017 06:08 | #

“We are putting on a sanctions list the name of a number of American entities and individuals involved in backing ISIL, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups as well as backing the Zionist regime in suppressing the Palestinian people. The list is almost complete and will be published and announced to the public in the near future” Bahrem Ghasemi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman. I can hardly wait…


Posted by Black "working class": USA, you must pay on Sun, 12 Feb 2017 07:02 | #

        The privileged black “working class” of the US, for whom all the world must pay:


Paul Kersey: The more I think back to his Inaugural address and the things he was talking about, President Trump talked about ending and eradicating disease, not just what you’re talking about, unlocking the heavens and space, but basically using science to to, to, find a way to end diseases, I mean, ah, you’re right it was, it was, there was so much Peter Thiel, it was fascinating because during that [inauguration] speech I heard about 95% (((Steve Miller))), ah, and 5%, Peter Thiel ..and it was incredible, because you realize that Donald Trump is truly listening to the Steven Bannon, ah (((Steve Miller))), Peter Thiel wing of his advisors and when you look at all that he’s done in the first couple days, you know you saw (((Matt Drudge))) get pretty upset with him for the whole lack of tax cuts and the attacking Obama Care but but ah you know Trump basically wants to basically assert his place his place in history uh, uhm, going after, you know, the travel ban, start the deportation, going after the games,  but you’re right that was such a powerful moment, during that Inauguration.. because he has also put out some overtures toward ahm, going to the moon by 2022, which would be ah two years into his second term, ahm and its its exciting that he wants to return; this is also, my theory,  ah, that I have, and I want to write about this, one of the reason that he wants to work so closely with the Russians is because the Russian space program is very healthy, they haven’t been as flummoxed and weighted-down and pulled-down by diversity initiatives that have derailed the United States based program, where we basically had to comply with EEOC standards across the board which as I know in “Whitey On The Moon”, NASA fought tooth and nail before the Apollo program was abandoned in 1972, NASA was only abut 5% black and of that 3/4 of the employees were secondary roles, like janitors, basically not a central personnel.

And for your listeners world-wide, you have to remember back in the late 1960s, early 1970’s, America was still a country that was basically a White/black country ah we still hand’ had the mass immigration from the ah Indian and the Oriental world…it was a White/Black country, 90% White and 10% black; and even by 1972 the massive push for diversity and the EEOC demands had made sure that 20% of every fatal Federal agency was black! I mean, its insane when you think about it - they were over-represented by over 100% in every federal agency just because the Federal Government was and has increasingly become a jobs program for otherwise unemployable blacks and minorities. Once you get a federal job its basically impossible to be fired and there’s no accountability; and its been the primary growth engine of the black and non-Asian minority middle-class in the United States. There’s a reason why the three counties with the highest per capita income surround Washington D.C. ...and there’s a reason why in those counties minorities have such a high per house-hold income that’s because they’re employed in a profession, Federal Government, that otherwise can’t be replicated by the private sector.


        Comment by DanielS

        P.S., though providing useful information, unfortunately, Paul Kersey sounds quite Jewish friendly.


Posted by Morrakiu, dubious character behind Merchant Minute on Mon, 11 Dec 2017 22:10 | #

Morrakiu, the rather suspicious character behind the “merchant minute” and its “white advocacy.”


Posted by Miller's grandma might not qualify by his rules on Wed, 24 Jan 2018 08:09 | #


Haaretz, Mendelsohn tracked down his (Miller’s) great-grandmother’s line item in the 1910 census.
The entry noted that four years after arriving in the United States, she spoke only Yiddish, not English.

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