Cernovich seeds FireMcMaster hashtag propagated by 600 most active Russian Twitter operative handles

Posted by DanielS on Monday, 07 August 2017 00:02.

Mike Cernovich is exposed as being at best a dumb vehicle for Active Measures, as his #FireMcMaster hashtag is botted and propagated hundreds of thousands of times by the 600 most active Russian fake Twitter accounts ...

John Ziegler confronts Cernovich
with that and Cernovich’s conspiracy theory nonsense - that Soros* is pulling McMaster’s strings - Cernovich quivers nervously and makes the feeble counter-allegation that ‘Ziegler is anti-Zionist; just like McMaster.’

* We have long observed that Soros is a convenient Jew for other Jews to throw under the bus, particularly the more ardent Zionists.

John Ziegler, Free Speech, August 6th 2017, hour 2:

John Ziegler (25:55): Are you claiming that you alone are the reason that #FireMcMaster has been re-Tweeted at last check over 600,000 times worldwide - you’re saying that’s because of you?

Mike Cernovich
: Amazing, the great citizens out there who support “America first”, participating very active, there was a protest today in front of The White House, the people are showing up…

John Ziegler: No, Mike, let me tell you the facts. That happened because of Russian operatives on Twitter.

Mike Cernovich: They’re everywhere, oh my god, the Russians. Imagine you talked about Jewish people the way you talk about Russians? Or you talked about Israel the way you talk about Russians?

John Ziegler: Are you anti-Semitic?

Mike Cernovich: You sound anti-Semitic and you sound xenophobic, because to me you’re xenophobic of Russians, an entire race of people…Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia…

Do you hate Israel the way McMaster does?

John Ziegler
: You don’t want to answer the question because its troubling for you.

Mike Cernovich: McMaster hates Israel, do you hate Israel the way McMaster does? He fired pro-Israel Jews, he fired a guy for going to a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Do you support that decision by McMaster?

John Ziegler (27:15): Are you denying that the 600 most well known Russian operative Twitter handles are responsible for the re-Tweets of the hashtag #FireMcMaster and that it was the top re-Tweet for all 600? Are you (Cernovich) denying that?

Mike Cernovich: I categorically deny that.

John Ziegler (29:03): “Here is my assessment; unless you’re totally lying and since we’re on the phone and we’ve never talked before in any substantive matter so I can’t know for sure; but my sense is that you are not actively working on behalf of Russia; but that Russian forces see you as somebody that they can use because he is so dumb he doesn’t realize he is being used and effectively you are being used as a stooge by Russia to do their dirty work for them among certain elements of the American population, i.e., the Trump cult.

That’s my belief, why am I wrong?

Mike Cernovich
: Well my belief is you’re being used by anti-Zionist forces to support McMaster’s attacks on Israel and that’s why you support the purge of Jewish Trump supporters from the Trump administration.

John Ziegler: So you just think it is a coincidence that Russia is behind the fact that the #FireMcMaster hashtag has been re-Tweeted hundreds of thousands of times?

Mike Cernovich: I’m behind hat, I came up with that.

John Ziegler: Donald Trump, when he Tweets, if its a good Tweet, it might get 20,000 re-Tweets. #FireMcMaster has been re-Tweeted over 600,000 times world-wide because of you and you alone?


You think it’s beautiful that the President said, basically, you’re wrong, I’m not going to fire McMaster?

You implied on line that you did not believe that Trump wrote the statement that supported McMaster.

Mike Cernovich: No, Gen. Kelley definitely wrote that. I don’t believe Trump wrote that, it doesn’t sound anything like him.

John Ziegler: So, you don’t believe Trump is in charge then?

Mike Cernovich: Trump delegates a lot of things.

John Ziegler: Delegates a statement of his personal beliefs about McMaster, his National Security Advisor?

With that, thanks for your time, and I’ll be happy to send you the link to the entire interview un-edited.

Cernovich and Milo, Shills for the (((Trump agenda)))
That’s Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy nut-job, who has become famous in the Alt-Right by being a Donald Trump supporter, who no longer wants to be known as a Donald Trump supporter but is still doing the work for Donald Trump, although Trump is rejecting that work on the issue of whether National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster should be fired; if you understand all that, you’ve been listening very carefully and I appreciate it.

Related Story: From the week before, Ziegler does a good job exposing Milo Yiannopoulis as a mercenary stooge for Trump, brought onto Breitbart by Bannon and backed by Robert Mercer’s agenda and money. Milo did not promote the interview, which he would tend to do if he thought he came off well (he didn’t, his arguments came across as highly prefigurative, ill-fitting and mercenary for Trump).



Posted by Cernovich seeks to aid exploitable chaos on Mon, 07 Aug 2017 03:24 | #

Cernovich seeks to aid and abet susceptibility to compradors

One likely reason The Alt-Right/Lite and Active Measures might be against McMaster is because McMaster favors stepping up presence in Afghanistan while Russia and Israel have some nefarious business there, gun and drug running ..using Islam to maintain a chaos in nations such as Afghanistan which they can exploit.

Business Insider, “The knives are out for Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster”, 9 May 2017:

Inside the White House, opponents of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s second national security advisor, want him out. This week, they’ve made their campaign against him public, leaking to reporters details about the rocky relationship he has with his boss and trying to paint him as someone hellbent on overseas nation-building projects that are doomed to fail. The timing isn’t accidental. The effort to damage McMaster comes as the Trump administration decides what its policy should be in Afghanistan, a debate that’s pitting McMaster against Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist.

“McMaster is pushing this Afghanistan policy through. I think some people are giving him the rope to get it through, hoping he hangs himself with it,” one senior intelligence official said.

The Afghanistan strategy McMaster is pushing, with the support of Defense Secretary James Mattis, would send roughly 3,000-5,000 U.S. and NATO troops to Afghanistan, according to a separate source familiar with the internal deliberations. These troops would be sent to help bulk up the Afghan National Security Forces, which, after years of U.S. assistance, are still struggling against the Taliban, al Qaeda, and a small Islamic State presence in the country.

According to the Washington Post, the new strategy “would authorize the Pentagon, not the White House, to set troop numbers in Afghanistan and give the military far broader authority to use airstrikes to target Taliban militants.” The hope is that by increasing pressure on the Taliban, it will force them to the negotiating table with more favorable terms for Kabul and Washington. Sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan follows a decision made last year by then-President Barack Obama, who announced in July that 8,400 U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan through January 2017 because of the “precarious” security situation there, undoing his previous plan to draw down to 5,500 by the time he left office.

The Post reported that “those opposed to the plan have begun to refer derisively to the strategy as ‘McMaster’s War,’” and this particular criticism is repeated in a handful of negative stories about McMaster that have already cropped up this week. For those plugged into the dicey world of Trump administration power plays, this slur has the hallmarks of a hit job by Bannon’s team. (It’s worth noting that the same people who oppose McMaster are no fans of Mattis’s moderating influence on the president, but he’s seen as politically untouchable for now.)

Attack dogs online

The first story aimed at weakening McMaster came Sunday from blogger Mike Cernovich, whose reporting has served as a conduit for the alt-right wing of the White House to air its grievances and get ahead of policies it doesn’t like. Cernovich has pushed conspiracy theories and threatened to smear members of the Trump White House if Bannon is ever removed. Still, the White House has given him press credentials, and he attended a White House briefing last month.

In a May 7 blog post, Cernovich suggested McMaster had become too big for his britches and that Trump intended to put him in his place at a meeting between the two on Monday. Trump’s daily schedule for Monday included a meeting with McMaster at 10 a.m. in the Situation Room.

Cernovich is intent on portraying McMaster as a crony of retired Gen. David Petraeus, which, in this depiction, means a fan of big counterinsurgency campaigns that require billions of dollars and thousands of ground troops. Cernovich’s list of McMaster’s wrongs include that he’s pushing “for a ground war in Syria and massive new surge in Afghanistan,” which, according to the source familiar with the White House’s internal deliberations, does not accurately portray the policy option McMaster is proposing. It does, however, reflect Bannon’s characterization of it, as well as his own isolationist foreign-policy views.

Cernovich’s story also contained a detail about McMaster “falling up” into a four-star job in the military (possibly as vice chief of staff of the Army or as the top commander in Afghanistan) as a way to get him out of the White House. According to the source familiar with White House politics, this comes directly from Bannon’s camp.

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake had a more devastating (as well as far better sourced) story on Monday about McMaster’s difficult relationship with Trump, who has spoken derisively to McMaster in meetings. According to Lake, Trump screamed at McMaster on a phone call for undercutting the president’s effort to get South Korea to pay for a missile defense system for which the United States had already agreed to foot the bill.

Bannon’s critique of McMaster also makes a cameo: “On policy, the faction of the White House loyal to senior strategist Steve Bannon is convinced McMaster is trying to trick the president into the kind of nation building that Trump campaigned against.”

On Monday night, Cernovich wrote a second negative post about McMaster; this time, slamming him for supposedly referring to 28-year-old Hope Hicks, the White House director of strategic communications, as a “high schooler.”



Posted by Spencer-Molotov-Ribbentrop-Milo on Tue, 08 Aug 2017 02:50 | #

Alternative Right, “SPENCER PIVOTS ‘WEST’ ON MILO”

Spencer-Milo bromance back on?

by Duns Scotus

Like any true leader, Richard Spencer is known for his mercurial shifts in direction that are aimed at throwing his many slow-footed foes and dim-witted opponents off balance.

So it was no surprise to me when the public leader of our movement suddenly pivoted hard on the “Milo Question” and issued an article in his own name (Milo and his Enemies) that reversed his previous hard position on “Milexit” (shorthand for Milo’s exit from the wider Alt-Right).

When “Milogate” first broke, Spencer’s response was noted for its almost SJW-type stridency, as he denounced and berated the former Breitbart editor for his sexual degeneracy and “normalisation” of pederasty. Spencer’s tweets on the subject are now legendary:

  “Milo’s done. Put a fork in him.”
  “The Alt Light was always going to collapse. #Milogate just pushed it over the edge.”
  “How long will it be before some boy comes forward and says Milo abused him?”
  “A tale of two scandals.  In a moment of exuberance, I toast “Hail Trump!” and some guys give Roman salutes. The Alt Light freaks out. Milo defends pedophilia and the Alt Light equivocates. What a fucking joke.”
  “Just finished a video on Milo, uploading now. The guy is totally done. No sane person will defend him.”

These attacks won Spencer plaudits from the hard-line Stormerfag “Eastern Front” of the Alt-Right, who like to LARP hard as paragons of moral virtue and supporters of genocide, and thus secured his hold on this vital Alt-Right activist base.

But, job done, Spencer is now moving “West” to sweep up the disordered elements of the Alt-Lite by adopting a more conciliatory tone to Milo in his latest article:

  “Milogate’ was simply the latest example of what has become one of the most important coalitions in American politics—the Cuck-Left Alliance. Both groups have a vested interested in making sure ‘The Narrative’ stays within carefully controlled boundaries. And both had a specific reason to call in a hit on Milo.”


  “For leftists, the casus belli was his appearance on Bill Maher’s show. Because Yiannopoulos once gave a fair hearing to the Alt Right, he was deemed worthy of being ‘no platformed.’ Milo’s book deal with Simon & Schuster and mainstream media appearances suggested he was on the brink of a breakout; ‘MILO’ qua brand might become Too Big To Fail. The hit had to be done right away.”

Spencer’s article clearly admits the utility of Alt-Liters, like Milo, to the Alt-Right and the cognitive dissonance they embody, a position that others within the heart of the Alt-Right, like Andy Nowicki, Colin Liddell, and Richard Wolstencroft have long held:

  “Milo, along with Allum Bokhari, gave the Alt Right a sympathetic, if not particularly accurate, hearing in Breitbart. Had the piece not been authored by a sexual deviant and self-described ‘kebab,’ it might never have been published. Despite it all, it was a major breakthrough. And like the commissars of the past, the Regime Press reacted harshly, for their role is to limit public debate and silence dissidents. Yiannopoulos—by breaking the cordon sanitaire around White identity and treating the Alt Right as comprised of rational people with real grievances and legitimate arguments—made himself an enemy.”

The main threat to the Alt-Right is and always has been the possibility that the establishment will find an effective way to no-platform and ghettoize the movement by cutting it off from partially sympathetic, gateway figures like Milo and other Alt-Liters, civic nationalists, and traditionalists, enabling it to brick up the Alt-Right behind a social media firewall. In fact, given the various purges carried out by Twitter and Reddit in recent months, that seems to be the long-term plan, one that probably emanates from groups like the ADL and the SPLC.

If that is successfully done, then the movement will become increasingly dominated by its toxic Neo-Nazi LARPer wing and thus fail “bigly,” merely being kept in existence to serve as a useful tool to attack and discredit all forms of nationalism and anti-globalism. Spencer’s recent article shows that he clearly understands that danger, and realises that the “Western” front is where this war will finally be won.

The Alt-Right always thinks its clever to swing deals with the YKW, and they present their Molatov /Ribbentrop Imperium contingent as THE Alternative.

Ethno-nationalism is not remotely so either / or, it is nascent polycentrism.


Posted by Putting Soros under the bus to end Iran Deal on Wed, 09 Aug 2017 20:29 | #

This Breibart headline is more evidence that the YKW are willing to throw Soros under the bus as an offering to deflect from their broader interests and narrow Zionist agenda:

Breitbart, “McMaster Worked at Think Tank Backed by Soros-Funded Group that Helped Obama Sell Iran Nuclear Deal”, 6 Aug 2017:

The Iran Deal was good for everybody and all nations (except for the Israel/Greater Israel project).


Posted by Cernovich daggers & shields for the alt-right on Tue, 05 Dec 2017 20:22 | #

Though widely disavowed, Mike Cernovich is still exercising a surprising amount of power both behind the scenes and rather flamboyantly at other times - Why? Apparently because he’s being backed by higher echelons of the YKW to do their right-wing, paleocon bidding against “the left.”

The latest permutation of his being the conduit of this right wing Jewish power was to (hypocritically) expose liberal/“left” Jew Sam Seder for a joke Seder made in bad taste about Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old girl.

Though Cernovich has actually made much worse “jokes” of the same kind, MSNBC buckled to the pressure and fired Seder, apparently because they heard, and cowered before, the footsteps of their right wing Jewish overlords as they spoke via Cernovich.

Specifically, Cernovich is looking to give paleocon backing to Judge Roy Moore, while Seder has been a high profile critic.

MediaITE, “After MSNBC Cuts Ties Over Polanski Tweet, Sam Seder Says Network is ‘Afraid’ of Mike Cernovich”, 5 Dec 2017:

Earlier this week, TheWrap’s Jon Levine — a Mediaite alum — reported that MSNBC was cutting ties with contributor Sam Seder over an eight-year-old tweet about Roman Polanski.

The tweet resurfaced after right-wing Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich convinced the alt-right and MAGA crowd to amplify the tweet in a smear campaign against Seder, making it appear he was a rape apologist (something that is more than a little ironic considering Cernovich’s own history.)

Following the news that MSNBC was not keeping Seder due to a willful misreading of an out-of-context tweet by a known provocateur, Media Twitter pilloried the network for its decision, with some claiming it was “deeply embarrassing” that MSNBC fell for “Cernovich’s smear campaign hook, line and sinker.” As for Seder, he believes that MSNBC has shown it fears Cernovich and the far-right media community.

Speaking to the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple, Seder provided a timeline for how the whole thing went down between him and MSNBC. He then noted that MSNBC didn’t really discuss the tweet with him in detail but instead just decided to move on from their relationship.

According to Seder, he and MSNBC management never had a serious discussion about the tweet, what it meant and whether it posed a problem for MSNBC social-media standards. “If there was any conversation about the tweet,” says Seder, “it had nothing to do with substance. It was, ‘This is blowing up.’” And from what Seder can tell, his position with the network didn’t much concern the company’s top managers. “I only spoke to the PR guy and they only fired me after there was an imminent story,” says Seder. An MSNBC spokesman responds that the company requested Seder’s written defense of his tweet, and then considered that defense in reaching its decision on the contract renewal.

Seder’s conclusion: “I think they’re afraid of those people.”

Meanwhile, Wemple noted that an MSNBC source said that while they were given pause over “alt right figures whipping up attention” regarding their decision, it was still a fact that “Seder made a rape joke.” The WaPo writer added that the joke was actually “an edgy condemnation of rape” and that if it were really that problematic, why didn’t MSNBC bring it up earlier?

Seder goes so far as to articulate parameters of the right wing attack but not so far as to note the Jewish right wing influence (i.e., who is afraid to go against fellow tribesmen?).

Sam Seder‏Verified account @SamSeder

First draft of the Alabama Roy Moore supporting robo call: Hi I am a Yankee and a Jew who controls the media, I will pay you 30 whole pieces of silver to vote against Roy Moore. Steve Bannon and the Mercers had nothing to do with this call. Have a good day!

And neither does (((Mike Cernovich and the Alt/Right/Lite)))

Note, Mercer’s daughter has kosher aspects about her.

Did you know that upon his “Deploraball” that Mike Cernovich funded the shields used at “Unite The Right” Charlottesville? It’s a cohencidence.

Cernovich shields

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