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Competition’s Ontological Adjustment:

Competition’s authentic value as opposed to its having been the most overvalued, misinterpreted biological fact of European Peoples’ interests (thank you Mr. and Ms. Dumb Bastard, Right-Winger).


This will not be a rigorous piece, rather it is meant to shed some light on a few important considerations by moving them through the terministic screens of a personal history. The issues taken into consideration are the over-valuation of competition - which corresponds closely with boiling everything down to equality/inequality being the problem, that is, the stupid right-wing position of being against “egalitarianism” - to the detriment of other methodological concerns in evaluation of qualitative identity.

Objectivism results in a susceptibility in Europeans to having their enemies shift close genetic identity into objectivist individualism and liberalism, leading to their adopting an array of absurdly affected, non-European identities. While there can be many such diversionary sub-identities, such as student/teacher of a particular non-European study at university, universalism, eastern mysticism, religion, of course, even foreign cuisine, any full treatment of diversionary identity must address sub-identities in music and sports – these will be a predominant theme here as I am familiar with them as identities, strongly held, yet come to recognize where they were more or less diversionary from European identity, quasi identities and competitions to be set aside in favor of more authentic identity.

It should not be too hard to provide facts and numbers as to the impact of these competitions and identities on European people, nor that these can significantly diminish our resource of European identity. Nevertheless, while youth in particular may be susceptible to such diversionary competition and identity, these activities also model means of identity, social participation and evaluation in determination of authenticity which do not necessarily entail violent conflict, immediately lethal, zero sum results – which we should be particularly concerned to keep to a minimum within European genus and species.


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White Post Modernity


Monoculturalism meets Rockefeller (and eats him)



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The True and Necessary Post-Modern Turn for White Nationalism - In Response to Dugin

If he could see his birthplace of Rotterdam today


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Genocidal criminals, their deceptive arguments behind EU immigration policy called to account


Nick Griffin addresses EU Parliament, calling to account criminals behind EU immigration policy and their deceptive terms:


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Anti-Racism is Not Innocent, it is Prejudiced, it is Hurting and it is Killing People

Anti-Racism is not innocent, far from innocent, it is prejudiced, it is hurting and it is killing people. It is an impossible, pure Cartesian ideal, prohibiting necessary social perceptual grouping and accountable discrimination accordingly.




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Yes, The White Race IS ..A Social Construct (Contrary To Jewish And Right-Wing Denial)

Along with White Leftism, The White Class and other useful theoretical tools that Jews abuse and obfuscate as they direct White identity into the foibles of the Right.

This discussion will have a fringe benefit of provoking and flushing-out those who are not truly concerned with our people.

Social Constructionism is a European, anti-Cartesian discipline: When conducted properly, Not Jewish

This essay is to be something of a summing-up and clarification:

“You alone are uncontingent my friend. I would counsel epistemic humility” 

Say what?

Thus, in background to this essay:


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A-Symmetry as Semiotic of European Evolutionary Advance


A-Symmetry as Semiotic of European Evolutionary Advance

Morphology is a branch of biology dealing with the study of the form and structure of organisms and their specific structural features.

While becoming the first geneticist to popularize Mendelism, William Bateson observed puzzlement in his colleagues over a strange morphological phenomenon in crustaceans.

His colleagues noted that some species of crabs have asymmetrical appendages, one being larger than the other, but when one of the pair was lost, another grew back in mirror image to the other. To this they were disposed to ask, how did the crab gain symmetry?

Through the extended analysis, Bateson hypothesized that his colleagues had been asking the wrong question. They should rather have been asking, “how did the crab lose asymmetry?”

It was in fact, in the course of this very investigation into the biological laws of symmetry that William Bateson first coined the term “genetics.”


And from this inquiry he established “Bateson’s rule”, which asserts that when an asymmetrical appendage is regrown after loss, the resulting limb will be symmetrical, in mirror image with the other limb.

The rule by itself is not of particular relevance to our concerns for European ontology and nationalism. However, steps taken in ecological and cybernetic analysis and arrival at Bateson’s rule of morphology do have significant implications, suggesting hypotheses for semiotics of ecological (and ontological) correction -  including of human ecology.



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You and I in Identity and Agency Creation


For those who might be put-off, initially or even ultimately, by the subject matter discussed here, I would refer to that old adage, that “if all you know well is one thing, then you really don’t even know that very well.”

Part 3 of the analysis of

John Shotter’s “Social Accountability and the Social Construction of ‘You”


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George Addressed With a Socially Ideal but Responsible Altercast Contrary to His Individualist Plans

George is addressed with a consideration of acting-into an altercast position in conflict with his less than socially ideal plans.


As opposed to a libertarian, prioratizing dreams of individual adventure and world travel, George contemplates acting-into, shaping and crafting the specificatory structure altercast by Mary, who addresses him as a man of ideals, which of necessity compel adjustment of those priorities to practical duty: to a position rather as husband and community builder, upheld against capitalist destruction thereof.


Analysis: John Shotter’s Social Accountability and the Social Construction of “You” Part 2

In pursuit of this analysis, we may usefully trace background to Shotter and Harre’s negotiated concerns here:  “The Verum Factum Principle”


From Wikipedia:

“Giambattista Vico is best known for his verum factum principle, first formulated in 1710 as part of his De antiquissima Italorum sapientia, ex linguae latinae originibus eruenda (1710) (“On the most ancient wisdom of the Italians, unearthed from the origins of the Latin language”).[7] The principle states that truth is verified through creation or invention and not, as per Descartes, through observation: “The criterion and rule of the true is to have made it. Accordingly, our clear and distinct idea of the mind cannot be a criterion of the mind itself, still less of other truths. For while the mind perceives itself, it does not make itself.” This criterion for truth would later shape the history of civilization in Vico’s opus, the Scienza Nuova (The New Science, 1725), because he would argue that civil life – like mathematics – is wholly constructed.”


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Negotiating Problems of Conventional and Non-Standard Grammar of European Identity

The most fundamental questions of who we are and how we might organize in our defense has a cogent, preliminary answer outlined by the Euro-DNA Nation 

We organize our identity as advocates of our people, who are of indigenous European descent, for the maintenance of our distinct genus on the whole and in the maintenance of our distinct species as well.

The very act of participating in the Euro-DNA Nation establishes a degree of merit to individuals as worthy members from the onset: This person is willing to undertake a minimal act in essential distinction of themselves and their group in flight or fight for the defense of European types.

There are additional qualities that need to be drawn-out by means of criteria other than genetics, of course. For example, Bowery might seek demonstrations of particular skills to confirm the type that he is looking for in his particular community. Lister would be correct to look for additional criteria beyond genetics and so on. These particular qualitative concerns are provided for in the Euro-DNA Nation as well.

We may hypothesize and verify that we do have a definition of White/European Nationalisms which can move easily in consensus, neither yielding to slobs or snobs.

Although there is some confusion over what constitutes White/European Nationalism by way of slobs and snobs, there is a de facto consensus that all people of indigenous European parentage, including Russians, are valid members. With that, there is a normal provision that the various kinds of Europeans ought to be able to maintain their distinct demographics and not have them blended away, not even with other European types. This normal provision protects against the slobs, those who cannot see the depth and importance of European differences from one another and in some of their slovenly cases, not even seeing difference from non-Europeans. It also protects against snobbish definitions of White, which would deny the overwhelming Europeanness or the value of some European kinds; in this case again, they are not seeing or acknowledging a difference that makes a difference from non-Europeans. Their concerns that some patterns among those others which are unlike theirs and not distinctly European might damage their kind if integrated, are alleviated by the human ecological accountability of the particular national and subnational bounds.

Thus, by maintaining national, regional and communal differences and values we may handle concerns of the snobs and the slobs. The snobs, those who do not really care for certain native Europeans, not recognizing them as a part of “us”, may be placated by the fact that borders with these groups that they do not particularly care for are maintained. They have the means to stem limitless blending away. Therefore, they do not need to throw these people overboard along with the non-Europeans. On the other hand, the slobs, people who have a tendency to be lax in recognizing the differences between Europeans or even worse, from non-Europeans, are, by the means of these national, regional and communal accountabilities, also prevented from going too far.

This framework allows for more and less pure alike, it maintains both genus and species of Europeans and thus provides a crucial basis that in theory might serve organizational grounds for our identity, its defense and expanse, even, into new territories.



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Ethnocracy, Sortocracy and the Euro-DNA Nation

The Euro-DNA Nation confronts the Wall Street Wolf

Coordinating three profound concerns of European peoples.


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Stochastic Process Begins In Over-Correction, As In Learning to Ride a Bike

Graham, I do believe that some over-attribution to Jewish causality might be due to a necessary initial stage over-correction for the fact that Jews have been able to pass under the radar of what casual observation might take to be White and necessarily having White interests at heart. That, along with necessary resistance to prohibitions and taboos against noting whatever their culpability. Thus, it does not necessarily reflect an unconditional intent to blame them where they should not be, but rather an effort to distinguish them and their interests from Whites as they have been camouflaged and overprotected. On the other hand, it is so-noted that there are undoubtedly plenty of right-wingers who would just love to blame Jews for everything in an effort to distract from their own part in our catastrophes.


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Joseph Paul Franklin: April 13, 1950 -



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Using Science on Behalf of Whites (As Opposed to Being Used By It)


Lawrence, on November 12: “The test (attributing 14% Sub-Saharan DNA to Craig Cobb) may be bullshit but an independent test would confirm that if it is indeed the case.”

DanielS: It could be, but it isn’t ultimately necessary. There is another aspect to this.

It shows the perils of scientism: being used by scientific concepts rather than using them. With that, how our enemies can use scientism against us.


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Exploiting the equalitarian state

by David Hamilton

The “progressive” views are now demonstrably failing but the fading generation of the 1960s cannot accept that they are causing all that they wanted to avoid.  Progressive values are no longer progressive, their moral arguments no longer moral, and they are no longer supported by the majority of the younger generation.  A serious empirical examination of the situation they have created reveals that they are not engineering a multicultural Europe but a mono-cultural one by replacing us with Muslims.

One only has to consider the Stockholm riots and the slaughter of a British soldier on a London street to see what a mess they are making of things.  Those riots and that slaughter were acts by enemies who proclaimed their loyalty to outside countries and acted in the interests of those countries against us.  That was their human nature.  But “progressives” try to pretend the attackers are as “British as you and me”!  Then the politicised police arrested Britons who reacted for comparatively petty things like “racist tweets” - while allowing Muslim preachers of hate to say what they like and convert young people to terrorism.  A “far-right” group challenged the police to arrest Anjem Choudary(1) or they would put him under citizens arrest. The Metropolitan Police rushed him and his family to safety to protect him from justice.

It is not easy to come to the realisation that the three main parties are against their own people and act as one on the central, core issues of the multi-racial, PC ideology.  They differ on emphasis, and some fringe members of the three-in-one party can express rebellious views on many things, but not the central ones - anti-racism, globalism, and loyalty to the EU.  The elites are an “Ideological Caste” and any who say the wrong things have their careers destroyed unless they publicly abase themselves, their careers enhanced if they vociferously make the right statements.


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Profiles - First up, Earl Warren: “Activism” Over “Restraint”


An integral case demonstrating the discourse positioning Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter as the hand of restraint and Chief Justice Earl Warren as the overly daring progressive (but still “reasonable centrist, whose position was amicably settled for by”..)

In Justice for all, Earl Warren and the Nation that He Made

Jim Newton, a revolting hack on behalf of Jewish interests at the Los Angeles Times, portrays former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Earl Warren, the prime “Activist.”

Warren and Johnson partaking of a large book

Newton shows us where the term “Activist” came about, viz. in a disingenuous Jewish polemic of The U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren who was categorized as the representative of valiant “Activist” centrists on the court, who went beyond the “Restraint” of fellow Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter.

Hence, the masters of discourse have set the parameters of debate.

With that, Newton stealthily sets Frankfurter’s Jewish machinations into the taken for granted norm while representing Warren as a maverick - rather than as a reactionary dupe, steered by Frankfurter’s designs.



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Stopping Senate Bill 744

by Leon Haller

On Tuesday June 11, 2013, at 2:15pm EST, the United States Senate is going to begin the process of destroying America as we have known it. At this time, the Senate will be voting on Senate Bill 744, which is the first step in granting a “path to citizenship” to the estimated 30 MILLION illegal aliens (99%+ non-white) occupying our country. Given horrendous other provisions in the bill dramatically increasing legal immigration, in addition to the insanely generous “family reunification” provisions already present in American immigration policy, this is the first step in the last stage (begun in 1965) of what will be the certain white minoritization of the US (with this bill, by 2020-25), to be followed by the collapse of the USA into brutal white persecution (starting 2030-35) if not actual genocide (by 2040-45, and no later than 2050).

Think Rhodesia/South Africa as our White American future.

[Of course, the Fall of White America is going to be an event of world-historical import for all the European peoples, especially in light of the economic as well as domestic racial (and indigenous demographic decline) problems in Europe today. Given how European governments are idiotically slashing their defense budgets in desperate attempts to avoid the day of reckoning with their own failed socialist welfare states, who will defend Old Europe when the young, fecund and ideologically radicalizing Maghreb rises up and looks northward, and America has disappeared?]

To move forward S.744 needs 60 “Yes” votes.


There are 45 Republican Senators. At least 4 are traitors on the scale of Judas Iscariot (McCain, Graham, Flake and, of course, Rubio). But if the others hang tough, or if we can augment their number with a few rural state Democrats, we can stop this treason cold!

It depends on the plain people of America showing their patriotism - NOW!!

Call as many Senators (esp Republicans) as possible, telling them to vote NO today on moving forward on the S.744 amnesty bill. I have called 31 so far (not to mention past email messages), along with my two worthless CA Democrats.

Toll free number for Capitol switchboard (they will connect you to whichever Senate offices you ask for) is:


Here are the Senators. I have eliminated both the worthless against us (eg, Schumer, McCain), and the exceptional with us (eg, Sessions, Cruz), and bolded the most important remaining ones to call (“important” because they are most amenable to influence; ie, either they haven’t firmly committed to Yes or No, or they are moderate Democrats / liberal Republicans who need to hear grass-roots opposition; or they are retiring and might do the right thing for the American working class; or they are Rubio and Graham, the former of whom is now waffling on his own bill, the latter of whom is up for re-election next year).


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The thread wars: what next?

So the political threads of the Daily Telegraph are to be available on a restricted basis to non-subscribers to the print or on-line edition.  Whether that basis will be generous enough to preserve the site’s utility for us (that is, as a site where we can offer nationalist analyses without the deadening influence of pre-moderation) remains to be seen.  Regular readers of the DT on-line will be well aware that the journalistic output suffers from Red Bus Syndrome.  Whenever some event of interest occurs, half-a-dozen articles appear about it within an hour.  A restriction to twenty articles a month will considerably hamper selection, and have a scattering effect on our collective presence.

A schwerpunkt is as virtuous in a war of discourse as it is in a war with guns and grenades.  The huge progress that has been made over the last couple of years in liberalising speech on the DT threads is largely a product of the weight of nationalist sentiment, not of individual argumentation - excellent though much of that has been.  Individuals are easily dealt with moderation-wise.  It is when everybody is freed to speak inconvenient truths that the moderators’ battle is lost, and this has been the story at the DT.

One can always subscribe, of course, and then there are no restrictions to access.  But what would be the point if the general readership plummets as it did at The Times:

Since July 2010, News International has required readers who do not subscribe to the print edition to pay £2 per week to read The Times and The Sunday Times online.

Visits to the websites have decreased by 87% since the paywall was introduced, from 21 million unique users per month to 2.7 million. In April 2009, the timesonline site had a readership of 750,000 readers per day. As of October 2011, there were around 111,000 subscribers to the Times’ digital products.

Whether we can remain at the DT or we look for new journalistic soil to till, it is surely worthwhile maintaining the collective presence we have built up.  I think that is possible.  It may need a site secure from prying eyes as an organisational base.  MR is a public medium.  But at least we can have a discussion here and now about that and the other options that we have in our war for the freedom to state unambiguously that our people must live.

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Rhetorical tools like “The Runnymede Trials”

The Runnymede Trials are possible. The state is not an island above the law.
It is important to hold the architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government to account for the sake of posterity, in the same way it was important to hold the leaders of the Nazi party responsible to account for war crimes at Nuremberg. The law is open to all not just the state.

This comment appeared today on the thread to a Daily Telegraph leader pushing the usual Tory line on immigration.  It was posted by theft_act1968.  It is one of three comments this poster has fashioned touching on the same subject.  He appears to be posting these comments serially.

I have no idea if he is alone in using the terms “The Runnymede Trials” and “The Runnymede Tribunal”, but I like them.  They are good word-tools full of stout optimism and moral certainty.  I think they could prove useful in roping in anti-Blair types to racial thinking.  One of the other two comments is this, incidentally:

The Runnymede Trials

The architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government:

Tony Blair - Prime Minister May 1997-June 2007
Gordon Brown - Prime Minister June 2007-May 2010
Jack Straw - Home Secretary May 1997-June 2001
David Blunkett - Home Secretary June 2001-December 2004
Charles Clarke - Home Secretary December 2004-May 2006
John Reid - Home Secretary May 2006-June 2007
Jacqui Smith - Home Secretary June 2007-June 2009
Alan Johnson - Home Secretary June 2009-May 2010
Barbara Roche - Minister for Immigration July 1999-June 2001
Jeff Rooker - Minister for Immigration June 2001-May 2002
Beverley Hughes - Minister for Immigration May 2002- April 2004
Des Browne - Minister for Immigration April 2004-May 2005
Tony McNulty - Minister for Immigration May 2005-May 2006
Liam Byrne - Minister for Immigration May 2006-October 2008
Phil Woolas - Minister for Immigration October 2008-May 2010

“Theft_act1968” is averaging ten recommends a comment, which is pretty good.  I am going to start using the Runnymede references too.  We’ll see how far this meme can be spread.

As the victims of the very successful Jewish/leftist seizure of the terms of racial debate all across the West, it behoves us to have some respect for this form of warfare.  Rhetorical tools come in two forms: those that condition the moral tenor (“racist”, “anti-Semite”, etc) and those that stipulate how to understand the world (“diversity is our strength”, “British-Asians”).  Nullifying this toxic language requires more than a selective dismissal of the most commonly used terms.  We have to put something in their place that speaks of our worldview, and we have to keep hammering it home.  Speaking of which ... Bob Whittaker’s mantra, “Anti-racism is anti-white racism”, has been around long-enough for us to assess its effectiveness.  The term “anti-white racist” was used prior to it, of course.  But the left on both sides of the pond has heard it.  As one would expect, it is dismissive.  But its capacity to apply the “racist” term does seem to have been restricted.  There has been a blow struck.

The left has also caught on that we are speaking increasingly of a white genocide, and again it is dismissive (for reasons we all understand).  The term “race-replacement”, however, is more difficult to reject because of the clear statistical evidence in the public domain.  As far as I am concerned, the author of this rhetorical tool was our friend Fred Scrooby.  I am only aware of Frank Salter using the term before Fred did, and then not in a rhetorical sense.  If MR achieves nothing else, at least we have, through Fred, launched into the world one valuable word-tool.

I think we are missing several tricks in fashioning such word-tools, principally through our intellectually incoherent and casual approach.  We need to think much more systematically about how we were out-manoeuvred in the past and about the positives of our worldview.  We need to return to the two forms of moral and perceptual tools and work out more precisely what we need to effect a mechanical shift in the way our people think - if we possibly can, given the very tenuous hold we have on public discourse.

Of course, tenuous hold notwithstanding, we are working with the grain.  It is easier for us to achieve results than it was for our foes.

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Support for the prothink network (,, etc.)

I wouldn’t be normally posting here at this time, but something needing the immediate attention of sincere patriots, activists, nationalists, etc. has come up, and it’s an excellent documentation of who the enemy really is.

The prothink network comprises of a group of websites dedicated to documenting the activities of, opposing and fighting our common enemy, a 4-letter word beginning with J. The people behind the prothink network are mostly young and passionate individuals, not necessarily correct on all counts, but sincere and activist, which is what matters as their heart’s in the right place and they’re doing something constructive.

The J-enemy has targeted goddady, their registrar and web host, which caved in and has given them 2 days to find another domain registrar and host [#1, #2]. Now, these individuals are advised to separate their domain registrars from web hosts, and it’s plural so that they spread out their domains and websites across different service providers.

The prothink network comprises of websites such as,,,,, etc. That their work is noteworthy can be ascertained from receiving accolades from ADL’s honcho, Abe, and zioncrimefactory having had blog after blog deleted by google and wordpress. Michael Delaney, the mastermind behind, has tirelessly campaigned, on the streets and online, to educate Americans about who really orchestrated 9/11.

Extend these fine individuals your support, which can be in the form of donations, moral support, mirroring their content, giving their case studies publicity on your blogs, offering them hosting space in the event you own a server, etc. Be advised that I have no affiliation with the prothink network.

In the event that the prothink network is down, which it most probably will be for some time, you may contact some of the key individuals [remove brackets]:

[prothink] [@] []

[zioncrimefactory] [@] []

The address to which paypal donations should be sent:

[mikedelaney6575] [@] []

Had the prothink network targeted Arabs, Nazis, Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, liberals, conservatives, feminists, or other assorted groups aside from the J-enemy, rest assured they’d not only be left unmolested, but encouraged. If the prothink network used superficial criticism of the J-enemy as cover for J-excusing and disinformation, like the typical website in the nationalist genre, they’d be left alone. But they’re the real deal. Accordingly, it isn’t difficult to determine who the enemy really is. Act against this enemy by supporting those fighting them.

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A repeatable comment for mass-pasting on American public message boards

by Leon Haller

A purpose of sites like MR is, or ought to be, the sharing of practical strategies to advance white EGI. Methods of dispute resolution in a White Republic, the ‘unencumbered self’ and its relation to race-liberalism or postmodernity, the existence of God, etc, are all interesting matters. But discussing them hardly directly aids our cause.

Our primary task remains, as ever over the last half-century, mass racial awakening. Too few of our racial kinsmen are even aware that an intellectually respectable (or indeed any respectable) movement in opposition to white extinction exists and is growing. We must let them know we are out there - and each of us must do so again and again and again ...

Repetition of one’s core message is the heart of mass ideological change.

Rather than having to bother with thinking up a new comment for each article we might read online, wouldn’t it be smarter to have something pro-white already prepared, and then simply paste it into the comments sections of literally as many race-relevant (or even just political) articles as we encounter? Copy/paste, login, hit ‘Post’ - et voila! It is certainly easier than laboriously writing or spraying pro-white graffiti (not that that isn’t important, too).

I started writing a comment on a Yahoo board earlier today (I have posted thousands of pro-white comments in mainstream places over the past dozen years), and ended up producing something longer than I had anticipated. My comment, which responded to an article on current political divisiveness, is hardly ideal (esp insofar as it was written quickly and ‘straight’, with no reflection), but re-reading it it seemed adequate for Americans to use to further the awakening process. Of course, I welcome the suggestions of others (perhaps MR could eventually have a file of repeatable comments for mass distribution depending on the article types at issue - American, UK, continental Europe, crime, general race, race science, immigration, etc). The point is for people to be ‘proselytizing’ to the very maximum extent. I don’t wish to belittle the discussions at MR or similar sites, but isn’t the ultimate purpose of those discussions to change the real world?

Herewith a comment from me:


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How whites took over America

Do we hear governments, the mass media, and academia calling for Japan to bring in millions of non-Japanese people and assimilate with them because they’re “not diverse enough”?
Why are they doing this in ALL and ONLY White countries?
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
No one says a neighborhood that is 100% black needs more diversity.
No one says a neighborhood that is 100% asian needs more diversity.
No one says a neighborhood that is 100% oriental needs more diversity.
They are already 100% diverse.
All white neighborhoods and only white neighborhoods always need to be more diverse. White neighborhoods only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no white people left in them.
Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.
Anti-whites say there is this RACE problem. Anti-whites say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
Anti-whites say the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
This is a policy of White genocide.
“Anti-racist” is code-word for anti-white.
Diversity and Multiculturalism are codewords for WHITE GENOCIDE

We have massive immigration into all white countries, and it is only being forced on white countries. We have forced integration of all these non-whites. Anti-whites call themselves anti-racists and promote intermarriage and condemn people who oppose intermarriage. And then they talk about a brown future in formerly white countries.
YOU ANTI-WHITES are part of this program of genocide against my race, the white race.
We must never protect White people in their view. They are anti-white.

Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for everybody. It isn’t an African problem. Nobody is flooding Africa with non-Africans and giving them affirmative action, special rights and privileges and free health care. Only white countries are doing this. Only white leaders are supporting this. Only white children are suffering from it. It is genocide.

Funny how the “Melting Pot” agenda is being pushed in EVERY white nation on the face of planet earth.

No one says “Japan” needs to become a “Melting Pot”.

No one says China, Africa, Mexico, Haiti, or Israel should be deluged with massive random, foreign populations to demonstrate how “moral” they are, or to “enrich” their sorely lacking culture.
It’s a program to eliminate white people from existence, plain and simple.
It’s a form of Genocide under International Law.


Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighbourhoods ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Classes ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Sports ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything ✓
Anti-Whites say there should be no Whites
Anti racism is a code word for anti White.

Posted by Guest Blogger on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 02:49 PM in Activism
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Marxian Illustrations or Marxian Illusions?

by Graham Lister

If there was no difference between essence and appearance, there would be no need for science. - Karl Marx.

“Our discussions of non-purposive elaborations of functional claims suggest ways of filling that lacuna, but it is also necessary to point out that Marxists can be too sensitive to the charge that they perceive conspiracies everywhere. There is more collective design in history than an inflexible rejection of ‘conspiracy theories’ would allow, and richer scope for purposeful elaboration of Marxist functional theses than that posture recognizes. Thus while ideologies are not normally ‘invented’ to to fit the purposes they serve, a fairly deliberate and quite concerned effort to maintain and protect an existing ideology is not unusual. According to Christopher Hill, nobility and gentry in seventeenth-century England doubted they “would still be able to control the state without the help of the church”, and, therefore, “rallied to the defence of the episcopacy in 1641…for explicitly social reasons”. Ruling class persons of no special devotion to an Anglican God frankly professed obedience, and acted on that inspiration. Or, to take another example, when a high state functionary, reflecting on the unequal distribution of information in society, concludes that “this inequality of knowledge has become necessary for the maintenance of all the social inequalities which gave rise to it”, he may be expected to see the persistence of an educational structure which reproduces ignorance in the right places…But sentences beginning “The ruling class have decided…” do not entail the convocation of an assembly. Ruling class persons meet and instruct one another in overlapping milieux of government, recreation, and practical affairs, and a collective policy emerges even when they were never all in one place at one time.

There are, of course, many shades between the cynical handling of ideology just emphasized and an unhypocritical commitment to it, and a division of labour between lucid and engagé defenders of dominant ideas can be quite functional. If awareness of the true nature of the game penetrates too far down the elite, it could leak into the strata beneath them. There is always a mix of manipulation, self-deception, and blind-conviction in adherence to an ideology, the optimal proportions varying with circumstance.

All classes are receptive to whatever ideas are likely to benefit them, and ruling classes are well placed to propagate ideologies particularly congenial to themselves. But before an ideology is received or broadcast it has to be formed. And on that point there are traces in Marx of a Darwinian mechanism, a notion that thought-systems are produced in comparative isolation from social constraint, but persist and gain social life following a filtration process which selects those well-adapted for ideological service…There is a kind of ‘ideological pool’ which yields elements in different configurations as social requirements change.

Yet it is unlikely that ideas fashioned in disconnection from their possible social use will endorse and reject exactly what suits classes receptive to them. Here a Lamarckian element may enter, to make the picture more plausible. In Lamarck’s theory the equipment of the individual organism is somewhat plastic, for it changes under environmental challenge when it is put to novel use. Because of the delicacy of intellectual constructions, sets of ideas enjoy a partly similar plasticity: one change of emphasis, one slurred inference, etc., can alter the import of the whole. Such ‘Lamarckian’ possibilities are intimated in Marx’s review of the numerous uses to which a self-same Christianity is liable, and is it not because ‘Liberalism’ is an ambiguous term that its presumed teaching varies across space and time.”

- from “Karl Marx’s Theory of History – A Defence” by G.A. Cohen.

Let the discussion on ‘top-down versus bottom-up’ processes in the world of ideas and ideology begin.

Note- the act of quotation does not imply approval or agreement.

Posted by Guest Blogger on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 05:30 PM in ActivismMarxism & Culture War
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Free speech and open discussion issues

It’s been said that the halls of academia echo with the chorus of freedom of speech, but the most vociferous members of this chorus often do everything within their power to suppress it! I know of no better example than this of the uselessness of explicitly endorsing support for free speech; behavior, not what one superficially endorses, matters.

Assuming one’s inclined toward respecting freedom of speech, how does one accommodate those hostile to free speech? Suppressing the hostiles is a form of suppression of free speech, but one must suppress the hostiles in order to freely discuss the things the hostiles want suppressed. An open discussion can’t be productive if the hostiles barge in with obfuscation, lies, distortions, noise, nonsense, straw men, trolling, guilt-by-association arguments, discrediting the opponent by making assumptions and then critiquing the assumptions, exposing false information by fellow-hostiles, false dichotomies, deflecting attention from the perpetrators, directing animosity toward the victims and other foul techniques.

Getting rid of the hostiles is an easy matter if the discussion is taking place among a non-proselytising group. The hostiles can complain all they want about suppression of free speech, but the group can keep them out without explanation and without apology.

But the solution to having a productive discussion with hostiles lurking about isn’t easy when the discussion group seeks to bring naive individuals and fence sitters into the fold. Let’s look at a specific issue, the discussion of who did 9/11.


Posted by J Richards on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 12:49 AM in 9/11ActivismBlogs & BloggingEducationThat Question AgainThread Wars
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Black March 2012

Black March 2012 is a campaign to avoid purchasing movies, music, books and video games during March 2012. It’s in responsive to continual attempts by malicious individuals to control the dissemination of information under the guise of anti-piracy measures (SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc.) or child protection (PCIPA). Spread the word. And don’t defeat the measure by buying excessively in February to carry yourself through March. Seek alternatives to occupy your time with: a new exercise program, more outdoor time with your children, browsing the internet, learning a musical instrument, learning a new language, etc.

Posted by R-news on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 03:08 PM in ActivismBusiness & IndustryWorld Affairs
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