Giles, Baldwin and State vs Federal Representative Races

Posted by James Bowery on Tuesday, 05 January 2010 13:05.

2010 presents a great opportunity. Turbulent conditions in confluence with off-year electoral races for Representative at both the State and Federal levels, open a window of opportunity.

I have advocated targeting the take over of the US House of Representatives with the Laboratory of the States Platform, which would turn over Federal funds and programs to the States in order to comply with the 10th Amendment. 

Others, such as Constitutional Party Presidential candidate Rev. Chuck Baldwin and Mississippi legislature candidate Jimmy Giles of Radio Free Mississippi fame (or infamy depending on your persuasion), have advocated running for Representative seats in State legislatures.  I must admit they have a point but I think they are underestimating the synergy of a combined effort between Laboratory of the States Platform candidates for the US House of Representatives, and candidates for State legislatures.

Candidate Jimmy Giles has been a focal of controversy recently.  Although I dislike the politics of personality that forms the bulk of that controversy, his soon-to-be-defunct “radio program” has been an valuable contribution toward the realization of the potential of 2010. 

Let me explain…

Candidate Giles is an Anglo-Saxon warrior ready for battle demanding Anglo-Saxon military leadership.  Although, despite being one of about a dozen technical types pulling the Joint Chiefs of Staff out of an “imminent nuclear war” situation back in 1987, I would not presume to put myself in the same league as a genuine Anglo-Saxon warrior.  I am a smith.  Nevertheless, I stand ready to fight and second his demand for leadership, disregarding his manner except insofar as it exhibits his sincerity.  It is the correct demand for the times we are in.

Moreover, he is correct that the first place that Anglo-Saxon military leadership should make its presence known is in representative government.  Retired military officers have the vigor and independent income to pursue public office, and so doing, will be educated in the morbid details of the government’s standing violation of the Constitution to which those Anglo-Saxons took an oath to defend from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Moreover, I agree with Candidate Giles that in the case of those running for State legislatures as representatives, they should make no bones about their preferences for the kind of human ecology in which they wish to live and see their grandchildren raised.  If that preference is, as with Candidate Giles, to represent “white people” in their search for a “white homeland” because “niggers are at large who will rape and murder you and the Federal, State and local police will not protect you from them”, then that is what they should do.

Where Candidate Giles, and indeed even relatively honorable ministers like Chuck Baldwin, fall short is that there is a critical place for Anglo-Saxon military men who would run for United States House of Representatives, and where I may differ with Candidate Giles is in the platform I believe those men should adopt so as to uphold their oath—a platform that is not biased with respect to race, religion, etc.—a platform that is the most direct route to bringing the US Federal government within Constitutional limits.

The Anglo-Saxon retired military officers running for state legislatures should work with the Anglo-Saxon retired military officers running for US House of Representatives in a synergistic alliance to allow the state legislatures to pursue truth and freedom with the funds now going to the Federal bureaucracies.  The transition will, as a practical matter, be a devolution of Federal programs, as they stand, along with funds to the State bureaucracies.  This transition must be legislated at the Federal level.  That is why candidates for State legislatures, whatever their politics, should support the Laboratory of the States candidates for US House of Representatives.

Moreover, in the current economic climate, there is a critical need for material and logistical support for the campaigns of the retired military officers running for office.  These material supports are unlikely to be funded by Federal Reserve dollars.  This is part of the urgency behind the work for a local currency system based on electronic barter.

So let’s unite under this principle:

Representative government at both the State and Federal level must work for States that are expressions of diverse and strongly held, even “religious” beliefs and principles—but the Federal government is for protecting US territory from trespass.




Posted by Euro on Tue, 05 Jan 2010 17:20 | #

James writes:The Anglo-Saxon retired military officers running for state legislatures should work with the Anglo-Saxon retired military officers running for US House of Representatives in a synergistic alliance to allow the state legislatures to pursue truth and freedom with the funds now going to the Federal bureaucracies.  The transition will, as a practical matter, be a devolution of Federal programs, as they stand, along with funds to the State bureaucracies.

Yo,Jimbo! Take a gander at this. First, a State by State breakdown of who’s gettin’ the loot here:

Next,a State by State breakdown of ethnicity here:

Notice anything peculiar?

Your LOTS will founder,largely because most of those wonderful States you’re so enamored of are getting a piece of the action in exchange for loyalty to the current regime. (A loyalty that is part of a not-so-subtle ethnic animus.) The same goes for those “Anglo-Saxon” macho-men. In any event,the States have proven themselves incapable of maintaining their sovereignty in the past,what makes you think they’ll be any better at it in future?

Ponder this:

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” ~ Lysander Spooner



Posted by James Bowery on Tue, 05 Jan 2010 18:39 | #

Don’t worry, Euroleo.  The land title centralization in the states you’re concerned about resenting LotS is so skewed against the men who shed blood that they’ll be more than happy to provide the service.  Furthermore, since ya’ll will end up with so much better ratios of revenue, doesn’t the LotS platform let your people go?  Why not support it?

And insofar as States not being able to hold onto their sovereignty, you’re clueless about the changes in political and military reality since the “civil war”.  At that time, people hadn’t experienced a Federal government that was out to race-replace them.  Moreover, technology hadn’t amplified the ability of individuals nor had it so centralized infrastructure that the vulnerabilities are in what can only be called a metastable state.

If you want to talk to some military types who are actually published in this area, it might benefit you but I certainly wouldn’t want to waste their time on you.


Posted by NW European on Tue, 05 Jan 2010 21:51 | #


Yes, by all means.  After the United States is split up into ethnostates, I wholeheartedly support Italian-Americans having their own ethnostate.

I’m sure that out of reciprocity you would support the same for founding stock Americans.  It would also be in your self-interest, as having your own state would mean you would no longer be oppressed and burdened by the evil WASPs.


Posted by Euro on Wed, 06 Jan 2010 11:16 | #

James,NWE; the let my people go remark was made somewhat in jest.You guys need to lighten up.I’m not dead set against you. I believe that intellectual confrontation/debate is good and healthy.It forces you to think (and re-think) and can be fun and stimulating.

I will attempt to respond to your responses later this evening.


Posted by Ivan on Wed, 06 Jan 2010 15:15 | #

I believed for quite some time now that Jim Giles was doing extremely valuable work. That being the case, I promoted him as much as I could with modest means available to me. And I don’t regret that I did. However, my belief in the usefulness of Giles’ genuine efforts to do what is right has eroded steadily all the way to his recent arrogant attack on Dr William Pierce at which point it became obvious to me that the unintentional damage of what he is doing significantly outweighs its benefits.

What follows is my second letter to Giles regarding his attack on Dr Pierce. Unlike the first one, Jim opted not to air my second letter; that’s why I’m posting it here. I intend to post it on the upcoming Open Thread in VNN as well.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Subject: Gloves are off

Ok, Jimbo, gloves are off. I didn’t ask for this, you did. I am going to hit your dumb ass where it hurts.

First, I want to apologize for keeping you waiting for my response. You see, Jimbo, I have a work to do, and I have to do it good, otherwise I am out of job. My wife doesn’t work and I don’t want her to work. I want her to be home and take care of me and my kids. And that’s exactly what she does. I have to work 12 hours a day sometimes to deliver what my kids and my wife need to live like human beings. And you want me to go to the court house and fetch some files for you so that you can have a material to work with on your show. Don’t you fucking know what does that entail for my family? You say it is legal. I suppose it is, I am not a lawyer. Does that change a fucking thing as of the consequences that follow from it?

Do you have any fucking idea what is going on in this country and around the world. You live in a bubble, man. You say that your family comes first before your race. Well, get a family first then, get a wife, have kids, then you can declare that your family comes first. I know this does hurt, and I wouldn’t hit on that if you not having a family of your own had anything to do with your fight against the system. How do I know that your family problems are not related to what you are doing today? Simple. You didn’t even have a clue of what was going on in this country 10 years ago when you were 40. Why couldn’t you build and keep a family before you reached 40? Now, at age 50, you inform us in your show that you go to shopping malls to look up some pretty girls. That is fucking pathetic. At age 50, one supposed to have grand children for gods sake.

I don’t have to fetch files for you from the court house, it’s not my job. It’s your job, it’s the job of others like you who want to be our leaders. There is no shortage of people out there who think that they are brave and who think they have qualities required to be a genuine leader. It’s your fucking job to be brave and to be open if you want to be a leader. I am not a leader, and I don’t want to be a leader. You do. So do the fucking foot work yourself, don’t ask people out there to put their families at risk of becoming jobless and homeless. I know, you did your part in this regard. And I respect that. Good for you.

About audio DNA. I didn’t like your audio DNA this morning, brother. I didn’t like it at all, there was some shivering in your voice there at the start and I knew immediately that was about my letter. You see, Jimbo, I have blue tick nose of my own. And that harping about my e-mail’s subject “You broke my heart, Jimbo”. Have you ever watched Coppola’s “Godfather”, boy. “You broke my heart, Jimbo” was a play on “You broke my heart Fredo” - a line by your favorite actor Al Pacino, you, idiot. I thought you had at least some rudimentary sense of humor. A leader without a sense of humor! No, Jimbo, that’s not the kind of leader I want. And I am in charge here, not you. I decide who is going to be my leader, not some fucking idiot who wants to be my leader. My standards are very high, Jimbo, and you don’t come even close, boy. You could be a good leader for a dozen of “hard core” idiots, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having you as a commander of a battalion.

Leader has to have a vision, Jimbo. A cry “Follow me” won’t do it, brother, in the battle against the slick Jew, especially when one doesn’t recognize the Jew as THE PROBLEM. All you see is the niggers. Alex tried to explain to you where the nigger problem is coming from, and you kind of understood it, but I can see it now clearly that there is no genuine understanding of the problem on your part, and most probably never will be.

Another harping about me being anonymous. Yes, I am anonymous and I intend to remain anonymous. In fact, I do recommend everybody out there to be anonymous except for those who think of themselves as our future leaders and future elite. You, kids, out there keep your heads down and take care of your wives, your kids, and your families. Let the fucking “leaders” sort it out among themselves. And we, the ordinary and anonymous people, will decide who deserves to be our leaders and our elite. We have better things to do, we need to work, we need to take care of our kids and our families.

About your blue tick nose you swagger about so much. You have asserted that I am an officer or a stakeholder at National Alliance. Is that what your blue tick nose told you? Well, you have to blow your nose every once in a while, dude, it’s obviously clogged.

Back to General Schwarzkopf. General Schwarzkopf is out, he is done, finito, adios, forget about him, man. I doubt that he even has a genuine understanding of what the crux of the problem is. Assuming that he does, he would never dare to go against the Jew, not in America. The Jew got America by the balls, Jimbo. And nobody in America is contemplating a sure suicide by going against the Jew. It would take somebody with the combination of balls and brains of Hitler or Stalin.

Whites in America are fucked up and cornered for good. Only a genuine societal crisis can bring truly revolutionary change in America. And every thinking person like General Schwarzkopf can’t fail to recognize that simple truth and, understandably, is not willing to put his head on the line for nothing.

Only two national leaders of today have the balls to take the Jew on - Putin of Russia and Ahmadinejad of Iran. Putin doesn’t dare do it openly though, like Ahmadinejad does. But not in America, Jimbo, not in America. “Not now, John”

You said that you believe in 90% chance of General Schwarzkopf accepting your invitation for an interview. No, you don’t. And I am going to prove it to you. If you believe your probability estimate is correct, you should be willing to bet 10 to 1. I offer you a bet: If General Schwarzkopf accepts your invitation I will give you $1000, if he doesn’t, you owe me $100, that’s 10 to 1 bet. That’s what the theory of subjective probability says. To avoid ambiguities, you have two months to arrange the interview, after two months no excuses that you couldn’t get hold of him. Do you accept my bet?

Now, let me ask you this. How, in your fucking mind, good people like Dr Pierce and Alex Linder are supposed to raise money for a living. They cannot have jobs with the system. And Saint Jim Giles tells them it’s a sin to raise money by selling books, and audio, and video, and white nationalist music recordings etc, all of which, by the way, is serving exactly the purpose these good people devoted their lives to. Are they supposed to milk cows and goats and raise money by selling chicken eggs?

Dr Pierce found a way to make money the best fucking way imaginable in his circumstances, a way that at the same time served best for the cause he devoted his life to. Absolutely legitimate way. That was one of the reasons the system hated him so much and he commanded a great respect from those mother fuckers for the same reason: they couldn’t ruin him financially and they couldn’t get him legally. He was strictly legal, Jimbo, and he was always clear about the importance of being legal for every member of his organization. He wasn’t stupid, but some members of his organization were stupid enough to get in trouble with the law. And nobody can blame Dr Pierce for that.

I can’t stress enough: listen to Dr Pierce, buddy. Every fucking week he has been putting out half an hour radio broadcast for fucking 10 years in a row. And he never run out of material until the day he died. And every single broadcast was full of ideas and genuine emotions and genuine pain for the tragic fate of his people he sensed so keenly. And all what you have to say about the man is that he was a money man! And you claim you have the proper perspective on what is going on in this country! Pathetic.

Newton famously said: If I have achieved anything, that’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants. Dr. Pierce was, is, and will remain a giant for generations to come. By the way, he was a physicist just like Newton was. What he accomplished as a thinker in the field he devoted his life to is no less significant than Newton’s in physics. That’s my personal humble opinion, as a physicist also.

Listen to him, brother. Dr Pierce has been pounding and reporting black-on-white crime for years while you were in France experimenting with your sexuality (by the way, nothing wrong with that, we all did that in our college days) because he understood it to be one of the most potent ways to arose the emotions of ordinary white Americans and make them mad. I challenged you in my previous letter to come up with a single fucking idea that Dr Pierce haven’t thought about. You can’t. You simply can’t. By the way, you haven’t read that part in my letter for some reason. Most probably it wasn’t intentional, simple omission I guess.

Now, listen to me closely, boy, because I am going to give you a good advice for free. I am through listening to your blabbering, unless you get some good guests there. I don’t think I can learn anything new from you personally that I don’t know already. I am not old enough to be your father, but I am older than you are a bit, so don’t feel indignant about me giving you an advice. I am a simple man, Jimbo, just like you are, so no hard feelings, OK.

I told you before that you are a wholesome and decent man. And I still believe that to be true. No, let me take it back, I know that you are a wholesome and decent man. I can hear that in your voice. My advice to you is: get married and have kids before it’s too late. You have missed the best thing this world has to offer to a wholesome and decent man - it’s to father a child from a caring wife. Forget all that fantasies about becoming a leader. Get a family of your own, man. I know this is brutal. I hope it’s not as brutal as to be beyond your endurance. But I intend it to be brutal for your own sake. Think of it as a shock therapy. This kind of brutality is the only thing that can shake your indecision at your age. It’s not too late. Unless you follow my advice you cannot hope to stay psychologically fit and stable for too long. You have to get rid of that fatal vulnerability. You must do it. And I know you can do it. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the guy who spent years in Gulag and was exiled from his beloved Russia, had three sons after he married his second wife at age 51 if I recall correctly. So it’s not too late for you either. As the old adage goes: Where there is a will there is a way.

And when you find that white wholesome woman, invite me as your best man and I will come to your wedding. That’s a promise.

I wish you well, brother, I truly do. With enemies like myself you don’t need friends.

P. S. If you want to read this letter in your show, you do not have my permission to do so unless you are willing to read it in its entirety. All or nothing. I have this little gambling problem, Jimbo, like Dr Duke you might say grin


I still believe in Jim’s good intentions and that he can do a very useful work provided he overcomes his ego, drops his arrogance, and finds a way to get rid of his staggering ignorance.


Posted by James Bowery on Wed, 06 Jan 2010 17:24 | #

Candidate Giles’ focus on State legislatures covers a multitude of “sins” since even if he is an SPLC operative as some folks over at OD would have us believe, the biggest problem with the SPLC is its imposition of its religious canon at the Federal level.  As I said, religious beliefs (in the broad—Oxford’s 3rd definition—sense of that word) at the level of States is not only allowed, but mandated by the philosophy of truth and freedom.  Even if it were to turn out that Candidate Giles was Mark Potok’s gay lover (for the dense out there:  I’m being sardonic here), buying out his little acreage under eminent domain and providing him with relocation expenses to be nearer to his joy in life would be marvelous for all concerned, don’t you agree?

I mean who wouldn’t be fascinated to watch the course of “evolution” of a State where SPLC operatives were coming out of the closet with Mark Potok and living with the consequences of their own religious beliefs without inflicting them on others?


Posted by Drifter on Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:10 | #

Although both are meritous, there is some conflict between this guy’s ideas and the Laboratory of the States.


Posted by James Bowery on Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:49 | #

Ultimately there need be no such conflict since as land ownership decentralizes, Federal government tax burdens approach a much lower value than State government tax burdens.  This allows the States to become the primary locus of taxation which then allows them to try out many options—including his.

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