Nicholas Katzenbach: Soft Spoken Evil

Posted by DanielS on Thursday, 04 July 2013 04:15.

“I am unhappy that The Supreme Court which gave us Brown has thrown what I believe to be unnecessary roadblocks on speeding up the process of racial integration and finally getting to the color blind society we would (want) but the direction we are moving in is clear, even if the pace is slower than it should be and in final analysis we owe that to the Court which had the courage and unaninimity to decide Brown.” - Nicholas Katzenbach

Notice how integration (which used to be the word that you would hear all the time back in the 60’s and 70’s) has given way to the word “diversity”, by which “activists” still mean forced integration.


Nicholas Katzenbach (1922 - 2012):

“The resistance of the White South to integration and the determination of blacks to gain equal treatment was leading to increased danger and more and more violence.

There were very few laws to enforce. Enforcing Brown on any scale took time and resources. How many schools can be sued?

With the freedom riders, it became clear that legislation was needed; the Federal government had limited resources when it came to protecting unpopular free speech.

Violence continued and disjointed action required Federal legislation.

If we think of Brown as desegregating education it is a failure.

But the fault was neither that of Brown nor of the Court. The Court did in fact eliminate state supported segregation; it could not and did not eliminate discrimination based on other factors; property taxes; housing patterns, school district lines; including summary racial bias.

If we think of Brown in political terms it has accomplished much. It has abolished state segregation in all segments of our society.

Alabama Governor Wallace confronted by Katzenbach on school desegregation

No Justice could have predicted the impact of Brown but they all knew it was a turning point in our long history of racial prejudice.

Martin Luther King and the Southern church leaders seized upon the decision to seek rights far in excess of what the Courts had provided.

We (Katzenbach, Kennedies, Johnson, The Warren Court, Jewish leaders) had a good relationship with ‘Civil Rights’, (Civil Rights circa the 1964 Act meaning, a violation of freedom of/from association) leaders, but the Civil Rights leaders were always critical that we were not doing enough. I think they were quite right in taking that view….but we couldn’t figure out what it was that they wanted us to do…we did a great deal, but the answer had to be legislation, you had to have not only The President, not only The Attorney General, not even The Supreme Court as with The Brown Case, you really had to have The Congress and the people behind this; and you were not going to get anywhere until that happened.

The march on Washington (1963) was a glimpse of what America should be.

All speeches with blacks and Whites speaking in favor of integration.

Thanks to Dr. King and the many people that worked with him, his peaceful demonstrations (in truth, deliberately provocative of violence and legal response), thanks to television (framing and creating reaction to those “peaceful’ demonstrations, viz. provocations by which the media could misrepresent Whites as the aggressors) ‘people’ finally said that this was wrong, Republicans, Democrats both, and we were able to get that legislation passed.”

Katzenbach worked hard on drafting and passing that legislation - “The Civil Rights Act” (forced integration act) of 1964.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it unlawful for an employer to “fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions or privileges or employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Among other prohibitions against discrimination..

We have here in culmination, the ultimate in double speak terms: “Civil Rights” equals being told whose babies we have to pay for, with whom we must study (Brown vs. Board of Education), whose children we have to educate (with precious knowledge, tortuously acquired in our sublimation), to whom we must rent, to whom we must sell, whom we must hire, and whom we must serve even in our private businesses –  and this is called “freedom” - [!]

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned racial segregation “by businesses offering food, lodging, gasoline, or entertainment to the public.”

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that “An employer cannot discriminate against a person because of his interracial association with another, such as by an interracial marriage.”

Even freedom of association, as it does not account for full processual development of those within the class, would not be sufficiently deep by itself, were it allowed. But while that objectivist, rational blindness of Civil Rights was bad enough, Jewish interests perverted its meaning to violate that freedom of association even, with The Civil Rights Act.

Nevertheless, we can defeat the boundless mulatto supremacist hatred of the Jews, for Whites.

However, that will, in part, require overcoming our rational blindness.


Deputy Attorney General Nicholas D. Katzenbach working alongside a Kennedy clan willing to sell out and open its country to catastrophic integration in order to gain power, along with a similarly disposed Lyndon B. Johnson, giving W. Bush a good run for worst President ever, sundry other Jews and objectivist Whites, oversaw departmental operations in desegregating the University of Mississippi in September 1962 and the University of Alabama in June 1963 – where Katzenbach (personally and symbolically moved Governor Wallace aside and) opened the door for non-Whites - also worked with Congress to ensure the passage of the Voting Rights Act, along with his 1964 Civil Rights Act, which received significant help in passing from yes, that Emmanuel Cellar, while facilitating Cellar’s special project, The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.

Lyndon Johnson and Nicholas Katzenbach on the Immigration Bill:

This is an excerpt from a conversation between President Johnson and Attorney General Nicolas Katzenbach. The clip picks up with Johnson asking, “What’re you gonna do for me on my birthday? Get the immigration bill reported?” Katzenbach and Rep. Emmanuel Cellar (the key sponsor of the bill who happens to be in the office with LBJ at the time) then discuss the cap on western hemisphere immigration, which Cellar opposes.

Of course none of this forced integration takes into account profound biological differences between groups of people and their demographic, reproductive patterns.

Nevertheless, we can defeat the boundless mulatto supremacist hatred of the Jews, for Whites.

It will, in part, require overcoming our rational blindness.

Next Up:

Hannah Arendt

Justice Breyer

Lyndon B. Johnson

Herbert Marcuse

Rahm Emanual




Posted by Sal on Thu, 04 Jul 2013 20:53 | #

Wish he died sooner.  That includes the other 5 listed as well.  And Daniel, hopefully, you are still safe from the criminal negroes.  Just my simple guido, WOP-ish concerns…


Posted by Ryan on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 00:26 | #

It might be better putting the large portrait of Katzenbach beneath the fold, or perhaps reducing the size of the image.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 00:50 | #

Thanks Sal, still surprisingly White for the time being. However, there are so many apartment blocks going up that I feel like I’m whistling in the dark.

I’d think sooner or later these developers will think that they just have to rent or sell these units to whomever.

That is among other worrying signs….such as Mike Tyson being promoted as a role model.

In these post communist countries it is really hard to discuss the fact that liberalism/capitalism is one of our chief problems now.


Hi Ryan, it might be better for some; personally, I like it this way as it dramatically focuses negative attention of an individual who really deserves it as he has not gotten enough attention.





Posted by DanielS on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 01:09 | #

No state shall deprive any person equal protection of the law (14th Amendment).

“Designed to bring former slaves into mainstream, Breyer applies this to affirmative action: Laws that treat minorities negatively are worse than those who treat them positively.

It is the Democratic purpose to create participation.

The Constitution is inclusive, to bring people into participation”

What is crucial is that neither Breyer not Katzenbach are taking into account profound biological differences and demographic reproductive patterns.


Supreme Court Justice Breyer noted that Arthur Schesinger coined the term “activist” judge to apply to those Justices on the Warren Court.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 01:53 | #

worse than those who treat them positively


worse than those that treat them positively


Posted by Bill on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 02:07 | #

I’ve no idea if the following article belongs in this thread, but if things get a little slow then you might find it of some interest.  Some, no doubt will already be familiar, others may not.

Liberal Democracy or Global Governance?

By John Fonte October 2011


The main obstacle to the global governance project is American sovereignty and all that entails by way of American exceptionalism in politics, culture, religion, economics, national identity, and jurisprudence. The more sophisticated transnationalists know that global governance could only advance under U.S. “leadership.” American submission to global authority would have to be voluntary (self-subordination); it could not realistically be imposed by international and transnational institutions such as the UN, EU, WTO, ICC, and the like, or by other nation-states.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 02:13 | #

For those who like to contemplate conspiracy theory:

From “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, Senate investigator, Harold Weisberg:

Kennedy was killed on Friday, November 22nd, 1963.

“Lee Harvey Oswald was Killed by Jack Ruby on Sunday, November 24th 1963. Nicholas Katzenbach was the acting Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General - and he knew immediately that Oswald was not going to be tried. They didn’t have to put this evidence * into court: so, he (Katzenbach) takes a lawyer’s yellow legal pad and writes out in long hand a memorandum to Bill Moyers, that was the channel to Lyndon Johnson; and in essence he says we’ve got to convince the world that Oswald was a lone assassin and the evidence was such that he would have been convicted if he had gone to trial. This is before they collected any evidence.* This is Monday morning - the Monday after the assassination.”

* Autopsy of Kennedy’s wounds indicating trajectory of bullets.


Posted by Thorn on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 07:26 | #

The following presentation is very good. My only question is is Lessig wittingly or unwittingly using the term “Lesters” as a codeword for Jews? He must be in light of the fact that in any given election cycle, Jews account for 50% to 60% of the Democrat Party contributions and 30% to 40% of the Republican Party contributions. As a side note, the Gay lobby accounts for 20% of the contributions, No doubt there’s overlap between the Jew and Gay contributions, but it only increases the power of those two groups because their interests run parallel; i.e., permanently transform America into a multicultural morally-degenerate cesspool.

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

“There is a corruption at the heart of American politics, caused by the dependence of Congressional candidates on funding from the tiniest percentage of citizens. That’s the argument at the core of this blistering talk by legal scholar Lawrence Lessig. With rapid-fire visuals, he shows how the funding process weakens the Republic in the most fundamental way, and issues a rallying bipartisan cry that will resonate with many in the U.S. and beyond.”


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 05 Jul 2013 19:43 | #

Thorn et al,

Democracy is a form of socialism. We don’t need to “get our democracy back”, we need to Take Back Our Country. That country, indeed all European nations, were traditionally non-democratic, and reached higher levels of civilization in part because of it (the modern age of democracy has been one of non-stop de-civilization). The American Founders hated and feared even exclusively white men’s democracy (let alone giving away the vote to women, blacks, and Indians, not to mention criminals and paupers), and accordingly gave us a republic with a restricted franchise. We need that nation and its form of government restored. We will not get it back, however, except as a result of successful revolutionary violence and reimposition (though the exact form of any newly established Occidental State will probably not precisely mirror the Old American Order). Take note, conservatives of all stripes. 

The problem in white brainwashing is not the enemy’s money, but the ease with which whites get seduced. I continue to claim this is due to genetic defectiveness, not intelligence. I have known highly intelligent whites who were not Jewish, but sincerely ‘drank the (antiracist) Kool-Aid’, as well as whites of modest IQ who ‘get it’ on race. I cannot prove, but am convinced, that this propensity to racial utopianism was always latent in our race, a time bomb waiting for the right set of ideological circumstances to explode. It has exploded, and the only white genomes which will endure are those with innate inoculation. The WP task is to continue reaching out to such persons (whom we cannot identify until after they have exhibited ‘awakening’) with the truth, and to convince the awakened of what steps must actually be taken to ensure ultimate racial perpetuity (ie, White Zion: we need ethnic homelands, like Israel).

Meanwhile, as this awakening proceeds painstakingly, we must also fight to slow our dispossession by conventional politics, even as we recognize that such politics will only result in our losing more slowly, and cannot bring us victory in the war for racial survival. On that note, for those Americans in the We Would Rather Fight Than Talk Brigade, we must now furiously hound the House GOP, letting the bastards know that we oppose any illegal alien amnesty, any “path to citizenship”, and any increase in legal immigration. Now is the time to defend America, even as WPs know the country will inevitably be lost to the race which founded and built it. We need to slow our dispossession in order to continue the racial awakening process - and the Senate’s Treason Bill dramatically speeds up our racial majoritarian demise.

I have begun calling Congress, GOP House member by member, and I suggest you all do likewise. I intend to call them all (about 230 total). What I have found most effective is to say that you are not only a GOP voter, but a GOP donor, and that over the next three election cycles (2014-18, which covers everyone in the Senate), you intend to give $10000 (say “10 allotments of $1000 each in each election cycle”) exclusively to any anti-immigration Tea Party GOP primary opponents of existing Members who vote Yes for any type of path to citizenship for illegal aliens, or any increase in immigration at all. Mention all the various arguments against immigration as you will, but it’s the money threat that is most meaningful, so speak credibly and well (say you’re a finance professional, doctor, attorney, real estate developer, executive VP, etc). If the Member’s staff person says the Member already opposes the Senate bill, and any amnesty, thank him, and say you might throw him a hundred dollars for his reelection. The important point to make, however, is that you are angry with traitors, and wish to punish them specifically, as opposed to rewarding patriots merely for doing their damn jobs.

Anger is more powerful than gratitude in motivating these people to do the right thing.


Posted by Thorn on Sat, 06 Jul 2013 08:56 | #


Quite true, we don’t need to “get out democracy back.” As we all know, democracy reduced down to its lowest common denominator amounts to mob rule. What Lessig is suggesting is we reclaim our Republic—or to be more precise our Constitutionally limited Republic. What he correctly stresses in his presentation is the General elections are all but a charade due to the fact the big funders , for all intents and purposes, select the candidates before ‘We the People’ get to the ballot box. IOWs the General elections are always rigged in great favor of the tiny faction of those who are the big campaign funders/contributors—or the “Lesters” as Lessig termed them.

Have you watched Lawrence Lessig’s presentation? It well worth it. It’s only 18 minutes long.

Here’s another article that reinforces the fact that the sum total of all contributions to political parties/individual candidates, only a minute fraction of those who contribute account for most, if not almost all of the contributions.

This corrupt system in which the choosing/buying/influencing candidates with special interest groups’ vast sums of money must be broken up if we are to have any chance whatsoever at the ballot box.


Posted by Thorn on Sat, 06 Jul 2013 11:09 | #

I have begun calling Congress, GOP House member by member, and I suggest you all do likewise.

That’s good advice. All we can do is keep plugging away—never quit trying. Never give up the ship.  Keep the flame burning ... or whatever….

As KMac often laments: until we can get a billionaire or a group of very wealthy donors backing up the White Preservationist cause, we will remain a very small niche on the political landscape.

Great amounts of money, spent on the best talent available, is an absolute requirement in order to get the WP movement up and running. Any other course of action without big money backing us is impracticable—it falls into the realm of wishful thinking, IMHO.



Posted by Thorn on Sat, 06 Jul 2013 16:29 | #

Well, if nothing else, you have to admire his passion.

H/T to Occidental Observer.

How Not To Defend Atheism - Crazy gay, jewish Atheist.




Posted by DanielS on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 06:44 | #

Good article by Colin Liddell on how to make pedophile gang-rape acceptable to the British public

He makes a particularly astute observation that a large part of the strategy of making it “acceptable” would be to present it as something that the Muslim folk cannot help but doing, while their presence in Britain is also inevitable.


Posted by torgrim on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 08:53 | #

Thorne says; “Well, if nothing else, you have to admire his passion”.

Ah, actually I don’t, I couldn’t even finish watching this arm swinging, posturing, loudmouth, I just shut him up with the click of a mouse. He acted like a spoiled toddler screaming for more mush, gawd am I sick of these whinning, self righteous, dick heads!


Posted by Bill on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 11:50 | #


He makes a particularly astute observation that a large part of the strategy of making it “acceptable” would be to present it as something that the Muslim folk cannot help but doing, while their presence in Britain is also inevitable


Yes, I found Liddel’s article interesting, in fact I have marvelled at the BBC’s achievements in overturning (almost single handedly) Britain’s culture within the span of 2 generations.

I’m of a certain age that have had the (dubious) privilege of witnessing this feat at first hand, I well recall being shocked at hearing the term ‘pissed off’ for the first time being used in a family aimed story.

Within a short time this term cropped up again and then again.  Within months it was common currency.  This was the start of the incremental softly-softly catchee monkee technique which has followed ever since.

It’s so simple.

All of what Liddell writes about in this article demonstrates the success of this incremental technique, in fact the whole of the neoliberal upside down revolution success has been achieved in this fashion.

The pushing of the BBC envelope.

This didn’t go unnoticed.  A sensible mature lady by the name of Mary Whitehouse cottoned on to what the BBC were about and she set up a campaign to protest most vigorously at upturning of Britain’s values.  This woman’s activism became legend and continued until her death.

Did it make one jot of difference to the attitudes displayed by the BBC?  I didn’t notice any acknowledgement by the BBC other than lampooning the lady and humiliating her at every turn, the inevitable result being the BBC viewer joined in the fun.

There are many discussions taking place at the moment with regard to the perceived left liberal bias habitually attributed to the BBC by its viewers, here’s another such article in today’s Telegraph.

Mary Whitehouse battled on to the end and the BBC never even blinked.


Posted by Thorn on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 12:04 | #

I get where you’re coming from, torgrim.  Your reaction is perfectly understandable and legitimate. But one can view the incident as humorous too. His antics perfectly illustrate the stereotypical hysterical anti-Christian homosexual Jewish zealot. If that mad man was not straight out of Central Casting, he missed show biz for sure. Although he’s on the opposite side of the side of the political/ideological coin as the late great Andrew Breitbart, they both demonstrate similar traits.

Here’s Andrew Brietbart in action; he calls the left-wing rabble at Occupy Wall Street freaks and aminals (LOL!):

Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy Protesters



Posted by DanielS on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 13:54 | #

Bill, your observation of shocking changes resonates.

I’m really glad that you are here at MR. Stay with us, please.


Posted by Mick Lately on Sun, 07 Jul 2013 14:07 | #

I think Colin Liddell is on a good run of articles though I would like to seem him address the JQ at some point.


Posted by torgrim on Mon, 08 Jul 2013 21:24 | #

I get it too Thorne, and this guy is really hysterical, and I can understand that he can be seen as a comical parody of a ranting man/boy….It’s just that yelling and getting in someone’s personal “space” for lack of a better word, is just so irritating to me, not just from the volume but that one is now expected to just take it, don’t leave, or fight back, just take it and take it. It must be a genetic/tribal thing for me, that behavior engenders the fight or flight response, that’s all.


Posted by Al Ross on Mon, 08 Jul 2013 22:34 | #

I remember Katzenbach from successive years of IBM Annual Stockholder Reports in which he featured among the Corporate Officers of that company. Katzenbach’s title was VP and General Counsel and he was hired by the then CEO, Thomas J. Watson Jr, a Kennedy stalwart, whose liberalism doubtless influenced the hiring process.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 12 Jul 2013 03:19 | #

hmm, good job of editing, whomever: it works well to have those utterances forefronted and for Katzenbach’s photo to be placed where it is.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 12 Jul 2013 04:13 | #

That’s OK, Daniel.  We had had a couple of complainants who did wished to gaze no more upon the face of Mr Katzenbach, and that seemed like a pretty good idea to me.

I look forward to your piece on Arendt, who I reference quite often when debating the Chosen elsewhere.


Posted by DanielS on Tue, 17 Feb 2015 04:09 | #

The Politics Of Passing 1964’s Civil Rights Act

Terry Gross begins the topic by attributing the groundwork of the 64 “civil rights” act to Martin Luther King, and not the likes of Hannah Arendt, Katzenbach, the Marxist Highlander school and so on..

Then she introduces author Tom Purdum, who starts by saying what is true (but obviously not in the positive sense that he means it):

“In a very real sense The Civil Rights Act of 1964 created modern America..

In a very important way, this law, which is also called the most important law of the 21rst century, has created the world that we live in”..


“What were some of the actions of the civil rights movement that were most effective in pushing President Kennedy to move forward with civil rights legislation?”


“well in the beginning of his administration with the sit-ins and the freedom rides, demonstrations across America..

The Old Man cites the church burning (perhaps a Fed set up) that killed four black girls as the cold water on the face of what was then popular resistance to so called “civil rights”.. instigating further unrest and demonstrations all over..


“Nicholas Katzenhach, who was the Assistant Attorney General at the time, told me shortly before he died that he did believe that part of the impulse among members of Congress for passing the law (which Katzenbach worked hard for) was not necessarily highly idealistic, but practical, to kind of calm the waters and put an end to these demonstrations.”

..the provided solution to the instigated black/liberal protests.

So there you have it in tidy sum, the old Marxist problem - reaction - “solution”.

Roman Sznajder and Maja Możejko would be proud


Posted by Wirth's strategy: integration into middle class on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 20:55 | #

Excellent article: Manspreading for Lebensraum, Part 2 -

Alex Fontana on Louis Wirth’s strategy of “integration” - in The US, integration of all goyem ethnies, as deracinated individuals into the promised middle class, would take the place of the promise of their place in the proletariat group to be elevated in “proletariat rule.”

Here is Part 1: Manspreading for Lebensraum, Part 1


Posted by Addendum on Katzenbach on Thu, 14 Jan 2016 01:50 | #

Addendum on Katzenbach


Posted by Jack Greenberg on Sat, 15 Oct 2016 11:26 | #

“Civil Rights” Attorney (((Jack Greenberg))) explains how he argued the 1954 Brown v Board of Education school desegregation decision:

I wonder if people in the third world understand what it means to not be able to discriminate against blacks..’s like not being able to discriminate against wild animals.

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