German girls being conditioned to be mothers with black baby simulator dolls

Posted by DanielS on Thursday, 09 June 2016 05:55.

“Diana sees it as good preparation for the time when the real children come.”

German girls being given black baby simulator dolls in preparation for early motherhood -

MK, “Baby simulators make it possible for girls to be ready be a mother so young?” 3 June 2016:

Eight Syker Real pupils yesterday experienced how it is to be a mother of an infant. Through Monday, they had to take care of the baby simulators - changing diapers and feeding included. - Photo: Ehlers

Suspiciously an elderly man looks at the girl who just wants to board the bus. She carries a small bundle in her arms. So young and already a mama?” He asked me how I could be [a mother] because of my age.” Zoé describes their encounter the previous day. The 15-year-old let the stranger know immediately. “This is not a baby in her arms, but just a doll.” Or more precisely, a baby simulator.

Eight Real pupils have since Thursday been a part of offspring “on time”. The girls from the ninth grade attend on Mondays to the life-sized puppets, computer-controlled to simulate the daily routine of an infant.

A chip on the wrist identifies the “right” mama, all their activities are recorded and evaluated at the end. Before starting the experiment, the group has worked intensively with the topic, watched a movie, and is at once busy with the “theoretical” aspects of the baby. Why is a child crying? What can and should you do? What is there to consider?

On Thursday, each student received her seven-pound junior. Some have previously never had a real baby in their arms, but with a newborn, it is “a bit difficult with the head,” Lea says. The head just always has to be supported by hand. But after a day that is already well learned.

The babies get correct name. And if Luke, Chris or Ryan after four days must be issued again, and they are returned to nameless baby simulators, it could well be emotional: Brunhilde Maskos has often experienced in the past that parting was clearly difficult for the girls .

Marie is grateful for the opportunity to learn how to deal responsibly with the potential reality of a baby. Diana sees it as good preparation for the time when the real children come. One thing all eight girls have in common is the desire to have children. There should be two at most. But after her experience with the electronic baby, Stephanie “wouldn’t be sad if there are three.”

What’s going on in the minds of young people when they are seen with their electronic appendages? A “strange mixture of pride and embarrassment” says Neele. After a few hours a bond to the small companion is established.



Posted by mancinblack on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 08:36 | #

Baby simulator dolls are intended to discourage girls from having sex and becoming pregnant. However, a recent study into the use of the dolls in sex education programmes in Western Australia has shown that they have the opposite effect, with girls who took part being found to be twice as likely to become pregnant and a third more likely to have an abortion before they were twenty than those who didn’t take part. Worldwide eighty nine countries utilize the dolls in sex education classes. I’m only surprised that the German girls weren’t given hijabs to wear for the duration too.


Posted by bigbirtha on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:18 | #

European women are being used as sex slaves to foreign peoples.  The sad thing is no one will protect them anymore, not even the state.


Posted by Medusa on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 15:25 | #

This is called grooming, it is a disgrace.. moslem men use this tactic to lure children to be raped.  These girls will be used and abused by the dirty moslems because they are white and christian.  They would have a dreadful life because if the insane loonie left politically correct idealists/apologists that control our colleges and universities and who are grooming kids into accepting these people.  If you like the idea of another culture, you’d better research it first.  No one is protecting these girls from a very sad and bad future.  This is how little the authorities care about is people.  They will be subjected to domestic physical and sexual abuse, cheating, lying, violence, rape, virtual slavery and force to convert if the do marry.. Never go with a moslem girls, they dont respect their own women, why would they respect anyone else?  Dont have babies with them… bad move.. they will ruin your life

Plain Jane

I would have given the dolls back.  Sorry, I see this as an insult to our young gullible girls.


Posted by Leocardo on Tue, 06 Sep 2016 22:36 | #

Ah nothing like a meaningless fait-divers to let all the xenophobic angst out. Beautiful (sarcasm).


Posted by It's being done to English girls too on Mon, 10 Oct 2016 19:30 | #

Click image for discussion


Posted by Dick on Thu, 29 Jun 2017 21:45 | #

None of them were given white baby dolls? That isn’t very diverse. Set the dolls alight and get the new crusades underway already.


Posted by Gynocentric greetings on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 12:00 | #

Red Ice has re-posted this article from Majorityrights, and we thank them for that…

It’s garnering some interesting comments.

This one, posted by Alex Smuts, is tragic - a “New South African family”

I could puke my guts out for a century.

Here’s a comment featuring a gynocentric welcome to migrants to Germany



Posted by HelmutundHelene on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 08:36 | #

The most unnerving thing I find the reactions of the girls. In my days, that would have been in the 80’s, when handed a mongrel doll, I would have asked “why?” or “what is that?”, and I certainly would not have accepted the thing. Those girls were delighted and said things like “cute” (according to the German newspaper, I saw this in for the first time). This definitely is disturbing.


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 09:30 | #

Thank you for your comment Helmut und Helene, we definitely understand your dismay at these attacks, in this case psychological conditioning of young German women. We support German ethno-nationalists in their defense of their peoples, their human ecology against this egregious conditioning and other attacks against you, our fellow Europeans, our people in broader genus. Lets be well, and lets fight in our interests together.


Posted by Central role in migration/misegenation traffic on Sun, 02 Jul 2017 13:23 | #

Central role in the overwhelming imposition upon Europe -

Jewish interests have schemed to seduce liberals and neo-liberal interests to foist wave upon wave of immigration and miscegenation upon Europe such that it would utterly overwhelm European peoples capacity to sustain themselves as a distinct people, even in their homelands..


Posted by European Girl marries into Isil on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 04:56 | #

Independent, “German teenage ‘Isis bride’ could face death penalty in Iraq”, 19 Sept 2017:

‘Teenagers under certain laws… are accountable for their actions, especially if the act is a criminal activity when it amounts to killing innocent people.’

Iraqi intelligence forces told AP that Linda allegedly worked with the Isis “police force”.

Amir Musawy, an Iraqi journalist who met the German teenager after her arrest, said she was “exhausted” and had a leg injury when he spoke to her.

He said he was not sure she recognised the gravity of the situation she now finds herself in.

“I do not have the feeling that she understands what she did, and what she might have waiting for her, whether in Iraq or in Germany.

“She just told me that she wants her home back, like a journey that she went on and did not like.

“It’s like she is still thinking like a child or a young woman and not understanding what is waiting for her.”

Isis jihadi brides ‘encouraging girls to launch UK terror attacks’

He added that the teenager was wearing a headscarf when they met and appeared to be still under the influence of the jihadists.

“She does want to go home, definitely, she answered ‘Yes, I am German’ when I asked her that.”

Linda, who comes from the small town of Saxony,  is being held in Baghdad along with hundreds of other foreign women with Isis links suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks, Iraqi officials said.

She was just 15 years old when she fled her homeland and told journalists in July that she regrets ever going to Iraq.

“I want to go home to my family,” she said at the time. “I want to get out of the war, away from the weapons, the noise.”

She said it took her a month to travel to Turkey, through Syria and into Iraq to marry an Isis fighter before she was taken to Mosul, where her husband was killed shortly after they arrived.
In pictures: Mosul offensive

The Prime Minister said Iraqi forces detained 1,333 women and children who surrendered to Kurdish forces during the offensive to liberate Mosul.

The other non-Iraqi women include citizens from France, Belgium, Syria and Iran.

Many of those being detained at the camp are not guilty of any crime, Mr al-Abadi said, adding that his government is communicating with their home countries to “find a way to hand them over”.

So far, Iraq has repatriated fewer than 100 people, but the Prime Minister said: “It is not in our interest to keep families and children inside our country when their countries are prepared to take them.”


Posted by German girl stabbed to death by Afghan on Thu, 28 Dec 2017 08:42 | #

- the drugstore in which the crime took place.

Voice of Europe, “Another migrant murder: German teen girl stabbed to death by Afghan in Kandel”, 28 Dec 2017:

A 15-year-old Afghan boy was arrested yesterday, for fatally stabbing a German girl of the same age.

German media say, an argument between the two broke out in a grocery store in the town of Kandel in southwest Germany. The girl was stabbed during the confrontation and died of her injuries in a local hospital later that day.

The Afghan teen was arrested after eyewitnesses gave descriptions of him to the police. The regional prosecutor in Landau has ruled out a terrorist motive.

Last year another German teenager was murdered by an Afghan migrant. The 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger, was brutally raped and murdered in Freiburg im Breisgau by Hussein Khavari.

In June this year, a psychologist was stabbed to death by a Syrian refugee in Saarbrücken.


Posted by Adelene on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 21:18 | #

Miscegenation Macht Frei, 28 Jan 2018:

A new German magazine has just been launched. Called Adelene, it bills itself as the magazine for pregnancy, birth and family.

This is the cover of the first issue. Its editor is Navina Salomon.

Judging by her own family photo on Facebook, it seems she prefers to avoid miscegenation herself.

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