Ebola remiss an alarm for border control as even most objective standards of human ecology ignored

Posted by DanielS on Monday, 06 October 2014 04:23.

Judging by his vigilant stream of Ebola updates, it is clear that James considers the threat of Ebola to be under-reported in terms of its significance.

Ebola remiss an alarm for border control as even most objective standards of human ecology ignored by authorities:


The handling of the Ebola threat by institutional bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control, supposedly responsible for safeguarding public health, provide a glaring example of how we cannot rely on them to serve our needs, not even as a by-product of the most ostensibly objective concerns of human ecology.

Furthermore, as the remiss demonstrates that these bureaucracies cannot be entrusted to look-after the interests of our relative human ecologies it should create awareness that now is the time to step-up participation in border re-establishment.

As James explains, the mishandling of the threat of pandemic disease, as in the case of Ebola, has been made evident not only through border crossing, but in a pattern of decades, extending to misreadings of the H.I.V. epidemic by these same responsible institutional bodies - such as the CDC, with its authoritative media organ, “Nature” magazine, taken to be definitive of science journalism and featuring assessments by experts such as Princeton’s R.M. Anderson - experts and their fact-checkers who are all too capable of committing fundamental errors in epidemic prediction.

Specifically, Anderson’s initial indication for Nature magazine suggested that an increased number of sex partners was not a particularly significant factor in H.I.V. transmission. This took for granted its operating on a relatively homogenous population, with steadier patterns and where outlier behavior is more compartmentalized into niches. Promiscuous heterosexuals in this sort of population were not particularly at risk as their partnering was in linear alignment and separate from the infected homosexual population. However, with the increasing introduction of diverse populations, not only are more promiscuous sorts added to the ranks of the population, but also those more capable of transmitting the disease, those still more recklessly transgressing niches and even those with malicious intent to deliberately transmit the disease.

“Strength in diversity indeed - for pandemic disease!”

The take-away is that European peoples must take initiative in border control to protect the interests of our human ecologies - for our very survival. Institutional bodies entrusted to be competent and concerned cannot be relied upon for even the basics of public health management - they are not even taking into account such basic factors as the mass introduction of alien biology and behavioral patterns on stable human ecologies; the direct introduction of virulence from primeval breeding grounds and bio-power, e.g., of Sub-Saharan Africa - which your European biology may not withstand. In fact, these bureaucrats in their faux-objectivism, whether the result of pandering or being pandered-to, malicious intent, indifference or incompetence at best, are subjecting European populations to experiments that your European biology should not have to hold up-to, as conducted upon you and the ancient human ecology of our European peoples unwillingly, unbeknownst, without consent.

More, for their very nature as fixed places, James likens nation states to immobilized patients in a clinic, and therefore draws the possibility of their susceptibility to pandemic, such as Spanish flue, which spread rapidly through immobilized patient concentrations in Red Cross hospitals after World War I. Immobile as the nations states are then, it is imperative to secure their borders against mobilized virulence.

Ebola having reached The U.S. highlights this fact. Thriving at length, transmissible even from a corpse, passively, potentially mutating airborne transmissability, Ebola can be far more destructive than the H.I.V. epidemic which the CDC blundered about..

James details the analogy in the misreading of H.I.V. and Ebola epidemiology:

The Ebola Epidemiology They Won’t Talk About

Remember the AIDS epidemic?  I mean back when AIDS was Big News in part because it was New and in part because it was actually rapidly spreading during the late 1980s.  Well there was this rumor going around the midwest that “the AIDS epidemic is over”.  It was more than a rumor, though; It made it into newspapers—in particular college newspapers where the rumor’s optimism could potentially do the most damage by encouraging sexually active young adults to let down their guard so to speak.

Guess where that rumor started?

The world’s most prestigious science magazine:  Nature.

Guess where that rumor ended?


No, really; I ended it.

I won’t go through all the details of this bit of history here.  I will, however, focus on the correct arithmetic formulas describing the AIDS epidemic and then proceed to describe a way current “authorities” may be underestimating the dangers of the current, unprecedented, Ebola outbreak.

One of the errors the general public made in thinking about the AIDS epidemic was corrected by May RM, Anderson RM in Transmission dynamics of HIV infection*, Nature. 1987 Mar 12;326(6109):137–142.  That error is to over-simplify the transmission dynamics of the virus.  The oversimplification is to assume that the number of people an infected person will infect is proportional simply to the average number of sexual partnerships per person infected with HIV.  

The actual formula is:

R0 = βcD


R0 = Reproductive rate of the virus ( If > 1 we are in an epidemic.)

D = Duration of infectiousness

β = The odds of transmitting the virus per partnership

So far so good, right?  I mean the longer you are infectious the more people you are likely to infect and the more likely you are to infect a given partner, the more people you are likely to infect.

But what about that ‘c’ up there?  Well, here it is in all its complex glory:

c = m + σ²/m


c = The

effective average number of partnerships per person over the distribution

m = The average number of partnerships per person over the distribution

σ = The standard deviation in the number of partnerships* per person over the distribution

The big enchilada of epidemiology is determining R0 for a given population.  The big enchilada of public health is getting R0 as low as possible—most urgently below 1 and most desirably 0.  One of the things that can make people over-optimistic about R0 is thinking ‘c’ is ‘m’ when, in fact, ‘c’ is bigger than ‘m’.  Indeed, if σ is large, the smaller ‘m’ is the bigger ‘c’ hence R0 is.  

Oh, but its worse than that!  

Did you notice that ’σ’ is squared:  σ² (aka “variance” in the number of partnerships per person)

You know what that means?

It means “diversity is strength” squared.  Strength of the epidemic squared that is!

It is known that during the AIDS epidemic there have been AIDS murders; someone with AIDS simply “loses it” and starts having sex—deliberately unprotected sex—with others to infect them.  Indeed, AIDS neuropathy may contribute to such serial-killer-by-sex behavior in some cases.

There are people who harbor profound feelings of resentment if not outright hatred of US society.  Do you think that number has decreased since 1987 when the above epidemic formulas were derived for AIDS?  Has the “diversity” of US society decreased since 1987?

I’ll put it this way:

If, on average, one of those serial-killer vectors has Ebola and is able to “scan” enough of the population (say, by boarding a subway and leaving a lot of bodily fluids around) to infect another of those vectors, civilization is in big trouble.

*That was the article that I, in turn, further corrected to end the rumors that “the AIDS epidemic was over”.  My correction was merely to the definition of one of the variables—a correction that was later published by Nature in a quasi-retraction—that being “the probability of transmission of the HIV per partner contact” vs “the probability of transmission of the HIV per partnership”.  A “partnership” is a sexual relationship regardless of the number of sexual acts within that relationship.  As Robert M. May told me in our conversation, the tendency to transmit was more dependent on the particular two people in a relationship than it was on the number of times they had sex.  I know—its counter-intuitive but that’s really what he said.  My suggested change to the formula was to keep “the probability of transmission per partner contact” as the definition of β but to exponentially approach 1 with the number of sex acts.  He told me that’s not an accurate model of the probability and although I don’t understand why, I can accept that he did have the proper background to make that judgement.  In any event, his is a better definition of a “hit and run” type of encounter between members of the public in anonymous urban settings, which is the primary problem in the Ebola epidemic.




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So the fact that gays were mostly responsible for the spread of AIDS is forbidden to reveal or basically even to know.


Posted by Inevitable on Tue, 07 Oct 2014 12:39 | #

“It is quite unavoidable ... that such incidents will happen in the future because of the extensive travel both from Europe to the affected countries and the other way around,” she said.



Posted by Frieden on Wed, 08 Oct 2014 06:42 | #


Tom Frieden, MD, MPH
Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, became Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in June 2009

Dr. Frieden speaks Spanish and graduated from Oberlin College*.

* Infamous bastion of Political Correctness


Posted by Ebola-Akbar on Wed, 08 Oct 2014 23:39 | #


So imagine you’re an ISIS terrorist trained to be a suicide bomber and somehow, I can’t imagine how but bear with me, somehow you manage to get to Washington D.C.

Now imagine that you see all this brouhaha about Ebola on the tube—you know, people panicking for no reason and all that—and you get this crazy idea that maybe rather than splattering your body all over one Metro subway station you’d kill a lot more infidels by catching Ebola, waiting for the first symptoms to show up which look like the flu, and then spend the day making like Divine in Pink Flamingos and leaving your bodily fluids on surfaces in all of the subway cars.


“As public anxieties grow, politicians on the far right are seizing on the Ebola crisis to demand sharp curbs in immigration”..


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 10 Oct 2014 16:02 | #

Leon, noticed you at Daily Stormer. Its an appropriate place for you.


Posted by 4uracism on Sat, 11 Oct 2014 10:10 | #


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Ebola Virus Likely to Have Spread to Italy: Officially Unconfirmed News

The latest statements on the World Health Organization’s websites, states that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed 142 so far. Further it stated that over 230 suspected or confirmed cases have been recorded in Liberia and Guinea put together Guinea having the highest numbers. 129 deaths have been reported in Guinea and 13 in Liberia…

World Health Organization officials announced that in spite of their desperate attempts to control the pandemic it is spreading quickly in Africa and most likely to Europe too. Ceuter’s reports stated that the officials have decided to stop issuing death toll information so as to avoid unnecessary panic.

Further, it states that the disease has spread to 7 countries in Africa, with WHO health officials, doctors without Borders and many other Christian relief groups working to contain the infection and treat the affected. Those identified with infection or suspected of infection have been quarantined to avoid further spread. However, an unofficial Christian group confirmed that in the past 24 hours infection cases have increased by 15%. Further, Over 48 migrants from the western parts of Africa have illegally reached the shores of Pisa, Italy. All of them have been contained and quarantined, specifically those showing symptoms associated with Ebola virus. Some have been reported to have fever, conjunctivitis and blood around the eye area, which are also symptoms of Ebola virus infection. However, test results are awaited upon to confirm the same. This news appeared on news wires, but was recalled by the government officials stating national security reasons to avoid unnecessary panic.


Posted by HeyHeyWe'reThe on Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:12 | #

Here we come, floatin’ ‘cross the Med. We get the funniest looks from, everywhere we spread. Hey! Hey! we’re the Vectors! And people say we spread virus ‘round. But we’re too busy singin’ ta put anybody down!

- song lyrics by friend of MR


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From the organization, “Doctors Without Borders”..

Ebowling doctor hits the lanes in New York



Posted by FrostyPrognosis on Sun, 23 Nov 2014 02:47 | #

America and Western Countries: Becoming the World’s Refugee Camps—Diseases

By Frosty Wooldridge


Diseases being imported into America

As of 2014, 41.3 million foreign-born immigrants migrated to America.  Legal immigrants enter the United States at 100,000 every 30 days.  They form the first wave of an armada of 100 million legal immigrants descending on America within the next 30 years. (Sources: US Census Bureau; PEW Research Center, US Population Projections by Fogel/Martin.)

They arrive from over 115 third world countries where tuberculosis (TB) kills 2.1 million people annually.

Immigrants arrive from countries where leprosy thrives:  official figures show the global registered prevalence of leprosy at 189,018 at the end of 2012 and during the same year, 232,857 new cases were reported.  Leprosy stems from living in filthy conditions without personal hygiene.

In the past 50 years, a total of 900 cases of leprosy affected the American population. Today because of massive immigration from third world countries, 7,000 Americans suffer with leprosy.

‘‘And those are the ones we know about,” said Dr. John Levis, physician at Bellevue Hospital’s Hansen’s Disease Clinic in New York. “There are probably many, many more and they are spreading.”

Most of those infected in the United States originate from global leprosy hot spots: Mexico, Brazil, India and the Caribbean. But, in the past 16 years, Levis and his colleagues proved that a few of his patients — including a 73-year-old man from Queens who had never been out of the country and an elderly Jewish man from Westchester County, New York — contracted leprosy in the United States. Leprosy’s symptoms—bumpy rashes, skin indentations and loss of feeling in hands and feet.  As a result, the disease is now officially endemic to the Northeastern United States for the first time ever.  (Source: NY Times, Sharon Lerner, 2/20/03, ‘Leprosy on the rise in the US’)

Immigrants arrive with the Chagas parasite from South America where it affects 16 to 18 million people and kills 50,000 annually.  It attacks the heart and other internal organs.  It cannot be cured. (Source: Kiss of Death by Joseph Bastien)

Those immigrants arrive with Enterovirus.  This year, 55,000 children from Central and South America crashed America’s borders without health inspections of any kind. They dispersed throughout the United States into school systems and foster care that now feature American children suffering from paralysis.

Additionally, they arrived with tapeworms, head lice, TB, skin rashes and other diseases.

Immigrants arrive in America carrying Ebola virus, which killed over 4,033 people in West Africa in 2014 and now threatens to move into America’s mainstream population.

Immigrants arrive with AIDS from Africa via illegal immigration.  AIDS killed over 25 million people in Africa since 1981.

Washington, D.C. is one of the areas hardest hit by HIV in the

United States, with an epidemic on par with some developing nations.  “In D.C., approximately 2.7% of the population is living with HIV, which exceeds UNAIDS’ definition of a “generalized” epidemic (having HIV prevalence greater than 1% of the population).  D.C. features the highest AIDS diagnosis rate of any state in the U.S.  The epidemic is driven by a complex interplay of factors and the impact of HIV/ADS varies across the District of Columbia.”  (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

West Nile virus entered the United States over 10 years ago.  It killed 1,100 Americans.

Malaria causes 2.7 million deaths annually worldwide:

·  Malaria was eliminated from the United States in the early 1950’s.

·  Approximately 1,500–2,000 cases of malaria are reported every year in the United States, almost all in recent travelers. Reported malaria cases reached a 40-year high of 1,925 in 2011.

·  First- and second-generation immigrants from malaria-endemic countries returning to their “home” countries to visit friends and relatives tend not to use appropriate malaria prevention measures and thus are more likely to become infected with malaria. (Source: CDC, Atlanta, GA)

Another bug riding in the bodies of newcomers to America:

tuberculosis. In an article from ‘THE PATIENT PREDATOR’, Mother Jones News, March issue:  Dr. Reichman of New Jersey TB Clinic, “In the 1990s, cases among foreign born Americans rose from 29 percent to 41.6 percent.  Anti biotic resistant strains from Mexico have migrated to Texas.  Since three years ago, 16,000 new cases of TB were discovered in the United States. Half were foreign born. Strains of TB once found only in Mexico have migrated to border states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.  It migrates north as illegal aliens work in restaurants as cooks, dishwashers and food handlers.  We sit on the edge of a potential catastrophe.”

American citizens and their children face more diseases. Hepatitis A,B and C run rampant in fast food workers.  These diseases kill. 

To name a few diseases imported by immigrants in the past 10 years:

Argentine hemorrhagic fever brought into California and Arizona from Latin America via illegal aliens; Exotic New Castle Disease that killed 1.5 million chickens in California and brought in by illegals who use roosters for cock-fighting; Leichmaniasis from the Middle East which is a parasite injected into the blood by sand-flies, malaria from Bantus from Africa, polio from Nigerians coming into the USA, 16,000 cases in three years of MDR mycobacterium tuberculosis which is incurable, brought directly from Mexico.

This website offers thousands of cases and dozens of other diseases brought in by legal and illegal immigrants.  Go to:  ‘IMMIGRANTS AND PUBLIC HEALTH: WHY IMMIGRATION IS A HEALTH CARE CONCERN’, http://www.fairus.org/html/0414971.htm

Or, you can go to ‘PUBLIC HEALTH PUT AT RISK, http://www.limitstogrowth.org/web-text/public-health.html

American citizens either vote representatives into Congress to repeal the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that injects 1.2 million legal immigrants into the USA annually, or, face accelerating disease rates.  Additionally, the current S744 amnesty bill doubles legal immigration to 2.0 million annually, thus, doubling the rate of speed of third world immigrants from 140 countries racing into America.  Once within the USA, they become our problem.



Posted by Pauline on Wed, 31 Dec 2014 03:42 | #

She was from, near Glas-gow, she con-tracted Ebo-la - Pauline! You’re a bloody disgrace! (little Rotten kidding there): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pph3j0euIRM

How did they miss the fact that Ebola nurse was sick? Health worker complained of fever at Heathrow and was tested SEVEN TIMES… before being sent home on flight to Glasgow

  Nurse Pauline Cafferkey fell ill in Glasgow after return from Sierra Leone.  Screened for symptoms in Sierra Leone and London but nothing picked up. Department of Health will now review screening process at airports 63 of 70 people on flight from Heathrow to Glasgow have been contacted. Dr Martin Deahl sat next to her on service to Heathrow from Casablanca. He said: ‘The precautions and checks at Heathrow were shambolic.

I thought it was a false alarm. I thought she had a fever due to something else. [Ebola] cannot be spread by airborne contact so as long as there was no touching, then there should not have been a problem,’ he said.

But most of us went out into the community. Some went for a morning run. I went to church myself on Christmas morning and I have no doubt Pauline probably contracted the virus doing something similar.’

A second Health Worker from Scotland is also being tested for Ebola. Patient also being tested for disease in Cornwall and is in isolation. PM holds COBRA emergency meeting and says risk to public is ‘very low.’ Officials have advised that there is no need to disinfect or decontaminate any environment Ms Cafferkey came into contact with en route home.

Cafferkey, Britain’s latest ebola victim was allowed home despite telling airport officials seven times that she was ill



Posted by Ecobola on Fri, 02 Jan 2015 15:08 | #


A few years ago, disease ecologist David Hayman made the discovery of a lifetime.

He was a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. But he spent a lot of that time hiking through the rain forest of Ghana, catching hundreds of fruit bats.
A scientist tests a patient’s blood for Ebola at the European Mobile Laboratory in Gueckedou, Guinea. The first cases reported in the outbreak occurred in a small village about eight miles outside Gueckedou.
Goats and Soda
Could A 2-Year-Old Boy Be ‘Patient Zero’ For The Ebola Outbreak?

“We would set large nets, up in the tree canopies,” he says. “And then early morning, when the bats are looking for fruit to feed on, we’d captured them.”

Hayman didn’t want to hurt the bats. He just wanted a few drops of their blood.

Bats carry a huge number of viruses in their blood. When Hayman took the blood samples back to the lab, he found a foreboding sign: a high level of antibodies against Ebola Zaire.

Inside the virus hunter’s lab: Kevin Olival and Mindy Rostal, with EcoHealth Alliance, careful take blood, saliva and fecal samples from Rousettus fruit bats in Costa Rico.

Credit: Dr. Solon Morse/EcoHealth Alliance

Right away, Hayman was concerned.

Ebola Zaire is the deadliest of the five Ebola species, and it has caused the most outbreaks. The antibodies in the bat’s blood meant the animals had once been infected with Ebola Zaire or something related to it.
Ecologists found signs of Ebola in a Rousettus leschenaultii fruit bat. These bats are widespread across south Asia, from India to China. i

Ecologists found signs of Ebola in a Rousettus leschenaultii fruit bat. These bats are widespread across south Asia, from India to China.
Kevin Olival/EcoHealth Alliance

Hayman knew West Africa was at risk for an Ebola outbreak. He and his colleagues even published the findings in the free journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, “so that anyone in the world could go and read them,” Hayman says.

He thought health officials would also be worried. “We were all prepared for some sort of response, for questions,” Hayman says. “But I have to say, not many came. ... Nothing happened.”

That was two years ago. Now, with more than 20,000 Ebola cases reported in West Africa, health officials are definitely listening to Hayman.

Scientists think bats likely triggered the entire Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Just as Hayman predicted. “It’s not a good way to proven right,” he says.

So now the big question is: Where else in the world is Ebola hiding out in bats? Where could the next big outbreak occur?
A technician tests samples from Ebola-infected patients at a field lab, run by Doctors Without Borders, in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
Goats and Soda
Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa

To find out, I called ecologist Kevin Olival at EcoHealth Alliance in New York City. Olival hunts down another virus in bats, called Nipah. In humans, it causes inflammation in the brain and comas. “It’s the virus the movie Contagion is based on,” Olival says.

Nipah has outbreaks every few years in Bangladesh. So Olival went there back in 2010 and captured a bunch of bats. Many had signs of Nipah in their blood. Others had something surprising: “There’s antibodies to something related to Ebola Zaire.”

Before this discovery, scientists thought Ebola Zaire was found only in Africa. “If you think about geographic space,” Olival says, “it was a big shock to find evidence for this virus in a very faraway place in south Asia.”
With exponential growth, the numbers can get big, quickly.
Goats and Soda
A Frightening Curve: How Fast Is The Ebola Outbreak Growing?

Olival and his colleagues published these findings in February 2013. Then, a few months later, a team reported evidence for the virus in China.

The bats with these antibodies have a broad range across south Asia, Olival says. “These species are found all the way down into parts of Indonesia.”

The data suggest that Ebola Zaire is far more widespread around the world than previously thought.

So does that mean Ebola could have outbreaks in Bangladesh, China or Indonesia?

“Well, that’s a tricky one,” Olival says. “I think if you have the right combination of potential events, and sort of the perfect storm brews, then, yeah, it’s possible.”

Now, there’s no sign bats have infected people in Asia with Ebola Zaire. And antibody tests can’t say whether the virus in the bats was specifically Ebola Zaire or something related.

But Olival isn’t waiting to find out. Both he and David Hayman, who’s now at Massey University in New Zealand, are working on ways to predict when and where Ebola and other deadly viruses will cause outbreaks.

In particular, Olival is working with USAID to build an early warning system for dangerous viruses. The system could alert communities when the risk of an outbreak is high. People could be more careful while hunting bats or avoid their guano.

“The ultimate goal is to move toward prediction,” Olival says. “Again and again, we’re hearing with the current massive Ebola outbreak that if it was detected earlier it would have been better contained.”

Because both ecologists agree: It’s not a question of whether a virus in the Ebola family will cause an outbreak outside of Africa, but a matter of when and where.


Posted by dormant ebola on Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:18 | #

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey ‘in serious condition’:

A Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone last year is in a “serious condition” after being readmitted to an isolation unit in London.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde confirmed that the virus is still present in Pauline Cafferkey’s body after being left over from the original infection.

She is not thought to be contagious.

The 39-year-old has been flown back to the isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Bodily tissues can harbour the Ebola infection months after the person appears to have fully recovered.

Ms Cafferkey, from Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire, spent almost a month in the unit at the beginning of the year after contracting the virus in December 2014.


Posted by Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria on Mon, 11 Jan 2016 05:43 | #

YahooNews, “Suspected Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria ‘kills 40”, 8 Jan 2016:

Abuja (AFP) - Forty people have died in Nigeria in a suspected outbreak of Lassa fever in 10 states across the country, Health Minister Isaac Adewole said Friday.

“The total number (of suspected cases) reported is 86 and 40 deaths, with a mortality rate of 43.2 percent,” Adewole told a news conference in the capital, Abuja.

The minister said that so far, laboratory tests have confirmed that 22 of the 86 suspected cases were Lassa fever and results were expected on the remainder.

Seven of the affected states are in the north—Bauchi, Nasarawa, Niger, Taraba, Kano, Plateau and Gombe—while the remaining three are in the south—Rivers, Edo and Oyo—he added.

The first case of the disease was recorded last November in Bauchi state. Cases were then reported in Kano and elsewhere.

According to the WHO, Lassa fever is an acute haemorrhagic illness which belongs to the arenarvirus family of viruses, which also includes the Ebola-like Marburg virus.

People with Lassa fever do not display symptoms in 80 percent of cases but it can cause serious symptoms and death in the remainder.

The virus, which is endemic in rodents in west Africa, is transmitted to humans by contact with food or household items contaminated with the animals’ faeces and urine.

Person-to-person contact is also possible through bodily fluids, particularly in hospitals when adequate infection control measures are not taken.

The number of Lassa fever infections in west Africa every year is between 100,000 to 300,000, with about 5,000 deaths, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Posted by Ebola is back on Sat, 13 May 2017 15:09 | #

Ebola Is Back Again, 13, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

Zaire strain once again:

  An outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo that began April 22 has resulted in at least one death and possibly two others, according to the World Health Organization.

  The Congo Ministry of Health notified the WHO on Tuesday of nine suspected cases of Ebola illness and three deaths in the Likati health district within the northeastern province of Bas-Uele, which shares a border with the Central African Republic.

  On Thursday, the Ministry of Health informed the WHO that of five samples, one tested positive for the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus at the National Institute of Biomedical Research laboratory in Kinshasa, the capital…

  The Zaire strain of the virus is one of the most lethal. A 2007 outbreak of this strain in Congo had a fatality rate of 74%, claiming 200 lives.

It is not impossible that as you read this, there are a couple of people with flu-like symptoms who are boarding planes on their way to the US, because that is the only way they think they will survive.

If this is a virus from the last outbreak that has persisted in a host this long, that could be a problem.

That would mean the virus was knocked back by the host’s immune system, but a few virus particles here and there kicked around inside the host until one developed some new mutation that allowed it to overcome the immune system of a host that had already developed immunity.

That may mean this new version could be more potent and better able to overcome the human immune system, and we will have another aggressive outbreak on our hands again.

If that is the case, then we are that much closer to the real fear, which is that one of the trillions of virus particles produced by this will have the ability to go airborne. When that happens, then you’ll have an Apocalypse.

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