Light on Racial Accountability From Asia

Posted by DanielS on Tuesday, 09 February 2016 08:05.

Since I am paying more attention to things Asian as a result of Kumiko’s participation here, a couple of videos and a composition of Facebook comments relevant and illustrative of issues that I have been discussing have come to my attention.

Asian illustrations of..

1. Advised social confirmation and elevation: of the value of ordinary routine practices; in this case, participation in social routine.

2. Bad parenting advice: “You are from Sweden” and simply Swedish by proposition - abrogates racial accountability and leaves one susceptible to Jewish trolling for racial divisiveness and strife instead. Why the suspicion of Jewish trolling? Because of a salient example…

3. A composition of fake tweets: attributed to Americans apparently mocking the atomic bombing of Japan:
Captioned “stay ‘classy’ America” - the fraud and motive to create a division between Whites and East Asians is traceable to Jewish motives.

Coming to these examples throwing light on racial accountability from Asia, one at a time -

1. Advised celebration of ordinary routine:

Kumiko likes Korean and Japanese pop music videos and she showed me this Japanese one.

Participation in..

..routine social service..

If WN can show bearance upon what might otherwise be construed as an appeal to yellow fever by the presentation of this video, there is actually bearing upon an important point that I made in my article about “the dark side of self actualization” and how to otherwise moderate and optimize actualization.

That is to say, one thing that needs to happen in our re-socialization of actualization is for the value of individual self actualization to become part of a rotating and optimizing process of attention, to where it does not always and statically occupy the top of a hierarchy. That over-emphasis has, of course, destabilized and lent to the rupture of our racial/social systemic homeostasis. The inference I’ve made is that one of the aspects of actualization that needs to be constructed, elevated in importance and encouraged to enjoy is not only a sufficient amount of routine but also routine cooperative social participation in our tried and true practices and procedures. That will not only allow us to learn and develop skills from our forebears, to cultivate them, but it is also necessary to create a platform for elaboration and innovation; i.e., it is prerequisite and socially as important as actualization.

This video shows a song and dance of girls in Japanese postal service uniforms. The point that I am trying to make is that celebrative or otherwise reverential treatment like this, of the ordinary and social routine, might help to emphasize sufficient sufficience, so to speak, in enjoyment of necessary but ordinary social routines, unions, trade guilds, syndicates and with it, an elevation of appreciation of ordinary necessity so that it is not dwarfed nor its vital necessity discouraged by singular social appreciation and veneration of the extraordinary and the sacred.

I hypothesize this elevating celebration of routine (in this case social) practices as one side of the necessary elevation of the social esteem of routine; another side of “routine” elevation would be ceremony and sacral treatment of exemplary practices.

2. Bad parenting advice: The oriental woman in this video was adopted by Swedish parents and brought-up with that idea that she is “simply Swedish, the same as any other Swede”, by proposition.

If she were taught that she was an adopted girl of Korean descent, who was and should be welcomed as counting of a manageable, benign but accountable enclave of Swedish nationals, she would have an efficient enough explanation at her disposal to discharge most conflict on the issue.

By contrast, there is insufficient accountability in insistence upon her parents well meaning but bad advice - simply asserting that she is Swedish just like all other Swedes.

She sets herself up for abuse

Adopted by Swedish parents and growing up in Sweden, she responds to the question from a Swedish man, “where are you from?” that she is “from Sweden.” The man responds in turn, “no, where are you really from?”

She takes this as an example of “racism” and tries to correct the man in the motive she perceives of his question, answering that she is “Swedish just like every other Swedish national” - as her parents taught her.

However, I’d guess that the man’s question was not “racist” in a negative sense. Yes, it was racial in the sense that he was trying to get an accurate sense of how to classify her, but why? Because he thought negatively of her and of her being in Sweden? Probably not.

He was quite possibly asking her for one or all of the following three reasons:

a) He found her attractive and wanted to know where her sort was from for future and general reference.

b) He found her attractive and saw the question as an opportunity for an ice breaker.

c) If she answered, “Korea”, chances are that he would enjoy showing his good-will toward her, by confirming her honest account and her people as really OK, and that as a part of a reasonable and accountable number of her kind of immigration, take occasion to show support for her participation with Sweden.

That is to say, what the man was doing was “racism” by definition in the sense that he was attempting to classify people genetically (not doing the mere liberal thing of pretending to be blind to racial classifications but judging people instead by propositions), but it was, in all likelihood, a benign kind of classifying, motivated by respect and a wish for accountability.

Because she treated it as “racism”, i.e., classification for negative motives, she attempted to denounce it and hide behind the well meaning but fundamentally dishonest advice of her parents that as a propositional Swede she was the same as an evolutionary Swede.

As such she denies the possibility of honest accountability that would serve to limit negative treatment of her in Sweden and gain her support from those who have an honest concern for the management of native Swedes.

Instead, for denying accountability and denouncing the account requested as “racist” she sets herself up for abuse from at least two kinds in particular.

She will perhaps get some abuse from jealous and racially concerned Swedes, e.g., Swedish women miffed with yellow fever. That would be understandable if Asian immigration were taken too far at any rate, but when there is no accountability it is likely to be more provocative of the racially sensitive Swede for her to say, “I am the same as you”, have the same history, etc. But even at that, it is probable that she did not really receive much of the gaffe from true Swedish women. What abuse that she got and experienced, with truly saddening pain, most likely came from Jewish trolls looking to stir conflict between Whites and Asians.

She gets abused by what probably are some Jewish trolls trying to provoke conflict between Asians and racially aware Whites:

3. What makes me hypothesize Jewish trolling? viz., that Jewish trolls can be trying to provoke her and provoke conflict between Whites and Asians?:

How about this. Kumiko showed me this composition, supposedly of Facebook posts by American people speaking of their own accord, saying that they are happy that Japan sustained nuclear bomb attacks in WWII and would be quite happy for it to happen again.

I grew up in America and for 34 years spent there never encountered an American who would speak remotely like this about Japan or the atomic bombing of Japan. Furthermore, if one reads these comments it is clear by a careful discourse analysis that the writer of all of these comments is one or a few people. If one is more careful still, to take style and motive into account, the Jewish hand is evident.

Though it may seem like obvious trolling to some of us, unfortunately this was apparently taken seriously by some Japanese audiences and even shown on Japanese news as if it were an honest reflection of American sentiments - when in truth, these are not remotely accurate statements of Americans: Stay classy America? No, stay “classy” with your divide and conquer chutzpah Jews - greatest shame is upon you and we are watching you.

Full composition under the fold..



Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:33 | #

I’m not sure which element of this to begin with first, these are quite diverse issues that you’ve talked about here, so I’ll start with your ‘part 3’ and ‘part 2’.

During that time, the posts on Facebook did look like they were authentic and they did get significant airtime. The same kind of thing happened during the Fukushima crisis, although it was at the time countered by the charitable efforts of the US Army and US Navy who were quite openly offering assistance. The main takeaway that I’ve always gotten from those things is that massive attacks against civilian population groups tend to be deemed almost ‘acceptable’, if those population groups happen to be fascistic at the time. It’s a double standard that liberal countries have been holding since 1945. To what extent those Facebook posts could have been Jews who were trolling us unknown, but at first brush it looks like a diverse cross section of people.

Regarding your ‘part 2’, the woman in the video seems to be trapped between her lack of parents on one hand, and the Swedish liberal ideology on the other. Since her only identity is that of a Swede, by the logic of Swedish liberalism it would seem to her that whoever questions that identity is being ‘racist’, but it would be uncomfortable for her because it would be questioning the validity of the only identity that she’s been taught to hold. I would assume that for an orphaned person who is living in a country she doesn’t come from, it would be as though she is being told that she is ‘nothing’.


Posted by Soccer daughters on Wed, 10 Feb 2016 17:41 | #

these are quite diverse issues that you’ve talked about here

I bring the two videos and the Facebook composition together on the issue of accountability.

but at first brush it looks like a diverse cross section of people.

It may seem look that way for Japanese. But for an American it would be pretty easy to see common authorship of the ostensibly different commenters.

I can’t say how Americans function under war time circumstances and propaganda, but I have never known ANY American who would talk this way about Japan now. It must have been among a very small group (I mean very small, maybe one, two or three) and a group of people who were in a different demographic from me (female, Jewish, elite women’s college, related to the military). These are the only Americans whom I could even imagine having this kind of attitude toward Japan now. They are are very likely to be Jewish and/or circulating among the sway of Jewish academics and military planners.

To profile the people who wrote these Facebook posts:

Definitely not a diverse group of people.

I’d first guess that they were female

Probably less than four girls who wrote it.

They were in college.

It looks like perhaps two or three American college girls.

They might have some connection to the military and military academies.

They were on a sports team - women’s soccer and other sports.

One or more of them were probably Jewish.

They were generally, but indirectly in this case, influenced by Jewish academics.

They saw Japanese women as particularly formidable competition in regard to men, politics, business and perhaps more..

They were probably high achievers and not used to losing.

They were intimidated and angered by the success of Japanese students.

When encountering them, perhaps in a Polysci class, they were upset by the perspective of the Japanese students on the subject of world war II as it was different and went outside of the PC “cathedral” as some call it.

When an American woman’s soccer team lost a match to a Japanese team, it came as a surprise to them, compounded and triggered their fear, jealousy and anger.

In reaction, they gathered a variety of names and photos of people in an apparent consensus to try to intimidate and hurt the Japanese student athletes first of all and then any other Japanese who might show similar “insensitivity” to the “Shoah” etc and whose intelligence might not have them cowed into the PC cathedral and to its alter of holocaustianity.


Regarding my analysis of the Korean woman brought up as a Swede, I stand by my it. Not that what you are saying contradicts it, but there is a bit more to it than that, and what the it provides an excellent example of the benign if not necessary use of “racism”, i.e. social classification, and the hazards of trying to do without classification as a means of accountability.


In regard to example one, though the casual observer might wonder why I would call attention to such a video (“Japanese postal workers dancing and singing), it actually does provide an outstanding example of encouraging a socially confirming and consummately rewarding attitude toward social routine and civilian service.

An example of a positive social routine in the west would be 12 step meetings.



Posted by DanielS on Sun, 06 Mar 2016 02:06 | #

The tentosphere has provided an interesting corroboration of the hypothesis in example number three of the post - that Jews would be behind threats to Japan, to the point of flouting the atomic bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, while they attempt to make it appear that their malice, contempt and fear of Japan is commonplace in the West; they would do that of course, in order to drive a wedge between European Asian alliance - which they would fear.

It’s typical of the tentosphere - Alt Right, plain Right, “neither right nor left”, whatever part of the tentsophere - to allow for this.

Among their tentosphere carnival cacophony at lease one other voice goes uncensored in the particular ring (Alternative Right) facilitating these comments and positions; a commentator chiding “WN’ as it might allow for alliances with Asians, but not with Jews - a “White” people - suggests that to choose alliance with Asians as opposed to Jews is ridiculous.

This ring doesn’t censure that blatant effort to re asset the age old nefarious infiltration by means of Jewish crypsis, and comments meant to drive a wedge between European / Asian alliance. But they do censor comments which would call for ostracizing Jews from the platform and questioning the platform for not doing that.

The tentosphere hypothesis is holding up. The affordance of indifferent if not hostile manipulation of the terms and agendas of European/ White advocacy probably accounts for a significant part of why sundry tentosphere rings are able and allowed to exist, if not being their raison d’être.

It is interesting too that positions that insist upon going soft on Jews would also display antagonism for Asia.. while the righteous parties have been known to be make themselves comfortable in those parts.


Posted by ..the winner is: on Sun, 13 Mar 2016 02:41 | #


Posted by Driving with East Asians on Sat, 31 Dec 2016 14:51 | #

Amazing racist driving with Asians


Posted by mancinblack on Sat, 31 Dec 2016 17:48 | #

“A senior Israeli government official has posted online comments on Facebook saying he is “sick” of commemorations for the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings…” (2013)

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