Netanyahu: “It Is Time to Deport Africans”

Posted by DanielS on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 08:09.

New Observer, “Netanyahu: “It Is Time to Deport Africans,” 20 Nov 2017:

The time has come to “increase the pace of deporting Africans” from Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced, confirming that all 40,000 blacks who invaded that country pretending to be refugees will be forcibly deported from the Jewish ethnostate.


As reported in the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu was addressing the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting on Sunday November 19, as it unanimously passed the law closing down the Holot concentration camp in southern Israel and drawing up plans to deport all the Africans illegally resident in that country.

Netanyahu said he has a “three-pronged policy” to get rid of the Africans, with the current focus being to” encourage most of them to self-deport to a third country,” which the Jerusalem Post claims is Rwanda, but other reports have identified as Uganda.

Netanyahu said that the state had already carried out the first two prongs of its strategy: stopping the flow of new infiltrators by building a wall and through legislation, as well as getting more than 20,000 to “leave” through the voluntary deportation program.

The third stage—that of forcible deportations—he said, “can be carried out thanks to an international agreement which I obtained which allows us to deport the 40,000 remaining infiltrators against their will.”

“This is very important. This will allow us to empty the Holot Detention Center in the future and to redirect portions of the large resources we are using there,” from guarding the infiltrators “to other needs of the state.”

In August, the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that if the state managed to get a third country to accept the infiltrators and passed a new law to exploit such a deal, then deportation against the invaders’ will could become legal.

The decision to forcibly deport all African invaders from Israel will not be widely reported in the Jewish lobby-controlled media directed at the gentile West, for fear of exposing the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby’s hypocrisy for demanding that white countries take in as many fake refugees as possible.

New Observer, “Israel Pays Rwanda $5K Per African Expellee”, 22 Nov 2017:

Rwanda will be paid $5,000 by the Israeli government for each African infiltrator expelled from the Jewish ethnostate as part of the Jewish plan to keep Israel racially pure and ethnically Jewish, it has emerged as details of the mass expulsion plan become available through the Hebrew-language media.


According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10 news service, the Israeli government will give each African who “voluntarily leaves” a bonus of $3,500—with the alternative of being thrown in prison before being forcibly deported.

News of the mass expulsion details are only obtainable in the Jewish media, as the Jewish lobby-controlled media in western nations—Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand—have imposed a total news blackout on the Israeli final solution to the fake refugee invasion problem.

The Channel 10 report revealed that as there are around 40,000 of these fake refugees in Israel, the total bill for expelling them will cost around $300 million, a price which is cheap compared to how much they will cost if allowed to stay.

Channel 10 quoted government officials as confirming that the deal to expel the invaders to Rwanda was clinched in September this year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame at the UN General Assembly in New York “and discussed the agreement between the two countries in order to bring it into line with the High Court ruling.”

The Israeli High Court had earlier ruled that it would be legal to expel the fake refugees to a third country—no matter what their originating country was—as long as that third nation was “at peace.”

According to one senior official, Kagame agreed to absorb the expulsions from Israel because he needed “working hands,” but asked for Israeli financial aid to enable his country to absorb them.

The offer of $300 million was enough to persuade the African leader that if was worth his while to agree to the scheme, and the operation will now begin in the next few weeks.

There can be no doubt that Israel has the correct policies in dealing with the fake refugee invasion from the Third World, namely the construction of physical barriers to prevent the invasion from taking place, and forcibly expelling those who have managed to invade.

The problem which arises from the move is therefore not related to Israel’s actions in this regard—as any rational person would support them—but rather flow from the blatant hypocrisy of the Israel-supporting Jewish lobbies in white western nations, which are always at the forefront of accusing any person, party, or group which might event suggest that those nations have the right to protect their racial and ethnic integrity in the same manner that Israel does.

This blatant double-standard cannot be coincidental, and must be malicious.



Posted by Israel: Zero African immigrants 2017 on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 13:45 | #

New Observer, “Israel: Zero African Invaders in 2017”, 31 Dec 2017:

Israel’s “aggressive” anti-invasion measures—including the building of border walls and a refusal to entertain any patently bogus “asylum” claims—have resulted in a total halt to the African invasion in 2017, official figures have revealed.


In an article in the Jewish Press, titled “Israel Planning Aggressive Measures Against African Illegals,” it is revealed that the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority (PIA) said that “the 2017 has seen no new infiltration by illegal migrant workers.”

At the same time, the report said, quoting Israel Radio, “more than 4,000 illegal residents have left the country voluntarily.”

Additionally, at the beginning of 2018, the PIA “will inform thousands of infiltrators from Eritrea that should they not leave Israel within three months, they would be imprisoned.”

The report said that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear to the PIA that he expected a large number of illegal infiltrators to leave shortly.”

“The first infiltrators to be deported will be men who had been detained in the Holot facility in the south, which was slated for closing in three months by an act of the Knesset,” the Jewish Press report continued.

“The next time the detainees arrive in the PIA offices to renew their visas, they will receive a notice ordering them to leave the country.”

The Jewish Press added that at present, “Israel is home to an estimated 40,000 infiltrators from Africa, including 27,000 from Eritrea, about 7,500 from Sudan, and 2,500 from other African countries, who live with an estimated 5,000 children born in Israel.”

In the first phase of deportations in 2018, “each African illegal migrant will continue to be offered a grant of $3,500 to leave. This amount will be gradually reduced over time, as the program picks up speed,” the report said, adding that according to PIA data, “between 2014 and September, some 15,800 Africans have left Israel.”

- At the same time, the Israeli government has announced a boycott of the new Austrian government for its declared policy of ending illegal immigration to that European nation.


Posted by Israel dumps African refugees in Sweden on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 14:02 | #

New Observer, “Africans Given 90 Days to Leave Israel”, 30 Dec 2017:

African invaders pretending to be asylum seekers have officially been given 90 days to leave the Jewish ethnostate of Israel or be imprisoned, the Israeli government has announced.

According to a report in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, “Thousands of asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan will soon be told to leave Israel within three months or face prison.”

The Israeli Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority has begun this month preparing to deport the Africans on the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Interior Minister Arye Dery and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, have announced.

In the first stage of the deportations, adults over 60, parents of minor children who rely on them for support, or those with serious medical or mental health problems will be exempted from immediate deportation, and will only be sent back to Africa later.

Thousands of other Africans who entered Israel illegally and who have been detained at Holot concentration camp in the past, or who meet the criteria for detention there, will receive notification that they must leave Israel within three months the next time they go to Interior Ministry offices to renew their residency permits or face indefinite imprisonment.

The Holot concentration camp is scheduled for closure in less than three months.

There are an estimated 27,000 citizens of Eritrea living in Israel, as well as 7,500 Sudanese nationals and 2,500 people from other African nations.

Some 5,000 children have been born to African “asylum seekers” in Israel—a striking indication of the depth of the demographic threat posed by allowing the Africans to stay.

According to the report, Netanyahu has told Interior Ministry officials that he expects many of the Africans to leave Israel within a short period.

The Interior Ministry estimates the total cost of its deportation operation at some 300 million shekels ($86 million) a year. This includes wages of Interior Ministry employees, deportation flights and money given to those who leave. Every invader who leaves the country now will receive $3,500, but this amount will be reduced in the future.

The Israel Prison Service, which is under the Public Security Ministry, estimates that hundreds of Africans will have to be jailed in the Saharonim detention center.

Representatives of the Interior Ministry told the Knesset Finance Committee it spent 68 million shekels to deport 4,500 African invaders from Israel in the past year. This money went for airplane tickets and the cash grants.

Haaretz has found that the actual number was just under 4,000, meaning the state spent about 17,000 shekels for every African asylum seeker who left, “whether to their country of origin, to Uganda, or a Western country.”

This latter reference of deporting Africans to a “Western country” refers to the Israeli policy of dumping Africans in Sweden, as reported in the Israeli Ynet News service.



Posted by 30,000 shekels for Israeli deportation workers on Mon, 15 Jan 2018 02:23 | #

“Israel to Pay $9,000 to Any Civilian Willing to Help Deport Asylum Seekers by Force”

Haaretz,12 Jan 2018:

100 inspectors will be hired over two years, some to work for the voluntary repatriation program and others to enforce laws against asylum seekers and their employers.

Israeli immigration officers check documents of African migrant in south Tel Aviv June 13, 2012.REUTERS

The Population and Immigration Authority is offering a bonus of up to 30,000 shekels ($8,700) to civilians willing to temporarily serve as inspectors in the expulsion of asylum seekers.

On Sunday the authority published a notice that it is hiring 100 inspectors on a temporary basis for terms of two years, from March 2018, as well as 40 investigators for the unit that examines asylum requests. The notice says the inspectors would work in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Thirty would work as part of what the government calls a voluntary repatriation program, “Yetzia M’Ratzon,” despite its announcement last week that asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who don’t leave “voluntarily” by April will be subject to indefinite imprisonment.

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