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Suicide, Genocide and Rational Blindness

It’s a shame that Tan would say that I’m “not using my brain”.. “don’t have my thoughts organized clearly” and then take an idea that I have clearly organized and advanced for some time, and promote it on the Hitler worshiping “Renegade Network”, saying that he has this idea that our objectivity has given us advantages but also susceptibilities.


On the topic of genocide vs suicide he has an informative discussion but it is a false either/or in that MacDonald is not taking his eye off of Jewish power and influence and arguing “suicide” by examining our own susceptibilities (nor am I arguing White suicide).

Tanstaafl argues for genocide of Whites as opposed to White suicide

Tan quotes (from a post that KM put on TOO!):

Le CRIF and La France LICRAtisée (literally “Licratized France”) are extremely rigorous works and, as well shall see, their conclusions are highly compatible with The Culture of Critique. In short, these Jewish groups have spearheaded efforts to delegitimize French ethnic identity and indeed the French nation itself, to destroy majority self-confidence with references to “racism,” colonialism and the Vichy Regime, to aggres- sively promote Afro-Muslim immigration and “multiculturalism,” to margi- nalize the Front National from any participation in politics, to censor speech found threatening to perceived Jewish interests, and raise the Holocaust as the supreme crime above all crimes that legitimizes their activism by placing Jews as the supreme victims. This activism, plainly, is based on ethnically-motivated hypocrisy and selfishness, evident in the LICRA and CRIF’s simultaneous support for Israel as an explicitly Jewish ethno-state.

“That’s not suicide”

While it is helpful to unfold the matter of genocide vs. suicide, MacDonald is not letting the Jews off the hook while attempting to examine why our people are not responding better to obvious impositions. For example, he has readily discussed such Jewish coercion as incentivizing Whites to sell-out their people.

I was at a fare yesterday, thousands of people, 99 percent White, probably a few Jews mixed in, a few middle easterners and one interracial couple - lovely, elegant blonde with a special kind of blue eyes and a Negro in no way handsome or even somehow impressive as a physical specimen.

I used a strategy of walking near them while not looking at them directly, saying loudly, “very good! 41,000 years of evolution destroyed, giving it to an ape!”

The important point I want to make is that nobody of this White crowd even noticed or was the least perturbed by this sickening interracial spectacle.

It is legitimate to ask why a visceral response isn’t forthcoming. It would be paranoid to suggest that KM and I are trying to deny or distract from the Jewish influence. He has insisted, and so do I insist, that Whites can be brainwashed by the Jews media and academia.... lets add religion, law, politics, business procedures and financing.

I hear Tan referring to my idea that our inclination to objectivism leaves us susceptible.

Objectivism, which has appeal by yielding some spectacular practical results and insights, powerful moral warrant and innocence from subjective concern, leaves our people susceptible to be non-discriminatory - perhaps especially of the obvious - as one can readily demonstrate if not “prove” their objectivity by not noticing and making judgments upon even such obvious differences.

That’s called “rational blindness” and this relative blindness to our subjective position and interests is a requirement in quest of pure objectivism.

Rational blindness can blind us to our involvement, indebtedness and accountability to our people’s interests and other people’s impositions. Scientists can famously be dupes to Manichean trickery for the habit of this Augustinian mindset. * I remember a former MR regular who, rather than request an explanation which I would have readily provided, tried to suggest that I was being pompous and deliberately obscure with these terms: Manichean - human challenges which can change when solved in order to trick an adversary, Augustinian - natural challenges which do not change when solved just to trick you again (how does Kol Nidre versus science grab you?).

GW’s ontology project advocates evincing our authentic natural systems such that we may proceed by our own lights, not largely react and mirror the Jews as has been known to happen (in the case of the Nazis).

This isn’t making excuses for Jews or letting them off the hook in any way or form.

Or has KM fallen into disfavor because he does not think AH and revisionism are the royal road to White salvation?

I haven’t heard MacDonald talk of “suicide”, I know that I do not talk of suicide.

I do know that Tanstaafl has overreacted when I, and others, cited liberalism as a problem, as if we were trying to distract from the J.Q. when discussing liberalism or other causes for peoples being under threat (as if we are not aware of the shenanigans of Lawrence Auster,

In this podcast I hear Tan accurately criticizing the Jews for transforming World War II into “the Holocaust” and elevating themselves as the special victims. All true and foul.

But he doesn’t see how the Nazis, and his over-sympathy for them, have him mirror the Jews, to where Nazis are the special and only important victims, didn’t do anything (it’s all a “hoax”), their victimization is pure, removed from cause and interactive conflict.

Evidently, right-wing WN interest to make the Jews the “only problem”, to where they would even denounce MacDonald for looking at our role in the interaction, is a motivation of those who want desperately to redeem Uncle Adolf and completely disprove the holocaust, blind and oblivious to the fact that those tasks are unnecessary and largely counter-productive to pursue.

Neither does Tan handle well the distinction between Right and Left; in saying the Right is hierarchical and the Left is about leveling egalitarianism. He is blind to the seeds of serious conflict he is laying with this notion of “necessity.” Whereas a White Left of good will toward fellow Whites would encompass a full nation and nations as “the class;” it is not about leveling, equality or doing away with distinctions and provisional hierarchical arrangements as they are qualitatively appropriate and accountable - but not only accountable to themselves; rather they are looked upon as organically related yet discreet, symbiotic as qualitative niches orchestrated among other niches - recognized as necessary as well; and also within the class. The niches are generally treated as characteristically incommensurate to comparison. That, as opposed to vain and false comparisons which tend to instigate conflict rather than complementarity.

The key distinction is not “hierarchy” vs “leveling and equality”, the key distinction is (pseudo) objectivism of The Right and its susceptibility to liberal universalisms which transcend accountability to social group interests vs the unionized and therefore particular and relative social group interests of the Left, as rendered by a White Left.



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End Game: The Destruction of European Peoples

The Short and The Long of It.

                                              Long version

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Forced Integration of remaining White flight neighborhoods by Obama Administration

Anti-racism is prejudice. It is not innocent. It is hurting and it is killing people.

After a delay, the administration’s final “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” regulation is now expected to be announced in December. Originally scheduled for finalization in October, the new Housing and Urban Development Department rules will force all cities and suburbs to accept subsidized housing in the name of racial diversity, superceding all local zoning ordinances.

The Orwellian-sounding regulation would force some 1,200 municipalities to redraw zoning maps to racially diversify suburban neighborhoods.
While temporarily punting away politically fraught issues may be smart politics, it’s cowardly leadership.

Under the scheme, HUD plans to map every US neighborhood by race and publish “geospatial data” pinpointing racial imbalances. Areas deemed overly segregated will be forced to change their zoning laws to allow construction of subsidized and other affordable housing to bring more low-income minorities into “white suburbs.” HUD’s maps will be used to select affordable housing sites.

It’s part of the administration’s ambitious agenda to eliminate “racial segregation,” ZIP code by ZIP code, block by block, through the systematic dismantling of allegedly “exclusionary” building ordinances. In effect, federal bureaucrats will have the power to rezone your neighborhood.

Of course, Obama and Democrats are loath to inject this decidedly radical issue into the elections, so they’ll keep it out of the headlines until after voters go to the polls.

While temporarily punting away politically fraught issues may be smart politics, it’s cowardly leadership.

If the president’s policies are so popular, why does he have to try to hide them from voters? And who can trust Democrats now distancing themselves from him and his ideas when they voted with him 99% of the time previously?

Paul Sperry, Hoover Institution media fellow and author of “The Great American Bank Robbery,” which exposes the racial politics behind the mortgage crisis - government attempt to increase minority home-ownership instigated the sub-prime housing crisis.




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Apollo&Dionysus: Were Hippies Protesting the Moon Landing, Ayn?

Ayn Rand compared what she said were the “Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll values - ‘the hippie motives’ on display at Woodstock” to

The Apollo 11 project, which had legions of well behaved admirers who descended upon Cape Canaveral to observe its event.

Now, if we couldn’t expect hippies, not even John Lennon, to be articulate of what was important about the hippie motive how can we expect Don Black and right wing cohorts to be articulate of their motives?


Don says Timothy Leary was the poster hippie boy with the emblematic phrase, “tune in turn on and drop out.” Not exactly.

And his colleague, “Don Advo,” preferred Ayn Rand’s take on hippies in “Apollo and Dionysus,” disparaging hippies by contrast to achieving technocrats, viz. contrasting the Apollo astronauts and witnesses to the Dionysian Woodstock performers and crowd.

But whereas Any Rand’s individualist objectivism was motivated to rupture the communality and other organization of European peoples by contrasting it with “heroic” but disingenuous individualism, the hippies did have a very important motive which is continually skirted-over by those who ignore the background of The Vietnam War Draft.

In rebellion against the draft, hippies were there at Woodstock, singing..

“Well, come on all of you, big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again. Yeah, he’s got himself in a terrible jam way down yonder in Vietnam. So put down your books and pick up a gun, gonna have a whole lotta fun.. and its one, two, three…

What are we fighting for? Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn, next stop is Vietnam”..


“Ain’t no time to wonder why (Being, midtdasein, nah!) whoopee! we’re all gonna die!

Yeah, come on Wall Street, don’t be slow, why man, this is war au-go-go

Plenty good money to be made by supplying the army with the tools of its trade”

..and wondering like, how about V2 rockets re-directed for a peaceful mission? 

In all seriousness…

                    Buzz was there!

No, the hippies were not protesting The Apollo 11 moon landing!

Their fundamental project was very significant in the advance of European peoples -  a quest for midt-dasein - communal being amidst the class of one’s people for White males - as opposed to having those basic levels on the hierarchy of needs sacrificed by males in deprivation and privation; where a few males might make it through the stress to the higher reaches (often transformed into sociopaths for the effort), to the higher aims on the hierarchy of needs - e.g., exploring the moon. To where in fact, these traditional trade-offs in gender differentiation were exploited and exaggerated beyond reason.

Sacrificial White males on the way, as in Vietnam, no matter how needless, be damned.

The point is, these motives/needs should not and ultimately, in fact, cannot be mutually exclusive, but must be balanced in optimality. The hippies were not protesting the Apollo landing. They reasonably sought organicism and being in balance to technology. However, they might upset a Jew like Ayn Rand because they were insisting that the intrinsic value of White men - White male midt-dasein - be recognized, in fact its institution was/is a necessary priority.


But the hippies were inarticulate of that motive. Moreover, requisite to their motive of midtdasein was “racism” * - i.e., social classification and necessary discrimination thereof, duty when mature to guard the boundaries thereof - there is no being in one’s group without discriminating against its antagonists - ironically prohibited with the newly mis-coined “civil rights” making such requisite discrimination into a veritable taboo and largely illegal in fact. Needless to say that was hard to articulate at the time as it is still now. Midtdasein’s articulation was made yet harder by the fact that it could easily be emasculated against the traditional role/motive for males to quest after the top of the hierarchy and man-up in sacrificing the basic needs of the hierarchy. Furthermore, turning back from actualizing the top of the hierarchy apparently belied the whole American project as the “land of opportunity.” Indeed, White males would not necessarily want to sacrifice the possibility for the top of the hierarchy either. Nor would they want to sacrifice the middle - relationships with co-evolutionary women:


..finally, they absolutely needed the basics on the hierarchy of needs if anything was to be possible for them. Indeed, how dare the powers-that-be try to end this beauty?

“Walking in Space”, Hair

Doors locked (doors locked)
Blinds pulled (blinds pulled)
Lights low (lights low)
Flames high (flames high)

My body (my body)
My body

My body (my body)
My body

My body
Is walking in space
My soul is in orbit
With God face to face

Floating, flipping
Flying, tripping

Tripping from Pottsville to Mainline
Tripping from Mainline to Moonville

(Tripping from “Pot"sville to Starlight
Tripping from Starlight to Moonville)

On a rocket to
The Fourth Dimension
Total self awareness
The intention

My mind is as clear as country air
I feel my flesh, all colors mesh

Red black
Blue brown
Yellow crimson
Green orange
Purple pink
Violet white
White white
White white
White white

All the clouds are cumuloft
Walking in space
Oh my God your skin is soft
I love your face

How dare they try to end this beauty?
How dare they try to end this beauty?

To keep us under foot
They bury us in soot
Pretending it’s a chore
To ship us off to war

In this dive
We rediscover sensation
In this dive
We rediscover sensation

Walking in space
We find the purpose of peace
The beauty of life
You can no longer hide

Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Wide wide wide!

“That is ‘my conviction..

Still, we hear how hedonistic and bad these people were by people who want to blame White men and associate them with Jewish affectations of the era.

Articulating the motive of White male midtdasein was further complicated by its incommensurability and confusion with Jewish interests and right-wing interests - who sought to associate it with the Jewish radical agenda of Marxism: expressed as imposed liberalism for Whites but by contrast to that relaxation of vigilance, a unionized activism for non-Whites against Whites - the prim “civil rights” and upwardly black power totally incommensurate with White male midtdasein. As was Marcuse’s “free love and “poly- morphous perversion” incommensurate with White male midtdasein, especially as bounds of accountability and human ecology were ruptured as “violation of ‘civil rights”

The second wave of feminism, another thing wrongly correlated with hippies, was also in fact incommensurate, quite literally incommensurate with White male midtdasein.

In fact, it was the thesis of Betty Friedan, leading exponent of that second wave of feminism, that in order to be healthy, full and free, women needed access to the higher levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


It is apparent how the “high grumbles” which Maslow called higher needs on the hierarchy, and as feminists who followed Friedan’s thesis would espouse, could cause extreme friction between White women and White men, who had the “low grumbles” of not wanting to be treated as being so intrinsically valueless as to have to be subject to a draft and die in a senseless foreign war of aggression; and rather than being left alone in peace, being amidst the class of their people, were subject in still further violation thereof - violation of their freedom from association with outsiders as imposed by “civil rights”  - violation of freedom from association, violation of midtdasein - taking away the most basic freedom of White men.

Of course Ayn Rand did not like Hippies, they were motioning to group, communal organization of Whites and care that included White male being as an intrinsic value - god forbid they would heal in organic and communal being, to be anything but sheer individuals who would stand no chance against her tribe’s hegemony and impositions.


* Needless to say, along with hippies, Ayn Rand found “racism” appalling - disCusting!


Sometime back a fellow calling himself Lonejack agreed with my assessment:


As a VN vet, I can attest to most of what you say. The effects of the VN-era conscription – that is, having been forced into slave-soldiering in a non-White country’s civil war orchestrated by bankers and corporations, having absolutely nothing to do with the actual defense of a White homeland, and calculatingly prosecuted by LBJ and his Ivy League YKW intelligentsia with absolutely no intent of military victory – reverberate to this day among the White guys who were in our late teens and early twenties during the 60’s, more than 50 thousand of whom died in combat, many of whom were captured and tortured, and hundreds of thousands of whom returned maimed, grossly disfigured, and/or dysfunctional only to be vilified, upon their return, by many elements of the society which sent them.

When I returned from overseas, my drop-out from family and society into the flower-child milieu had little to do with civil rights or free love. BTW I do not begrudge those who emigrated to Canada to avoid the draft. And, for those interested, the works of author Tim O’Brien, who “served” an extended “tour of duty” as an infantryman in SVN, are richly descriptive, compelling, and well written IMO.

Commenters on this site (Alt Right) and in other threads who incessantly demand the boomers to go fuck or shoot themselves, while they themselves consider employment with the Navy, CIA, SS, or some other corrupt, terrorist, anti-White ZOG organ of the NWO agenda – as though such employment would be anything more than a convenient way to escape a tough job market – do, I confess, grate. Why on earth would they willingly collaborate with evil, when alternatives, difficult though they be, are available?

My 2-bit rant.

Thank You Lonejack


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Britain’s Camp of The Saints

                                                    - By Bill Giles

I think there is every indication that Britain has reached its Camp of the Saints moment, where millions of immigrants from every corner of the globe are now making their presence felt in so many negative ways, housing, jobs, overburdened institutions, social cohesion, lost of identity, crime, and not least, a national void and sense of foreboding.


Our elites are showing no sign of let up, the rip tide of humanity landing on our shores (and through our airports) is applauded by the liberal establishment, and yet still the majority of natives cannot understand the logic of it all. The tipping point looms nearer by each single day.

In Raspail’s story the liberal elites cave at every turn, until only Switzerland remains as an armed nation of resistance, only for them to crumble in the final hour in the full glare of liberal guilt, France is lost, western civilisation is lost.


There is no indication in Raspail’s thinking that the white race is under threat of existence from a deliberate attack by unknown dark forces or who would undertake such a dastardly plan.

Raspail’s tale tells us western civilisation had lost confidence in itself and in some way had no right to determine its tribe’s own future, like rabbits in the headlamp’s glare, whites are paralysed to act in their own defence.

Perhaps Britain is at this stage in the cycle of mass immigration, for there is no real sign of resistance from the mass of the people, still less as to what will galvanise them into any future kind of action.


Further, Raspail’s unfolding imagination does not extend to a narrative where Britain and America are engaged in fermenting a World war in which to bring about their New World Order, all of which throws Rumsfeld unknown-unknowns into immigration chaos.

As I have commented before, it seems when the elites have accomplished their goal, there is no plan B as to what will replace it.

How and when will we know when all is won or lost? 



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Are we to be cannon fodder for war on behalf of White plutocrats?

While we are (in 299 words) addressing David Duke and his single greatest cause issue - Jewish power and influence - with his admonition against their strategy of divide-and-conquer, we should ask..

Is it not possible that our traitorous White plutocrats would be happy to have us fight a war against that which is also their greatest enemy - Jewish power and biocultural patterns -  and use us as cannon fodder?

What, after all, have they done for us?

What have they done to merit our loyalty?

What have they done to fight Jewish power and influence? mass non-White immigration into European peoples’ habitats? the destruction of European cultures and people?


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The Reality Of




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The Trap

There’s nothing very surprising in Adam Curtis’ The Trap: What happened to our dreams of Freedom? compelling as it is.


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A work of fiction

While I’m in a holiday mood, and since we have focused on some rather dry material of late, I thought it might make a change to post something entirely frivolous but still, I hope, interesting to readers - the opening chapter of a story I will doubtless never attempt to buff-up, develop and title.

Chapter One

Tyler was already waiting for him on the first floor landing.  “Couldn’t you have found somewhere anonymous,” Coulson quipped, throwing a gesture towards the cheap, utilitarian interior of a wholly unremarkable office building.

“To be content, add not to your possessions but subtract from your desires,” Tyler shot back, almost smiling.

They shook hands in desultory fashion.  It had been a year since they were both stationed in London, during which Coulson had done a stint as liaison in Washington, then, briefly, at Nashashibi Street.  Tyler, a devoted careerist, had worked his charm on other, older careerists at SIS and reaped the reward promotionally.  Now he had been brought in to run this nominally MI5 show which, if it produced results, would earn the gratitude of people who mattered and who weren’t part of the pink maffia of British Intelligence.

“Any other friends here yet, my old fruit?” asked Coulson.  It was exactly 6.00pm.  He was not always so punctual or so polite.

“Oh indeed.” said Tyler caustically, “We are waiting for you,”  He leaned over the gallery .  “Right Jessop, lock the place down.  No one and nothing in or out unless authorised by me.  All personnel incommunicado.”

Seeing the puzzlement at such excess on Coulson’s face, he explained slowly and evenly, “There will be no leaks from this operation.”

It had been four months since the Chevening event.  The initial clamour - the explosion of demands for an early arrest from all quarters of the Western political Establishment, the panic of the British Establishment, the wild press speculation, the riotous glee from the internet - had died away within the first three weeks.  But the pressure from within “the intelligence community” was unrelenting.  The world’s foremost banker and doyen of the powerful had been assassinated on Foreign & Commonwealth Office property, dying with a maraschino cherry and a 7.62mm M118 cartridge in his throat.  The fatal shot had been fired from a distance of 600 metres across fields that, though open, were secured (in theory at least) by listening devices and other counter-measures.  Yet the marksman - obviously highly-skilled, obviously aware of the ground - had obtained a firing position undetected, taken his shot, left nothing behind, no DNA, and made good his escape.

There was one low-resolution image of a motorcyclist captured at 7.49 pm on a garage forecourt video, heading south two miles from the scene.  Enhancement revealed a rider in black helmet, jacket, trousers and boots on a bike that may have been a Honda CBF125.  He was wearing a back-pack long enough, certainly, to accommodate a sniper’s rifle and tripod.  No other camera recorded the mystery biker, and no sightings of him had been reported as a result of the public appeals.

It had quickly emerged that the security operation for the weekend party had been perfunctory at best.  There had been no security review for two years.  Nobody seemed to have considered the possibility that a hostile could penetrate the counter-measures.  In consequence, a couple of pairs of DPG officers armed with night-vision and MP5s wondering about the estate was presumed quite sufficient for all eventualities.


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Drug of choice

Today I had an informative and occasionally bloody exchange with some rather vituperate drug-takers on a DT thread to an article by Brendan O’Neill.  Brendan is only moonlighting at the Telegraph.  His daytime job is editor of the left-wing mag, Spiked.  He is one of a small band of liberal-left journalists who abuse the DT readership in various none-too-subtle ways.  Today, Brendan was making a particularly vapid argument not only for the decriminalisation of cannabis but of all drugs.  It certainly brought out the libertarian tendency.

Ever since I was a very young man first encountering people socially who took “illegal substances” I have found the breed to be very annoying.  I don’t think I ever met one who was not wholly consumed by the fashions and fads of the times, or who really had both feet planted on the ground.  Indeed, their personalities were as light as a feather.  Now, I am sure that somewhere there must be many decent people who happened to smoke weed when they were young and impressionable, and perhaps still do from time to time.  But I never met one.

What I did meet were socially needy people who had few inner resources, who liked novelty, who considered themselves “free” because they did this apparently daring thing, when all the evidence was that they did it because they were in chains.  It meshed neatly with my then nascent understanding that you can’t live seriously if you are not psychologically serious, and the number of serious people I met in the daily rounds of a south London life circa 1970 were not exactly encouraging.

Well, all that was a very long time ago, and I haven’t given it a great deal of thought since.  But it all came flooding back as I read the “wisdom” of the attenuated specimens posting on the thread.  I found myself arriving at the same conclusion: if a man gives himself and his brain chemistry up to some street drug he has already proven that he is too weak and suggestible to make responsible choices.  The proper course for public policy cannot be legalisation until a real degree of personal psychological stability and self-knowledge obtains.

Of course, all these druggy creatures on the O’Neill thread were libertarians, and so they were perfectly convinced of their own “sovereign will”.  They had not the slightest inkling that they are incomplete and shallow men.  One of them informed me:

If anything we are a Pleasure seeking Pagan Isles and it us druggies who are the free English who are doing what the English do best.

I responded:

While you are indulging your weak, pathetic self in those thoughts, the African and Asian populations are steadily colonising and replacing us.

What use are you to Englishmen?

He did not reply.  They never do if it gets difficult.

Governments agonise over what to do about the drugs issue.  They should forget that.  It isn’t drugs that cause the drug-taking.  It’s the kind of human personalities we are producing.

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The weevolution is at hand!

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Some points of interest


Southall from space.  But not much space.

There has been some press coverage at last of the ingenius and rather profitable solution to the housing crisis conceived by our dusky-skinned, cognitively elite fellow countrymen.  What was that you said?  Did the Subcogs conceive the housing crisis or the solution to it?  Ah ... erm ... both.  I did not make a grammatical error, you see.

THEY are the slumdogs of Southall – a mass of immigrants living in ramshackle garden “sheds” and garages which brazenly flout planning laws.

Staring down from jets landing at nearby Heathrow, travellers could be forgiven for thinking they were arriving over Mumbai’s shanty towns — made famous by the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire — rather than a west London suburb.

Hidden from view from the street in garden after garden, the so-called “sheds with beds” have been jerry-built by rogue landlords cashing in on new arrivals.

Some sheds are homely bungalows with flat-screen TVs, power showers and central heating. Others are filthy potential death traps, with poor wiring and sanitation and plagued by rats and cockroaches.

Give it time and no one will know that’s not normal…

Exotic West London.  Sorry, Mumbai.


Glasgow is an uncompromising place, and its football fans have a long tradition of uncompromising hostility across the sectarian line that divides Rangers and Celtic.  But even there the thaumaturgists of the politically correct courts are visiting the Pax Judaica upon the warring factions.


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Interview by Counter-Currents.

As a result of the CMS article I received a request from Greg Johnson for an interview.  In turn, I requested a QA format because that allows me to think about my replies at leisure, and avoid a few of those inevitable foot-in-mouth moments.  Greg sent the first question this evening, to which I have replied as below.  I am going to build up the interview on this post, as we progress with it.

Question 1: Have you had any dealings with William Regnery? If so, what transpired?

Unusual place to start.  Back in 2007 Tom Sunic suggested that I make an introduction.  At the time I was interested in identifying and bringing together in a virtual but real-time environment a small group of people distinguished by the capacity for originality.  My experience of what passes for the apogee of radical right thinking - I mean foundational philosophy - was that it draws in large measure from the same wells as fascism and National Socialism, and from these ideologies themselves.  Of course, on both sides of the Atlantic there was also a quantity of serious thought given over to interpretation, analysis, strategising, protest, and so forth.  But there was nothing that I could see that was newly culled from a modern understanding of Man and Nature, and that opened out into an expansive and creative enquiry into the truths of who we are and how to live.

In the Anglosphere the thinking was, on one hand, essentially religious, meshing flawlessly with the 20th century fictions of a European spirit of race and mythic destiny, and, on the other, empirical, producing stone-cold certainties about human bio-diversity, sociobiology, gene interests, and so on.  It was (and is) a barren coupling.  I wanted to find some basis for reconciling the unreconcilable ... science and philosophy, truth and beauty, the New World and the Old, because then we might have a foundation on which others could build intellectually.  And we might, if we were lucky, come into possession not just of a reactionary critique of liberalism à la de Benoist but something shattering, something epochal and renewing.

I raised this heady notion with a few people I respect, some of whom are members of CMS.  I offered my own theory that one possible path to reconciliation was to move the philosophy into existentialism and the religion into esoterism ... at all times asking the question: what is true?

Perhaps not surprisingly, what I found was that, by and large, the scientists saw the point quickly.  The few philosophers I was able to talk to would not look beyond the famous “impossibility” of reconciling thought and experience.  It was clear, though, that in reality they were hostile to any threat to the Weltenschauung they had carved out by their own hand from the bedrock of the Western canon.  They were, I’m afraid, telling me that they did not possess the capacity of original thinking.  I believe few original thinkers, even those given to Idealism, would be disinterested in a group endeavour to change the European Mind.

So I let go of the group project and did not take up Tom’s suggestion of talking to William Regnery.  The only point of doing so would have been to use his contacts to potential participants.  Today, I am using MR to encourage an ontological approach to the problem.  It has many critics and disbelievers.  But they are not the ones who hold the key to the future.  Fascism will never be our new thought world, and will never gift us a sovereign and free European life.

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Black serial-killers

by Karl LaForce

Because I wanted to know, I spent about 6 hours running down the basic facts on as many black serial killers as I could find. I limited the list to the USA starting in 1900. I came up with more than 30.

Howard Allen (black)
Birth name Howard Arthur Allen
Born February 10, 1949 (1949-02-10) (age 62)
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Number of victims: 3
Span of killings 1974–1987
Country United States
State(s) Indiana
Date apprehended August 4, 1987

Terry A. Blair (Black)
Born 16 September 1961 (1961-09-16) (age 49)
Sentence Life imprisonment
Number of victims: 8
Span of killings 1982–2004
Country U.S.
State(s) Kansas City, Missouri
Date apprehended September 14, 2004

The Briley Brothers (Anthony Ray Briley, James “J.B.” Briley, Jr. and Linwood Briley) (Black)
were responsible for a series of killings in Richmond, Virginia in 1979 that lasted seven months before their arrest.
Orline Christian, Michael McDuffie,  Mary Gowen, Christopher Philips,John “Johnny G.” Gallaher, Mary Wilfong, Blanche Page and Charles Garner,
Harvey Wilkerson his 23-year-old wife Judy Barton (who was five months pregnant at the time) and her 5-year-old son Harvey

Charlie Chop-off (black)
Background information
Birth name Unknown (possibly Erno Soto)
Also known as Unknown
Conviction Never convicted
Sentence Never sentenced
Number of victims: 6
Span of killings March 9, 1972–May 15, 1974
Country United States
State(s) New York
Date apprehended Unapprehended
(the only surviving victim who is black said Soto, who is black, looked like the killer)

Posteal Laskey Jr. (black)
Posteal Laskey Jr., the man believed to be the “Cincinnati Strangler”
Birth name Posteal Laskey Jr.
Also known as The Cincinnati Strangler
Born 1938
Died May 29, 2007
Cause of death Natural causes
Number of victims: 7
Span of killings 1965–1966
Country USA
State(s) Ohio
Date apprehended December, 1966


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A fv?k???g article to allow nationalists to communicate with normal people

by Grimoire

Recently, in correspondence with GW, Graham Lister and CaptainChaos, LJ Barnes demanded we drop the tedious, pseudo-intellectual wank, and ordered that we:

Write some fucking articles that allow nationalists to communicate nationalists ideas to normal people - not more of this student wanker drivel that appeals only to about six fucking people on the whole fucking planet.”

In compliance, I decided to write about the rules of Politics as I understand them. In paticular, the golden rule of Political communication. Politics is not merely running for a seat in government, Political action is whenever one needs to persuade another. Politics is by definition an exchange between people where one attempts to present an idea of authority to be accepted by all, or the majority. This is a most basic rule, but it’s underlying truth lends it self-operating wisdo. All Western politicians within the Democratic/Parliamentary system, whether you love or hate them, attained majority power with a variation of this rule.

For explication, I will present the Rule in three parts:

1) People care about subjects which benefit them and are perceived to be just.

A majorities primary concern is always material subsistence, followed by the need to be free of anxiety towards their livelihood. The successful nationalist frames all arguments in terms of positive benefits to the listener and his livelihood, no matter the subject, with positive outcomes and conclusions of economy and natural justice. Many nationalists are in the habit of the exact opposite, framing the arguments in terms of negative effects and the experience of injustice. As a result, people do not give a shit. Framing one’s policy goals on beneficial outcomes for the subject, means even if they disagree, they will always care very much.

2)  For authority to be functional, it must serve those who submit to it. Anything of value is determined by function alone.

Politicians frame the argument towards the audience. This is why they promise this, that and the opposite at different times of the day. But the promises they make are not the value in the equation, just the inducement…value is framed around the functions they require authority to develop. This is how successful politicians elicit devotion towards their authority, despite disdain for their policies.  Example of this are Churchill, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, etc.

Therefore, show the result intended, but the path that benefits the majority interests. Only present the degree of ways and means that allows one to acommodate the audiences interests without a great degree of inconsistency. How to manage this is via the third part:

3) Keep It Simple Stupid

The secret weapon. The KISS principal causes friends to overestimate, and one’s enemies to underestimate the strength and wisdom of a speaker. Escalating a debate into science, philosophy or genetics is asking to disappear into a swamp of misconception. Couple this with rule 1, (keep it positive, beneficial,) and simple…and cause a dramatic impact.

I recall a Professor who on first appearance seemed a oaf ... until he began to lecture. The contrast was such that he became everyone’s favorite and most loved lecturer - so much so that one’s first impression of other Professors who were well attired and fluent communicators turned from a good impression to suspicion that they were inwardly dull and shallow.  Allow an audience to develop it’s own misconceptions and exploit those misconceptions.

Finale: The purpose of this short article is to present a challenge to the reader to take their favorite social or economic policy; ie. deporting immigrants, public execution of immigration officials + Labour Party members, introducing hemisphere-wide right of personal combat, eugenics programs to diminish occurrence of the ‘faith gene’, etc, and reformulate it within the context of the rules of politics. It is advised one start by conceiving one’s policy goals in the simplest manner, then identify the functions required, and how to present these functions in a simple yet oblique manner that can be tailored towards the audience. Reframe your points towards positive outcomes for any audience. And, lastly, determine how to frame one’s policy goals to dovetail with the underlying anxiety of an audience concerning their livelihood.

Insights are appreciated. Politics is not exact science, but art ... and relies on the skills developed by its members.

“The less the people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they sleep in the night.”
- Bismark

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The end is nigh, you better believe it

by Alexander Baron

Washington - FamilyRadio, an American-based Christian radio station, has predicted the world will end May 21, 2011. This article argues their chronology is wrong, but probably by less than a hundred years.

Prophets, cranks and ordinary people have been predicting the end of the world since before the Great Flood, including one guy who had the foresight to build an ark so that he, his kin and their family pets could repopulate the Earth, be fruitful and multiply. More recently, the Jehovah’s Witnesses predicted Judgment Day would arrive in 1914; if your name was Harry Patch and you’d been caught up in the living hell that was Passchendaele three years later, you might have thought they’d got it half right. The latest such prediction is for May 21 this year, less than two weeks away according to Americans Brian Haubert and Kevin Brown, and their favourite radio station, FamilyRadio. Their reason for believing the end is nigh is a somewhat novel interpretation of Christian theology, one of the signposts of which is the rise of gay pride and same sex marriages. There must be a joke there somewhere, but this is a family show. Haubert and Brown don’t appear to have mentioned that in .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with Barbara Bradley Hagerty, but although the world most certainly will not end on May 21, their chronology may not be too far out, and this time we are talking science rather than religion.

The end of the world? Not literally, but unless our leaders change course drastically and soon, there are children alive today who will undoubtedly see the end of civilisation as we know it – consider the evidence. First there is Professor Albert Bartlett’s doom-mongering lecture – classic and awesome in equal measure - Arithmetic, Population And Energy. This can be found all over the Internet in video, audio and text formats – the latter in French and Spanish as well as English. A video version was uploaded to Youtube in 8 parts with the modest but terrifyingly accurate title The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See.


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Wilde About Tyson

by Alexander Baron

This is a sort of supplement to my essay Oscar Wilde: The Straight Truth About A “Gay” Icon that was published here last month. There are two further points I would like to make: one relating to the decadence of Wilde, the other about the decadence of modern society. To take the first point first; as I pointed out, after Wilde withdrew from the criminal libel prosecution, Lord Queensberry bankrupted him. Mostly it is taken for granted that but for this, Wilde would have been able to keep his head above water. This is not necessarily the case.

According to the Law Report for August 26, 1895 which was published in The Times the following day, at a first meeting of his creditors, Wilde was said to have unsecured liabilities of £2,676 and partly secured debts of £915.

His assets were primarily the royalties on his “literary works” and a “life policy”. He declared his income from these as not less than £2,000 per annum; he had 10% of the gross weekly receipts from his play The Importance Of Being Earnest - gross, not net - and 15% over that.

The bill for his aborted criminal libel action was £677, an enormous sum in those days, but nowhere near as large as his income; according to the Times, “it appeared that the debtor had been insolvent for some time past”.


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Evening Morsels

Where I share the thoughts that flicker through my mind while relaxing in the evening study; my favorite herbal tea to one side and a box of morsels on the other as the situation requires.  This is my form of meditation and I find it to be much more pleasurable than the more well-known ascetic forms, even if they do intermittently engender an elevation of consciousness.  What the East didn’t realize is that a refined taste for tea and chocolates has its own sense of elevation, which is both more satisfying and reliable.

One morsel down.


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Does William Hague bat for the opposition?

by Alexander Baron

The recent announcement by William Hague, David Cameron’s Foreign Secretary, that he had shared a hotel bedroom with his researcher but that he was most definitely not homosexual came as no surprise to the most scurrilous gossip I know – my solicitor. Indeed, he told me before Hague married that he was “gay” – not my word. But he also said the same thing about Gordon Brown.  I was particularly intrigued by this, and asked him on what evidence he made this defamatory claim. The main evidence was that Brown was over forty and unmarried, to which I replied that I was over forty and unmarried, and told him that if he were ever to cast such aspersions on me, I’d hit him with my handbag.

Subsequently, Gordon Brown married, but that didn’t satisfy him; it had to be a lavender marriage.

Rumours and scurrilous gossip of this nature abound, not just about politicians but about anyone who is famous – deserving or not – rich, influential, you name it, there are no real criteria anymore, not in the age of the Internet.

There was a similar rumour about Tony Blair many years ago, that he had been arrested for importuning in a public toilet, was charged, appeared at Bow Street Magistrates’ Court,  fined £500, and walked away. Nobody realised who he was because somehow he managed to use the name Charles Lynton. This story was so durable that even one of Britain’s leading Libertarians – whom I will not name – fell for it.

In the United States, even those holding high office – including the highest office – are nor immune from this sort of nonsense. Although Slick Willy was well and truly caught with his trousers down by virtue of the sordid tale of the semen stained dress, there is really no evidence that he was a serial rapist, as has been touted by some.

The current inhabitant of the White House has been subjected to similarly scandalous charges. In 2008, a white homosexual named Larry Sinclair came forward and claimed to have performed oral sex on then Senator Obama in the back of a limousine, and also that Obama had supplied him with cocaine. Sinclair was very precise about the date and location, and even made these allegations in a press conference at the National Press Club, Washington.

Videos of this conference and others of Sinclair can be found all over the Internet. The fact that neither Hillary Clinton nor John McCain alluded to Sinclair during the Presidential race is, I think, the only comment that needs to be made on their veracity.


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Why I don’t like tradition or traditionalists

by PF

Gorbudoc wrote:

Your postings recently have pleased me immensely: I see, with you, that once the scientific atheists here have thrown over Christianity with their warmed-over Victorian worthy Mechanics’ Institute diatribes they won’t have ANY European tradition to turn to, except the tradition of anti-traditional barbarism absurdly suggested by Nietszche and Evola.

But what is tradition to me?

A fat, middle-aged white man justifying how his personal hobby of reading Latin and Greek makes him an oracle of higher wisdom and a good candidate for Founding Mandarin of a reborn white civilization.

A similarly fat, similarly biblio-erotically inclined individual who snoots and scoffs at every normal white person in a permanent game of oneupmanship. His love of the past kept him habitually out of our present, where white people are playing sports, listening to heavy metal, being fallible, and living lives in 2010.

A man who takes a knowledge of Tertullian and Tacitus to be some keystone of Nordic survival.

A man who can look at the whole confused hodge-podge of our past, claim ownership, and say: “see that thing there, that massive blob of basically everything that happened before 1945? That is our salvation. Imitating that is our salvation. Instead of saying “imitating” I say “returning to”. Oh no, Sally, its not quite that simple. He will have rarified his argument. It was the years between 1437 and 1489 where we really hit our stride. No doubt it was also because of “Factor X”.

A man for whom mental models of the past are more real than the life that pulses all around him. A man who wants to step away from our modern confusion in thought, taking shelter from it, and retreat into a classical past that didn’t exist for the people who lived in it. The classical past as reconstructed from two hundred texts authored by the top cognitive 0.0001% of that society and passed through his own subjective prism - he will of course have his favorites, but it’s all part of “the blob” so its OK.

A man who believes that this knowledge puts him above those who start businesses, become engineers, and aren’t past-hungry and escapist, because it provides him with clues about “how to build successful societies” and “what are the cornerstones of virtue”.

Meanwhile the whole thing that is being described, beyond some interesting political theory, social dynamics, individual psychology, and the classical foundations of science - the whole big blob is basically white sociobiology across time, skinned and mounted on display for the world. Yeah - white society - that did tend to work pretty well.

Tradition means you get to search forever through the historical dumpster trying to find “the key” of the one trend, the one cultural practice, the one thing that you can analyze out from the rest of the blob and become an advocate for. Oh, it was because they were pious. Except when they weren’t. It was because they weren’t promiscuous. Except those that were. It was because they ... etc, etc.

When a traditionalist puts up his pantheon of clay gods and tries to warp every available worldview into subordination to these dieties he’s piggybacking and parasitizing off of white success like everyone else. Only now because he is the mandarin responsible for parsing the discourse of these dead civilizations, he acquires a special status. It’s like affirmative action for fat, bookish geezers. Three million more-or-less-white Romans can build a successful civilization? Well, let me spend my life reading the output of their smart fraction to see why that society might have succeeded.

White men who create compelling realities in the present: be warned. Unless you follow the blueprint laid down by Mr. Corn-Beef-Sandwich-Sitting-In-The-Library-For-Two-Hours, oops ... I mean our civilizational forebears ... everything is going to become chaos. Let’s defer to whomever Corn Beef spent the last five years reading, because the blob is so precious, he has distilled its magic into a usable form.

That’s why I don’t like tradition and its advocates.

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Morality Critique part 1

by PF

Here’s a comment which has blossomed into a full-fledged blog post!

Notus Wind wrote:

I am convinced that moral cowardice is a bigger problem for us than guilt.

Morality is not the basis for a social movement. It is a way to control people based on shapes that appear on the frontiers of our knowledge. New knowledge immediately overturns previously existing moral structures, if anyone was keeping score of these ghostly entities, their carcasses are strewn all over every path of knowledge acquisition like the molted exoskeletons of insects.

Social morality is the imposition of a ‘should’ without the understanding of an ‘is’ - one party telling another to do something on the basis of its own authority, not of any understanding. If you didn’t know what an electric socket was, and I told you not to stick a fork in there, but I’m not telling you why - that is what traditional morality has been. No explanation forthcoming, no free choice involved, authority cited as justification. If I convey to you knowledge that its an electric socket, then your choice not to stick a fork in it becomes strategic - and no longer moral.

The extent to which I understand what is going on, to that extent I can act strategically. To the extent that I don’t understand what is going on and have to borrow and imitate from other people, is the extent that I am being ‘moral’.



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Raised high its head with stately branches crowned

by Cladrastis

Prometheus awoke from a terrible dream one night – a dream of a war in heaven. In his vision, the gods were defeated, their powers taken from them, and their palaces and gardens destroyed. The gods themselves had fallen from heaven and many among them had perished in the conflagration. In desperation, Prometheus did something that no one had ever dared before; he stole from the mind of the sleeping Deus a flame that had been jealously guarded for aeons. Fleeing heaven with the speed of a sparrow hawk, Prometheus held the sunburst tight against his breast; as he flew through the blackness of space holding the flame next to him, he was transformed by it. From his flesh, fiery feathers sprouted, and his arms transmuted into wings; as the sun was bright, his eyes became dark. With each beat of his wings, the light bearer’s appearance became more outrageous, more avian, and more intensely colored, until erupting in one last explosion of activity, the fire consumed him. He crashed into earth as a fireball and was discovered crumpled on the ground by a man and woman. With his final agonizing breath, Prometheus called to the man, saying, “feed me dear human, that I may bestow upon you the divine wind of the gods.” So the man tossed some grain and meat into the fire, and placed upon it incense woods. As the man did so, a jeweled egg rose from the undying ashes of the fallen angel’s body.

After some time had passed, and the man and woman gazed intently at the egg incubating in the embers, the shell cracked and a hatchling struggled to free itself; in its beak it held an emerald seed. Thanking the man for his kindness, the Firebird gave him the seed and told the man to plant it in a green hill-country. The resurrected bird said to the man and woman, “I have betrayed the gods and cannot return to them. I foresaw their end and your beginning; allow my spirit to dwell with you, and I will bestow upon you many more gifts than I have given you this day.” To this the man assented, and the Firebird turned himself into a flaming “crown of thorns” and alighted on the man’s head. The Firebird said “I will be with you always, and though the gods may beset you with many hardships, you will overcome them.” As he spoke these words, Prometheus dissolved into the man’s brow. From that day forward, man was lord over the Earth.


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British Democracy and the Jews.  Again.

Not much going on here by way of new posts.  So I thought I might as well put up links to a couple of fun threads at the British Democracy Forum.  You know the BDF.  It’s the place where everybody spits on the wilton when someone mistakenly mentions the leader’s name.  But they don’t spit as much as the good folk of Nationalists Online.  Now, they know how to spit, I can tell you.  They do practically nothing else all day, from what I can judge.  They are swimming in it.  At least, I think that’s what it is.

Anyway, this scurrilous person Henry Palfrey has, in the most unwelcome and improper way, been introducing the JQ to pure-hearted British nationalists on the BDF who, to be honest, do not need dynosaur thinking of that ilk.  Obviously.  One of the threads is titled BNP need to be more like National Front.  It’s fifteen pages long at this point, so I suggest a quick skim and nothing more.  You may come across Soren on it somewhere.  The other thread is new and is titled Michael Savage: Now It’s A Crime To Be White?  Except the person who posted it belongs to a people who are not absolutely unequivocally white themselves.

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Captain! There are doubts…

by Cladrastis

There is an ongoing debate regarding how WE might regain the reigns of power – how we might take the captaincy of the vessel, so to speak. We all know the problem – the intoxicated captain (whose name is “He Who Wrestles with God” or Jacob) is steering us directly into an iceberg. Under Jacob’s captaincy, the ship has been neglected; our vessel is already taking on water, and the boilers are running out of steam (not to mention the problem of the exploding rat population). What good will it do us to usurp Jacob’s power if the ship is no longer seaworthy?


Posted by Guest Blogger on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 04:58 PM in No particular place to go
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Message to The Last Man

by Grimoire

To Silver, in fact … in response to his contributions to the That Word Again thread:-

Your analyses in terms of irrational whites and aracial whites is accurate, but historically superficial. The Western collective consciousness has been under the sway of a wide array of circumstances and influences that have about played themselves out. The forces that have mounted and steered the circumstances are also at the end of the playbook. It is not yet closing time, but it clearly the last call.

History, in a certain sense, is like a children’s game of musical chairs. The music plays and everyone dances or runs about, and then the music slows and stops, and everyone must find a chair. Inevitably, someone is left out. Not everyone gets a chair, but not everyone is left out - only some, and they disappear from the game. No amount of multicultural brainwashing nor immigration can change this historical cycle. Unlike the children’s game, those who get the chairs are not the aracial, the atomized, the isolated, the apathetic.  Nor are they the self-satisfied bourgeois, happy in his townhouse. It is those - and it has always been those - who are conscious of themselves as a unity, an entity and bloodline to be preserved. It is those who see the chairs that are their own. Those that made each individual chair, know the music and have played and won the game since time immemorial.


Posted by Guest Blogger on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 05:47 PM in No particular place to go
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