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Now Opening: Forum!

Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Wednesday, 10 February 2016 00:41.

Now Opening: Forum!

In an atmosphere where the ability of ethno-nationalists to talk among themselves is being curtailed across social media and with forums at other ethno-nationalist sites being insecure or even being shut down, a need has appeared for a forum that overcomes the limitations of other people’s past attempts.

This was an option that we had kept in reserve because it wasn’t deemed to be high priority to date, but it has now been completed and brought forward because it is clearly necessary.

I’ll present my explanation of the merits of the Forum in a slightly humorous Q&A format, based on questions I’ve actually been asked.

Q: What do you mean by ‘secure’?

A: By ‘secure’ I mean that we don’t do things which are stupid. The guiding principle behind everything we do is basically “don’t do stupid things”.

For example, we don’t have users transmitting their login credentials in plain text over the internet, because that would be stupid. Instead, everything between the client and the server is encrypted just like the rest of the site.

We don’t have profile fields that ask users to enter information into their profiles like ‘date of birth’ or ‘location’ on registration forms, because that would be stupid. The safest way to ensure that no one will say that we encouraged them to compromise themselves by entering that information, is by not asking them to submit such information in the first place.

There is also the view that we cannot misplace information that was never given to us, and that’s a view that I’ve always held.

Q: Do you share user statistics and information with third party advertising CDNs?

A: No, not now, and not ever.

One of the most absurd things that I’ve seen on ethno-nationalist websites is the propensity that many have to complain about how companies like Amazon, Google, Quantcast, and others, are ‘controlled by liberals, Jews and SJWs’, and yet they still choose to integrate those very same advertising and user tracking scripts into their forums.

We have no such scripts, and never will.

Q: Is it possible for your routine backups to fall into the wrong hands?

A: No. Backups of everything are made at certain intervals, and are stored on encrypted volumes in a hidden and entirely separate physical location. The backup regime is such that no single administrator at Majorityrights can decrypt the contents without at least one other person assenting to it. The motto for handling backups is “trust no one, not even yourself”.

Q: Why isn’t the whole place decked out with giant statues of eagles, and muscle-bound Vikings, with black, red, and white as the colour scheme?

A: Because this is not web design by Albert Speer, nor should it be.

Q: Why does the forum software demand that all passwords must contain letters, numbers, and capital letters, and be no less than 12 characters long?

A: Because that makes it much less likely that any hacker dweebs will be able to break into people’s accounts using dictionary attacks and rainbow tables. I just don’t ever want the drama of dealing with people whining about how their accounts got hijacked because they chose a weak password, so the software will force you to at least make a minimal effort to choose a strong password.

Take note though, if you forget your password, the ‘I forgot my password’ feature sends an email to you with a new randomly generated password in it, so you should make sure that your email account is secured with a strong password too, obviously.

Q: Is it possible for anyone to discover what email address I used to register with, without me divulging it?

A: No.

Q: Do you apply patches in a timely fashion?

A: Patches are applied as soon as they are available. Since any patch day is followed by exploit day, we make sure to patch immediately.

Q: Will there be meme magic?

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be doxxing and raids?

A: No.

The Right Stuff forum was just recently taken down because some people decided to foolishly use it as a staging ground for a doxxing campaign against some American liberal soccer mom who then turned around and complained to their hosting provider about it, and it resulted in all sorts of terms of service problems. No doxxing of anyone will be allowed at Majorityrights, because it’s petty, accomplishes nothing, and does more harm than good to everyone.

Q: Do you anticipate that you will have a large volume of people registering?

A: Maybe. One of the greatest advantages that Majorityrights has is that on a large number of divisive issues, Majorityrights has not been known to drive a wedge, and as such does not come with that baggage. For example, there is no European North-South divide, and no legacy of a fractious Male-Female divide here, so almost anyone ought to feel comfortable with joining.

Q: Will there be freedom of speech?

A: Pretty much, yes. Just like always.

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Maintenance Summary: The present situation.

Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 15:21.

Security Bike!
Let’s pause for a moment.

There are some people out there who have been criticising my contributions and casting aspersions on my motives, because of my ethnic background. In my previous maintenance post, the thematic image was that of a tachometer catching fire, without any explanation of where exactly I was ‘going’. Well, now I’ll stop this metaphorical bike, and shed some light on what has been done.

I think that we now have a site that is retooled for its intended purpose. A lot of things have been changed, some of which may not have been immediately apparent to users, and some things were simply reinforced and are going to be described here for the sake of transparency.

This will be described in colloquial language and will not be written in a legal style, because I want it to be absolutely understood by everyone.

The updated site design philosophy is centred around five things:

  • Minimalism: Sometimes, less is more. Majorityrights is almost like it is angling toward becoming something like a theoretical journal for European nationalists, and as such there are many lengthy articles which we want to user to focus on. Keeping distraction to a minimum and holding the reader’s attention is paramount. The site design should work toward that end and not against it.

  • Principles of UI design: Placement of design elements that are consistent and simplistic, and which are intuitive to the user. Use of icon packs to illustrate what design elements do. Fonts are chosen for readability.

  • Soft on the eyes: Attempts were made to get a colour scheme that did not induce fatigue.

  • ‘Self-sufficiency’: Aim to eliminate auto-loading anything that is not hosted from within’s domain.

  • Risk mitigation: Control the environment to ensure that the user’s sovereignty is policed and defended as much as possible, insofar as we have the capability to do so.

Some highlights of this design philosophy have manifested as:


Meiryo was chosen as the font for all content because the Latin characters in it are very good for presenting beautiful and legible text that was suitable for immersive on-screen reading. Meiryo was developed by Eiichi Kono who had worked closely with Takeharu Suzuki of Type Designers, CandG Inc, and Matthew Carter of Carter and Cone Type Inc. Its importance as an emerging industry standard font was reinforced by its receipt of the the 2007 Tokyo TDC Type Design Prize. It’s since been included in every Windows installation since Windows Vista.

In cases where Meiryo is not available on the system, it resorts to using Verdana in its place, which is closely related to Meiryo, since it was designed by Matthew Carter and shares many similarities with Meiryo.

Webfonts that the site loads are Playfair Display which is used for headers, and Roboto which is used for menus, tags and status lines. These webfonts are of course hosted here and are not linked to from Google webfonts or Typekit, or anything like that. Some webfont providers use referrer-aware CDNs, I have decided that such a ‘leak’ would be unacceptable and therefore I’ve chosen to have self-host any webfonts that it uses. This has privacy benefits for you that are not insignificant.

Social Media

Social media buttons do exactly what is expected when you click them. They help you to use social media. However, I have taken the deliberate decision not to track anything with those buttons. As a consequence, when the page loads, it makes no calls to any of the APIs associated with those social media networks, unless you click on the buttons to do so.

This means that we are not signalling your browsing habits to whatever entities out there may or may not be monitoring Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus without your consent. The privacy benefits which are accrued to you as a result of the choice to not implement that, are enormous.

Click Tracking, Fingerprinting, and Advertising

We do not do click tracking and never will, because we have respect for the privacy concerns of the users who browse here.

We do not engage in the use of canvas elements to render characters with your hardware from which we could derive a fingerprint of your system. While getting such information and keeping a database of it would doubtless be useful and fun, I deliberately choose not to ever implement anything like that, because that kind of information so often has a disturbing way of getting ‘lost’. So, with that in mind, I take the stance that if we don’t collect it, and we don’t store it, then we cannot ‘lose’ it, nor can we ever be legally asked to hand it over to anyone. Because we do not collect that data in the first place. We can’t ‘lose’ what we never collected.

We do not and will not ever run any advertisements from any of the big advertising CDNs that are out there. Many advertising CDNs are sometimes used by antagonistic individuals or antagonistic government organisations who rent spaces in those rotations into which they push advertisements that are designed to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities in certain browsers, and in Adobe Flash Player. This is a well-documented phenomenon, one which certainly is an interesting phenomenon, and one which I steadfastly refuse to allow to occur here.

Retention Policy

Access logs are retained for two calendar months.

Search and Archives

These used to be broken. Now they are not broken. Try them out and see.

Bitcoin Donations

Majorityrights is able to accept anonymous bitcoin donations to its wallet, which is then anonymously transformed into fiat money which is then anonymously given to the appropriate persons who need it through a complicated process which I cannot explain because of course I am not in charge of anything in that process. Anonymity is absolutely maximised, and no one should have any worries about that.

I can describe how the widget works, however. Clicking on the donate button will present you with the address of the Majorityrights bitcoin wallet. Clicking the wallet will allow you to make donations from your wallet. The left pane shows the number of donations in total so far. The right pane shows the amount donated so far in mBTC. The QR code is the QR code of the Majorityrights bitcoin wallet. The ‘What is Bitcoin’ link, takes you to a article where they give a brief overview of what Bitcoin is.


Javascript and jQuery are only ever invoked under four circumstances. Javascript is used on the Majority Radio page if a user chooses to open the Flash Player to stream a file, and it is used for the buttons in the comments section. jQuery is used to make the folding boxes on the menu exhibit the ‘folding’ behaviour when clicked. jQuery is also used by the Bitcoin widget.

In the cases that jQuery is used, jQuery is hosted here at

Secure Sockets Layer

The main site now encrypts all pages that are sent. Calls to images, CSS, and javascript are secure. Images called by linked CSS and javascript files are secure. It is not susceptible to POODLE or any exploit similar to it. You should see the padlock in the titlebar which illustrates this.

There are also many more changes which I’ve chosen not to enumerate here. After having been invited onto the team, it was shown to me that there were real ‘trust related’ problems that some people may have been having with the site, and so I have taken all steps to resolve the security issues so as to absolutely guarantee that people could trust the site.

With that done, it may now be safe to say that is the only European ethno-nationalist site of this kind, which has gone to these lengths to earn the trust of its readers. To my knowledge, none of our more ‘right-wing conservative’ competitors have taken such measures. I can’t speculate as to what their reasons are, but here at Majorityrights we are doing our best to keep you safe, as we do not believe that security is your responsibility, we believe that we are also accountable for maintaining a secure experience for you.

This is the logical outgrowth of our adherence to the idea that nationalism is inherently about social responsibility. is taking responsibility for you.

General Announcement: Planned Maintenance

Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Sunday, 23 August 2015 14:57.

Always moving forward.

This is a general announcement. There may be at least six (6) hours of downtime for the Majorityrights site over the course of two days, where all services may be entirely unavailable as we are carrying out some critical maintenance which cannot be done while the site is up.

That downtime may begin any time after 2130 UTC, and so you should not be alarmed by that when it happens. We’ll be providing you with a much improved experience when we are back up. We’ve made sure to try to choose a time of relative low traffic in order to do this.

For those of you who will be inconvenienced, I apologise for the inconvenience in advance. Relax and have a nice drink. I recommend E.S.A. Field White Rum.

See you in six hours!

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