Hurricane Irmina Gathering - Worst Case Scenario is Worse than Harvey, Worse than Katrina [updates]

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  “We’re talking total destruction”

Irma worst case scenario: Cat 5 storm, direct hit on Miami.

“Major Hurricane Irma now ... I’d be surprised if storm didn’t become Cat 5 during next 5-7 days. Many EPS ensembles are very intense.

It would be much worse than Harvey. Miami is built right up to the ocean, all those tall building would receive the impact of Cat 5 winds plus devastating storm surge. We are talking total destruction.”

- Ryan Maue, Meteorologist (PhD) | Free ex parte opinions on Weather | Hurricanes | Climate Science | Politics | Think Tanker @CatoCSS

SethBrown321‏ @FnafSeth Aug 31, replying to Ryan Maue @RyanMaue

“I’d make evacuation plans now everyone in Florida, NC/SC, Georgia, DC, Maryland and Virginia.”

Source, Lion of the Blogosphere

The Economic Collapse, “Category 6? If Hurricane Irma Becomes The Strongest Hurricane In History, It Could Wipe Entire Cities Off The Map”, 1 Sep 2017:

Meteorologists have been shocked at how rapidly Hurricane Irma has been strengthening, and they are already warning that if it hits the United States as a high level category 5 storm the devastation would be absolutely unprecedented.  Of course we are already dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and many experts are already telling us that the economic damage done by that storm will easily surpass any other disaster in all of U.S. history.  But there is a very real possibility that Hurricane Irma could be even worse.  According to the National Hurricane Center, at 5 PM on Friday Irma already had sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.  But it is still very early, and as you will see below, next week it is expected to potentially develop into a category 5 storm with winds of 180 miles per hour or more.

I suppose that it is appropriate that such a powerful storm has a very powerful name.  In old German, the name “Irma” actually means “war goddess”…

  The name Irma is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Irma is: Universal, from the Old German ‘irmin’. War goddess.

Irma began forming on Wednesday, and it intensified at a faster rate than any storm that we have seen in nearly 20 years…

Hurricane Irma formed early Wednesday in the warm waters off the coast of West Africa — and took just 30 hours to strengthen to a Category 3. That’s the fastest intensification rate in almost two decades. By Friday afternoon, the storm had also grown noticeably larger in size with a well-defined eye, a classic sign of a strong hurricane.

Though Irma poses no immediate threat to land, the outlook is ominous: In the Atlantic, Irma is expected to pass through some abnormally warm waters — the primary fuel source for storm systems. The official National Hurricane Center forecast says it will remain at major hurricane status for at least the next five days, and, in a worst-case scenario, Irma could eventually grow into one of the strongest hurricanes ever seen in the Atlantic.

So how powerful could Irma eventually become?

According to Michael Ventrice of the Weather Channel, Irma could easily become a “super typhoon” with “sustained speeds of over 180mph”…

Veteran USA forecaster Michael Ventrice posted the track model on Twitter overnight and warned it looked like the storm could be a “super typhoon”, with sustained speeds of over 180mph.

He wrote: “These are the highest windspeed forecasts I’ve ever seen in my 10 yrs of Atlantic hurricane forecasting.

“Irma is another retiree candidate.”

The scale we have right now really never envisioned storms that powerful.  In fact, some have suggested that we need to add a “category 6” to describe the kind of “super storms” that are now developing in the Atlantic.

One of the reasons why Irma is so unique is because it is a “Cape Verde hurricane”…

There are a few factors that worry hurricane forecasters more about this storm when compared to the myriad other tropical storms and hurricanes that tend to form in the Atlantic.

First, it’s a so-called Cape Verde storm, having formed off the west coast of Africa. These storms tend to be the ones that go on to affect the U.S., after gathering strength for many days during their march across the ocean. For example, Hurricane Andrew, which was the most recent Category 5 storm to hit the U.S. in 1992, was a Cape Verde-type storm.

Because they begin at a relatively low latitude and move west rather than northwest, it can be harder for upper level winds blowing across North America to pick up and steer these types of storms away from the U.S. coast.

Let us hope that this storm does get steered away from our coastlines at some point, but so far that is just not happening.

Many hurricanes are often weakened by wind shear, but that isn’t happening to Irma either.  In fact, CNN is reporting that “Irma will remain in a low-shear environment for the next several days”…

A strong high-pressure ridge to the north of Irma, over the Atlantic, is steering the storm to the west and limiting the wind shear in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which has allowed the storm to grow so quickly. Wind shear is like hurricane kryptonite, and prevents storms from forming or gaining strength.

Unfortunately, Irma will remain in a low-shear environment for the next several days, so there isn’t much hope that Irma will weaken any time soon.

Basically, conditions are nearly ideal for a “super storm” to develop, and if Irma does make it to the U.S. the destruction that it causes could be absolutely off the charts.

Of course at this point there is no guarantee that it will ever reach the United States.  But if it does, and if it is still a category 5 storm when it arrives, we could be facing an event unlike anything that we have ever seen before.

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina?  Well, scientists now know that when it hit New Orleans it had already been downgraded to just a “low category 3” storm…

To put this all in perspective, Katrina was a Category 5 hurricane out over some hot spots in the Gulf. But when it hit New Orleans, scientists now know, Katrina had winds at a low Category 3, and much of them Category 2, including the “left side winds” that then came down from the north and pushed the surge-swollen waters of Lake Pontchartrain over and through NOLA’s levees. (Hurricanes spin counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere, so when Katrina came ashore just east of New Orleans, its winds hit the city from the north.)

Only three Category 5s have come ashore in the United States in the past century — the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, Camille in 1969 and Andrew in 1992.

And Hurricane Harvey was just a category 4 storm.

If Hurricane Irma were to make landfall as a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 180 miles per hour, it would rip buildings and everything else in its path to shreds.

Next week we shall find out what happens.  Let us hope for the best, but let us also get prepared for the worst.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

Irmina Update:

The Island Packet
, “Hurricane Irma back to Category 2, but its track makes a pronounced turn”, 2 Sep 2017:

Hurricane Irma become a Category 2 storm once more in the National Hurricane Center’s 5 a.m. update, but as its strength fluctuates, its track now shows a distinct northwestern turn.

Tropical weather track

Reload page every few hours
for the latest tracking information.

Source: National Hurricane Center

Irma is currently located about 1300 miles east of the Leeward Islands, and is moving west at 14 mph. It has maximum sustained winds of 110 mph with gusts up to 132 mph.

While Irma has remained in a somewhat weakened state over the past day or so, it is expected to move into warmer waters and better wind conditions in about a day, and is expected to be a major hurricane again as it approaches the Lesser Antilles at the beginning of next week.

It is expected to reach Category 4 status by next Wednesday, with forecast sustained winds of 132 mph and gusts over 160.

The NHC track for Irma looks only five days out, but there are other, more speculative forecast models.

No coastal watches or warnings have yet been issued for Irma. Watches and warnings are typically issued 36 hours before a tropical cyclone poses a threat to a coastal area. So, as alarming as some of the information coming in might be, people can take solace in the knowledge that they will have plenty of warning if Irma looks to threaten the U.S. coast.

“It’s still 2,000 miles away, and anything over the Atlantic Ocean moving generally westward, by geographical definition, would be ‘aiming in the general direction of the United States,’” said NHC spokesman Dennis Feltgen. “It is far to early to tell what, if any, impacts will be felt on the continental U.S.”

Feltgen also said that Irma is a useful reminder that we are in the peak of hurricane season, and that as such, people in hurricane prone areas should be prepared, just in case.

“Check your supplies and make sure you have a hurricane plan,” said Feltgen. “The last thing you want is to be doing this on the fly if you happen to be in an area where hurricane watches or warnings go up. Not that we expect that to happen any time soon, but use this weekend, when stores are open and everyone has supplies, to take advantage of that.



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Irma updates (also posted in main, above)


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Washington Post, “Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harvey’s wind strength”, 2 Sep 2017:

Global Forecast System (GFS, American model)

The GFS has been painting an ominous picture over the past few model runs, swinging Irma around a large blocking high-pressure system anchored over the central Atlantic. It ultimately brings the storm up the East Coast.

The overnight European model run brings a dangerously strong Irma onshore over the Southeast U.S. next week. (WXBell)

Again, a similar story shown on the European ensemble members. Individual members, of this ensemble system that historically does quite well, are showing striking agreement in the immediate track of Irma. They only truly diverge in solution after 120 hours, which if course leaves plenty of questions for the East Coast unresolved.


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The Florida Keys are statistically among the most dangerous places to live in America.

Ryan Maue‏Verified account @RyanMaue 15m15 minutes ago

Hurricane #Irma heading west into perfect environment for continued intensification. Again, I’d be surprised if it didn’t reach Cat 5+


Folks in Florida especially Keys & Miami need to think about Hurricane #Irma & potential impacts ranging from grazing to catastrophic.

CNN, “Hurricane Irma kills 9 in Caribbean islands as Florida awaits storm”,  7 Sept 2017:

“If you decide to stay in the Florida Keys, you are on your own,” said Roman Gastesi, administrator of Monroe County, which ordered everyone off the small islands off the state’s southern coast ahead of the storm’s anticipated approach.

Hurricane Irma: Live updates

Irma on Wednesday left at least nine people dead, including six on St. Martin, two on St. Bart’s and one in Barbuda. The latter is barely habitable, with nearly all its buildings damaged, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda said.


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Miami Herald, “Hurricane Irma now a Category 4, governor declares a state of emergency”, 4 Sep 2017:

Hurricane Irma strengthened into a Category 4 storm Monday afternoon, moving on a track that increased the possibility that South Florida will feel its effects by week’s end.

According to the National Hurricane Center’s 5 p.m. advisory, Irma grew to 130 mph sustained winds as it chugged at 13 mph through the Caribbean.


Its track shifted in a westerly track from its position at about 490 miles (790 km) east of the Leeward Islands. Irma’s range of influence has increased to 40 miles from its center for hurricane winds and tropical storm force winds still at 140 miles from the center.

At its current sustained wind speeds, Irma would be the biggest hurricane to hit South Florida since Category 5 Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It is projected to turn west-northwest by the end of the day Tuesday as well as strengthen further over the next two days.

Now under hurricane warning: Antigua; Barbuda; Anguilla; Montserrat; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saba; St. Eustatius; Sint Maarten; Saint Martin; and Saint Barthelemy. Hurricane watches have been issued for the U.S. Virgin Islands; Puerto Rico; the British Virgin Islands; Guadeloupe; Vieques; and Culebra.

“Hurricane conditions are expected within the hurricane warning area by Tuesday night, with tropical storm conditions expected by late Tuesday,” the NHC advisory warned. “Hurricane conditions are possible within the hurricane watch area by late Wednesday, with tropical storm conditions possible by early Wednesday.”

The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Cuba and the southeastern Bahamas aren’t under hurricane watch yet, but “Irma could directly affect Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas and Cuba as a major hurricane later this week,” according to the NHC.


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Ryan Maue‏Verified account @RyanMaue 2h2 hours ago

Oh my ... Hurricane #Irma just entered “beast mode” ... incredible convection flaring.  Satellite estimates now > T 7.0 and Category 5.

Ryan Maue‏Verified account @RyanMaue 6m6 minutes ago

Hurricane #Irma from 2-minutes ago.  Something weird going on in the eye—a tonsil. 

Storm is wheeling and dealing right now.


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USA Today, “Hurricane Irma now at Category 5, with 175 mph winds”, 5 Sep 2017:

“Extremely dangerous” Hurricane Irma strengthened to a Category 5 storm Tuesday morning, the National Hurricane Center said, with sustained winds of 175 mph.

The hurricane will blast the northern Caribbean with flooding rain, damaging winds and rough surf over the next few days, AccuWeather warned, bringing life-threatening conditions to the islands.

A similar scenario could play out somewhere along the Gulf or East coasts of the United States this weekend or next week, depending on where Irma tracks.

The storm could hit Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas, or even head into the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Irma is now the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic since 2007.

When a Category 5 hurricane hits land, “a high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse,” the hurricane center said.

“Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months,” the center said.

Hurricane warnings were in effect for several Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where “preparations should be rushed to completion.” according to the hurricane center.

There is an increasing chance of seeing some impacts from Irma in the Florida Peninsula and the Florida Keys later this week and this weekend, the hurricane center warned.

“While the track is still uncertain, the time to prepare is now,” the Weather Channel warned.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday afternoon declared a state of emergency for the state’s 67 counties.

He issued the executive order to give local governments time, resources and flexibility to prepare for the storm.

Retail traffic across Florida’s Treasure Coast, north of Miami, indicated residents were preparing. By Monday afternoon, shelves of water had been emptied at Walmart in Vero Beach, and a water-filling station stayed busy at Peter’s Hardware Center in Palm City.

Monday afternoon American Airlines canceled flights into St. Kitts and St. Maarten for Tuesday and Wednesday, but added an extra flight Tuesday out of each destination to Miami to help those who want to clear out before the storm.

The airline also is waiving change fees for passengers affected by Irma and traveling Tuesday through Friday.


Guardian, “Hurricane Irma is most powerful ever in Atlantic as it hits Caribbean islands”, 6 Sep 2017:

Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda braced for category 5 storm, which then heads for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Florida

The most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history bore down on the islands of the north-east Caribbean on Tuesday night local time, following a path predicted to then rake Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba before possibly heading for Florida over the weekend.

At the far north-eastern edge of the Caribbean, authorities on the Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda cut power and urged residents to shelter indoors as they braced for Hurricane Irma’s first contact with land early on Wednesday.

Officials warned people to seek protection from Irma’s “onslaught” in a statement that closed with: “May God protect us all.”

The category 5 storm had maximum sustained winds of 185mph (295kph) by early Tuesday evening, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.

Category 5 hurricanes are rare and are capable of inflicting life-threatening winds, storm surges and rainfall. Hurricane Harvey, which last week devastated Houston, was category 4.

“I hear it’s a Cat 5 now and I’m terrified,” Antigua resident Carol Joseph said as she finished her last trip to the supermarket before seeking shelter. “I had to come back for more batteries because I don’t know how long the current will be off.”

Other islands in the path of the storm included the US and British Virgin Islands and Anguilla, a small, low-lying British island territory of about 15,000 people.

US president Donald Trump declared emergencies in Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Warm water is fuel for hurricanes and Irma is over water that is one degree celsius (1.8F) warmer than normal. The 26C (79F) water that hurricanes need goes about 250 feet deep (80m), said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the private forecasting service Weather Underground.

Four other storms have had winds as strong in the overall Atlantic region but they were in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, which are usually home to warmer waters that fuel cyclones. Hurricane Allen hit 190mph in 1980, while 2005’s Wilma, 1988’s Gilbert and a 1935 great Florida Key storm all had 185mph winds.

The storm’s eye was expected to pass about 50 miles (80km) from Puerto Rico late on Wednesday. Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 60 miles (95km) from Irma’s center and tropical storm-force winds extended outward up to 175 miles (280km).

The Northern Leeward Islands were expected to see waves as high as 11 feet, while the Turks and Caicos Islands and southeastern Bahamas could see towering 20-foot waves later in the week, forecasters said.

Irma is expected to dump up to 18 inches (45cm) of rain in some areas when it hits land.

“These rainfall amounts may cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides,” the NHC warned, calling the storm “potentially catastrophic” and urging that “preparations should be rushed to completion” in the region.

Schools and government offices in French overseas territory Guadeloupe have been ordered shut, while hospitals are stocking up on medicines, food and drinking water. People living on shorelines will be moved to safety, authorities said.

The popular holiday destinations of Saint Barthelemy and St Maarten – a French territory and a French-Dutch split island respectively – are expected to be especially hard hit. The Dutch defense minister said soldiers arrived in the Dutch part of St Maarten on Monday and two vessels, including one equipped with a helicopter, were in place to help.

Officials had on Monday ordered the evacuation of 11,000 people living in affected areas on both islands, which began in many neighbourhoods on Tuesday.

“This is not an opportunity to go outside and try to have fun with a hurricane,” US Virgin Islands governor Kenneth Mapp warned. “It’s not time to get on a surfboard.”

The National Weather Service said Puerto Rico had not seen a hurricane of Irma’s magnitude since Hurricane San Felipe in 1928, which killed a total of 2,748 people in Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Florida.

“The dangerousness of this event is like nothing we’ve ever seen,” Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello said. “A lot of infrastructure won’t be able to withstand this kind of force.”


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If Irma heads directly to Florida, get out.


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Express, “Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Caribbean: Mass evacuation in Florida MANDATORY - LATEST”, 6 Sep 2017:

HURRICANE Irma has smashed into the Caribbean island of Barbuda in the storm path’s first landfall as models show it is the “strongest Atlantic hurricane ever”.

The National Weather Service said the eye of Hurricane Irma passed over Barbuda, a small island located near Antigua in the northeastern Caribbean, at 1.47am local time (6.47am BST).

The National Hurricane Centre said Irma was maintaining category five strength with sustained winds near 185 mph (295 kph).

Residents and tourists in the region have been told to stay inside with Antigua, Anguilla and St Kitts & Nevis next in the hurricane’s path as it heads towards Florida.

The hurricane is traveling in a west-north-westerly direction at 15mph (24kph) and is passing around 40 miles north of Antigua, where early reports of very strong winds are slowly emerging.

One Twitter user wrote: “Some of the biggest gusts from the west in the last few minutes. Crashing into the windows, making us both jump! #HurricaneIrma #Antigua.”

Hurricane warnings remain in place across the Caribbean and many people in the immediate path of the storm have been left without power.

Garfield Burford, the director of news at ABS TV and Radio on the island of Antigua, said: “We are hunkered down and it is very windy ... the wind is a major threat.

“So far, some roofs have been blown off.

“It’s very scary ... most of the islands are dark so it’s very, very frightening.”

Officials are urging anyone still in Barbuda to get in contact but with power lines and mobile phone signal down, Antigua’s ABS media outlet say they haven’t heard from still on the island anyone for over an hour.

Early reports suggest there has been a lot of structural damage but the full extent of the devastation is unlikely to be revealed for a few hours.


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As the hurricane approached, Sir Richard Branson refused to leave his private Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, but admitted “almost nothing” can withstand a storm of Irma’s force.

Telegraph, “Hurricane Irma: Strongest ever Atlantic storm makes landfall in Caribbean - latest news”, 6 Sep 2017:

  Irma is most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history
  Barbuda is first to be hit as storm points to Puerto Rico
  Category five hurricane has winds of up to 185mph
  Officials warn ‘may God protect us all’ from ‘onslaught’
  Emergency declared as storm could hit Florida at weekend
  UK tourists evacuated from region on BA flight
  Richard Branson to ride out hurricane on Necker Island
  Gallery: Hurricane Irma storm, in pictures

British billionaire and adventurer Sir Richard Branson will stay on his private Caribbean island, Necker, for the potentially devastating arrival of Hurricane Irma, the founder of the Virgin group of companies said on Tuesday.

Packing 185 mph (295 kph) winds, Hurricane Irma is due to reach the British Virgin Islands on Wednesday before grinding west across Haiti and Cuba then heading for the southern United States.

“We had some lovely guests staying on Necker Island who have cut their trip short for safety reasons, and another group of guests have also postponed,” Branson said in a statement on the Virgin Group website. “I will be on Necker alongside our team, as I have been on the three times we have had hurricanes over the past 30 years.”

Business Insider,  6 Sept 2017:

“Richard Branson is having a big sleepover party on his private island as Hurricane Irma approaches”

A day after announcing his plan to ride out Hurricane Irma on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson provided a status update on Wednesday via his blog on Virgin Group’s website.

“We have just experienced a night of howling wind and rain as Hurricane Irma edges ever closer towards us on Necker and the British Virgin Islands,” Branson wrote.

“The atmosphere is eerie but beautiful. Everyone is willing the eye of the storm to veer away from the BVI in these last few hours.”

According to Branson, the storm is expected to hit his private island within a matter of hours. The Virgin Group chairman said the island’s occupants would ride out the brunt of the storm inside his wine cellar.


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St. Maarten ripped by Irma:

NY Times, The French interior minister, Gérard Collomb, said the four sturdiest buildings on St. Martin had been destroyed, “which means that in all likelihood the more rustic buildings are probably totally or partially destroyed.”


“Right now we are feeling the fury of this hurricane,” Mr. Pérez said in Spanish by phone. “I was 13 and I obviously remember Hurricane Hugo, but this is something incomparable. This is something terrible, an experience out of this world.”


Kelsey Nowakowski and some friends boarded up her house on St. Thomas, part of the United States Virgin Islands, and hunkered down, listening to the howling and thumping outside. “Based on the water we took in we think there is significant damage to the roof but don’t think it blew off yet,” she said.

“We’ve all been in hurricanes before. There are five of us here, but have never felt anything like this before,” she added. “It feels seismic, it feels catastrophic.”

Puerto Rico nervously awaits:

CNN, “Hurricane Irma: Puerto Rico nervously awaits storm after it rips Caribbean islands”, 6 Sept 2017:

(CNN)Hurricane Irma—one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic—is battering the northern Virgin Islands and hurtling toward Puerto Rico on Wednesday afternoon after smashing a string of small northern Caribbean islands, which early reports suggest suffered heavy damage.

Irma’s core slammed Barbuda early Wednesday before moving over St. Martin and Anguilla and parts of the British Virgin Islands. Its maximum sustained winds of 185 mph were well above the 157 mph threshold of a Category 5 storm.

Irma’s powerful center could pass just north of Puerto Rico—a US territory of about 3.4 million people—on Wednesday afternoon and night, threatening heavy rain and dangerous coastal storm surges, forecasters said.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló urged Puerto Ricans in flood-prone areas to head to designated shelters.

“Please allow us to help you seek refuge in shelter, and let people know the priority is to weather the storm (and) seek safe haven,” Rossello said.

On Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, Kennedy Banda said fierce winds blew out the windows of his home Wednesday afternoon. He and his family were taking shelter in a bathroom; he said he was bracing his body against the door in an attempt to keep it shut.

“Everything is blown out,” he told CNN by phone near Road Town. “Everything is gone.”

Guardian, “Irma breaks another record, this time for sustained wind speed”, 6 Sept 2017:

The storm was already the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic.

Eric Blake

#Irma has now maintained 185 mph winds for 24 hours - no Atlantic or eastern Pacific #hurricane has ever stayed this strong for so long



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Areas (in red) of Florida under storm surge warning.


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Washington Post, “Hurricane Jose ‘almost a Category 5’ — and threatens Caribbean islands already devastated by Irma”



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Live shot from Naples, Florida prior to Hurricane Irma landing.


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Telegraph, 11 Sept 2017:

  Four million without power as Hurricane Irma tracks up coast
  Three dead in Florida car crashes; 28 dead in Caribbean
  Donald Trump: Storm bearing down on Tampa ‘a big monster’
  Irma downgraded to category 1, but storm surge threat remains
  Sir Richard Branson shares video of devastation on Necker island
  Death toll, devastation and predicted path - everything we know
  The British families ‘abandoned’ on Caribbean islands
  Island by island: How Irma brought havoc to paradise



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Eddies, sediment, sand, etc from Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys [Sentinel-2, 13 Sep ‘17]


Posted by Two fold crypsis wielded by (((Illana Mercer))) on Sat, 16 Sep 2017 08:46 | #

Along with the stealth of physical crypsis - their assimilation of European appearance and thus capacity to appear as one of us - one of the greatest challenges in taking-on Jewish power and influence is their capacity to stealthily bury themselves in the taken-for-granteness of our argumentative perspectives through their marked verbal skills. They can often know the arguments that would be best for us and actually render them better than most of our people can. They deftly talk over and move past any would-be digression into suspicion as to their far from innocent, antagonistic motives.

(((Illana Mercer))) has hid behind the crypsis of a huWhite perspective before, to the detriment of Whites, we might add.

Note prior discussion of her antics here, here and here.

There would be especial motivation for her to wield the crypsis of looking huWhite and to hide behind the eloquence of a pro-huWhite perspective as a “fellow huWhite” in the case of the black looting of one of their American havens - Florida, esp. (((Miami Beach.)))

(((Ilana Mercer))) renders an argument against Cultural Marxism’s obfuscation of black bio-patterns - as they might actually explain their vastly disproportionate representation in looting after hurricane Irma ...undoubteldly, effecting Jewish property disproportionately as they have disproportionate property and material wealth in Florida - hence Mercer’s particular concern.

Unz Review, “What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting”, 14 Sept 2017:

Florida Looting. Credit: RedNationWeekly.

Tucker Carlson and his guest Dan Bongino raised what you might call a look-away issue: Looting.

As the two looked on at footage of looters in post-Irma Florida, TV talker and guest volunteered that “this” was “not about race.” “This,” presumably, being a reference to the looting.

Here was one of those, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes?” moments.

Messrs. Carlson and Bongino were watching an embarrassingly uniform group of outlaws in action. Mr. Carlson even went on to quip that the looting landscape comprised not mothers in search of diapers and infant formula, but people dressed to the nines in gold chains.

If the “gold-chains” allusion is not a proxy for race in our navel-gazing nation, what is?

What, then, is one to take away from these obfuscations coming as they do from our side? That looting can “strike” anyone? That anybody can “catch” looting from Florida’s contaminated flood waters? (Incidentally, wastewater infrastructure is buckling under, due in large part to unmanageable population growth. Immigration is stinking up Florida. Literally.)

Please don’t tell your viewers that flaws of character marring individuals in certain groups in significant numbers are a systemic, societal, structural problem. That argument is taken. It’s the case made by Cultural Marxism and its watered-down political offshoots of multiculturalism and political correctness.

In a manner of speaking, when conservatives hearken back to the “Democrats’” Welfare State to explain away the color of crime; they, too, are making the Cultural Marxist argument.

Recall how blacks rampaged through Milwaukee, hollering their white-hot hatred for whites? “He white. Beat his shit,” yelled one hoodlum in footage featured on “Hannity.” But crime, race and the reality of such racial hatred was quickly averted in the ensuing discussion. Instead, Mr. Hannity and Sheriff David Clarke blamed … Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Or, something like that.

To go by the doctrine of Cultural Marxism, looting in Florida and elsewhere is black because blacks are locked-out of American institutions. Never mind that the black agenda (perspective and attendant claims) is echoed throughout the culture (in music, art and film), transmitted by the education system (at primary, secondary and tertiary levels); is repeated by most media, most think tanks, by the publishing industry and by public administration. Why, Sen. Tim Scott, a black Republican, has just read President Trump the riot act over the president’s comments following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Metaphorically speaking, free African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup. The suffering of slaves is being exploited posthumously to shape discourse in politically advantageous ways.

As ostensible outsiders, blacks (gays, feminists and the antifa Idiocracy, too) are compelled, in Cultural Marxism, to continue upending what remains of America’s staid, stifling institutions.

For a central tenet of this institutionally victorious form of Marxism is that middle-class values—the kind that built America—are evil and fascistic. (Also fascistic are monogamy, the nuclear family, heterosexuality, whiteness, conservatism, Christian conservatism, the quaint idea of good and bad, God and the Ten Commandments. Like Regan MacNeil, played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist, any symbol of goodness will send a Cultural Marxist into paroxysms typical of the possessed.) Thus, does Cultural Marxism march on, an ill-founded, purely political construct that appeals not to empirical evidence and reason, but to the roiling, base emotions of rage and resentment.

In its triumphant march through this country’s institutions, Cultural Marxism’s representatives have sought to eviscerate bourgeoisie morality. One such middle-class idea upon which an entire justice system once rested was that the individual bore responsible for his crimes—not a political structure, conjured by well-fed communists in academia, in a thinly veiled push to supplant traditional morality.

On the BBC News, age-old truths have long since been replaced with the abstractions mentioned. BBC anchors exculpated the looting in Florida, and elsewhere in British territories, with reference to desperation, disparity and … slavery. To the BBC’s editorializing “news” anchors, blacks don’t commit crimes, but are driven to commit crime by an inherently unjust white society, in which power relationships are rigid (so ossified as to elevate a black man, Obama, to the presidency).

Overall, conservatives are to be commended for upholding the principle of individual responsibility irrespective of skin color. But in the same way that it’s obvious the left-liberal BBC News has become a creature of Cultural Marxism, it should be plain to see that where conservatives reduce the reality of crime to a political theory—too much welfare, too little capitalism, not enough Trumpism—they’re flirting with Cultural Marxism lite.

Conservatives will have taken a giant leap for civilization (and against the Southern Poverty Shakedown Center) were they to candidly confront the indisputable realities of race and crime in America.

Writes polymath Ron Unz: “[T]he statistical relationship between race and crime so substantially exceeds the poverty/crime relationship [poverty being one of those societal structural impediments, I presume] that much of the latter may simply be a statistical artifact due to most urban blacks being poor.” To discount the immutable reality of race and crime in urban America is to discount “the real-world impact of these grim statistics.”

Never-ever are righteous individuals within a community to be fingered for what the wicked among them do. Still, seekers of truth should be able to talk about trends within communities without fearing a loss of reputation and marginalization. The kind of trends social science measures. Or, once measured.

As I put it in Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa:

“Provided they are substantiated by hard evidence, not hunches, generalizations are not incorrect. Science relies on the ability to generalize to the larger population observations drawn from a representative sample. People make prudent decisions in their daily lives based on probabilities and generalities. That one chooses not to live in a particular crime-riddled county or country in no way implies that one considers all individual residents there to be criminals, only that a sensible determination has been made, based on statistically significant data, as to where scarce and precious resources—one’s life and property—are best invested.” (pp. 41-42


Posted by Maria, I've just met a hurricane named Maria on Tue, 19 Sep 2017 10:36 | #

..and suddenly it seems Domenica and Puerto Rico are in for a time of it..

CNN, “Hurricane Maria cripples Dominica as it churns toward Puerto Rico”, 19 Sept 2017:

(CNN)Hurricane Maria has pounded Dominica with “widespread devastation” as it barrels toward St. Croix and threatens catastrophic damage to Puerto Rico.

Hurling winds of 160 mph (257 kph), Maria shredded the Dominica Prime Minister’s house overnight and left much of the island—population 73,000—in ruins.

“Initial reports are of widespread devastation,” Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit posted on Facebook early Tuesday.

“So far we have lost all what money can buy and replace. My greatest fear for the morning is ... news of serious physical injury and possible deaths as a result of likely landslides triggered by persistent rains.”

A few hours earlier, the Prime Minister posted, “My roof is gone. I am at the complete mercy of the hurricane. House is flooding.”

Maria is now the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in Dominica, a former French and British colony with an economy heavily dependent on tourism and agriculture.

Now, it’s taking aim on Puerto Rico and Islands already crippled by Hurricane Irma.


Posted by Evacuate Puerto Ricans or die on Wed, 20 Sep 2017 03:45 | #

NBC, “Authorities warned Puerto Ricans to evacuate or die as Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to threaten the region in almost 90 years, barreled toward the U.S. territory.”, 20 Sept 2017:

Maria, a Category 5 storm — the strongest there is — killed one person and injured two other people as it roared through the island of Guadeloupe on Monday night. At 2 a.m. ET Wednesday, its maximum sustained winds were at 165 mph as it churned about 20 miles from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and 85 miles from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló told reporters Tuesday that Maria “promises to be much more devastating” than was Hurricane Irma, which killed at least 70 people as it plowed through the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States earlier this month.


Posted by Maria lashes Turks and Caicos on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 10:56 | #

Hurricane Maria lashes Turks and Caicos:

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