Rhetorical tools like “The Runnymede Trials”

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 18:44.

The Runnymede Trials are possible. The state is not an island above the law.
It is important to hold the architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government to account for the sake of posterity, in the same way it was important to hold the leaders of the Nazi party responsible to account for war crimes at Nuremberg. The law is open to all not just the state.

This comment appeared today on the thread to a Daily Telegraph leader pushing the usual Tory line on immigration.  It was posted by theft_act1968.  It is one of three comments this poster has fashioned touching on the same subject.  He appears to be posting these comments serially.

I have no idea if he is alone in using the terms “The Runnymede Trials” and “The Runnymede Tribunal”, but I like them.  They are good word-tools full of stout optimism and moral certainty.  I think they could prove useful in roping in anti-Blair types to racial thinking.  One of the other two comments is this, incidentally:

The Runnymede Trials

The architects of the unrestrained approach towards immigration in the Labour government:

Tony Blair - Prime Minister May 1997-June 2007
Gordon Brown - Prime Minister June 2007-May 2010
Jack Straw - Home Secretary May 1997-June 2001
David Blunkett - Home Secretary June 2001-December 2004
Charles Clarke - Home Secretary December 2004-May 2006
John Reid - Home Secretary May 2006-June 2007
Jacqui Smith - Home Secretary June 2007-June 2009
Alan Johnson - Home Secretary June 2009-May 2010
Barbara Roche - Minister for Immigration July 1999-June 2001
Jeff Rooker - Minister for Immigration June 2001-May 2002
Beverley Hughes - Minister for Immigration May 2002- April 2004
Des Browne - Minister for Immigration April 2004-May 2005
Tony McNulty - Minister for Immigration May 2005-May 2006
Liam Byrne - Minister for Immigration May 2006-October 2008
Phil Woolas - Minister for Immigration October 2008-May 2010

“Theft_act1968” is averaging ten recommends a comment, which is pretty good.  I am going to start using the Runnymede references too.  We’ll see how far this meme can be spread.

As the victims of the very successful Jewish/leftist seizure of the terms of racial debate all across the West, it behoves us to have some respect for this form of warfare.  Rhetorical tools come in two forms: those that condition the moral tenor (“racist”, “anti-Semite”, etc) and those that stipulate how to understand the world (“diversity is our strength”, “British-Asians”).  Nullifying this toxic language requires more than a selective dismissal of the most commonly used terms.  We have to put something in their place that speaks of our worldview, and we have to keep hammering it home.  Speaking of which ... Bob Whittaker’s mantra, “Anti-racism is anti-white racism”, has been around long-enough for us to assess its effectiveness.  The term “anti-white racist” was used prior to it, of course.  But the left on both sides of the pond has heard it.  As one would expect, it is dismissive.  But its capacity to apply the “racist” term does seem to have been restricted.  There has been a blow struck.

The left has also caught on that we are speaking increasingly of a white genocide, and again it is dismissive (for reasons we all understand).  The term “race-replacement”, however, is more difficult to reject because of the clear statistical evidence in the public domain.  As far as I am concerned, the author of this rhetorical tool was our friend Fred Scrooby.  I am only aware of Frank Salter using the term before Fred did, and then not in a rhetorical sense.  If MR achieves nothing else, at least we have, through Fred, launched into the world one valuable word-tool.

I think we are missing several tricks in fashioning such word-tools, principally through our intellectually incoherent and casual approach.  We need to think much more systematically about how we were out-manoeuvred in the past and about the positives of our worldview.  We need to return to the two forms of moral and perceptual tools and work out more precisely what we need to effect a mechanical shift in the way our people think - if we possibly can, given the very tenuous hold we have on public discourse.

Of course, tenuous hold notwithstanding, we are working with the grain.  It is easier for us to achieve results than it was for our foes.



Posted by Mick Lately on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 04:43 | #

Two good “prise” words, I think, are:

‘continuity’* (the desirability of);

‘privacy’ (fear of the loss of).

In phrases such as:

“The angels are on the side of continuity”;

“Your/Our children, and theirs, bereft of privacy”.

Phrases which play on conservationist/environmentalist guilt and anti-corporatism/ opposition to asset stripping, e.g.

“I wonder who’ll get the contract to pave over the Surrey countryside?”

*I was struck by the phrase “genetic continuity” in the EGI pdf - who can argue against it as an ultimate interest/biological imperative? But the word ‘genetic’ can be off-putting to those of a civicist / culturist disposition.


Posted by ukn_leo on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 05:50 | #

If MR achieves nothing else, at least we have, through Fred, launched into the world one valuable word-tool.


Come off it GW, no need for modesty.

Mohammed_Piggott (lol) would agree that you have single-handedly changed the nature of discourse amongst entire swathes of middle England via the Telegraph comments section.

Evidence .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

A comments section which is soon to disappear behind a paywall apparently.

I for one refuse to pay even one penny to allow mainstream media into my home, so my days of following the exploits of the Piggotts and their entourage are done.

Nevertheless, it has been a privilege to witness the battle as it raged.

Yet the war continues. As we all know, deep down, it will take nothing less than extreme violence on a grand scale to achieve final victory. Our elite overlords will do anything to maintain their grip on power. We must react likewise.

Just ask our friend Hymie in Afula, he knows the score. What it will take to prevail:

Hymie in Afula says :January 11, 2013 at 4:02 am

One thing is clear. Race is real; and you are the losers. In 300 years, your descendants will all be Ebonics-speaking mulattos. Mine will still be running bureacracies IN HEBREW, in Jerusalem.


(Thanks for that one Hymster, very decent of you old chap. Keep them coming, your quotes are being read by more folk than you intended. Nice one!).

Whilst 500 million white Europeans or thereabouts still walk the earth, do you think you may have declared victory a little prematurely?

Chutzpah and all that.

In my country we have a saying Hymie. ‘He who laughs last, laughs longest’.

Some investment advice for you and your disgusting, hate-filled, inhuman money-worshipping brethren Hymster.


And lamposts (heavy spike in demand predicted - near future).






Posted by Lurker on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 06:42 | #

Sadly its true. The Daily Telegraph seems to have decided to turn itself into a an internet backwater cowering behind a paywall in the style of The Times. No readers, thus no comments, thus no further relevance.

I commented on that earlier at the DT myself.

Sorry, the links in the comment wont carry across:

You can smirk all you want Vindice but it will kill the DT’s online presence stone dead. 95% of online readers will be off elsewhere.

Who reads The Times anymore online? Nobody thats who. No one quotes it, no one links to its online articles, it may as well not exist. I never go there anymore and I dont know anyone else that does either.

Alexa.com ranks The Telegraph at 30 in the UK and 286 in world rankings for traffic. The Times is at 487 in the UK and 6,189 globally.

Here are the rankings for the UK as you can see the DT is holding up well on page 2, The Times is down with some other heavy hitters on page 20. The German language version of Amazon has more internet clout in the UK than The Times for crissakes!

Once The Times & DT would have had similar reach but The Times isnt even in the game anymore. God knows what Murdoch thinks he is playing at, the whole point of owning a paper is to influence opinion and if nobody is reading your stuff whats the point?

Update: We should also note The Daily Mail and Guardian are both higher in the rankings (UK & world) than the DT, neither of them are cowering behind paywalls. The Indy otoh is trying the paywall model, its way behind the Mail, Grauniad and DT but still not in the knackers yard like the Times.


Posted by Guessedworker on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 08:39 | #


There is this:

Readers who are not subscribers will continue to get access to 20 free articles a month on telegraph.co.uk.


I don’t know how that will work.  Just clear out your cookies or use another browser or another PC and you’ve sixty free articles or eighty, or ...

Maybe, we’ll see. You are, though, right that the utility of the site will be lost with the readers disaffection.  Better The Daily Mail or The Sun than nothing, I suppose.

Oh ... not The Sun, apparently:



Posted by ukn_leo on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 08:44 | #

Well Lurks, I won’t be paying for the privilege of being lied to relentlessly and treated as a fool by the DT’s establishment lickspittles, arse-coverers and apologists. I never read the articles anyway, just skip to the comments to laugh as the readership rip the article and its mis-truths to shreds and talk amongst themselves.

The Daily Fail isn’t an option so perhaps a new alternative will spring up. Possibly even one that allows free speech amongst the commentators.

Maybe, maybe, it’s time for MR to go big, hehe! Editor in chief - Lurker!

Hang on - why not do a more regular - current news feature - with space for comment on MR? Just a thought, I know it’s a big ask. New regs coming in (maybe) via Leveson to stamp on internet free speech anyway so might be too late. 

On the English Gateway members can copy and paste news stories (from theMSM or wherever) as they happen and dissect the spin, propaganda and lies - and it really is good fun - something similar (high-brow, broadsheet version, of course!) for MR?.

Hymie in Afula - International Correspondent
Graham_Lister - Scotland Correspondent
James Bowery - Technology and North American Correspondent
Leon_Haller - Celebrity Gossip


Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 09:02 | #

Whatever happened to “Hymie in Afula”, Israel anyhow? Hymie shot off a couple off-topic posts to the article “Authentic Christianity”  thread of commentary, then disappeared on us. I was looking forward to debating him—Hymie ran away from true straight-forward honest debate.

He was in the throes of passion for his immigrant- guest-worker “Asian hottie”, yet he found the time while banging & screwing her to send off 2 off-topic comments to distract the readers from the following Search Terms :

    ” Hitler Was A Jew Himself “

    ” Kissinger + Israel Only Has 10 Years Left “

    ” Nazism + Zionism + Menachem Begin “

      ” Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers “

      ” Hitler’s Jewish Army”

      ” Hitler’s Muslim Legions”

      ” Albert Pike 3 World Wars Planned ”

Maybe Hymie in Israel was drafted into the IDF and sent into Gaza to shoot down Palestinian children—favorite past-time of Israel’s “vaunted” & “acclaimed” military—Though the Israelis ran away like chicken-shits when they invaded Lebanon and the Hezbollah was waiting for Hymie.

All the billions Uncle Sam gives Hymie-land, and for all of Hymie’s state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment, the Hymies ran like chicken-shits when faced with the Hezbollah who only had old, out-dated rifles and a few hand-grenades.

Maybe the “Asian hottie” immigrant-guest-worker left Hymie in Afula for a real mishpuka in Tel Aviv? “Mishpuka” is yiddish for “gangster boss”. Did I spell “mishpuka” correctly, Hymie in Afula?

Hymie in Afula being a wanna-be ; he’s a half-ass mishpuka : Less than half-ass really, as Hymie is even afraid of straight-forward, honest debate : Hymie is afraid of true debate based on sharing factual information, let alone being a tough mishpuka boss.  Facts & Truth being inherently “anti-semitic”...... boo hoo hoo…...

Maybe when Hymie stops his banging his “Asian hottie”—at least to take a little break and get some fresh air—then orders his ” guest-worker”  into the kitchen to cook up some matzoh-ball won-ton soup so Hymie can eat and regain his energy [ so he’ll have the energy and vitality to go back to banging his “immigrant worker” 24/7 ], Hymie in Afula will have the time to shoot off some more off-topic comments to MR as a means to distract the readers from The Truth—while Hymie’s “guest worker” is busy in the kitchen.

I’m waiting for you Hymie in Afula. I want to debate you, preferably in a straight-forward manner : Straight-forward, honest debate based on sharing facts seems to scare Hymie off for some reason. I can only speculate as to why ......



Posted by jrackell on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 09:38 | #

The attack on whites in the US seems to have taken a turn away from smearing them with gauche racism charges to attacking whites for their “privilege.”

Speaking of which, Matt Parrott had a great line here:

Renouncing White Privilege always amounts to renouncing the Whites who aren’t privileged.

I find it ‘mantra-worthy’. 

Even when one is half-awake one can find oneself slipping back into self-hating somnolence after being exposed to five minutes of CNN.  This phrase is like an instant wake up.


Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 09:44 | #

Maybe Hymie in Afula, Israel can’t shoot off any comments to us right now because the Mossad is currently having some technical difficulties :

” ‘Anonymous’ Hacks Mossad Website, Gains Access To Data Of 30,000 Spies” :



Posted by ukn_leo on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 09:45 | #

Don’t worry Joe, he’s out there.



He can be ok. He has led an interesting life. He’s a rocket scientist. Worldly wise. Would be good fun to hang out with to an extent.

There’s just something…I’m not sure. Like. Hmmmm. You just wouldn’t want to turn your back on him, you know?.

Because the moment you did he would stab you in it then kick you in the nuts as you hit the deck.

You know the kind of person I mean Joe. Look away for a second and you’ll find he’s emptied your wallet, cleaned out your bank account, sold your house and run off with your wife. That kind of guy. A poor mans Goldman Sachs exec.

Can’t think where he gets that from.

Well, I say I can’t think. I have my suspicions but I can’t really voice them because that would be, you know. Anti-semitic hate speech or something.

And we can’t be having that now Joe, can we.




Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:18 | #

@ ukn_leo

Yes, Hymie is out there—he’s out there like a snake in the grass. That I don’t doubt for a second.

To give Hymie in Afula, Israel some credit—at least he’s honest about his hymie sense of supremacism. Many other hymies pretend to be something they’re not, as a means to infiltrate from within - kinda like Maritain, for example. Montini [ pope paul vi ] being the epitome of jew serpentine behavior. The donmeh jews involved in the Muslim Brotherhood being another example ; I won’t mention all the examples, as I would have to write volumes of encyclopedias to truly explain and detail this snake-like phenomena.

In these days of “political correctness” [ see my post about the jew communist French Revolution and the ontological origins of “political correctness”] we don’t call hymie a ” Habiru-Sagiz” [ Desert Cut-Throat] anymore, we call hymie a “shape-shifter” in these days of David Icke type “political correctness”.

To learn more about Hymie in Afula, Israel : Learn more about Hymie and his Habiru-Sagiz tribe :

” Eustace Mullins + New History of the Jews pdf “

Mullins—being pre-David Icke—uses the term “Habiru-Sagiz” un-abashedly.

Mullins is without a doubt one of America’s most honest and truly patriotic American historians.

I know better not to turn my back on Hymie—I grew up in New York City.

Yes, Hymie in Afula is a rocket scientist and I’m James Bond, writing this post from my yacht complete with helicopters, ICBM long-range missiles, an olympic-sized swimming pool & plenty of hot-tubs for all of my admiring babes, and I’m currently anchored off a Tahitian beach surrounded by native hula girls, as well as blondes, red-heads, and brunettes from various international hot-spots.

Did I spell “habiru-sagiz” correctly, Hymie in Afula, Israel?


Posted by Dude on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:38 | #

According to a small piece in Private Eye (yes, I know - I had a train to catch and little in the way of choice) Marshall MacLennan, head of TMG, has looked to copy his ex-employer DMGT’s business model. But this saw a dramatic decline in DT’s circulation. So now he wants to push the online aspect, similar to the Mail Online but how this can happen when they lose 90% of their traffic remains to be seen. Perhaps the rationed allowance is to hedge their bets.

It can’t be too long before the twins from Brecqhou have had enough.

Considering the majority of newspaper fluff comes from the shady main news press agencies, it surely would not be too hard to produce an online weekly news alternative before, perhaps, going further.



Posted by Lurker on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:07 | #

I did pull the 95% reader loss out of thin air but its not an unreasonable figure I suspect.

The Huffington Post has a big readership and they arent charging anything, who is funding that, do they make money, does anyone know?


Posted by Lurker on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:28 | #

Ive just noticed that the Disqus ID theft_act1968 referenced by GW has ceased to be. Now trading as immigration_and_public_health


Posted by Dude on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:50 | #

If you type business model and Huffington Post into Google Lurker there are a few articles. It seems most of the income is from paid advertising online which is attracted by dramatic page views and the encouraging of randoms to get involved and blog and/or comment.

“Huffington Post had revenue of about $30 million last year (2011) and has been aiming to triple that to $100 million in 2012”



Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:59 | #

George Soros finances the Huffington Post via his ” Open Society Institue”.


Turns out the Jewish Soros’ wealth came from his family stealing from German /European Jews during WW2. The Soros family were yet more Jewish Nazis in the Third Reich Party/Military.

It’s so disgusting on all kinds of levels—on all levels really, whatever one’s background.


What do you think of your fellow hymie Soros creating his financial empire on the backs of your fellow Jews thrown into the IG Farben work camps, Hymie in Afula?

Search Term : ” George Soros Funds The Huffington Post ”

Good search term that brings up alot of info/websites about the Nazi/Zionist/Communist Jew Soros.


Posted by perry on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 18:14 | #

Is that the same Joe who keeps trying and failing to get his dissimulating posts accepted over at the Age Of Treason blog “explaining” how National Socialist Germany was really a jewish creation (blah blah blah)?


Posted by Joe on Wed, 27 Mar 2013 19:31 | #

@ perry

Yes, it’s the same “Joe” : The same exact “Joe” Taanstafl —webmaster at Age of Treason—doesn’t have any patience for because I mention the large number of Jews in the Nazi Party, and how the Jew-owned/Jew-financed IG Farben cartel put Shitler into power in the Very First Place, etc.

See all my posts about the Jew/Nazi Third Reich here MR—all my posts include solid, factual reference sources [ except some posts here and there where I rightfully bash the zionist Hymie in Afula ].

Search term :  ” Hitler Himself Was A Jew”  : Tanstaafl especially dislikes this search term, same as when I mention :


Where one can read the 1945 US War Dept Report about IG Farben/Third Reich, and learn alot more solid facts concerning the true nature of Hitler and the Third Reich.

Perhaps you may not be aware of the very large number of Islamic jihadists Shitler had in his “aryan” Third Reich military ?—Many people aready know about the large number of Jews in the Nazi Party : Thanks to a degree to all my truthful posts backed up with solid reference sources .

Still, many people don’‘t know about the large number of Islamic jihadists in Shitler’s military, and the role of donmeh Jews in creating/financing/and controlling the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Queda, and sundry other Islamic jihadist groups. Did I spell “Al-Queda” correctly, Hymie in Afula?

” Hitler’s Muslim Legions”

” Hitler + Islam + Jihad”

The Islamic/jihadist dynamic of Nazism will be the focus of my up-coming posts I will be shooting off to MR soon enough. Keep checking in with MR for my up-comimg posts about the nexus point of Nazism/Aryanism/Zionism/ NWO Communism the NWO gang has planned for us. I don’t think they’re going to succeed. Subject of a future post from “Joe”— Tanstaafl’s “nemesis”. 

If you got any more questions concerning ( blah, blah, blah), let me know, perry. If you can deal with the cognitive dissonance it causes in your psyche, however Zonist-Jewish and/or however white “aryan” Nazi WN’er your psyche may be.

I can only speculate, but it’s hardly worth the time. It doesn’t really matter anyhow, as both the Zionist narrative of Nazi Germany and the WN Aryan narrative of Nazi Germany have so much in common ;  It’s the same exact narrative really, except the WN’ers and the Jews argue about the #‘s involved in “the holocaust”.  Neither group wants to discuss the huge role Jews played in creating and building the Third Reich in the Very First Place. Tanstaafl avoids the root issue.


Posted by Momus on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 08:57 | #

Joe said “all my posts include solid, factual reference sources.”

What in the same way as conspiracy bampots have links to other conspiracy crackpots thus merely and endlessly recycling the same old crap in their preferred online echo-chamber/conceptual ghettos?

First of all just because a lot of people repeat the same basic message, in slightly different forms (inevitable I suppose that a form of linguistic ‘random genetic drift’ or Chinese whispers will produce a range of, mostly marginally, different recapitulations of the same narrative – I will not use the term hypothesis in this context) doesn’t mean the thought or idea under consideration is robust as the ‘independent’ lines of ‘evidence’ for such are not really independent. Secondly, we all have biases, but in recognising those biases (such as confirmation bias or selection bias with regard to evidential matters) we can start to correct them. Of course dishonest ideologues want to unfairly sieve the ‘evidence’ in an asymmetrical manner – everything that goes in favour of their preferred narrative is amplified to the maximum and anything that goes against their interpretation is stuffed down the ‘memory hole’ never to be spoken of again. But this is a dreadfully inadequate model of how to find the truth out about anything.

Thirdly, if someone doesn’t know or respect the rules of genuine intellectual enquiry, such as judgemental rationality when evaluating putative evidence or conceptual coherence etc., with respect to a hypothesis under consideration then they are self-evidently excluded from consideration as a conversational partner. It is an enormous waste of time and effort to seriously engage with such persons. After all one does not persuade, and one generally cannot, the nutter in the pub out of his irrational and bizarre views with sound reasoning and contrary evidence (as he will axiomatically never accept any such reasoning or evidence as valid). One does not argue the irrational and intellectually dishonest and/or delusional person out of their state of being by rational and intellectually honest means (as such methods are for whatever psychological, emotional, cognitive etc., reason quite beyond the said person). Probably the best one can do is systematically humiliate them into silence (but even then it’s only a temporary silence sadly).

So Joe yes everyone reading ‘gets’ what you’re saying. They can all come to their own conclusions as to how ‘robust’ it is but really repeating it a million times isn’t actually necessary – it’s not like you’re developing your basic ideas or capable of genuine modifications to them in the light of robust criticisms – so please change the record; it’s fucking tediously boring.

We ‘get’ it. ‘Real’ Catholicism (whatever that means) equals the ‘essence’ of the West. Freemasons, Protestants, Islam etc., are part of a ongoing conspiracy orchestrated by you know who, one result of which was remarkably both Nazism and Soviet Communism. And so fucking what?

Thanks for all enlightening us to the ‘secret’ of history as such now what on Earth is that ‘knowledge’ actually meant to do in the real world? How as such should people politically act upon it if they think its true?

Answers on the back of stamp if anyone can actually manage to fill that vast volume of space in relation to the exiguous meta-political content of Joe’s ‘thought’.

@GW sorry for going ‘off-topic’ but it does seem that others have done so before my comments.


Posted by Morgoth on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 10:57 | #

I’ve been well and truly banned from the Telegraph, made a new account but when I sign in and refresh I’m still banned.

If the Piggots or anyone else has any tips I’d be glad to hear it, but its looking like game over.


Posted by ukn_leo on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:33 | #

Morgoth, try this thread for tips:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

These temporary (minutes) e-mail accounts may be of use too:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Posted by ukn_leo on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:39 | #

Retry with links.


(Thread from MR October 2012)

10 Minute E-Mail accounts.



Posted by Gregor on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:53 | #

GW, I hate to seem like I’m quibbling, but ...

” Bob Whittaker’s mantra, “Anti-racism is anti-white racism”...” is NOT what Whitaker says and is also NOT the Mantra.

The correct one-liner is “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”.

This has a very different meaning and effect than the way you worded/distorted it.  We at BUGS have worked this over in seminar for years. Please don’t mis-state it.

Also, The Mantra is much more than the final line, the line “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”.

Aside from the above, your isolation of two general prongs of attack in the word war,  1.  Retaking the moral high ground, and 2.  Imposing the terminology of OUR vision of how the world will “be”, is excellent.

Thank you!


Posted by Morgoth on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:55 | #

Right, cheers, I see there is a few options open to me, even with an IP ban. Though I’m not much of a techno geek and this could take a while.


Posted by Joe on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 14:32 | #

@ Momus

You ask , ” ....What on Earth is that ‘Knowledge’ actually meant to do in the real world ...?”

Knowledge in the real world protects us from those who wish to lead us astray; From those who wish to use us as tools and pawns to gain their own personal goals :  Their goals are not in our best interests, especially those who present to us history distorted, and abridged of many important facts ; History based on lies,both lies of commission and lies of omission, fairy tales, and dream-like opinions.

The more truthful information for all of us, the better. I don’t know how one can be so disdainful of knowledge. It doesn’t make sense.

The more knowledge one has, the less chance of being led astray, the better chance to have a good life, to be unencumbered and free from other people’s agendas—many agendas meant to lead us to ruin for the personal benefits of all the liars and all the Janus-faced pied-pipers.

Savitri Devi being an example of a Janus-faced pied-piper. Like so many others, she presents her “dream” as true history, as she weaves her tale of history abridged of the most important facts. The more knowledge one has, the less chance of being led astray.

The more knowledge for everyone, the better. If you don’t care for more knowledge/more facts, just surf by my posts. I’m not putting a gun to your head, or anyone’s head, to force anyone to think like I do. I state my opinions and I cite my reference sources at the same time, so the readers can come to their own individual decisions and opinions. I never said, nor ever implied, the readers, or any one reader, must share my viewpoint(s).


Posted by Guessedworker on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:01 | #


Guilty as charged.  Sorry about that.

However, I do like to keep things short and sharp if they are to be repeated in fora populated by intelligent folk.  I have criticised your guys’ tendency to copy and paste endlessly.  It only works if the message is short.  People just won’t read longer re-runs plastered across the threads.  They resent them, in fact.  Long comments need to be entertaining or well thought through, or they don’t pull the recommends.

By way of the superior function of short messages, watch this thread in which a new poster named PhilShoe, no doubt a close relative of the banned WillShoe and BillShoe, got in first (also always a virtue) with a swift two-liner:


I predict a three-figure recommend total, and a lot of readers hearing the message that UKIP must not be deserted electorally just because the Tories are making agreeable noises.


Nice to see you here.  My compliments on your work.


Posted by Dude @ Morgoth on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:27 | #

Morgoth, just familiarise yourself with Tor (works with other browsers too) or look into this Then you just need to change your email. Gmail allows free forwarding to a legit email from a sock-puppet one. Remember to log-in occasionally to keep it live, if required longer term.

I rarely bother reading through hundreds of comments these days on DT - or in fact commenting too much either - just follow the more interesting people. Are there insightful people not mentioned here who I am missing?


Posted by Gregor on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:10 | #

“... However, I do like to keep things short and sharp if they are to be repeated in fora populated by intelligent folk.  I have criticised your guys’ tendency to copy and paste endlessly.  It only works if the message is short.  People just won’t read longer re-runs plastered across the threads.  They resent them, in fact.  Long comments need to be entertaining or well thought through, or they don’t pull the recommends. ...”

GW, I agree that long stuff doesn’t catch reader interest. The copy-paste technique is just a time saver, and now that there are literally hundreds of what we call “minis”, each tuned to a particular anti-white talking point, it’s not always the same thing.

But please keep in mind that we are not making these points to be erudite, entertaining, or even to convince or change the mental disorder anti-whites suffer. No, we ARE THERE to endlessly repeat our basic message of White Genocide, and the phrase “anti-White”.  Repetition drives people nuts, and no matter how “boring” it is, they never forget the implanted meme-phrases.  The more they try to object, they more THEY repeat and spread our talking points.  Exactly what we want!

So, “boring” and “repetitive ” are a strategic fail only if the end goal is to be erudite, convincing and entertaining.  Those aren’t our goals. Our goal is to spread the memes, and if that means boring people to death with repetition, and a significant number of people understand thereby that Whites are in an ongoing genocidal situation ... then it’s a success.

We are winning!


Posted by Doctorsyn on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:23 | #

The demise of the telegraph is unhappy news, the debate was really moving our way on there and was widely read.

I’ve no problem paying the subscription but as I get banned fairly frequently it wouldn’t last for long.

What’s left?

Debate is impossible on the Mail, the Guardian has very low traffic.

Any suggestions as to where we can make a difference?


Posted by Dude @ Doctorsyn on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:35 | #

Doctorsyn IMO the best place to direct attention right now is towards those being stampeded towards UKIP due to their legitimisation by the MSM.

Make them see further than the ‘I’m not racist, but we’re full’ make them feel it’s more organic than that, push them up gently along on the next logical steps.


Posted by Gregor on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:56 | #

Commenter “Frank” over at Whitaker’s site amplified the point of today’s coaching session:

I’m staying after class, and copying this 100 times on the chalkboard:

When your mission is to point out that a crime is being committed, you don’t mix the whole thing up with finding a villain.

When YOUR MISSION IS TO POINT OUT THAT A CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED, you don’t mix the whole thing up with finding a villain.


If anyone who is engaged in the word war aspects of our struggle thinks the point of “commenting” in any stream is anything OTHER THAN pointing out that A CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED, ie. White Genocide, they are just looking at their reflection in Narcissus’ pool.

This is war. It’s not about erudition. It’s not about concept creation. It’s not about cutting a fine figure in public. It’s not about winning an argument. It’s not about debating which race is superior. It’s not about what the words in dusty old documents mean.





Posted by Lurker on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 22:30 | #

I rarely bother reading through hundreds of comments these days on DT - or in fact commenting too much either - just follow the more interesting people. Are there insightful people not mentioned here who I am missing? - Dude

True, I keep an eye out for new people and follow and recommend our guys whenever possible. I certainly read the comments more than the articles. Im assuming you dont use the name Dude there, I dont recall seeing it recently.

Following makes it a lot easier to keep track of the lads, to support them or to at least vote for them. Im following over 40 people right now on Disqus. Mostly people who comment at the DT but also some like Steve Sailer never show up there. Without wanting to sound like a whiney loser - only two people follow my current ID. So either I’m utterly crap or maybe, just maybe, people dont realise about the follow option?

Im not just bleating about my lack of followers for the sake of getting a few extra recommends. Im bleating about our failure to co-operate more, to network better at sites like the DT. Then there is Huffington Post and Reddit, we really need to be making more of an impact at those multicult circle jerks.

I was thinking that already but now the DT has decided to self-destruct and make itself an online irrelevance its become a pressing matter. Id hate to see the above squad scattered to the four winds, Im in touch with a couple of them but we need to try and keep a winning team in one piece.


Posted by Joe on Thu, 28 Mar 2013 23:03 | #

To those who think I’m proselytising for Catholicism—I am not proselytising for Catholicism. I just want to drive the point home that the White Race was once United when Europe was Catholic.

Now, as our White Race is stuck between war-mongering Judaism and war-mongering Islam, we need to be United under One Banner. It’s very important as we’re going to be [ looks very possible] going up against both war-mongering Jews—and their minions, which includes millions of third worlders here in the States , including most black Americans].

The few blacks who mean us no harm will be killed down by their own kind. It happened in the late 60’s during the racial riots. The black panthers also killed many blacks along with whites. The black panthers killed many blacks who owned small mom-and-pop stores and had no animosity for whites. Long story. I don’t want to digress too much.

I have no animosity for non-Christian whites who are hindus or buddhists or pantheists. It’s just that their religions are enough to unite us as a Race. Christianity is the only banner we have to fight under—to fly. We have no other banner.

To those whites who don’t want to be Christians—I have no problem with that. I think, however, it makes sense to at least show respect for Christianity as Christianity is what Created and United Western Europe - and by inference the West - in the Very First Place. We have no other banner. And, we don’t have the time to find another banner to Unite behind.

There are those Christians around—both Protestant Christian and Catholic, such as myself,  who are NOT zionists and NOT namby-pamby leftist/liberals. And we care not for Judaism and its’ talmud/kaballah and Noahide laws , nor Islam with its’ Sharia law.

There are some things from Nazism/Aryanism I like & respect, but there’s not enough in Aryanism/Nazism to unite us as a Race.

As it is, my posts—my opinions—all backed up with source references [ doesn’t mean my source references are the absolute truth - I mention them so everyone knows how I came to my opinions. I thought that was what debate is all about ]. It’s up to every individual to decide if my source references are solid or not. I’m not forcing anyone to think as I do : I never said that, I never implied that.

My personal opinion(s) are not the important thing : The important thing is the source references. My source references [ and even my opinions ] brings No harm to the White Race whatsoever, or to any individual reader.

One learns even from source references one doesn’t agree with, it makes one think all that more, and compels one to go out and find proof to refute the reference. It compels one to go searching for truth, whether one agrees with the reference or not.

Opinions without source references are useless.



Posted by ukn_leo on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 02:33 | #

Lurker, can you please add me to the Telegraph hit squad. My name there is heremodangelcynn - I haven’t had chance to do much there, been incredibly busy since the new year, but I have tried my best (i just got my 1st deletion. Twas like birthday and christmas all rolled into one).

This was my last effort - 366 recommends, 3rd on the list if you switch to best rating.



Yesterday 01:14 AM

Born in England, and loyal to it’s populace?

Two very different things. As you well know.

I wonder if there may be some kind of link between Ralph Milibands hate filled comments regarding English nationalist sentiment in the 1940’s, and the New Labour race-replacement policies that his sons have been an integral part of post 1997?.

The final solution to the English problem was found.


I didn’t know you could follow others on Disqus. Will look into it. The tidal wave of thruthful thought and opinion has overwhelmed them I believe. They would have to moderate/delete a huge % of the comments that they receive now. So I guess retreating behind a pay wall is their only real option. Tactically a good move. Problem solved, except all those free thinkers will be unleashed elsewhere to wreak havoc.

You guys are too modest so I will say it for you.

That was one battle won in the war. Enemy routed, and in full retreat.

Milibands sideways move from elite position to elite position, rather than to prison, is perhaps an indication of how many more of these battles we need to win.


Joe, I love ya to bits pal. First met you at Occy D. But this is England. You won’t find many takers for your weird sex cult here I’m afraid. The West lining up behind Catholicisms perverted, ungodly, gold draped leadership to take on our enemies is just not going going to happen. Period. I’m sorry. Got a plan B?.


Posted by ukn_leo on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 03:15 | #

Lurks, some thoughts.

Got to get that crew assembled here (or somewhere) somehow. Kind of as base HQ.

I know MR is reserved for hi-fallutin’ philosophising, ontologolising and wot-not - but is ‘MR lite’ at all an option?. Somewhere folk can discuss the story du jour - a popular pastime that could generate traffic and interest, and win converts.

Reddit, Huff Post , eww. I need a shower afterwards if I ever visit Reddit. Same with the Graun - I react to being there much like Superman in approximation to Kryptonite. I doubt i’m alone in this.

Englisc Gateway is established and up and running. The owner (a good lad) wouldn’t mind if we met there as perhaps a temporary homebase if needed.

Lurker - would you consider setting up an account at Englisc Gateway full stop - there is some good stuff happening there, but you are needed. I have limited time online at the moment because of a family health crisis. There are people there I would like you to meet. Eyes have been opened. Your knowledge, know-how and experience would be most welcome.

If the mighty DT beast has been slain, this must be an opportunity to advance before they re-group.


Posted by Dude on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 03:54 | #


Thank you for those names, a few of which I know.

My screen name is actually one of those above - you followed me in the last couple of days on Disqus after I followed you (Dalek).

To those above I would also add Randal. He does not write too much about race/ethnicity (although he does) and is best classed as traditional conservative with strong tendencies towards non-interventionism, but is invariably interesting and very pro-active.


Posted by Bill on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 04:53 | #

There’s a body of opinion here that thinks the DT has been routed and are regrouping behind a moated pay wall.  Is it political?  Is it financial?  Or have the big boys demanded they pack it in as there’s too much info getting out there?  I suppose there’s a case for all of these plus others, but I suspect it’s a combination.  They just don’t like it up’em!

To the movement I don’t think it will be a great loss, we’re only talking of a minute % and even most of those haven’t got a clue as to the machinations of the ruling few.

Overtime I have periodically asked here is the Internet making a difference?  I cannot recall ever having received a reply.

I commented recently that we here in Britain will have to go through a mother of political crisis before emerging through to the other side, even then I doubt it will be the answer we’re looking for.  (Thinks) New World Order will be the only offering on the menu.

As regards the DT threads, very few are aware how deep the rabbit hole goes, in fact most don’t even know there’s a rabbit hole in the first place.  I really do believe our populace has been so dumbed down since the end of WWII they won’t even know what’s hit them when it’s hit them.

Farage is no mug, he know’s how deep the hole is, and this is his weapon of mass destruction.  Will he use it?  And even if he did, how would the regime changers across the pond react?  I think we all know the answer to that one.  Incoming!!!

Hey Lurker, what’s the 1963 for?  Just askin’


Posted by ukn_leo on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 06:02 | #

@ Bill

The sudden outpouring of free speech and opinion over the last year in the mainstream media has been little short of revolutionary. Demonstrating that the ‘lefts’ grip over our collective consciences has either failed outright, never existed or has been smashed asunder. They can’t arrest us all (they probably can, to be fair). But they are working night and day on ways to gain control over the internet and its capacity to thwart them. Who knows the real reason for the DT pay-wall. As you say, they certainly don’t like it up’ em.

Nothing wrong with a little triumphalism, cheerleading and general encouragement. The members of MR are my heroes. The vanquishing of the DT moderators was an El Alamein moment.

Let the church bells ring out.



Posted by Morgoth on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 07:22 | #

@ Bill

It seems pretty clear now that the Telegraph are in a state of panic, this is where I had my account killed


And the sheer level of ‘‘Comment Removed’’ makes a mockery of the idea of a comments section, However, I do think the Telegraph enjoyed having such a lively addition to their publication, for a time. Lets be honest about what was/is being done there, Nationalists hijacked the threads first to win the debates, alert the public and then radicalize the readership. The Telegraph had become a recruiting vehicle for White Nationalists and I think the owners were happy to ‘‘ride the tiger’’ for the huge traffic it generated. More recently, however, with the JQ being openly discussed and debated on a popular public forum a panic has set in at Telegraph Towers. A few weeks ago I posted a speech on the J’s by William Pierce that was the most recommended comment(!).

There is much to be said for having a ‘‘Home Base’’ but most Nationalists will have a selection of sites and blogs to read explaining and fleshing out and debating our ideas, I spend the vast majority of my time banging heads with Lefties but recognize the value of having an auxiliary or hub at my back. The opposition does not have this, there are no real deep thinkers or radical writers of note to back up the Anti Racist position, the activists are told by Hope not Hate or UAF to attack but they are not supplied with any intellectual resources to fall back on whatsoever.

The Guardian   is not the hot bed of Left Wing radicalism that is often thought, the best rated comments will still be Anti Immigrant but they lack focus, the resident Lefties seem to have become semi literate slobs and will simply say ‘’ Oh great, another xenophobic Superman has arrived’‘. Indeed, the opposition at the Telegraph seem far more motivated than at the Guardian. This sloth or, as Jonathan Bowden put it ‘‘Funk’’ seems to infect Lefties, they have been winning to long, they have grown lazy and stupid.


Posted by Dude on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 07:40 | #


The left now uses mainly economic arguments in defence of immigration: see the tweets and articles produced by the likes of Jonathan Portes. That is the place where we need to have better intellectual resources. Much of the public (at least the middle classes) in a downturn, do not like to hear negative consequences from restriction on immigration.


Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 09:33 | #

@ ukn_leo

No. I do not have “plan B “, nor will I ever spend a minute of my time trying to figure out a “plan B”.

It’s for those whites who reject The Faith, Heritage, History, and Culture of White Western Civilization to come up with a “plan B”—to figure out some kind of plan for themselves, to figure out how they’re going to go up organized Jewry [ very united group ] and radical Isamic jihadists [very united group].

Both of the above very-united-groups have a great disdain—nay, hatred—for Western European culture. Many whites have a disdain for Western European culture as well.

Such whites who disdain their own culture and heritage have no spiritual power behind them - to inspire them ; OR, if they have some kind of spiritual power, their spiritual power is more akin to the spiritual power of our enemies : Such whites who disdain Western Civilization have alot in common with our enemies : Disdain for Western Civilization.

Pretty stupid to go into battle against two groups—two forces—who disdain your heritage and culture, when you yourself disdain your heritage and culture. Might as well stay home and relax, and let the Jews and Muslims make the decisions—Why not?

The whites who disdain Western Culture and Civilization share—on a deep ontological, foundational level—the same disdain for Western Culture as their/our enemies. Good luck to those whites going up against organized Jewry and organized Islam jihadists sharing the same disdain for White Civilization as the enemy. I don’t know why such whites complain about their “enemies” when such whites share—on a deep ontological,foundational level—so much of the same disdain for the West as their “enemies”. Good luck.

I can’t be bothered to spend a minute of my time trying to figure out a “plan B”.


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:00 | #


Are you serious?? Then victory should be yours. Economic arguments in defense of immigration are the most easily refuted, both as a matter of high theory (hint: immigration could only be a net economic benefit if the newcomers are economically superior to the natives - make that assessment based on welfare/social benefits usage (I’d add group IQ comparisons, too, unless verboten); in the US, 60% of LEGAL immigrant households receive government assistance), and pragmatic rhetoric (“immigrants take British jobs and/or provide competition which lowers the working people’s wage rates” - that is sound economics, too).


Appeals to Catholicism probably won’t fly in the realm of Henry VIII’s descendants, ‘tis true. But some of us loyal Occidentalists do believe that the Roman Church sits at the very heart of white civilization, and always will. I fear my church is becoming ever more Third Worldish, which would not be a problem as long as it respected true ‘diversity’, instead of signing on to a One World Panmixia agenda; that is, as long as it purges itself of the secular utopian heresy of race-denial and multiculturalism. Alas, it seems to be moving rapidly in the wrong direction. The loss of the Vatican to the virus of liberalism will, however, be a great defeat for all men of the West, even stalwart Protestants (such as my late father).

Although Anglicanism is not all that doctrinally different from Catholicism, at least as compared to something so monstrous as Calvinism, MR reminds me of something I tend to forget: that England has been a hotbed of ‘anti-Papistry’ for a very long time. The great and necessary dream of a restored Christendom will not be seen in my lifetime.

Anyway, is it really true that a groundswell of anti-immigrationism is cresting in England? Or is it just the usual patriotic lads getting a bit more airtime? And wasn’t there some mea culpa article recently by “Goodheart” or something rejecting the invasion?


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:17 | #


Not exactly my cup of strong tea, but better something than nothing. As long as we KEEP THEM BLOODY OUT, I’m happy.

BTW, we American traditionalists lost a decent fighter today: Lawrence Auster, dead at 64 (us rightwingers don’t seem to live too long, I’ve noticed ... can’t imagine why ... Revilo Oliver and Enoch Powell the great exceptions, it seems ...).

Make a list of all the rightists who failed to reach 70. It’s a depressingly long one.


Posted by Momus on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:33 | #

Listen people - Joe has no ‘plan B’ so we all just need a good dose of the old time religiosity – you know ‘proper’ Catholicism – whatever the hell that is.

The fact that ‘Joe’ cannot see beyond this very limited horizon might say more about his lack of education (in European history or anything else it seems) and his lack of political and cultural imagination or perspective. Of course Joe could be right, but I very much doubt that.

Personally I prefer reading serious work by serious people (not what low-rent websites have to say on ‘conspiracies’ etc.). In the context of theology I think someone like Karl Rahner is at least a thoughtful theist that is on speaking terms with genuine intellectual rigour. But such theists are as rare as hen’s teeth. But I have nothing against the 1%-2% that actually have a functioning intellect. Others on my bookshelves are Paul Tillich, Denys Turner, Herbert McCabe, Paul Ricoeur, and Soren Kierkegaard to name a few religious thinkers. I even know who Aquinas and Dun Scotus were.

I myself am an agnostic, both on evidential grounds; people that claim to ‘know’ with something like near certitude that God really is real (or not) go way beyond the available evidence and secondly on good Wittgensteinian grounds that no-one really has the first clue as to what God-talk is actually about. If God talk is based upon analogy what is the analogy actually made with or too other than ourselves? After all if God is real he really would be quite incomprehensible and ineffable - see Anthony Kenny’s ‘The Unknown God: Agnostic Essays’ for more and as the blurb says agnosticism is not ‘indecision’ but a robust and coherent philosophical position that combines both genuine rationality and humility. Which I’d suggest to the Joe’s of this world are two concepts they not on speaking terms with. God certainly would not be some form of Cheesus dressed as Uncle Sam. But really I’d suggest its more likely that men invent Gods rather than the other way about. See, for example Pascal Boyer’s ‘Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought’ for some ideas on this topic.

Now of course everyone has their ‘gut feelings’ on such matters and like it or not the default position for
most people is methodological naturalism that very easily segues into metaphysical naturalism. Most areas of intellectual enquiry (or even everyday practical and common-sense reasoning) simply do not require ‘God’ as part of any hypotheses under examination. God is not part of the problématique of most subjects, rather having to be specifically brought into the picture by those, in the minority of serious people, that still think the subject is of central importance. However, Christianity can never be fully ‘foundational’ to the West in being the framework that illuminates our picture of the world with any alternative being unimaginable. Atheism is now the framework that our picture is placed within - with the traditional religious world-view being only one possible element within that picture but never the totalising framework. Once the key theological problem was the unbeliever, now it’s the believer.

Of course people do ‘read’ the available evidence and draw their own conclusions. For example, Simon Blackburn neatly updates a Humean take on this subject.

“Suppose you found yourself at school or university in a dormitory. Things are not too good. The roof leaks, there are rats about, the food is almost inedible, some students in fact starve to death. There is a closed door, behind which is the management, but the management never comes out. You get to speculate what the management must be like. Can you infer from the dormitory as you find it that the management, first, knows exactly what conditions are like, second, cares intensely for your welfare, and third, possesses unlimited resources for fixing things? The inference is crazy. You would be almost certain to infer that either the management doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or cannot do anything about it. Nor does it make things any better if occasionally you come across a student who declaims that he has become privy to the mind of the management, and is assured that the management indeed knows, cares and has resources and ability to do what it wants. The overwhelming inference is not that the management is like that, but that this student is deluded.”

In this nice reworking of Hume’s famous critique of religion, Blackburn is arguing that if we start from the observed facts – the balance of evidence in the world around us – then to draw the conclusion that it is created by an omniscient, supremely benevolent, and omnipotent God is a vastly implausible, indeed a crazy, inference.

We could go to the next step and in a thought experiment imagine that the Hominidae did not emerge from with the process of natural selection, or go even further and rule out mammalian life forms too. Sans humans (or a human-like species) what then does the natural-order actually look like? Where are ethics, morality, justice etc.? Most people would, if being honest, say they are literally nowhere in such a scenario. The natural-order looks brutally and coldly amoral. Not so much beyond good and evil, but simply below such concepts. Now we might actually see something like the foundations of human morality in various forms of exchange and reciprocity within non-human biological life - even bacteria - but again the evolutionary origins of human nature (including moral instincts) is beyond the scope of a short comment at MR.

Now I’m not so stupid or ignorant to think Hume’s views (or Blackburn’s updated version) is the end of the matter or even a ‘knock-down’ argument. However, when religious fanatics and crank-pots visit this little corner of cyberspace it is not usually to debate the finer points of philosophical theology or defend the God of the philosophers. Rather it is to defend the very much more Earth-bound set of institutions, and a nexus of social attitudes and cultural practices such as the Holy See and the ‘universal church’ or whatever (or rather their normally quixotic take on such subjects). We also have Protestant ‘holy willies’ that like to give everyone their ‘wisdom’ too.

One of the lines of attack is to say something like Christianity (in whatever form) is ‘essential’ to Europe or some such nonsense (Joe’s spiel). It’s tiresome, dull and very obviously contrary to the readily observable evidence. Europeans obviously existed before they ever became Christians. The Christianisation of Scandinavia, for example, took place between the 8th and the 12th centuries, were the Scandinavians ‘not European’ before these events?

Following on from that many interesting and perhaps much more worthwhile moral and ethical systems have been developed within European history. One thinks of the ancient world here. The idea that Aristotle, Plato, Homer, the Stoics et al., were by being non-Christian ‘pagans’ somehow not European is asinine.

Oh that’s right there were not Europeans because they were all ‘grease-balls’ living rather too close to the Mediterranean for comfort, yes Joe?

The trouble with people like Joe is he thinks everyone is as dumb and half-witted as he is. These over-inflated egos do get very tiresome after a while.


Posted by Dude @ Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:33 | #

Case in point to my comments above. Here is Portes taking Goodhart to task using neo-liberal arguments of growth and economic dynamism.


Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:47 | #

Maybe American traditionalists die young because trying to talk sense to the bulk of white Americans who are too busy “doing your own thing”,  too pre-occupied worshipping their personal pantheistic gods—gods who very conveniently are “non-judgemental” and “in-tune” with nature—is like banging one’s head against a wall, for all the good it does.

Maybe American traditionalists die young from frustration, how long can one bang his head against a wall and not get fed up.

” deos enim religuos accepimus, Caesares dedimus ” : The gods were handed down to us, but we created the Caesars.

Laborare est orare : Work is prayer.


Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 11:04 | #

@ Momus

I myself am a “grease-ball” from the Mediterranean. I was born in Italy - in Tuscany, from a long line of Tuscans.  If that helps calm you down any. Have you read Dante’s “Divine Comedy” yet ? As I recommened to you. Dante is my favorite all-time Tuscan. 

I only used bryl-cream once when I was about 17. It was horrible. I took a shower and got rid of the greasy stuff.

Atheists and agnostics, pantheists, and sundry and assorted “back-to-nature” characters, may benefit from studying the Greek Stoics. Very straight-forward manly philosophy. I know you would appreciate the Greek Stoics because you’re a tough one, Momus.


Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 11:52 | #

@ Momus

The American Nationalist Association has just declared, ” The promotion or denigration of Christianity….. will NOT be tolerated.”

Just want to give you the heads-up on that so you don’t kicked out of The Party.


John Friend also includes other faiths as well. Read my post about how I have no animosity for whites who are buddhists, hindus, etc..

So my bona-fides as a WN’er are solid still. You may want to re-think your position, Momus, before you get booted out of The Party—like you were booted off Mt Olympus by the Greeks you love so much. I hope that’s not a sore spot for you. I would hate to antagonize Momus—god forbid, never that.


Posted by Bill on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:00 | #

Morgoth wrote:

@ Bill

It seems pretty clear now that the Telegraph are in a state of panic, this is where I had my account killed.

I first cut my teeth on the DT comments around the time of Barking & Dagenham, ‘Owards and Upwards’ went the cry, we’re on our way, very euphoric, something like Farage and UKIP today. 

I won’t get fooled again.

There has been a transformation on the DT threads since then and has been fascinating to observe and take part in. This is what became a battle of attrition on the nation’s keyboards.

Modest triumphalism is permitted, Christ we have had so little to be triumphant about up until now. 

It has taken 7 years to accomplish this ‘victory’ within which time our population has soared to the point (and we ain’t seen nothing yet) where even former BNP ‘haters’ are saying enough is enough.

I ask.  Is this transformation entirely down to the DT threads where the 2% have battled so stoically for so long?

Or is it?

During this period 2005-2013, our country has also undergone an unbelievable transformation in every aspect of our lives.  It is no exaggeration to point out this state of affairs is worsening by the day.  IOW’s this situation of white dispossession is gathering a momentum all of its own and the UKIP phenomena is all part of it.  It’s what I term the inevitability-ness of it all, the very nature of the beast is dictating events, as I always knew it would.

Historians for years to come will be perplexed in explaining away the most heinous crime in the history of man.

I like the idea of MR becoming a rallying point where like-minded thinkers can compare notes.  Eh! Hang on a minute, isn’t this what we’re supposed to be doing here already?

The traffic here recently is off the chart, hi Jo, you’re not Daniel.S in disguise are you?

Where’s the professor?  Hope he’s keeping his tin foil hat polished.

Morgoth, you’ve done more than your bit, put your feet up for a while, step back and observe the big picture unfurl, anyway it’s 1938 and there’s not a lot anybody can do about it.


Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:13 | #

@ Momus

Speaking of the Mediterranean, Tuscany [ land of my birth ] And speaking of Dante—my all-time-favorite-fellow-Tuscan—perhaps you haven’t gotten around to reading Dante ? No problem ;

  Dante’s Hell Documented :


Tenebrae factae sunt.




Posted by Joe on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:34 | #

@ Bill

I am not “Daniel. S ” I know that’s true because I’ve always been “Joe”. Plus, I have no idea who “Daniel. S” is to begin with.

I do have a “handle” however. I’m always, “Yankee Joe” , when I shoot off articulate and fact-filled posts to Ole Rebel’s “Rebellion Blog”. It annoys the Ole Southern Rebel somehow.

Plus, my “Yankee Joe” handle fits in with the whole hegelian dialectic of the North/South paradigm.

Otherwise, I’m just “Joe”. I’ve never been anyone else.


Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 15:53 | #

Bill - 1963 was the first appearance of the Daleks in Dr Who. December I believe.

My list of DT commenters; sorry if I missed anyone out. As I said, Im following more than just that list. Then there are others who make good points sometimes but as Bill says, they dont know how deep the rabbit hole goes, they’re too focused on Islam, too concerned about ‘statists’ and ‘socialists’. Sadly some guys make a good point and then you find them on another thread bleating the British media is too anti-Israel, too anti-semitic. Thats always a disappointment.

The idea the DT might retreat behind a paywall because of the commentary had never occurred to me before, Im obviously not cynical enough! Would they really do that, sink the online DT to defeat us? A case of ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’.

It remains to be seen what will happen to comments after the paywall goes up but of course one reason for the paywall is it effectively removes anonymity. They know exactly who we are if we subscribe. In a similar vein, recently, Google sporadically asks for a phone number to ‘verify’ your account. For our own security of course. Pull the other one Google.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:02 | #


I can probably get you back on the DT threads if you are struggling to work out what you have to do to circumvent the ban.  Just use the contact button on the header and we’ll see what we can do.


Posted by wibbly on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:11 | #

1. Ignore Joe - he’s a black hole.

2. Meme warfare is mostly all we have - luckily it’s also the most powerful tool there is apart from individuals being punched in the face by reality and that happens automatically.

3. Good tips from GW, i like the Runnymede trials as a synonym for Nuremberg.

4. Poisoning their memes is part of the battle. It doesn’t take ground but it helps prevent more being lost.


Right, cheers, I see there is a few options open to me, even with an IP ban. Though I’m not much of a techno geek and this could take a while.

Going forward i think learning about that stuff is probably one of the most useful things you could learn.



Posted by wibbly on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:22 | #

Wasn’t there a Portes or Portas involved alongside Barbara Roche in the Andrew Neather revelations?


Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:36 | #

Morgoth - Im sure GW can point you in the right direction.

Each time I was banned I set up another email account and set up a new Disqus account from that. So far thats worked for me.

Interestingly some accounts are banned from the main DT but not the blogs and others vice versa. And some are barred from both. But if I can still log in I can still vote on the parts of the site Im banned from commenting at, though Ive not really bothered to do that.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:39 | #

Well, yesterday’s surefire thread winner was pulled quickly (plus a ban) with the recommends standing at 58.  But tonight a slightly tardy entry on the latest Charles Moore piece is coming up on the rails, currently standing at fourth in a field of 74 with 23 reccies, 12 off the lead:


The comment will also very likely be lifted, but if there is any doubt here about whether this effort is worth making, the 23 recommends comprises just five named commenters and 18 guests.  It’s those guests who we really want to be exposed to our truths.  On this occasion, the comment, in reply to Moore’s appeal for the remembering by rote of the facts of English history, says:

There is no “we” to remember, Charles. This is the Multicult, not the England you knew and loved.  Africans and Asians are not us, not English, and can never join with us English in folk memory or even in formal history.  We share no history with them except the one that paints us as oppressors, courtesy of the self-loathing tendency of the liberal Establishment.

Not until we English reclaim England unto ourselves will an article like Charles’s have any real meaning.


Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:39 | #

Wibbly - yes, same person Portes.


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:53 | #


Could you (or anyone) post the following at that Portes link? I tried to, but I can’t seem to access any of the accounts (Wordpress, etc) that are needed in order to post. (Why do sites do that? I tried Open ID under “Haller”, and it said “illegal characters”).

All lies. I could not finish this trash. Apart from the fact that the primary argument against immigration is not economic but ethnocultural (ie, perhaps the indigenous people of England actually wish to have their OWN territory/country, and all the benefits such brings, in terms of psychological non-alienation, personal safety, national pride, and long-term military/survival prospects, yes?), it is the basest of lies to suggest that mass immigration anywhere in the West has brought ANY net economic benefit whatsoever. We can know this nearly ‘a priori’, without even looking at the actual economic data (which, however, at least here in the USA, reveals mass immigration to have cost white Americans trillions of wasted dollars over the past half-century since the traitors changed our historic laws favoring European migrants - and this doesn’t even include the real cost of immigration to the native-born, which involves the extent to which the newcomers are allowed to vote, and do in fact vote for socialist or Keynesian macroeconomic policies and/or politicians).

The only way immigration could be a net economic positive (and, yes, it COULD be - which, however, would still not obviate the infinitely more important racial/cultural issues) would be if the immigrants were somehow economically more productive on average than the native-born. Thus, if a bunch of Europeans or East Asians moved to some majority black country, they would almost certainly be a huge economic boon, given the undeniable economic (and civilizational) incompetence of blacks on average. [Of course, if all the whites/Asians were Marxists like Castro or Ho Chi Minh, they would worsen matters for the native black majority.] The best proxy for “economic superiority” is probably the median IQ level of the migrants (of course, even this must be taken with caution: importing a high-IQ Muslim jihadist might still be economically detrimental to one’s country - domestic terrorism not good for business).

The types of immigrants the West receives are rarely genetically/cognitively superior to indigenous whites, at least modally. There is no reason other than treasonous ideology to import bunches of low-IQ (and low-ethics, another important issue for domestic economic success: to what extent do migrants hold fast to traditional ‘bourgeois’ capitalist virtues?) Pakistanis, Africans, Mexicans, etc. Such migrants are bad for the economy in themselves. They leech off the welfare state, while adding very little raw productivity to the economy (it’s not like they’re seemingly innately efficient Germans, are they?). Worse, they vote overwhelmingly socialist/Keynesian, which then destroys the “political economy”. Obama has been an utter disaster for America’s longer term economic prospects, and he would never have gotten elected but for leftist-voting nonwhite immigrants (a simple, empirically undeniable fact of electoral demography).

And none of this addresses the more subtle economic negatives (let alone all negatives) of nonwhite immigration, such as linguistic complications, higher crime rates (the heavily disproportionate black rioting in the UK in the summer of 2011, if I recall, was hardly good for the macroeconomy, now was it? [unless you’re a Keynesian fool who thinks physical destruction is economically beneficial, of course]), newly introduced social mistrust, etc ad nauseam.

There is no policy the UK could implement that would be more beneficial economically than immediately ending immigration - except, obviously, for repatriating the unwanted alien colonizers already there. I assure every Brit that transforming yourselves into an Afro-Muslim hellhole will REALLY not be good for your economy (let alone nation) in the long run.

Leon Haller


Posted by Salopian on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:57 | #

rogermurrayclark is another name to follow at the Trashograph before it disappears.

Online commenting works. I remember having my worldview turned upside-down by one WJ Phillips on the Guardian talkboards and Peter Cuthbertson’s blog in about 2002. A brilliant prose stylist but succint and easy to read with it (as befit an ex Daily Mail journalist) WJP could, should, be a UK cross between Steve Sailer and Fred Reed on ‘tinterweb but never took up the baton.

How do you follow on disqus? Do you have to sign-up first? The Telegraph’s messageboards are horribly un-user friendly.

There are some interesting posters at Comment is Free (i.e. the Guardian), Labantall often posts there.



Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:09 | #

what the fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck???

Could anyone explain to this poor soul what the fucking fuck is up with this new comment policy: where the site gives you a choice of Google ID, Wordpress, AIM, OPen ID (which never accepts “Leon Haller”), and you have to choose one of them? Why? What are these things, and why don’t sites just let you choose any web moniker?

Tried to post the following at that American Nationalist Association blog:

I agree that Christianity, in both Catholic and Protestant forms, has been subverted by liberalism (the essence of which these days is white race-self-hatred). That doesn’t mean that whites shouldn’t fight to take it back, and reestablish it on (theologically proper) race-friendly grounds. And certainly all non-criminal whites with one exception should be welcomed into any white nationalist movement, regardless of extraneous characteristics.

That said, adopting a neutral attitude toward Islam would be a huge mistake. Islam is a rallying creed for haters of whites everywhere. In this century, it is likely to be the chief battering ram used against the West. Any white, including any self-styled WN, who embraces Islam, should be branded a traitor, and expelled from any pro-white group or conclave.

Ahh well, I’ve wasted too much valuable time posting blog comments anyway, over the years.


Posted by Morgoth on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:12 | #


I’m back as Golgoroth


Though I’m easing my way back in and making innocuous comments at the ‘‘Gardening’’ and ‘‘Life’’ sections before giving it full throttle again, just to muddy the waters a little.


Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:16 | #

Salopian - WJP was offered a gig here at MR by GW, he refused! If you look back you will see he had some kind of meltdown right here at MR and vanished from the internet at that point, dont know what happened to him after that. Unless he is now operating under another ID.

I remember WJP at Cuthbertson’s blog, I hadnt really woken up at that point and regarded him as a dangerous if compelling right wing loon! A good writer as you say.

Laban has even commented here once or twice. We do link to his site UKCommentators as well. GW commented there before MR started I think. Ive been reading that blog for many years now, Laban is without a doubt a thoroughly decent man, his humanity shines through. Sadly he can’t or won’t take the final nationalist/WN step even though so much of what he writes about points in that direction.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:20 | #


Many of us remember WJ Phillips with fondness.  We think he posted here as Effra.  He has not been heard from for many a year now.

To get on the DT boards first register an email address.  Then go here:


Then head off to the DT and state your case.

I switched from CiF to the DT when it became clear that Gordon Brown was dead electoral meat.  I will go back, I guess, when the DT paywall comes down, or when Ed Miliband waltzes into No.10.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:32 | #

Golgoroth?  I should have guessed.

You had a very good run as Morgoth.  Some of the Judaically-apprised commentary was very frank and seemed to be oddly overlooked by the moderators.  That suggests that the real trouble-maker is probably a non-white rather than the usual hyper-correct liberal.

We don’t know how long we’ve got before the pay-wall comes down, so don’t spend too long building a harmlessly friendly reputation.  And be ready to be banned again and again.  Bounce right back and never let the buggers get you down.


Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:50 | #

Morgoth - trying to track you down on DT. The DT’s own profile control panel thingy is the most useless piece of kit on God’s green earth. Thats why I use Disqus directly.


Posted by Morgoth on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:53 | #

It was mixture of Tories and J’s that finally did for Morgoth, I think the Middle England fetish for J’s a very much underrated problem. The reason, I think, is that your average Conservative type feels they have already gone out on a limb by lambasting Muslims and they compensate by rabidly defending J’s. The double standards they employ are quite shocking, the thread that led to Morgoth’s demise started by me asking why Islamophobia was a ‘‘Nonsense Term’’ but Anti Semitism isn’t.

It became quite vicious until I posted this :

1. Ben Shalom Bernanke: Chairman of the private Jew-owned Federal Reserve Bank. Term ends 2020.

2. Lloyd Blankfein: CEO of Goldman Sachs Bank of NY. Goldman Sachs is one of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank consortium, made up of 8 banks, the House of Rothschild being the principal owner.

3. Harvey Krueger: Chairman of Lehman Brothers Bank of NY. Lehman Brothers is one of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank consortium, made up of 8 banks, the House of Rothschild being the principal owner.

4. Michael Chertoff: Secretary of US Homeland Security. Chertoff is the son of an Orthodox rabbi. A dual-citizen of both Israel & America. Guess which nation the Jew Chertoff’s first loyalty is to? Chertoff is chief architect of the North American Union Plan and the Orwellian Real ID Card.

See: “Jew Chertoff’s Subversive North American Plan” Here
And: “Big Brother Jew Of Homeland Security Is Watching You” Here

5. Howard Kohr: Executive Director of the most powerful lobby group in the world, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC is made up of both Republican and Democratic Jews who have one single purpose -to secure Jewish-control of the world.

6. Malcolm Hoenlein: Executive Chairman of the second most powerful lobby group in the world, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Has 50 (!) Jewish member organizatons under him.

See: “List Of Jewish Member Organizations” Here

7. Abraham Foxman: Executive Director of the third most powerful lobby group in the world, B’nai Brith’s Anti Defamation League (ADL).

8. Norman Podhoretz: Key member of The Project for the New American Century, a Jewish ‘think tank’ (jew-lobby), dedicated “to promoting America’s dominance globally.” (Translate: ‘Promoting Jewish dominance’).

And was instantly IP banned, to be fair I think Morgoth did get away with blue murder at times and when the ax finally fell it fell good and hard.


Posted by Morgoth on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:03 | #


Golgoroth made his debut on this article about Kristen Scott Thomas ha ha



Posted by Lurker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:26 | #

Thanks Morgoth! I’ll shall drop in on that one.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:46 | #


I have, after a long struggle with OpenID and then with LiveJournal, actually managed to post a comment on Jonathan Portes’ blog under the handle johnpiggott.  I think you can do the same for LeonHaller.  Give it a try.


Posted by Guessedworker on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:56 | #

I see that the comment on Charles Moor’s current thread has reached top spot with 60 reccies, seven clear of the pack.  A suspiciously large number of nationalists appears to have given it a boost.  Wonder where they could have come from?


Posted by Leon Haller on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 21:11 | #


Thanks, but “LeonHaller” doesn’t work, either. Says “Your Open ID characters cannot be verified”. It won’t then post.

Maybe I should try one of the other options (though I did wrt a few, and it was always “no go”.).


Posted by Silver on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 02:14 | #

So, “boring” and “repetitive ” are a strategic fail only if the end goal is to be erudite, convincing and entertaining.  Those aren’t our goals. Our goal is to spread the memes, and if that means boring people to death with repetition, and a significant number of people understand thereby that Whites are in an ongoing genocidal situation ... then it’s a success.

Gregor’s points are right on the money.  When you’re doing activism, do activism.  Don’t do philosophy or get into long drawn-out debates whose outcome is uncertain.  There’s nothing wrong with philosophizing or debating, of course, but most people aren’t cut out for those tasks.  Simple activism is something everyone can do because such an immensely important aspect of it is simply imposing your own terminology (“images” would be even better, but that’s a long way off at this stage).


Posted by Momus on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 05:41 | #

A bit off-topic but most Europeans don’t know just how bat-shit crazy many American Voodoo lovers are.

For example, nearly half of all American Christians think Cheesus will return within 40 years.

see more here - http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/map_of_the_week/2013/03/pew_study_shows_christian_views_on_second_coming_of_christ.html

You know we are not dealing with intelligent or rational people with regard to such folk.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 05:47 | #

Leon, try LiveJournal.  That worked for me.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 05:55 | #

Next we need to get in touch properly, get them re-grouped elsewhere.

That would be wise.  I will put up a new thread here later today predicated on the coming pay-wall issue and the need to act in concert whatever the decision should be about where we go.  That can then be included in thread-replies to people on the list, and others who are not yet on it, asking them to check in here and contribute to the discussion.

Jack Smith, herewardawakes, marcus_leeds, heilanlassie, mhayworth, edithcrowther, jtc10 can be added to your list.  Also any of the ipcress manifestations - and Theft_act1968 if he can be found.


Posted by Dude @ Haller / OpenId on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:16 | #

Leon, if OpenId causes you problems, then sign up at http://myopenid.com/

Thereafter you just put your id address in : i.e. http://XXX.myopenid.com/ and when it asks finally your password

Works pretty simply.


Posted by Dude on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:23 | #

Is it wise when acting in concert to have all IDs listed in a line so they can all be excised as desired, either directly by moderators or from left-wing activists who look in and then post the evidence demanding action?

May I suggest that a more closed (forum or password protected page) option might be more advisable in the longer term.


Posted by Dude on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:29 | #

Another consideration might be (when numbers permit) to have a news scraping style website where articles and brief summaries are listed, followed by a Disqus style commentary.

The intention being to act as a beacon to those waverers out there who are alienated from their natural parties (Conservative or Labour) and who think UKIP might be the solution and who need to be pushed along. the danger here is if every post is laden with obscure conspiracism or focused solely on the JQ, then it will not work as desired.

Or a website where articles from the web are rephrased so that the primary content can be posted without concerns for copyright.


Posted by Dude on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:47 | #

*and who need to be pushed along ___ well past present UKIP policy as the solution


Posted by Lurker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:59 | #

Dude - you may be right, it crossed my mind as posted it. So I’ll take that down for now. However the usual suspects dont seem to be that organised and as for the powers that be, they probably know already.


Posted by Doctorsyn on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 07:06 | #

DT Paywall.

Having looked into this a bit it is not all bad news.

The 25 article limit is almost 1 per day, it is by calendar month.
I can’t get in at the moment but should be able to after 1st April.
If we pick and choose it would be service as normal..

The last time I was banned I was posting as “Fredforeman” on a DT blog where almost everything was modded, probably reported by a sterngang with no posting history who appeared from nowhere. I thought the whole thing was a setup at the time, an blog designed to lure us in for culling. The point is that it will be as difficult for the hasbara as it is for us, though they’re pretty good at getting round most obstacles.

The Times seems to have moved quite a long way to the right after the paywall, certainly some good stuff on the rape jihad there.

I’ve moved back to CIF in the meantime, which is where I started.
I tired of the contortions required to maintain posting but at least you’re dealing directly with the enemy there.


Posted by Dude on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 07:25 | #


The main area of concern was for those who meet here and then agree to go forth as an attack squadron.

Those we list as being of interest I think is not so critical, just those who agree to engage on a joint enterprise where the DT moderators can be led via a link to a set of people effectively agreeing to engage in organised disruption.


Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:26 | #


Nobody has to log-in here under the handle they use elsewhere.  The point is that useful people can be made aware of joint activity, or can appeal for support.


Posted by Dude on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:37 | #

Understood GW although if posters wish to mutually support each other’s posting activity or help out with particularly troublesome adversaries then it would be necessary.


Posted by ukn_leo on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:57 | #

That is why I suggested the Englisc Gateway - once a member you can host private group discussions between up to 20 other members, all well away from prying eyes.


Posted by daniels on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 10:58 | #

Bill said: “The traffic here recently is off the chart, hi Jo, you’re not Daniel.S in disguise are you?

Where’s the professor?  Hope he’s keeping his tin foil hat polished.”

Tin foil hat?  I don’t take Laurence Auster’s word for it but of all things I can be accused of, conspiracy theorizing and being similar to Joe are not among them.

I am grateful to Joe for three things: He is against both Jews and Nazis and he proves that if one is not interested in the content of a post (as I am not interested in his, bless his heart), that one can just easily scroll down,  MR keeps rolling….no great harm: Silver and others might extend the courtesy to take note and do the same - they are not the intended audience, which is White people, particularly those who care and empathize with young Whites. The ontology project “is what it is”..it hazards pedantry


Posted by Gregor on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 14:05 | #


The key phrase in your post above is:

Historians for years to come will be perplexed in explaining away the most heinous crime in the history of man.

Our task is to point out, to make the point, that “the most heinous crime in the history of man” is actually happening.

Our task is to call it by its true name:  Genocide.

Our task is to repeat this over and over, until our people see the crime being committed against them.

Only when they see what is going on as a CRIME, the crime of genocide, will they be motivated.  That’s just how we are.

No amount of discussion about politics, economics, IQ stats, or philosophy will do it.  Realizing a great crime is afoot will.

Our mission is to make the point that a great crime is in progress.


Posted by Joe on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 15:05 | #

An informative article about the genocide of the White Race taking place in the West today;

” The Silent Genocide of the White Race ” :



Posted by Salopian on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 15:46 | #

WJ Phillips posts as EndaClarke at the Guardian, very few posts recently though:


He used to the be the only reason to visit Harry’s Place where he had numerous aliases (effra, endaclarke, themightymole, albion4everandthebrits, alovesupreme) depending on the topic commented on. He disappeared from HP about the time of his MR meltdown.

I know that someone with a very similar name was (is?) editor of a prominent trade journal. Obviously WJP is not the same person despite having an encylopaedic knowledge of the subject matter of said journal. I can only hypothesise that perhaps he was asked to tone down the on-line stuff in case anyone linked his professional life to his internet postings.

I used to comment on the Guardian Talkboards way back, when you could create threads at will and relatively little was moderated. The Graun made a big thing of these back in the early noughties, but I suppose as the dissenting voices on such fora became louder the extra control of only allowing comments below op-ed and news pieces via CiF was brought in.


Posted by DanielS on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:00 | #

Bill said: “The traffic here recently is off the chart, hi Jo, you’re not Daniel.S in disguise are you?

Where’s the professor?  Hope he’s keeping his tin foil hat polished.”

Tin foil hat?  I certainly do not take Laurence Auster’s word for it, but of all things I can be accused of, conspiracy theorizing and being similar to Joe are not among them.

I am grateful to Joe for three things: He is against both Jews and Nazis and he proves that if one is not interested in the content of a post (as I am not interested in his, bless his heart), that one can just easily scroll down, MR keeps rolling….no great harm: Silver and others might extend the courtesy, take note and do the same.


Posted by Bill on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:03 | #

Gregor wrote:


The key phrase in your post above is:

Historians for years to come will be perplexed in explaining away the most heinous crime in the history of man.

Greg.  I cannot recall when I first alighted here at MR, I often wish I had retained a copy of my first comment which explained how I had arrived here.  Suffice to say, straight off I found out from a comment by a chap calling himself Fred Scrooby of what was happening in my sudden crazy upside down world.

Back then I was raw in so many ways, I was not computer savvy and found it difficult to navigate around this virtual world, it took me ages to find MR again but persistence paid off and I found once more the name Fred Scrooby.  I have travelled light years since then.

Information in those days as to why (my quest) was as rare as hen’s teeth, there was virtually nothing this side of the Atlantic, I had a keen hunch that it was coming from across the other side, and as they say, I follow ed the money.

From that moment on I had only one thing on my mind and that was to get the word out there, wake people up, if only I could get one person interested and convinced of what I was saying, then the hundreds of hours would have been worth it.  IOW’s I was just like you are now, absolutely no different. 

Since then I have had only one aim in life, to spread the word, scream, tell my friends, tell anybody that would listen and then surely the people would realise.

It is now several years and 100,000 Google searches later, and what is the situation still?  98% of Britain’s population do not have an inkling at what the hell’s going on.  I’m no youngster, in fact I’m getting on in years, but I’ve been so naive in thinking that what I was doing was making a difference.

I have catalogued endlessly the reasons why the Internet isn’t cutting it, most folk won’t touch this stuff with the proverbial bargepole.  The masses out there are all sucking on the teat of the MSM, the fountain-head of all available public pronouncement.  It is the only source available to them.  To the public, what they see and hear on Television is the truth,Television is their real world.

I’ve vastly underrated the power of modern media, most folk don’t stand a chance, they’re too far gone.

My stance now is I’ve become an observer of events, in a way I’m following in the steps of one Fred Scrooby, who blogged his heart out with pure gold comment, until one day he saw what I see now and he upped and left the scene, never to be heard of since.  But as you can see I’m still around.

I met a neighbour in the supermarket recently, we had last spoken a few months previously, I asked him what he thought of the situation we’re in, his reply could be seen in the horrific look on his face (as we had touched on the subject previously.)  He knows what the score is (not in any detail) but steadfastly avoids any conversation down that route, in fact he excuses himself and scrutinises the the small print on a tin of beans.  This chap is pure gold, you would be privileged to be his neighbour, he is intelligent, he is a patriotic Englishman and yet he is paralysed in the headlights.

Our mission is to make the point that a great crime is in progress.

Events are wakening many far more than the Internet but not nearly enough or early enough.  There will be millions who will remain oblivious to their straits, never knowing what is happening or has happened to them.

It’s the rabbit hole thingy they won’t get.  Just watch them continue to vote for the same people who are causing them their angst.


Posted by Lurker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:31 | #

Doctorsyn - one of the main differences between the DT and CiF is the heavier moderation. Thats my feeling anyway. Any given post is much more likely to be deleted or your ID banned at CiF than at the DT. That makes more left/liberal than it would be under a more lenient moderation policy. Im sure it would still lean further left than the DT of course but I dont think the average left/liberal CiF punter is aware of how much air cover they are getting from the mods.

The giveaway is the votes on comments. On the DT its pretty consistent with the tone of the people making comments whereas on CiF the ‘wrong’ comments get plenty of votes, out of all proportion to the apparent leanings of regular commenters. My most recent CiF ID is banned from posting (needless to say!) but I can still vote there even so.


Posted by Joe on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:48 | #

Daniel S., “bless his heart” ,

Sounds like a Southerner to me. Southerners love the expression, “bless his heart” and variations such as “bless your heart”, etc..

It’s some sort of passive-aggressive Southern-type sarcasm & mockery I never heard in Mayberry, or on Ole Rebel’s Wolverton Mountain, or Hunter Wallace’s Tara, yes sirre bob. I’m appalled, I’m just appalled I tell ‘ya.

I had never heard of Daniel S. until just recently. Now I know who he is, bless his heart.

I shall contunue to read Daniel S’s posts as I’m curious as to how Southern dreams-and-schemes for a Hemisphere-wide—Nay, World-wide—Golden Circle Slave/Opium Empire is going :

As the so-called Empire everyone calls, “Yankee”, originated—on an ontological, metaphysical, talmudic/kaballic/sufism-ic foundational level—originated in the snake pit dens of Charleston South Carolina’s jew B’nai B’rith shit-hole Freemasonry Halls, and is connected to the NWO via Judah Benjamin, August Belmont, Albert Pike, and Ole “Georgia Bullock” Teddy Roosevelt himself ; And last—but certainly not least, maybe even The Greatest : That Son-of-The-South Woodrow who signed the jew’s longed-planned-and-schemed- for* Federal Reserve Act of 1913 : An Act that ushered in The New World Order, big-time. Bless Woody’s Golden-Circle Virginian heart.

* A dream of the jew Alexander Hamilton who was born in a manor home of a West Indies slave plantation, similiar to ole Judah Benjamin boy himself who was born like-wise.

It’s a shame Judah “had” to burn so many historical records and documents of the Confederacy just before the damn Yankees took Richmond. It’s a shame Judah —after fleeing the Confederacy as She lay prostrate and defeated—burned ALL his personal records and documents just before death took Judah, “bless his heart “.



Posted by Doctorsyn on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:07 | #


Well my sojourn on CIF didn’t last long, I’m premoderated already.

In the past I’ve managed to last a month or so but they seem to have got much stricter.

In a way it’s encouraging, an admission that they’ve lost the argument.

Admired much of your work btw,


Posted by Joe on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:19 | #

About the Jew’s B’nai B’rith/ADL/Jewish Mafia [ redundancies]. The B’nai B’rith/ADL/JewMafia started in Charleston, South Carolina in the 19th century. The slave economic system [ which was about 98-99% Jewish-owned] led—it can be traced historically—to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the Jewish control over every vital aspect of American life.

” The Ugly Truth About The ADL “


A very long read, but worth it. The info about the Jew snake-pit dens of 19 th century Charleston, SC is towards the end.

If link doesn’t work :

Search Term : ” Whale.to + The Ugly Truth about the ADL “

Funny that Sherman by-passed Charleston, SC—where all the big-shot Jews who played such a huge role in fomenting the War-Between-The-States lived—on his March-To-The-Sea, busy burning down the farmhouses of the Christian brethren-pacifist farmers who played no role in the slave economic system and stayed out of the war [ at least until Sherman came around]. In the meantime, Sherman gave Jew Charleston, SC a free-pass.

I wonder if August Belmont up-North had anything to do with that ?



Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:33 | #

Daniel: I am grateful to Joe for three things: He is against both Jews and Nazis and he proves that if one is not interested in the content of a post (as I am not interested in his, bless his heart), that one can just easily scroll down, MR keeps rolling….no great harm: Silver and others might extend the courtesy, take note and do the same.

Quite.  Censoring the likes of Joe is not the policy of choice here.  However, it would be nice for everyone if he would put away his Naziod Jew obsession now that we have all had the opportunity to read about it.  Several times.

On the question of whether CiF is remotely accessible to someone fighting a nationalist war of discourse, the answer is probably in the negative.  Between you, me and the gatepost, during the three years, maybe, that I was there on a daily basis trying to get the more cerebral folk to lock horns on fundamental values/ultimate interests, I burned at least 140 IDs.  One or two lefty types were up for the contest - a couple even followed me back here and commented on a thread or too.  But the mods were perfectly paranoid.  One was Joseph Harker, who posted a much-panned OP claiming that blacks cannot be racist because they have no power!  Towards the end they were deleting, deleting, deleting, regardless of the fact that no house rules were broken.  They don’t care about their own house rules.  They care about control and ideological purity.

I will test the waters again, but I don’t hold out much hope.  The Indy is more liberal, moderation-wise.  The Daily Mail is a different kind of problem, one in which talking points subtle enough to pass pre-moderation but clear enough to communicate something useful have to be developed.  The Runnymede Trials come to mind.  For sure, the nationalist clarity of the commentary we have developed at the DT will never make it on the page.

The DT, if we find it is no longer usable or no longer much read, will be a loss.

Doctorsyn, your commentary was among the very best.


Posted by Lurker on Sat, 30 Mar 2013 21:20 | #

Doctorsyn - thankyou sir! I just try to do my bit. Your comments have always been on target, very succinct.


Posted by Thorn on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 08:54 | #

Yes I dig Joe’s contributions for many reasons.


I too am a Catholic and personally think Christians can offer many compelling arguments against white genocide (race-replacement);  however it doesn’t provide arguments that will prevail in the secular liberal world we live in. And as we should all be aware of by now, secular liberals don’t have enough respect for Christianity to allow for arguments based on Christian morality thus they have little chance of gaining traction. Besides modern Christianity is mostly a private, very personally held set of spiritual beliefs,  thus it lacks the type of strength needed to go up against the category 5 cultural-Marxist revolutionary whirlwind we are currently caught up in. 

We Christian and non Christian WNS alike have to approach the battle against race-replacement from an ethical angle. We’d garner greater success to argue that is outrageously unethical to deliberately fragment and dispossess whites via massive non-white immigration into white homelands. Moreover it is outright criminal to promote a propaganda campaign designed to suppress white birthrates, promote miscegenation whilst defaming and degrading whites’ charactor by defining them as inherently evil racists, nerds, greedy, environment destroyers, etc. etc. These unethical attacks must be fought in the public square by using secular terms, not with Christian moral or Bible verses. Again,  as much as it pains me to say this, Christian morals and citing bibles verses don’t gain any traction in the secular liberal environment we are currently living in.

But make no mistake about it. The battle against white genocide is a religious one. It is being fought between two diametrically opposed secular religions within a secular arena. One secular religion is “anti-racism”; the other is pro-White Nationalism/preservationism. I beleive the pro-White-Nationalism arguments are infinitely ethically superior to the genocidal arguments posed by the secular “anti-racists”. Even so, we are at a huge disadvantage because the ruling class control the shots and 99.999999% of them adhere to the tenets of “anti-racism.”


Posted by Momus on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 09:58 | #

Thorn said “. . .secular liberals don’t have enough respect for Christianity”.

Well a couple of thoughts - everyone is a liberal to some degree.

Intellectuals and associated groups of people (everyone from engineers to lawyers, to medics etc.), generally don’t have much time for the old-time religion - or indeed any formal/traditional religion of any sort. Methodological naturalism and thus metaphysical naturalism (aka atheism) is the default setting for nearly everyone in any academic setting or doing intellectual work of any sort. The people that aren’t so minded have to pro-actively bring theism into the conversation. Obviously some very intelligent people are theists but most people of that type are not (in now almost an unthinking and taken for granted sort of way).

In everyday reasoning even ‘plain persons’ are generally atheists. No-one thinks God is going to fix any squeaky floorboards for them via some ‘special Divine action’ do they? Oh wait yes many American’s do think God actually ‘micro-manages’ events within the Superbowl etc.

As for respect for Christianity - well what aspects or elements? Respect for the Papacy? Respect for Benny Hinn or Oral Roberts? Respect for extremely vacuous and vulgar mega-churches? Respect for ‘Christian rock’? Respect for ‘creationism’? Respect for Christian Zionism? Respect for the radical universalism of the theologically key concept of the ‘moral plateau’? Respect for all the nice artwork in old Churches in Europe?

Really you do need to define your terms much more clearly. In what ways should we respect Christianity and why? And in what ways is it politically relevant?


Posted by Thorn on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 11:44 | #


The point I was trying to make is Christians need to refrain from fighting against “anti-racists” from the Christian morality POV or angle. Citing Bible verses etc. are ineffective because people prone to instigating the genocide of the white race are extemly averse to Christianity ... namely the Jewish supremacists et al.

My suggestion is it is a much superior strategy to attack"anti-racists” on purely ethical grounds ... within a secular framework.

Again: The battle against white genocide is a religious one. It is mainly being fought between two diametrically opposed secular religions within a secular context. One secular religion is “anti-racism”; the other is pro-White Nationalism/preservationist. I beleive the pro-White-Nationalism arguments are infinitely ethically superior to the genocidal arguments posed by the secular “anti-racists”. Even so, we are at a huge disadvantage because the ruling class controls the shots and 99.999999% of the ruling class adhere to the tenets of “anti-racism.”


Posted by phil white on Mon, 06 May 2013 19:25 | #

The idea of trials seems to be a common idea.  We had Nuremburg shoved down our throats the last three generations.
Here in the states I’d suggested we call our trials “Boston” trials.
Boston is as much the cradle of American multi-culturalism as Nuremberg was of National Socialism.
Similarly to some of you, I’d decided we needed to have a significant number of hangings so that future generations would not miss the point that this was a serious event.
I’d also suggested we limit executions to about two dozen in the states, although there would be many times that who richly deserve it.
Mean while I may have jumped the gun by filing a civil suit against one of our nastier anti-racist thug groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They certainly appear to be a murderous group.


PS, Grandfather hailed from Warborough, near Whitney in Oxfordshire.  Greatgranddad was a Sgt. Major in Victoria’s Horse Guards.  We still have his silver spurs.


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