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A crisis in the custody suite – seventh (and final) part

Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:32.

A cautionary tale for policemen

Bennett found Boulder in the atrium hall of the hospital, sitting with a plastic cup of black coffee and a white DI from Notting Hill named Liz Dakin.  The news on Holly was 50% burns, 50% chance of pulling through.  The next 12 to 24 hours would decide if the damage to his internal organs was too extensive.

According to Dakin the first fire appliance arrived at the scene literally within seconds of the fireball erupting at the back of the property.  The emergency call was timed four minutes earlier at 01.40 hrs.  Someone had waited for the appliance to arrive before bricking Holly’s window and following up with a petrol bomb.  The first officers arrived six minutes later.  A sweep was conducted to no effect.

“Whoever did it wanted the fire put-out before it had a chance to take hold,” said Boulder.

“But not before it had a chance to maim or kill John Holly.  Is everyone else from the building OK?” asked Bennett.

“All evacuated safely,” Dakin told him, “We have to conclude that the attacker’s intent was to minimise danger to the others sleeping in the building, even at risk to himself.  There was just the one intended victim.  It’s most unusual.”

“It sounds most professional to me.  Aside from the brick and the petrol bomb has he left any evidence?” Bennett asked?

“Forensics are in.  Maybe some DNA will survive on the bottle fragments, but it’s a long-shot.  They’ll check on the way in to the rear of the property and out again.  The ground was reasonably soft.  There will be soil transfer.  There should be at least a partial boot-imprint … a few fibres.  He had to hop over a six foot high wall and two adjoining fences to access the ground outside the victim’s flat.”

“CCTV in the area?”

“There’s always a chance.  But it’s pretty much residential,” she said, “From that wall he could turn right and at the next cross-roads walk totally unrecorded for three or four hundred yards in any direction he liked.  If he was meticulous, he could probably get the best part of half-a-mile and still not be caught on any camera.”

“What about the voice on the emergency call?” asked Bennett.

“Haven’t heard it yet.  I expect it will be Cortana or some other virtual interface.  Interviews of the other residents and door-to-door will be starting in a couple of hours.  Uniform could do a finger-tip search of the immediate surroundings, I suppose ... bins and skips in the area checked in case he dumped his lighter.  Might turn up something but, y’know, there again.  There will definitely be a local appeal, though.  Forensics on the victim’s laptop and phone will be done … re-done, sorry.  Family and friend interviews … workplace.”

“That was a club in the Fulham Road, apparently.  Barman, but only part-time.” said Boulder.

“Oh OK, thanks.  So we’ll build up a victim profile.  Whatever you and DS Boulder can give us, please do.”

“When you got here, guv, I was just explainin’ to DI Dakin that it’s political,” Boulder announced.


A crisis in the custody suite – the sixth and penultimate part

Posted by Guessedworker on Wednesday, 03 January 2018 10:08.

A cautionary tale for policemen

Charley Tout MP still loved the morning ritual of leafing through the London editions.  He had them all delivered early to his flat.  Websites were OK, but he didn’t have time to go looking for politically relevant articles.  Searching placed altogether too much reliance upon Herr Heisenberg.  The dead-tree product, however, gave him everything right there at the breakfast table, and set him up nicely for a day’s political chess.

This morning, though, he was only really interested in one of the nationals, and that, of course, was the Daily Mail.  A tad disappointingly, he hadn’t made the front page.  But there he was in a good position on page 3.  “Minister fights far right legal attack on free speech” it said.  “EXCLUSIVE by Kimberley Pruett for the Daily Mail” it said.  Charley read the body of the text with mounting satisfaction.  When he reached the end he went straight back to the beginning and read it again.  She had done everything he could ask for.  Absolutely everything.  He was a happy man.  He reached into his left-hand jacket pocket for his pay-phone and scrolled down to her number.

DCI Bennet was not a happy man.  On arriving at the station at 8.00 am as usual, Sgt Dutta had pressed that morning’s edition of the Daily Mail on him.  For his benefit it had been opened to page three and pre-folded.  “Oh Christ, what!” exclaimed Bennett.  He took the paper to his office, sat down and surveyed the damage.  Though written from a ridiculously unreasonable angle, the article was unmistakably about the Holly business.  It was high on dog-whistling and low on case details.  But it specifically mentioned Peckham Police.  Someone somewhere had leaked to the press.  If that someone was in the station, it wasn’t him.  But it could be one of the other two detectives or anyone else who had some contact to the case.  Realistically, that meant Boulder, Eilam, or Brook.

That said, in his experience no one with a functioning brain cell leaks to the media in a clumsy and discoverable way, and no one owns up.  Investigations are almost always a waste of everybody’s time, and do more harm than good, since suspicion does much of the work of guilt itself in corroding the relationship of officers and managers.  Still, it was to be expected that someone upstairs or at Curtis Green would want enquiries to be made.


A crisis in the custody suite – part five

Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, 29 December 2017 15:49.

A cautionary tale for policemen

The vehicle entrance for the station was around the corner in Meeting House Lane.  Breadwardine turned in and drove the few yards to the security gate.  As he waited for the motors to crank the gate open there was a knock on his driver’s window.  Initial alarm turned to perplexity as Bredwardine registered the face of Andy Crabtree.  He was not in uniform.

Breadwardine opened the driver’s window.  “Ronald, I’ve been suspended over this Holly business,” Crabtree said, wasting no time, “Can we speak privately?  Not in the station.”

“Better hop in,” Breadwardine said.

Westminster was becoming a sexual minefield now, Charley understood that.  He should have stuck to lavishing his attentions on female researchers, though even that was becoming dangerous.  Female MPs were now completely off-limits.  As a type, the female politician just does not understand her own essential, submissive nature.  One false, perfectly friendly move and instead of a half-hour spent in mutual pleasure and satisfaction in an inexpensive little hotel he knew just around the corner – a bit bijou but very discreet - you get a squawking gobshite and an enemy for life.

His enemy for life was Donna Scott-Walters, she of the old money, sloany county style, Tory Grandee grandad and famously-Thatcherite economist mother.  To make matters worse, both he and Scott-Walters were eyeing the security brief currently held by Chris Maxwell who, as everyone knew, was destined for higher things at the next reshuffle.  A superior brief and privy council status could be his.  The jolly old career would still be moving forward (stasis being the preliminary to rigor mortis in this game).  If it was to be him or the hated Donna who would be snubbed by the girls and boys in 10 Downing Street, well, no contest.  Step forward Miss Sloan Square.

The best way to put down the hated Donna was, of course, to demonstrate a superior knowledge of her brief than she herself possessed.  And right now, that meant getting the inside story on this race-hate business from Andy Crabtree.  Which was proving bloody difficult.  Samuella assured him that she had left messages on his Curtis Green number and mailed both his accounts twice over the weekend.  Not a peep, apparently.  Which was very unlike Crabtree.  Probably too busy networking somewhere else.  Such a self-publicist, that man.


A crisis in the custody suite – part 4

Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, 25 December 2017 00:53.

A cautionary tale for policemen

Interview Room 3 was the only one with an observation window; observation in the other three only being possible through live video feed.  Usually, it was just the more serious cases which attracted an audience.  But Slice had said he wanted to view, so here they were, Ian Bennett, Kevin Boulder and the BAME officer assigned to the case, Tony Eilam, waiting on his pleasure outside the interview room.  They waited fifteen minutes before he strode into the corridor.

“Ah Ian,” he said, “Sorry to hear about the no-show at Telegraph Hill yesterday?”

Bennett replied, “Three hours of my life I’ll never get back, sir.  And then, when we did finally enter the flat, we found it had already been cleared.  But there’ll be DNA evidence somewhere.”

“Something for the SOECA officer attending, then?”


“Right, well,” Breadwardine declared, rubbing his hands together, “I see everybody is here but the suspect.  Shall we have him in?”  With that, he and Bennett entered the observation room and took up position before the window.

Prakash Ghosh, a slight figure in his mid-twenties, had been taken into custody three hours earlier.  Physically, he did not remotely match the muscular nature of his on-line rhetoric as detailed in John Holly’s crime report.  As he spoke in the preliminaries it was immediately apparent that he was born and raised not in this country but in India.  His accent was quite heavy but his articulation was that of an educated man.  Beside him, was a local criminal lawyer Narayan Singh, also Indian-born, and very familiar to all the Peckham detectives.  Opposite the pair of them sat Boulder and Eilam.


A crisis in the custody suite – part 3

Posted by Guessedworker on Thursday, 21 December 2017 19:58.

A cautionary tale for policemen

The silence in Breadwardine’s office was broken by Crabtree’s warbling mobile.  He squinted at the screen and starting out of his seat.  “It’s the Home Office.  I must take this,” he announced, and disappeared out into the corridor.  Breadwardine was left alone with the black woman.  He wondered if she might offer at least some comment on the thoughts he had articulated a few seconds earlier.  A modicum of agreement perhaps.  Instead, she fished out her own mobile from her bag, and was instantly captive to its fascinations.  There are people in this world, Breadwardine reflected, who do not care in the slightest about, or even recognise the existence of, profundity; and here were two of them.

Three miles north-west by police helicopter, where the wheels of government were turning, was a third.  As Minister of State for the Police and Fire Service, Charley Tout MP had what was widely regarded as the cushiest job in government.  His opposite number in the Ministry of Defence ran him close – all those regimental dinners and photo ops ensconced in a Challenger at Castlemartin.  But these were thin times for an Armed Forces Minister presiding over a losing war with the Treasury, which had precipitated a subsidiary conflict for the scraps between the manpower advocates - basically the army chiefs - and the big price tag junkies of the RAF and the RN. 

Charley’s ministerial life, however, was serene.  After Grenfell, it was politically impossible for the Treasury to take an axe to fire service funding, while crime was far too much the perpetually hot political potato.  Charley, a nimble operator, had learned that his most judicious course was to talk up the ever rising tide of criminal activity across the land while projecting an image of high-energy, on-the-button competence in dealing with it.  With Charley, PR also stood for politicians’ relations.  Going manic with talk of teamwork was another good, option; because this created the impression of spaces into which all that energy disappeared.  It all helped to put off the evil day when some Treasury bean-counter conducts a proper audit of his office and concludes that, actually, the police and fire service run themselves perfectly well, and Charley Tout doesn’t have a real ministerial function at all.


A crisis in the custody suite – part 2

Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, 15 December 2017 09:28.

A cautionary tale for policemen

“I have that victim report you asked for, sir,” announced WPC Brook, a Leeds lass and The Fragrant Linda to the small and dwindling coterie of officers over 40 who, like Boulder, had yet to fully internalise the rigorous standards of a-sexuality required in the work context of the, of course, perpetually modernising and by no means hysterically anti white male, post-racial, post-gender Met.  Delicately, she laid thirty-four sheets of densely-typed A4 paper on Kevin Boulder’s desk.  He looked down at them, then up, questioningly, at her face.  He leafed through the first dozen.  A crime report typically filled a single page - maybe two in exceptional circumstances. “Where’d all this come from?” he asked.

“He gave me a memory stick he’d smuggled past the custody desk in the waist band of his trousers,” she said, “He must have had it all ready when you arrested him.  There was one Word file on it, just needing me to copy and paste, and quite a few screenshot images I copied but did not print out with the report because we’ve no colour cartridges until tomorrow.”

“Well, thank fuck for that.” Boulder sighed, picking up all thirty-four pages and headed for Bennett’s office.

“I think we’ve been ‘ad, guv?” he said as he went through the door, “This guy Holly is playin’ us.”  Like Boulder, Bennett was fazed by the sheer bulk of the document.  He flicked through back-to-front, like a pack of playing cards.  It consisted of fifty numbered quotes and URLs, beneath each of which were two or three paragraphs of commentary in sparely-written legal language.  Bennett read the first and longest numbered quote:

Karu nadu 20 hours ago
Like all fµƈking racists you are obsessed with defending a non-existent purity.  This is a constantly invaded land.  The people who came here were Basques and Romans from Africa and Jews from the Middle East and now they are Pakistanis, Indians, black Caribbeans and black Africans as well.  The English you obsess about have only ever been immigrants and then mongrels.  There is nothing to defend because there is nothing to replace, though replacing you naȥi retards will improve the gene pool a thousand times over.  Hatred and intolerance will die with you.  In fact, why don’t you just fµƈk off now?  It is the beautiful black and brown native people of England who own the future.”

Bennett took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.  “Well, Prakash Ghosh isn’t a very diplomatic fellow,” he observed dryly, “But yeah, Ghosh thinks he’s playing Holly, but it’s clearly the other way round.  Holly knew he was going to be questioned sooner or later.  He wanted us to question him.  He was all ready for us to question him.  He’s playing Ghosh and he’s playing us.  What’s his game?”

“What are you going to do about it?” Boulder asked.


A crisis in the custody suite – part 1

Posted by Guessedworker on Friday, 08 December 2017 18:41.

A cautionary tale for policemen

All morning, John Holly lay sleepless on the thin, blue plastic mattress in his cell. Several times he heard the sounds of activity in the corridor outside, metal doors slamming shut, once some shouting.  But beyond a couple of momentary check-ups through the panel in the door and the arrival of WPC Brook with sweet, weak tea in a plastic cup, no one took any interest in him at all.  It seemed that the Metropolitan Police Service was not used to suspects putting a large spoke in its little procedural wheel.

It had all gone horribly wrong for the Met four long and lonely hours earlier, in Holly’s initial interview, following his arrest at home in the small hours.  The fall guy had been the glotally challenged Detective Sergeant Kevin Boulder, seated across the table from him and the duty solicitor, a Miss Agarwal, in Interview Room 1.

“An ‘ate crime,” Boulder had confidently begun in the approved ex cathedra sing-song of the local comp boy made plod, “is a crime that the victim or any uvver person perceives to be motivated by ‘ostility or prejudice towards any aspect of a person’s identity.  In this case we are dealin’ wiv ‘ostility or prejudice based on a person’s race or perceived race.  If the investigatin’ officer is satisfied that the offence took place as described by the victim ...”

“Prakash Ghosh,” interjected Holly, plainly stating a fact he knew only too well.

Miss Agarwal shifted in her seat.

“I am unable to disclose the victim’s precise identity at interview under caution,” replied Boulder, “That information will only be supplied if, at the conclusion of this investigation, a formal charge is laid.”

“But it was Ghosh,” Holly shot back, “You know it.  I know it.”


Alt-Right cannot be trusted to represent Whites, ethnonationalists on crucial matters

Posted by DanielS on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 14:18.

Yeeeehaaah!  Sooweeeee! Get em   ....Leroy and Schlomo

“The United States Should Seriously Consider Peaceful Partition”, so says Vincent Law at AltRight on 24 April 2017.

How convenient that Vincent Law, a Ukrainian American (?) living in St. Peterberg, Russia, would proffer how balkanization of The US might go.

The right wing and Jewish perspective from which he comes is not to be trusted on either side of this issue. They created these conflicts, they created these immigration problems and now they want to create hackneyed “solutions.” They may bemuse and distract larpers, but in the end they will serve a Jewish and complicit right wing perspective. This will create disaster and conflict for others while these weasels A) escape to gated communities or B) escape the country entirely if need be (with their money, of course); finally, e.g., leaving remaining Whites to get raped by blacks (who are “really not so bad”, or perhaps “your problem”, when in fact, it was their perspective that long ago imposed them on normal Whites et al.).

Meanwhile right wingers from other races will be trying to swing deals established by Jews and right wingers as well. Saying that the kind of Jews and right wing huxters posing as “ethno nationalists” on this thread at Alt-Right represent White people and their ethnonationalism. They don’t. And they will create conflicts with people that White ethno nationalists should ally (not integrate or fight) with: Asian and Amerindian ethno nationalists.

The Right Wing/Alternative Right cannot be trusted with this issue any more than anything else - i.e., not at all. They are the ones who put Trump and his Jewish entourage into power. And that is just for starters in terms of their screw-ups. There are some basic issues that need to sorted out yet - not interminable matters, but too important to go right ahead and start bargaining on the bases and within the parameters that Jews and right wingers establish. They cannot even be trusted to say what is White or not.

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Kumiko Oumae • 2 days ago

Asians do not belong in white ethnostates. It’s as simple as that.

F—k off and die, please.

  Kumiko Oumae reply to silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ • 2 days ago

I completely agree that Asians should not be on the same side of the line as White people if a partition occurs in North America. That’s precisely why I placed Asians and Hispanics together outside of the White ethnostate partition in the hypothetical scenario I described. Re-read what I actually wrote.

I would not even ask you to moderate the tone or language that you take when dealing with Asian people, since I think that Asian people do need to know how White Americans really feel on this issue, so as to shatter the illusion of there being any kind of shared destiny. You want to promote ethnic division in North America. So do I.

The American ‘melting pot’ was never going to work out. And even if it somehow did work out, it would be undesirable for all groups concerned. And so it should never be allowed to work out.

DanielS: Silver is an (admitted) non-White (who “wouldn’t be surprised if he is part Jewish”, but at any rate, “has an affinity for Anatolia and the Levant”). He lives in England, not America, and agitates to deliberately stir-up strife among Whites while he tries to create enemies for them among non-Whites. In this case, with Asians. I drove him away from Majorityrights long ago for these reasons. He is in no way to be taken seriously, as a representative of Whites; nor as a negotiator of ethnonationalism in good or bad faith.

While I draw attention to Alt-Righters, trolls and the experience that I have of them misrepresenting White interests, Kumiko calls some interesting facts to my attention about - they allow for slurs against Asians in their comments, but if you use the word “Jew” the comment will be blocked.

She also noted that she was the only one who gave an up-vote to Bowery’s comment:

jabowery • a day ago

Sortocracy: Sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them.

Bowery’s idea of Sortocracy is among the most fair and intelligent on the thread, but the drawback of Sortocracy is for his/its empirical bias, as it lacks the historical element that hermeneutics corrects for. If that were to be incorporated, and it could be, it could be a very good vehicle.

Clicking on the map will take you to a site that allows you to click further onto particular states to see all of their counties. For various reasons this is a helpful grid when examining matters of secession.

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