EP President Schulz: Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the Jewish people.

Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Saturday, 30 January 2016 22:00.

European Parliament Schulz and Merkel composite.
Martin Schulz and Angela Merkel.

Martin Schulz has been active in European politics for almost thirty years, and so he is a person who does not need an introduction. His position however is not one that is understood very well by normal people, because a lot of people don’t know what the roles of the institutions of the European Union in the post-Lisbon Treaty environment are.

In his role as President of the European Parliament, Schulz would be responsible for the overall direction of international relations, and also is the custodian of the fundamental values of the European Union. The European Parliament is the first institution in the European Union, which prior to the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty had been seen as a mere talking shop, but subsequently developed into becoming one of the most powerful legislatures in the world in terms of both its legislative powers and executive oversight powers.

Of course, informally, the political history which the individual was acculturated with along with that person’s connection to the national political power, means that it can usually be considered advantageous to a member state if one of their citizens is holding such an EU position.

Schulz hails from Germany, but what does Schulz think Germany’s raison d’etre is? A look at his own words in Haaretz as reported by his friend Avraham Burg, reveals something interesting:

Haaretz, ‘Say a big ‘thank you’ to Martin Schulz’, Avraham Burg, 14 Feb 2014 (emphasis added):

[...] Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, is a close friend of mine. On most issues connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we disagree. He is closer to the Israeli mainstream, and his positions resemble those of Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog. He once told me, during a frank and stern conversation, “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” [...]

Schulz is of course, Jewish.



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GW, we need to re-boot this post with a clear statement that Schulz is Jewish.

Let there be no mistake.

His comment is not an expression and instance of German instincts gone wrong in response - it was not a well known statement.

Kumiko has exposed this epoch confession of Jewish parasitism on the German host.

As such it is a great occasion for mutual support of our German brothers and to join them in ethno-national spirit.


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Well, he does have that Ashkenazic face, I grant you that.  But then so did Igor Stravinsky:


Shulz’s father, a policeman, does appear to have been German, reading between wiki’s lines.  However, his mother is not mentioned, and I cannot see anything on-line about her.  He went to a Catholic school (leaving without achieving anything very much).

In the absence of clear evidence, I think we have to be cautious about the matter and assume he could be fully German.


Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Sun, 31 Jan 2016 05:55 | #


we need to re-boot this post with a clear statement that Schulz is Jewish.

Well, to ensure that people don’t start thinking that I had overlooked this, I should in my own defence say that I didn’t make a mistake there, my original copy did contain the line “Schulz is a Jew.”, as the final line of the article under the quote.

It was you who argued that I shouldn’t say that so bluntly and vulgarly because it would apparently be already ‘understood’ by everyone, and so that was the only reason that the clear statement was removed by me before it went up.

But then people totally didn’t understand it.


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Kumiko, do we know that Martin Shultz is Jewish?  Is there proof in the public domain?  Has he plainly said so?


Posted by DanielS on Sun, 31 Jan 2016 06:20 | #

Yes, it was my bad, I was tired last night and my initial reaction was that it was clearly known that he was a Jew. It had not registered that Kumiko had said he hailed from Germany to emphasize his deception, hence, I mistakenly recommended that she leave the quote as the bottom line stand alone, thinking that it could not be understood as having come from anyone but a Jew. Furthermore, I knew that he was a Jew and I rather assumed that others knew that as well.

Apologies Kumiko, for the bad editorial advice, and to GW for misleading the argument by accident.


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Flashback: “German Leftist” Gregor Gysi enthusiastically encourages destruction of German life and nation.

Gregor Gysi has promoted death to Germans: Former apparatchik of the communist East German GDR government and ever the Jewish henchman, Gregor Gysi has been calling normal Germans “Nazis” for resisting their death through assimilation in waves of imposed immigration, calls for their elimination (death) as such -  to him, “a very fortunate” prognosis.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby prompt you to participate at the protest,“Live better without Nazis - diversity is our future”, on the 6th of June at 10a.m. in Neurupinn. We have to take a stand against the Nazis. Because of our history between 1933 - 1945 we are obliged to treat refugees properly. We also have to save their lives in the Mediterranean. There has to be a legal [unbureaucratic] way to get asylum in Europe. Countries like Poland - very Catholic by the way - have to be willing to accept [more] refugees. Oh, and by the way: Every year more native Germans die than there are born. That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This decline [of Germans] is why we are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.  - See you at the protest. Goodbye! Gregor Gysi




Oh, and by the way:



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Flashback - Silvio Berlisconi tells Martin Schulz that he would be perfect for a role in a new Italian production about the holocaust: “You would be perfect in the role of the Kapo.” [Kapo is a concentration-camp inmate appointed as supervisor].

This occurred in European Parliament on 3 July 2003, demonstrating how long the exemplary parasite, Martin Schulz, has been at this.


Posted by Guessedworker on Mon, 01 Feb 2016 06:16 | #

Well, I am still struggling to find evidence of the Jewish parentage of Martin Shulz.  This is the passage which follows the one Kumiko quotes:


... He’s a brilliant intellectual and a thoughtful politician, and we don’t need to worry – he won’t give up his existential friendship so easily. And certainly not because of Bennett or his colleague Orit Strock, the party whip.

But if he sometimes needs to think a bit before he accepts the messages delivered by Israeli cabinet ministers, I’ll understand him, for Martin Schulz doesn’t come from that branch of the Bnei Akiva youth group I’ll call “the occupiers.” Nor was he a soldier in an elite unit. He’s a European public figure who learned in his parents’ home to stand up against all tyranny, evil and discrimination. He and his family were social democrats before Naftali Bennett knew anything about high-tech or how to shoot a gun, and even before Bennett’s parents moved to Israel. For him, equality is something he imbibed at home. The same as how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu imbibed discrimination and victimhood at home.

It says nothing beyond that he’s European, which is maybe how a socialist EU fanatic and careerist would describe himself.

There are only two possible renderings here:

1. Shulz has a Jewish mother but he prefers to maintain a strict silence over the fact, which the entire media observes - even, most uncharacteristically, the Israeli media.

2. Shulz has a German mother and is pathologically committed to equality, internationalism, and the safety of the Jewish eternal victim.

Only one comment to the Haaretz article mentions Shulz.  But it says this:

... If this is how Knesset members treat friends like Schulz it is a wonder that Israel has any friends at all. Day be day Israel is losing friends and it is people like Netanyahu and the right in Israel that must shoulder the blame.

Only a friend, then.

On balance, and bearing in mind the obligation upon us not to betray our own intellectual integrity, I would say that Shulz is an ethnic German of the greatly propagandised and emotionally crushed post-war generation; and I will hold to that until solid evidence to the contrary emerges.  If you have it, Daniel, please post it.


Posted by DanielS on Mon, 01 Feb 2016 07:05 | #

“Nothing about his mother”- yet.

But if it looks like a Jew and acts in decided Jewish interests then one is beholding a veritable Jew or a Jew thinker at very least - If data isn’t exactly as data does, then its legacy will be, more and more, as a result of what it does and the rules prescribed of its interpretation.

However, saying that “Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the Jewish people”would be hyperbolic even by Merkel’s level of insanity, as it lacks the aspect of sheer pathological altruism. Rather, it has all the chutzpah of perfect subjective Jewish unanimity.

An insightful Discussion at Phora:

Abe Foxman (http://archive.adl.org/education/holocaust/foxman_bio.html) was baptised and raised as a Catholic by his adoptive Polish Catholic parents. Does this make Foxman non jewish?

Pinning down anything certifiable on Schulz’ upbringing and parentage is proving difficult. A common occurrence when trying to ‘name the jew’. All media post more or less the wikipedia info. - Born 1955,Catholic school (for four years) bookshop, married, two children etc,etc,etc.

However, all that he has said and done as an MEP is a matter of public record. His views towards Israel (http://www.whyisrael.org/2012/01/27/new-president-of-the-european-parliament-”-first-responsibility-is-to-defend-the-jewish-people-”/) and on the holocaust should be disconcerting enough. Does Foxman look more jewish than Schulz? Not in my book but then again I didn’t know that Foxman was raised Catholic. Had I have known this, would I have said Foxman was non jewish and asked for proof that he wasn’t ? In the same vein, American phorans are asking for proof of Schulz’ ‘jewishness’. Fair enough.The lack of information on the life of Schulz imo proves the point he is jewish based on suppressed information or info removed once Schulz hit the big time. Not uncommon in Europe as is the prevalence of name changing amongst jews in Europe more so than in the USA


                                  ...return of ‘the kapo’

The Guardian, “Israeli rightwingers walk out during president of EU parliament’s speech; Martin Schulz tells Knesset EU will always support Israel but highlights Palestinian suffering and ‘siege’ of Gaza Strip”, 12 Feb 2014:

Far-right Israeli MPs stormed out of the Knesset in protest on Wednesday as the German president of the European parliament pledged that the EU would always support Israel but highlighted Palestinian suffering and the “siege” of the Gaza Strip.

Naftali Bennet, the economics minister and leader of the religious-nationalist Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party, led a walkout in response to what he condemned as Martin Schulz’s “lies”.

Schulz’s speech mentioned the importance of remembering the Holocaust. But his comments on the living conditions of Palestinians proved too much for Bennet and his supporters.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, weighed in to accuse Schulz of “selective listening” by saying that Israelis consumed 70 litres of water a day compared with 17 litres for Palestinians. “Even the Palestinian water authority says the discrepancy is much smaller,” Netanyahu said. “Schulz admitted that he didn’t check if what he said is true, but he still blamed us. People accept any attack on Israel without checking it. They plug their ears.”

Bennet wrote on his Facebook page: “I call on the prime minister to demand an immediate correction in the name of the state of Israel. I will not accept an untrue sermon on morality directed at Israel in Israel’s parliament. Definitely not in German.”

In 2009 a World Bank study found that in 2007 Israelis had access to 4.42 times more water than did the Palestinians in the West Bank. But Israeli media quoted Israel’s national water authority as saying the figures quoted by Schulz were inaccurate, with West Bank settlers consuming 1.7 times more water per person.

On Tuesday Schulz made clear that the EU had not boycotted and would not boycott Israel over its settlements in the occupied territories. “In the European parliament there is not a majority for a potential boycott,” he said.


Ten days ago the US secretary of state, John Kerry, warned that Israel would face more calls for boycotts if the current peace talks with the Palestinians collapsed.

Keeping tribe diaspora in line is standard operating procedure. It has also been the standard operating procedure of millennia for Jewish diaspora to conceal their identity in order to infiltrate influential positions and avoid recriminations.

Note the green tie to suggest “Irish”

Secretary of State John Kerry (Cohen) is another crypto - and he’s not being cut any slack either for trying to encourage his tribesmen to show some moderation with regard to Palestine.

There is a similar story of Netanyahu chastising a governmental official who thought he might gain kosher sympathy for his abject pandering:

V.P. Joe Biden Cites Rebbe’s Teachings; Explains How Jewish Values Are America’s Bedrock

Apparently Joe Biden’s affinity for Jews did not prevent Netanyahu from smashed a gift of friendship that he was about to offer, saying: “I have nothing for you but broken glass”, upon learning of Biden’s conciliatory attitude toward Palestine.

True, none of this is proof positive of Schulz’ Jewish parentage, yet nothing he’s doing and experiencing falls outside of standard Jewish operating procedure; thus, rather than be crippled with unnecessary incoherence, circumstantial evidenced rises to where we may as well assert his Jewish affinity, because that’s what he has for all coherent intents and purposes.

While it is good to be rigorous with regard to facts, it is not good to be timid with regard to asserting a clearly reasoned and important hypothesis. The comment sections are here to test our hypotheses - hopefully, worthy hypothesis .... in pursuit of more supporting evidence; while allowing for counter-evidence that he may not be a genetic Jew, but merely a veritable convert to their EGI - which, argumentatively speaking, means he is as good as a Jew; and so in the grand and necessary scheme of patterned defense, it doesn’t really hurt to render the attribution. We can stand corrected, stand ready to shape and craft these specificatory structures, but our bias should be assertive and on the offense.

As Whitehead said: “Even a false or inadequate working hypothesis is better than no working hypothesis.”

In this case, there is scarcely any reason to believe that it is not a reasonable hypothesis.


Posted by DanielS on Mon, 01 Feb 2016 09:35 | #

I guess that you are suggesting, GW, that we ought to take the hypothesis that he is German. Though it is good (very good) measure to avoid witch hunts in regard to people who may merely have “that look” (of a Jew) or who, in behavioral terms, may hold out for some liberal tolerance, to conclude that he is “German” and proceed as such strikes me as an error in the opposite extreme of non-unanimity - of endless Christian self blame in original sin - and even more suspect than to treat him with the hypothesis that he is, in all likelihood, and on balance an other - viz., a Jew.

Still, I admit to being prejudiced, to having a bias which is hard to overcome at times.

I still find it hard to accept, for example, that Rupert Murdoch is a gentile.

[update: see comment 21 below]


Posted by Guessedworker on Mon, 01 Feb 2016 14:52 | #

It’s perfectly straightforward.  We must resist the habit of shouting “Jew” unless the evidence is there.

It is not as though, in Shulz’s case, there is not an interesting and instructive alternative narrative.  Actually, I think the psychological tragedy of the post-war German generations is much more interesting and deserving of investigation.


Posted by Captainchaos on Mon, 01 Feb 2016 19:47 | #

Rat Faced Kike Informs Goyim They Exist To Suck Jewish Cock - Frank Salter Spokesman Michael Ravioli Says EGI Wonk Has No Comment


Posted by Schulz guarantees stand with Israel on Tue, 02 Feb 2016 05:22 | #

The Times of Israel, ‘After walkout, Bennett makes amends with EU president Schulz’, 19 Feb 2014:

Jewish Home chairman extends olive branch just a week after critiquing European Parliament head’s Knesset address

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz meeting in Brussels, February 19, 2014. (photo credit: Courtesy Naftali Bennett’s office)

One week after harshly criticizing European Parliament President Martin Schulz for his address at the Knesset, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett extended the olive branch, and a 2,000 year old coin.

The two met for an hour in Brussels during Bennett’s visit to the EU headquarters in Brussels, and discussed, among other things, Schulz’s speech last Wednesday where he criticized Israel for its blockade of the Gaza Strip and for allegedly allowing Israelis to consume more water than Palestinians.

The speech drew harsh condemnation from many on Israel’s right, and a number of lawmakers, led by Bennett, walked out during the address in protest.

Minutes after Schulz finished speaking, Bennett released a statement demanding an apology for “two lies that the Palestinians fed him.”

“The words that were heard in the Knesset are very grave,” Bennett stated. “Silence in the face of false propaganda legitimizes actions against Israelis. I will not accept false moralizing against the people of Israel, in Israel’s Knesset. Certainly not in German.”

During their conversation Wednesday, Schulz guaranteed Bennett that he will always stand with Israel. Bennett presented the German politician with a 2,000-year-old coin unearthed in Jerusalem, and thanked him for his firm stance against boycotts of Israel. He explained the Knesset walkout as “a parliamentary move,” Channel 2 reported.

The two also discussed expanding ties between Europe and Israel.

“Europe is Israel’s number one trade partner and we need to work to advance our ties,” Bennett said, according to a spokesperson.
Inline image 3

Quick forgiveness of Schulz, who is extended an olive branch along with a 2,000 year-old coin unearthed in Jerusalem.

Schulz, for his part, guarantees that he will always stand with Israel.

That’s interesting.


Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Tue, 02 Feb 2016 22:12 | #

What I would say about Schulz is this: Given that he serves the Jews in such phenomenally overwrought ways, and given that he looks like a Jew, and that the information about his mother is mysteriously nowhere to be found, and also given that all of his policy preferences are about accommodating Jews, the chances of him being a Jew are exceptionally high.

So even if he somehow is not a Jew, he may as well be a Jew.

My stance on it is that Schulz is basically a crypto-Jew, and a barely concealed one at that.


Posted by Schulz' mother on Wed, 03 Feb 2016 17:35 | #

This Politico article provides some data points about Schulz’ mother that can facilitate inquiry into her background:

Politico, “Grudge match: Martin Schulz” 17 Sept. 2003:

Schulz is the youngest of five children – he has two brothers and two sisters – and was born into a politically-divided family. His father, the son of a coal miner, had Left-leaning tendencies while his mother, who died this summer, aged 83, was a conservative.


Posted by Shulz"extraodinary" plans if Brexit on Fri, 10 Jun 2016 22:19 | #

Euractiv, 10 June

Extraordinary session

Behind the official wall of silence, the Parliament “is preparing for different scenarios”, a French MEP told EurActiv.

Martin Schultz, the president of the European Parliament, held a meeting with the heads of the main political groups – Weber (EPP), Verhofstadt (ALDE) and Pitella (S&D) – on Tuesday (7 June).

Their objective: to prepare the parliament’s response to the referendum result, be it a victory for Leave or Remain.

“If the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the Parliament will hold an extraordinary session between the 24 June and the European Council on 28 June,” the MEP said.


Posted by Benjamin Jason Phillimore on Tue, 20 Dec 2016 05:41 | #

In response to “DanielS”

I still find it hard to accept, for example, that Rupert Murdoch is a gentile.

Many years ago I saw a clip on BBC News 24 that stated Rupert Murdoch was brought up as an orthodox Jew by his mother [Elizabeth Green]. That’s all 5 out of 5 media moguls that run our world.


Posted by Schulz, EU breakdown and the right on Thu, 05 Jan 2017 20:57 | #

Guardian, 5 Jan 2017:

“The EU has failed to move on from the cataclysmic Brexit vote and is hamstrung by the failure of national leaders to sell the European vision back home, according to a valedictory interview with one of the bloc’s key figures”

Schulz was speaking in his last major interview before moving to the frontline of German politics.
Photograph: Eric Vidal/Reuters

The outgoing president of the European parliament, Martin Schulz, said Brussels was “treading water” because national governments had lacked political courage in the face of the rise of the populist right.

In his last major interview before a widely expected move to the frontline of German politics, Schulz told the Europa group of newspapers there had been a paradigm change in national leaders’ attitudes to the EU, which was threatening to undermine its stability.

The EU has failed to move on from the cataclysmic Brexit vote and is hamstrung by the failure of national leaders to sell the European vision back home, according to a valedictory interview with one of the bloc’s key figures.

The outgoing president of the European parliament, Martin Schulz, said Brussels was “treading water” because national governments had lacked political courage in the face of the rise of the populist right.

In his last major interview before a widely expected move to the frontline of German politics, Schulz told the Europa group of newspapers there had been a paradigm change in national leaders’ attitudes to the EU, which was threatening to undermine its stability.


Posted by Shirley on Sun, 05 Feb 2017 08:15 | #

Schultz is a jew, look at the face. And if not then he is a jewish collaborator which is even worse.


Posted by DanielS on Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:18 | #

I had always heard and took for granted the Rupert Murdoch was Jewish, by his mother’s side at very least. There was scarcely any reason to investigate the matter - after all, his very appearance screams with siren-like volume Cohen gene! Perhaps even louder than Schulz’s genes scream, “I’m Jewish!!!”. Furthermore, when it comes to policy, just as Schulz screams “Jewish!!!” when he says “Germany exists to serve Israel” so too Murdoch’s News outlets are always emphatically aligned with Jewish and Zionist interests, and scream, “Jewish!”

Murdoch’s countenance screams, “Jewish!!!”

Hence, as I come across this sober genealogy proposed under Chesterton’s auspices, I am inclined to believe it:

Rupert Murdoch’s Jewish origins: a matter of controversy

A well placed correspondent with connections to the newspaper world (who has asked to remain anonymous) reports to us:

“I shall quote exactly what Candour [a rightwing British journal edited by A K Chesterton] said in its June 1984 issue (vol. XXXV, no. 6):

BIOGRAPHICAL details of [Rupert] Murdoch’s past are sketchy and often contradictory. One reads that his grandfather was an impoverished Presbyterian minister who migrated to Australia from England, that his father was a low-paid reporter for a British newspaper in Australia, and yet, young Rupert divided his time between his family’s suburban home near Melbourne and the family’s sheep ranch in the country. He was educated first at the fashionable Geelong private school, and went on to the elitist and aristocratic Oxford University in England.

“Rupert’s father Sir Keith Murdoch [see below] attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene. Through his wife’s connections, Keith Murdoch was subsequently promoted from reporter to chairman of the British-owned newspaper where he worked. There was enough money to buy himself a knighthood of the British realm, two newspapers in Adelaide, South Australia, and a radio station in a faraway mining town. For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew…

And that, as I am sure you know, makes him a Jew according to the law of the Talmud, and indeed according to the present laws of Israel.

Spotlight [a rightwing Washington weekly published by Willis Carto] in fact examined Murdoch in considerable depth in no fewer than three issues, 30th January and 6th and 13th February [1984]. My friend Ivor Benson whom I regarded as a very judicious observer and commentator, reckoned, along with Spotlight, that his meteoric ascent was completely artificial, and that he was a front for far more powerful super-rich subversives, Michel Fribourg, Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman, “all of them part of a super-rich ‘Zionist Mafia’”, to quote Benson, who added: “By comparison with these three, Murdoch is just an ambitious midget who has been given the job of drawing all the public attention away from those who make the real decisions.” (Benson’s Behind the News, March 1984).

Could well be. Certainly I can confirm that at least part of his meteoric ascent was artificial. I remember my brother-in-law [a former editor of The Times] telling me, at the time of Murdoch’s acquisition of The Times, that it was a strange business. Murdoch was by no means the highest bidder.

For my part, I myself have always had good personal motives to take a favourable view of Murdoch, because my brother-in-law was easily his favourite editor of The Times, and, when my brother-in-law died (in office), Murdoch treated my sister completely fairly, from a financial point of view, without making the slightest difficulty. But, despite that reason for some prejudice in his favour, I have always been forced to the judgement that he has been a force for unspeakable evil.

His was the “breakthrough” which made the tabloids genuinely pornographic.

In my opinion at least, his policy with The Times completed its collapse from its position as the most respected newspaper in the world.

And his republicanism makes me sick—it is not for the purpose of creating a better world, but quite obviously purely destructive. And I could go on.

PS: QUITE recently, a Times correspondent actually resigned because he was not allowed to report properly what was going on in Israel, or even to use accurate words to describe facts which were undisputed. He stated: “Murdoch’s executives were so scared of irritating him that, when I pulled off a little scoop by tracking, interviewing and photographing the unit in the Israeli army which killed Mohammed al-Durrah, the 12-year-old boy whose death was captured on film and became the iconic image of the conflict, I was asked to file the piece ‘without mentioning the dead kid’. After that conversation, I was left wordless, so I quit.” Unusually courageous for a modern journalist.


Posted by Portrait of Willis Carto on Thu, 11 May 2017 11:47 | #

Portrait of Willis Carto by Pete Papaherakles


Posted by Germany to pay $634 mil for Israeli nuke subs on Sat, 28 Oct 2017 13:55 | #

New Observer, “Germans Pay $634 Million for Israel’s Latest Nuclear Attack Subs”, 23 Oct 2017:

German taxpayers will be forced to contribute €540 million (US$634 million) towards three new nuclear-weapon capable attack submarines the Jews-only state is buying from the Thyssenkrupp sub manufacturer.

Making the announcement, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told a news conference that Angela Merkel’s cabinet had approved the sale and “will provide financial support for the purchase.”

The $2 billion deal is currently under police investigation over suspected corruption and several Israeli public officials and private citizens have been questioned in the case.

Suspicions about the deal were first raised in 2016 when it was discovered that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal lawyer represented Thyssenkrup Marine System’s local agent at the same time, raising concerns of a “conflict of interest.”

Seibert added that an inter-governmental memorandum of understanding approving the deal would be signed later on Monday.

“I would like to thank (German) Chancellor (Angela) Merkel and her government for this memorandum, which touches on a matter that is very important for Israel’s national security,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying.

The three subs are in addition to the six which the Israeli Navy currently maintains, all Dolphin Class and nuclear warhead equipped. Israel keeps several of the boats at sea on a rotation basis, in order to be able to nuclear bomb any foes that Israel might decide, no matter what happens on the mainland.

As revealed by the Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh, in his book The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy (Random House, 1991), Israel maintains nuclear weapons pointed at all major European capital cities as a “last option” should Israel be destroyed.

This insane policy—named after the Jewish biblical character who pulled down a building, killing himself and everyone else at the same time, has long been an established leg of Israeli strategy.

For example, Jewish journalist David Hirsh’s book, The Gun and the Olive Branch: The Roots of Violence in the Middle East (Faber & Faber 2003),  dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict, he quoted Israeli military historian and theorist Martin van Creveld as saying that Israel’s “armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”


Posted by Schulz coming to Merkel's rescue on Fri, 01 Dec 2017 11:46 | #

France 24, “SPD leader Schulz backs talks with Merkel on political impasse”, 1 Dec 2017:

Social Democrat chief Martin Schulz said Friday he backed starting talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel on ending Germany’s political deadlock, but left options open on what shape any future cooperation would take.

After talks with the veteran leader late Thursday, Schulz said he would recommend that the SPD begin formal discussions with Merkel but firmly denied a media report this meant he was committing to joining a new government.

“We have several options for forming a government,” he said. “We should discuss all of these options and that is what I will recommend to the party leadership Monday.”

The SPD’s top brass will then present their recommendation to party rank and file during their congress from Thursday.

“It doesn’t automatically mean a grand coalition, we have time and we will also discuss other possible options during the SPD party congress,” said Schulz.

Merkel’s party said it wanted talks with the SDP on a “stable” government.

After September’s election left Merkel without a majority, the Social Democrats (SPD) firmly ruled out renewing an alliance as they had suffered a humiliating loss at the polls.

But the SPD came under pressure to relent and head off fresh elections after Merkel’s bid to form a coalition with the ecologist Greens and pro-business FDP fell apart earlier this month.

Ahead of Schulz’s statement Friday, Bild daily reported that the SPD leader and Merkel had agreed to open coalition talks.

But Schulz rejected the report as “wrong”.

He said he had telephoned Merkel to say that any such claims from her conservatives to the media would be viewed as “a breach of trust”.




Posted by Schulz calls for United States of Europe on Thu, 07 Dec 2017 09:24 | #

China Xinhua News‏Verified account @XHNews

#BREAKING: 2 hours ago

German heavyweight politician Martin Schulz, also former head of European Parliament, calls for transformation of #EuropeanUnion into a United States of Europe by 2025 with a common constitution


Posted by mancinblack on Thu, 07 Dec 2017 11:34 | #

Jeanne-Claude Juncker wants to turn the European Stability Mechanism (E.M.S) into a European institution. The E.M.S is an intergovernmental body, with national finance ministers deciding how much help a member state in financial difficulties should receive. Juncker’s proposal would hand those powers to the Economic and Financial Affairs commissioner Pierre Moscovici.

Moscovici is the Paris born son of Romanian-Jewish social psychologist Serge Moscovici and Polish-Jewish psychoanalyst Marie Bromberg-Moscovici. He is also a former member of Trotskyite group the Revolutionary Communist League. 



Posted by mancinblack on Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:20 | #

More on the call for a United States of Europe made by Schulz, who says that any countries who disagree should follow Britain’s example and leave the Union. Together with Jean-Claude Juncker’s proposed reforms they appear to be serious about this. Hardly unexpected, though, really.



Posted by Merkel seeks 390,000 Family Reunification Visas on Fri, 08 Dec 2017 04:23 | #

” Merkel Wants to Hand Out 390,000 Family Reunification Visas to Migrants” 7 Dec 2017:

Angela Merkel’s plans to bring in roughly a million refugees in 2018 leaves her unable to form a coalition government.

Ever since Angela Merkel won her fourth term as German chancellor on September 24th, her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been unable to form a coalition with either the Martin Schulz-led Social Democrats (SDP), or with the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the environmentalist Greens.

Martin Schulz has put up a vote to his party members on whether or not to hold coalition talks with Merkel. The voting will take place later today. If members refuse the possibility of negotiations, then German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will ultimately decide if Merkel is fit to rule over a minority government. If not, a new chancellor may have to be chosen among other prominent CDU members, or snap elections will be scheduled for early next year.

As it turns out, migration is the key topic causing the major divide between parties. Angela Merkel wishes to hand out 390,000 family reunification visas in 2018, a measure which Martin Schulz and the Greens support, but which many CDU members and the FDP are firmly against.

Melissa Meszaros,

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