African Population Explosion - Augurs to Overwhelm Europe

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            The World’s Most Important Graph: African Population Projections

“The greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another. The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians and Muslims and Jews, cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down!”

                                      He hears his master’s voice





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The World’s Most Important Graph: African Population Projections

By Steve Sailer on April 23, 2015

To understand what’s at stake regarding the Mediterranean, here’s a graph I made from the numbers in World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision: Volume II: Demographic Profiles, which was published in 2013 by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.

The United Nations’ population projections for the continent of Africa are on p. 10 of the paper document (p. 36 of the PDF); the data for the continent of Europe are on p. 23 (p. 49 of the PDF).

(Now, of course, these UN projections are based on the highly arguable premise that the emigration rate out of Africa will decline steadily. The million or so Africans currently massed in Libya waiting to set sail for the EU, where they will invite their relatives back home to join them, would probably not agree with that heroic assumption.)


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Obama’s explicit call to the Berlin audience to tear down their European difference and be subsumed into the rest of the world’s overwhelming numbers should have been mortifying, but instead was met with enthusiastic applause.

What is wrong with Whites?

We will be asking that and more of the Professor shortly. Here is a foreshadowing: 

What’s wrong with the Swedes — and so many other Whites?

April 25, 2015

Kevin MacDonald

Another in the unending list of suicidal behavior by Swedes, this one by Cecilia Wilkström, a Member of the European Parliament for the center-right (!) Liberal Party, who is concerned about the recent drownings in the Mediterranean of Africans attempting to invade Europe. Note that, once again, the Holocaust is front and center stage as a paradigm requiring Westerners to engage in pathological altruism and embrace diversity and their own dispossession.

  A Swedish MEP is stepping up a pan-European cross-party campaign for “legal and safe routes to Europe” for migrants in the wake of the latest Mediterranean boat disaster. Cecilia Wikström, has told The Local that EU member states are currently doing so little to help guarantee safe passage that future generations will compare their actions to Sweden “turning a blind eye” to the Holocaust.

  The MEP – who is a long-time advocate of safer passage for refugees seeking safety in Europe – made headlines on Monday after she initially told Swedish television network SVT that future generations would liken the approach of EU governments to the policy of appeasement during the Second World War.

  Speaking to The Local after the broadcast, the centre-right Liberal Party politician said: “I stand by what I was saying …. I think that my children and grandchildren are going to ask why more wasn’t done to help people running away from Isis, or violence in Eritrea or wherever, when we knew that people were dying in their thousands. [On the contrary, your children and grandchildren are going to wonder how you could be so naive and morally bankrupt as to make them a resented minority in an area that their people had dominated for thousands of years.] People will ask the same question they did after the war, ‘if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?’. In Sweden we allowed our railroads to be used to transfer Jews to Nazi death camps.” …

  Some 11,000 migrants have been rescued since the middle of last week and current trends suggest last year’s total of 170,000 landing in Italy is likely to be exceeded in 2015.

  Many travel onwards to other countries including Sweden, which takes in more asylum seekers per capita than any other EU nation.

Never mind the obvious point that the vast majority of Africans would love to live in Europe and that helping them enter will ensure that more come. Since the population of Africa is now over 1 billion and is projected to be 4.2 billion by the end of the century, tiny Sweden and the rest of Europe will have their hands full, particularly given that there is absolutely no foreseeable end to the poverty, oppression, and warfare that is endemic to the continent.

See full article at The Occidental Observer:


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Liberia Today: Cannibal Warlords


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Katie Hopkins and the editor of The Sun, David Dinsmore, have been reported to the Metropolitan police for incitement to racial hatred.

It follows the publication of a column by Hopkins in the tabloid on 17 April, in which she described migrants desperate to reach Britain following humanitarian disasters in their own countries as “cockroaches” and suggested the government deploy “gunships” to stop them landing on shore.

The complaint was made by the Society of Black Lawyers directly to the Metropolitan Police Commissioners Office, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, at 4.05pm on 20 April.

It reads:

  Dear Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe,

  I hope this email finds you well. You will recall that I was an independent member of the Metropolitan Police Authority (2000 to 2008) and Vice Chair for a period of two years during part of your earlier career at the MPS.

  As former Chair of the MPS Hate Crime Forum we did on occasions report incidents of incitement to racial hatred directly to the Commissioners Office for urgent action. More recently as SBL we have done so with anti-Semitic and/or racist comments in the football arena.

  The recent comments by the Sun journalist Katie Hopkins, authorised for publication by her Editor and senior staff, are sadly some of the most offensive, xenophobic and racist comments I have read in a British newspaper for some years. These comments comparing the African migrants fleeing Libya to “cockroaches”, almost certainly all “trafficked” persons facing intimidation, violence and extortion at the point of departure represent some of the most vulnerable people in international law at the present time. Many will have legitimate claims for asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention.

  The use of this term employs a word used with devastating results to describe the Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates during the 1994 Rwanda genocide when they were referred to by those responsible for the genocide as “cockroaches”. This fact is well known to journalists and is a matter of historical record proved by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in several judgments.

  The Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) therefore requests that this matter is investigated as a matter of urgency under the Public Order Act 1986. I am aware that this section requires some intention but given the scale of the tragedy currently unfolding, the likelihood some some of these migrants may already be in the UK having fled during previous months or likely to land here in due course these comments can amount to incitement to racial hatred.

  We are in the process of writing formally to the International Criminal Court to petition for an investigation into these comments under the provisions of incitement to commit crimes against humanity.

  Given the huge circulation of these comments in the Sun and in the media generally, the propensity for racial violence against people of African descent in the UK is obvious. We request that these matters be investigated as a matter of urgency and the case file be passed to the CPS for a decision to be made as to the merits of a prosecution.

  We will submit a more detailed letter in the course of this evening but would request that your office makes a public statement about the need to avoid such comments being made by any in the media whilst this matter is the subject of a criminal investigation.

  Our complaint is against the journalist herself, the Editor of the Sun newspaper and other editorial staff involved in the publication of this commentary. We would request that you obtain a transcript of her interview that we understand was conducted on LBC radio on Sunday morning, 19th April 2015.

  The journalist concerned sought to justify her comments in that radio interview so may provide evidence of her state of mind.

  Yours sincerely,


  D. Peter Herbert O.B.E.

  Chair Society of Black Lawyers

Hopkins declined to comment on the allegations.



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Baltimore riots

Edgar Allen Poe Grave

Babe Ruth of Baltimore

Ruth house

Baltimore row-houses


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Black Death on the Mediterranean / White fools to the rescue


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Fear and Loathing and Treason – Part 1

Audio 28 April 2015 Tanstaafl




For years thousands of Africans and other non-Whites have been invading Europe, crossing the Mediterranean ocean by boat. Rather than turning these boats around, or simply sinking these invaders, European security forces, ostensibly sworn to protect their countries from invasion, have been increasingly more likely to “rescue” the invaders, to help them ashore, feed them, and release them to do as they please in Europe.

Why do European governments permit this invasion? I’m sure the details of the incidents and legal arguments are complicated and confusing. But to put it simply, it happens for the simple reason that the invaders aren’t offically regarded as invaders, but instead are described as innocent victims, “refugees” who are just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. And the simple reason for that is treason. The governments are operated by aliens and indigenous traitors who demonstrate by their words and deeds that they place the interests of alien invaders above the indigenous Europeans.

UN expert: rich countries must take in 1 million refugees to stop boat deaths, The Guardian, 22 April 2015.

François Crépeau‘s bio at McGill says he is:

  the Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Professor in Public International Law at the Faculty of Law of McGill University. In 2011, he was appointed United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants.

UN Rapporteur Francois Crepeau Has A Very Rude Word To Describe UK’s Attitude To Migrants, Huffington Post, 12 March 2014.

The only real solution to Europe’s migrant crisis is to let everyone in, by Dylan Matthews at Vox, 21 April 2015.

VOX’s Dylan Matthews: Ending Europe Forever Is The “Only” Solution To Migrant Crisis, by James Kirkpatrick at VDare, 22 April 2015.

‘Swedes will compare this to the Holocaust’, The Local, 20 April 2015:

  A Swedish MEP [Cecilia Wikström] is stepping up a pan-European cross-party campaign for “legal and safe routes to Europe” for migrants in the wake of the latest Mediterranean boat disaster.

  I think that my children and grandchildren are going to ask why more wasn’t done to help people running away from Isis, or violence in Eritrea or wherever, when we knew that people were dying in their thousands. People will ask the same question they did after the war, ‘if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?’. In Sweden we allowed our railroads to be used to transfer Jews to Nazi death camps.
Will Africa’s Northern Sea be the Mediterranean or the Baltic?, by Steve Sailer, 23 April 2015.

Swedish navy widens search for mystery submarine, Associated Press, 20 October 2014.



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From Horus

Debate has been sparked in France after around 900 illegal immigrants (mostly men, and mostly from Africa) boarded an unstable boat which sunk while trying to breach Europe’s borders.

Back when Colonel Gaddafi ruled Libya, he warned that “Europe could turn into Africa“. He advised Europe that “Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and even black, as there are millions who want to come in,”

Gaddafi wanted to work with Europe to stop this from happening, but instead the then-president Nicolas Sarkozy, along with other European leaders decided to invade Libya and get rid of Gaddafi.

The EU leaders which decided to invade Libya are directly responsible for the rising tide of immigration we have today.

Today, Sarkozy is joining the debate on immigration saying that “a real immigration policy” was needed in the European Union.

He called on the EU to “have a genuine immigration policy to prevent these tragedies” ahead of a proposed emergency meeting of ministers of interior and foreign affairs of European countries.

Hmm, what ever could that mean by that? Well, we do actually know what he means because he’s told us exactly what his goals are for France.

“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding” Sarkozy told the French public, “Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.”

That’s right, France. When he was in office, your leader called for the destruction of your identity. He wants your sons and daughters to be brought into a world where they have no home to feel safe, and no country to protect them.

Sarkozy is not just the only evil anti-White maniac today, there are lots and lots of them, and they are all around the planet.

To promote their anti-White agenda, the anti-Whites have used lots of nice sound words to trick us. But we must stand up to what is clearly a program of White Genocide, because our children don’t deserve this.


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Don’t let European lives stand in the way and cause you any trouble..

                                                Federica Mogherini

Federica Mogherini, the high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs, speaks to reporters after a security council meeting at United Nations headquarters, Monday, May 11, 2015. The European Union’s top diplomat has assured the U.N. Security Council that under a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling, “no refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will.” (Seth Wenig/Associated Press)

By Cara Anna | AP May 11

UNITED NATIONS — Refugees and migrants intercepted at sea will not “be sent back against their will,” the European Union’s top diplomat assured the U.N. Security Council on Monday, citing a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling from north Africa.

Federica Mogherini addressed the council as the 28-member EU prepares to start making decisions next week on an operation to identify, capture and destroy boats before they are used by migrant smugglers.

Stressing the urgency of the crisis as migrants continue to set off from the north African coast toward Europe and many die, Mogherini later told reporters that the EU is prepared to take certain steps before the council adopts any resolution authorizing the operation — even as a draft was expected to circulate to all 15 council members within hours. She would not say what those steps are.

Concerns remained even among some council members that the migrants themselves will be harmed, sent back or not be allowed to seek better lives.


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Dimitris Avramopoulos to unveil blueprint to impose and distribute African migrant populations to 28 nations of Europe, introducing an infection of alien biology onto native Europe which will be lethal to vast tracts of European individuals, systems and left unchecked, genociding native Europe in the most part.

Ian Traynor in Brussels

Sunday 10 May 2015 20.00 BST
Last modified on Monday 11 May 2015 10.28 BST

The EU’s executive body is to unveil radical new proposals on immigration, imposing migrant quotas on the 28 countries of the union under a distribution “key” system set by Brussels. The plan, which is supported by Germany and will be fiercely resisted by the new Conservative government, will be launched by the European commission on Wednesday in response to migrant boat crisis in the Mediterranean.

The bold move by Brussels comes as the EU draws up plans for military attacks in Libya to try to curb the flow of people across the Mediterranean by targeting the trafficking networks. The EU’s top diplomat is to unveil an attempt on Monday to secure a UN mandate for armed action in Libya’s territorial waters.

Britain is drafting the UN security council resolution that would authorise the mission, senior officials in Brussels said. It would come under Italian command, have the participation of about 10 EU countries – including Britain, France, Spain and Italy – and could also drag in Nato, although there are no plans for the initial involvement of the alliance.

Analysis Libya’s people smugglers: military action won’t stop this multifaceted trade

The smugglers are not one cohesive organisation, getting to the kingpins is near impossible, and air strikes won’t keep migrants from trying to make the trip.

While there is broad support within the EU for the military plans, the proposals for sharing the immigration burden are highly controversial and divisive. On Sunday night the Home Office said the plans were unacceptable to the UK, putting Cameron on a collision course with German chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders as he begins attempts to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Brussels ahead of a promised in/out referendum in 2017.

“The UK has a proud history of offering asylum to those who need it most, but we do not believe that a mandatory system of resettlement is the answer. We will oppose any EU commission proposals to introduce a non-voluntary quota,” a spokesman said.

The policy document, obtained by the Guardian, demands new and binding rules establishing a quota system of sharing refugees among the member states. The migration agenda declares: “The EU needs a permanent system for sharing the responsibility for large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers among member states.” By the end of the year, Brussels is to table new legislation “for a mandatory and automatically triggered relocation system to distribute those in clear need of international protection within the EU when a mass influx emerges”.

The proposals will lay bare deep divisions between national governments over immigration, with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, backing the scheme and Britain leading the resistance. Germany and Sweden between them take almost half the asylum seekers in the EU, and Berlin is predicting that the numbers this year could almost double to about 400,000 in Germany, two-thirds of the total number in the EU last year.

The commission paper says: “Some member states have already made a major contribution to [refugee] resettlement efforts. But others offer nothing.” It also insists that Europe has to open up legal avenues for migrants to enter the EU safely, a notion that is strongly opposed by Theresa May, the home secretary. “Such vulnerable people cannot be left to resort to the criminal networks of smugglers and traffickers. There must be safe and legal ways for them to reach the EU,” the document says.

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, a leading hardliner on immigration, described the commission proposals as mad and pledged to defy Brussels. He said: “The European concept of ‘someone letting immigrants into their country’ and then ‘distributing’ them among the other member states is a mad and unfair idea.”

Brussels is proposing to invoke emergency mechanisms by the end of the month that will oblige the 28 countries to share the numbers of “persons in clear need of international protection” and “to ensure a fair and balanced participation of all member states to this common effort. This step will be the precursor of a lasting solution”.

The blueprint, to be unveiled by Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship, includes a distribution key system based on various criteria, from national wealth levels to unemployment rates, to determine what proportion of refugees each of the 28 countries should admit.

            German defence forces rescue migrants from the Mediterranean



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Afreaky cuisine:

Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH - and had bags in kitchen containing heads that were still bleeding:


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Posted by invasion on Sun, 17 May 2015 17:49 | #


Posted by Monica Stone on SA on Mon, 18 May 2015 13:02 | #—radio


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A Supreme Act of Collective Will -Colin Liddell

1,772 words

A recent report on the BBC carries the horrifying news that the German birth rate has now fallen below that of Japan, which at least still has a policy of not accepting massive amounts of refugees and other immigrants.

Apparently an average of 8.2 children per 1,000 people were born annually in Germany over the last five years, presumably with a large part of that being generated by non-White immigrants already there. The same report mentions the low birth rates of other European countries:

Portugal 9.0
Italy 9.3
France 12.7
UK 12.7

And the extremely high one of an African country:

Niger 50

Yes, over five times as high as Germany’s!

Just so we infer the future correctly, the article comes in hard with some employment stats:

“Germany’s falling birth rate means the percentage of people of working age in the country — between 20 and 65 — would drop from 61% to 54% by 2030, Henning Voepel, director of the HWWI, said in a statement (in German).”

To which is added the conventional wisdom of “business leaders,” the high priests of our destruction:

Arno Probst, a BDO board member, said employers in Germany faced higher wage costs as a result.

“Without strong labour markets, Germany cannot maintain its economic edge in the long run,” he added.

Mr Probst said the country would need young immigrant workers to fill the significant skills gap. And more women were needed in the workforce to avoid economic problems.

Yes, that’s right. Germany needs workers – especially with a growing number of pensioners to be supported – and where is it going to get them? Why, from places like Niger, of course!

Well, maybe not Niger exactly, as it might take some time to train up a labour force with an IQ below 70 to run German industry, but you get the general idea. With Europeans having fewer and fewer kids, more and more non-Europeans, with lower and lower IQs, will be required, or will simply show up to fill the vacant spaces.”

Full article at Counter-Currents:


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Could your fear of impending genocide be in any way related to the fact that white Europeans are the most prolific instigators of genocide and they fear the retribution they so richly deserve? I think the Buddhists call it Karma.


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Maybe you are a Jew with the chutzpah to show your hand - “all of us Europeans deserve to die”

And….now…. it’s Spring-time for BB and Isra-el.. winter for Poland and France….we’re marching-to a faster-pace. Look out here comes the master-race!


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Michael McGregor · May 24, 2015

A few White South Africans are making a bold move and demanding the right of return to Europe. We all know of the awful lot they face remaining in the country that once was theirs, so it is only natural for some Afrikaners to think—in the words of Charlize Theron—that there’s no future for a White South African.

And so now, there’s a petition that calls upon the European Commission to grant Afrikaners and other White South African the right to return to Mother Europe.

  Rodrigo de Campos, who started the campaign, is gaining support for his belief that the “white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions” at the hands of the ruling ANC government, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and “various individual anti-white aggressors”.

  He also says: “Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation.”

  An increasing number of supporters believe the solution to this is for white South African’s - and white Zimbabweans and Namibians - to be allowed to “return” to whatever nation the majority of their ancestors are from - which in most cases is the Netherlands or the UK.

Quite rightly, de Campos uses Israel’s right of return to argue his case:

  The petition compares white South Africans to Jews being allowed citizenship in Israel.

  It says: “Based on the Israeli government’s policy of allowing all Jews the right to return to Israel, we believe it is not only advisable but morally obligatory that Europe should allow all white South Africans the right to return.”

The Express printed the reasons why White South Africans are signing the petition, and they’ll break your heart:

  Susan Mulder, who signed the petition from Cape Town, said: “My life and the lives of my children are at risk daily.

  “We love SA but are no longer welcome here in the country our ancestors built.

  “We have no option but to ask for your help.”

  Another supporter of the petition is Marischka Davies, living in Liverpool. She said: “I am a naturalised British citizen yet my mom is stuck on her own in South Africa.

  “She should be growing old with her daughter and granddaughter.

  “She has been attacked with an AK47 held to her head and is alone and traumatised. She deserves to be free from living in fear.”

  While Matty de Bruyn, in Cape Town, simply said: “There is no hope for the white man in South Africa.”

The petition has gained nearly 17,000 signees as of this moment and I urge all RADIX readers to support this measure. These are our people in need, and this is immigration that will actually benefit our lands—unlike the typical immigrants of today.

As support for this measure continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how the EC responds to this humanitarian plea for assistance.


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European Guardian - stop immigration


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If you can’t talk about these things at age 67, then when can you?

“Immigration - is this the breaking-point?”


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Video of Africans trashing Southern Italy:


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Court fines Italy for deporting migrants to Libya

Europe’s human rights court has ordered Italy to pay damages to 24 Somali and Eritrean migrants for deporting them to Libya in 2009, saying the government in Rome put the migrants at risk of torture and persecution.

Italy had argued that Libya was a safe place for the migrants to be returned to, but the court found unanimously that the deportations violated Article 3 of the Geneva Convention because “irregular migrants and asylum seekers had been systematically arrested and detained in conditions [in Libya] described as inhuman by observers, who reported cases of torture among others.”

The court also said the migrants “were exposed to the risk of being repatriated to Somalia and Eritrea” where they could have faced more ill treatment. It ordered Rome to pay 15,000 euros (roughly $20,000) in compensation to each of the plaintiffs in the case.

A half a million more set to enter…



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Can the Ossis save Europe? Part 1 of 3
June 14, 2015 - Guillaume Durocher

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers a speech during a debate on the situation in Hungary at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, May 19, 2015. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

He tells the European Parliament: “We Hungarians would like to keep Europe for the Europeans, and we also wish to keep Hungary as a Hungarian country.”

Today, over 25 years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain which split Europe asunder, profound social and cultural differences persist between the two halves of the continent. In the West, the ideology of “anti-racism” is largely hegemonic. The idea that indigenous Europeans should defend their culture and interests in general, and should oppose Africanization or Islamization in particular, is considered heresy — grounds for excommunication from civilized humanity.

Among the Ossis in Central and Eastern Europe, on the contrary, a casual and open ethnocentrism is remarkably common. (Ossis is the German nickname for former citizens of the communist German Democratic Republic. In this article I extend the term to all formerly communist Central and Eastern European countries.)

                                    Orban and Poland’s Tusk

Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov has said that Muslim immigration threatens the “demographic balance” of his country (which has had a Turkish minority of 10% of the population since Ottoman days). His Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán makes remarkable speeches. He recently highlighted the civilization-threatening and irreversible character of the demographic changes in Europe:

“A modern day mass migration is taking place around the world that could change the face of Europe’s civilization.. If that happens, that’s irreversible. There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to a world of national cultures.”

                                  Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov

Full article at TOO:


Posted by coming to mother Europe on Fri, 19 Jun 2015 19:38 | #

coming to mother Europe


Posted by Distribution "Key" on Tue, 23 Jun 2015 06:20 | #

The EU’s executive body is to unveil radical new proposals on immigration, imposing migrant quotas on the 28 countries of the union under a distribution “key” system set by Brussels. The plan, which is supported by Germany and will be fiercely resisted by the new Conservative government, will be launched by the European commission on Wednesday in response to migrant boat crisis in the Mediterranean.


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Florida State University quarterback De’Andre Johnson grabs an unidentified woman just before hitting her [Tallahassee Democrat]


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More than 5,000 immigrants landed in the last three months in Salerno. Tuesday morning the military ship “Virginio Fasan” docked at 8:00 am and disembarked 837 “migrants” including 140 children, eight women and three children, including some pregnant women who were hospitalized but not in serious condition. All 837 were collected in the Strait of Sicily and then routed through the operation Mare Nostrum. “The ‘migrants’ are from Eritrean, Somali, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Congo, Senegal and the Ivory Coast” according to Carmine Benincasa who was present this morning and documented everything with photos and video.



Posted by violent protests against migrants in Italy on Sat, 18 Jul 2015 11:53 | #

Violent protests against refugees broke out in Rome on Friday, hours after locals in the northern city of Treviso forced the evacuation of a group of migrants by burning mattresses and furniture.

Protesters clashed with truncheon-wielding riot police in the suburb of Casale San Nicola on the outskirts of Rome as a group of 19 refugees were driven under police escort to a former school that has been converted into a migrant reception centre.

At least 14 police officers were hurt in the clashes, which came amid a growing backlash against the 84,000 refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Italy this year after crossing the Mediterranean in boats and dinghies operated by people smugglers based in Libya.

That is on top of the 170,000 who reached Italian shores last year.

Demonstrators, some of them from a far-Right group called Casapound, hurled stones and water bottles at the bus carrying the refugees, prompting police to charge at them with shields and truncheons.

Protesters also burned rubbish skips and bales of hay and tried to block a road.

Clutching Italian flags, they said they wanted their suburb to remain “Italian” and claimed they did not have adequate infrastructure to deal with the migrants.

The ugly scenes came just hours after the authorities in Treviso, in the Veneto region of northern Italy, were forced to move 101 mainly African migrants from two empty apartment buildings in which they had been housed.

Residents in the town of Quinto di Treviso, outside Treviso, set mattresses, television sets and furniture on fire in protest at the resettlement, saying they did not want the migrants living nearby.

They had seized the objects after breaking into the buildings, protesting against what they said was “an invasion”.

The migrants had to be transferred to a local army barracks for their own safety.

Luca Zaia, the governor of Veneto, voiced support for the protesters, saying that his region was being “Africanised” by the arrival of so many migrants.

“The Veneto is in danger of becoming an outpost of Africa,” he said.

Mr Zaia is a prominent member of the Northern League, a centre-Right political party which has seen its popularity rise on an anti-immigration platform.

“There are families living there, many of them with small children, and the local authority, without warning anyone, sends 101 refugees. Residents are just claiming the right to live in peace,” he told La Stampa newspaper, without identifying what threat, if any, the migrants posed.

He said that “two out of every three” of the refugees were economic migrants and did not have the right to claim asylum in Italy, calling for the international community to set up processing centres in North Africa where genuine asylum seekers could be distinguished from economic migrants.

“In my region we have 517,000 immigrants, 42,000 of them without jobs. We have no more room for them - enough,” he said.



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Why Austrians are opening their homes to refugees

In the midst of an asylum housing crisis in Austria, a new initiative invites refugees to stay in people’s spare rooms.

Vienna, Austria - Sitting on a sofa in their Vienna flat, they laughed as they planned their night out together.

Although the conversation sounded like it could have been any exchange among flatmates, this flat-share was slightly unusual.

Uche Daniel, 25, is a refugee from Nigeria. He had met his Austrian flatmates - Patricia Hartl and Simone Fidler - two weeks earlier through Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome), an initiative inviting asylum seekers and refugees to stay in people’s spare rooms instead of in mass accommodation centres.

“I wonder why it hasn’t been done before,” said 24-year-old Simone. “It just makes sense. People are having to sleep in tents while there are so many rooms free.”

Like many European countries, Austria is currently experiencing a crisis in asylum housing.

In the first quarter of 2015, the country saw the third-largest increase in the number of asylum seekers in the European Union. It now registers up to 370 applications daily, nearly half of which are from Syrians and Afghans.

Reception centres are packed, and some hostels for asylum seekers have been accused of inadequate care.

Many people who work with asylum seekers in Austria say the issue is not just a financial and resource problem, but that the often badly run and isolated housing for asylum seekers reflects an affront to the idea of integration.

Founded in Germany nine months ago, Refugees Welcome was introduced in Austria this year, and says it seeks to improve living conditions for asylum seekers and refugees.

Today, more than 70 asylum seekers and refugees have been placed in flatshares across Austria and Germany, with more countries to follow.

Migrant crisis: Has Europe’s migration policy capsized?

The host often raises the rent money for the additional person from friends or family, though donations given to Refugees Welcome or part of a government allowance to asylum seekers is sometimes used to defray the cost.

Failed quotas

The ease with which Daniel has become friends with Patricia and Simone - he has already been invited to spend Christmas with them - contrasts with the tense political wrangling over asylum housing in Austria.

After completing the initial application steps at a federally run reception centre, asylum seekers are supposed to be moved to privately run housing in one of Austria’s nine provinces.

A lack of housing in the provinces, however, means that many are staying for months instead of days at the over-flowing centres.

The largest of these is in flat-shares, a town just south of Vienna. Of the 3,200 asylum seekers there, 900 do not have a bed, and some have been sleeping in corridors or even outside.

Often, in these areas, local people will protest against the asylum seekers, and it doesn’t help to encourage integration. They often don’t have access to a German course, or it is a long distance to travel to one.

Despite this, attempts to enforce asylum housing quotas at a district level in Austria failed after the federal government faced fierce opposition from powerful provincial authorities during a crisis meeting in June.

Protests against asylum centres

In addition to the dearth of spaces, the quality of accommodation varies widely, as each province sets different guidelines for the standard of care.

Austrian investigative journalism group Dossier first reported on state-organised asylum housing in 2013.

They returned recently to the worst cases in three provinces and found that two still had problems, including mould, infestations and over-crowding.

Remote locations and the attitude of the accommodation owner were also concerns.

“It’s like a lottery. It can all be fine, or it can be five kilometres from the nearest supermarkets, or the landlord can be a racist,” said Dossier journalist Florian Skrabal, explaining that in many cases the authorities weren’t properly checking the properties.

The “not in my backyard” attitude of some municipality authorities, however, makes finding replacement accommodation difficult.

Two-thirds of Austrian municipalities do not yet house any asylum seekers.

Politicians with the right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) and The Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) recently protested against a new asylum centre in the municipality of Ossiach, in the province of Carinthia, claiming it was a “total mistake” and would damage tourism in the area.

“For a 740-inhabitant municipality whose main source of income is tourism to be burdened with this, one can only shake your head at it,” said Christian Ragger, the provincial chairman of the FPÖ.

Lack of integration support

Part of the problem, activists say, is that the Austrian government does not do enough to help integrate those granted asylum in Austria.

After receiving his visa four months ago, Daniel then had three months to find a place of his own. Although the government’s policy is to help with integration once asylum has been granted, he said he received no such support.

The UNHCR in Austria has said that insufficient help at this stage is causing a backlog, because increasing numbers of refugees are having their asylum applications approved, but then are unable to find their own housing.

“If you would grant them some integration support, then new places [in asylum housing] would get free and others could get in,” said UNHCR spokeswoman Ruth Schöffl.

David Zistl, a Refugees Welcome organiser in Austria, believes placing much of the state-organised mass accommodation away from urban centres serves to isolate asylum seekers.

“Often, in these areas, local people will protest against the asylum seekers, and it doesn’t help to encourage integration. They often don’t have access to a German course, or it is a long distance to travel to one,” Zistl said.

He added that asylum seekers who opt for self-organised housing - such as the flat-shares arranged by Refugees Welcome - are allocated less money from the government than those who live in mass accommodation, even though self-organised housing arrangements allow for better integration.

Meanwhile, Daniel said that although he sometimes experiences hostility from people, the warm reception he received from Simone and Patricia showed him a different side of Austria.

“With time,” he said, “I think they will teach me a lot”.

Source: Al Jazeera



Posted by Mick Lately on Fri, 24 Jul 2015 07:29 | #

Pro-vaxxer madness:

“The world’s first malaria vaccine has been given the green light by European regulators and could protect millions of children in sub-Saharan Africa from the life-threatening disease.”

Just what Europe needs: more Sub-Saharan African children to survive and move to Europe in search of “a better life”.


Posted by Dresden attacked by night, bio-weapon on Mon, 27 Jul 2015 21:36 | #

Residents Wake up to Find Overnight, City Park Has Been Turned Into Migrant Camp For 2,000

The German city which dared to stand-up to their government’s policy of accepting Islamisation and mass migration appears to have been punished for dissent by the zero-notice imposition of a migrant camp.

Government employees stood by the entrance of a city park in Dresden, Saxony on Thursday night handing out fliers to passers-by informing them the next day the green space, which lies a short walk behind the city’s famous Semper Opera house was to be transformed into a ‘tent city’. In reality, a Breitbart source in the city said, the first most people knew about the plan was when a convoy of lorries and construction equipment rolled in to begin work hours later.
Dresden Refugee Camp

Bulldozers worked throughout the night to clear away grass and to pull up trees to make the park ready to receive the large white marquees provided by the German Red Cross to house some 1,100 refugees. That was the number, at least, that residents were given when the plans were announced. Within hours of the first migrants arriving on Saturday, the number the city-centre camp was expected to house had already been uprated to 2,000.

At the same time the gender and age makeup of the camp was announced, giving an interesting insight into the nature of ‘refugees’ to Europe and who they leave behind. Of those living in the tent city, 79.3-per-cent are men, 12.4-per-cent are women, and 8.3-per-cent are children.


Posted by meanwhile in Israel... on Mon, 27 Jul 2015 21:49 | #

Meanwhile in Israel....

The past year saw some of the most ruthless Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the territories were occupied in 1967. Israeli political leaders incited violence against Palestinians and soldiers and civilians carried out these commands, while the government’s parallel war on African refugees raged on.

What follows is the third annual list of racist ringleaders who have championed Israel’s efforts to drive all non-Jewish African asylum-seekers — a community of 50,000 men, women and children — out of the country and back to the tortures from which they fled in sub-Saharan Africa.



Posted by Hopkins interrogated for inciting racial hatred on Tue, 04 Aug 2015 14:56 | #

Katie Hopkins Questioned By Police Following Claims She Was ‘Inciting Racial Hatred’ In Newspaper Column

Police have questioned Katie Hopkins over allegations that she ‘incited racial hatred’ in her newspaper column about migrants, in which she compares them to “cockroaches.”

The column dates back to April, and refers to migrants risking death by attempting a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea.

In the piece, the 40-year-old wrote that she “doesn’t care if migrants die while trying to leave their countries by boat.”

Katie was heavily criticised for the piece, with many taking to Twitter to express their anger about the controversial figure’s comments.

According to The Mirror, Metropolitan Police have since confirmed they’re investigating an article over an allegation that it ‘incites racial hatred’.

They also stated that they’d questioned a 40-year-old woman in regards to the column, but that she wasn’t arrested.

In a statement, they said: “The Metropolitan Police Service received allegations of incitement of racial hatred following an article published on 17th April. The Special Enquiry Team of the Homicide and Major Crime Command are investigating.

“On Thursday, 30 July, a 40-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment and was interviewed under caution. She was not arrested.”

Katie was reported to the Metropolitan Police Commissioners Office by The Society of Black Lawyers after the column was published, with D. Peter Herbert O.B.E calling for the issue to be investigated.

He believes having her comments widely circulated means the “propensity for racial violence against people of African descent in the UK is obvious.”

In an email, he called her comments: “Some of the most offensive, xenophobic and racist comments I have read in a British newspaper for some years.”

“These comments comparing the African migrants fleeing Libya to ‘cockroaches’, almost certainly all ‘trafficked’ persons facing intimidation, violence and extortion at the point of departure represent some of the most vulnerable people in international law at the present time.

“Many will have legitimate claims for asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention.”

The Geneva Convention rule of 1951 needs to be changed.






Posted by Orban: mortal threat from sub-Saharan Africa on Wed, 05 Aug 2015 00:00 | #

Orbán: “The real threat is from the heart of Africa” -  Guillaume Durocher, August 4, 2015

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has given another hard-hitting speech on the threat posed by multiculturalism and immigration to the future of European nations. Speaking at his Fidesz party’s summer student camp, the Hungarian leader argued that African immigration was an existential threat to European nationhood and civilization. He also denounced international complicity through silence and censorship in the crimes committed by immigrants, particularly citing the ongoing Swedish rape crisis. The speech, while given some coverage in mainstream media, merits closer examination.

Orbán clearly revels in slaughtering the sacred cows of political correctness, joking at the beginning of the speech that he had been looking for something which “representatives of today’s western ideological mainstream could find sufficiently offensive.” (Last year, that was his concept of “illiberal democracy.”)

Orbán notes a number of incredible events in recent years: Europe’s inability to stop a continuous wave of African and Muslim migrants, proposals to transform French churches into mosques, the United States’ systematic spying on European leaders, and these same leaders continuing to cozy up with Washington despite this.

In all this, Orbán recognizes contemporary immigration as an event of epochal significance:

  At times there are phenomena which enable us to understand a given era, and which encapsulate its essence. In our lifetimes, modern mass migration is just such a phenomenon. Looking through this window, we can see the whole world. It is by this that the world is framed, and it is through this that we can understand where we are and what awaits us.

Orbán recognizes immigration as a fatal trend that is a political choice and not an inevitability:

Let us speak plainly: the intensification of modern-day mass migration is a consequence of political processes. The countries of North Africa once functioned as a defence zone protecting Europe, absorbing the masses of people coming from Africa’s interior. And the real threat is not from the war zones, Ladies and Gentlemen, but from the heart of Africa. . . . There are one point one billion people in Africa today, more than half of them under the age of twenty-five. . . . In other words, what is at stake today is Europe and the European way of life, the survival or extinction of European values and nations – or, to be more precise, their transformation beyond all recognition. The question now is not merely what kind of Europe we Hungarians would like to live in, but whether Europe as we now know it will survive at all. Our answer is clear: we would like Europe to remain the continent of Europeans. [. . .] We can say we want it, because it depends only on us: we want to preserve Hungary as a Hungarian country.

The prime minister could have further hammered home the point by citing United Nations statistics forecasting that the African population will rise to over 4 billion this century, almost half of humanity.

Orbán recognizes the destruction of nationhood as a long-term project of the internationalist left, without mentioning Jewish influence, to be achieved notably through displacement-level non-European immigration….

(He) has already taken some practical actions. The economy has been significantly re-nationalized, namely through the nationalization of strategic assets and a ban on retail loans in foreign currency, giving his government greater independence to pursue pro-Hungarian policies. On immigration, billboards have been put up warning migrants against taking Hungarian jobs or breaking Hungarian laws, the construction of four-meter high fence on the 175-kilometer border with Serbia is planned, and the government refused to accept any of the 33,000 migrants currently being redistributed by the European Commission. In all this, Orbán has faced significant censure and opposition from foreign media, the left, and the EU.

Finally, it is worth noting that Orbán’s Fidesz party had been a mainstream Christian-Democratic party and, despite its radicalization, continues to sit in the mainstream center-right caucus at EU level. This shows that a change of discourse and policy is possible in Europe, if the will is there.




Posted by 50,000 entered Greece in July on Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:05 | #

Greece Pleads for Help as Refugee Influx Sparks ‘Crisis’

Duncan Robinson and Kerin Hope, Financial Times, August 7, 2015

Greece faces “a crisis within a crisis” as Athens struggles to cope with the sudden influx of refugees and migrants, sparking fears of a humanitarian disaster at Europe’s border.

Almost 50,000 people entered Greece in July alone–more than the country received during all of 2014–according to Frontex, the EU’s border agency.

Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency UNHCR described the migrants’ situation on Kos, Chios and Lesbos, three Greek islands traditionally popular with tourists, as “total chaos”, with arrivals sleeping rough.


Posted by Jewish media figures promoting immigration on Sun, 16 Aug 2015 10:55 | #

Jewish media figures encourage compassion and facilitation of black and Arab immigration into The U.K. but reserve not sympathy for impact on natives.

Emma’s Dilemma - Tobias Langdon

Emma Barnett
David Aaronovitch


Posted by "Refugee" Invasion, murder of Europeans on Thu, 20 Aug 2015 08:05 | #

“Refugee” Invasion is murder of Europeans


Posted by 1,200 + 170,000 (this year) on Sat, 22 Aug 2015 12:32 | #

Italy rescues 1,200 migrants, hundreds more in danger

Rome (AFP) - Italy’s coastguard and navy rescued more than 1,200 migrants in the Mediterranean on Saturday after responding to multiple distress calls from 18 overcrowded vessels carrying an estimated total of 2,000-3,000 people.

Two navy patrol ships, the Cigala Fulgosi and the Vega, picked up respective totals of 507 and 432 migrants from two boats in danger of sinking just off Libya while coastguard vessels had safely boarded just under 300 people from three different inflatable dinghies.

Operations to rescue those stranded on the other drifting vessels were continuing in what was one of the largest single-day rescue missions seen since the numbers of people making the risky crossing to Europe from conflict-torn Libya exploded last year.

Some 170,000 migrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia landed at Italy’s southern ports in 2014 after being rescued in the Mediterranean, while the total for 2015 has already topped 104,000.

A further 135,000-plus have landed in Greece since January and more than 2,300 people have died at sea while trying to make it to Europe with the help of traffickers.

Police in Palermo, on the Italian island of Sicily, announced Saturday that they had arrested six Egyptian nationals on suspicion of people smuggling following the rescue of a stricken boat on August 19.

Testimony from the 432 migrants on board suggest the vessel had been packed with more than ten times the number of people it was designed for, with many of the passengers, including a number of women and children, locked below decks.

They had each paid the traffickers 2,000 euros ($2,200) for the passage from Egypt to Italy, according to statements given to police.

On board, the crew were reported to have demanded further payment to allow those locked in the hold to come up temporarily for air.

Humanitarian organisations say the surge in the numbers of people trying to reach European Union countries is the result of conflicts or repression in Africa and the Middle East.

They have called on European governments to shoulder more of the burden of absorbing the wave of asylum seekers and to help create safer routes for them to reach Europe.


Posted by US groups pay smugglers of Africans into EU on Tue, 25 Aug 2015 04:08 | #

Austrian intelligence says US organizations are funding immigration into Europe

An anonymous employee from the Austrian Defense Office, which is operated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, says that some groups in the USA are paying smugglers to get more African and Middle Eastern immigrants into Europe.

“Traffickers demand exorbitant sums to bring refugees to Europe illegally. The conditions are often very poor, but still a transport does currently cost 7000-14000 Euro…” the Austrian Defense Office employee told

“There are insights that organizations from the US have created a co-financing model and contribute substantial amounts to trafficker’s costs.”

“Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 euros in cash. Nobody asks where the money comes from.”

The employee said that there was a “strict news blackout” on how the African and Middle Eastern immigrants were able to pay the traffickers fees.


Posted by Hyena man on Mon, 28 Nov 2016 10:30 | #

  NPR, “‘Hyena Man’ Had Sex With 100 Girls And Women, Gets 2-Year Sentence”, 23 Nov 2016:

  Malawi’s ‘Hyena’ Men: Paid By Parents To Have Sex With Their Daughters

A man who was paid to have sex with more than 100 young girls and women in Malawi is receiving two years of hard labor as punishment.

Working as what Malawians call a “hyena man,” Eric Aniva had sex with children and widows as part of a custom believed to offer ritual cleansing after a first period or widowhood. Though he is HIV-positive, Aniva did not wear condoms during sex. Now some women’s organizations in Malawi are calling his sentence inadequate.

“It feels like a missed opportunity to send out a strong message,” says Anber Raz, the deputy director of Donor Direct Action, an international women’s rights organization. “Having said that, it’s even great he got convicted. Often in cases such as this, you see complete impunity.

Raz says the light sentence is due to a lack of witnesses willing to testify against Aniva. Malawi’s president, Peter Mutharika, publicly supported prosecuting Aniva for defilement of young girls. But no girls came forward to testify, Raz says. So instead, Aniva was tried for “harmful cultural practice” for having sex with the widows, a lesser charge under Malawi’s Gender Equality Act of 2013.

The girls abused by Aniva are difficult to identify, Raz explains, because they’re reluctant to talk about their experiences.

Women’s groups in Malawi are pressing for the sentence to be reviewed. Raz says they might succeed because of the international attention this case has received. But whether or not the sentence stands, she believes that people should not excuse abuse in the name of tradition.

“Calling [these activities] ‘cultural practices’ kind of masks what this is,” Raz says. “Underneath it all, it’s pure and simple violence against women and girls.”


Posted by African invaders storm Cadiz, Spain on Sat, 12 Aug 2017 06:49 | #

New Observer, “Africans Storm Cadiz Beach as Invasion Force Tops 118,684 as of August 6”, 10 Aug 2017:

African invaders have been filmed storming a beach in the Spanish city of Cadiz, after crossing the 60 miles between that city and the North African coast—and then scattering before authorities could catch up with them, in a vivid demonstration of the mass Third World invasion of Europe, just as the official number of nonwhite invaders of Europe has topped 118,684.

The video clip, filmed on August 9 on the Cadiz beachfront, shows a rubber dinghy full of nonwhites racing towards the beachfront, and just before it lands, the Africans disgorge and break out in a run for the beach, racing passed shocked holiday makers as they storm up into the city to vanish.

Invasion groups such as these are not counted in the official figures, which, according to the United Nations’ “International Organization for Migration” (IOM), reached 118,684 of 6 August 2017.

Of this number 116,692 of the nonwhite invaders had landed by sea—mostly by being transported to Europe by either the European Union’s own naval units or the race-traitor private far leftist European “charity” boats.
According to the IOM, the main nationalities of the nonwhite invaders arrivals (in descendant order) for June 2017 were as follows:

To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia; and to Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
For July 2016, the main nationalities of the invaders arriving by land in Bulgaria were Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Turkey.
However, the IOM figures do not tell the full story of the extent of the nonwhite invasion.

According to the European Union’s “European Asylum Support Office” (EASO) “Latest asylum trends – June 2017” report, in June this year, there were 58,403 “applications for international protection” made within the borders of the EU.

Of that number, “only” 7, 7 916 invaders claimed to be “Syrians,” only 14 percent of the total number of recorded applications. In June 2017, Nigeria became the second main citizenship of origin, with 4,010 applications lodged—an indication that the fake refugee invasion is increasingly becoming sub-Saharan African in origin.


Posted by African zombie attack on Cueta, Spain on Sat, 12 Aug 2017 07:03 | #

New Observer, “Violent Africans Storm Spanish Enclave of Ceuta in “WW Z” Type Zombie Attack”, 7 Aug 2017:

At least 300 Africans—out of a mob of thousands—on Monday broke through the border fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, in an attack which mirrored the mass zombie attack portrayed in the Hollywood movie WW Z.”

The co-ordinated mass African attack started at 5 a.m. at the fence near Tarajalat. They stormed the fence en masse, nearly overwhelming the border guards.

Many were stopped, but around three hundred managed to break into the tiny enclave, which is located on the Moroccan coastline on the North African coast.

The invaders were remanded then to an immigration detention center where they submitted formal “asylum” requests, even though none of them come from countries which qualify in the slightest manner for “refugee” status.

Their intention is—as has previously been shown—to simply get to mainland Europe, where they quickly “vanish” while the race-denying liberals “consider” the “asylum” applications.

The African invaders were filmed celebrating their successful attack.

Last week, 73 African invaders used wire cutters to break through the razor-wire fencing to gain access to Ceuta. Spanish border police stopped another 180 invaders from entering through the hole.

Spain’s Interior Ministry estimated the number of invaders who had reached Spain via the border fence route had totaled 3,200 in 2016. So far in 2017, they say, that number has already doubled.

In February alone, about 850 African invaders pretending to be “refugees” stormed over the Ceuta border in a concentrated attack lasting four days.


Posted by 135 x cheaper to help refugees before coming here on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 05:55 | #

ForzaNuovaUSA, “Oxford Professor: Helping refugees locally is 135 times cheaper than helping them in the West”, 23 Dec 2017:

According to Oxford professor Paul Collier, Western countries can help more than one hundred refugees locally, for the same money we spend here on one of them.

The professor spoke at a conference of Denmark’s Social Democracy party in Copenhagen last week. He rejected the idea that Europe should receive migrants and said:

“We spend 135 dollars for every person who shows up here, compared to one dollar for every person that we help in their own region. Those staying home are often much weaker than the ones who have the resources to get to Europe.”

Collier also made a statement about the migrants and refugees who come to Europe:

“Almost everyone coming to Europe from countries where they were already safe… The idea that this group has an enormous need for help, is simply irresponsible and a result of intellectual laziness.”

Paul Collier is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University. He has previously served as Director of the Development Research Group at the World Bank.

Currently he is Advisor to the Strategy and Policy Department of the IMF, advisor to the Africa Region of the World Bank; and he has advised the British Government on its recent White Paper on economic development policy.


Posted by Saudi deporting 250,000 Africans on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 13:28 | #

New Observer, “Saudi Arabia Deporting 250,000 Africans”, 31 Dec 2017:

Saudi Arabia—the darling Arab nation of Israel, the US, the UK and numerous western governments—has rounded up at least 250,000 African invaders illegally in that country and is busy deporting them all back home, it has emerged.

According to a report by the Associated Press, what they call “undocumented Ethiopian migrants”—actually illegal immigrants in non-controlled media speak—are “are being forcibly deported from Saudi Arabia by the thousands.”

The AP report—in an attempt to whip up sympathy for the illegal invaders—says that the deported Africans claim to have been mistreated after their arrest in Saudi Arabia.

The truth—or otherwise of those allegations aside, the AP report correctly says that their accounts “brought to light one of the world’s busiest and most dangerous migrant routes but one that remains overlooked amid the larger rush toward Europe.”

The report continues by saying that Saudi Arabia, “like other rich Gulf nations,” is a magnet for hundreds of thousands of people from “impoverished” East African nations like Ethiopia and Somalia.

According to the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, the Africans who make it to Saudi Arabia find work on the black market as domestic workers and farm workers.

owever, their growing numbers has alarmed the Saudi authorities, which ordered the latest wave of deportations in mid-November after months of warnings to the illegal Africans to get out by themselves.

“Saudi authorities say the kingdom has detained around 250,000 people violating its residency laws in the crackdown, with approximately 50,000 already forcibly flown out of the country,” the AP report said.

Ethiopia’s government says more than 14,000 of its citizens have been deported since mid-November and 70,000 have returned voluntarily, but the International Organization Migration says the number that has left forcibly or voluntarily since the amnesty period ended in June has reached 96,000.

Saudi Arabia ordered all undocumented migrants to leave voluntarily in March, an order later extended until June.  An estimated 400,000 Ethiopian migrants had been living in Saudi Arabia.

“The number of returnees could rise even higher in the coming weeks,” the IOM said, adding that around $30 million is needed to cover their immediate needs.

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