Acrimony on the Alt-Right: Predictably, the Inherent Instability of The Right Emerges

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Alt-Right publisher Daniel Friberg from a promotional speech for right-wing 2015

Acrimony on the Alt-Right/New Right, etc. Right: predictably, the inherent instability of The Right emerges. For those who like soap operas, the right is perhaps good for that. But their instability rather highlights the preferability of our platform for organizing nationalists in two way accountability to our interests (to us and from us); against foreign antagonists, whether elite or rank and file; and against traitors among our own, whether elite, or rank and file.

There isn’t a lot of consensus among the right - their primary orientation, against “The Left” and “equality”, was given to them by brackets (viz. Gottfried 2008), adopted then and only became the “common sense enemy” by consensus since the YKW allowed them to do that. Brackets, those in service of brackets, and those willing to sell our people-out for personal gain or sheer ideology are rife in all camps of the right.

Alt-Right, 16 June 2017:


In the latest bit of juicy infighting here in the Alt-Right, Daniel Friberg, the head honcho of intellectual (but fashy) book publisher Arktos has been defriended on Facebook by Greg Johnson, the mysterious “voice without a face” who runs the fashy (but intellectual) Counter-Currents webzine and book publisher.

The defriending follows weeks of behind-the-scenes bickering and accusations that Johnson had been bad-mouthing Friberg behind his back.

In an attempt to clear the air, Friberg who lives in Budapest, Hungary, heard that Johnson was in town on a low-profile speaking tour, and cordially invited him to have a face-to-face meeting, posting the following message on Facebook:

  Hey Greg Johnson, you have been attacking my character publicly and behind my back for close to a year now. Considering we’re neighbors here in Budapest, how about I buy you a latte at Starbucks; you can say all these things to my face. What do you think?” - Daniel Friberg

Alt-Right: “The Attacks on Arktos,” 17 June, 2017:




Posted by Greg Johnson's response to Friberg and Spencer on Mon, 19 Jun 2017 07:22 | #

Counter Currents, “Reply to Daniel Friberg”, 18 June 2017:

Greg Johnson

5,197 words

In “Greg Johnson’s Attacks And How To Deal With Them,” Daniel Friberg and Richard Spencer claim that I made a series of accusations against Friberg in a thread on the TRS Forum. Then they demand that I substantiate these accusations or retract them and apologize. After that, they allege that I have a pattern of launching divisive and baseless attacks on important movement people, Read more …

..can’t vouch for the accuracy of this photo or caption, but that’s the caption that Greg put under it..

“Arktos CEO Daniel Friberg (left) getting chummy with Swedish antifa founder Mathias Wåg (right)”

Johnson continues..

I hate this sort of drama. But with heavy heart, I drafted this reply shortly after Friberg and Spencer’s attack was published on June 1. I would have preferred to post it in the comments thread at, but Friberg and Spencer preemptively blocked my Disqus account. I eventually decided not to publish it at all, because the more I thought about their statement, the more ridiculous it seemed. So I thought it best to just let the controversy die and focus instead on The White Nationalist Manifesto.

But that was a mistake. Ignoring even transparently idiotic charges allows your attackers to frame your silence as guilt or weakness. Beyond that, ignoring bullies just encourages more attacks, which is exactly what Friberg launched in recent days, both on Facebook and again on the front page of, in an article originally signed by Friberg, Jason Jorjani, and Tor Westman. Friberg has also used Matt Forney as a proxy in this battle. (Forney, by the way, is Friberg’s most vocal character witness in the present drama.)


If the best among us had any conviction, people like Daniel Friberg would have never grown into the menace that he is today. If the best among us had any conviction, they would speak out against him. If the best among us had any conviction, then the worst among us — people like Friberg, Spencer, and Forney — would have no audience for their lies and no platform from which to broadcast them. They would have no credibility, no friends, no supporters, no authors, no podcasters, and the sole audience of the tabloid freak show at would be the chan nihilists and Left-wing press they so eagerly cultivate.


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If the podcast line up at the Alt-Right is not a dead-ringer for you, that Alt-Right is just another Jewish spawned operation along with Alternative Right, then you are a fool.

While the Alternative Right has been promoting the (((paleoconservatism of John K. Press))) and the controlled opposition of James Lawrence (retooling (((neo-ractionism and endorsing Gabb )))...

Here is the podcast line-up at Alt-Right:

Alternative Right

Matt Forney Show

Fash Britannia

Fascist Pigs Podcast

Alt-Right Radio

(((Savage Hippies Podcast)))

(((The Daily Shoah)))

Rebel Yell


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Greg Johnson & Mike Enoch to Speak in Oslo, July 1

            Greg Johnson               and                 (((“Mike Enoch” Peinovich)))
              Richard Spencer


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In “The Truth about Daniel Friberg”, 27 June 2017, John Morgan’s description of his experience of former Arktos colleague, publisher Daniel Friberg, indicates classic alpha-hole behavior.


John Morgan writes:

When we first started Arktos, all of its founding members were basically equal, and all important decisions were made collectively. At this time, Daniel was only a minority shareholder, and he was not even appointed CEO of Arktos until several months after the company had been founded, and this was only because he asked to be and because he was the only one of us who had an MBA. The title of CEO was entirely symbolic, anyway – he didn’t have any more power than any of the other Directors. I don’t mean to denigrate Daniel’s contributions to the creation and early days of Arktos, but it is nevertheless the case that the company was always a group effort, and was not the brainchild of Daniel alone, or even mostly.


The turning point came in January 2016, when I met with Arktos’ then accountants on a trip to London. They showed me that over the previous two years, there had been a large number of transactions on Arktos’ account. When these undocumented transactions were added up in September, they totaled approximately £57,000 (approximately $90,000 at the exchange rate during the period in question), many of which were transfers into his personal account, for which Daniel had provided no receipts or other documentation. The finances were in a mess, and as one of the accountants expressed it at the time, he “couldn’t believe that the person in charge of Arktos’ finances was someone with an MBA” given the careless and amateur way in which they were being handled. I knew that some of the transactions were justified, but there were others that I had no idea about. Our accountants strongly suspected malfeasance.


All of this, coupled with the knowledge that there was possible malfeasance going on while the rest of us were being kept on subsistence salaries, really stretched my patience to the breaking point. It seemed like Daniel had come to see himself as the master and the rest of us as his servants. I knew that if I confronted him about these things, however, he would just get angry and deny everything, which is his usual way of dealing with criticism.

Morgan writes..


The last shot that Daniel takes at me in the article is in accusing me of having a “weak and passive personality.” And I have to concede that in my dealings with Daniel, I was indeed too weak and passive, something that I greatly regret now. In my eyes, I was merely trying to act decently and fairly; in Daniel’s eyes, I was merely showing weakness. I should have spoken up sooner about these problems, and I should have more strongly supported the attempt to remove him from Arktos when the shareholders came to the conclusion that that was the best course of action. This is how Daniel operates: he gets people who are idealistic and willing to accept his leadership around him and then exploits their virtues in order to pursue his own private goals. But this doesn’t cause him to respect them; if anything it only earns them his contempt. When they finally wake up to what’s going on and leave him, he just finds new people to do his bidding.

Daniel Friberg, Matt Forney, Melissa Mészáros and the very masculine Davis Aurini discuss “gama male” John Morgan.


Posted by Hungarian Melissa Mészáros interviewed by RI on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:03 | #

Lana at Red Ice interviews Hungarian patriot Melissa Mészáros.

Melissa provides very good orientation on Hungary’s politics and social climate.

She is apparently the woman who John Morgan made an overture for in a lame, gamma manner - as chided in the Forney podcast (above) with her, Friberg and Aurini.

I would console Morgan for trying to rescue her from them - she is cute. Further, I would ask, would you really want Friberg’s sloppy seconds? Or a woman who would want his kind? eeeeeeew.

The conversation (in the Forney podcast) provoked a thought - are what “gamer” trainees calling “alphas” largely “alphas” in the R selection game? While those men that they are calling “betas” perhaps latent “alphas” in the K selection game?

That is to say if you are a K selection alpha, you are going to be more concerned with careful selection of the woman (you are testing her too, which can be looked upon as “timidity” in the R selection game).

An alpha in the K selection game does not necessarily want sloppy seconds, even if the woman is that cute and intelligent. At best you approach her not with game R, but you want to talk to her, test her out, maybe see if you can draw her out, bring her around, see if perhaps she is the kind of woman you might want to have a relationship with and who appreciates your world view ...then you find that she likes Friberg and Forney and eewew. LOL

That is to say, Morgan was mocked for not getting what he “wanted.” ...but maybe what he wants is a woman who is careful with her genetics and to know that she is an appropriate match..

Would a K selection alpha want sloppy seconds? They’d probably want to keep that to a minimum, and exceptions would depend on the intention of the relationship(s) and kind of man/men who preceded.


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The alpha version of tactful, tactile approach


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When false opposition forces you to imagine lyrics/text different than theirs and supply protest lyrics authentic to your interests:

Back in the days before Internet, decades before in fact, we young folks didn’t have much outlet for protest via the media - TV, movies, newspapers and magazines, book publishing - all controlled. Music, concerts and festivals were ostensible outlets of protest expression - and even they were so (((controlled))) by pervasive liberalism that I had to change lyrics in my head to de-liberalize them and make them properly aligned to my grievances. Neil Young’s “Alabama” is a classic example of a song that had righteous passion totally misdirected into liberalism. Lynard Skynard who noticed it in their song “Sweet Home Alabama”, cited Young and his song “Alabama” directly for criticism. But it wasn’t only them and I could not relate to their southern patriotism either. No, I had my own protest lyrics in mind… lyrics, wouldn’t you know it, that I can’t even spell out today, this protest remains so forbidden by the powers that be and their female do-gooders multatto supremacist gate keepers goes to show how far we have NOT come in some ways - ridiculously, you can’t even say the N word:

Neil Young Lyrics

Oh Alabama N-lover
Banjos playing
through the broken glass
Windows down in Alabama.
See the old folks
tied in white ropes
Hear the banjo.
Don’t it take you down home?

Alabama N-lover, you got
the weight on your shoulders
That’s breaking your back.
Your Cadillac
has got a wheel in the ditch
And a wheel on the track

Oh Alabama N-lover.
Can I see you
and shake your hand.
Make friends down in Alabama.
I’m from a new land
I come to you
and see all this ruin
What are you doing Alabama N-lover?
You got the rest of the union
to help you along
What’s going wrong?

Neil does a bit better with the lyrics to “Southern Man”, particularly in the last stanza, although I don’t think Neil was looking at it from the same angle that I do… that was my imagination supplying the protest angle once again.

Neil Young – Southern Man Lyrics
Southern man
Better keep your head
Don’t forget
What your good book said
Southern change
Gonna come at last
Now your crosses
Are burning fast
Southern man

I saw cotton
And I saw black
Tall white mansions
And little shacks.
Southern man
When will you
Pay them back?
I heard screamin’
And bullwhips cracking
How long? How long?

Southern man
Better keep your head
Don’t forget
What your good book said
Southern change
Gonna come at last
Now your crosses
Are burning fast
Southern man

Lily Belle,
Your hair is golden brown
I’ve seen your black man
Comin’ round
Swear by God
I’m gonna cut him down!

I heard screamin’
And bullwhips cracking
How long? How long?

Now a primary outlet for youthful rebellion has been largely co-opted again, this time it is the (((alternative-kike. er, alternative-right))) that’s doing much of the co-opting.

And unfortunately, they are putting their (((brand))) on to some intelligent text, you might say protest lyrics text.

I feel the same yearning as co-opted passions and thoughtful consideration could be deployed for our authentic protest, and not for the (((alternative-kike))),when I read Melissa Meszaros’ article about the suicide of Lincoln Park frontman, Chester Bennington.

The strikeouts of “alt-right” and “the left” in one place are strictly my wish and of course not how Melissa wrote the article - as she did, in order to brand it for the (((Alt-Right))). In one place I have to comment where, typical of right wing misguidance, the negative significance and anti stance she registers for the homosexual issue is disproportionate. Everything else remains as she has written it.

Alt-Right, “What The Alt-Right Can Learn From The Death Of Chester Bennington, 24 July 2017:

Linkin Park touched the millennial generation’s frustrations with modern society like no other band could. For this reason, it’s worth spending a few moments looking into the life of frontman Chester Bennington and seeing what we can learn after his suicide.

Sexually molested from the age of seven, divorced parents, a steady cocktail of drugs from the age of eleven, with alcoholism and depression entering later on — these are the things that framed the childhood of Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington.

Unable to overcome his traumas and subsequent addictions, he chose to use them as a painful source of inspiration in his lyrics. His suicide is unfortunate, especially for his children and wife, and whether we listened personally to the band or not as we were growing up, Linkin Park held a central position representing the millennial generation’s frustrations with life and all the associated mental effects relating to the increase of broken homes and fragmenting communities. The band spoke of problems most of us experienced as teenagers, back when we were confused and distrustful of the direction our supposedly fantastic and free society was heading. Now, as adults in the Alt-Right, with infinitely more resources and knowledge at our fingertips, we are dedicated to overcoming and fixing these issues within ourselves and our societies. But still, for many of us, Linkin Park was the herald awakening millions of teens to the realization that the world is messed-up and it was time to prepare for a long battle. For this reason, I believe it’s worth spending a few moments looking into Bennington’s life of inescapable addiction and seeing what we in the Alt-Right can learn from it.

For me, I remember Linkin Park being the most popular band in my freshman year of high school in Central New Jersey. It was the last year I’d spend in the United States before moving to Hungary with my parents. My friends would carry around the Hybrid Theory CD and hold it reverently during recess while talking about the lyrics. We’d sit with crossed-legs in a circle in the shady corner of a grassy lot while the spawns of diversity hollered and beat each other up on the nearby basketball courts.

I only got into the band later, for a few months when my father was in the hospital in Hungary, dying from terminal lung cancer. The music is not positive and it does not remind me of a good place. Rather, I envision a constant delirious struggle with myself, getting caught in a loop over thinking various problems and feeling uncertain of ever being able to overcome the odds and live in peace. These are the very thought processes Chester Bennington described himself dealing with, in an interview with 102.7 KIISFM radio in February of this year. After a while, I realized the music was keeping me from moving past my own issues, so I grew out of it.

When it comes to Bennington himself, there are three things worth highlighting. First, there is the molestation by an older male friend. In his own words, Bennington described:

  “It escalated from a touchy, curious, ‘what does this thing do’ into full-on, crazy violations. I was getting beaten up and being forced to do things I didn’t want to do. It destroyed my self-confidence. I didn’t want people to think I was gay or that I was lying. It was a horrible experience.”

It seems so tiring, but still necessary to reiterate the recurring theme we see with perverted males sexually exploiting boys and young men and the mental issues that result from the experiences. From Korn frontman Jonathan Davis’s well-known experience with sexual abuse, to more recently Milo describing his own struggle with two men molesting him as a teenager, there is a burgeoning and complicated problem here, and whatever the reasons for the failures of parents to protect and guide their children.

I do have to comment on a few lines here. Not being gay myself, I am not best positioned to comment and almost ignored this. But I suspect that Melissa is over the top here - “eradicate” ....who? My understanding is that a certain percentage of the population will be gay; child molesters, ok that’s another matter, but are gays necessarily child molestors?

...sexual deviants are not being eradicated as they should, but instead the increasingly degenerate and shrill LGBT lobby is aiding them in campaigns that primarily target children, like Drag Queen Story Hour, just to name one off the top of my head.

Male child sexual abuse is such a pervasive issue that even CNN picked up on it, in their own special, fake newsy kind of way. They acknowledged the fact, yet set their sights on blaming “gender roles” and claiming the solution lies in emotionally supporting male sexual abuse victims in the manner of women. Nice try from CNN, though. Just trying to emasculate men even further.

I have found that queers to not bother me. A few times in my life they made overtures and I just told them I wasn’t interested and that was the end of that. They go to their clubs, I don’t.

Child molestation is another matter, gay or hetero.

The second issue worth bringing up is the drug addiction and alcoholism. According to NME:

  His childhood was troubled – suffering sexual abuse from an older male friend from the age of seven until he was 13, Chester turned to drugs including opium, amphetamine and cocaine in the wake of the divorce, and was physically bullied at school.

This is how Bennington described his early teen years:

  “I was on 11 hits of acid a day. I dropped so much acid I’m surprised I can still speak! I’d smoke a bunch of crack, do a bit of meth and just sit there and freak out. Then I’d smoke opium to come down. I weighed 110 pounds. My mom said I looked like I stepped out of Auschwitz. So I used pot to get off drugs. Every time I’d get a craving, I’d smoke my pot.”

Addiction is something we all have to face at one time or another, and it’s nothing new to us in the Alt-Right. Whether it’s overreacting, video games, drugs, alcohol, sex — the actual thing we are (or were) addicted to doesn’t matter. Nor does the underlying cause. Perhaps we were stressed by the imagined magnitude of our responsibilities so we developed an addiction to numb ourselves, perhaps we were blinded by pride and lust, perhaps we were just lonely, perhaps we hurt someone and have trouble getting over the guilt. In worst cases, maybe we were abused and exploited by adults we thought we could trust.

Whatever the details, there is a lesson to be gained from all struggles. They leave a mark on us and give a great depth to our lives, and this depth is neither good nor bad. It just is. Being red-pilled is certainly one such mark.

I don’t wish to preach here about overcoming addiction because it’s a topic that can be discussed endlessly and only ever offers mixed results. If someone is ready to get over an addiction, they will, and they’ll do it in a way that suits them. Wherever we stand in our personal journeys, take solace in the knowledge that one of the key factors that differentiates the Alt-Right from other political and cultural movements, especially the eternally victimized liberals, is our dedication to self-betterment and our ability to critically recognize our own faults and learn from them. Our primary goal is to make a better world for ourselves and others. We know from where true contentment springs, and that giving up is not an option. Especially if we have children. Which brings me to my third and final point.

Chester Bennington had six children. If you have children, whatever old injustices and sufferings your mind still circles around become irrelevant, and your focus must be to ensure that your children live a protected life with proper parental guidance. You don’t get to kill yourself over feelings, no matter how painful those feelings may be. Doing otherwise is only perpetuating that pain into the next, innocent generation and opening them up to the same behaviors and thinking patterns that drove you to your grave.

This is also a challenge our generation faces. We’ve grown up exposed to so much misinformation and deliberately harmful depictions of “modern life” in the media and in our immediate surroundings that we’ve nearly forgotten how to treat each other and ourselves properly. How to be strong gentlemen and ladies who are not tossed into suicidal spasms of regret and sorrow over past mistakes and grudges.

Still, even if our minds are in the right place, it will require some effort to unlearn and suffocate all those poor behaviors and urges right where they stand. The degeneracy has to end with us. We have to break off that cycle of abuse, addiction, leftist [change to liberal/and YKW] social conditioning, for good, or we risk affecting future generations. This is the essence of our cause, and what we must represent.

Are we up for the journey? Don’t despair, maybe Linkin Park can provide some inspiration:


Posted by Jason Jorjani: Why I left Inc. on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 22:07 | #

Why I Left The Altright, Sept 20, 2017:

viz., regarding Inc.

Jason Reza Jorjani writes:

A recent piece of trash ‘journalism’ in The New York Times entitled “Undercover With the Alt-Right” features video footage of me that was obtained surreptitiously and under false pretenses. It has been deceptively edited to make it appear as if I am advocating genocidal extreme right-wing policies. The five minute clip has been spliced together from a two hour meeting in a pub. My nightmarish prediction of a future that would follow from Western policymakers’ failure to address the Muslim migrant crisis in the present has been taken out of context and made to appear as if it is advocacy for “concentration camps and expulsions and war… at the cost of a few hundred million people.” It is one thing for such a deceptive film clip to have been produced by the Antifa organization Help Not Hate, it is another altogether for it to be embedded into a New York Times article. Jesse Singal and the Times are responsible for libel – or worse. I had a long and heated conversation with Mr. Singal in the course of which I clarified the concealed context of my butchered statements, but he did not convey my clarification in a responsible fashion when reproducing Antifa’s slanderously spliced misquotes of me.

The article also suggests that the Alt-Right Corporation was created in a context that involved my dialogue with individuals in the Trump Administration, and that our aim was to become their policy advisement group (comparable to the Straussian think tank inside the Bush-Cheney Administration). In this context, the one-sentence parenthetical reference to my August 15th resignation from the Alt-Right Corporation and Arktos Media makes it appear as if I left the corporation only because lines of communication to people who had the ear of President Trump were cut off. It is true that my greater responsibilities to the Iranian opposition were not the sole cause of my departure. The formation of the Iranian United Front during the very same days as the Charlottesville disaster were only an opportunity to leave an organization with which I was already profoundly dissatisfied – an organization that I created. The New York Times hit piece did get one thing right, I was in fact “the architect of the Alt-Right Corporation.” I suggested it to Richard Spencer. I’m afraid the time has come to confess why I did that, and to explain what the organization was supposed to be as opposed to what it has become.

Just after a very warmly received speech on “Occult Science and the Organic State” at the Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm in October of 2016, Daniel Friberg hired me as the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media – the press that had published my first book, Prometheus and Atlas, which went on to win the 2016 Parapsychological Association Book Award (the PA is a serious scientific organization accredited by the AAAS). In November of 2016, on the heels of President Trump’s electoral victory, I attended the National Policy Institute conference in Washington DC in my capacity as a book distributor. In addition to being Editor-in-Chief, I was also the Head of Arktos US, so I was there manning the book stand. Richard Spencer and I had barely known each other for 24 hours when he called me up to the stage to present my vision for the future evolution of Arktos under my editorship. But subsequent events would draw us together.

You see, on account of the grossly distorted propaganda perpetrated by mainstream media infiltrators who lingered at our private dinner after the NPI press conference was dismissed, a mere handful of Roman saluting folks out of the more than 300 attendees cheering for Richard’s speech were used to tar the entire gathering as some kind of Neo-Nazi rally. Less than a month after #Hailgate, a very prominent academic Philosophy blogger ran a story branding me as a “Neo-Nazi”. The Leiter Report on me identified both my doctoral granting institution, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and my place of work, the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Shortly thereafter, at a SUNY Stony Brook faculty meeting, I was denounced as an “Aryan White Supremacist” and a review of my doctorate was suggested with a view to making a public statement that would, for all intents and purposes, invalidate my degree in the eyes of my present employer and any future employers. The faculty forgot that I was still subscribed to the department listserv, and I was afforded the possibility of preparing a preemptive response that warranted further media coverage within the academic sphere. Leiter, however, dug his heels in.

Even the community of rebel scientists who had embraced me just months earlier, by honoring Prometheus and Atlas with the highest award in their circles, turned on me with a vengeance. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of two prominent scientists whose names I will not mention, but one of whom is a Nobel Laureate, discussions about expelling me from the Parapsychological Association (PA) and the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) ended with a decision to publicly uphold the apolitical character of these organizations. Privately, however, the damage was done. I became a heretic even among heretics.

When the post-Hailgate writing was on the wall for me in academia, Richard Spencer visited New York for a few days. His right hand man, former Radix journal editor ‘Hannibal Bateman’ (who I really respect), slept over in my apartment and Richard and I got to spend a lot of time together. Between a business lunch at my favorite Persian restaurant on one day, and a long evening that ended with a Dionysian, intoxicated hours-long discussion at my apartment, my idea for a corporatist unification of the major institutions of the Alt-Right movement was seeded in Richard’s psyche. But Richard did not know something about this act of inception, which I commemorated by leaving an Easter egg for the future in this picture that I suggested we take in front of Hermes, the Trickster, that evening.


What Richard did not know I disclosed to him about a month later during a late night dinner at the Hamilton restaurant in DC. After publishing Prometheus and Atlas with Arktos Media, I was approached by some people who had already been aware of my (entirely voluntary and unpaid) high-level advisement work with the (501c3 non-profit) Iranian Renaissance organization. These individuals facilitated some initially promising private meetings with incoming Trump Administration policy makers, with the aim of interesting them in our vision for an Iranian cultural revolution. They wanted to help build a new Persian Empire that would offer the West a staunch ally in the war against a nascent Islamic Caliphate. I was told that my book, Prometheus and Atlas, expressed exactly the kind of vision that they had for the future evolution of Man.

Hillary Clinton had given the so-called “Alt-Right” a great deal of unwarranted media attention, to the point where she helped to damn-near mainstream what she herself had described as a “fringe” movement. If the total mess that was then the Alt-Right could be unified, under my intellectual and ideological leadership, then it could be used to forward the aims that these backers claimed to share in common with me. This would have involved a course-correction that extricated the Alt-Right from the ghetto of “White Nationalism” – or as the mainstream media calls it, “White Supremacy” – toward a discourse of Indo-European identity. This inclusion of the Persian, Indian, and Buddhist traditions of the Eastern Aryan world was integral to another key aim: to transform divisive and defensively weak ethno-nationalism into a different vision for a new world order than the deracinating one of soulless globalist financiers. An inclusively identitarian Indo-European Community would be strong enough to take on China and Islam in the battle for planetary hegemony, as humanity faces existential threats from convergent advancements in technology that promise a superhuman future but could also yield a horrifyingly transhuman dystopia. My second book, World State of Emergency, basically lays out what we had in mind.

I corporatized the Alt-Right because a corporate structure allows for both outside investment and hierarchical governance. The key was to have a real brain installed at the pinnacle of the hierarchy. I was supposed to be the conduit for a major investment during the formative phase of the Alt-Right Corporation, and thereby assume its leadership – at least as far as fundamental questions of ideology were concerned. After listening to my explanation of who my potential backers were, and of what capabilities they had (which I urge him, even now, not to disclose for his own sake), Richard agreed that granted such an investment would be forthcoming I would be on point. What was especially compelling to him was the promise of direct engagement, through me, with people inside the White House such as Steve Bannon – something my backers suggested that I could, and should do, but that would not be possible with Richard at the helm. (Bannon, an avid reader of Julius Evola, is consequently familiar with Arktos, one of the only two English language publishers of Evola’s writings.) After this meeting with Richard, I went on to discuss this scenario with every single core board member of our company, including Arktos CEO Daniel Friberg. In February of 2017, during another Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm, where the lead-in to my speech on “The Failure of Democracy” hinted at my central role in forming the Alt-Right Corporation, Daniel and I even shook on this deal.

That policy speech, in February of 2017, just a few weeks after the formation of the Alt-Right Corporation in late January, was supposed to be a prelude to the investment that I was promised would come later the same month. Well, the investment did not come in February. I was told that the funds would certainly be available by March. Then it was explained to me why there would have to be another delay until May. Meanwhile, Daniel Friberg had moved from a 53% shareholding in Arktos Media to 82%. This was never supposed to happen. I was promised the funds to buy out troublesome shareholders at Arktos and become Daniel’s partner, rather than his employee.

I am afraid that I cannot disclose the reason for the repeated delays without also revealing the precise source of the funding and classified information about the particular persons involved in securing it. Suffice it to say, consulting open source material in the mainstream media will inform you that beginning in February of 2016, there was a sustained campaign by Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals to derail the Trump Train. This began with the dismissal and threatened prosecution of General Michael Flynn, and continued with the sidelining of Steve Bannon. (Eventually this ended with the train-wreck of Bannon being forced out in August, the month I resigned from the Alt-Right.)

In addition to losing my opportunity to acquire a major shareholding in Arktos, Richard and Daniel increased their shares in the Alt-Right Corporation at my expense by making a deal involving what Richard admits was “monopoly money.” Richard “sold” his website to the corporation, while Daniel made his website Metapedia a joint holding as well. At a board meeting on May 9th, Richard and Daniel came up with arbitrary monetary values for their websites, $10K and $15K respectively, and gave themselves 25% and 30% of our corporate shares, reducing my shareholding to 10% in the process. Initially, we had a ‘knights of the round table’ share structure, with each partner as an equal shareholder, a provisional arrangement arrived at as we awaited the funding that would have established me as the majority shareholder. If I were to apply the same principle that they did with their “monopoly money” deal, the scale of investment that I was supposed to bring in to the Alt-Right Corporation would have left me with something like a 95% shareholding.

Moreover, once the ownership of was officially handed over to our board, during a board meeting Tor Westman, who I insisted be brought onto the board in the first place (against Richard’s objection), suggested that not everyone on the board should have access to the domain account information. Daniel added that not everyone on the Arktos Board had access to the Arktos website domain information (he meant me), and that it should be handled on a “need to know” basis. While this discussion, which took place with me present, was couched in terms of a suspicion of Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice, who was absent, Richard rightly understood Daniel’s remarks as aiming to exclude me and agreed by replying, “I don’t think Jason would go in and change anything, but…” He didn’t need to finish the sentence. He only added that after restricting the access to Richard, Daniel, and Tor, the passwords should be changed.



Posted by Conclusion Jorjani statement on on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 22:09 | #


What is worse is that in the long months of the Spring of 2017, as I waited for funding to materialize, I watched the corporation that was my brainchild turn into a magnet for white trash. Exactly the kind of people who were supposed to be sidelined by my centralization and corporatization of the Alt-Right were cultivated by Richard as the populist base for ‘his’ movement. I was sorry to see Daniel’s Arktos affiliated and European-centered Right On journal, which had been in the business of publishing serious intellectual content when John Morgan was editing it, merged into an news and ‘perspective’ platform that has about as much perspective as a tabloid. The comments sections of our website devolved into a cesspool filled by the most despicable pond scum, former 4-chaners who would routinely pile on in trolling attacks against me every time I published something with a bit of intellectual content. “Iranians is brown poo-poo people” kind of sums it up. I decided to stop contributing until the investment came in and I could really clean things up. When Daniel and Richard agreed to lazily use Daniel’s “Points of Orientation” from his pamphlet, The Real Right Returns, as the basis for an ideological statement to appear on the website, consulting the serious philosopher on the board to help edit it was only an afterthought to them.

In May, at a meeting in London, I was assured by the investors that the obstacles had at last been cleared and I could expect our collaboration to begin in June. When I reported this to Richard at a New York lunch at the end of the same month, he thoughtlessly and angrily dismissed a plan that the investors had shared with me for creating an economic and security corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and across to the Caucasus. This “Neo-Scythian” Ukraine-based approach to the long-term revitalization and liberation of Europe – linked to a future, post-Islamic Greater Iran via the Caucasus – offended the Russophilia that has been fostered by his wife.

So I cannot say I was surprised when the backers ultimately failed to follow through with their long-promised investment. By late June the movement was long past its embryonic stage. A deformed creature, a mindless Frankenstein’s monster had already entered the world. Of course this would not have happened if, between February and May, the angel investors had made good on their promises. Even though they are now responsible for my being libeled in the New York Times, potentially at the cost of my career in academia, I will not reveal their identities. It would catalyze a mainstream media scandal that none of us want to see. I am not interested in testifying before Congress, because the truth I would have to tell is stranger than fiction.

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