MajorityRadio: Paul Weston of LibertyGB talks to GW and DanielS

Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, 22 December 2014 14:29.

On the radio page now, Paul Weston, the man who managed to get himself arrested for reading from Winston Churchill’s The River War, talks to GW and DanielS about himself, his party, nationalism and the political climate, the nature of UKIP, blogging on the DT, that adventure in Winchester, and (even) the JQ.  He’s a good guy.  You should listen.

Upon Winchester Guildhall, Paul Weston quoted the following passage from Churchill’s “The River War”:

‘How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!,’ wrote Churchill.

‘Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

‘The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

‘A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

‘The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

‘Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

‘No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.’

Paul Weston’s “I am a racist”





Posted by uKn_Leo on Mon, 22 Dec 2014 19:48 | #

Great interview, thanks all.

When Mr Weston posts on the DT he often leaves just one comment then goes (fair enough, that is what I would expect from a leader).

If he hung around a bit more and got involved in the arguments he would soon come to realise that most of the anti-nationalist posters are Jews and that any mention of that fact or any mention of Jewry full stop will get your post deleted/your account banned in no time at all.

And that is the work of the Qataris how exactly?

He is a brave man and he has my utmost respect. But he has that blind spot which leaves him extremely vulnerable in a way that a GW, for example, does/is not.

And that is why, all things considered, GW will have to become Prime Minister instead.



Posted by DanielS on Mon, 22 Dec 2014 23:15 | #

1. Academia 2. International banking, finance 3. International business 4. Media (and entertainment)  5. Law and courts 6. Politics 7. Religion

Who has predominant influence among these niche choke-points? It is not always Jewish plutocrats, its true. Or it may not be apparent, as they pull strings behind the scenes. But as we say, what interest group is the best organized among them, who sets the agendas, greases the palms and takes the initiatives?

The right has created a “blind spot” in many of us. On the one hand some rightists are probably didactically turning people away from the Jews by disingenuously blaming them for everything and distracting from their own complicit greed and treachery.

On the other hand, more than a “blind spot”, it can be a political (and otherwise) “don’t look there if not absolutely necessary” position for the right’s didacticism as Nazis and the association to Nazism which they have created and allowed. The more we are able to assert the truth that we are not Nazis the more European people will be enabled to see clearly their own interests as innocent and distinct from Jewish.

The very good news, uKn_Leo, is that Mr. Weston is corrigible.

He recognizes that Jews are not native European, therefore they simply are not a part of our interest group as advocates of native European nationals.

One does not have to have a rabid or myopic view toward them. Where it is not opportune to address the issue, they might simply not be included in the positive concern of our advocacy.

Mr. Weston is willing to familiarize himself with MacDonald (has been in possession of The Culture of Critique) and we might even arrange for a talk between them. 

The perspective on the “Jews as antagonists” has not only carried the political suicide of didactic association with Nazism, but of taking on the status as their victims, with attendant lack of agency.

These are understandable aversions. Jews are only a couple hundred thousand in Britain. With criticizing them having been made into a massive taboo and counter productive - danger being added to its being apparently unnecessary to provoke them for their small numbers - it makes sense to not make them the first step in political prioritization. Their antagonistic influence has not been clear for their relatively small numbers in Britain and the indirectness of their impact

Those who have focused on their significance have all too often been didactic - whether Nazis or Muslims - they couldn’t be a little didactic in blaming Jews, could they? It is apparently logical to see the JQ as a distraction and an issue in fact used by Muslims. At one time I had thought that people want to distract from blacks with the J.Q. I still think that people can use it to distract from other afflictions (particularly those who want to distract from their own complicit greed and treachery) and that is why our vigilance has to proceed by survey in the process and form of the hermeneutic circle - with our own interests as native European nationals at heart, providing the referent point - not even “the Joos” as some sort of myopic focus; while albeit, turn number one in the survey of problems; our own traitors being turn number two when looking toward antagonism to our interests.

That is why in fact, I see Paul’s “I am a racist” video as the most essential and radical position of all.

              Janner, Mendelsohn and Levy


Posted by DanielS on Tue, 23 Dec 2014 04:36 | #

Paul had mentioned that he is concerned for our suicidal tendencies; in response I proffer that our penchant for objectivism is what is suicidal, as it is a gambit unconcerned for the subjective and relative interests of our people; it leaves us vulnerable and furthermore taken advantage of by those who are more ethnocentric and antagonistic to us. Therefore, it is not of course, merely suicide.


Posted by Morgoth on Tue, 23 Dec 2014 07:43 | #

Having spent much time with the UKIPers at Breitbart recently, where I have been frequently banned, I have noticed a striking difference between them and us. As can be heard in this interview we are willing to embrace or dump a party or movement based upon whether it gets us somewhere or not, Paul admits he would close down his own party in order to join a party that could better advance our cause.

The UKIPers aren’t thinking like that at all, UKIP is, to them, the end, not the means to the end. It is becoming a cult and Breitbart is their shelter where they reinforce the cult of Farage, Liberal Leftists are banned outright and pro White as opposed Civic Nationalist commentary causes a split within the group. Any mention of Jews sees you howled down and banned. We badly need a party to the right of UKIP that isn’t the BNP. From that position we can attack the empty rhetoric of UKIP, pushing them further to the Right, we can then get a shunting motion where ideas come out of the Nationalist Sphere and impose themselves onto centre Right politics. There must be a Party on the Right that threatens UKIP!

Millennial Woes says goodbye to the DT blogs


Posted by uKn_Leo on Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:26 | #

Paul Weston just said this to someone @ the DT: A simple question for you: “Do you think the English have a moral and ethical right to remain the majority people and culture within their homeland?”

That is pure Morgoth which is interesting.

Also interesting that Millenial Woes mentioned Dalek and Morgoth directly in his Jew Tube video.

Damn right too.

For the last couple of years there has been a massive battle on 4CHAN/po/ with SJW’s and Jews desperately trying to shut it down. The only way they could do this in the end was to use a Jewish girl to get to the owner in real life and convince him to close/destroy that part of 4CHAN.

So everyone just left and moved to a new site called 8CHAN where the resistance continues (now that site has come under massive assault from SJW’s and Jews too).

But they can’t kill off ideas. Bans can be circumvented, sites can be abandoned and new ones established. 4CHAN/pol/ was killed but 8CHAN emerged immediately and was 10x better and stronger because of it.


Morgs I replied to you on DailyS but I deleted it because T Lowry was copying and pasting our posts directly on to Breitbart (I didn’t want my A_L cover blown, just yet). I told you that I had been really busy with an accounting course and that I would unprivate A_L soon or set up a new new account and add you all. I am still trying to do what I can, when I can to help - and have had some success using A_L as a deep cover operative - lol. I’m not being paranoid, but it drives the Jews nuts when they can’t see your previous postings and immediately label you a Nazi.


Posted by uKn_Leo on Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:44 | #

I agree with your comment @ 3 Dan. The one thing I would say is that GW, Morgoth and Dalek have pushed back so hard against our enemies that they have hit the absolute inner core.

At that point we find that what is left standing firmly and resolutely in opposition - is very, very undeniably Jewish. When it is only Jewish posters left that are responding to your comments in a very Jewish way, getting your posts deleted and your accounts banned with suspicious ease (they know, with absolute certainty that you will be deleted and they reply to you accordingly) Jewish power becomes very real indeed.

4CHAN/pol/ was killed over the JQ. The DT is being destroyed because of the JQ.

In many ways the JQ seems to be everything (once everything else has been swept away), though I wish it were not so.


Posted by Guessedworker on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 01:19 | #


Oddly, Seiken is a Jewish family name.  In any case, moving the DT’s on-line commercial focus to Facebook teens and wimmins’ ishooz warrants the destruction of its too too right-wing reader-commenter base.  The only problem, according to Guido, is that nobody gives a rat’s proverbial about the new anodyne, pee-cee content - certainly if the comment numbers are a guide.  The girly stuff generates double-digit threads.  Other more serious (but journalistically execrable) matter is tending now to have comments closed.  On those anti-UKIP or pro-immigration pieces that have comments open, the threads can run to five or six thousand comments.  In other words, the old, radical DT is still there, hemmed in and angry, but burning brighter than ever and proving the commercial folly of Seiken’s multi-media model.

You are right that activist Jews police the threads, reporting commenters whom they (literally) hate.  But as of this moment we are still slowly prizing open the JQ for discussion.

I am unsure as to how the new, “modernised” DT will fare.  Even if endless photo essays on “ten ways to a perfect bikini line” do catch on, it’s difficult to believe that an income stream exists to support it.  Girls of school-age or just old enough to be flipping old-school Tory burghers all day down the High Street don’t have the disposable income or lifestyle to interest the heavyweight advertisers.  Logically, Seiken’s digital strategy should go belly-up very soon.  But the DT makes a profit of £60 million per annum from the print edition, and that could continue to bankroll his folly for some time.  It is unlikely that the 40 junior digital types he recruited to replace the likes of Thompson, Delingpole, and Brogan will be paid enough to break the Barclay’s bank just yet.


Posted by Morgoth on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 04:02 | #

Leo, That’s all fair enough you don’t answer to me. There’s actually an advantage to going it alone in that you attract less attention. My Morgoth account has 40 ‘‘Followers’’ the advantage of this is that I can go deep into enemy sites and be guaranteed at least 15 upvotes that will see me pushed to the top of a thread where the readership will then start upvoting as well. It also means other Nationalists will pile on the thread as ‘‘back up’‘. The disadvantage is that the Mods will, quite rightly, think their comments are under a coordinated attack, this isn’t hard to prove because we all have to have our privacy settings open.

Yesterday someone I’m ‘‘Following’’ went through his whole list of Nationalists and commented ‘‘Merry Christmas’‘under each, where they were busy, so as I scrolled down my Home Page I saw Nationalists in action across 50 MSM sites! all banging away at the JQ, White Genocide, Cultural Marxism etc etc Quite heartening to see.

And as we can see from this Breibart thread on Danny Cohen, it is working, despite my comment above even the most Pro Jewish sites can’t stop the public connecting their present woes to Jews

I have no idea what ‘‘4/chan is all about, it seems to be those Japanese Anima chicks dressed up as Nazis, I haven’t a clue what it’s about. I do know our boys are prone to idle chatter on friendly sites when they should be out there getting message out though.


Posted by uKn_Leo on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 13:41 | #

Morgs - 4CHAN was set up as an anime fans site. You can post anonymously and there is all but no moderation (one of the last bastions of free speech).  /pol/ = politically incorrect. That part of the site was started for people to discuss politics. It attracted our side like moths to a flame and grew to be perhaps ten times larger than all our other sites combined (tens of millions of unique visits per month). As such it was hugely important.

With free reign to think and talk openly it is no surprise what conclusions the users there eventually came to regarding issues like the JQ/Holohoax/Cultural Marxism etc. Countless individuals came over to our side after visiting there. It is a running joke that indoctrinated young ‘uns/SJW’s turn drastically rightwards after five minutes of browsing /pol/.

As such is has come under relentless attack by the JIDF and leftists. 4CHAN in general is full of weirdos and degenerates and is to be avoided. But /pol/ in it’s prime was magnificent, being the launch pad for huge raids on sites like Tumblr (who are/were at war with /pol/), and the source of many bogus SJW movements and memes that have made SJW’s look ridiculous.

A few weeks ago a poster started dumping info about a series of false flag Mossad attacks in Syria. The site was shut down for a while, then when it came back on it had been completely ruined - full of disgusting, hate filled, anti-White Jewish degeneracy. The owner of 4CHAN has also been gotten too by a Jewish SJW. Backed by new JIDF/SJW mods, the war was over. They had won and shut /pol/ down.

So /pol/ just moved to a new home instead, here:

I don’t think /pol/ is really for you guys. It is most useful for drawing in new people. But an enormous amount of good work happens there. It has it’s own culture that will seem quite odd to outsiders. Most of the degeneracy you see there is the JIDF trying to discredit and destroy it. The battle for the survival of /pol/ mirrors the battle going on everywhere else.

The JIDF killed 4CHAN/pol/ but now they are back to square one at 8CHAN and have to put that enormous effort in all over again. If they kill 8CHAN everyone will just move on from there. Millions of young ‘uns have witnessed this going on. They have seen the JIDF in action in front of their eyes, the pure evil of Jewish anti-White hatred.

Without the censorship of the MSM you would see /pol/ and /pol/ memes all over the place. Our enemies state all the time that our side will die out with the current generation. I just wanted to let you guys all know how utterly, utterly wrong that assertion is.

Behind the scenes we grow stronger every minute.

Soon, our time will come.


Posted by uKn_Leo on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 14:04 | #

I do feel like I am answerable to you guys. I believe in hierarchy, and I consider Morgoth, GW, Lurker and Dan to be at the pinnacle of that. You are our leaders.

I intend to stick it out @ the DT until the last.

The deleted comments and closed threads do not go unnoticed. See this from Reddit the other day for example:

From this thread:

Merry Christmas to you all, please have one on me (thanks for the Tull links Dan).

2015 will be ours.


Posted by DanielS on Sun, 28 Dec 2014 02:57 | #

Since it seems that Dana would take advantage of a loose end, let me tie it up:

When I said “how the theory goes” (as to why Jews would act suicidally) it was in response to why they would encourage Muslim among other immigration in Europe.

Of course one approaches these matters gingerly when introducing the JQ and is hesitant to invoke the parasite metaphor.

Nevertheless, the theory of why they would act suicidally, introducing antagonistic forces into places where they could otherwise thrive, has to do with their being a foreign biological system, which does not appreciate the good it derives from its host nation’s peoples but acts rather automatically on the basis of its biology to weaken the defenses (in one way among others, by introducing other foreigners) of the host nation and feeds on it until its destroyed -unthinking, unplanning about the fact that it would be better off allowing the host country to flourish.

Now that is how the theory goes as to why they would act in way that would encourage the destruction of a habitat they depend upon, even introducing hostile peoples such as Muslims.

That lack of planning could function on a biological level.

It could be (is) deliberate and planned at the same time among their elites, who, recognizing the precariousness of their own small population among vast foreign nations need to create conflict among others and against their own Jewish people so that they in-gather and do not assimilate.

The destruction of a host nation is not a great problem to them, assimilation is the problem, and they believe that they can always regroup somewhere else.

This is all known in WN, of course, I am just presenting it for those dipping their toes into the JQ and so that it is known that I know.


Posted by $11 million for Front Nationale on Tue, 30 Dec 2014 16:11 | #

Europe’s Far Right And Putin Get Cozy, With Benefits For Both:

Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front, has made no secret of her admiration for Putin and has traveled to Moscow on several occasions. It seems to have paid off. Last month a Russian bank lent the National Front $11 million.


Posted by 12 shot on Wed, 07 Jan 2015 11:59 | #

Gunmen have shot dead 12 people at the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in an apparent militant Islamist attack.


Posted by Genocide of Whites on Wed, 28 Jan 2015 20:44 | #

Genocide of Whites

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=”//” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>



Posted by John Bean's nationalism on Tue, 17 Feb 2015 16:43 | #

Reviewed by Colin Liddell

Blood in the Square, by John Bean

Ostara Publications, 2014; Kindle version

Blood in the Square is a highly readable novel about the world of nationalist politics in Britain of the 1960s. I raced through its 119 pages in a couple of normal working days. This might suggest that it is a well-crafted work by a veteran novelist, with all the tricks of the trade at his command. But although the writer, John Bean, is certainly a ‘veteran,’ he is a veteran of nationalism, not fiction. This this work represents his debut as a novelist at the sprightly age of 87!

The reason the novel reads so well is that Bean is a natural storyteller and knows his subject inside-out. He has used this deep knowledge of the issues and characters of British nationalism to construct a believable and entertaining narrative that also gives great political insight, especially into the practical problems faced by nationalists in building a movement and getting their message across to a largely unsympathetic audience. The 1950s and 60s was a difficult time for nationalists thanks to recent memories of World War II, relatively low levels of immigration (by today’s standards), and the electorate’s unrelenting focus on economic and social issues, instead of cultural and existential ones.

One of the advantages of great age is that Bean writes from a perspective that overarches this entire period, and with awareness of what came before and what comes after. As far as British nationalism goes, he has seen it all.

Born in 1927, he was called up for national service in 1945, spending time in both the RAF and Royal Navy in the immediate post-war period. In 1950, after a stint working in India, he joined Oswald Mosley’s post-war Union Movement, before going on to start his own party, the National Labour Party, in 1957.

With a socialist-influenced economic focus, this party was designed to appeal to the demographic that was to be hit hardest by mass immigration in the following decades, namely the British urban working class. For this reason, the National Labour Party has served as a kind of template for more recent manifestations of British nationalism, such as the BNP and the present day British Democratic Party, of which Bean is now a member

Full article at TOO


Posted by 170,000 on Thu, 16 Apr 2015 10:58 | #

EU braces for record year of Mediterranean migrants

African men make up the bulk of the illegal migrants making the voyage to Europe.

With migration across the Mediterranean surging, the European Union’s largest border operation is bracing for a record year of arrivals by sea, especially as summer brings calm waters between Italy and Libya.

Off the eastern coast of Sicily, the 18-member crew of the Icelandic coast guard vessel Tyr – named after a Nordic god of war – are conducting rescue drills in seas more familiar in Greek mythology, preparing for the worst.

Though the United Nations refugee agency has criticised the mission, known as Triton, because its mandate is not search and rescue but border control with patrols near the Italian coast, the EU border agency Frontex says it is saving lives.

“We participate in a lot of search and rescue operations that take place far from the Italian shore, usually about 40 nautical miles north of Libya,” Frontex spokeswoman Ewa Moncure told Reuters on the bridge of the Tyr yesterday.


About 170,000 entered the EU through Italy last year by way of the dangerous sea crossing organised by human traffickers, mostly in Libya, while more than 3,000 perished.

During the first two months of this year, arrivals were up 43 per cent versus the same period of 2014.

Belgian MP Describes Muslim Immigration as “Invasion”

Aldo Garcaci told a UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, conference in Blackpool that “Muslim immigration from across the Mediterranean is getting totally out of proportion.”

Garcaci can be heard saying in an audio recording obtained by the Guardian: “It is not immigration, it’ is invasion. Europe is totally inefficient in tackling it.”According to the same source, the Belgian MP told people attending the UKIP conference that: “It’s an invasion, it’s a Trojan horse…It is for us, we are in the end of civilization. Because if we continue to accept the Muslim immigration, for us, it’s a big problem.”The MP’s comments seemed to bother the UKIP Party

“Mr. Garcaci is not a member of UKIP, a spokesman of UKIP was quoted by the Guardian as saying, but added that” nor do we sanction his phraseology (…) “It is true that migration is out of control.”The Belgian People’s Party is in the same pan-European Political group as UKIP, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE). The latter includes anti-immigration parties from across Europe.




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